Boat Catch Reports

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Summers started? ( 22 April)
Here is a great report from Cliff Hamblin with a postscript from Jerry...
"Hi Tony
            Where do I begin aboard the Easter Monday Cruise aboard FAIRCHANCE the clue is in the name. On a  fine morning we set off to a beautiful sunrise with Master Angler Warren Knapp (photo included)  Laying into the Pollock then Cod only to sort out the Bass before a couple of Plaice fell foul of him and then  to end up with the first Mackeral of the season follow that!! Well along came Maestro Mike Dougherty ( Docky)  to hit the Pollock, Bass, and Cod and then chipped in with lovely Gurnard, not forgetting yours truly who popped up with the BIGGEST Cod, Lastly the Agile  Handsome  organizer Pete Foster (fozzy) who weighed in with 4 Pollock.
                  Well you would have thought that was enough for 1 day but no our Intrepid captain Jerry made chase to 3 fantastic Dolphins ( see pics)  this kept us intrigued while traveling between wrecks. 
                    GREAT DAY  hope you like the pics,  Thanks Jerry  ............ sorry about bucket overboard just a bit too exited!  Cliff..."
and from Jerry...
Hi Tony
Warren Knapp with our first string of Summer Mackerel. The Crockenhill
mob managed to boat 5 Bass 6 Cod and 12 Pollock. Plus we had a visit
from a friendly Pod of Dolphins. Regards   Jerry  O.
Spotty bashing ( 18 April)
Jack Feaver and friends had a great day out of Rye chasing the plaice...
"Hi tony been out of rye harbour today had 9 place all nice sizes. 
2nd trip on our boat so all groovy!!  Regards Jack

Cracking Bass ( 15 April)
Had this email from Trevor Bunny from 'Elizabeth Jane'...good day...
"Hi Tony,A nice fish for Ken Morrison a retired fireman from Brixton in London,a superb Bass weighing in at 9LBS on Elizabeth Jane today,Well done Ken!....
       regards Trevor " 
Fine day to be afloat ( 14 April)
Here is a report from Zalan Pasky at the VBC with the good weather eight boats got afloat and had a fun day...
"Hi Tony,
many boats afloat today for the Varne Boat Club; we have fund good sport 
on several wreck with pollock and cod playing ball up to 8lb.
I am getting exited about this season; so far so good....!    Zal
Beautiful weather ( 11 April)
If you are lucky to have a trip booked with Jerry Oiller on 'Fairchance'...with such great weather its nice just to be are a's a report from Steve Letch...
"Had a lovely day out in Jerry's boat today.had a few dogs nice size cod and loads of whiting.but weather was great so thanks. We will be back but off the beach ."

The lure of summer ( 5 April)
Jerry Oiller of 'Fairchance' went wrecking today...
Hi Tony 
 Summers coming,  Had the Fab Four in the boat today, A fine 8lb Bass
for Dan P, 3 others were landed, 7 Cod and 16 Pollock.
      Regards     Jerry.  O.

Lovely weather ( 2 April)
Here is a report from Zalan Pasky of the Varne Boat Club afloat yesterday...
April fool...well fool, we were not....
on the drive this morning...dilemma...turn left and go to do some work - 
or turn left and head to the beach...long thinking, about 2.5 seconds.
10 minutes later - beach
boat out
launch (within a safe distance!)
Found Dave standing in the beach with his tackle box -turns out Legs  
threw him out of his boat to make more room for Daisy ...cheers trev
Dave and I, afloat, catching skates one after the other, not a ripple on 
the water, sunburn, big yawn, more fish, 6298 pin whiting
3pm, anchor up, home....
sooo deserved it, been waiting for a day like this for six months or so.
and if it sound too good to be true, - got pictures to prove it!

Loads of fish ( 31 March)
I had this email from Qasim Mirza this morning...
"Hi Tony
Managed to get a day out with Jerry aboard Fair Chance on Friday the 28th.  The sea was very choppy and there was a lot of tide however that didn't stop the skipper from trying his hardest to get us on the fish.  Overall we had an excellent day out with quite a few large whiting nearing the 2lb mark, an obscene amount of dogfish (can more people please start eating them) several pouting, a few small codling and the highlight of the day was a plump 3lb codling for my mate Das.
This was our first time out with Jerry and true to his reputation he is a lovely guy who was happy to help and answer questions all day.  Can't wait to hit the wrecks with him in a couple of months! All the best Qasim"
Well done Qasim, I'm glad you enjoyed the day...lets hope next time its a bit calmer.

It's not over yet ( 24 March)
There is still decent cod out is a report from Trevor Bunny of 'Elizabeth Jane'...
"Hi Tony,a cracking fish for the time of the year for London angler John Ahyoon from Tooting,this fish tipped the scales at 24LBS and was taken on a lug and squid cocktail fished downtide onboard ELIZABETH JANE today..regards Trevor"
 Cracking photo's ( 17 March)
Here is a email from Cliff Hamblin who had a great day out on 'Fairchance'
"Hi Tony  Went aboard FAIR CHANCE Sunday, with beautiful weather all we needed was the fish. Pete foster managed four nice codling but Bob the Bank and my self didn't have much luck at all. Gerry called time, lines in and anchor up, but then a little nibble and hey ho!! probably the unluckiest skate in the channel. Nice end to a luverly day thanks Jerry.  Regards Cliff"

A happy customer ( 11 March)
I had this report from Dave ( the cod father) who is on long term loan 'playing for' Fish Tickler 3 out of Ramsgate..."Hi  Tony, Just a thanks for the boat rods, reels and accessories purchased in your shop last week.
As you can see by the picture equipment coped superbly with another good catch of rokers. Regards Dave Robinson

Loads of codling ( 4 March )
Zal down at the VBC had a good day...plenty of codling at 'Kerton Road'....

