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Good Sunday ( 6 October)

I had this report in from Anthony (a man of few words) out on Peganina last Sunday...
"Around 20 codling 2 thornys and smooth hound loads of whiting"
Some prefer bass ( 5 October)
I had this report in from Zalan Pasky who scorns the cod chasers at Kerton Road...
"While most people are chasing the cod; - some are having different
Tom and Trevor are head to head in their bass quest of the autumn
with good catches in east bay west bay any bay, who knows...
Reports of some good turbot on the usual spots - and eagerly awaiting 
the arrival of some good tope - they surely cant be far now...
Tight lines!" and running ( 3rd October) 
Anthony had his first charter yesterday having a very 'bumpy' ride up from Cornwall...out from Rye his crew had great weather and whats more some very nice's Anthony's report sent from 'Peganina' this morning...
"17 in total the first photo is the first fish of the season second is the
biggest. First cast today double shot of cod"
Great codding ( 3rd October)

I had this report in from Alex Whittlesea 'aka' Shirley Coddling out with Jerry Oiller on 'Fairchance'...great day and well done Paul Hodges...

"Hi Tony,
Had a day out with Jerry after cods in the bay.
Between Paul, Darren and I we had 28 cods with a best of 17Lbs to Paul, not that it made up for the theft of his rods and reels this morning. Top rod was yours truly
with 17 cods, can't remember the last time I managed that! Regards Shirl"
Robbing Bast**ds ( 3 October)

I saw this on face book from Paul hodges...

"F*****g thieving tw**s, just putting stuff outside ready for being picked up to go out with Jerry Oiller today and someone in the space of 30 seconds has pinched my three boat rods f*****g cu**s....if any one gets to see a fixed spool shimano, tronix pro gold reel and a penn down tide reel with an ugly stick up tide rod and and two down tide rods in the new Romney area please contact me asap"

And if you are not on facebook contact Seagull and I will let Paul know...can you imagine it raring to go...and somebody pinches all your low can you go!!!


Peganina is out chasing the cod on Saturday but has been let down on Sunday...great weather forecast...if anybody is interested in a short notice trip on Sunday...give Anthony a call on 07989778361.
Wrecking on the weekend ( 27 September)
I had this report from Nick (No Fear) Burton this evening...nice picture of Trev with his cod at the VBC..."Hi tony, wreck fishing yesterday I managed to catch a 13 lb cod on one of my big boy lures.we were fishing on a wreck in the east bay"

 Advance notice ( 26 September)
Here is a poster from Glen Hewson of the cod comp at Dover Marina...

Loads of codling ( 26 September)
I had this report from John Whitten out on 'Aristocat' of Dover...
"What an afternoon... Yesterday we caught 20 plus cod, weighting up to 16lbs in 4
hours only on cuttlefish and worm in hythe Bay Area. John Whitten"
Another good day ( 26 September)
I had this report in from Andy down at the Varne Boat Club...more codling on their way in...
"Hi Tony 
Had a nice little trip out from the VBC today & caught a few nice
Cod. Andy Brown"
 Here is the report from 'the man' ( 22 September)
Here is the follow on report from Jerry Oiller...its looking very good...
"Hi Tony 
The Cod have turned up, in numbers. Managed to boat 38 with a 4 man crew,between 3 and 10 lb. And a snap of an Octopus we had on Sunday, along with 45 Plaice.      
Regards.  Jerry. O.

Codling...a sign of whats to come ( 22 September)
I saw this 'post' on facebook from Simon Newman out today with Jerry Oiller of 'Fairchance' fame...
A great but wet day on the fair chance out of dungeness today. We fished inshore for cod and broke jerrys record for codling in September. 38 between 4 of us best going 10lb 9 oz. This winters fishing is looking codtastic!
Wrecking a good time ( 20 September)
Here is a report from Nick (No fear) Burton enjoying the last of the 'wrecking' season... "Hi tony here's the photos of today's catch .all fish we're caught on big boylures .we fished a wreck in the west bay .catch was made up of cod ,pollack,bass, squid "

Getting ready for October...

Exciting news, Anthony is preparing his'Fast Lochin 33' for the passage back to Rye for the winter!

Anthony is currently having a new prop made and is in the process of fitting 'spray chines' which will increase the speed and give the boat a dryer ride.

All day trips are between 7 to 8 hours depending on the tides, longer trips are negotiable.

Anthony is taking bookings for this winter fishing from the 1st of book early to get your place... 
call Anthony on 07989778361,
or Seagull Fishing Tackle on 01797 366837.

Dungeness 'cod fishing' trips: £50 per person
(max 8 on boat), £300 for the boat.

Wrecking trips: £55 per person, £350 for the boat. 
Including long range 'conger' trips (A target species in October & November). 

What the boat provides: Rods, reels, rigs and as much tea & coffee as you can drink. 

What you need to bring: Warm clothes, wet weather gear (you can always take 
them off but you can't put them on) 'welly' boots, food and drink that you require. 
Bring your own bait, can be supplied if required.  

Accommodation: Can be arranged on the marsh, we recommend Castaways B&B, Simon the owner is a very keen angler and his B&B is within 5 minutes drive of Dungeness. So if weather stops play... great beach fishing can still be had.

About the boat (Peganina): She is a fast lochin 33, probably one of the most famous charter hulls ever produced and a very well proven sea boat. Powered by a six cylinder turbocharged ford diesel (270hp) equipped with Furuno fish finder, chart plotter, radar and three icon VHS radio's. Coded through the RYA which allows her to take up to 12 passengers. Other equipment the boat has, microwave, grill and a fully flushing toilet.

What a cracker ( 2 September)
I had this report in from Zalan Pasky of the Varne Boat Club...
"Hi Tony,
its my pleasure to report that one of our finest (and oldest ) guys- 
Les 'the best' Anderson had caught a beautiful place fishing the varne
bank aboard one of our boats jersey lee -clocking in just over 5lb.
Well done for Les, he can happily hang his rods up for good , because it 
is unlikely he would ever top that! (Told you, he is very, very old!)
Yours truly Z"
 It's cod time at the Varne ( 31 August)

VBC Cod Open Sunday 11th October...

Superb bass ( 25 August)
A great catch of late summer bass and a great report from Martin much more fun on light tackle well done...
"Had these two drifting close in off Samphire Hoe on live joey mackerel. Both
doubles of 10 1/4 and 11 1/2. We had eight others between six and nine pound.
All went like stink on light gear" 

Congratulations to 'No fear' ( 23 August)
I had this report in from Zalan Pasky ( chairman of the Varne Boat Club)...
"our own nick the fearless Kraken has celebrated his 50th recently - and
managed to get sneak preview of his highly personalised cake!
we wish him a lot more of the same hes been producing on the fishing 
front lately!" Its looks just like him...including the haircut!
Photos of yesterday ( 20 August)
Here are some photos from Zalan Pasky from the VBC of the Junior day yesterday with the DAA juniors...well done all and special thanks to the VBC members for putting their boats on the water...
"Hi Tony,
please see some pictures attached about the DAA kids fishing at the Varne Boat Club yesterday. Its all went to plan, (apart from could not find any mackerel in the bay at all). They were all fantastic kids, many of them have not been on a boat before. It was our pleasure to make this happen and put smiles on so many faces! Zal"
Great day for the Juniors ( 19 August)
The Varne Boat Club hosted an event today for the Dungeness Angling Association Juniors lovely day...hopefully photos to is a report from Terry on the DAA page...
"Just back from junior section boat trip at Varne boat club .
The Varne boat owners gave the juniors a brilliant boat fishing trip shame the fish didn't come out to play. Thank you to those who gave their time to help and big thank you to the Varne boat owners."

Dover's gone a bit flat? ( 17 August)
Dover Boat Angling is a report from 'Smithy'...
"Hi Tony
Quick report from DBAC we had our heaviest turbot and plaice competition today sunday 16th August, weather looking good and with 37 anglers ( men and ladies ) competing for a total prize fund of £740.00 the competition was only going to be hard one to win.With many turbot and plaice being caught by all, the wining Turbot and first prize £370.00 went to none other than Rob the Radish fishing from his own boat BLUEWATER with a fine 4.6lb Turbot, big congratulation to rob top class fishing mate. Second prize heaviest plaice went to Richard Righton fishing on his boat ILLUSION with a 3.11lb specimen well done Richard top angling mate.

