Beach Catch Reports

If you get a good catch let me know, you can also send me your pictures!
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Update on that bass ( 1 December)
Here is the report and the picture of that beautiful bass that Noel Luck caught yesterday...
"Hi tony hope your well. As requested here's the pic of my bass
Caught on double squid mounted on 7/0's Pennel dropper 12 lb 12 oz what a magnificent fish Slipped her back to fight another day" 

Nice one to start the month ( 1 December)
Here is a report from Simon Newman out this morning...keeping busy...
"Nice 4 hour session down to and over low this morning. This was the best of 4, going about 7 lb. Two around 6 lb and a baby 2lbrr 
All on big cuttle and worm wraps on one rod. The livebait rod caught 7 dogfish! Lots of shellfish being washed up now"

Another nice one ( 30 November)
I had this report in from Nigel George...tough conditions but worth it...
"Hi Tony, Fished Dungy from 10am to 4pm and had approx. 20 Whiting, 2 Doggies and this 7lb 10oz Cod, all on lug. Very windy conditions but fairly mild. All the best, Nigel"
Reports keep coming ( 30 November)
I had another great report in from Paul've got to be in it to win it!..."Hi Tony I battled out the 50-60 mph + gusts today it really was a big struggle..just got back an hour or so ago ..just a few of my days great session  good size codling to 5lb 11 oz and the rest 3-4 lb lots of  good size dogs and whiting.  The wind was so strong at one point was leaning 45 degrees into it off of my right shoulder from the West... Guys to my left and right also had Codling bags.. other than last year cant remember how good the codling fishing and fishing in general in past few months has been.... Kind regards Paul"

Another nice fish ( 30 November)
I had this report in from Damian...who is joining in the cod fest..."Hi Tony Great night fishing Friday. We went to the boats. Got attached on a pennel, that a whiting had taken. Lots of dog and whiting all night. Thanks for the bait and tips as always. May see you in two weeks Damian Murphy"
Braving the wind ( 29 November)
I had this report in this evening from Nino..."Went fishing this Sunday morning by the boats and caught this beauty on lung and squid cocktail. Nino Costa"
Great week ( 29 November)
Alex Whittlesea (AKA Shirly Codling) sent this great report in...
Hi Tony

Great night fishing Friday. We went to the left of the boats. Got attached on a pennel, that a whiting had taken.
Lots of dog and whiting all night.

Thanks for the bait and tips as aslways

May see you in two weeks

Damian Murphy
 Nice fish ( 29 November)
Arkam popped in yesterday with this nice fish...great to see so many fish about...
Just now ( 28 November)
I had this photo from Nick (no fear) Burton within the last down the west bay in the strengthening wind "Hot off the press" 
First double ( 28 November)
I had this report from Andrew Harris...well done Andrew..."started behind the power station for a few hours over high but the swell got a bit too much as the wind picked up so moved over to the boats for the tide down and a few hours up. had 2 x 4lb and a PB 10b 6 oz. two had taken whiting, one on lug. well chuffed!"
 Good night for Ben ( 28 November)
I had this report in from from Ben Jefford...almost like the old days..."Hi tony,
great time fishing dungeness last night had four cods best two went 7lb12oz and 7lb 4oz.  Regards Ben"

Nice one Alan ( 27 November)
Alan Morris popped in this morning with this nice fish the cod went 6lb 4oz on my scales. Alan fished the board walk last night and the fish took a whiting...
Latest SCSAS latest placings ( 25 November)

Full match result and latest league table from Paul Jarrett - Deal Rover 21/11/15
Sunday's DAA match ( 25 November)
Here are the results from Malcolm (statto) Jones of Sunday's DAA match result Sunday 

"22nd November 2015 – Rover – 2-00 pm to 6-00 pm

1st      Nathan Elliott                 26 fish       14 lb. 3 oz.          
2nd    Michael Smith                   7 fish       10 lb.  15 ½ oz.  HF  4 lb. 10 ½ oz. codling
3rd     Graham King                    19 fish       10 lb. 11 oz
4th      Dave Wood-Brignall      22 fish       10 lb. 0 oz.    
5th      Phil Tanner                      18 fish       9 lb. 14 ½ oz.
Codling, dogfish, whiting, pouting and dab caught.
17 fished and 13 weighed in Regards, Malcolm"

Dave hit the wall ( 25 November)
Here is a report from David Harrington...
A great night (24th November)
Hi Tony I fished Littlestone Wall last night taking full advantage of the lull in the weather. 
I arrived about an hour before high tide to be greeted by a rolling sea & an empty beach (except for the beach refill barge) & was straight away into the Whiting, all of which were sizeable. 
Then about an hour after high I had a great pull down, followed by a slack liner and a great 5 1/2lb Codling hitting the beach shortly after (picture below, sorry for the quality).
I was using 2 rods with Pulley & 2 hook Loop Rigs loaded with straight Black Lug.
I ended up with 1 Codling, 4 Dogs, 1 Pouting (nice to see these) & loads of Whiting. I also missed another 2 slack liners as well during the session.