More cod in the sun...springtime ( 1 March)
Here is a report from Zal down at the VBC enjoying the good weather...
"We all were winners today - even though the day started a bit lumpy and bumpy with the persisting NW wind - eventually the sun came out and the wind dropped so we were all able to enjoy the first day of spring.
(apart from the couple of people who were putting some ground bait down from time to time. )
A couple of us went up towards dymchurch to fish in the 30ft mark;- while most of the others were paying a visit to Kerton rd. Was impressed by the good stamp of cod still being caught out there; lets hope they stick around a bit longer so we will have an other chance to have a bash.
Right, thats enough blah-blah...
the runner ups were
- Daisy Mae 15lb cod 62.5%
- Kraken 16lb 5oz cod 67.9%
And the winner is.....wait for it......drum roll....
- Seadog 2lb 5oz dogfish 77.8%
Thats just shows folks.... if the boy and I can win a match; everybody can!!!
And raised an other £20 for the big orange water taxi next door!
I certainly look forward to round two; i fancy my chances with a big pouting, perhaps?...

Be careful out there ( 26 February)
I was chatting to Nick (No Fear) Burton about a story he had come across concerning a ship that lost a load of containers in the storms...
"520 was lost from the svenbdborg maersk in the bay of Biscay on the 14th 
February" ...scary!
Just another day at the VBC ( 23 February)
Be careful fish...Nick (No Fear) Burton has got his boat back from the menders...first trip yesterday short trip to Kerton Road...and a very nice bass...on cuttlefish?...

And down at Dymchurch ( 20 February)
While the VBC were catching cod Nick (No Fear) Burton...a VBC member had an 'away day' out with Dave Catt a D&DSAC member and picked up this 12lb 8oz fish.
More good cod ( 19 February)
Here is a picture and report of another nice cod caught today by Dave Clark on Trevor Froud's by Zalan...
"Five boats out -
weve had 3 codling to keep - Dave Clarke on board 'TEABAG' skippered by legs landed the best around 12lb. Very warm out there today - felt like spring!"

Good Sunday ( 16 February)
The cod are is a report from Zalan down at the Varne Boat Club fishing the 'Kerton Road' mark at Dungeness...
"Hi Tony,
four boats got out today; nice weather (makes a change) good fishing - 
everything a grown man needs. Weve been waiting for a days like this 
patiently for months now...
There were plenty of action with several cod in each boat, - the best 
ones were 2 over 10lb and a 21 and 24lb as well."

Hit and run...( 11 February)
Well done Zal...if you get a gap go for the way I do sell nice headlamps!...
"Hi Tony,
could not resist to slip out on the evening tide yesterday - Had to cut 
the trip short as the sea got lumpier (and I was scared in the dark) but 
still managed to bag a nice bass for tonight's tea.
Kind regards Zal."
At last...( 10 February)
With a break in the weather Jerry got afloat with 'Fairchance'...
"Hi Tony
Finally got afloat today Monday; after being weathered off for 9 days. The north Kent boys managed to scratch out 5 skate and 4 codling all about 4lb. Regards Jerry. O."

Better from the boats ( 21 January)
At last some better news from the boats...
"Hi tony
 managed to grab a break in the weather and get out on Trevor bunny's boat Elisabeth Jane there was plenty of other boats out there fishing the boat comp.  We wasn't expecting much after the recent reports but managed to winkle out 4 cods, 3 around 7 to 9 lb and a nice 18lb caught by Paul Jones.  I managed a thornback for around 10 lb so there is life out there if the weather plays ball. Cheers Lee" 

The VBC Cod Open ( 21 January)
Here is a report from Zalan Pasky Commodore of the Varne Boat Club...
Unbelievably- we were fishing the Cod Open earlier today!
The overnight rain eventually fizzled out by the early hours give way to that big yellow thing in the sky.
Shortly after launch - as per forecast- the wind started to drop out as well to all the fisherman's delight.
Followed on from recent catch reports we didnt have overly high expectation to set new records today, and even though we were on the right track with the prediction, still the catch was better than expected. 
We've had prizes in seven categories today, plus an additional prize in form of a reel from Ronnie Boy - (Thanks Mick!)
Weve also raised £100 for the lifeboat; thank you all very much!
And the results are: ( a slight heads up; due to the one fish can win only one prize; some of the scores may not read obvious at first read)
1st prize: 
John Ruffhead/Rocket - 20lb 1oz (total 29lb bag, but the biggest cod of 8lb 13oz entered in a separate category.
2nd prize: 
Striker skippered by Ryan 11lb 10oz
3rd prize:
Jim Q and Mark B 9lb 8oz
Best Cod:
John Ruffhead/Rocket - 8lb13oz
John Ruffhead/Rocket
Cod nearest to 10lb - winning a filleting knife 
Martin Jones & Crew - 4lb2oz
Cod nearest to 5lb - for an other very nice folding knife 
Nick B and Steve S - 4lb
That left of with to other recorded catches- out of which Paul F and Crew managed to land the bigger fish winning the reel.
Thanks for all for turning out and be a good sport, and a sincere thank you for all the volunteer helpers, marshals, drivers, cooks, etc. 
I really hope that this coming new year we will be able to further build and promote our section within and outside of the club - and today was just the first of many fun days out there!
 John Ruffhead & Rocket who swept the board...

Jim Quinn out with Mark Bostock got third...

A change in the weather ( 13 January)
I had this email from Cliff Hamblin who was out on 'Fairchance'...
"Hi Tony
           Small weather window today (Sunday) so took the opportunity of a day out on FAIRCHANCE with Jerry. As you can see we were on the beach for a 5.45 am launch, and waited for the sun to come up, here are a couple of shots of the sunrise, quite a site. Plenty of whiting and a few dogs, but only 2 small codling.  WHERE ARE THE COD?  Anyway a good day had by the three of us, Pete the MEAT, Bob the BANK and Me Cliff, thanks Jerry."

A nice fish ( 20 December)
After a quiet time on the boats its nice to see Alex have a good fish out with Jerry on 'Fairchance'...
"Hello Tony, was out with Jerry last Friday and Saturday. Managed to scratch out 
a few. Here's the best at 16 Lbs. Regards Shirl."

