Charter Boat

And a couple of blondes... ( 9 July)
I had this report in tonight from Anyhony out on Peganina (07989778361) from Rye Harbour... "Lovely day to be on the water!!!"

Wow what a cracker... ( 8 July)
I just had this report in from Anthony out on Peganina (07989778361) from Rye...

"Monster Alert...A fella just landed a 4.8lb black bream cracking fish!!"
The traditional specimen size (NFSA Area G) is 3.1/2 lb...

A perfect '10' in the sun... ( 7 July)
I had this report in this afternoon from Anthony out on Peganina (07989778361) from Rye...
"Boys enjoyed the amazing weather today and had a few fish too, species list was bass, blonde ray, turbots, brill, plaice, dabs, mackerel, scads, weevers and doggies cheers Ant"

Banking on a decent fish... ( 6 July)
I had this report in this afternoon from Anthony out on Peganina (07989778361) from Rye...

"Young David with the best turbo of today’s trip."

Looks more like winter ( 6 July)
I had this report in from Anthony this morning...
"Some of the better codling during yesterday’s trip in the fog."

Ant's boat is 'turbo' charged... ( 13 June)
You have got to give Ant points for trying, out on Peganina from Rye Harbour (07989778361)...
"Another hard day at the office, but at least a couple of the lads were pretty happy slowly tracking them down!!!  Other species was slow too...a bass, plaice, mackerel, sand eels, weevers...and lost a cracking tope, who was doing laps around the boat, but didn’t see it though ...can’t be much else it could have been! Cheers Ant.
p.s that my metre rule those 'turbos' are half metres long, couldn’t weigh them as my scales got beat up by a 'spur' the other day and new ones not here yet!!"

Tough conditions, mid channel...( 27 May)
I had this report in last night from Ant out on Peganina from Rye Harbour (07989778361)...
"Today's report...Another challenging day mid channel but the crew did amazing considering the conditions did see a cod and a pollock before the tide beat us and did manage an eel mid 30’s! Still got space on special trip on Monday leaving at 2am targeting conger and spurs!! Cheers Anthony"

Great day...on the plaice...( 25 May)
I had this report in from Ant out on 'Peganina' out of Rye (07989778361)...
"On the plaice today! We had great day too most were small but about 40/50 boated and out of them I think we had around 15 keepers but great sign for next couple of weeks!!! I have spaces though the week and I am running a special trip on Monday 2am till half 10 looking for spurs and congers. Cheers Anthony "

Sharks!...great day for Simon...( 24 May)
I had this report just in from Ant out on 'Peganina' out of Rye (07989778361)...
"So bit of fun day today I actually fished my self with Paddy and Simon. Me and Paddy only found thornbacks  but MR Newman was on fire with an 11lb thorny two spurs biggest on 18.8 (his pb spur) plus two tope, 20lb plus, biggest 23.8lb!! All fish returned Heathly and well!!" 

The 'fishfinder' at it again...( 21 May)
I had this report from Ant tonight out today on Peganina (07989778361) from Rye...

"Great day dogging on the Peganina. Was meant to be congering but they were not playing ball but the spurs were! Biggest weighing in at over 22lb (only 3lb off the British record) the others were 14,15, 19lbs and a bonus tope! Hopefully be back out there soon - that’s 3 spurs over 19lb in two weeks landed on the boat all were released as quick as possible after being photographed and weighed!! Cheers Ant"

Hard work but worth it...( 11 May)
I had this email in this morning from Ant Hills of Peganina out of Rye Harbour...
"A few photos from the last few days fishing not amazing but there is fish to be caught and it’s been great so see the little codling. I have a couple spaces left for Sunday wrecking. Then empty book for next week so if any fancy a bit of fishing give me a shout forecast looks great! 07989778361 Cheers Ant "

Gurnards...a very tasty summer ( 21 April)
I had this  report in from Ant this morning of yesterdays trip out on Peganina (07989778361) out of Rye harbour..."So few less plaice yesterday afternoon but had some lovely gurnards instead. Have spaces plaice fishing on Monday all day."