David Harrington's photo.
Lighting strikes twice ( 25 November)
I had this report in from Simon Newman...

"Another cracking session at the Ness tonight. landed 6 codling. 5 around 5lb -6lb and this last cast cracker at 9 lb 12 oz"
What a nice pair ( 24 November)
I had this report in from Michael Smith...when he popped in to pick up his bait for the DAA match on Sunday, I did say send me a photo...
"Hello Tony. As requested. These two came in the last 20 minutes of yesterday's competition. Both fell to smallish lug baits on 3/0 single hook rigs at as much distance as I could get. I think the bigger of the two went 4lb 10oz with the other at just over 4lb. Kind regards Michael"
 Dinners ready ( 23 November)
I had this report in from Sam Mitchell...
"Hi Tony, we fished on Saturday, got one 4lb cod and some whiting, on lug and squid baits at the point. we also made it to the pilot for last orders! All best"Another cracking session at the Ness tonight. landed 6 codling. 5 around 5lb -6lb and this last cast cracker at 9 lb 12 oz

The latest result SCSAS match ( 22 November)

Here is the results sent in by Paul Jarrett...

"Result from our Deal Rover match - 21/11/15

15 members fished, Whiting, Dogfish, Pouting, Rockling and Codling were weighed in

Well done to Cieron Bull for winning the match

Top 10 - Full result & league table to follow
1) Cieron Bull - 20 fish, 13lb
2) Ashley Brown - 19 fish, 10lb 5.5ozs
3) Robert Bates - 18 fish, 9lb 14ozs
4) Sam Collier - 17 fish, 8lb 15.5ozs
5) Tony Taylor - 16 fish, 8lb 14.5ozs
6) Graham King - 13 fish, 8lb 11.5ozs
7) Paul Jarrett - 18 fish, 7lb 15ozs
8) Wesley Cheeseman - 17 fish, 7lb 7ozs
9) Matthew T Summerfield - 19 fish, 7lb 1ozs
10) Adam Horton - 12 fish, 6lb 11ozs

Heaviest fish - Cod, 3lb 12.5ozs, Graham King"
 Thick and fast ( 22 November)
I had this report from Simon Newman on facebook...the cod were coming thick and fast last night...
"The best 3 hours fishing I've had for a long time. 6 cods best 7 lb 7 oz, 4 others over 5 lb. 7 dogs and 3 whiting, 2 of which were eaten. Caught enough so made last orders in the pilot A happy day!"
Trying pays off ( 21 November)
I had this report from Mark Boakes...well done Mark...
"Yippee caught my first decent cod of the year on Friday , along with some good size whiting. Fished the point had all the better fish about two hours before high,all on big baits lug n squid pennel rigs. Didn't think I was ever going to catch one, but  perseverance paid off eventually,let's hope for more soon. The wife estimated the cost of the cod at around 3000 pounds,I think she means I spend to much money on fishing oh well it's worth it. Great bait as normal. Mark" 
What a load of balls ( 21 November)
I had this report in from Brian Rees...yes Brian those whiting are getting bigger I had one reported this week over two pounds...
"Hi Tony,
Had a busy session fishing a few hours either side of Thursday afternoon's high tide, near the boats. There was loads of shellfish on the beach so I baited with that and had a fish on every cast. Unfortunately all whiting - although they're a lot fatter than the other week I so kept a couple of the biggest. Otherwise they all went back, and using big baits and hooks they we're mostly lip hooked so swam off. Also had two dogs which gave slack line bites which is mean as it does get your hopes up for a moment. With literally tonnes of shellfish washing about, how any fish can find an angler's bait so quickly is beyond me, but they were on within minutes of every cast. Clams and big cockles and razors everywhere, and slipper limpets and cuttle, some small lug, and I even picked up a squid about ten inches long so fresh it was still bio-luminescent. Must have been quite a chop on to bring that lot in. And what's with all the tennis balls? It's like Wimbledon down there, tennis balls all over the place. I picked up half a dozen for Bingo, my neighbour's dog. Go fishing for a cod and come home with a load of balls, couldn't make it up. Next time, surely. V best, Brian."

Codling galore ( 19 December)
Charlie Chawner popped in this afternoon with a codling on his way to another session this one was on the road...

