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Looking good for summer ( 27 March)
I had this report in from Ant...cracking lovely weather...
"So the experiment today was to see if we can go wrecking on bigger tides and over high water, this proved to be highly successful! 
The end result was plenty of pollock varying up to 8lbs with just myself and Jim on the boat. 
So this now opens up some more tides for wrecking.
I have spaces available on Friday, Saturday 1st, afternoon trip(14:30 - 18:30) and a couple of spaces on Sundays extended all day wrecking trip. Leaving at 06:30 if any one is interested. Cheers Ant" If you want to book 'Peganina call Ant on 07989778361.
Down the bay...flat calm ( 12 March)
I had this report in from Paul Fowler...well done Paul, I sold you herring Paul not sardines...
"Good mornings fishing, 10 skate, 5/11lb . 50lb total. Used one pack of sardines, thanks Tony"

Wall to wall rays with Jerry ( 11 March)
I had this report in from Jerry Oiller of 'Fairchance' fame launching from Dungeness beach...
"Hi Tony  , part of the 40 plus haul of Skate, The Crockenhill boy's managed to catch today, only kept 24, plus 12 Plaice. Regards Jerry O"
The hard work pays off ( 9 March)
I had this report in from Ant out in 'Peganina' from Rye...a very long way out to find a decent fish...
"So me and Kev went on jolly today wrecking had some great crash diving sport my biggest was 8 and half with Kevin's best going nearly 10lb!!"
call Ant on 07989778361

Do you want some easy fishing ( 9 March)
I had this report in from Jason Adams out on 'Sea Otter' from Dungeness beach...
"Hello mate,
Forgot to send this in on Tuesday. Had a play in the east bay. Few fish baits out and was into skate minutes after we dropped the anchor. We thought a drift out back of Hythe range might be worth a go. we landed a few plaice which was nice as I've never drifted that part of the bay for plaice before. Unfortunately I lost a lovely one on the surface which was gutting! Always next time I suppose, the weather was beautiful as you can see from the photo, clear blue skies. If anyone fancies some easy fishing for skate or plaice drifting, give me a call on 07772708317. Cheers mate. Jay."

Loads of fish ( 5 March)
I had this report in from Shaun Cotten out with Jerry Oiller of 'Fair Chance'; fame out of Dungeness...
"Had a brilliant day out with Jerry on the fair chance today we had 4 thorn backs all about 5lb loads of dog's easy over 20 and bags of whiting all on big fish baits looking forward to going out next month"

West bay plaice ( 5 March)
I had this report in last night from Jason Adams out on 'Sea Otter' from Dungeness...
"Hello mate,
Change of scenery today, went round the west bay for a go at plaice drifting. Was there on the 1st April last year for a try and it was good so thought I'd try it today on the off chance there was a few fish there already. Was wind over tide to start with on the ebb which didn't make it easy. Fishing normal plaice rigs baited with a bit of lug worm and started to catch one or two plaice. Hit one spot where 2 guys came up with 2 fish each. I had my rod out and landed one at 43cm which I thought wasn't to bad for an inshore plaice. It was a great day and exciting to think the spring fishing may have arrived! If anyone would like a fishing trip from dungeness, please get in touch on 07772708317 or have at look at my Facebook page "Sea Otter Charters"
Thanks mate Jay"

More codling about ? ( 19 February)
I had this report in today from Jason Adams of 'Sea Otter' launching from Dungeness (very pretty boat) beach...thanks for the photo...lovely sky...and you know I have a 'soft' spot for seagulls...
"Hello mate, had a trip out today. Foggy to start with on the steam out, cleared up nicely by 10am with an appearance from the sun. Had 4 guys on board plus I fished myself. Had my uptider out for a skate, alternated between Mackerel, Bluey and Herring each cast, ended up with a couple of rays when I ran out of bait at lunch. The customers were out for quantity not quality, they spent their day baiting mackerel feathers and landing 4 whitings at a time, not my cup of tea however they chartered the boat and that's what made them happy! I spoke to one of the other charter boats next to me, he also found a few decent whitings as the tide started to run. He had landed skate and a codling when I spoke to him towards the end of the day. Out again in the morning (Sunday) the boys are coming prepared to hopefully have a codling out. Will let you know. Jay Sea Otter"

Foggy...I hope you got radar ( 19 February)
I had this report in from Nick (com'on you spurs) Burton fishing on his boat 'Aurora' out of Dover...
"Fishing in the east bay with the three amigos. Caught a few plaice and a couple of pollack. A very enjoyable day .then the fog rolled in which made the ride back to Dover a wee bit challenging to say the least"

At last a catch report ( 18 February)
I had this report in from the Varne boat club from Zalan Pasky...
"some pollock started showing in the bay..your truly Z."

Yes it is boring ( 9 February)
I had this email from John Whitten...yes its pretty boring that we have had no boat reports in for nearly a it no fish...or nobody going fishing???
"Let's have a new picture mr hills. This was caught roads bank 2015 it was proper heavy never put it on scales j Whitten aristocrat Dover . Hope they got there boat back back!!"

Stolen...lets get it back! ( 13 January)
I had this report from Derick Cripps copied to me from Doug Martin...
"Stolen from Kent this morning.
Warrior 175 export - Cattfish
100hp suzuki
Sbs trailer with S5000 superwinch loaded with dyneema.
Lowrance 9" downscan/plotter and 5" elite plotter.
Simrad vhf
Plus various rods and reels.
Please make this to hot to handle!!"

Are bass spawning early? ( 10 January)
I had this very interesting report from Melvyn, yes times are changing...I think it is far more complicated that just sea temperatures (7.8 degrees today at Folkestone buoy) the sheer erratic changes from one week to another...changing food sources and currents I think have a part to play...locally we have had one of our best beach bass seasons in recent years...
"Hi tony 
I know it's not Dungeness but went on a charter boat from hayling island Sunday beautiful day a fair distance out no bait fishing only lure fishing with shads, in total the boat between 12 caught 140 bass fishing didn't stop all day only when the tide eased, bass in January on this scale maybe that's why there's no cod waters too warm ! Regards Melvyn Thomas"

Well done...keep trying ( 9 January)
I had this report in last night from Alex Whittlesea who was out with Jerry Oiller of 'Fairchance' fame off Dungeness beach...
"Hi Tony,
Was out with Jerry on Fair Chance today (Sunday 8th Jan) and after a cod blank in November, 3 in December and one on New Years Day, I finally caught one.
Went 11 Lbs. Foggy’s went 10 Lbs and a conger of 25-30 Lbs to Dave Knott 
Regards Shirl"

Knee deep in rays ( 9 January)
I had this report in yesterday from John Whitten...
"Out on aristocrat today from Dover caught 30 plus thornbacks 2 which were over 15lbs 
put over 20 back mostly ladies, lost some nice congers"

First report of the year ( 3 January)
I had this report in today from Edward Doorey out with Trevor Bunney on 'Elizabeth Jane' off Dungeness during the festive period..."Caught of Dungeness on boat skipper trev caught 12lb and 6lb thornback rays 28/12/2016"

So hello 2017...goodbye 2016 ( 31 December)
Lets hope 2017 can build on 2016...wishing you all 'tight lines'

End the year in style ( 31 December)
I had this report in from Ant out today on Peganina from Rye...he told me that he had cast his last bait of the day, using the remainder of lug & cuttle...started his engine, looked round to see his slack line heading astern...tightened up his line...felt the 'nodding' brought in the fish lightly hooked with a 'circle' in the lip..."Skipper strikes again...So my last cast of 2016 went well 14lb 10oz!!!!!"

Nice cod to end the year ( 30 December)
I had this report in from Jerry Ollier out on 'Fairchance' from Dungeness...
"Hi  Tony, Gary Dynamite Diggery, out 2 day, managed to land 
This 17lb 5 oz Cod, his mate Roger boated 2  Thornbacks.
Regards  Jerry. O." 

Nice mixed bag to end the year ( 30 December)
I had this report in this afternoon from Kevin Hicks...enjoying the end of year weather...
"Hi Tony 
Had a trip out from Rye the other day on hunt for the elusive cod but no luck on cod,had a few skate, plenty of dogs and this nice eel 
which went about 30lb photoed and returned, lost a few more as we were not tackled up for them,but you have to be in it to win it nice day 
out though in winter sunshine Kevin"

Lovely late season cod ( 28 December)
I had this report in this evening from Jason Adams out on 'Sea Otter' from Dungeness
"Alright Mate, 
Couple of decent fish caught on today's trip, both of which were caught by Phil Edwards. First was a 15lb+ spur dog, photo and release! Second was a cracking bite on his downtider just as the flood was easing, after being assured during the fight that he was into a cod I got the net as it came to the surface. It was a lovely cod. Back on the beach we weighed it and was pleased to see it coming in at 20lb 8oz! Not a bad day."...Phil at it again, well done...the best cod reported for a while...well done!

Flat as your hat... ( 27 December)
I had some nice shots of Peganina sent in today by Paul Wealend..."Don't know what they caught , but I got a toot and a wave so have some" 
...I asked Ant what was caught...just a few rays he said...but what a cracking day.

Great fish...back to fight again ( 27 December)
I had this report in today from Mark Bostock, fishing on his own boat out of Dymchurch...
"Hi tony had this today did not get a weight but least a double got it on cuttle as we was fishing for cod good fight and went back to fight another day"

Have great day tomorrow...( 24 December)
Wishing you all a merry Christmas tomorrow!

