Charter Boat

Additional Description:

The Peganina is a fast Lochin 33 with a Iveco 280hp turbo-diesel engine and an advanced electronic suite.

2 hour Mackerel Trip individual £30 whole boat £180 (max of 10 on the boat)

4 hour Trip individual £45 whole boat £270 (Max of 10 on the boat)
6 hours is £350 inshore (individual £60)
8 hours inshore is £400 (individual £70)
8 hours offshore (wreck fishing) is £500 (individual £85)
10 hours Offshore (wreck fishing) £600 (individual £100)
12 hours Offshore (wreck fishing) £650 (individual £110)
Tuna trips are £800 ( individual £200)
Thresher shark trip £750
Evening Conger trips £330  
( boat charters for up to 6 people, over 6 individual prices apply only on trip over 4 hours)
Other trips are available: 1 to 12 hours

Contact:  Anthony 07989778361 (text)

About the Skipper:

Anthony has been boat fishing since the age of 2 and a half, and now, aged 34, has gained a lot of experience and knowledge of UK waters, though he has fished and dived all over the world. He was a very keen dinghy angler before starting his charter career at 22. He began chartering in the waters off the north coast of Cornwall, based out of Newquay, before returning home to work out of Rye. Anthony has also been a member of Dungeness and Newquay lifeboat crews for around 14 years. His qualifications include RYA Advanced Powerboat and RYA Yachtmasters.

Well its Tuna time...( 6 September)
I have had this report from Anthony...
"So, what can I say we finally started our Season at the weekend lots of unbelievable sights! Whales, dolphins, sunfish, and a plentiful supply of hard fighting Bluefin Action. Limited availability left for this season please get in touch if fancy a fish of a lifetime! 07989778361 boats working from Mevagissey £800 to Charter the boat or £200 for an individual. Cheers Ant"

Wow what a fish...( 9 September)
I had this email from Anthony out on Peganina (07989778361) out of Mevagissey...
Record breaking day for the boat and a day I’ll probably never forget….. our smallest fish ever 56” around 100lb and our biggest fish ever 103” around 750lb!! I've never seen anything like it - it was huge and Stuart did an epic job bringing the beast along side the boat. We had to chase it down as it emptied over half the reel then having to manoeuvre the boat round fishing gear and then just seeing it break the surface was an unbelievable site!! Me and Stevey still have some weekends left this season and a fair bit of room mid weeks. £750 for the boat £200 an individual space drop us a text if you fancy it. Cheers Ant

Cracking triple shot ( 5 September)
I had this email from Anthony out on Peganina (07989778361) out of Mevagissey,,,
"Managed to sneak out yesterday in a small break in the weather and we were rewarded with 3 very healthy Bluefin’s and a very happy Dan and Foggy! Weathered down for a couple of days but hopefully we'll be back out at the end of the week. I have spaces on individual trips coming up next week if any one is interested, drop me a text Cheers Ant"

The first of many...( 16 August)
I had this report in tonight from Anthony...
"Tremendous effort from Kev at the young age of 75 landing a 350lb bluefin!! Fishing at the moment is very tough to say the least but we got there!! We have space on the 27th and 29th of this month. Cheers, Ant and Steve"

On his way...( 14 August)
I had this report from Anthony last night...

"So me and Steven are heading west for the kick off, we've had a stressful couple of weeks with the boat in the yard, fingers crossed that’s behind us and to top it off my phone died for no reason yesterday, so many texts I was yet to reply to have now disappeared so please get hold of me again if you want a trip. Hopefully I’ll be writing you a report on Monday. Cheers Ant"

Countdown started...( 2 July)
I had this update in from Anthony lunchtime (Peganina 07989778361)...
"Very exciting few hours in the yard yesterday, fitting her out ready for the CHART22 Bluefin Tuna season!! Out rigger mount’s been measured and is being made up, and her little crow's nest/tuna tower is being measured up!! Our best day last year without these mods was 11 hook ups, 9 tuna boat-side, tagged and away. So with these mods we will be able to turn faster and see further so game on to tag more than 10 in one day!!! We are now taking bookings for the season in Mevagissey Cornwall that starts on the 15th of August though to the beginning of December! For our standard Tuna trip it will £750 for the whole boat max of 4 on the boat. We will also be running mixed individual trips too at £200 a head! Cards will be drawn for first in the harness! No experience is needed, the crew and me will guide you through everything. Please get in touch if you fancy a trip, Cheers Ant"

The countdown has started...( 7 July)

I had this report in from Anthony of Peganina (07989778361) fame...

"Meet The Crew

So me, David (Owner of the Legendary Charter boat Che Sara Sara of Newquay, my old boss, old owner of Peganina and the man who pretty much gave me a chance to get in to the job) and Steve (aka Tuna Steve 😂, another tuna nut and very good friend of mine who I fish with regulary) completed our compulsory tuna training in Falmouth Yesterday! Massive thank you to #cefas for a very well run course, also a special thank you to Irish tuna legend Andrain Molloy (Deep Blue), Mark Jury (Fortuna) and Chris Gill (Cutty Shark/Aquila) for sharing their amazing wealth of experience and knowledge!!! A brief run down of the course: Day 1, Tuna History, aims of the Project, ICCAT Regulations, Tagging & Data Collection, Tagging Practical and Recovery/Release. Day 2 Therory of the gear, Multiple Practical sessions on literally everything there is to know about tuna fishing, a bit of boat handling and crew welfare! Second time I have done the course and I still learnt plenty!! Sizing up to be again a truly amazing project and honestly don’t believe it matters what boat you book on it will be a trip of a lifetime roll on August the 15th!!"

End of term report from Anthony ( 17 Nov)
As the first Chart (Cefas) Tuna season is Anthony's summing up from Peganina (07989778361)...a wonderful experience...
"So what a weekend the boat has had - smashed our new target of 30 by 3 fish!! Amazing team effort, on Saturday we hooked 11, leadered 9 and had two double hook ups. Nigel has fished all around the world and he said that was the best tuna fishing he has ever seen! The fish were literally everywhere you looked! Sunday we leadered 7, the fish weren't feeding as hard but by then me and Geoff were in full swing after what I can only describe as what has probably been the best 9 days charting in my life!! CHART has been an amazing project and a real team effort, proving what can be achieved if we work together moving forward. Hopefully they will run it next year and it will be bigger and better again!"