A very 'happy chappy'...( 18 April)
At last some positive news from Ant on Peganina (07989778361) running out of Rye Harbour...
"I am a much happier skipper steaming home today as the plaice in rye bay have finally started to feed plenty boated the bigger ones measured 45cm. I am running plaice trips Friday and Sunday afternoon if any one fancy’s it. Cheers Anthony "

Its nice to be appreciated... ( 2 April)
I had this in this morning from Michael...
"Hi mate, I went out with my son Lewis on Anthony's boat, Peganina on April 1st. The fishing was a bit tough but that's how fishing goes. What impressed us was Anthony's enthusiasm and skill in manoeuvring his boat around the wrecks. We had loads of fish, admittedly mostly pouting but we also had some decent sized whiting, a pollock and a nice strap conger. Anthony is a decent bloke,who really went the extra mile to make our trip memorable and we will definitely be going out with him again. We've fished out of Ramsgate, Dover and Brighton but never Rye and it's a great location that's easy to get to.  Please feel free to pass this on.
Kind regards, Michael Nicholas"

Here is Ant's 'take' on the session...
"Lost a much better fish as well, snapped my braid the congers seemed to only want mackerel which we didn’t unfortunately have many on board not to interested in scad or cuttle or the fresh herring. Although it’s certainly a good sign for weeks to come!!!!"

Tough going but... ( 31 March)
I had this in this morning from Ant fishing on 'Peganina' out of Rye...

"Best fish from yesterday’s wrecking trip caught by my self was a 'rolly'old day tho I have space on tomorrow wrecking trip and it’s a great forecast the times are 12 noon till 10pm. Cheers Ant"

Steaming miles...but worth it... ( 25 March)
I had these photos in from Ant out on 'Peganina' yesterday from Rye (07989778361) who went a long way out trying the wrecks to find a decent fish...
"Boys done well definitely not easy fishing but it was a slightly better stamp of fish!!"

In search of unicorns...( 7 March)
I had this report in from Ant, out today on Peganina from Rye...

"So first trip of the year for Peganina from Rye today it wasn’t easy fishing but we still managed 7 species included a unicorn, a coal fish and a few mackerel I am trying to put a wrecking trip together for Friday if any one fancy’s it 07989778361 cheers Anthony"

I hope he's got a heater...( 22 February)
I had this in from Anthony...he's back...
"Alright Gents I am now back from my adventure's unfortunately I broke my phone early in to the trip only just got it fixed so I apologise if you have been trying to get hold of me. The boat will be ready to go to sea by the middle of next week, if anybody fancies it. The boat is also going to the Brighton pollock comp on the 8th of March and the Thames Estuary Boat Competition on the 21st of June...couple of spaces left on both comps Cheers Ant 07989778361"

Caught off Dungeness...not...( 14 January)
I had this message from Ant of 'Peganina' fame...he made it across the Atlantic (I believe in St, Lucia) to the Caribbean...and he had a nice fish on the way...
"Wahoo we made it 2950 miles in just under 20 days.... Rum time!! Lol"

It's your last chance for a while ( 14 Dec)
I had this in from Anthony of Peganina out of Rye tonight...
"Hi all, This weekend are the last trips of the year for the Peganina I have a few places left there’s a small debate on whether we are wrecking or skate fishing. If you would like to come along give me a ring on 07989778361. I hope you have a great Christmas and I am looking forward to seeing you all in the new year. The boat will be fishing again from mid February. For booking next year ring the shop (01797 366837)and Dad will pencil you in, as I’ll be crossing the Atlantic - can’t see me having much phone signal for a month or so, cheers Anthony" 

At least we gave it a go... ( 26 Nov)
I had this report in from Anthony out on Peganina from Rye harbour...
"So fishing is very hard inshore at the moment but we still went out and had a go... amazingly had a lovely pollock in 8m’s of very thick water but that really all to talk about...but at least we tried!!"

After the 'blow'...feeling lucky? ( 22 Nov)
I had this message from Ant out on Peganina from Rye...
"Hi all I have spaces Friday, Saturday and Sunday,  will be trying for cod got to be worth ago after this blow!! If you fancy a run out give me a shout on 07989778361. Cheers Anthony" 

Good weather = eels ( 20 November)
I had this report in from Anthony out on Peganina from Rye last night...another great trip with 3 specimen conger...
"Making the most of the last day of good weather biggest eel went 37lb had 4 of them 3 over 30lb really putting up a good fight in the tide! Also had a few pollock too didn’t land any squid but had them along side the boat a few times!!"

Still big fish to be caught ( 17 November)
I had this report in from Anthony out today on Peganina from Rye...
"So the wrecks have slowed up a bit but still a good show of fish pollock, bream and the congers are still playing ball!!"