Tomorrow's match postponed ( 17 December)
Due to bad weather, tomorrows DAA 'Vets' match is postponed so I'm adding an extra date...Replacement Veteran's Match to be held on Wednesday, 16th December from 12-30pm to 3-30pm. HW 1-40pm . Usual conditions apply.

What a cracking cod session ( 16 November)
Here is a report from Paul Hodges who had a cracking session yesterday...
"Hi Tony Fish the day tide yesterday from low up and back to low again. All the fish cam from a 5 hour period, 3 up and 2 down. Missed and dropped a couple too. Managed 9 in total from 3lb up to 8.5lb. 5 before HW and 4 after, the better fish came on the ebb tide. Regards Paul"
Three out of four ( 15 November)
 Stuart Joy popped in to see me this afternoon...he had a good session on the road...four cod three landed to 8lb one (bigger) lost.
Nice fish ( 15 November)
I had this report come in from Jeykan Levent...
"Hi Tony Fished back of the boats today over high tide. Slow to start with then had this guy give me a slack line. 3.5 lbs caught on lug and squid!"
Ringing the changes ( 15 November)
 I had this report in from Mike Richardson..."By the 4 boats. Very lumpy but managed to winkle this codling out. Lug sausage. Some decent sized whiting and a couple of dogfish. Shifted to Littlestone wall for high as very rough. Much calmer. A few dogs and small whiting. Mike R"
Nice surprise ( 14 November)
Here is a report from William Roberts..."Hi fished to the left of the boats today 14th had a whiting a cast then this just before high" 
Just enjoy yourself ( 14 November)
I had this report in from Kevin Warden...keep at it Kevin more reports of codling today...and if anybody found a red coolbag...give me a call... 
"I fished behind the boats from 9-30 until 6-30pm and caught 4 dogfish,numerous whiting and some plump pouting. All went back. I also lost a red coolbag with a plastic insert in case anybody found it. Kevin"
Effort pays off ( 13 November)
Here is a report from James Webster who has been putting plenty of effort...
"Hi Tony.
After a good day out on Peganina on Thursday (notably 4 codling to 5lbs and a thornback) I stayed on to fish the incoming tide last night, back of the boats.
The usual mass of whiting and some small doggies, then it seems a shoal of codling breezed in an hour after high. I had a couple in quick succession (2½ and 4lbs) and lost another in the surf. Had to fish slightly further out than normal to avoid the weed. Then all ‘quiet’ again, except for those exciting biting whiting!
Excellent bait as always. Cheers. James" 
Cod at last ( 13 November)                                                                                                     I had this report in from Alex Whittlesea (AKA Shirley Codling)...finally found the codling... ""Hi Tony, finally found them. 4-15 & 5-3. Regards Shirl"
Watch out there is a bear about ( 13 November)
I had this report in from Mark Steventon
"Alo Tony I took this PIC the other day,and when you look at the water shoot it    looks like a bear. Mark from littelstone"...mmm Mark I think you should cut down on the real ale...if you can bare it?
DAA results ( 12 November)
Here are results from last Sunday from Malcolm...

Things that go bang in the night ( 12 November)
"I had this report in from Wayne...
Caught these Cod by the boats last night.
One was 4 1/2 1b, the other 3 1/2 1b.
Also caught plenty of undersized whiting and a dogfish.
Lug & Squid bait. Cheers to Adam for taking the pictures. Wayne Evans"
Cracking Bass ( 11 November)
From Paul...more photos...
"Hi, more photos of last nights catch.."
Cracking Bass ( 11 November)
Here is a report from Paul Davis...
"Morning seagull..             fished dungee last night but soon realized the wind was too strong and weights weren’t holding. Should of known from the minute we stepped out the car but we were gagging for it as hadn’t been all summer. After 1st cast we packed up and moved to a more sheltered local beach. And boy was i glad we did. About an hour in, 1 hour before high tide my rod starting going mad, i was rolling a fag at the time and shouted to my mate Richard grab my rod and sought it out.  he jumped on it and started reeling in shouting Paul you need to come and grab this its something big!!!! I got up to see this baby coming in out the surf, wow what a buzz to bring this home. 10lb bass on the scales.. my biggest ever of the beach...happy days!!!!"
Just like buses ( 9 November)
I had this report in from Billy Collinson tonight...
"Steve Field should have sent you a picture of one I caught back of the station today"
So thank you Steve for the photo (Bill's neighbour) looking at it I guess it's been gutted (or it is very 'skanky')so no idea of weight...but Bill is holding a set of 'avons' in his if I find out, I will put it up!...Just found out from was not gutted just very very thin, it weighed 13lb.