There is a Cod... ( 22 December)
I had this report in this evening from Jerry Oiller out on 'Fairchance' from Dungeness beach...
"Fairchance finds a few,
Hi Tony, North Kent, angler  Philip Edwards managed to land 3 doubles 2 day, 2 at just over  13lb and 1 at  10lb 8oz, Regards  Jerry. O."

Hard work pays off ( 20 December)
I had this post on facebook come in yesterday from Mark Bostok fishing in his own boat out of Dymchurch..."Hi tony had this Sunday went 12 lb in club scales" a cracking fish seeing how slow its been.

Seek and you shall find ( 19 December)
I had this report in from Trevor Bunney of Elizabeth Jane out from Dungeness today...                          "Hi Tony,  Kent angler Steve Crimmins from Herne Bay with a well earned 8LB Cod he caught uptiding on " ELIZABETH JANE " today, Regards Trevor"

Its all gone a bit flat... ( 18 December)
I had a email from Ant Hills out on Peganina from Rye...catching skate of Dungeness...
"10 in total up to 9lb" 

It could be summer... ( 18 December)
I had this report in from Trevor Bunney who was out on Elizabeth Jane from Dungeness yesterday...
"Hi Tony, south London angler Chris Evans out on "Elizabeth Jane" today with a nice Bass which weighed 5LBS 80Z, the fish was taken uptide and gave a good scrap in a strong flood tide, a welcome sight as the fishing is slow at the moment,
Regards Trevor"

Roll on the new year... ( 16 December)
I saw this from Ant on facebook...
"WRECKING TRIPS on the Peganina out of rye!!! Hi all Starting to take bookings for wrecking trips from Feb onwards it's £350 for the boat or £60 each for individual (max of 8 on the boat) please call 07989778361. Merry Christmas Ant"
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Fancy a trip out ...again ( 15 December)
I had this email from Becky Lee Hodges...I'm thinking of charging commission...but hey its Christmas...

"Hi Tony
All spaces full on 28th December now thanks, however I have 3 spaces for the 29th of December available. 
Please let people know and to contact me on 07909523840. 
Regards Becky"

Fancy a trip out with Jerry ( 14 December) 

I had this email in today from Becky Lee Hodges...
"Hi Tony
Please can you post up the spaces that I have available on Fair Chance. 
Wednesday 28th December 
1 Space. Regards Becky"

Still hunting cod!!!! ( 12 December)             

I saw this on Ant's page from last night...its been tough going...but you got to be in win it...

Breaking news... ( 9 December)
I had this report just in from Ant out on Peganina from Rye...a cracking cod...
"Ben king with this 18lb plus cod"...Ant told me he has some spare places on Sunday, due to a cancellation, call Ant on 07989778361...

Dreaming rather than catching ( 1 December)
I had this report in tonight from John Whitten...
"Fishing today on aristocrat Dover 8 rods out had cuttle Fresh dungie Dirty squid the wind was in the west The water was cod brown the tide was proper good went to our normal cod hole in off the ranges hut hbay fished 6hrs and guess what. Caught a 6 inch bass. And feed the crabs and what was left the seagulls had still to keep hoping . Got to say in London working hard always checking everyday and night looking at your website For any new news keep your hard work up Codless john cheers"
Well John your not alone...lots of people are waiting for for that 'magic' report...the beaches are deserted...boat anglers are giving up...but keep the faith the cod are out there somewhere...and you never know what might turn up...get prepared should have been here yesterday! So just enjoy your fishing...remember the fish are a bonus?

A nice plump cod ( 29 November)
I had this report in this evening from Trevor Bunney of Elizabeth Jane out today from Dungeness...
"Hi Tony, Sittingbourne Kent angler Ben Sheehan with his first ever cod a nice fish of 11 LBS 9OZ, the fish came downtide on a lug and squid cocktail, it was in prime condition, the Cod we have had this year have been in poor condition but this one was a nice plump fish, there is still time yet....... Ben and crew had a coulpe of decent skate also, one was just shy of 13 LBS, Regards, Trevor Bunney"

Peganina working hard ( 26 November)
As the sun goes down down...Peganina working hard...the cod hunter.

The K&E IFCA Bass proposals (22 Nov)
I had a email in today concerning the proposal for bass management next is the link...

Quality...pure quality ( 19 November)
I had this report in from Ant...the best so far this year on Peganina...a very nice Dungeness fish...
"Hard fishing again today, I was fishing uptide, I had tiny little bite reeled like crazy until felt the weight and then the rod started nodding!! 17lb best of the season so far!!

A nice 'stamp' of fish ( 18 November)
I had this report in from Ant out on Peganina from Rye...nice to see Russ getting afloat...and I can't get used to Darren smiling...
"It's not easy but they are there a 14lb and a 10lb!" 

Bluey wrap...the bait ( 16 November)
I had this report in from Alistair Crisci who was out with Trevor Bunny out on Elizabeth Jane...
"Hi Tony, Alistair from Dartford, fished off Elizabeth Jane on Monday caught this lovely 11lb cod on lug and bluey rap, only one other cod caught of around the 4lb mark."

Still cod to be caught ( 15 November)
I had this report in from Jerry Oiller of 'Fairchance' fame of today's trip out from Dungeness...
"Hi Tony,  Shaun Penford, from  Guildford SAC, with a 12lb Cod caught today, ,two other cod landed 6 lb ish, a  Thornback and a Bass also caught. 
Regards. Jerry. O."
Perseverance, time & effort pay off ( 14 November)
I had this report in from Becky Lee Hodges of yesterdays trip on Peganina...
"Hi Tony
Fished yesterday on Peginnia all day for a Cod. 6 of us attempted a day on the Cod. it was a struggle from the off to even get the smallest of bites. I managed one about 2-3 hours in of about 9lb and the only other one that was caught was right at the end when we were packing up that fell to a straight lug bait. That one weighed between 5-6lb.
I stayed on into the night to fish and again it was very slow. 8 anglers on board this time and this time plenty of Whiting and Dogfish as well as the odd Pouting. About 2 hours in I noticed the smallest of taps on my rods. Left it for a bit and as i usually do picked it up to move the bait back a tad more and as i did the rod lurched over and landed a Cod of 11lb.
Being on a boat all day also leaves one with needs so with about an hour to go I needed the loo. Whilst in there I heard one of the crew say to Ant that She has a bite on one of her rods. When i returned there was nothing happening so I left it and watched for a minute. With nothing happening I thought I would just wind in to see if there was anything there. Bang!!!! the Uptider went right over and began giving that tell tale nod nod of a good Cod. The rod was only a very light 10-12lb Ugly Stick and playing the fish took a little time. When netted by the skipper Ant it weighed 12lb.
All three fish were nice and Fat and the two caught in the evening were well on their way to developing their Fish Rowes.
Ant has the pictures by the way. Regards Becky
See below for Becky's photo...

Quality if not quantity ( 14 November)
I had this report in from Ant out last night on Peganina out of Rye...
"Yesterdays evening trip we had this fine brace 11 and 12lb cod"
Ant has spare places tomorrow (Tuesday) good forecast, if your up for it give Ant a call on 07989778361.

No cod but a cracking bass ( 13 November)
I had this report in from Jerry Oiller of 'Fairchance' fame launching from Dungeness beach...
"Hi Tony,  lone  angler Peter  Foster from Crocken Hill, caught this  fine 11 lbs  8oz Bass aboard Fairchance  Today, not a Cod  in sight."

Good day...with a nice conger ( 12 November)
I had this report in last night from Jason Adams out of 'Sea Otter' off Dungeness beach...
"Evening mate, been out today with a group from North Wales. Great lads hopefully see them next year! 30-35lb conger caught by Keith. It put up a decent scrap before retiring for a photograph! It was released and swam off to fight another day. 2 cods were also caught on today's trip, 1 at 6lb and the other at 9lb. Cheers Jay"

They're getting 'chunkier' ( 10 November)
I had this report in from Ant tonight after this evenings trip on Peganina out of Rye...
"4 cods tonight 2 over 12lb a 9 and that tuna shaped cod didn't get weighed!! Good evening!!"
Ant told me that he is considering another evening trip on Sunday if anybody is Ant on  07989778361
What a beautiful day ( 9 November)
I had this report in last night from Tim Raymond...
"Hi Tony,
Couldn’t find any Cod at Dungeness today but did get some nice Whiting and the biggest Gurnard I have ever had. Tim R"

Lovely evening out of Rye ( 8 November)
Ant got out for a evening tip on Peganina...
"Lovely evening bringing 4 cod to the boat up to nearly 12lb."

Nice bright morning ( 8 November)
I had this report in this afternoon from Ant on his morning trip on Peganina out of Rye...
"Adam with his brace for the day."

Things that go bang in the night ( 6 November)
I had this report in from Ant out on Peganina from Rye...
"They get bigger in the night a 12lb and 14lb loads of ebb tide, possible evening trip tonight (6 till 11.30)and I have space on Tuesday in that little break in the weather. if people want to go give me a ring on 07989778361"

Who let the dogs out ( 5 November)
I had this report in from Jason Adams out on Sea Otter from Dungeness...
"Evening mate, bit better in the east bay today, only had 2 anglers on board, had a rod out myself for a while. Had 5 smooth hound up to 8lb and 3 cods up to 9lb. All the cods were caught by Sam Jarvis on his downtider using a squid and cuttle mix.
Cheers Jay"

Not a bad morning ( 5 November)

I had this report in from Ant this afternoon out on Peganina from Rye...
"Another 7 this morning up to just shy of 13lb and a lovely hound to!! Refuelling and going again let's see what the night brings!!"