Caught a couple of 'snakes' (14 November)
I had this report in this evening from Anthony...
"Today’s trip again was a challenging one, managed two congers (30lb biggest) 8
lovely squid biggest of over 3lb two Cuttle plus loads of bait fish."

Guess The weight...( 8 November)
I had this from Ant...his nice new conger net..."New net!! lol"...with special thanks to Tony Preston...who donated the ring.

Getting snapped up...( 4 November)
I had this report in from Anthony today out yesterday on Peganina from Rye...
"Still bream and pollock on wrecks lost two congers both snapped the main line!! 30lb braid and 50lb mono. The one that snapped the mono made the 50's caught the day before look small fish some big eels swimming on some of those wrecks!! Also had a lovely ballen wrasse and lobster but lobster was berryed so we put her back spaces on Tuesday and Wednesday next week congering 07989778361 cheers Anthony"

Talk about putting a bend in your rod...       ( 2 November)
I had this report in tonight from Anthony...what a brilliant report...
"Started slow but a quick wreck change ended up with 11 eels two at 50lb caught aboard the Peganina today! All were put back alive! To book a trip please call 07989778361 I have spaces on Monday and Tuesday next week. Cheers Anthony."

Going the distance... ( 2 November)
I had this report in this morning from Ant out on Peganina from Rye out yesterday...
"So yesterday's we pushed off looking for new conger wrecks no luck but found some on the way home! Plenty of bream out side tho."

Big smiles all round... ( 27 October)
Just had this report in from Ant out today on Peganina from Rye...
"Bumpy old trip hard anchoring due to the conditions as well but we still found the fish!!"

At the end of the day... ( 26 October)
I had this update from Ant out on Peganina from Rye...
"Another cracking day aboard the Peganina out of Rye 80 plus bream, 7 bass and few pollock biggest going 11.8lb. All bass that were lip hooked went back along with lots of bream! I still have spaces tomorrow heading out on the wrecks again 07989778361 cheers Ant"

Bashing the bream... ( 26 October)
I had report in this morning from Ant out on Peganina from Rye early this morning...
"Bream are flying aboard the Peganina this morning I have have spaces on tomorrow on a bream trip if you are interested call me on 07989778361 cheers Ant 🤙"

The weather got in the way ( 23 October)
I had this report just in from Anthony out on Peganina from Rye...
"Unfortunately again we were beaten by the weather, but before we 'throw in the towel'...a very happy Lee boats this lovely little cod I think we might have seen few, but there you are, safety first and all that!!! Cheers Ant"

Red letter day for Peganina ( 12 October)
Amazing report from Ant out today on Pegania from Rye...
"So where do I start about today. The trip that nearly didn't happen due to a bad weather forecast turned into probably one of the best day's fishing I've ever had on the boat. We boated over 80 bream up to 3lb, could have caught more but decided to try for Bass instead. Also had a total of 11 species as well! If you fancy booking a trip aboard the Peganina please give me call on 07989778361. Cheers Anthony" 

Peganina does the conger ( 4 October)
Yesterdays trip out on Peganina from Rye with Ant Hills...
Great day (and night) The crew wanted to try for a conger...and Wayne Lees got his wish...a cracking fish over 6' long from a mid channel wreck...bottomed the scales...estimate 45 to 50lb...species caught Tope, Pollack and of course Conger. PS loads of mackerel about for bait!

The first of many...he hopes ( 1 October)
I saw this from Ant Hills on Peganina out from Rye on facebook...out yesterday chasing cod...
"Just going to leave this here...........she went 15lb caught on the Peganina out of Rye 5 minutes ago!! To book a trip call 07989778361 cheers"

Open for business ( 26 September)
I had this report in from Ant out on Peganina...
"Firstly I would like to apologise to anyone who has tried booking with me, I have been very busy but I have finally caught up with my diary and I'm back on top of it. But, if I haven't got back to you, please ring me and I will sort it out, apologies again!!! I have also been told that I am not needed to skipper this weekend on the project I have been working on all summer, so boat is free to go to sea. This also means it's back to business as normal, full time chartering (WHOOP WHOOP), Sunday nearly full but Saturday still has some places, plus the tides are great for an evening trip. Tides are good for 'wrecking' if anyone fancies it. Please give me a call for more information on 07989778361 cheers, Anthony"

What a great day wrecking  ( 2 April)
I had this report in from Ant after a long day on the wrecks...
"Great days Wrecking aboard Peganina today fishing out of Rye pollock over 10lb, bass and gurnards too. I still have weekends available at the moment please call me for on 07989778361 Cheers Ant" Ant has spare places this Tuesday...flat calm!!!