You never stop learning ( 9 November)
I had this report in from Ray Carr...

Morning Tony
Fished from high tide down to low yesterday and I had a bit of a
mare late on into the session with the current running too fast for me at the
point with the shingle trapping my lead and I lost around 5 rigs on the bounce
so I packed up around 3pm (my fault for not respecting the venue) It was perfect
southerly windy conditions and the water began to clear which I was told by one
of the match anglers that could be a problem if we was gonna catch some codling
(boy was he wrong as they moved in in the evening by the report you just
posted). It fished well all day until the tide started running too fast, no
codling but a few decent sized pouting, a big dogfish which was surprising and
the whiting were in full effect all day long. I fished big baits with squid and
lug cocktails which was producing bigger fish but still kept getting small
whiting taking baits as big as them lol. We took a few of the bigger sized
whiting for dinner and the rest went back but all in all another great great day
at dungeness. Thanks for the few pointers when I dropped my key in the afternoon
but I need to have a good read on how to fish fast running tides before I
attempt the point again! Back down next week so tell the boys to get that
cracking lug ready for us. Kind Regards Ray Carr.

At last! ( 9 November)
I had this report come in late last night...Paul Hodges...has cracked it, well done, I appreciate the first confirmed report of a double figure cod on the beach this season...

"Hi Tony
Well what a night. I wasn't expecting much tonight to be honest but I was hopeful after hearing of one or two Cod coming out around the place. I arrived at Dungeness about 17:30 to find 4-5 people fishing but they were just finishing up for the DAA comp. I began fishing at 18:00, I was using Cuttlefish and lug cocktails all night. Things were slow to start and after an hour I thought I would be in for a night of the dreaded Whiting. Then about an hour before HW I had a little nod on the rod. I picked it up and wound into a small Codling of 1 3/4lb. then 5 minutes later the other rod went and I had another Cod on the beach of 5lb that had taken a live bait. I quickly rebaited and cast out. The tide was just beginning to run and the wind picked up a little. 20 minutes later I noticed my line had wondered down the beach. I picked it up and the rod was very heavy, I then felt the distinct nod of a good Cod. It took me a good effort to get the fish to the shore and I had to use the waves to help get it ashore. My heart was pounding in my chest when I saw the fish breach the water I ran down to the waters edge and grabbed the fish as the hook came out, phew. I was stoked with what I saw on the beach. when I weigh the fish it went 14lb on the scales. it was not in the best condition, if it was it would have easily gone another 5-6lb. the fish was 1m long and had a huge head on it. The fishing then went quiet for an hour or so then bang on HW I managed my fourth and final Cod of the evening which weighed 6.5lb. This fish was in much better condition as were the other smaller fish. Very chuffed, for a first Cod session of this season I couldn't really of asked for any better. I had the whole beach to myself after the DAA anglers had gone which was pleasant. I don't think it will be that quiet any more lol.  Regards Paul
Busy weekend ( 8 November)
Here is a report from Jake Levent...nice to see a few dabs about...
"Hi Fished behind the boats today high tide down. Masses of Whiting and Dabs around, pulling them in 2 at a time on lug tipped with squid. Had a bigger bait out but unfortunately no nice Codling to take it. Nice colour in the water but the tide was slightly small so that might be why no larger were fish around, but who can know for sure...Jake"

SCSAS result from yesterday ( 8 November)
Here is the report from Paul Jarratt...
Result from our Reculver match - 07/11/15 

"17 members fished, Whiting, Dogfish, Dabs and Thornback Rays were weighed in 

Well done to Alan Jarrett for winning the match and breaking the club record match weight 

Top 10 - Full result & league table to follow 
1) Alan Jarrett - 57 fish, 36lb 10ozs 
2) Steve Richards - 47 fish, 21lb 
3) Matthew T Summerfield - 28 fish, 18lb 14.5ozs 
4) Tony Taylor - 29 fish, 18lb 0.5ozs 
5) Sam Collier - 48 fish, 17lb 10ozs 
6) Cieron Bull - 44 fish, 17lb 1.5ozs 
7) Robert Bates - 21 fish, 14lb 12.5ozs 
8) Ashley Brown - 30 fish, 14lb 8ozs 
9) Paul Jarrett - 25 fish, 14lb 
10) Les Bates - 26 fish, 12lb 4ozs 

Heaviest fish - Thornback Ray, 6lb 9ozs, Rob Bates"

