Fishing Spots

Jury’s Gap
A large storm beach wide sands at low water fished over high water. When the surfs up fish for bass on calm summer evenings spin for mackerel or bottom fish for flats.

Another storm beach that uncovers on spring tides don’t attempt to reach it when you see the red flags/red lights displayed. Firing times are available from the tackle shop or Lydd range control. This is a cracking beach for cod and whiting in the winter on flooding spring tides. In the summer mackerel, bass. Superb late summer evening sole fishing.

A wide shingle beach famous for it’s sole fishing.  Winter venue for whiting and codling. Summer fishing same as Galloways.

The Diamond
Deeper water than Dengemarsh, similar in nature. Be very careful of the high shingle bank on big tides. 

Dungeness beach 
A deep water venue second to none, all local species can be caught here.  At it’s best in a south westerly blow with a good surf running.

Dungeness point 
Deep fast water, famous as a big cod mark, more fishable on the ebb and at low water.

Back of the boats
Easier to fish in a south westerly on a rising spring tide.
But don’t get in the way of the working boats.

The Pilot
A summer surf bass venue fishable over high water.

Taylor road
Similar to the Pilot fishable on a rising tide over high water for bass.

Littlestone wall
Another high water venue but with the advantage of being able to park close where your fishing the disadvantage are the groins.  All local species can be caught here in there season specially eels in the summer after dark.

Pirate springs
Again similar to littlestone wall but further down the bay like littlestone it is much better after dark but again you have to be careful of the groins.