Great day to bank on ( 1 April)
I had this report in this afternoon from Ant out on Peganina from Rye harbour...
"First trip to the banks today Had a lovely little bass to start the day off then a dozen place, half dozen pollock and spider crab on the way home." 

Looking good for summer ( 27 March)

I had this report in from Ant...cracking lovely weather...
"So the experiment today was to see if we can go wrecking on bigger tides and over high water, this proved to be highly successful! 
The end result was plenty of pollock varying up to 8lbs with just myself and Jim on the boat. 
So this now opens up some more tides for wrecking.
I have spaces available on Friday, Saturday 1st, afternoon trip(14:30 - 18:30) and a couple of spaces on Sundays extended all day wrecking trip. Leaving at 06:30 if any one is interested. Cheers Ant"

The hard work pays off ( 9 March)
I had this report in from Ant out in 'Peganina' from Rye...a very long way out to find a decent fish...
"So me and Kev went on jolly today wrecking had some great crash diving sport my biggest was 8 and half with Kevin's best going nearly 10lb!!"
call Ant on 07989778361

Peganina back in the water ( 3 March)

Great news after an extensive refit Ant has got Peganina back in the water...ready for action call Ant on 07989778361.

End the year in style ( 31 December)

I had this report in from Ant out today on Peganina from Rye...he told me that he had cast his last bait of the day, using the remainder of lug & cuttle...started his engine, looked round to see his slack line heading astern...tightened up his line...felt the 'nodding' brought in the fish lightly hooked with a 'circle' in the lip..."Skipper strikes again...So my last cast of 2016 went well 14lb 10oz!!!!!"

Roll on the New Year ( 16 December)

I saw this from Ant on facebook...
"WRECKING TRIPS on the Peganina out of rye!!! Hi all Starting to take bookings for wrecking trips from Feb onwards it's £350 for the boat or £60 each for individual (max of 8 on the boat) please call 07989778361. Merry Christmas Ant"
Image may contain: 4 people, people smiling, outdoor

Still hunting cod!!! ( 12 December) 

I saw this on Ant's page from last night...its been tough going...but you got to be in win it...

Breaking news... ( 9 December)
I had this report just in from Ant out on Peganina from Rye...a cracking cod...
"Ben king with this 18lb plus cod"...Ant told me he has some spare places on Sunday, due to a cancellation, call Ant on 07989778361...

Quality...pure quality ( 19 November)
I had this report in from Ant...the best so far this year on Peganina...a very nice Dungeness fish...
"Hard fishing again today, I was fishing uptide, I had tiny little bite reeled like crazy until felt the weight and then the rod started nodding!! 17lb best of the season so far!!

A nice 'stamp' of fish ( 18 November)
I had this report in from Ant out on Peganina from Rye...nice to see Russ getting afloat...and I can't get used to Darren smiling...
"It's not easy but they are there a 14lb and a 10lb!" 

Quality if not quantity ( 14 November)
I had this report in from Ant out last night on Peganina out of Rye...
"Yesterdays evening trip we had this fine brace 11 and 12lb cod"
Ant has spare places tomorrow (Tuesday) good forecast, if your up for it give Ant a call on 07989778361.

Not a bad morning ( 5 November)

I had this report in from Ant this afternoon out on Peganina from Rye...
"Another 7 this morning up to just shy of 13lb and a lovely hound to!! Refuelling and going again let's see what the night brings!!"

Year of the gurnard ( 5 November)
I had this photo sent in from Ant out on Peganina from Rye...this has been a very good year for gurnard...another species on the up...

Much better day ( 3 November)
I had this report from Ant out on Peganina from Rye...
"What a difference a day makes lovely run of tide 7 boated biggest of 12.5lb I dropped  another one and another got snapped up right on the last knocking much betters day. Cheers Ant"

Working hard...pays off ( 2 November)
I had this report in from Ant out on Peganina from Rye...
"So after three moves, a complete lack of tide I finally had enough, fired the engine up to go home and I see a bite on my uptider!!... It had big cuttle bait on producing this lovely 10lb cod proving there are still here...just the clear water making it very hard work!!!...I have couple spaces on Friday if any one fancy's it. Cheers Ant"

Every picture tells a story ( 29 October)
I had this report in from Ant out of Peganina from Rye...a rare photo...Darren Brooks with a big smile on his face...
"On the cod again up tiding was king!!"