I would like to say a big well done to young Maisie Ashford fishing on her dads boat Siruis finishing top rod with a lovely turbot and showing her dad how its done and her uncle and not forgetting her granddad as well top class well done Maisie. Just to finish £110.00 was donated to the RNLI What a great day had by all and remember every one is welcome. Best Regards Smithy."

Autumn bass come early ( 17 August)
I had this report in from Ernest Gavrilovas...
"Fished on our secret wreck near Bullock Bank. Same as the last year, before the
winter it's getting packed up with fatty bass - between three of us had 19 of
them - biggest around 6.5 pounds. Also had some cod, pollock, mackerel, herring,
quite few plaice and smooth hound that fell on mackerel
feathers. Regards, Ernest"

VBC on holiday in Newquay ( 11 August)
I had this report in from Zalan Pasky chairman of the Varne Boat Club out for the day on Peganina...
"Hi Tony,
last week while we were staying in Cornwall we  were lucky enough to
enjoy the famous 'hills' hospitality' aboard Peganina in newquay.
Anthony was an absolute star looking after us (5 adults, 5 kids and a 
dog!) an putting us onto fish straight away ;- we've all had a very good
time. Best Zal"

Giant Gurnard ( 10 August)
It looks like Dave Catt has caught 'giant finger' decease...
Here is a report from Nick Burton...
"4 1/2lb gurnard caught Sunday"
 Great day - great picture ( 2 August)
Thanks to Nick Burton for a great picture yesterday...of Trev on V61 out of the Varne Boat Club...those codling are getting bigger!!...roll on October!
Beautiful bass ( 2 August)
I had this report from Glen Hewson who had a fantastic day yesterday...with the shortage of quality bass this season all the better...
"Had a good days fishing today out of Dover on a friends boat had around 15 bass between 5-9lb on kept these two the rest went back" 

The 'SS' strike again ( 27 July)
Yes that local fishing hero Steve Savage has proved his worth yet again...being the local greengrocer, he usually gets the weight right...hear is a report from Nick Burton....
"Hi tony ,Steve savage strikes again!!!!!.we noticed a little weather window
Sunday morning .8lb bass put up a good fight in challenging conditions .it liked
Steve's mackerel patterned big boy lure . Steve, was fishing aboard 'Kraken',
skippered by 'no fear' Nick fishing out of the Varne boat club"
....challenging my book that means 'can't stand up rough'.

Back to work ( 23 July)
I 'pinched' this report from Simon Newman's facebook page, he got out today with Jerry Oiller who has just finished his annual refit ( ready for a 'stiff' winter)...there are some 'cracking' fish out there...
"A nice day out on the Fair chance from Dungeness today. We kept 23 plaice over a pound, best going about 3 lb, plus 3 turbot and one usual catch for our patch. A brill. Just on our way to shore to be shortly followed by the pilot."

'Fairchance'...the plaice to be ( 11 July)
Here is a report from Cliff out with Jerry Oiller on 'Fairchance' in glorious weather...
"Hi Tony
           Had to leave early Friday morning Because of operation STACK ( Sacre Bleu !!!!) on a lovely July morning with a good forecast.Sea was not as calm as we expected as we had a couple of hours out to the bullock , plenty of time to make up a few plaice rigs the beads were every where!! Took a while to get the right drift we seemed to be going across the bank instead of along it. But we new the Master would master it and sure enough the fish started to climb aboard.
           Fantastic weather and a total of 47 plaice were caught largest being around 2.5 pounds. One small Turbot a few dabs several gurnards and a few weavers. Docky got the winning Plaice in the last 5 minutes before the homeward trip, Bob the Bank and Pete the Meat shared the spoils which were spread around quite evenly. I took a bag full of mackerel in between times for the Barby Saturday.
           Strange there was not another boat in sight on such a lovely day, added a few pics for your site, Regards Cliff Hamblin"
Smooth day at Dover ( 7 July)
I had this cracking report from Terry Ashford...

Hi Tony dover boat club held its first heaviest fish competition today sunday 5th july with 19 anglers competing for a first prize of £190.00 Total prize money of £380.00 it was hard going, rain lightning and thunder in the morning not the conditions for the light hearted.
 First prize £190.00 going to Ben Righton with a stunning Smooth hound of 08.13lb
Second prize £110.00 to Jason Righton with another lovely smooth hound of 07.01lb
Both fishing on there own boat ILLUSION with both hounds returned alive after being weighed in Dover marina, great fishing guys and a fantastic job keeping them alive well done.
Also £80.00 was donated to the RNLI  Big thank you to every one competing, Next competition heaviest Turbot early August date to be confirmed.  Best Regards  Smithy. 

Nice flattie ( 5 July)
I had this report in from Jamie Pantrey...
"Hi Tony hope your well pulled in this 2 and half pound place today off Dover bit ruff out there. Loads of big mackerel and the odd bass and dog fish."

Postcard from Newquay ( 4 July)
The charter boat 'Peganina' on her summer holidays..."Last night evening trip lovely pollack on the inside ground"
with Anthony filleting the fish...all part of the service...
Mackerel are about ( 1 July)
In my quest for information concerning mackerel I had this report in from Steve Blattman...
Caught a handful off Camber in a boat, not big but they're
about. Cheers, Steve"
Another big bass ( 30 June)
This report from came from Glen Hewson via facebook...which I'm still trying to master...
"Hi there fished a mark off of Dover had this bass on a mackerel just made double figures . Caught on slack tide . I reeled bait up to check as thought was gone and once on surface I see the bass behind . So I dropped bait 25 meters back to bottom . The bass put up spines and open gills and swam full speed after it . Once bait on the bottom 2 seconds later it was on . One really mad and exiting experience "
Out from the VBC ( 30 June)
I had this email from Zalan Pasky...more good plaice...
"Hi Tony,
have retuned the favour and welcomed my dear friend Tom aboard for a
trip to the Ridge this morning.
We have found some nice place up to three
pound - heres a picture of Tom 
with one of the
keepers. Yours Zal"
Out on the Bullock ( 30 June)
I had this email from Ernestas Gavrilovas fishing out of Rye...
"Hi Tony,
Went to Bullock Bank again. This time usual wrecks seemed to be
occupied by shoals of mostly small mackerel only. Had four usual size cod, one
pollock, some small gurnard. Curious bass several times were following our baits
on the suffice, but probably they were full up of mackerel and just playing in
the sun.
Also tried to fish over the actual bank - it was completely empty
again. We've seen some nets, but no trawlers this. 
Then we had to go for plan
"C" - secret uneven grounds nearby. The idea was to try some "mackerel snacks" -
if there is loads of them around, somebody on the bottom must be waiting for
some dessert. It worked - in about two hours had around 40 plaice (mostly small,
one sound 3 pounder) and this turbo:"
Don't mention the 'M' word ( 26 June)
Just had this report in from Zalan Pasky down at the VBC...
"Hi Tone,
popped out this morning to catch the last of the calm...
was worth it - steady flow of fish throughout the tide - very enjoyable 
session indeed. Yours Zal
Diner is served ( 25 June)
I had this email from Zalan Pasky...cracking plaice fishing...
"Hi tony,
just had a chance to send you this. we were out on a 'highly secret' bank location (50 41.59N 001 08.83E) on  Tuesday afternoon.
Helped by the neap tide and light breeze, we were fishing in ideal conditions all day. 
Had several fish around the 3lb mark - the best one topped out at 4lb 4oz.
Talk soon, Zal"
Plaice in the rain ( 22 June)
Some lovely fish caught by Simon Newman and friends...
"About 40 keepers from the bullock bank today aboard the fair chance.  Chris and Bob with 4 of the better ones including a couple of crackers over 3 lb"
Plaice galore ( 22 June)
I had this cracking report from Paul Hodges...
"Hi Tony. What a great Day Plaice Fishing. The day began with a very early start at 04:45 as we had to be at the boat for 05:30. Dave turned up and we travelled the short distance to Fair Chance at Dungeness to meet up with Darren and his Dad Vince. It wasn’t long before we were on our way out to the Bullock. We had high hopes as the conditions and tides were perfect for Plaice. We weren’t to be disappointed.
On the way out we decided to try for mackerel, we did this by casting 50 yards in front of the boat and letting it sink as the boat caught up. By doing this on the 1hr 30 minute trip to the Bullock we had enough for bait to start with. On our arrival to the Bullock we had the nod from the skipper and we began to start fishing. I should have got a few more of us all during the day fishing, oh well next time. It wasn’t long before we were into a few fish. The tide was perfect but the way the boat drifted made it difficult but we all managed with only a couple of tangles all day. 