The odd big fish ( 10 December)
The boats have been having a bit of a tough time...some big fish but not many...
"Hi Tony
the fishing has been very slow over the last week,but a couple of good fish were landed in last two days;
Canterburys  Gary Diggery in the blue with an 19 lber and Crowbouroughs Adrian Coliver with a full roed 20 lber. regards  Jerry. O.

After a bit of a break ( 28 November)
Here is an email from Jerry Oiller of 'Fairchance' fame, I'm glad things are looking up...
Hi Tony
Fishing has been a bit slow the last couple of days,
but picked up today thursday. The Margate trio managed seven Cod. The biggest of 19lb being caught by Rodger Tapperden.
Good day had by all Regards Jerry O

Nice one ( 19 November)
Here is a report from Trevor Bunny of Elizabeth Jane fame...
Hi Tony,Essex angler Paul Gonzalez with a fine 20 pounder onboard ELIZABETH JANE  today,the fish took a big squid bait downtide.....regards trevor

The cod 'meister' is back ( 19 November)
Here is a report from Jerry of 'Fairchance'...
Hi Tony
Dave 'Foggy'  Robinson,  Aboard  today, managed to land  7 Cod   ,  two tipped the scales at 14 lb . . . .The Boy is back, after working all summer aboard ,  Fish Tickler Three,  from Ramsgate.  Regards  Jerry  O.

A real big beast ( 18 November)
Thanks to Simon Newman for this report...
"Castaways hosted a party of 4 anglers from Gloucestershire this weekend.  They spent 2 days fishing aboard the fair chance
Sunday they caught 12 cod, several mid to high doubles with Mike getting the best fish at 24lb 6oz. With no roe and an empty stomach, it would be pushing 30lb in a few weeks time!
Monday I joined the party.  We boated 16 cod , I sneaked the biggest of the day with 5 cod to 18lb"

What a pretty fish ( 18 November)
I had this email from Paul Woodfine...not sure of the weight...but nice photo...
"Paul off of SUKEY went out off Dymchurch on 16th as i couldnt make the cod comp sunday (and the mad crowds) but still 22 boats floating around the point, slow start but when tide turned we had a few and my mate managed his PB"

What a beauty ( 15 November)
I had this email from Danny Gisby, not sure when he was fishing...but hey what a cracker...
"Hi Tony. Here’s a photo of young Reece with a 25 1/2 pound cod, caught a board Final Fling. We only had one more small codling, but plenty of dogfish & Whiting."

More pictures ( 14 November)
Here is a email from Simon Newman...
"Hi Tony
a few more pics from the last couple of days.  I had my 1st 20lber of the season with Jeremy on FC on Tuesday and a few better pics of Chris and Lee with yesterdays catch aboard the Elizabeth Jane."

Things are on the up ( 13 November)
Here is an email from Trevor Bunny of 'Elizabeth Jane'...what a great day...
"Hi Tony,a great fish for canvey island Essex angler Chris Warren and friends today,it tipped the scales at 24LBS 8 ounces,the Essex lads had a fantastic day with several other mid double figure fish as well as a 13LB spurdog!...........well done the Essex lads, regards Trevor"

And better ( 11 November)
Had this email in from Shirly Codling (Alex) afloat on 'Fairchance'...
"Hello Tony,
Went afloat with Jerry today (Sunday)
Had 8 Cod's on the boat. One 
tiddler of 1 Lb the rest between 7 Lbs and 21 Lbs (I think the others were 
11,15,17 & two 18's or there abouts.
The 21 was a new PB for Darren.
Regards Shirl"

Big Boats ( 10 November)
Just had this email from Nick...
"Hello Tony ,just looked out towards dungeness .spotted those two large English 
trawlers  fishing close in .just had a look on my I pad ship finder app.They are 
two sister ships ph220wiron1&2 .one is 167ft the other is 171ft .I hope it's not 
going the same way as last feb !!!!!!.let's hope not .cheers Nick"
I guess they are pelagic fishers...unless anybody knows different?

Its getting better ( 10 November)
I had this email from Geri...tough weather out on Jerry's 'Fairchance' ...and what I heard very, very big swells!...
"Hi Tony
Went out on Jerrys boat yesterday, a trip Paul Hodges arranged, the back of the boat managed 8 fish up to 11lb. I was fish less all day up to my last drop when I hooked this 19lb cod. A lovely day of persistent rain, hail stones, thunder and big swells... All worth it in the end though 
Cheers Tony, see you soon"

Roll on Summer ( 10 November)
Here is a email from Dave...lovely fish...
"Hi Tony 
Had some cracking Bass drifting varne. Live horse mackerel. Here is a picture of 4 bass all between 6-8lb. 
Regards Dave The Robinsons

Hit and run ( 4 November)
Here is an email from Zalan, Fishing Captain at the Varne Boat Club...who did a 'dawn patrol' at the weekend...
"Hi Tony,
made to most of the small weather window on Saturday - four boats from 
the Club got out to see whats about on the cod grounds.
Fishing wasnt all that, bites were few and far between but the quality 
of the catch was encouraging for rest of the season.
Rudi managed to bag the best of the day - with a rather well rounder 
specimen of 25lb.
I was out with Tom on his fine vessel 'Murdina' - weve had one fish all 
day of 15lb.
Hope its the way of things to come - Best Zal 

Nice fish ( 1 November)
Had this report in this evening from Jerry Oiller out on 'Fairchance'...

"Hi Tony

a photo of Phil  Edwards from north Kent out today. The biggest weighed in at 18lb 12oz. Three others were landed by team mate Rue Harris. The fishing has been slow, since the Big Blow ,   With only 2 or 3 Cod landed each day.

 Regards.  Jerry.  O."