Year of the gurnard ( 5 November)
I had this photo sent in from Ant out on Peganina from Rye...this has been a very good year for gurnard...another species on the up...

Much better day ( 3 November)
I had this report from Ant out on Peganina from Rye...
"What a difference a day makes lovely run of tide 7 boated biggest of 12.5lb I dropped  another one and another got snapped up right on the last knocking much betters day. Cheers Ant"

Working hard...pays off ( 2 November)
I had this report in from Ant out on Peganina from Rye...
"So after three moves, a complete lack of tide I finally had enough, fired the engine up to go home and I see a bite on my uptider!!... It had big cuttle bait on producing this lovely 10lb cod proving there are still here...just the clear water making it very hard work!!!...I have couple spaces on Friday if any one fancy's it. Cheers Ant"

Dymchurch cod open...hard work ( 31 October)
I had this report in from Doug Martin with Dave Knight's report of Sundays Dymchurch cod open...
great day...but hard going...
"Hi Tony,
Below is Dave Knights report from Sunday's Comp, many thanks for the rod and reel kindly donated by yourself and won by Paul Howard on Valkyrie out of Dover, his whiting weighed in at 1lb. 02.8oz.

Good weather prevailed and our popular Cod Open Competition was able to be fished. The format was slightly different this year with boats moored in the Dover Marina taking part. In all 37 boats were launched off Dymchurch Beach and 9 boats from Dover took part.In total 106 anglers fished the competition and in addition to the £100 donated by J G Duval Ltd and the £10 put in by Les Schweiso (President) and Bob Knowles (Secretary) who were unable to fish the competition we ended up with an impressive prize fund of £1180. A separate competition was also run for the heaviest whiting. The prize was £235 with £220 being donated to RNLI Dungeness Lifeboat.A prize of a rod & reel kindly donated by Tony Hills of Seagull Tackle was also awarded to the captor of the biggest whiting.
Fishing conditions were challenging to say the least with baits being continually attached by whiting,dogfish,pouting and even the odd mackerel and gurnard. James Bateman on Cloud 9 landed a Spurdog of between 14-15lb. Fortunately some of the boats found a few cod and 23 fish were weighed in.Special mention should be made to the person that took 5th place Sam Smee, a 12 year old so well done Sam.
On behalf of the club I would like to thank Doug Martin for organising the competition and Dave Catt for being Referee and generally organising the event for those launching off the beach at Dymchurch.
A very successful event so well done,

Position                  Name              Boat            Weight        Prize    Dymchurch/Dover

1stNick OldNick of Time10lb 11.5oz£440.00Dymchurch
2ndJim QuinnSeaker 210lb6.75oz£295.00Dymchurch
3rdKeith NeameRonbry10lb 4.75oz£220.00Dymchurch
4thMark BostockSeaker 210lb 4.25oz£150.00Dymchurch
5thSam SmeeBig Fish9lb 7.5oz£75.00Dover
Heaviest WhitingPaul HowardValkyrie1lb 02.8oz£235.00Dover

Read more:

Regards, Doug"

These guys...clear winners ( 31 October)

I had this report in today from Jason Adams out on Sea Otter launched from Dungeness beach... 
"Hi Tony,
Good weather today, clear water which didn't make it easy. We had huge shoals of mackerel swimming just feet beneath the boat. Took advantage and hooked a couple of stone. Cod wise was hard! Ended up with a couple, one at 7 1/2lb and one at 11lb. Weather looks good for a few days so I'll let you know how we get on!"

Tough going on Sunday ( 31 October)

I had this report from Warren Knapp out with Jerry Oiller of 'Fairchance' fame...

"Hi Tony the only cod caught Sunday aboard fairchance along with a skate caught by yours truly "

Well done Sam...( 31 October)

I had this report in from Martin Scholfield who was fishing the Dymchurch (D&DSAC) cod open yesterday...
"12 year old Sam Smee took part in the cod comp today fishing off Hythe aboard Big Fish. On what was a slow day he persevered and as the tide started to slow he hooked into his first ever cod just over 9lb. The picture tells you he was well chuffed with the fish and couldn't believe his luck when he learnt that he had come fifth overall in the competition and in the prizes. As you can see from the black staining on his jumper the bait was cuttlefish. Well done Sam and thanks for organising another cracking day Doug."
  Two days on the cod...( 29 October)
I had this great report in from Becky out with Jerry Oiller of 'Fairchance' fame who two days out from Dungeness beach...
"I had two days out with Jerry on Fair Chance Tuesday 25th and Wednesday 26th. On Tuesday Simon, myself, Adam and Chris headed out to try for the Cod. The day was very slow with only 5 Boated but Mr Newman showed us how to do it again landing 3 Cod. The best fish Simon had went 14lb, second went 12lb and the other was about 8-9lb. Chris managed one of about 9lb and myself I managed my first double of the season just shy of 11lb. All fish falling to lugworm and Cuttlefish cocktails. The wind and tide were against us and it was a difficult days fishing. Oh and I was awarded my own pink bucket.

Day Two and what a difference. Perfect sunny flat calm day. Clear water and Trevor Bunny catching mackerel behind his boat as we headed out to sea. On the last of the flood tide Vince showed us all how to do it. In the first 2.5 hours Vince had four Cod in the boat all between 7 and 10lb. The Steve Elliott netted his first ever Cod of about 10lb. Then Vince had another Lovely Cod of about 11lb. By this point I was wondering what I was doing wrong as on my side of the boat there were no Cod being landed. Then about 3.5 hours in my first Cod decided to take the bait and a nice fat cod about 10lb went into the net. Then Steve managed his second ever Cod after he landed his first ever Thornback ray of about 5lb. Then whilst I was showing Steve how to skin and fillet a ray Jerry shouts ‘Becky you have a good bite on your rod.’ I pick up the rod an there is a good fish on the end thumping away. Once it was weighed it went 16lb. Then in quick succession number 3, 4 and 5 all came down tide. Vince also had another Cod making the scores 6 for Vince, 5 for me and 2 for Steve. All of the fish were in good condition and out of the 13 fish we had 5 doubles and quite a few that were near double figures. Becky"

Every picture tells a story ( 29 October)
I had this report in from Ant out of Peganina from Rye...a rare photo...Darren Brooks with a big smile on his face...
"On the cod again up tiding was king!!"

Peganina...are you up for it... ( 28 October)
I had this report in from Ant on Peganina out of Rye...
"Another day on the cod but it was funny old day for the tide it never really turned up. Possibly evening trip tonight if a gang wanted to go or I would take individuals tomorrow evening Cheers Ant"

What great weather ( 27 October)
I just had this report in from Ant on Peganina out of Rye...
"5 for us today biggest around 9 still got a couple spaces left on Saturday."
If your interested call 07989778361

Cuttlefish clear winners ( 27 October)
I had this report in from Jerry Oiller (of 'Fairchance' fame) this afternoon...
"Hi Tony, Gary Diggery and Glen aboard to day, managed to land 7 cod, 5 lb  to  10 lb, over the flood tide. Cuttlefish the bait to have, as water is very clear. 
Regards Jerry. O."

Last nights evening trip ( 26 October)
Report from Ant out of Rye last night on Peganina...4 hour evening trip...
"3 cod last night and a conger more tide needed."

A nice run of cod out of Rye ( 25 October)
I had this report in this afternoon from Ant out of Rye on 'Peganina'...
"12 in total biggest just over 12lb plenty of mackerel around still. Turning and burning so let's see what the evening brings!!!

Another good day ( 24 October) 

Here is a report from Anthony ...we had a great day today on 'peganina'...I had a rare outing (I had 13lb)...
"12 cod in total biggest of 13lb, 2 put back because as they were lightly hooked. I got an evening trip going tomorrow 6 till 10 with 3 spaces on and a couple of spaces end of the week!! Next week the boat is empty apart from Monday so if any one fancy a trip let me know. Cheers Ant"

The fishing is improving ( 23 October) 

I had this report in from Ant this afternoon out on Peganina...
"So better fishing today 8 in total biggest over 11lb 3 over 10lb. I still have a couple of spaces for tomorrow! Also got some Weekend's free in December and space around the Christmas time. Cheers Ant"
Wow...what a cracker ( 21 October) 

I had this report in today from Jerry Oiller of 'Fairchance' fame...
"Hi Tony, a good day afloat today, 9 cod landed the best of 19 lbs 5 oz for Phil the fish from Reding, 2 others over 10lb top rod was  Glen  Carter, who caught 6 cod.
 Regards  Jerry. O."
A good day had by all ( 21 October) 
I had this report in yesterday from Paul Burden...
"Hi Tony report from today pictures will be next thanks Was on board with Jerry Oiller on fair chance dave foggie Robinson bagged up he had 6 we had 9 in total between myself Colin Burden and dave, dave having the best one off around 11ld caught by dave also had one skate and one conger all in all a brilliant day we all nearly fished out of bait good stamp of fish this year many thanks paul burden"

It looks as things are on the up ( 20 October) 

I had some photos sent in by Ant out on 'Peganina' with the cryptic..."Today" the message...I think the best went about eleven and half pounds...