Last nights evening trip ( 26 October)
Report from Ant out of Rye last night on Peganina...4 hour evening trip...
"3 cod last night and a conger more tide needed."

A nice run of cod out of Rye ( 25 October)
I had this report in this afternoon from Ant out of Rye on 'Peganina'...
"12 in total biggest just over 12lb plenty of mackerel around still. Turning and burning so let's see what the evening brings!!!

Another good day ( 24 October) 

Here is a report from Anthony ...we had a great day today...I had a rare outing (I had 13lb)...
"12 cod in total biggest of 13lb, 2 put back because as they were lightly hooked. I got an evening trip going tomorrow 6 till 10 with 3 spaces on and a couple of spaces end of the week!! Next week the boat is empty apart from Monday so if any one fancy a trip let me know. Cheers Ant"

It looks as things are on the up (20 October) 

I had some photos sent in by Ant out on 'Peganina' with the cryptic..."Today" the message...I think the best went about eleven and half pounds...

A nice fish... (15 October)                                      I had this report in from Ant out on 'Peganina'...a nice Mr Spiky...
"Fine 4 and half pound bass!"

Another good spite of (14 October)
I had this report in from Anthony out on Peganina today...
"Wind over tide pain in the arse but still few nice fish up to 10 and half."

Nice fish...lets hope for more ( 13 October)
I had this up date from Ant who gone out today with Peganina out of Rye...breezy but at least there are a few fish about..."The first of the day"

What lovely weather for it ( 11 October)
I had this report in from Ant out on 'Peganina'
"Best cod of today 8.5lb again"
...nice late season Allis Shad as well...but hey it looks like a beautiful day

Must try harder... ( 8 October)
Ant been out today on Peganina...its getting better, were on the way all we need is the right weather...
"We managed 4 today bit disappointed really thought we were going to see more but still lovely day to be afloat I will try harder tomorrow!"

Good morning ( 7 October)
I had this report in from Anthony who was out early this morning on 'Peganina'...
"Just had this pair one after another but unfortunately half party was ill so they wanted to go home think we would seen a few as well!! 11lb and 12lb try again tomorrow I guess I still got space for Sunday as well."

Hungry cod on the move ( 3 October)

I had this report in from Ant out on 'Peganina' who has had a varied weekend...wrecking and ruff ground...the cod are looking 'thin' so they should be feeding well...
"So mixed back this weekend bream, pollock, place, cod plenty of mackerel around still and the cod went 10lb" 

Weather window tomorrow ( 29 September)

Hi All Looking at the weather charts...we have a weather window tomorrow Friday...and Peganina has spare places!
If interested give Ant a call on 07989778361

What a lovely day ( 23 September)

I had this report from Ant out on Peganina today...
"So first trip back for the Peganina, went very well, amazing weather ended up sharing a wreck with some Belgium boats. Fishing wise pouting, gurnards, greater weevers, scad, cuttlefish following the baits up and a stupid amount of mackerel to the point we couldn't even get our turbo baits away to the bottom...I ended up moving!!! A fine little bass and three turbots great little day. Cheers Ant"

Peganina is back in Rye ( 21 September)
I had a call from Ant this evening...he's safely tied up in Rye Harbour...Peganina is ready for business...somebody should warn the cod!
Here a picture of Peganina coming up the Rye harbour channel this evening.

He's on his way back ( 20 September)

Ant is heading up the channel...he spotted a weather window...he has some spare places for Thursday...if you are interested  give Ant a call...on 079989778361

Postcard from Newquay ( 13 September)
Here is a great report from Ant what a great day out on Peganina..."Boys had a great weekend on the pollock, freezer will be full for a while. Last week that the boats in Cornwall off to Kent for cod season very soon!!!"
Postcard from Newquay ( 24 July) 
What a cracking day for Anthony out on 'Peganina...
"Great day chasing blues!!! 5 landed lost 1 along side the boat the size of fish was from 20 to 80lb at a guess all sharks returned to fight another day!!!"

Postcard from Newquay ( 20 July) 
Another nice fish for one of Ant's customers today out on Peganina...
Lovely 12.8lb blonde Ray.