Awash with codling ( 21 October)
Had this report from Shirly Codling out with Jerry on 'Fairchance...
"Hi Tony, 
Managed to get on the cods last Monday, we had around 20 up to 8Lbs.
Was good to see Foggy back in the bay, all be it on a Ramsgate boat!!
All but one fish fell to uptided cuttle baits
Regards Shirl"

Dymchurch Cod Open ( 18 October)
I had this email from Doug Martin from the D&DSAC...
"Hi Tony,
Many thanks for advertising our little comp on your website, find attached 
registration form and rules, the times and dates are:
Sunday 3rd November fishing times 7.30 - 14.15, high water 10.05 last book in 
30mins before start
Reserve date 17th November fishing times 8.00 - 14.30, high water 10.30. 
Regards, Doug"
...and here are the form and rules...

Dave goes double ( 16 October)
Things are getting bigger at the 'Kerton Road' mark...
"Hi Tony, I thought it might be of an interest - our much loved Davy aboard his 
boat 'Daisy Mae'from the Varne boat club bagged this fine specimen;- all 
24lb of it.
All the signs are there fora cracking cod season, all we need now enough 
calm days to be able to get afloat. Best Zal
Thanks to Zalan Pasky for keeping us informed of this superb catch.

Things are getting better for Jerry ( 14 October)
I had this email from Jerry Oiller of 'Fairchance' fame...
"Hi Tony
Sunday 13th oct.   team Castaway braved the wind and rain,and managed a 36 cod haul. all between 5 and 13lb        regards    jerry  O."

Yet more bass for 'foggy' ( 10 October)
Just had this email does he do it...I know its Ramsgate...but Dave is just on loan for the season...
"Hi Tony  In case some of your anglers are interested, except Shirley Codling,been getting some good Bass lately. This one just under 10lb. 
Regards  Dave The Robinsons

Jerry has a better day ( 9 October)
Had this email from Simon Newman who was lucky to a trip out with Jerry Oiller having a 'dabble' at the Kerton Road mark.
"A great day out on the Fair Chance yesterday and our first go at the cod this year. We were about a mile offshore at the bottom of the bank pretty well directly in front of Castaways B&B and Guest House, Dungeness, Kent. We had 9 cod to the boat, I managed to sneak 5 out myself including 3 low doubles, this being the best at 14lb. Twas Jerrys best hit on the cod so far and this winter and bodes pretty well for the beach as soon as we have a decent winter storm to colour the water and get some food washing around."

Another good bass ( 8 October)
Our friend Dave (foggy) Robinson emailed this evening...
"Hi Tony 
Been getting some good Bass lately. Had one today just under 10lb. 
Regards Dave The Robinsons"
...a very good fish but I must the bass from the beaches around the coast has been 'brilliant' so far.

Gentlemen prefer blondes ( 7 October)
I had this email from Trevor Bunny...massive tides yesterday...but it payed off!
"Hi tony,a great fish onboard "Elizabeth Jane" today for Ashford angler David Salmonds,a fine blonde ray which tipped the scales at 27lbs and was caught in a strong tide,downtiding on mackerel bait,this fish was unhooked,photographed and returned alive...........Well done Dave........regards Trevor"

It's looking good ( 3 October)
Here is a report from Jerry Oiller of 'Fairchance'...
"Hi Tony
"They Are Coming" !!    North Kent angler Rupert Harris, out on weds, 1st try in the bay this winter a fine 16lb 8oz cod.
Regards Jerry"
...What a beautiful fish

Global warming...bring it on! ( 28 September)
I had a chat with Nick (No Fear) Burton the other day about an amazing catch of Rye...
Here is a bit that appeared in the Rye Observer...
"A RYE fishing boat landed four tuna fish overnight on Tuesday in what has been described as a ‘once in a lifetime’ occurrence.
Terry Hadden, of Rye Bay Fish, said: “I am in my 60’s and have never seen that before in local waters. It is very rare. I don’t think I’ll live to see it again.
The tuna were the smaller skipjack type and weighed around 3kg to 4kg each.
They were caught between Hastings and Rye in a drift net.”

So I better start stocking 'sonic' trolling lures?

Turbo charged ( 24 September)
Here is a report from 'Shirley Codling' who had a nice day out with his mates on Jerry Oillers 'Fairchance'...
Hello Tony,
I see that Foggy has been at the top of the reports for too long 
and from a Ramsgate boat as well!
I dont know about him being on loan, more 
like Dungeness deserter!! :)
Anyway, I was out with Jerry on Sunday, had a 
mixed bag of Turbots, Plaice, Gurnards, Greater Weavers and some huge Mackerel
Regards, Shirl

Going for it ( 13 September)
You never know what opportunities arise...
"Hi Tony 
Saw some bass following mackerel on feathers, couldn't resist. Live joey went over.. tied rod to boat and put rachet on reel. Wow ! only 3-5 lb but  good sport on a 12lb class rod. Regards Dave

Young guns ( 31 August)
Nice to see a young lad with a decent fish...
Tom Midgley 13 years old on baited feathers on a  inshore reef only 2 miles out aboard Peganina skippered by Anthony Hills out of Newquay Cornwall.
I know its not Dungeness but its a family thing.

A great mixed bag ( 29 August)
This email from Simon Newman who bagged up with Jerry Oiller yesterday...
"A good day aboard FC yesterday with a mixed 10 species are some of the fish."

...lets play 'spot the species'?

A real handful ( 29 August)
Dawn patrol pays of today for Nick (no fear) Burton...
"Went out today solo ,had a nice catch of bass,5 all over 5lb ,2 about 8lb. all 
caught on the red ,yellow lures I purchased from your good self "
...yes I know there is only four he gave one away on the beach!