We had a steady stream of fish all day except over slack water when we had no tide or wind to push us along. We had about and hour to an hour and a half like this where we had very few fish. The fishing was good and we only had 5 whiting all day, 2-3 grey and tub Gurnards, 2-3 lesser weavers, Dabs and up to 100 Plaice, by the end of the day we had between 50 and 60 keepers. Oh and I did manage a small Turbot of about 1.5lb. 
It was a thoroughly enjoyable day with good banter and cups of tea all day. Hodgey"
After a bit of a break ( 14 June)
Cracking report from Ernestas Gavrilovas...
"Fished around Bullock Bank today. Unfortunately "well known for everyone wreck"
has produced just few fish. Then we decided to go for plan B and try our own top
secret wreck. Tree of us ended with around 50+ cod, 3 pollock, thorn back ray,
plaice, some mackerel. 
Also we have tried the actual Bullock bank. It was
completely empty - after an hours drifting haven't seen a single bite.
Regards, Ernest Robertas pictured with his 15lb cod"
The girls got the knack ( 8 June)
Great report from Doug Martin on his boat trip out from Dover...
"Hi Tony,
Ian, his daughter Rhiannon and myself went out of Dover yesterday,
we had plaice, dab, bass, gurnard, mackerel, horse mackerel, whiting and
pouting, nothing big, 2-13 plaice and 4lb bass but a cracking day out, Rhiannon
had her first bass on a lure, in fact her first bass, returned to fight another
day. Doug"
Nick's almost smiling ( 8 June)
I had this report in from Steve Savage out with Nick ( No Fear) Burton...
"Hi Tony a 6lb bass caught on a rhubarb and custard sidewinder."
Plenty of plaice ( 31 May)
I had this report from Paul Hodges who had a productive day out with Jerry Oiller on 'Fairchance'...
"Hi Tony  
Fished with Nick, Colin and Dave on Fair Chance yesterday out on the Bullock. Fishing was very challenging as the rough weather the day before had coloured the water and it was a little lumpy but bearable. We managed 38 Plaice between us and a few smaller ones that went back, lots of Whiting still out there. No Mackerel probably due to the water being so coloured, we did have a few Dabs as well. The best two of the day were 3lb 12oz (55cm & 52cm) which I managed to winkle out. On another note the bigger the bling produced the better fish. Regards Hodgey"

 Fun in the sun ( 28 May)
Here is  report from Zalan out from the Varne Boat Club...
"Hi Tony, its been a great to have this weather for the kids for half term - we 
made the most of it this morning and put that lovely 8lb rod i have got from you to the test. Very busy days catching; - the kids were getting fish at the same time 
so.. I was busy with nets and tangles, knots, etc. Stuff memories are made of. Zal"
A 'Kayaking' good time ( 26 May)
I had this report on facebook from Jason Davey...Well done Jason paddling around the west bay...great mixed bag.
 Dover the 'plaice' to be ( 25 May)
Here is a report sent in by Terry Ashford...
"Hi Tony
Dover boat club had their first plaice competition today sunday
24th may with 30 anglers taking part and a prize fund of £600 over 200 plaice
was caught, the wining fish and 1st prize money of £360 was this stunning 5lb
1oz caught by Steve Grundy fishing on Steve Grey boat Agincourt, 2nd prize £120
was won by Jeff Wilton with a lovely 3lb specimen, also £120 was donated to the
RNLI great day had by all. Regards Smithy."
Sign of summer ( 17 May)
I had this email from Trevor Bunny of 'Elizabeth Jayne' a unusual catch on a boat...
"Hi Tony,Essex angler Ray Spring is in on the action again with this superb Dover Sole he caught uptiding on lug today on "Elizabeth Jane",..........Regards Trevor"

Start them young ( 11 May)
I had this report in from Ian Bolton, out with Doug Martin...
"Hi Tony Dougie myself and my daughter [10yrs old first time on a boat] out of dover on doug’s boat Solemates had a fantastic day 12+ codling,mackeral lots of, weavers and whiting. Bonus porpoise swimming with us,Rhiannon had 2 codling first ones ever as was mack and weavers"
I hope Rhiannon had a great day...if she did...hooked for life!

RNLI Dungeness boat jumble ( 11 May)
Here is what Nigel Packer (RNLI) put on facebook...
"Hi Everyone,
I would like to say a big thank you to everyone who donated and helped making this event such a success, the generosity was overwhelming for this great cause.
A special thank you to M & P Marine and Coastal Rides of Dover for their Donations and last but not least Paul Fenech of Sea Angler Magazine for fantastic fishing tackle for us to sell.

I am proud as to announce that £1556.96 was raised in total on the day. for RNLI Dungeness.

We have more great quality items that did not sell yet and we will be selling them at the Open Day on the Sunday the 2nd of August."

and 'team Seagull' was in attendance...

Update from Jerry ( 11 May)
Here is the report from Jerry Oiller (Fairchance) of that stonking catch...

"Hi Tony

Bisley Old Boys join the ton up club, 155 codlin between 3 and 6 lb .pic of Les Arra in action ,and the end result. And a pod of 30 or 40 Dolphins ,thrown in as well. 

Happy Days.   Jerry. O."

Just like mackerel ( 11 May)
I had this report in from Ernst fishing out of Rye harbour...
"Tried some wrecks around Bullock Bank today. They are absolutely packed up with
the fish. Cod was coming in from the first cast - whole day non stop and very
often in "full house". Had filled up all our boxes completely probably in half
an our. After that we were catching them and releasing just for fun.
Also had one bass, gurnard, pollock, plaice and quite few mackerel.
Regards, Ernest"
Stop Press ( 10 May)
Jerry Oiller (of 'Fairchance' fame) has just popped in and told me he has just broken his boat record today...
155 cod!!! between 3 to 5lb...and 6 pollack! Jerry fished a wreck south west of Dungeness...and returned early owing to his crew being exhausted!
On a nature note...Jerry told me he had company...30 to 50 dolphins...summers coming!

The're getting bigger ( 10 May)
I had this report in from Trevor Bunney out on 'Elizabeth Jane'...great to see the cod are getting bigger...
"Hi Tony,a great days fishing for Ray Spring (centre)and friends, the Essex and south London anglers had some nice Cod out on "Elizabeth Jane" with some fish into low double figures............Regards Trevor"
It's a ballan wrasse ( 3 May)
Here is a view from Paul Child concerning the wrasse reported on the 26 April...each case is different if you want to take the fish to eat fine...along as they not wasted...
"Hi Tony although not an expert after 40 years of sea fishing ..the Wrasse on 26th April 2015 boat section of your blog is a Ballan 100% on that. I was catching them 4lb + last summer at  Samphire ho in numbers. Some were dark and olive with orange eyes others were actually bronze /orange spotty sone even darker its got all of te characteristsics of a balln am sure... These I caught all returned of course some say they are a bit bony to eat, but how could you take such a pretty fish !
Regards Paul."

So many cod ( 3 May)
Hear is a great report from great voice...
 "Here a COD there a COD everywhere a COD COD
  Three go mad on FAIRCHANCE
  Ee Ay Ee Ay Oh !!