Big tides can be a problem ( 20 October)   

I had this report from Becky Lee Hodges...not so easy...a bit erratic but it should pick up but we really need some south westerly blows..."Hi Tony
It was tough going today.
Hi all just thought I would let you all know how the trip on Fair Chance went today. We left a breezy shore heading for about 1 mile from the shore. We didn't go too far as there was lots of tide and would struggle to hold bottom. Baits were mainly fresh blacks, cuttlefish and some used squid. The fishing was very tough and slow going to say the least with only four Cod being caught all day 😔😔. I managed to winkle three out at 2lb, 4.5lb and 5.5lb. All of mine were caught up tide. The other was caught down tide on a large bait and was about 8lb ish. Here are some pics of the day. Regards Becky"

Six of the best with Jerry (19 October)   

I had this report in from Tim Raymond...out yesterday with Jerry Oiller and 'Fairchance'...
"Hi Tony,
It was hard going today but we caught six Cod.
Best Wishes, Tim"

A nice fish... (15 October)                                      I had this report in from Ant out on 'Peganina'...a nice Mr Spiky...
"Fine 4 and half pound bass!"

If we get a fair wind... (15 October)
I had this notification in from Doug Martin of this years 'Cod Open'...

Are you up for it... (15 October)
I had this notification from Becky Lee Hodges...
"Hi Tony
Please could you advertise that I have one space for next Wednesday on Fair Chance fishing for cod. The tides are very good and there should be a good chance of a few fish. Please contact on 07909523840 Regards Becky"

Another good spite of (14 October)
I had this report in from Anthony out on Peganina today...
"Wind over tide pain in the arse but still few nice fish up to 10 and half."

It didn't turn out too bad ( 13 October)
I had this end of the day report from Ant out on Peganina...worth getting blown about.

Nice fish...lets hope for more ( 13 October)
I had this up date from Ant who gone out today with Peganina out of Rye...breezy but at least there are a few fish about..."The first of the day"

Cracking fish...its on the up ( 12 October)

I had this report come in from Kevin Hicks this evening...
"Hi Tony 
A bit late,Out Rye, 11th Oct, After Chiller start turned out to be like a Summers day, Flat calm sea and fishing in T shirts with Porpoises 
swimming round us, could have been anywhere not like "Dungi" in October, biggest of day 16 1/2 lb great fight, Caught on Cuttle, stamp of 
fish looks good this year just need a few more of them, but sure they will come with a bit of cold weather, water still seems very warm Kevin" 

What lovely weather for it ( 11 October)
I had this report in from Ant out on 'Peganina'
"Best cod of today 8.5lb again"
...nice late season Allis Shad as well...but hey it looks like a beautiful day

The best cod so far ( 10 October)
I had this report in from James Bateman afloat in his own boat out of Rye harbour...
"Hi Tony,
Here is a picture of the first fish I caught on sunday. This one was caught on cuttle                                                                                                                 and weighed 14lb.  Cracking day to be out in the boat. James"

It should get better ( 9 October)
Ant reported to me it had been a bit of a slow day today...but the good news, the tides are picking up from tomorrow...he still has some midweek places available so give him a shout...
"Best fish of the day 8lb"

Short tides have been hard ( 9 October)
I had this report in from Jerry Oiller of 'Fairchance' fame...
"Hi Tony, hard going today, what with clear waters and dead tides,managed to scratch out 4 cod,the best of 10 lb caught by Justin. Regards  Jerry. O"
Must try harder... ( 8 October)
Ant been out today on Peganina...its getting better, were on the way all we need is the right weather...
"We managed 4 today bit disappointed really thought we were going to see more but still lovely day to be afloat I will try harder tomorrow!"

More cod in a dead tide ( 8 October)
I had this report in from Jerry Oiller of 'Fairchance' fame...out today in flat calm conditions...
"Hi  Tony,   The three wise  men managed to pluck out 7 Cod today, all around the 6 to 7lb mark. Regards. Jerry  O."

Good morning ( 7 October)
I had this report in from Anthony who was out early this morning on 'Peganina'...
"Just had this pair one after another but unfortunately half party was ill so they wanted to go home think we would seen a few as well!! 11lb and 12lb try again tomorrow I guess I still got space for Sunday as well." moving in ( 3 October)

I had this report in from Trevor Bunny...
"Hi Tony, Tonbridge Wells angler Fred King with a nice brace of early season cod 8LBS and 9LBS taken on lug and squid ,not monsters but a nice stamp of fish, Steve Baverstock had a nice 5LB bass on the uptider too, encouraging for the time of year, ive still got a few MIDWEEK days left in November and December,anyone wishing to book for winter cod fishing on "ELIZABETH JANE"give me a call on 01797 321282 or 07896260369 Regards Trevor"

Hungry cod on the move ( 3 October)

I had this report in from Ant out on 'Peganina' who has had a varied weekend...wrecking and ruff ground...the cod are looking 'thin' so they should be feeding well...
"So mixed back this weekend bream, pollock, place, cod plenty of mackerel around still and the cod went 10lb" 

Dungeness is on the up ( 3 October)
 I had this report in from Jason Adams of Sea Otter...
"Alright Tony,
Been Kerton road today trying to find some cods. Had 4 in total, 7lb 10lb 11lb and 13lb! Nice to see a few cods coming up. Hopefully a sign of things to come! We are out tomorrow so I'll let you know how we get on. Cheers Jay"

Weather window tomorrow ( 29 September)
Hi All Looking at the weather charts...we have a weather window tomorrow Friday...and Peganina has spare places!
If interested give Ant a call on 07989778361
Ramping it up ( 25 September)
I've just got back from the Varne Boat Club (VBC)...yes the VBC has a brand new ramp...a superb structure with a design life of fifty years...opened by the Mayor of New Romney, Patricia Rolf. It has been a long time coming but with a ramp costing 150k this must be the best fishing boat ramp on the south coast.

It's getting better ( 24 September)
I had this report in from Jerry Oiller of 'Fairchance' fame...things are picking up...
"Nathan Levi Smith, with a 10lb cod and 7 lb Bass, 4 other cod landed around the 6 lb mark,  Bait  PILES  of CUTTLEFISH." 

Dave gets the seal of approval ( 24 September)

I had this report in from Dave...we have been 'knee deep' in small bass, it's nice to get a report of some quality spite of the competition...
"Hi tony been getting some cracking bass last 2 weeks off Ramsgate several doubles all let swim see you soon Dave Robinson"

What a lovely day ( 23 September)

I had this report from Ant out on Peganina today...
"So first trip back for the Peganina, went very well, amazing weather ended up sharing a wreck with some Belgium boats. Fishing wise pouting, gurnards, greater weevers, scad, cuttlefish following the baits up and a stupid amount of mackerel to the point we couldn't even get our turbo baits away to the bottom...I ended up moving!!! A fine little bass and three turbots great little day. Cheers Ant"

Peganina is back in Rye ( 21 September)
I had a call from Ant this evening...he's safely tied up in Rye Harbour...Peganina is ready for business...somebody should warn the cod!
Here a picture of Peganina coming up the Rye harbour channel this evening.

Blondes are back ( 15 September)I had this report from Doug Martin, having a good time out of time Doug please are enjoying yourself!
"Hi Tony,
I went fishing on Tuesday with my mate Terry on his boat out of Dover, we had about thirty turbos (only kept a couple each), gurnard, LSD, mackerel and this beauty, we estimate to be between 25 and 30 pound, she went straight back after a quick photo.

'Joyla' does good ( 14 September)

I had this report in last night from Tim Raymond...
"Hi Tony,
Today we went  out of Dungeness on Fair Chance with Jerry Oiler also known as “Joyla (note: how cool and 'down with the kids' we are).
Great company, good catch, sunny weather, calm seas, what more could  you want?
We (or at least Nick)  caught Cod to 10lb+   (don’t tell Shirley Codling)   a small Tope, over 20 Black Bream, Mackies, Plaice and various bits and bobs. Plus I proved myself to be  a Pouting and Dogfish king !   No nasty Cod or Bream for me. I just concentrated on real fish: - Dogfish, Pouting and Mackerel!!!!  Top angler of the day Nicky G"

Dungeness calling ( 13 September)
Unbelievable is a report from Jason Adams on Sea Otter...
"Hello mate,
As you heard yesterday we had a experimental cod trip. Wasn't anything doing but someone has to go first! Been out in the channel today and had plenty of big mackerel, some of the best I've seen this season. Black bream were one after the other for a couple of hours as the tide came through, 29 in total. Couple of gurnards, few plaice. A good day to be honest, great fun!"

Postcard from Newquay ( 13 September)
Here is a great report from Ant what a great day out on Peganina...
"Boys had a great weekend on the pollock, freezer will be full for a while. Last week that the boats in Cornwall off to Kent for cod season very soon!!!"

What a lovely day to be afloat ( 12 September)

I saw this on facebook from Simon Newman out today with cod but what a lovely day...just for information I have had three reports of codling caught on the won't be long...
"No cod but an absolutely stunning day to be afloat. Many thanks to Jason Adams skipper of dungeness charter boat sea otter for saying "fancy an experimental cod session tomorrow". another week or so and they should arrive."