Triple shot ( 25 August)
Here's a report from Dave Robinson (the Cod father) on temporary loan to Ramsgate crewing on Fish Tickler 3... 
"Hi Tony 
Sneaked a rod over the side yesterday..oops two Turbots and a 4lb plaice not bad for 30mins. Regards Dave...The Robinsons

A 'breaming' day at the VBC ( 22 August)
Zalan Pasky out of the Varne Boat Club had a very good black bream session, a very pretty fish, great fighters...real characters , I know they're good eating...but I hate knocking them on the head...I'm getting soft in my old age...
"Hi Tony,
Ive blanked on them last year; the last couple times I was out still not 
being able to find them - until today.
Anyway, managed to break the spell with this nice bunch today. Also 
hooked into a 6lb cod and a pollock as well on the size 4 hooks, good fun.
All the best, Zal
I think Ant needs bigger hooks ( 13 August)
Just had a photo emailed today from Ant (my son) running a charter boat out of Newquay...I think I will send him some bigger tope hooks...

Good indications for the winter ( 10 August)
Nick ( no fear) Burton has been at it again...chasing loads of codling on the wrecks with his mentor Steve Savage...
"Hi Tony just back from a days wrecking with Steve,plenty of small cod and 
pollock with the odd better fish.Regards Nick."

 Dave gets his 'eye' in ( 9 August)
I had this email from Dave Robinson...the 'codfather' a regular out with Jerry O off helping out with 'fish tickler III' out of Ramsgate...
"Hi Tony 
Skipper let me have a fish. Sneaked a couple more Turbots. Please find attached photos. Regards Dave, The Robinsons

I was chatting to Jerry O this morning and he was saying, he couldn't remember a better year for the 'bullock' the new 'skerries'? 
Summer = plaice ( 9 August)
I had this photo from my mate Jim Quinn out of Dymchurch...there are some cracking plaice being caught...

Up the Gunners ( 5 August)
Here is a report from Shane Pullen concerning Paul Gunner DAA committee member...
"Paul Gunner and his dad Brian with two fine Cod fishing aboard Der-dogs from Ramsgate. We had a great day drift fishing wrecks catching Cod and Pollock. Brian landed some great fish so well done mate."

Girl power ( 5 August)
Here is a report from Terry Ashford (Dymchurch member) with a photo of his daughter Maisie and some cracking plaice...
"Hi tony another good day fishing on the banks Maisie with a place and a dab 28 
keepers with the same returned for another day"
Some nice fish ( 29 July)
I had photo's sent in by Jim Quinn of Mark Bostok out of Dymchurch...nice to see more turbot about..

Cracking Bream...I guess these were had Sunday.

What a beauty ( 28 July)
Here is a report from Trevor Bunny of 'Elizabeth Jane' fame...with a report of the best plaice I have heard of this year...
"Hi tony,a cracking plaice for Sittingbourne angler Dean Flannery onboard ELIZABETH JANE today  this fish tipped the scales at a fine 6lbs 1oz,this was part of a great days plaice fishing for the Sittingbourne lads.......regards Trevor"

The right plaice at the right time ( 27 July)
Here is a report from Jerry Oiller out on 'Fairchance'...
"Hi Tony
had Nick Plumb and crew out today, kept 50 good plaice,Colin Heart managed to land the Thornback of 14 lb 4oz on light plaice gear,on the drift, it put up a good scrap.      
Regards  jerry  O."
Fill your freezer ( 24 July)
I had this email in yesterday from Stuart of our beach anglers...
Finally got afloat today on board Jolly Fisherman out of Dover, drifted over the 
Varne Bank, 5 of us on board, all done well, I managed 21 codling, 2 black 
bream, 1 gurnard and a couple of Mackerel. Kept 7 codling a 1 bream, thanks for 
the rod/real combo and advice!

Dymchurch on holiday ( 21 July)
Hi Tony,
Just got back from Alderney were 10 DDSAC boys went for five days, the mid 
channel wrecking was hectic on the way over with everyone bagging pollock to 
13lb and a few cod, the bank fishing was hard with a few turbot caught and one 
brill to Dave Knight on the reefs red gurnard was the order of the day up to 
about 1.5lb. On our return we fished a couple of wrecks resulting in pollock to 
16lb, cod to 16.5lb and  a few ling with a beauty of 27.5lb to me, here's a 
couple of photos. Doug
A bit of a pollack ( 16 July)
Here is an email from a very proud father...
"Hi Tony,
couldnt resist the temptation of flat oily seas today, so Zane and I 
went out from the Varne Boat Club to try a couple of wrecks. Only had a 
couple of hours as Zane needed to be back for his Cubs..
The last time out he was catching his first ever bass and mastering 
fishing with live sandeels; today he was trying to fish with jelly 
worms, as he not done that before.
On the first drop he landed his first ever cod, on the second his first 
ever pollack.
He bagged 3 in total while I only managed to get one.
To top that I have lost three sets on rigs while he didnt snag once.
His head is bigger than a nuclear reactor tonight telling me what i was 
doing wrong! Speak later, Zal
Dave's a bit flat ( 13 July)
Some nice flatfish coming aboard 'Fish Tickler 3' for Dave Robinson out of Ramsgate...
"Hi Tony 
Sneaked out another Turbot 3lb 8 oz on the banks today. 
Regards Dave"

Next day ( 8 July)
"After a good trip on Friday we I was a little "bassed out" so on saturday Alex 
and I headed out from the Varne Boat Club to the Bullock Bank in search of 
plaice. Wind over tide made for some interesting drifts but we still caught 
plenty of dabs and plaice with half a dozen in the 2 to 3lb range. We also 
caught the biggest weaver I have ever seen at about 18 inches. I'm told they are 
good to eat but have yet to pluck up the courage to try one!"
I'm getting more reports of 'Greater' weevers being caught in our part of the channel, I guess this is down to the rise in sea temperatures...Cracking photo...

Good Friday ( 8 July)
I had an email from John Ruffhead out on his boat 'Preditor' from the Varne Boat Club...
"Friday the 5th saw us heading out to the shipping lanes from the Varne Boat Club 
in Predator. On board were Martin Jones and Mike Dobriskey. After catching some 
live launce we spent the morning drifting wrecks. The final tally was 15 bass 
and 3 codling. It was Mike's first trip out in Predator but he managed to take 4 
good bass and a codling."