Hi Tony
After last months Cod fest - would you adam and eve it - lightening does strike twice. Out with Jerry on sat 2nd may still they come.
With Intrepid leader Warren Knapp....who picked us all up, told us what to do, and where to GO!! and caught the lions share of the fish, and a Lovely Bass ( he is probably still filleting now).
The Deadly Doc was on board with the first Bass, but had to be carried home EXHAUSTED the pace was relentless. And yours truly chipped in with some lovely specimens, another fantastic trip.
43 Cod 3 bass and 4 Pollock were caught up to and around 5-6 pounds.
Another great days sport led by the Indefatigable premier skipper The Rt Hon Jerry Oiller FC (Fairchance). When will it end? Have put in a few pics Cheers Cliff Hamblin"
Beautiful bass ( 26 April)
Here is another report from Trevor Bunney of Elizabeth bass so far this spring...unless you know different...
"Hi Tony,Gillingham angler Brian Brister with a superb 8LB 8OZ bass today,his party also had 22 cod and a couple of Pollack,lets hope the good fishing continues..............regards Trevor skipper "ELIZABETH JANE"

Very pretty ( 26 April)
I had this report from Trevor Bunny skipper of Elizabeth Jane...
"Hi Tony,Dartford angler Bob Donnely with a fine 4lb 8oz wrasse he caught along with some nice cod and Pollack,i wonder,could any experts out there identify what type of wrasse this is? ive caught plenty of Ballan Wrasse over the years but they have always been an olive green colour,this one was a lovely orange colour and had blue dots all along its tail fin,any suggestions as to what exact species is most welcome,regards Trevor" Well Trev male ballans when getting ready to spawn can be very varied...but lets see what people think? ( 20 April)
Here is a report from Cliff out on the re-engined 'Fairchance' with Jerry...
"Fantastic Cod Fest Aboard The Flying FAIRCHANCE
High Tony
              A quick report this morning before I set off for work, still Buzzing from Sundays fishing bonanza aboard the TURBO CHARGED FAIRCHANCE----She flies like the wind------.
The Motley crew of --yours truly, Bob the Bank and Pete the meat were kept busy all day from the word go, gilling over a selection of wrecks chosen by the indomitable Jerry Oiler.
A total of 41 Cods up to 7 pound, 2 good size Pollock, a cracking Geurnard  and the first Mackeral of the year. All were caught on a mixture of lures, the regular Rhubarb and Custard but also white , pink, etc , they were ravenous and took everything. The water was crystal clear although a little breezy at times.
A FANTASTIC days fishing what a  SPORT. Have added a couple of pics of the happy trio, and thanks again Jerry for hitting the SPOT.
Regards Cliff Hamblin."
Plenty of flatties ( 19 April)
I had this report in from Antonio...nice to see so many flatties down the coast...
"Hi  Out last week in my rib Around Eastbourne marina Antonio Santos" 
Ice breaker ( 15 April)
Here is a report from Micheal Smith first time out in his Kayak...beautiful day...well done Michael...
"Hello Tony
All went rather well for my first fishing session in the kayak...
As suggested I made my way to the back of the Mulberry Harbour and within ten
minutes of starting fishing, had this small female Thornback which was promptly
returned.. Nothing else at this spot so i moved into slightly deeper water, 
finding another four Thornies the biggest was a male fish around 5lb. Five Dog
fish made up the rest of the entertainment. All the fish fell the Bluey but as
soon as I ran out, the fish stopped and I called it a day.. Michael"

No waste ( 10 April)
Jim Quinn got afloat over Easter and found a little hole of Folkestone full of codling...
Jim ended up with 42 the best weighing 7lb 2oz...they just keep waste, lovely fillets for the freezer...

Seventh  heaven ( 7 April)
Paul Fowler of the VBC had a rare but fun trip out in the sun...
"Hi Tony, great fishing today; thanks for the blueys , they did the trick. Seven nice Thornback Ray."
 Loads more codling ( 6 April)
I had this report Ernestas Gavrilovas who had a great Easter...
"Hired Henk's boat off Rye and did some wrecking with the lures and pirks.
No sings of live on wrecks closer than 15 miles offshore. Water is still to
dirty. Found fish on secret wreck behind Bullock Bank. Ended up with around
25-30 cod up to 6lb and only one 3lb'er pollock. Also had some small mackerel
and herring. Loads of whiting on the sandy bank ledges.
Have a nice Easter!  Ernest"

Update ( 24 March)
I had a further report from Nick ( Summers back 23 March) the bass went 9lb and the best cod went 12lb Nick and Trev had 17 is Nick with one of the catch...what a great day...

Get your skates on ( 23 March) 
I had this report in from Dave...on long term loan to Ramsgate...
"Hi Tony
Took fishtickler for a spin today. Getting her ready for the wrecking season. Couldn't resist uptide herring head skipper would only let me have I hr after the flood. Had 4 doubles and 3 6-7lbers rokers. Cheers Dave Robinson"
Summers back ( 23 March)
I had this report in from Nick (no fear) Burton out today up to the Kerton Road mark in his boat Kraken out from the Varne Boat Club...
"First bass of the season, fishing on Kraken" 
...not a bad cod either Trev...lovely fish!...when I get the weights I will put them up!

Loads of codling ( 21 March)
I had this report in from Jerry Oiller of 'Fairchance' fame...
"Hi Tony
Resident ,crew member from The Ramsgate based Fish Tickler Three, Dave Boy Robinson, on board today, Friday. managed to boat 17 Codling ,in the 3 to 5lb range and 1 Thornback..  Regards  Jerry . O."

Very tasty ( 13 March)
I had this email from Andy fishing inshore at Kerton Road...
"Hi Tony 
Thanks for the bait Wednesday Morning, we had a very nice 4 hours afloat from VBC, We caught  7 nice codling all  around 5LB. Regards Andy & Kevin Brown"

What a fantastic finish ( 12 March)
I had a report from Jim Quinn who popped in today...
He was fishing Kerton Road (on the top of the bank) last Sunday...launching from Dymchurch Jim and his friend Pawel had three cod of 22lb 8oz, 15lb 8oz and one of of the best sessions of the winter...what is fantastic about this catch is that these fish have spawned and returned to the shore...who knows what could happen next!

Windy but worth it ( 10 March)
Here is a report from Cliff out with Jerry Oiller on 'Fairchance'...
"Hi Tony
           Was due to go out with Jerry on 28 feb but was cancelled due to High Winds, then he offered us a cancellation on Sunday so we took it, having watched your site and saw that there are still Cod about. the WE being Pete Foster, Mike Dougherty, Malcolm Seldon and myself. It was a sensible start time 9.00 on the beach, I do believe Pete and Malc visited your shop that morning for some Cuttle. It was a lovely day though still quite windy. The fish were biting most of the day and not a whiting in site. Between us we had 14 Codling the best being around 5 pound and 3 skate the best as shown around 9 or 10 pound.  The skate was caught on frozen lug with a nice length of squid trailing and my Cod were caught with lug and cuttle combinations, couple of pics included of yours truly and Thanks to Jerry for squeezing us in. He dont make a bad cup of tea either, just needs a few new MUGS.
   Thanks Cliff Hamblin."

Holding up well ( 9 March)
I had this report in from Trevor Bunney of 'Elizabeth Jane' fishing off Dungeness...
"Hi Tony, Folkestone angler Andy Burgess with a nice 9LB cod taken downtide on lug and Sittingbourne angler Matt Butler with a superb channel whiting of 3LBS caught uptiding,there is still a few codling around and the chance of the odd better fish,they are holding on well,long may the decent codlings continue to show............Regards Trevor " ( 4 March)
The weather this Sunday is looking good...10 degrees! Anthony on 'Peganina' has some spare him on 07989778361.

Cracking codling ( 28 February)
I had this report in today from Jerry Oiller out yesterday on 'Fairchance'...
"Hi Tony
Simon Putman and Pals out today, a beautiful day nice ebb tide,and plenty of Codling 27 in all. Regards   Jerry. O."

A tough day ( 22 February)
Anthony took a party from 'Paul's Tackle' in Hastings afloat today on Peganina...with a challenging forecast Anthony decided to keep inshore to investigate the fishing in the bay to see if he could find an early plaice...and Paul got lucky with this nice plaice...

Codling heaven ( 18 February)
I had this report from Jerry Oiller of 'Fairchance' fame...
"Hi Tony
only two in crew today, Bob and Chris from Essex,managed to Boat 43 Codling ,kept 32 in the two to four and half LB range. A Beautiful day and plenty of fish. 
Regards  Jerry. O."

It all went a bit flat ( 18 February)
Cracking was a bit slow but here is Joe Loftus with some nice flatties...

Heading out today ( 18 February)
Anthony heading out today in 'Peganina' towards Dungeness...what a beautiful doesn't get much better than this!