Fun in the sun ( 12 September)

I had this report from Jerry Oiller of 'Fairchance' fame...beautiful day out of Dungeness...nice to see a 'decent' conger...they really put a bend in your rod!...
"A few snaps, for you Tony.   Conger 30 lbs  ish. Nice red mullet, spraggy cod, 12 pollock to 5 lb. 30 bream of all sizes, best 2. Lb. Regards.  Jerry. O."

Out of Dover ( 8 September)

I had this report come in from Tim Raymond...nice range of species...
Hi Tony,
Went out today from Dover and found plagues of Mackerel, some were very big ones. If you feathered you got a full house. If you bait fished they either took the bait on the way down, or, if no other fish took the bait, they took the bait (or the empty hook) on the way up!
Got a couple of big Gurnards and a few small ones, Dogfish, Horse Mackerel and a large Greater Weaver. Couldn't find a Turbot though. Tim R

August, some lovely fish ( 6 September)
I had this report in from Dave...some very nice fish caught on the Varne bank...
"Hi Dave Bishop
With 2x5lb Turbot,a nice Brill around 3lb,and 8Lb Bass all caught during August.
All taken around the Varn on small joeys
The Plaice was caught by Fred the fish ! Regards Dave"

Away day pays off ( 1 September)
I had this report in from Ian Florey...
"Hi Tony I though I would share this with you as o couldn't get out locally down your way so fished on Why Worry out of Littlehampton on Saturday A bass it's a PB for me it weighed in at 12.5lbs caught on mackerel and squid Regards Ian"

This explains all ( 31 August)
I had this email from Dave Bishop who is running a charter boat (Joany) out of Dover...
I'm just sending over some photos for August
This is Darren Briggs first day ever sea fishing and a lovely summer cod 12lb
Regards Dave Bishop owner of Joany out of Dover"

A pollacking mystery ( 31 August)
I had this photo sent in from Dave information of size and location...

"A nice brace"

Two spare places on 'Fairchance' ( 24 August)
I had this information from Becky Lee Hodges saying that he has...
"Hi Tony please can you advertise that I have two spaces on Bank Holiday Monday 29th August out after black bream with Jerry Oiller on 'Fairchance'. contact details, phone 07909523840 Regards Becky"

Great days to get afloat ( 15 August)
I had this report in last night from Jason Adams out fishing on 'Sea Otter'...
"Hello mate,
Back on the bream today, anchored a couple of wrecks. mackerel are still few and far between but the quality is there. Best one at 1lb 1/2. Few bream as well!"

  Lovely way to spend a day ( 13 August)
I had this report from Alan Morris...what a lovely way to spend a late summers day...
"Launched at dawn. A few more good rays (returned) , whiting and flounder on the plaice rig. Could have done with some more water!" 

More fun in the sun ( 12 August)
I had this report in last night from Jason on Sea Otter...enjoying the good weather...
"Evening Tony, 
Today we tried our luck at a bream. The day started off calm however the SW wind increased all day. The crew done well taking into account the conditions. We pulled out 21 bream, 5 pollock, gurnards and mackerel. Looking forward to the weekends trips! Jay"

Postcard from Newquay ( 12 August)
I saw this on Ants facebook page (Fishing Newquay) in the sun...
"First couches bream of the year"

Plenty of fish ( 11 August)
I had this report from Jason on Sea Otter fishing fishing Wednesday...
"Hello Tony,
Bullock bank today, there was plenty of fish to go around. The day started with a fresh breeze north west and some sunshine. We started the 10 mile steam and picked up a little ebb tide. Once we arrived the tide was well underway, the first drift showed us we could be in for a decent day. The wind soon eased off and it was flat calm! We ended up with 50 plaice, 7 thornback Rays, loads of mackerel, red gurnards and 5 large weavers. Not bad at all! Jay"

The season for 'Breaming'  ( 9 August)
I had this report in from Jason Adams out on Sea Otter yesterday...
"Hi Tony, been out today with some of my regulars! To say conditions were challenging is an understatement. Here's Bob with a nice black bream.
Cheers Jay "

Postcard from Newquay  ( 6 August)
I saw this on Ant's facebook page...a lovely sight of summer...
"The Peganina - popular with tourists, seals, gulls.....and swimmers who need rescuing at sea"

Cracking trip out...well done  ( 3 August)
I had this report in from Alan Morris...what a great days fishing so close in...and no waste...
"Memorable day Monday. 13 rays. Dad had the biggest again, pushing eight pounds. Pinching ourselves really. Are these the good old days? All fish going to hungry friends and family."

Who's telling secrets ( 1 August) 
I had this report in from Cliff Hamblin who had a trip out with Jerry Oiller on the repainted 'Fairchance'...
"Hi Tony
           Its been a little while since I tinkled the keys so here goes:-   While the gods saw fit to shower the carnival with precipitation they shone a ray of sunlight all day on the sparklingly refitted wind of the sea known as FAIRCHANCE, The Motley  crew of Bob the Bank, Pete the Meat, The Doc and yours truly , and of course he of wounding remarks the skipper headed for a few wrecks to try our luck at gilling . Might well as been on FAT CHANCE as nothing was playing ball. So with the tide changing we went to a SECRET place and duly  filled the boat with 27 bream. Along the way we chipped in with 3 Pollock and a Ballan Wrasse caught by Pete, a bucket full of Mackeral to go on the Barby that night made a nice end to the day after so many fruitless trips. But one sad note even without Malcolm on board the tangles persisted......................such is life!
Added a couple of pics as well as a nice photo taken on our last bullock trip racing home against the wind. Cheers Cliff"

What a brilliant fish ( 30 July) 
I had this report in from Tommy Ashford fishing out of Dover today...
"Fished the banks today .best fish was this brill at 7lb"

Do you fancy a trip on Fairchance ( 28 July) 
I had a phone call Becky Lee telling me that there is a spare seat on Fairchance Tuesday 2nd August...if you are interested call Becky on 07909523840 (No. correction).

Postcard from Newquay ( 24 July) 
What a cracking day for Anthony out on 'Peganina...                                                               
"Great day chasing blues!!! 5 landed lost 1 along side the boat the size of fish was from 20 to 80lb at a guess all sharks returned to fight another day!!!"

Day out with dad ( 22 July) 
I had this report in from Alan Morris out with his dad from Littlestone beach...good for Alan (a well known 'ground baiter')...
"Hello Tony. 
Had some excitement with a few rays in the East Bay earlier today. Instant action, first cast! All on mackerel. Dad had the biggest at 6.5 lb. Might have caught more but I misplaced my sea legs. Think maybe I was entertaining a nearby boat with the sound effects as I turned green..."

Postcard from Newquay ( 20 July) 
Another nice fish for one of Ant's customers today out on Peganina...
Lovely 12.8lb blonde Ray.

Postcard from Newquay ( 19 July) 
I checked out Ant's facebook page (Fishing Newquay) and he told me he has had some fine fish over the last week...
"Pollack, nice cod and a bream of 2lb 4oz so far..."
If you want to book Anthony call...07989778361.

A beautiful day for 'breaming' ( 18 July) 
A nice report from Becky Lee out on Fairchance with Jerry Oiller...having a great day...
"Hi Tony
Well the tides and weather were perfect for a spot of bream fishing on the wrecks. The crew were made up of Nick plum, Alan (keen to Learn) and Terry (stupidlike) and myself. We set off from the beach just before 7 am, as we traveled to the mark we tackled up. Jerry said it will be slack water when we arrive so the fish may be off the feed as on the day before the fish only seemed to feed as the tide flooded. Well this time the fish preferred the slack water.
We were into fish from the start and really busy and it was non stop until the flood tide started. It was hectic to say the least with all of us landing fish. We ended the day with the scores on the doors below.
Terry - Pouting, Dogfish, Red Gurnard, Mackerel
Alan - Dogfish, 11 Bream, Mackerel, Pouting
Nick - Dogfish, Pouting, 12 Bream, Mackerel
Becky - Dogfish, 2lb Pollack, 4lb Codling, Mackerel, Scad, 2lb Plaice, 2lb Ballan Wrasse, 16 Bream, Pouting, 
Total Bream = 39
Also on another note I would like to point out how unlucky some anglers can be. Despite his best efforts Terry managed to avoid the Bream even when they were at their peak. We were all willing every bite to be a bream but every single time it turned out to be a Pouting. 
I feel he should change be nicknamed Terry the King of the Pout, better luck next time.
It was a lovely day on board Fair Chance before it goes in for its annual service and paint so the next time (10 days) we hopefully get out it will have a new coat of paint. Think I will take some nice inky Cuttlefish with me. ;);););)Becky"

The bullock...the plaice to be ( 18 July) 
I had thin last knight from Warren...great weather for a 'dash' out to the bullock bank to find a few plaice...
"Hi Tony fished the bullock today Sunday a few plaice a skate and some other bits and pieces pictured is Steve the plaice Perry with this one nearly 2lb regards Warren knapp"

Postcard from Newquay ( 9 July) 
Fishing down at certainly improving...when you catch decent pollack like mackerel!!!