Lovely summer cod ( 3 July)
Here is a very nice summer fish...
"Hi Tony,
One of our most athletic members Andy 'skinny' Jarrett was fishing out 
from the Varne Boat Club working some inshore wrecks nearby.
He landed this prime cod - all 20lb of it-  on a 12lb rod, - a real 
achievement given the kind of fight this summer cod puts up!
Now as the water cleared- seems to be a lot of cod about all over the 
place;- is this usual for this time of the year?
On a different note, my son Zane had a some more to cheer about with 
some nice bass on Sunday, catching plenty up to 8lb.
Best Zal

Thanks for that Zal... This year like other ones, is a 'one off' who knows whats in store this winter...but its nice to see so many cad about!

Congratulations John ( 30 June)
Here is a report from John Ruffhead at the VBC...
"Hi Tony, this is my son Alex holding part of a catch of 12 bass and 1 cod taken 
on a trip out from the Varne Boat Club to the bank that gives the club it's 
name. Six boats launched from the club with three heading out to the Varne where 
we all had good catches of bass, cod and pollock. The boats that fished the 
wrecks nearer to the club caught plenty of cod.
All in all it was a great day that also happened to be my birthday!
Regards John"

Down at Dover ( 26 June)
Doug Martin a Dymchurch member had a good is his report...
"Hi Tony,
Went out of Dover yesterday on my mates boat Sirius, Tony, Lee and me set off at 
about 8.30a.m. the inshore was infested with may weed so "on the slack" we went 
to the banks to catch a few sand eels  on our way to our chosen wreck we noticed 
that the water had cleaned up a bit and was a lot clearer this had the desired 
effect giving all three of us bass up to 7.5lbs of which yours truly caught one. 
as you can see in the second photo of the "keepers there are a couple of macks 
which are now starting to show. Regards, Doug

Big Blue...( 20 June)
Caught off Kerton Road...just dreaming...

But here is a real 'first of the season' 100lb+ big female caught fifteen miles off Newquay Cornwall by James Young fishing on Matt Robbins boat 'Atlantis'...I know it's not local, but it is a beautiful fish...safely returned...this report was sent in by my son Anthony down in Newquay!

It's great to start them young...( 17 June)
Here is a report from Zalan Pasky fishing captain at the Varne Boat Club...
"Hi Tony,
We had made most of the weather window, and 4 boats 'popped' out to see 
what we can find on the Varne Bank.
The forecast was spot on (for once), and we were able to enjoy flat seas 
and some warm sun on our faces.
My boy Zane had managed to outfish me hands down; later on  he fell 
asleep with that grin on his face. Priceless!
Best Zal"

What a great brace of fish ( 15 June)
Just to keep you 'boaters' drooling, Doug Martin (Dymchurch member) sent me this report today...
"Hi Tony,
My mate Tony took the opportunity to grab a couple of hours fishing on his own 
boat Sirius today out of Dover he had these two, 10lb 11oz and 10lb 2oz and 
another of 8lb 9oz that he returned alive to fight another day."

Proof that it is summer ( 12 June)
A couple of Dymchurch members (Mark Bostock and Jim Quinn) got out yesterday and had a good day on the is Mark with a nice wrasse he had on the 'Grosser'...

A DAA members away day ( 3 June)
Well done Ian nice to see the club members keeping their end up...
"Hi Tony did not get the Congers mate but yet a again a Dungeness club member won the day at Newhaven 17lb.9oz Pollock Heaviest most fish and most species!!!
Ian Wade

Live from the Varne Bank ( 2 June)
Just had this email in from Terry from the Varne Bank...
"Hi tony  Just a quick pic before the next drift some nice bass between 2 and 5 lb will 
send more later, regards terry

Good hit on the bass ( 30 May) 
Doug Martin a Dymchurch member had a rewarding trip out from Dover...
"Hi Tony,
Today Tommy Ashford, Maisie A and me went out of Dover on my boat to play on the 
wrecks, the weather was not as forecast which made it interesting but we had a 
cracking day with all of us catching plenty of bass up to 5lbs (a PB for Maisie) 
most of which went back to fight another day. Heres  a couple of photos of some 
of the "keepers". Regards, Doug"

Whats being caught down the road ( 28 May)
Here is a report from Terry fishing down at sunny Dymchurch...
"Hi Tony 
Was out in the boat over by the Martello tower nr Dymchurch, had a few Dab’s, medium size place and a fair few dogs. Regards Terry Price
Yep about 'par' for the course, plenty of good fishing close in...and it saves on petrol.

What a load of Pollacks ( 26 May)
Not only did Ant have a nice ling today, his crew filled 'their boots' with some cracking does make you a bit jealous!

It's been a bit quiet ( 26 May)
I have had few reports from the boats, so we can assume the fishing has slowed down a bit (unless you know different), so I thought I would put up a photo of this ling caught today by Anthony (my son) on his 'charter boat Pegganni' out of Newquay...I know its not local, but 'hey' it's a nice fish
caught on his 6lb class 'ugly stick'!

After the bad weather ( 17 May)
Jerry ( Fairchance) got afloat today...and what a day it was...brilliant, here is Jerry's report...

"Hi Tony 
Had 'The Folkestone four' aboard today. Managed to net 62 cods from 3 - 10lb, plus 2 nice Bass for little John. Regards Jerry"

Spot on ( 9 May)
Here is a report from Paul down at sunny Dymchurch...
Hi Tony 
Just a sample of fish caught Sunday by Sid and Andrew on some mid channel lump or other, best 2lb 10oz.
Goes to show what can be done without 14 stone of unsightly ballast in the boat......
...Well cracking fish, what a cracking day.