Cracking day ( 15 February)
Peganina got out today in glorious was tough going with the odd codling but Dominic O'Connell picked up this superb skate of 9.5lb...
If you are interested Anthony has spare places for Wednesday!

Spare places this weekend ( 9 February)
You can take advantage of the light winds to chase a few cod and thornbacks.
If you are interested call Anthony on 07989778361.

And it snowed ( 1 February)
Nick and friends heading out of Rye for Dungeness with Anthony on Peganina they had a good day...over twenty five codling...cold hence defrosting the lug on the cooker...and yes it snowed!
Get your skates on ( 31 January)
Nick Burton popped in this afternoon and told me about the thornback he had last week...nice's the has been great for rays so far...

Dawn patrol ( 31 January)
Jerry Oiller sent in this report from 'Fairchance' must have been cold...
"Hi Tony
Grant Bullock and friends out early this morning,with a good catch of Codling 32 in total.   Regards Jerry. O.

School is out ( 25 January)
Anthony sent me this photo of some of the fish caught on 'Peganina' today...the class of 2015, its great to see so many codling about...and they keep coming...

Loads of codling...great day ( 25 January)
Here is a report from Chris Hamblin...great day out on 'Fairchance'...
"Last Tangle in Dungeness !!!!!! 
Hi Tony following my morning visit to Seagull Tackle on that beautiful Saturday morning last week as promised I have included a few pics, some are not the best Quality but that is what happens when you give the camera to a BANKER !!!!!. As you can see by the Title (probably wont make a BBC series) at the end of  a good days fishing the inevitable tangle occurred. But in his defence 10 Bob Cod (not 2/- or to the younger generation two bob) was  by far the best Codder of the day. Not much tide all day and after a slow start fish were regularly hauled aboard the rest of the day. The best of the day went to Bob the Banker about 4-5 pounds ( only just though after a disputed weigh in) the rest of the catch shared between myself,  Pete the Meat ,and Malc (given up smoking ) Seldon . Most were caught uptide on Lug, but the downtiders also had success with cuttle , squid and lug cocktail, ending with a 23 cod haul.
             The wind was keen but the sunglasses were on, and despite the forecast it was a lovely days fishing, and we came in to a beautiful evening with the moon out as you can see.Thanks to Jerry and look forward to february. Cliff Hamblin"

Spare places this weekend ( 20 January)
Anthony has some spare places on Peganina this weekend, give him a call on 07989778361. 

Get your skates on ( 20 January)
Andy out on Peganina had this nice 10lb skate yesterday...

Good weekend ( 18 January)
Anthony's crews on 'Peganina' had a good weekend, plenty of codling, oodles of thornbacks and mega whiting...

Great start to the year ( 1 January)
I had this report in from Jerry Oiller of 'Fairchance" who got out in challenging conditions to start the year...
Hi Tony "Happy New Year" to you. 
New Years Day.   Darren Brooks with a Fat 16 Lb 12 oz Cod. and Shirley Cuddling with a 12 lber, 5 or 6 smaller codling were caught as well,around the 3lb mark. 
Regards  Jerry .O.

Hello 2015 ( 31 December)
Wishing you all a great new year...this could be the best cod year in living's hoping!

Plenty of codling ( 30 December)
Despite the small tide...Anthony had plenty of codling on 'Paganina' (15) yesterday and some nice thornbacks...

The odd teenager ( 29 December)
I had this email from Rupert Harris who found the odd teenager cod along with the codling...
"Hi Tony,
The North Kent “Trio”, Rupert, Phil (and Nathan) were out today on the Fair Chance and managed 18 cods and a thornback which, with Jerry’s additional 5, meant 23 for the day.  Most were 2-4lb codling although some went bigger, up to 16 1/4lbs.  A chilly but most enjoyable day.  Picture of the biggest 2 attached.  Regards, Rupert H."

 Carp anglers try codding ( 28 December)
Anthony took Darren's gang of carp anglers afloat today in challenging conditions for a taste of codding...result over thirty codling...not big but they'll be tasty! 

Spare places ( 28 December)
Anthony just called from 'Peganina' and told me he has a couple of spare places tomorrow and some more from Wednesday, if you fancy a trip call Anthony on 07989778361 
Boxing day ( 27 December)
Here is a report from Zalan down at the Varne Boat Club...
  first of all, Happy Christmas from all of us at the Varne Boat Club!
we managed to get away for a few hours on boxing day to try out luck out 
there, had some codling (best around 8lb) and some very good fighting 
skate as well. All but one cod  returned to fight an other day.
.... looks more like a 80lb cod than 8lb
but I know you have long arms Zal...
Seasons Greetings to the VBC

Christmas day ( 26 December)
I got out for a few hours on Anthony's boat (my Christmas present) in Rye bay towards 'Beachy Head' a bit slow only whiting and dogfish...but what a lovely day...

Nice plump cod ( 26 December) 
I had this report in from Jerry Oiller ( of 'Fairchance' fame)...

"Hi Tony

Christmas came early for North Kent Angler,

Phil Edwards, with this fat 21lber ,fishing

partner Garry Diggery managed a 10 lb fish

plus 5 codling.   Regards   Jerry   O.

Wishing you all a Merry Christmas ( 24 December)
I hope you all have a good day tomorrow...I'm going fishing!! Back in the shop on boxing day!

Boxing day bash ( 23 December)
Just checked the weather...and we have a 'window' for boxing day!
If you want to go afloat on 'Paganina'...10.30 Anthony on 07989778361

Christmas Special ( 19 December)
Anthony has spare places on 'Peganina' Christmas Eve...interested on celebrating Anthony on...07989778361.

Tickling a cod ( 17 December)
I had this report in today from Andy Cameron, visiting from Ramsgate...
"Hi Tony,
We had a run down to the "ness" on Saturday on Fishtickler3 and I was lucky enough to bag me this 12 pound Cod. Other than that decent fish we only managed a few codling. Cheers Andy.

Nice cod ( 16 December)
Dave Wilkins out with Anthony today on Peganina fished hard...Anthony ranged far and wide to find a cod and it payed off for Dave with this 10lb beauty...

Anthony told me he has some spare spaces...for Saturday/Sunday also next Tuesday and 
Wednesday if your'e interested call 07989778361.

Not big but beautiful ( 15 December)
I had this email from Paul Hodges out with Jerry Oiller in 'Fairchance' on Sunday (yesterday...
"Hi Tony 
Not a prolific Days fishing with lots of small Codling being landed and the biggest one of 8lb to Simon Newman. In total Dave had 7, I had 5 and Simon had 4. As I say most were between 3lb and 5lb. The favoured bait was Cuttlefish and worm cocktails.  
Regards Paul"

Magic Monday ( 14 December)
Anthony has some spare places for tomorrow...bit of a weather window...kick off 7.30...Call Anthony on 07989778361.

Totally Awesome Fishing video ( 5 December)

Graeme Pullen fishing last summer on peganina...
***LATEST VIDEO!*** Here is this weeks episode of The Totally Awesome Fishing Show. In this episode Graeme heads down to Newquay to fish with Anthony Hills, skipper of "Peganina". Anthony gives you a breakdown of the gear he uses and the lads enjoy some sea fishing in some pretty windy conditions!

Nice brace ( 5 December)
Out today David on 'Peganina' with a nice more conger...
A nice day for a quick trip ( 4 December)
Yes cold but calm...
"Hired Henk's boat from Rye again and decided to test Bullock Bank for a last 
time this year. Fishing wasn't very active, but took home quite big mixed bag - 
4 bass, some nice gurnard, cod, jumbo mackerel. Surprise of the day was 3 
pounder bream. Regards, Ernest"
Nice surprise ( 4 December)
Peganina out today had a nice surprise for 'Minty' a 18.5lb conger eel...great fun on lighter gear.
A couple of spare places this Sunday call Anthony on 07989778361.

West bay cod ( 30 November)
Anthony took 'Peganina off the point west bay side to find some bigger cod today...young Luke and Steve had some 10 nice fish to over 8lb 8oz.