Postcard from Newquay ( 19 July) 
I checked out Ant's facebook page (Fishing Newquay) and he told me he has had some fine fish over the last week...
"Pollack, nice cod and a bream of 2lb 4oz so far..."
If you want to book Anthony call...07989778361.

Postcard from Newquay ( 9 July) 
Fishing down at certainly improving...when you catch decent pollack like mackerel!!!

Postcard from Newquay ( 5 July)

I saw this report from Anthony out on looks like things are picking up...
"The bream have turned up for their summer holidays!!"

Newsletter from Newquay ( 15 May)
I had this report from Anthony out on 'Peganina'..."Great first all day trip of the season yesterday at Newquay...12 species!"

Peganina finds a 'weather window' ( 30 April) 
Peganina has gone west for the summer...Ant left in the early hours and is already approaching 'Lands End'...but don't worry he will be back in the autumn! If you fancy a trip out in Newquay call Ant on 079989778361..."First light off Brighton this morning."

Flattie bashing ( 22 April)
I had this report in From Anthony out with 'Peganina' fishing the west bay today with Darren Brooks and Simon Newman...
"Around 35+ place and a turbo"

What a cracking day...( 18 April)
I had this report in from Becky Lee Hodges...what a cracking day...
"Hi Tony. Another good day afloat on Peginina with Anthony. We fished not far from Rye and our target was Plaice. The weather was good all day although a little more blustery in the afternoon. We started the day of well with a steady stream of fish. Later in the day we tried further out in the shipping lanes with no success so we headed back to our first spot and resumed the catch of Plaice. By the end of the day we ended up with 40+ plaice and if we had stayed where we were originally we would have added probably a lot more to the day’s total. We wasted about 2 to 2.5 hours trying the lanes, but as the saying goes ‘You Never Know until You Try’. I managed 20 Plaice in all, I would say that 90% we fat and most were between 30 and 40cm the best one was well over 2lb. Great day again Thanks Anthony. Regards Becky"

Great day trying for rays ( 16 April)
I had this report from Ant out on Peganina today...
"Had to move but I found them 14 rays in total one was a blonde of 14lb.
P.s Kevin has hands like shovels that what's throwing your eye out!!!"
I know Kev...Ant's not joking...

Another cracking day ( 14 April)
I had this report in from Ant out on 'Peganina' today wrecking to the south for a change...
"19 pollock today biggest of around 8lb."...but what a cracking day!

Nice Picture ( 4 April)
This photo of Peganina 'snapped' by Jo Thomas out deep at the weekend while Ant was wrecking...looks almost calm...
Peganina goes 'wrecking' ( 3 April)
Peganina has been putting in the miles this weekend...trying out 'fresh' wrecks and finding a complete mix of summer species...did they ever go away?

Target plaice ( 20 March)

I had this report from Anthony out on Peganina who had a productive day on the Rye Bay plaice...

"The boys had 15 place 10 keepers couple dabs and some whiting. Biggest place was 50cm long"...Anthony has spare places this week call Ant on 07989 778361 

Peganina back in business ( 15 March)
I had this in from Anthony who has been working his 'socks off'...
"Hi all after having a very stressful few weeks the Peganina is back in the game fishing out of Rye again with a brand new iveco engine fitted. She is offering All day and evening trips. Off shore wrecking, inshore place fishing, ray and spring codling is what we are doing at the moment!!!! For more information or call me on 07989778361 cheers Ant"

What a lovely day ( 19 January)

Great day to get afloat flat as your hat...lovely day for Peganina..."Cod fishing in the sun first codling of the day"

Spare places ( 18 January)

Hi All Anthony has spare places this week...check out the weather forecast...Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday...calm seas...wind 5kts! Call Anthony on 07989778361 

Beautiful blonde ( 17 January)

Stop Press...One of Anthony's customers on Peganina had a beautiful blonde ray this morning...this specimen weighed in at 23lb 8oz...

Last minute ( 14 January)

Anthony has had a last minute cancellation for this Saturday.
Weather forecast (windguru) is North westerly 4 to 5, backing North shore for the west bay. This is a break from the south westerlies we have been enduring...this is only for one day Sunday guess what wind back to South by south west!

If you are interested call Anthony on 07989778361 

What you doing Friday ( 13 January)

Hi All Ant has some spare places on Peganina for this Friday, early start. If you are interested contact Ant on 07989778361. 