Rhubarb & Custard...The Cods Crumble ( 6 May)
Here is report from Cliff, another great day out on 'Fairchance' last Saturday...
"Hi Tony, Jerry Rang to say you were’nt able to download the pics I left you sat, so I have included them as an attachment. 
We had a rough day weather wise and a little rocky but the fishing was good, we had 41 cods up to about 7 pound, crew were myself Cliff, Bob the bank and the Doc the 4th member malc not in pics was so worn out he had 40 winks, Bob say’s the Title should be................... Rhubarb & Custard... THE Cods Crumble!!     as they were all caught on Rhubarb sidewinders. Few pics of my catch. Many tanks Cliff Hamblin"

Another good day for 'Fairchance' ( 4 May)
Jerry had a brilliant day yesterday...

"Hi Tony 
Fair Chance finds them today!  Derby duo and cousin Rupert on board today , with  a fine catch of 55 cods, average 3-7lb. A few pics of the crew in action and part of the catch in the cold box. Cheers Jerry"

What gorgeous weather...

Place to be...( 23 April)
More news from sunny Dymchurch...
"Hi Tony, Ian and me went out on Sunday along with 9 other Dymchurch boats, all boats reported good catches, we had 10 keepers up to 2.5lbs including theses two,
and the weather was spot on as well.

Its getting better ( 23 April)
Last weekend 'kick started' the boats...a rise in is a report from Doug down at sunny Dymchurch.

Hi Tony,
Ian and me went out on Sunday along with 9 other Dymchurch boats, all boats 
reported good catches, we had 10 keepers up to 2.5lbs including theses two, and the weather was spot on as well. last some good news ( 22 April)
After a horrendous period of bad weather and poor fishing we have some good news from Jerry Oiller out in 'Fairchance'...

Hi Tony...Cods on  rods;     
A few pics of the 45 cod haul we had today, all in 3 to 7lb range. Warren Knapp in action and Lewis with best fish, plus part of the catch. 
Caught on side winders. regards. Jerry O.

More Pollack ( 21 March)
Simon Newman ( Castaways B&B) got out yesterday with Jerry O) had a few pollack and plaice, best pollack caught by Bob Belcher 7.5lb.

Wrecked again ( 18 March)
Summers coming here is another report from Jerry...

"Hi  Tony 
Monday 18th;     North Kent  Duo,out today . Drifted a couple of wrecks, managed 10 pollock and 8 cod, all the fish were in the 3 to 6lb range. 
Regards   Jerry. O.
Well done Jerry for taking advantage of the calm-ish conditions to have a go at the wrecks today.

Another beauty ( 14 March)
I had an email from Jerry (Fairchance) one of his regulars had this beauty, calm but cold brilliant...

"Hi Tony
there is still some good ones out there, as Phil Taylor from North Kent found out today,this hit the scales at just over 30 lb. the rest of the day was quiet ,with only  1 other cod being caught . 
regards  jerry. O."

A very fit fish ( 9 March)
I had this report in today from Trevor Bunny skipper of Elizabeth Jane one of our beach launching charter boats at Dungeness, he reported this fit looking cod caught today...

"hi tony,Martin Tuffs from Ashford,Kent with a nice 16lber caught uptide on lug and squid,he also had an 8lb thornback ray earlier in the day on whole squid uptide...........regards trevor"

It has been quiet ( 8 March)
Nick Burton took pity on me with so few could be something to do with the weather...north easterly winds?

Here is a nice 'double' thornback taken recently!

A few boats are going afloat tomorrow lets see what happens?

Early spring ( 15 February)
Nick (no fear) Burton had a trip out today to Kerton Road in his boat 'Kracken' launching from the Varne Boat Club...beautiful spring like weather.
besides this nice 14lb cod Nick had some 'chunky' thornback's around 10lb!...lets enjoy the early spring week it could be snowing?

At last...(14 February)
 What with the freezing weather, strong winds, at last some good news from 'FAIRCHANCE'...
Here is Jerry's report...

Hi Tony Bisley  old boys  braved the cold weather today, Lucky Eddy turned up  trumps  with this 22lber,  6 others also caught all around 3 or 4 lb.          

Regards  jerry . O.

Plenty of codling about, Ryan Elvey (out from the Varne Boat Club) caught eight last Saturday.

Still about ( 27 January)
Beautiful fish come back from it the first of many?
Here is a report from Carl Pashley...
"Hi Tony, 
Managed to get afloat today with Johnny Whenday on The Sea Jewell. Just myself and Thomas this time. Had 7 cod altogether, mostly small ones, but did manage this one which weighed 20lb 10oz when weighed on the beach. 
Best regards, Carl.

Plenty of small cod ( 18 January)
Reports from the boats at Kerton Road yesterday (flat calm and sunny!) are plenty of small codling between 2 to 4lb with a few bigger fish around 8 to 10lb, once this bad weather has gone through, lets see what happens.
Personal best ( 7 January)
What a lovely looking cod...

"hi tony, a personal best cod for Essex angler paul gonzalez from canvey island,this 26lber came uptiding on a big squid bait..regards trevor"

It's a numbers game ( 6 January)
Just had an email from John Ruffhead (Commodore of the Varne Boat Club) concerning a great day out today...

"Hi Tony
Rusty Carter and I had 17 cod to 10lb today on Predator. We launched in the dark 
at 05.30 and returned to the Varne Boat Club at 15.45. It was a long foggy day 
but the fishing was good.
It looks promising for our Bring Your Own Boat Cod Open competition next Sunday 
.Cheers John"
Lets hope the weather gods are smiling on us...

Plenty more fish in the sea ( 6 January)
Here is a report from Derek Cripps of Dymchurch club...


"Still good fish out there!! 
Tony Deans went 34lb dead and Ray Lillys was 33lb 14oz. 
Regards Derek"

What a superb brace of fish!

Another pleased customer ( 5 January)
Here is a report from Karl Pashley...another pleased customer on Sea Jewel... 

"Hi Tony, 
Had another good trip yesterday with Johnny Whenday on the Sea Jewell. Myself, son Thomas and brother Sean had 12 cod and one skate. My brother had the best two – a nice brace including a 21lb 8oz and a 18lb 8oz. My son Thomas upped his personal best to 15lb 4oz and also had his first skate. Unfortunately Thomas lost an unseen monster very close to the boat, but there’s always another day! 