Dungeness cod fishing ( 28 November)
Here is a report from Matt of 'cokerseafishingcharters' out on Portia...
"Hello Tony here are a couple of pictures from the portia from dover, fishing off dungeness on Wednesday. 14 cod in total, caught by the "Japanese cod whisperer" (brace) and some English bloke. 14 cod caught in total.
Thank you and a good site Matt Coker"

Nice fish ( 27 November)
Here is a report from Zalan who got out yesterday at the Varne Boat Club...
"Hi Tony
Was out with the famous nick of kraken.
Fierce tides, but had a few good ones.
Here's a PIC of the best one.. Zal"

Tough going ( 26 November)
Calm sea with clear water...this is Keith with the best of five fish today on Peganina...

Fair Chance finds a few!! ( 24 November)
Talk about fill your boots...they had 7 cod before we got there!...

"Hi Tony     Part of the 27 cod haul we landed today. The best cod of 18lb falling to Bob Harris from Suffolk.  
Oh and we came across these Poachers,in the East Bay

  Regards  Jerry  O."

Beautiful day ( 24 November)
I had a day out with Martin Salter ( of the Angling Trust) and Anthony on Peganina...beautiful weather...loads of bites, Martin's first time out had a codling, I had a couple and lost some...very finicky bites, bait a lugworm, cuttle and squid coctail worked for best fish a cod of 15lb...

Plenty of codling ( 23 November)
Anthony had a good yesterday...not big fish...but plenty of bites for the catch of codling 11 to around 5lb.

The 3rd twenty this week ( 20 November)
Anthony out on 'Peganina' had a five man crew on board today...caught a few codling and then last drop as the tide of the crew Dave Varivas had this superbly conditioned 21lb+ cod...the third twenty+ reported to me this week (so far)...
The best so far! ( 19 November)
I had this report in today from Steve Savage...
"Hi Tony, Nick and myself had a few hours afloat today and managed to find ten cod with the biggest at 22lb 8oz." By the big smile on your face Steve I guess you were the lucky boy!...

Great day out with Jerry ( 17 November)
Here is a great report from Cliff Hamblin...
"Hi Tony
           I gratefully accepted an invitation to fish with seasoned CODDERS Warren Knapp and the Doc as well as an old friend Steve Perry, skippered by the Legend known to many as Jerry Oiler aboard Fair Chance. With a lack of tide, and little wind it was a slow start to the day, but a few codling were landed to mixtures of cuttle, squid & lug.
Things gradually started to liven up as boats from Dover and Rye arrived. In total 19 cod were landed from 3 pound upwards, best of which being the successful OPERATON of landing a very nice 14 pounder by the DOC!  Several were dropped along the way the best being the last, which would have made it a nice SCORE.
      Heres a couple of Pics of the Motley Crew, cheers Jerry. Thanks Cliff

A pre-dawn patrol pays off ( 17 November)
Zalan Pasky launching from the Varne Boat Club had a 'red letter' day getting afloat before 5am. fishing at 'Kerton road' he had a great catch the best a near 22lb followed by an I always say 'you got to be in it to win it' well done Zalan...dead tides...clearing just never know!

A nice fish ( 17 November)
Afloat on Peganina today, Colin Owen out with Anthony had this nice 8lb cod the best of three today...If you want Anthony to contact you on short notice spare places send me your email address.

Peganina out today ( 15 November)
Anthony got afloat today with a depleted crew, best cod 9.5lb.

Spare spaces for tomorrow ( 14 November)
Anthony still has three spare spaces for tomorrow on Peganina...and the weather is fine!

Call Anthony on 07989778361.

Dymchurch Cod Open ( 12 November)
I had this email from Doug Martin calling all boat fishermen...
"Hi Tony could you please post details of our forthcoming Cod Open Competition, as follows:-

DDSAC Cod Open Comp Details:
Sunday 23rd November 2014
Fishing times: 08:00 to 14:45 (inside the yellow buoys)
Last book in 07:15, club house will be open from 06:00 with breakfast and hot drinks.
Entrance is £20 per boat, min 2 anglers and max 4 per boat max 12 rods
Prize structure is 100% payout, biggest fish taking first prize, followed by second, third etc (final placings to be decided and announced on the day) only bring your biggest cod to the scales.
Pool is £5 per head for the biggest whiting, 50% payout for the biggest fish with the remainder to go to the RNLI Tony at Seagull Fishing Tackle has kindly agreed to sponsor the pool with a donation of a rod and reel.
Anyone wishing to take part either let Tony in the shop know or email me your details at
For those who are not sure where we are Google TN29 0NL"

Another good cod ( 5 November)
I had this report from Jerry Oiller of 'Fairchance'...yes it has been a bit slow on the boats...but the beach is coming along nicely...
Hi Tony
the cod fishing has been a bit slow as yet this season,  but heres a couple of pics. Dave Robinson with a 9 lber and Medway angler Nigel Loft with a 18lb 12oz one caught today. regards  Jerry. O.

A very nice fish ( 1 November)
Here is a report from Trevor Bunny of 'Elizabeth Jane'...
"Hi Tony,I thought it was about time the skipper showed the boys how it was done,first cast today a nice 17.5 LB cod for yours truly!...This fish was taken uptide on a big squid bait,hope we keep them coming.....Regards Trevor"
Out today ( 1 November)
Here is a report from Trevor of Elizabeth Jane fame...
"Hi Tony,Dave from Dartford with a 5lb skate and a12lb cod both taken on squid downtide.......Regards Trevor"
A great finish to the month ( 30 October)
Just had this report from Jerry Oiller out today, lovely weather, cracking fish...
"Hi Tony
Best day so far, aboard the 'Fair Chance' North Kent Duo . Phil Edwards  and Rupert Harris ,plus the Derby two managed to land 16 Cod .The best of 16lb caught by Phil Edwards. Regards Jerry . O."
Yesterday down at the Varne Boat Club ( 30 October)
I had this email in from Mike...
"Hi Tony 
A new Island has appeared off littlestone beach near the varne boat club , why! could it be due to global warming, an earthquake, or volcano, no its the first load of rocks for the groyne they are building. I think it will look like the one at Hythe and the one at St Mary's Bay.  It could improve the fishing at that spot. What do you think.    
Cheers Mike"

"Hi Tony  The barge that carried the rocks for the new groyne.    Cheers Mike"
I hope they warned the lugworm first!!!

Best so far ( 29 October)
I had this report in from Jerry Oiller of 'Fairchance' with the best fish reported this far...
"Hi Tony
had Canterbury angler  Jimbo  Jones aboard 2day, He managed to land this fine 18 and ahalf  lber. a personal best for him .  Regards    jerry.  O.

Great Sunday at the 'Varne' ( 27 October)
I had this report in from Dave Eveson (VBC Fishing Captain)...
Hi Tony,
I thought I would send you a few pics of yesterdays, Varne Boat Club ,Cod Open competition.
Considering the forecast we had an excellent turn out of 23 boats all trying for the £490 prize fund & the coveted Varne trophy, thanks once again for your donation of the Rod & Reel, that went on to raise £110.00 for the RNLI.

Ron & Dave on Wreck Raider came 3rd with 18lb of Cod.

Steve & Tony on Emma came 2nd with 27 lb of Cod.

Jim & Mark on Seaker II came 1st with 42lb of Cod."
'Peganina' spaces available ( 23 October)
This Saturday we still have some spaces available, launching 9.30 with a good forecast...if you are interested in catching a few cod, call Anthony on 07989778361 

Accident Investigation Report 29/2014 ( 23 October)
This came in via facebook...and could be of interest to boat makes 'chilling' reading...

Report name: Rickmers Dubai/Kingston/Walcon Wizard

Incident date: 
11 January 2014
Merchant vessels
This reports the MAIB's investigation of the collision between the multi-purpose cargo shipRickmers Dubai with the un-manned crane barge Walcon Wizard which was being towed by the tugKingston in the south-west traffic lane of the Dover Strait TSS. The accident occurred as Rickmers Dubai was overtaking the tug and its tow.
Immediately following the collision, the towline caught on Rickmers Dubai and Kingston was towed stern-first through the water until the towline ran free from its tow winch. Walcon Wizard was badly damaged and Rickmers Dubai’s hull was punctured above the waterline. The hydraulic system for the tow winch on board Kingston was also damaged. There were no injuries and there was no pollution.
The report found that:

  • Rickmers Dubai’s OOW was alone on the bridge and he did not see Walcon Wizard. He did not keep a visual lookout or monitor the radar. Instead, he relied solely on AIS information for collision avoidance, which neither Kingston nor Walcon Wizard were transmitting.
  • The OOW was relatively inactive throughout his watch and did not take note of safety broadcasts issued by Dover Coastguard which included information regarding the position and movement of Kingston and its tow.
  • The towline secured to the winch on board Kingston could not be released from the wheelhouse, highlighting ambiguities in the regulatory requirements for the release of towlines.Report No 29/2014 | Published 23 October 2014
Have you got one of these for sale ( 21 October)
I had this email from Kevin...
"Can you help I am looking for Alaska 500 or warrior please 
Thanks Kevin Siggery"
I guess Kevin is thinking of a 'Warrior 165' I think Kevin is based in Essex area...If you can help let me know...their are plenty of cod at Kerton Road!