Calmer than expected ( 13 January)

Great weather in the morning for Peganina fishing inshore..."Today 3 cod 2 skate loads of big whiting"

What will today bring ( 13 January)

Beautiful morning...bright sun with a south westerly breeze Peganina coming out of Rye... "Steaming out river this morning hopefully we see a view fish"

Wet wet wet ( 4 January)
I had this on facebook from Simon Newman...
"A cracking day out on Anthony Hills"s charter boat Peganine out of Rye today. Twas a bit lumpy and a lot wet but we managed a few fish despite the complete lack of ebb tide (I had 3 cod and 3 rays). Off to the pilot now to dry out, I can't go home all wet now can I? Lol"
Happy New Year!
Lets hope the weather is kinder to get afloat!

Good start for the new year ( 3 January)
"Few fish that we kept for a feed on New Year's Day"

Weather 'window' ( 3 January)
Check out the weather for Wednesday...Anthony has some spare places...if you are interested call Anthony on 07989778361
Better day for Anthony ( 9 December) 
Anthony took a party out today on Peganina, a early start to get back before the strengthening south westerly wind kicked fish this nice 14lb 8oz's all about those weather windows...

Peganina got afloat ( 8 December)
        Anthony got out today...tough going...big whiting and 'monster' Gurnard. but not easy trying to find a weather window...Anthony has spare spaces for Wednesday day and Saturday night...
More improvements ( 30 November)

The latest improvements for this winter...

Spare places ( 19 November)

Hi All Here is a heads up from Anthony..."I got space Friday day and Saturday night" you know the drill if interested call Anthony on 07989778361.

Great fishing ( 14 November)
I had this report in today from Anthony out on 'Peganina'...

"The last couple trips both produced 9 cod a trip with biggest being 15lb, also
had a few thornbacks and some lovely tub gurnard biggest of 3lb. Think I going
to be stuck in now for few days, but I'm expecting good fishing when I
do get out as the SW gales should colour the water up nicely. Cheers Ant"
A weather window ( 10 November)
Anthony has a few spare places for Thursday to take advantage of a break in the Anthony on 07989778361.

Another nice fish ( 5 November)

Here is a report from Anthony out today on Peganina...

"Managed to scratch another 10 today biggest of 12lb Cheers Ant"Midweek mayhem ( 4 November)
Superb fishing today on Peganina...they hit the 'jackpot'...
"Great trip today aboard the Peganina loads of fish, two landing nets going at one point when they were feeding hard and we even had to start putting them back as the boys had enough for a good feed! 36 in total a 17, 14, 13 and 4 or 5 around 10lb rest all mostly bigger then 5lb. Cheers Ant"

And then the fog lifted ( 2 November)

Anthony reported out today on Peganina...

"Slow start few moves but we found them in the end 19 cod biggest of 12lb"

Good day ( 2 November)

Here is a report from Anthony out on 'Peganina'...another good day yesterday...
"Sunday's fish 15 cod to 11lb and two bass 6 & 8lb"
Anthony still has some spare places
for Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. Call Anthony on 07989778361!

Spare places ( 31 October)

Hi All
Anthony has told me he has spare places for next Wednesday, Thursday,
Friday and Saturday evening.
Call Anthony on 07989778361 if you are interested.

Looking up ( 31 October)                                         I had this report from Anthony...things are looking up...

"The're getting bigger this one went 16lb on my scales and 18lb on the customers
scales! We had 12 (couple of 10lb fish) in total and 1 thorn back.
Cheers Ant"

At last ( 29 October)

Here is a report from Joe Donnelly...
Great day out today with Anthony ... At last a cod !!!

Back on the fish ( 28 October)

I had this report just in from Anthony out on 'Peganina'...

