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Christmas Special Offer
Chef Grade Titanium coasted Stainless Steel...£19.

Mighty Micro
A new concept in tripod technology from Craig Parker... 
Less than a metre in length yet strong enough to hold two beach casters on concrete, sand or shingle. Coming soon in either a two or one rod configuration...
priced to sell at £29.99
Unique...reel above the head positioning to give a instant 'strike' facility.

Led Lenser headlamp Christmas offer...
£ £5 RRP £29.99

Led Lenser H3

Dimming Function
Lamp head swivel 90 degrees
High wearing comfort
Beam range up to 31m
3 x High End Leds

15 in stock today!

Sad News
As you will see if you scroll down the page I have had to increase the price of our record breaking (sold over 300 since 2011) tripod to £39.99 (was £29.99) still superb value when compared with its rivals! 

TronixPro Envoy a reel breakthrough...
I was a bit late in getting these superb reels in but I now have three out of the four models in stock. For many years we have needed a quality multiplier reel at a sensible price for anglers and George Cunningham at TronixPro has sourced some excellent products to launch in to the UK market, this is the biggest breakthrough in the UK multiplier market for years...well done George!

This is the TronixPro Envoy 'Orbit'
a long casting 'CT' 6500 sized reel
controlled by centrifugal 8 point brakes
line capacity, .35mm / 250m.
This 'power house' has a max drag of 8KG and a retrieve ratio of 5.3:1 fitted with a truly balanced
soft touch handle.
Superb value at £59.99
My price £54.99

This is the TronixPro Envoy 'LW'
Size 6500 with a retrieve ratio of 5.3:1 
it has a max drag of 4KG line capacity of
.35mm / 250m its right handed with a
level wind...a great reel to get you started with a multiplier.
Great value at the normal price at £59.99
My price £54.99

This is the TronixPro Envoy Wave
Size 7000 with a retrieve ratio of 5.3:1
it has a max drag of 6KG line capacity
of .35mm / 320m its right handed with a level wind ideal for 'uptiding' in the boat
or 'heavy' beach this has a reinforced
4 point reel seating and a high speed twin handle normal price £ 62.99
my price £57.99

When the 'mag' version is in stock in the autumn I will give it a review.

Rovex TLR 2820 Level wind reel boat reel
A level wind two bearing boat reel holding 420yds of 20lb line, gear ratio 4.7:1, aluminium spool with a carbon fibre drag.
Normal RRP. £64.99 my price £44.99.

ASSO IItalian line ( superb quality at an affordable price, 'ULTRA CAST' which is fluorocarbon coated very supple,very thin, and strong the 20lb is only 0.36 mm, perfect for a tough environment like available in a vivid green. price for a 4oz bulk spool (917 m) at £14.99

The New 'Power Handle' reels from Abu

These are the latest versions of the Swedish built reels.
They come in two types one with a level without, simple well made reels with a six pin centrifugal force braking system. 

Technical Specification
The reels hold 250 metres of 0.35mm (15lb) line. 
Two bearings with a retrieve rate of 5.3 to 1.
Maximum drag 15lb, weight 345g (12.1oz).
Machined aluminum spool and brass gears.

Both reels retail at £129.99
I will also spool them with line and 'shockleader' at no extra charge. 

Spot on!
I have got a few of the classic head lamp H7 from 'Led Lenser' for Christmas. This superb Mrk.1 headlamp normally retails for £51.99 but whilst 
stocks last...they are going for £40 (sold out) awaiting more stock

180 Lumens

140 metres

Speed Focus

Dimming Function

90 degree swivel

High end power LED

Ho Ho Ho...

A Christmas special...I have just got in half a dozen of these limited edition 'gold' anodized 6 foot match tripods with built in stabilizers and sliding double cups also featuring our deep 'U' head...superb product at a 'silly' Christmas price...
£39.99 first come first served...
collect only!

Is this the best beach shelter on the market?

The TFG 'Hurricane' shelter in my opinion is brilliant. 
Everybody's needs are different, at Dungeness weight, ease of erection, easy to put back into the bag and to carry across the shingle are paramount. 
This 'floats my boat' light, strong and waterproof!
It retails at £79.99

Extra strength and security with adjustable straps... 
The pole stressing the 'peak' is attached so you can't lose it on the beach!
The 'doors' give you extra protection from the elements (stretched out with a couple of bags of shingle)!
Ample room in the bag to put away when you want to go home, ...and the bag has a shoulder strap!

Following the success of our Tripod see below...
We are going to produce a 5' to 8' version featuring our new head (see below) this is for those who use the longer rods. This will give even more support in those strong winds, this tripod will retail at £44.99....real value for money!
The Latest (British) Tripod
from Craig Parker twin rod telescopic 4' to 7' a fantastic bargain at £34.99 (was £29.99)

This is best tripod I have seen for the money, light but strong, with trace hangers, built-in stabilisers, sliding cups, pointed feet and slides down to 4' to fit into the car has it all...brilliant!

New alternative head for our best selling tripod has just arrived.
Some customers have been asking for an alternative head to help with rod security in the strong Dungeness conditions.
With an extra high rising outside edge to the rod cup which is lined with foam. This can be used as an alternative ‘head’ in severe conditions.
This gives you the best of both worlds. Current introduction price £7.50 

Tried and tested by Seagull Fishing Tackle!

This is ABU's 'cheap and cheerful' (relative statement) beach CT, as usual bearings in the spool with the new six 'click on' centrifugal brakes, basic spool float control and 'V' spool. This is like going back in time, simple, great spool grip but with a decent handle.
I have been using mine for about a year, once you set it up and run it in, brilliant, casts superbly as for longevity I will let you know, but it is made in Sweden! Tony

Rod Rests
Craig Parker of Weymouth is a great engineer and makes in my opinion the best tripods in the country. His new top of the range all metal (aluminium) rest is the 'bees knees' it is telescopic four to eight feet, the metal head has rotating 'U' sections to allow the rod to be angled. This rest is the best I have seen so far, very tough and hard wearing ideal for a harsh environment like Dungeness. The metal cups and head rotate for easy transport held in place by stainless steel wing nuts. Milled pointed feet complete the package. Tony

Top quality Ulitma line, F1 black line is the best I have come across (so far) for Dungeness, it is pre-stretched low diameter low stretch 18lb is the same as a normal 15lb 0.35mm. Don't ask me why but the black version of F1 I find far harder wearing and knots beautifully, not cheap but the 4oz spool must be close to a 1000 metres. 18lb with a 60 to 70lb shockleader is ideal around Dungeness this winter. Tony

Gantel fishing line is the best value for money
Superb quality German line, a copolymer at a silly price, great value, this winter the ideal work horse specially if you use a fixed spool reel, diameter around .038mm and very hard wearing. Tony