'Peganina' out this Sunday...depending on the weather.
We have plenty of bookings coming along...but there are a lot are small 'parties' so Anthony was thinking that if you want to send me your email address we will email you the 'spare spaces' on a first come first served basis. email me 

PB for Martin ( 16 October)
I had this email this morning from Martin Swinyard...
"Grabbed a spare space on Fair Chance yesterday thanks to Simon and bagged this a PB at of 10 to the boat, won me a couple of fosters in the Pilot after <(")
 I had 3 in total, dropped 3 others as well due to my impatience/inexperience at this boating lark :-D"
  The fish are getting bigger ( 15 October)
I popped down to the Varne Boat Club yesterday evening to see if the two boats out had caught anything...both boats had, the best fish was a cod of 13lb 8oz caught by Nick (No Fear) Burton. A long lean fish...would push towards twenty by December?
 Going to the 'bank' ( 4 October)
I just had this report from Ernest out of Rye...
"Hired Henk's boat off Rye on Thursday. Fished on Bullock bank. Had a mixed bag 
but nothing big. On the way home decided to try a little wreck few hundred yards 
from the bank. In half an hour ended with 13 bass, 5 cod and some nice gurnard. 
All fish caught on mackerel feathers and mirror pirks. Regards, Ernest"

New Charter Boat ( 2 October)
Good news, my son Anthony has brought his charter boat up from Newquay for the cod season and will be availble for charter at Rye harbour from the 8th of October.
A full days fishing, £50 per person... 

So if you are interested give the shop a call...

Alex in the mist ( 29 September)
I had this report from alex it won't be long now...
"Hi Tony, 
Was out on the boat today (Monday) with Jerry. Had my first go at the 
Cod afloat this season and ended up with 3. Two to black lug and one to Cuttle.
Not huge fish, the best went around 6Lbs. Total for the boat was 5 Cods between 
two of us. Regards Shirley C
Trailer for sale ( 28 September)
I had a customer pop in and tell me he is selling his 'boat' trailer...
De Graaffe 1300k trailer (date of manufacture 2006) only 100 miles from new £800 ono.
contact Mark Hufflett on 07748677833 if interested.

Kerton Road ( 26 September)
I had this report just in from Simon Newman who was out with Jerry Oiller of "Fairchance"
"First trip of the "cod season" to the hallowed ground off Kerton Road.  Only Myself and Jerry aboard and we had 8 codling.  I had 7 to 6lb and Jerry having the one but also the biggest of 7lb.   Looking good for the winter....this is early!"
Places are filling up fast ( 24 September)
Here is the entry form for the VBC cod open contact Dave or pick up a form in the shop or online at the VBC site...
Don't forget to wear your Life jacket at all times ( 22 September)
Hartlepool RNLI volunteer crew members rescue 3 men after fishing boat sinks.
  • Hartlepool RNLI’s volunteer crewmembers were called to rescue 3 fishermen after their boat was swamped by a wave and sank on Sunday 21 September 2014.

  • Both Hartlepool RNLI’s Trent class All-weather lifeboat and their Atlantic 75 inshore lifeboat were in action on Sunday 21 September following a request from HM Humber Coastguard to go to the assistance of a pleasure fishing boat that was sinking with 3 people on board.
The pagers went off at 1.06pm with a report that a 16 foot fishing boat was in trouble and sinking near Longscar Buoy about a mile from the shore. Both Hartlepool RNLI lifeboats were launched and on scene at 1.18pm.

Hartlepool RNLI volunteer Helm, Mark Barker said ‘The fishing boat had been hit by a large wave and was swamped and began to sink. When we arrived on scene all 3 men were in the water with 1 clinging to the buoy. We managed to get 2 of the fishermen onboard the inshore lifeboat and then brought the third man onboard.’

‘They were all very cold and we wrapped them in blankets and gave them oxygen and first aid as we headed back to the lifeboat station. We had initially thought of transferring them to the All-weather lifeboat but the sea was too rough. Two ambulances were waiting to take them to hospital.

Hartlepool Lifeboat Operations Manager said "Thankfully the fishermen had life jackets on and these were 3 lives saved by our volunteer crew members who train regularly to help save lives at sea."

Fill your boots ( 20 September)
or is that boats? I had this report in from Jason Davey this evening...
"Hi Tony a few of us went wrecking on the yaks today in the bay and had a great day ..., For me no ting  but 60 plus pout 40 plus codling to 4 lbish most 1 - 2 lb 1 doggie 1 blenny.....between us probably In excess of 120 codling to 6 lb 1 bass 4 lb 150 plus pout 3 ting 4 doggies 1 dab 1 blenny 4 mackerel not bad for 5 yaks 4-5 hours" 

What a specimen! ( 20 September)
And I don't mean Trevor out of the Varne Boat Club he caught a superb specimen
 'tub gurnard' today over a wreck on a redgill!
The fish weighted in at 3lb 10oz (local specimen 3lb 8oz).
Here is a reminder from the EA ( 15 September)
Clare sent me this to remind all the boat users in the Greatstone area to be aware...


No. 1 of 2014



Kent and South London

COASTAL DEFENCE WORKS AT Greatstone, near Littlestone on Sea Lifeboat Station.

Mariners are advised that work will commence around 29th September 2014 to extend Greatstone outfall and incorporate it within a rock groyne.

Rock will be brought by the 140m barge Stema Barge II to an anchorage off shore.

The rock will be transhipped to the 82m barge Charlie Rock and towed by the handling tug Afon Cefn.  The delivery route from the anchorage to the beach will vary throughout the contract to allow for local weather conditions and location of delivery at the beach

 Rock discharge work is anticipated to finish by the end of October 2014.

Mariners are requested to keep a safe distance from the anchored and delivery vessels, and be aware that there could be obstructions in the vicinity of the beach unloading operations.

 The vessels, barges and tugs will display all lights and marks required by the Collision Regulations, and the handling tugs will maintain a listening watch on VHF channel 16.

For more information contact Claire Ingrey
Tel:  01732 223169       

What a beauty ( 2 September)
I mean the fish not not Mr Burton...
  "Hi Tony, 'No Fear' Nick crept out for a couple of hours and was rewarded with two good bass the biggest shown was 11lb 3oz."
Great photo...Nick is almost smiling...
Big boy Trevor's pollack ( 23 August)
I had this photo sent through from Nick (no fear) Burton...I like the soft focus...
a bit of vaseline on the lens?

Trev's delight...( 21 August)
I had this report in from Steve Savage...
"No fear Nick and cabin boy Trev had a good mornings sport on the inshore wrecks 
catching cod,black bream,bass and pollack."
Nice to see we still have plenty of codling on the inshore wrecks...
Big Bream...( 10 August)
This is the time for big bream on the charter boats, here is a cracking fish caught on 'Elizabeth Jane'...if we can get afloat...looking better later in the week...
"Hi Tony,Colin Hill from grays in Essex with a fine Black Bream which tipped the scales at 3lbs 4oz,nice to see the Bream showing in numbers now.............regards Trevor"
Nice plaice ( 10 August)
A cracking plaice from Trevs boat 'Elizabeth Jane'...
"Essex angler Sam Mcloud with a nice 4lb 3oz plaice caught on the drift on lug and squid bait...........regards Trevor"
Breaming...and then ( 10 August)
Here is a report from Trevor Bunny of 'Elizabeth Jane'...
"Hi Tony, the lads from Cookham .sea angling club had a good day on "Elizabeth Jane", Richard Wheeler had this fine bass on a bream rig and size 2 fine wire hook! they had 11 species in total including cod ,black  bream, coalfish, plaice, dabs etc. There is some good fishing to be had on the wrecks at the moment,long may it continue..........regards Trevor"
Turbo powered ( 8 August)
Here is a report from Paul Hodges out with Jerry Oiller on 'Fairchance'...
"Hi Tony 
Myself, Adam, Dave and the infamous Geordie Si were out with Jerry yesterday (7/8/14). The weather was perfect lovely and calm, with very clear water however there was very little tide movement. On our arrival we caught a few Mackerel for bait but even these became hard to catch later on. We used mackerel and worm baits all day with little success. I think in total we managed to take about 20 keeper Plaice with a few smaller ones released. There was very few other species caught through the day, only a couple of Dabs, gurnard and a small ray of about 2lb. However the highlight of the day was the addition of 4 Turbot the biggest going 3lb, caught by Adam. 
Regards Paul "

Banking on it ( 5 August)
Here is a report from Jerry Oiller of 'Fairchance' fame...