Turbo charged trip to the 'bullock' ( 8 July) 
I had this report in from Warren last night...who had a great day out with Jerry Oiller on 'Fairchance'...sweet dreams Warren...
"Tony a few pictures from today's bullock trip aboard fairchance we had 10 small turbot a new boat record plus 14 plaice nice weather good company and never fall asleep regards Warren knapp" 

Postcard from Newquay ( 6 July)   
I saw this on Anthony's site today...I wish our boats had a few more mackerel...but still plenty of time for things to get better...roll on the heat wave...
"Full strings of Mackerel today ideal!!!"

Lovely day to catch a few rays ( 6 July)       
I had this report in from Jason Adams out today on 'Sea Otter'...
"Hello Tony,
Thanks for the decent bait for today, blueys were fresh as anything! Been on the skate ground. It was a true summers day! The crew pulled out 12 Rays in total and the biggest went to Shirley with her personal best of a 9 1/2lb thornback Ray. 
Thanks, Jay"

Ooops... ( 5 July)                                                         I found this report in my facebook inbox from last Friday...apologies..."Hi Tony. Challenging conditions on the Fair Chance on Friday with strong south westerlies but Phil Edwards and I managed 15 skate and a handful of smooth hounds with Jeremy. Cheers, Nathan."

Postcard from Newquay ( 5 July)
I saw this report from Anthony out on looks like things are picking up...
"The bream have turned up for their summer holidays!!"

Today's target plaice ( 28 June)
I had this report in this evening from Jason Adams of 'Sea Otter'...
"Hello mate,
Managed to get to the bullock bank today! Had the same crew as yesterday, great guys and experienced fisherman. The day started at 7am and the weather was spot on. Arrived at the bank and was into plaice straight away, mackerel was also available! Had multiple drifts throughout the day and ended up keeping 25 plaice, mackerel, dabs and a 12inch greater weaver. 18 of the plaice were over 1lb and the biggest at 3lb. Great couple of days and really look forward to their visit for another 2 days in November on the Dungie winter cod. Thanks Sea Otter"

You could almost wade out ( 28 June)
I had this report last night from Jason Adams giving Sea Otter a run out...
"Evening Tony,
Been out on the ray's today! Fished the shallowest water I've experienced as low as 1.9m. It seemed very strange to have the anchor chain on the surface. We fished mackerel and bluey and caught 22 skate, the biggest at 8lb! Enjoyable day had by all, looking forward to the same crew tomorrow, we are bound for the Bullock Bank! Standby for tomorrow nights catch report.  Thanks, Sea Otter."

Skates in good numbers ( 23 June)
I had this email from Paul Carpenter who was out fishing with Jerry Oiller on 'Fairchance' yesterday...  "Tony, Today's catch Inshore fishing with Jerry plenty of skate for Paul, Stuart and Dave 'Foggy' Robinson. Good blueys thanks."

Independence day tomorrow ( 22 June)
Tomorrow the big day...whatever your views...please vote...I campaigned and voted in 1975...I don't think we will get another chance after tomorrow.

Postcard from Newquay ( 21 June)
I saw this report from Anthony on fishing on 'Fishing Newquay'...
"Best Pollock from the weekend! 10.5lb"

Well done Rhiannon ( 20 June)
I had this report in from Doug Martin...nice Sunday...
Hi Tony,
Ian Bolton, his daughter Rhiannon and myself went out on my boat Solemates for a few hours. We headed out on calm seas in a very light SW breeze full of anticipation when we reached our chosen mark we set the baits and waited, Rhiannon was the first to catch with a small turbot of about 2lb, then Ian with one about the same and me? A dogfish! The tide started to push hard and with it the breeze picked up we decided to plug away and just as well as we ended up with 8 turbot between us with Rhiannon catching this beauty that weighed in at 7lb 5oz. Doug.

Nice pair ( 20 June)
I had this report in from Warren Knapp who was out with Jerry Oiller on 'Fairchance'...
"Ended up with a nice pair of pollack on my new rods"
Turbo charged ( 18 June)
I had this report in from Simon Newman today...he was fishing the banks out of Dover...
Hi Tony. I had a great day afloat yesterday. 29 turbot and 2 brill between 3 of us fishing about 14 miles our from Dungeness. Best went 8lb

You don't see those every day ( 17 June)
I had this report in today from Tim Raymond who was out with Jerry Oiller on 'Fairchance' yesterday...unusual catch...
"Hi Tony,
Had a great day on Fair Chance today. 12 species of Fish including my first ever Angler Fish. Best Wishes, Tim R"

First come first served ( 12 June)
I had this email from Tim Raymond for some lucky person...first come first served...
"Hi Tony,
Could you put an advert on thew website.
Our regular fishing group have a spare place on Fair Chance on Thursday 16th June. If anyone wants to come they can call me on 07814 753997
Best Wishes, Tim R"

Postcard from Newquay ( 9 June)
I saw this report on Ant's 'Fishing Newquay' facebook page yesterday...
Plenty of good pollock being caught, still have space's for the end of the week!!

Spare spot ( 1 June)
I just had a call from Becky Lee Hodges who has a spare spot out with Jerry Oiller (Fairchance) on Friday, fishing 7 till 3pm,  if you are interested call Becky on 07909523840

Get your skates on ( 28 May)
I had this report in from Trevor (of Elizabeth Jane fame)...great fishing yesterday...
"Hi Tony,Dartford angler Sid Webb and friends had a great day out on "Elizabeth Jane"today,they managed 33 skate between 6-10lbs all uptiding,your blueys are working very well, Regards Trevor"

A new record for 'Fairchance' ( 22 May)

I had this report in from Alex Whittlesea (aka Shirley Codling) out with Jerry Oiller yesterday in 'Fairchance' ...
"Hi Tony,
Just a quick report from yesterday afloat on Fair Chance.
Between Foggy, Dave Knott and myself we set a new boat record for Skate with a 
total of 34. 11 for Foggy, 9 for Dave and 14 for myself.
Baits used were Bluey, Squid, Mackerel and Herring.
Regards Shirl"

Here is 'Foggy' Dave Robinson with a 'brace'...

Newsletter from Newquay ( 15 May)
I had this report from Anthony out on 'Peganina'..."Great first all day trip of the season yesterday at Newquay...12 species!"

A trip on 'Fairchance' ( 9 May)
I had this request in from Becky Lee Hodges...a quality trip..."Hi Tony 
I have a trip out with Jerry on the 30th of May (bank holiday Monday). Currently there is only the two of us which would make it very expensive day out. Would it be possible to ask any of those on your mailing list / website if they would like to join us for a trip out to the bullock / banks (weather permitting). I Have two spaces if anyone is interested in going. Happy for you to give out my number to anyone who is interested. 07909523840 
I have asked Foggy and he cannot go and all the usual crowd but with no joy so far. Kind Regards Becky"
Great day in the sun ( 9 May)
I had this report in from Warren Knapp...
"Hi tony fished the east bay Sunday 8th launched from the VBC managed 19 skate up to 9lb and 2 doggies took 10 of the 19 returned the rest regard Warren"

Lovely fish...lovely day ( 9 May)
I had this report in from Steve Savage...
Hi Tony
Went out with Bert from the Vbc and had a bonus 12 lb cod on one of "secret wrecks".Caught on one of Trev's jigs.Plenty of herring and mackerel on feathers.Regards Steve Savage.

Lots of fish ( 1 May)
Great report in from Ernestas Gavrilovas out from Rye Yesterday...
"Hi Tony,
Went to test new Henk's boat off Rye - in yesterday's weather did 23-30 knots easy.
Fishing as usual was very good. One of our secret wrecks produced loads of pollock in 2-5lb range and occasional cod - four of them were around 8-10lb mark. Probably if we had stayed on it the whole day we would end up with 100+ proper fish.
Also searched for plaice, but only little ones came out. Quite few mackerel around.
Regards, Ernest"

Peganina finds a 'weather window' ( 30 April) 
Peganina has gone west for the summer...Ant left in the early hours and is already approaching 'Lands End'...but don't worry he will be back in the autumn! If you fancy a trip out in Newquay call Ant on 079989778361..."First light off Brighton this morning."

Sunday plaice fishing ( 26 April) 
I had this report in today from Anthony out on 'Peganina'...
"Sorry for it being a late report, we had 33 decent plaice, a few were put back as well. Due to the North Westerly winds on the north Cornish coast I am staying for the bank holiday weekend now, so If fancy a trip let me know...possible wrecking, the tides are right. Cheers Ant. 07989778361"

Out of the wind yesterday ( 24 April) 
          I had these photos in from Ant out on 'Peganina' in the west bay yesterday...hard work...lets hope today is better.."The best fish yesterday" 

Flattie bashing ( 22 April)
I had this report in From Anthony out with 'Peganina' fishing the west bay today with Darren Brooks and Simon Newman...
"Around 35+ place and a turbo"

Happy birthday Dave ( 19 April)
I had this report in from Jerry Oiller of 'Fairchance' fame...I must say Dave has had his 'fair share' over the years...
"Hi  Tony,   Dave  Robinson aboard today, he boated 17  pollock 3 to 5 lb and a 4 lb bass,returned. He started  Fishing with me when he was just 18 , He is 55  on Thursday.   Now that's  a good customer. Regards  Jerry. O"

What a cracking day...( 18 April)
I had this report in from Becky Lee Hodges...what a cracking day...
"Hi Tony. Another good day afloat on Peginina with Anthony. We fished not far from Rye and our target was Plaice. The weather was good all day although a little more blustery in the afternoon. We started the day of well with a steady stream of fish. Later in the day we tried further out in the shipping lanes with no success so we headed back to our first spot and resumed the catch of Plaice. By the end of the day we ended up with 40+ plaice and if we had stayed where we were originally we would have added probably a lot more to the day’s total. We wasted about 2 to 2.5 hours trying the lanes, but as the saying goes ‘You Never Know until You Try’. I managed 20 Plaice in all, I would say that 90% we fat and most were between 30 and 40cm the best one was well over 2lb. Great day again Thanks Anthony. Regards Becky"

Another lovely blonde ( 16 April)
I had this report on facebook from Dan Parham who was out with Jerry Oiller of 'Fairchance' fame...Dave Robinson did well getting his second blonde of the season...
"Dave with another blonde!!..."
 Great day trying for rays ( 16 April)
I had this report from Ant out on Peganina today...
"Had to move but I found them 14 rays in total one was a blonde of 14lb.
P.s Kevin has hands like shovels that what's throwing your eye out!!!"