"Back on the fish again today aboard the Peganina we had 23 cod the biggest was
8lb, two bass to 8lb, Gurnard to 2lb, loads of whiting and the best bit not one
dog fish in sight!! Cheers Ant"

Spare places ( 27 October)

"Hi All
Anthony has some spare places...
28 October (8-3pm)
Monday 2,
Wednesday 4, Friday 6.
If you are interested call Anthony on 07989778361"

Its getting better ( 24 October)

Here is a report from Anthony out on Peganina...
"So Peganina's first 4 hour evening trip of the season went we'll 10 codling caught and my first fish of today's trip was a 4lb bass caught by my self made my morning. Cheers Ant"

Early & late charters ( 20 October)

Hi All, Ant is trying out early and late trips for £30...
Friday Evening 6 to 10pm
Saturday Morning 6 to 10am
If you are up for it call Anthony on 07989778361

Good day ( 18 October)

"Good day yesterday aboard my charter boat Peganina fishing out of Rye on mark
just west of Dungeness. 22 Codlings in total biggest of 7lb just waiting for the
double figure Cod to turn up biggest this season is 12lb so far.
Cheers Ant"

Gone west ( 15 October)

Peganina had 12 codling today in the west bay...still places for tomorrow and Anthony on 07989778361

A nice clean bottom ( 14 October)

Whilst it was a bit breezy Anthony has re 'antifouled' Peganina and she has also been re propped which won't do any harm.
Peganina has some spare places Friday & Sunday...if you are interested give Anthony a call on 07989778361

Good pair off Dungeness ( 12 October)
In these ongoing easterly winds...not easy here is a report today from Anthony...
"Caught off my charter boat (Peganina) fishing out of rye today good sign for the winter all though fishing slowed down a bit this last week with the easterly wind. 4 cod, two smooth hound, lovely thorn back Ray and loads of whiting Cheers Ant"

Nice fish in tricky conditions ( 10 October)

Here is a report from Anthony out today on Peganina...
"So with challenging conditions (wind over tide) we still got 10 cod/codling and
a thorny. Here is the photo of the biggest 12lb, plus I've still got 2 spaces
tomorrow and a few on Monday Ant "

Last minute cancellation ( 8 October)

Peganina has had a cancellation for this Saturday 10 October...if you are interested call Anthony on 07989778361...the weather looks good!

Spare places this weekend ( 7 October)

I have been asked by Anthony to put up the spare places on Peganina this weekend...

"Spare places:

Friday (9 October) 6 vacancies

Saturday (10 October) Fully booked

Sunday (11 October) 2 vacancies (morning)

Monday (12 October) 6 vacancies

if you are interested call Anthony on 07989778361"

Good Sunday ( 6 October)

I had this report in from Anthony (a man of few words) out on Peganina last Sunday...
"Around 20 codling 2 thornys and smooth hound loads of whiting" and running ( 3rd October) 

Anthony had his first charter yesterday having a very 'bumpy' ride up from Cornwall...out from Rye his crew had great weather and whats more some very nice's Anthony's report sent from 'Peganina' this morning...
"17 in total the first photo is the first fish of the season second is the
biggest. First cast today double shot of cod"

Anthony out this weekend ( 1 October)

Peganina is out chasing the cod on Saturday but has been let down on Sunday...great weather forecast...if anybody is interested in a short notice trip on Sunday...give Anthony a call on 07989778361.

Getting ready for October...
Exciting news, Anthony is preparing his'Fast Lochin 33' for the passage back to Rye for the winter!

Anthony is currently having a new prop made and is in the process of fitting 'spray chines' which will increase the speed and give the boat a dryer ride.

All day trips are between 7 to 8 hours depending on the tides, longer trips are negotiable.

Anthony is taking bookings for this winter fishing from the 1st of book early to get your place... 
call Anthony on 07989778361,
or Seagull Fishing Tackle on 01797 366837.

Dungeness 'cod fishing' trips: £50 per person
(max 8 on boat), £300 for the boat.

Wrecking trips: £55 per person, £350 for the boat. 
Including long range 'conger' trips (A target species in October & November). 

What the boat provides: Rods, reels, rigs and as much tea & coffee as you can drink. 

What you need to bring: Warm clothes, wet weather gear (you can always take 
them off but you can't put them on) 'welly' boots, food and drink that you require. 
Bring your own bait, can be supplied if required.  

Accommodation: Can be arranged on the marsh, we recommend Castaways B&B, Simon the owner is a very keen angler and his B&B is within 5 minutes drive of Dungeness. So if weather stops play... great beach fishing can still be had.

About the boat (Peganina): She is a fast lochin 33, probably one of the most famous charter hulls ever produced and a very well proven sea boat. Powered by a six cylinder turbocharged ford diesel (270hp) equipped with Furuno fish finder, chart plotter, radar and three icon VHS radio's. Coded through the RYA which allows her to take up to 12 passengers. Other equipment the boat has, microwave, grill and a fully flushing toilet.