"Hi Tony 

A trip to the banks today, kept 36 good plaice and a 3lb turblet, .note the albino plaice caught by Selsey Bill angler David Thomas.  Regards  Jerry. O."

The boys with the black stuff ( 5 August)
I had this email from Trevor Bunny of 'Elizabeth Jane' catching some very nice black bream...
"Hi Tony, Harry butler and Riley Doherty were in on the action on Elizabeth Jane,they certainly showed their dads how it was done!! well done lads! great to see the youngsters getting into the boat fishing.......regards Trevor"
Harry Butler & Riley Doherty both 11 Thursday 31st July 2014 
And down west today( 27 July)
Who's a big boy!...20lb+ male tope...and big mackerel for bait!!! 

Hit & run bass ( 27 July)
Nick 'No Fear' Burton had a hit & run short session out of the Varne Boat Club to a wreck east of the CS3 buoy...he had five nice bass between 4 to 5lb...beatiful fish on blue & white 'sidewinders' are four of them...

Postcard from Newquay ( 27 July)
I had this report from Anthony...a charter captain of few words, but they are nice pictures...
Yesterday's trip ( 26 July) 7 miles out a few fish, amazing weather!!

It beats working! (25 July)
"I just had this report from Simon Newman of 'Casterways' B+B fame out with Jerry Oiller of 'Fairchance'...
"Hi Tony
A lovely day afloat with the Wright family yesterday aboard the Fair Chance.  When guests at Castaways have a spare place on a boat trip, it would be poor customer service if I didn't tag along.
Fishing at anchor for most of the day, we caught Plaice, codling, dogfish, pouting, black bream and mackerel.  The BBQ was busy last night!
Tight lines Simon" 
Postcard from Newquay 'part two' ( 20 July)
Second day for the Portsmouth boys great day 15 miles off...half a dozen pollack over 10lb plus a couple of surprizes a john dory and a megrim a rare flatfish...first caught caught on 'Peg'.

Postcard from Newquay ( 19 July)
Peganina out on the 17 th some decent 'shark' fishing in a four hour trip a few topes and smoothounds to around 9lb...

A pollack bash today...the 19th, the boys from Portsmouth have come down for 2 days...this is day1...a good catch of pollack ...the best a beautiful fish of 12lb fish...

Fairchance yesterday ( 14 July)
This report came in from Paul Hodges this morning...
"Hi Tony
 Fished yesterday on fair chance fishing for Plaice on the Bullock. It was a grey overcast start to the day with lots of drizzle, mist and fog. The crew consisted of myself, Nick Plum, his good wife and Nigel. It was hard start as the boat came off the wooden runners so it took a lot of effort to push it over the ridge of shingle at the top of the beach. When we eventually got the boat into the water it was a little breezy and choppy on the water but not too bad.
Upon our arrival to the bullock we had a few fish but the fishing was slow all day. We all had Plaice throughout the day with the fishing being in fits and starts. It was a very enjoyable day out on the water despite the not so good fishing. Especially watching Nick being out fished by his wife, not just out fished totally smashed by his wife in size of fish and number of fish.
We headed back in around 12 ish and arrived back on the beach about 2pm. I managed about 25 plaice in total and kept 15 of which the best went 3lb 12oz. I think the total for the boat was about 40 Keppers with quite a few smaller fish returned.
 Out again in August hopefully the weather will be a bit drier and less windy, hopefully there will be a few more fish too. 

You never know whats out there...( 14 July)
I had this email from John...
"Just a quick note   on Saturday I was moving our new cat 'Aristocat' fishing boat from Eastbourne round to Dover 
At around 8.30am off Dungeness point 2 miles out we over took a sunfish who was also on way towards Dover.
Might think about getting some tuna gear sorted for September ???????   
John Whitten    watch this space"
...I don't know about tuna but how about some sharking...I was chatting to Jerry (Fairchance) the other day, he saw a dorsal fin sticking four feet out of the water...basking shark or an orca?...I bet there are plenty of surprises out there!

Postcard from Newquay ( 13 July)
Anthony Hills had a 'Red letter' day yesterday out on his charter boat 'Peganina'
forty four pollack the best being over nine pounds...

At a pinch ( 13 July)
Here is a report from Jamie Keeble...
"Hi Tony, Had a nice day Saturday fishing the inshore wrecks at Dymchurch, off the RIB. Pouting everywhere with the best fish a few 4-6lb Cod. The best catch of the day though was this feisty 4 1/2lb beast. Regards, Jamie"

A very flat day on the 'Bullock' ( 11 July)
Dave Knight sent this report in from 'Sunny Dymchurch'...
"Hi Tony,
Went afloat on Tuesday and fished the Bullock Bank. Had about 40 plaice and Tim had a PB weighing in at 4lb 6oz.
I even had one on mackerel feathers fishing close to the bottom.
Best Regards, Dave"
Happy snaps ( 9 July)
Had some great photos sent in by Jim Quinn... the Dymchurch 'Seaker 2' team on holiday catching some great fish...nice to see Jim's wife Joanne enjoying herself!

You always have a 'Fairchance' with Jerry ( 7 July)
I had this report from Paul Hodges...yes...fresh mackerel really is best...
"Hi Tony
Myself and Nick Plum were invited out with Dan and Steve on Fair Chance yesterday. The weather forecast was touch and go up until the evening before, and the forecast for the morning looked very wet (and it was). We left the beach at 7 am and steamed out onto the Bullock, as we arrived the rain continued to pour down but the sea state was slight and the wind was very light, which was to change dramatically on the way back into shore.
during the day the stream of fish was very steady with a wider variety of species being caught. The Plaice fishing was slow to begin with and a surprise was that of 4 rays being landed on the boat (2 of 9-10lb and 2 smaller ones of about 4-5lb). There were lots of Mackerel out on the Bullock yesterday, compared to a couple of weeks before where we struggled to get any. There were quite a few larger Mackerel too of up to 1lb or more. This also seemed to be the bait of choice, despite us all bringing plenty of lug and squid, I even tried Sandeels and these came back untouched after being down for 20mins. The best bait without question was fresh Mackerel, 90% of my fish fell to this as did the skippers fish. Jerry landed the biggest Ray of the day and several very good plaice. The Plaice fishing was definitely not as prolific as a couple of weeks ago but this could have been due to several factors, the weather the day before, dropping tides and the fact we were being held up in the drift by the wind. 
We still managed lots of fish on a thoroughly enjoyable days fishing. Oh yes the journey back to the beach shall we say was very lumpy as the wind had increased. We were rolling about quite a bit and all I can say is that I am glad I had my waterproofs with me. All I could compare it to was a wild rollercoaster ride, but it was enjoyable.
Regards Paul"

you're going on holiday to Cornwall...( 4 July)
My son Anthony's charter boat is going back into the water on Monday after its refit...

Dymchurch & District Sea Angling Club ( 4 July)
I had an email this afternoon from Doug Martin...
"Hi Tony,
We are holding an open species hunt again this year but only the one day, it 
will be held on Sunday 27th July kick off at 08:30 back on the beach at 16:30, I 
have attached the complete info pack to do with as you wish.
Regards, Doug
I have a full information pack downloaded in the shop to view or contact Dave Knight on 01797 366850...