I know Kev...Ant's not joking...

Another cracking day ( 14 April)
I had this report in from Ant out on 'Peganina' today wrecking to the south for a change...
"19 pollock today biggest of around 8lb."...but what a cracking day!

Stunning day...catching rays ( 13 April)
I had this report in from Anthony out on 'Peganina' (in glorious conditions) today...
"I have spaces on Friday Sunday and Monday the best ray of today 12lb caught by Kev"

Blonde rays on the up ( 13 April)
I had this great report in today from Trevor Bunny of Elizabeth Jane fame..."Hi Tony ,Bexley Heath angler Sid Webb with a nice Blonde Ray,the fish weighed 18 LBS and was taken on a whole squid uptide ,it was weighed,photographed and returned alive,Sid and his crew also had six nice thornbacks between 7-10LBS,Its great to see these Blonde Rays,there has been half a dozen caught this year that I know of and its even better when they get returned alive. Regards Trevor"  

It certainly wasn't flat ( 11 April)
I got afloat yesterday in 'Peganina' with Ant to see how the new engine was performing (wow 19kts over ground against the tide!) Myself with Becky Lee and friends fished for plaice and thornbacks in a stiff north easterly breeze on a massive tide...things did not start well with the wind pushing over the tide. The land giving some shelter in the west easier after high water when we had some good drifts...even I caught a couple...

Skating at the VBC...update ( 12 April)
I had this update kindly sent in from Warren Knapp...great first start...
"Hi tony looked at your boat report and saw myself in the picture of the skate catch,my name is warren knapp and was fishing with my friend Steve perry aboard my boat misty blue, it was my first trip out of the vbc as a new member and my first as a boat owner we managed 17 skate in total we returned 4 and kept 13 all caught on herring biggest 9lb , regards warren"

Skating at the VBC ( 11 April)
I had this picture sent to me from Anthony...don't know any details...but he said they were new members of the 'Varne Boat Club' fishing the east bay for skate...didn't they do well.

Bevy of blonds ( 7 April)
I had this excellent report in from Becky Lee Hodges who was out with Jerry Oiller on 'Fairchance' yesterday in 'challenging' far this winter/spring I have had 6 blond rays reported!...

"Hi Tony  
Managed to sneak out on the boat again today despite the weathers best efforts. Our original plan if the weather had played ball was to head to some wrecks or go to the West Bay and try for some Plaice. The force 5 to 7 South Westerly winds put paid to any of that so we decided to head into some shallow water off Durville Rd only a mile and a quarter out from the shore. The water was very shallow only a maximum of 20 feet. The aim was to see if we could pick up some flatties in the East Bay.
After a couple of casts I decided I had already had enough of this trying for a Flattie and resigned myself to the fact that my best chance will be Friday, Saturday and Sunday from the beach at Galloways. So to the fish baits, I had a mix of these from Mackerel, Launce, Bluey and Herring. On the very first cast a chunk of Herring produced a small Thornback Ray of about 3lb. after this there was a steady run of Thornback Rays for us all.
As the day progressed the wind got stronger and stronger and things got more and more challenging as we rolled from side to side at anchor. About 3 hours in I had a few Thornbacks in the bag and I decided to move to the opposite side of the boat as it was a little more sheltered from the rain, sea spray and wind. As the tide picked up the fishing slowed a little but the Rays came at a steady pace and were good fun to land on light gear in a strong tide. 4 hours into the trip I had a good bite on one of my up tide rods and I watched patiently as the bite developed. It didn’t really take of until I lifted into it. But in the shallow water and strong tide this fish was giving a very good scrap on an 10-12lb rod.
As the fish got closer and closer to the boat I could tell this was something other than a Thornback Ray. Could it be that in the space of a week I could be into my second Blond Ray. As it broke the surface my face had a huge grin on it as I could see that it was another good Blond Ray. I was surprised to have such a good fish in so close to the shore. When we weighed the fish it was exactly the same weight as last week’s Blond Ray.
Another hour went by with only a couple of Thornbacks and the usual hoard of dogfish to keep us occupied. As the last of the flood tide eased back it was time to check the baits and as I did so I felt a good thump, thump on the end of the rod. Again I thought this was another Thornback ray but as it got closer and closer to the boat the fish decided to go berserk. To my surprise again it was my first ever Fair Chance Bass and what a cracker it was too, all of 8.5lb (fish returned). After this the tide kept easing and the fishing slowed even more with only the Dogfish keeping use ticking over. We did manage another couple of Thornbacks which brought the total for the day as follows
Andy – 3 rays (all returned as his freezer is full from a previous trip), Dogfish, a Dab and Whitiing.
Ken -  1 Ray, Whiting and Dogfish
Becky Lee – 9 Thornbacks in total, 1 Blond Ray 21lb, 1 Bass 8.5lb (returned), 2 whiting and Dogfish
Another successful trip with a great skipper. Becky"
Biggest so far ( 6 April)
I had this report in from Tommy Ashford...
"Hi tony with the weather looking good thought we would hit so offshore wrecks today and found some pollock with the best one going to the old boy .a new pb at just over 12lb"
...well done Terry cracking fish the best reported so far this year.

Nice Picture ( 4 April)
This photo of Peganina 'snapped' by Jo Thomas out deep at the weekend while Ant was wrecking...looks almost calm...
'Sea Otter' in first plaice ( 4 April)
I had this report in last night from Jason Adams of 'Sea Otter'...great fishing on light gear...
"Hello Tony,
Out again today. Weather was absolutely lovely! First we went and tried a wreck on the drift to see what we could find, water was to dirty so it did not produce. After yesterday's success on the plaice, we steamed west and had the afternoon drifting light tackle and managed to hook 23 plaice! Regards Jason"

Skating in Dover ( 4 April)
I had this report in from Tom Ashford fishing yesterday out of Dover...
"Hi Tony had a day out of Dover looking for some skate .managed 16 with the little ones going back to get bigger .great fun in 30ft of water on 12lb rods ."

Peganina goes 'wrecking' ( 3 April)
Peganina has been putting in the miles this weekend...trying out 'fresh' wrecks and finding a complete mix of summer species...did they ever go away?

Plaice drift pays off ( 2 April)
I had this report in from Jason Adams out on 'Sea Otter'...
"Evening Tony,
Had a bit of a bumpy start to the morning today, caused by a fresh breeze southerly! Went west to drift some new plaice ground with the tackle we got from you yesterday. It worked lovely! We had 3 hours on the drift and had roughly 25 plaice. Here is the 14 that we kept. Hopefully same again tomorrow? Regards Jason"

Great mixed bag ( 2 April)
This report from Ernest shows how good the mixed fishing is at the moment further out...
"Hi Tony,
Had quite busy day today from Rye. Quite few pollock up to 5lb, 7lb cod, monster weaver, around 10 early mackerel, some sandeels, hundreds of whitening and good size gurnard.
We were expecting more early cod on the our usual wrecks, but probably it was affected by the dirty water after the storm (clear water was just behind Bullock Bank, which was completely netted) and large amount of sprat shoals everywhere. 
Also tried for plaice, but baits were being stripped off in seconds by greedy whiting and gurnard. Regards, Ernest"

Becky Goes Blonde for the first time on 'Fairchance' ( 30 March) I had this great report from Becky Lee Hodges out on Jerry Oillers 'Fairchance' out of Dungeness...

"Hi all. Here is a report on today’s trip out on Fair Chance with Jerry Oiller.
I awoke with anticipation of today’s trip after having the last 5 cancelled. The last time I managed to get out was the 1st of January. Looking at the weather all week I was biting my nails and keeping my fingers crossed that the weather gods would be fair to us.

Andy and Ken arrived and 06:15 to pick me up, we loaded the car and headed down to Fair Chance where we met up with Tim R. We were all very keen to get fishing as we had all suffered with cancelled trips because of the weather. We had a good selection of baits Launce, Bluey, herring, Worm, Shellfish, Cuttlefish and Squid so we had all the bases covered. The Bluey and Herring supplied by Tim was as always TOP Class.

Anyways back to the fishing; we headed out to Kerton Road first on the bank as that’s where the fish were had the last time Jerry went out. We stayed there for about 2 hours and after quite a few Dogfish, Whiting and the odd Pouting. I did manage one ray of 5.5lb that came to Herring. 