Here's a happy man ( 4 January)
A lovely January cod had today here's the report from Trevor...

"hi tony,Andy Burgess from Folkestone with a fine cod of 27lbs,caught downtide on Elizabeth Jane today,the fish took a squid bait,long may this fine weather continue!............regards trevor"

More on the BIG one!!! ( 4 January)
Here is an updated report from the Dymchurch club site I think by Dave Knight...

"Richard and David Simes went afloat today aboard "Nessun Dorma" for a days coding off Kerton Road. It was a day that they will probably remember for the rest of their lives. David landed a massive Cod weighing in at an impressive 40lb 14oz.
David fought the cod for 30 minutes before he was able to bring it alongside the boat.Job done under normal circumstances but not with this specimen. It was too large to fit in the landing net so they both had to lean over the gunwale and hand gill the fish to drag it on board. A fantastic team effort and congratulations to David for landing a superb fish.

The BIG one!!! ( 3 January)
It had to happen, at last somebody broke the 40lb barrier this winter...and the honour fell to a Dymchurch boat, here is the report from Doug Martin...

"Hi Tony, 
Richard and David Symes went out from Dymchurch today on their boat Nessundorma and David hooked into a 40lb 14oz cod while his dad Richard was playing a smaller one to the boat, the fish was weighed on the clubs digital scales back ashore. 

What a fantastic cod
well done David Symes...Tommy Ashford told me it was just lipped hooked...can you imagine if you lost a 'monster' like that at the net...I wouldn't sleep nights!

Copy cat ( 2 January)
I saw last week that Jerry had a few rays, so when I got afloat today (first time since October) besides trying to catch a cod (no luck) I thought I would try a 'bluey' bait on a small 3/0 pennel.
Well I got lucky two thornbacks, the best went 9lb on my scales, also whiting to 2lb on 'bluey'...on squid and lug, dogfish after dogfish... 

Summer come early? ( 28 December)
In spite of the 'breezy' conditions Jerry's customers had a good yesterday...

"Hi Tony

Skates in the Bay

Three Anglers aboard today,netted eight Cod up to  22lb,plus Three  surprise  Thornbacks.

 regards . . .Jerry  O."

Boxing Day bonanza ( 26 December)
After yesterday's force eight this morning dawned flat calm (or nearly) and 'Fairchance' took great advantage of it...

Hi Tony,  Boxing Day Bonanza 
Took advantage of the weather window this morning, pushed afloat at just after six,with a party of three. Managed to boat sixteen Cod ,
9 doubles with the largest a fine 21 lber caught by Shirley Codlin,
some good Whiting also, to 3lb 4oz. Regards  Jerry. O.

Merry Christmas ( 24 December)To all the 'boaters' wishing you all a Merry Christmas, lets see what comes out before we say good bye to 2012...if we can get afloat? 

The best to date ( 21 December)

What a beautiful fish...

Hi Tony 
Three aboard today, Friday 21st.
Rupert,Phil,and John. 8 cod netted. the three best weighed in at,18lb ,20lb and a fine 33lb 2oz for Rupert. .H .arris.
 The best Cod we have landed this year . . ...Jerry. O.

Simon's best to date ( 21 December)

Here is a report from Simon Newman...cracking fish...

"Fished with Trevor Bunney aboard Elizabeth Jane today. we had 10 cod aboard, topped by this new personal best for me at 28lb 6oz. It would have gone 30lb if it had some food in it's stomach......close but no cigar!
That's it for me now until the new year so tight lines and merry Christmas. "

You just don't know what can turn up ( 18 December)

"Sunday 16th  A Stranger in the Bay, hi  Tony,      A  4 man crew on Sunday, managed to boat Eleven Cod to 17 lb, The largest falling to Shirley Codlin, plus a small Haddock for Dan Parham,only the 5th one i have seen aboard in 37 years Chartering. 
       Regards    Jerry.  O.

Better late than never ( 14 December)
Here is a report from Zal at the VBC with his report catching that cracking cod last week...

"Hi Tony,
having been caught up with with life's event in the past couple of  weeks, I've only just had a chance to send you this picture of a cod I've landed the day before the Dymchurch Cod Open ( I was gutted, could have done 
with it a day later) out on Tom James boat over rough ground in the bay.
Fish came over slack in the first half hour, i was convinced it was an other conger, as we were pesterd by them the day before.  Not having scales on the boat it had to wait in the bottom of the bucket 6hours before it weight in 30lb..
Speak later Zal

'Fairchance' cod this season ( 13 December) 
Here is a report from Jerry yesterday the best cod far this season...

"Hi Tony

Birchington Angler  Gary Digery out today, with 2 fine Cod,the biggest being just over 28lb. The best Cod we have landed this winter . . .

 Regards . . .Jerry . .O."

Another great day for 'Fairchance' ( 11 December)
Jerry has been afloat today making the most of the weather window...

"Hi Tony
Fishing  Duo   Rupert  H . .Arris  and  Phil . Cuttle  Edwards, Aboard the Fair Chance today,Tuesday 11th.
Ruperts personal best Cod  25lb  5oz and Phil with a 19lb  cod and 10lb Thornback, 6 cod caught in all.  
      Regards . .Jerry . O."

Essex boys do good ( 9 December)

Here is a report from Jerry...

"Hi  Tony,      A Party of 5 out today , managed to boat 14 Cod, Jim Nash with the Biggest at 26lb 8oz and Tony Cullham with two at 22lb 8oz   Regards      Jerry. O."

Some cracking fish coming aboard 'Fairchance'

Another good day for 'Fairchance' ( 7 December)
Just had a report in from Simon Newman...

"couple of PB cod for 2 anglers aboard Fair Chance yesterday.  Sean Devlin with a 15lber and Phil Hambrook with a nice 22lber, part of a 12 cod haul."

A great day out on Jerry's boat...look at the sea in the looks almost calm?