We then headed out to the SS Annie Oakley to fish where there was more mixed ground and a bit more tide. Things weren’t looking that good and 4 hours in we had only the one Ray to show for our troubles. However as the tide began to pick up so did the fishing. Over the next 1.5 hours I managed to boat 4 more Thornback Rays 8.5lb, 7lb, 10lb and 11lb. After the flurry of Rays things went quiet for about another hour. Then I noticed a bit on my rod, it wasn’t huge bite nor did it run it only tapped twice and that was it. On the second time I picked up the rod to check if there was anything there. By this time the tide had eased so I wound in the slack gently until I could feel the weight. As I got to the weight I could feel a definite thump, thump on the fishing rod.

As I wound into the fish it decided to take off. I had all my fish on the 10-12lb uptide rod, and this one was the same. I had my small Abu Ambassador 6000 on as well. This fish was determined to give me a good run for my money and 3 or four times it dived and hung in the water where I couldn’t move the fish. Eventually I managed to land the fish and when I saw it was a Blonde Ray I was ecstatic, this is my first Blonde Ray ever and I was hoping to get one as I knew a few had been caught recently. We got the fish into the landing net (JUST) and as we lifted the net the fish fell off into the net (PHEW), this was a very good fish and it weighed in at 21lb.

As the tide began to ease more and more Jerry suggested we head back into the bank off Kerton Road for the last few hours to get the first of the flood tide and hopefully some more fish. It was becoming a bit of a spectator sport as Tim, Ken and Andy hadn’t managed anything other than Dogfish, Pouting and Whiting. As we fished the bank off Kerton Road the tide was very slow to get going but just as we had the start of the flood I noticed a bite on my uptider again. I gave it a few minutes for the bite to develop and then wound into what I first thought was a snag as I couldn’t shift the lead or the fish. I could feel it kicking and I thought it was another good double as there was lots of weight. As the fish broke the surface to our surprise there were two Rays on the pennel trace. No wonder I couldn’t get them out of the mud at first. One of the Rays was very small about 2lb and the other was 4lb. we fished on for another 45 minutes and just before the end Andy managed a Ray of about 4-5lb. Ken lost a ray out by the Annie Oakley on the way up near the surface. All in all a thoroughly enjoyable day as always with great company and a few fish and a new Species and a PB to boot.

Yes I did take the Rays and Blonde Ray home for dinner. Not everyone's cup of tea I know but one of my favourites. Until Next Wednesday when we are all out again. Regards Becky"
This is the fifth big blond reported this season...seriously good fishing!

Target plaice ( 20 March)
I had this report from Anthony out on Peganina who had a productive day on the Rye Bay plaice...
"The boys had 15 place 10 keepers couple dabs and some whiting. Biggest place was 50cm long"...Anthony has spare places this week call Ant on 07989 778361 
Peganina back in business ( 15 March)
I had this in from Anthony who has been working his 'socks off'...
"Hi all after having a very stressful few weeks the Peganina is back in the game fishing out of Rye again with a brand new iveco engine fitted. She is offering All day and evening trips. Off shore wrecking, inshore place fishing, ray and spring codling is what we are doing at the moment!!!! For more information or call me on 07989778361 cheers Ant"

Love a blonde ( 12 March)
I had this report in from Trevor Bunny of 'Elizabeth Jane' fame...lovely fish...
"Hi Tony, Ashford angler Martin Tuffs with a fish of a lifetime ,a cracking 30LB Blonde Ray caught on 20lb class gear downtiding,he used a herring section to lure this beauty from the deep,the fish made several powerful dives in a strong tide, later in the day he also had three nice cod to 6LBS uptiding on lug ,the Blonde Ray was weighed , photographed and returned alive in the true spirit of conservation, well done Martin ..........Regards Trevor"  
What a load of pollacks ( 6 March)
Nick Burton popped in to show me a photo of some of the pollack he had yesterday with Bert (photo) Trev out on 'Kraken' from the Varne Boat Club...Nick said it was a bit 'lumpy' punching back in a north westerly breeze.

Plenty of rays ( 3 March)
Jerry Oiller of 'Fairchance' popped in with a few photos of today's fishing out with Dave (the cod father) Robinson...a nice 15lb blonde ray and 13 thornbacks to 12lb...seeing how small the tides that's good fishing...
Beautiful Bass ( 24 February)
I had photo and report from Nick (no fear) Burton fishing out from the Varne Boat Club...beautiful bass...returned...good boy...
"Caught on Tuesday .uptiding with whole cuttlefish .a low double returned to fight another day" 

Lucky Dave ( 18 February)
Dave Robinson got out with Jerry Oiller (Fairchance) yesterday...only one codling but plenty of skate...

A ray of light...better fishing ( 4 February)
I had this report in this evening from Jerry Oiller of 'Fairchance' fame...he had Dave out again today...
"Hi Tony, NOT A COD IN SIGHT , for Dave Foggy Robinson today , four thornbacks and a fine 24 lb Blonde Ray, that was returned Alive. Regards. Jerry.O."

 Nice fish on Sunday ( 3 February)
Dave Robinson and Dan Parham got afloat with Jerry Oiller on 'Fairchance' Sunday and had some cracking fish, cod to 15lb, spurdog 19lb 4oz and eight thornback rays between 6 and 11lb... ten years ( 1 February)

With all the bad weather...I saw this on facebook so here it is to cheer you all up...
"German angler Michael Eisele have broken the All-Tackle world record for Atlantic cod (Gadus morhua), which has stood for more than 40 years. Eisele pulled the enormous 47.03 kg (103-pound, 10-ounce) specimen from the icy waters surrounding Soroya, Norway on April 28th after it decided to eat the custom soft plastic/jig-head combo he was working. After a 36-minute fight on 20 kg (40-pound) tackle, Eisele subdued the massive cod and was on his way to the scales. If approved, Eisele's fish will replace the men's 24 kg (5-pound) line class record as well as the All-Tackle record which has stood since 1969!"

Cracking Day ( 20 January)

Jason Adams of 'Sea Otter' got afloat today with brilliant if cold weather...

"Good Evening Tony,
Had possibly the best weather possible for the time of year today, the sea was like glass! We landed a total of 3 cods and some nice channel whiting. Let's hope for the same show tomorrow. Here is Sam with his first ever cod! Well done. Thanks Jason"

Wrecking trip ( 20 January)

I had this report of yesterday's wrecking trip...the first of the year for Ernst Gaurilouas out of Rye..."Hi Tony, Had some fun today fishing off Rye - amazing weather, calm sea, speed 20 knots+ and few fish. Most of the wrecks 10 miles or more off shore are full of life, just nothing decent yet - loads of gurnard, some fat pollock and jumbo whiting, usual pout. Regards, Ernest"

What a lovely day ( 19 January)

Great day to get afloat flat as your hat...lovely day for Peganina..."Cod fishing in the sun first codling of the day"

Peganina spare places ( 18 January)

Hi All Anthony has spare places this week...check out the weather forecast...Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday...calm seas...wind 5kts! Call Anthony on 07989778361 

Fun on Fairchance ( 17 January)

Here is a great report from Cliff..."Good morning and a happy New Year Tony, and to all those Dungeness addicts. well having missed November and December due to a Caribbean rest it was time to return to blighty and challenge the elements aboard a frozen FAIRCHANCE  God its cold here!! Any way after a little hiccup launching  .... Bob! we got afloat on a beautiful crisp January morning even though the early week forecasts were dour. But once afloat the boat would not play ball so the ever younger looking Jerry (He knows where the fish are) Oiler disappeared over the back of the boat ( I wonder if he has a picture in the attic!!) while the crew wiggled the wheel in the wheel house!  Having discarded half of the shingle from the beach and rudder free we were finally on our way wondering what else lay in store. Well we were not disappointed as the sun rose on a lovely calm sea the fish began to bite. First in was Fozzy with 3 lovely cod one after the other to around 5 pound,and a huge grin to boot, A cup of tea and some banter then saw Bob the ROD formerly  Bob the Cod land a nice specimen cod again around the 5 pound mark.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      Well myself and and My co traveller Malcolm Just back from Cost Rica were wondering why the down tiders were having no luck but before long yours truly hooked into a nice thorn back around 12 pound which took a while to land with a fast running tide. But things were only just starting to liven up! I then took a good bite which initially we thought was a cod, but the fish surfaced some way from the boat only to reveal a fin that the skipper immediately recognised as a Spur Dog, Jerry weighed him on the beach at 16 and a half Pounds. 
  " The best I have seen for a while"  he said . While in my purple patch I landed another Cod again around 5 pound to finish my manic hour. Over to Malcolm who then hit three lovely cod and a nice thorn back before Bob the bank finished the rout with another lovely cod. 
            During this fish fest we were joined by another vessel not sure who they were any ideas? they were still there when we left. Total catch was 9 lovely Cod largest 5-6 pound 2 thorn backs and a lovely spurdog. All were taken on mixtures of Cuttle , squid, frozen & fresh lug. And i understand you are out of Cuttle at the shop other wise we would have paid you a visit to restock. i have included a couple of pics and hope the fish continue to bite, as i write the snow is falling so hope Sundays crew get out all right.
       Best Regards Cliff Hamblin"...Well Cliff the other boat was 'Peganina' out of Rye.

Beautiful blonde ( 17 January)

Stop Press...One of Anthony's customers on Peganina had a beautiful blonde ray this morning...this specimen weighed in at 23lb 8oz...