Madagascar match report from yesterday ( 8 November)
Here is the report from Martin Swinyard...
"Madagascar league Match 8 report 
Pegged Princes Parade 
Strong wind coloured seas and high hopes of a few codling greeted the 13 rods that turned out to fish match 8 as forecast the winds dropped but had the codling read the script..? 
Dogs put in an early appearance for the middle of the parade whilst the Imperial end saw mostly whiting and pouts with Barry Desmond landing a Ray early on to keep in contention with the doggers hour after high and the the dogs put in an appearance at the Imperial end with several being landed in the last hour whilst reports from doggers utd mid parade went a little quiet 
Back at the weigh in buckets consisted mainly of dogs whiting pout a sprinkling of sole 1 solitary codling of 4-8 which must have been totally lost and confused as was landed by Steve Field and 1 Ray of 8lb something 
Top honours went to David Wood-Brignall with 16lb + of mainly dogs 
2nd to Barry Desmond with 14lb+ 
3rd Simon Weller with 11-14.5 who knocked me into 4th by 0.5 of an once with 11-14 
Heaviest fish Barry Desmond 8lb+Ray 
Most Fish Martin Swinyard 22 fis 
Thank you and well done to all those that fished was another great match 
Big welcome to new member Stevie Stevie Bates . 
Next match is on 21st November" 

You know its coming ( 7 November)
I had this report in from Brian Rees...with the weather it is looking so good...
"By heck Tony, the water's virtually jumping with fish.  Good to meet you and
thanks for the advice.
It went like this: fished Thursday from 17.00hrs to
midnight a few hundred yards north of the point to get the wind on my right
shoulder.  Seemed perfect conditions to me.
Whiting every cast for the first
hour, then three dogs, one after the other.  Then it was back on the whiting. It
didn't make any difference how far I cast.  The sheer mass of fish in there at
the moment must be incredible.   You'd think with all those little uns about
there must be some bigs uns scoffing them up.   So I fished a second rod with a
whiting hooked just beneath a 5/0,  and waited for that rod to be dragged down
the beach.  And waited, and waited. No luck with that but I reckon it is well
worth a go.
Friday was the same sort of thing,  I fished over the top of the
evening tide and then  down for a couple of hours.  Just lots of whiting, no
doggies this time.
With the weather fronts rolling in from the west at last,
and tides building this week, I can feel another session coming on a bit
sharpish as  I'd feel well sick if those lads  along the beach from me beat me
to a haul of codling:  get this, they'd come all the way from Diss - Norwich way
- that's what I call keen.  They deserve a decent fish. v best, Brian."
Perfect conditions ( 7 November)
I had this report from Steve Harvey (DAA match captain) ...
"Matchday Sunday 2-6 the wind is blowing as we speak getting stronger on Saturday then dropping for match day... Fishing is over low water so dare I say it....There could be a cod or two about..... You won't know if don't try ��"
Pirate Springs ( 5 November)
The dredging has started from Pirate Springs to Littlestone wall, photo taken last night of shingle being 'rain bowed' on to the beach.
 Great bass ( 5 November)
Here is a great report from Paul...
"Hi Tony,
I hope this is of interest to you!
I came into your shop to pickup some fresh black and some squid with my mate Pete Tuesday lunchtime this week.
I caught the 9lb (27 inch) bass pictured on my first cast, in the surf on the retrieve, 30ft from my rod tip. It hit the worm/squid cocktail really hard and took me completely by surprise. The rest of the session resulted in numbers of whiting and a few doggies.
I've also included a picture of the 4lb (23 inch) codling Pete caught a couple of weeks ago on your fine bait!
On both occasions we where fishing a couple of hundred yards north of the boats.
Regards, Paul Cripps.
Once bitten twice shy ( 3 November)
Here is a report from John...
"Hi Had a day session between the boats on Monday, slow to start but ended as a
whiting fest, however this little one sneaked in and nearly caught me out !!
John Norton"...lovely photo!
Frozen bait works ( 3 November)
I had this report in today from Kristian Walker...
"Fished this  afternoon /evening at Dungeness using Frozen black Lug and Squid as bait on 4/0 Clip Down Rig's. Caught no fish this afternoon with the wind picking up creating a 4 foot swell. Nearly packed up but persevered as i thought the fish might feed in the dark and that they did. Ended up with 28 Whiting most a keepable size and one small Cod which my partner caught to make it her first Cod caught off the beach.
The DAA Junior Open ( 1 November)
I saw this bit from Terry Carpenter on the club page and I would also like to thank Terry for all the hard work on behalf of the youngsters...
"Like to say thank you to all that fished the DAA Junior open today was a treat to see 17 youngsters enjoying their fishing Thanks also to gerri & dave for helping out
Also to Arron of the Pilot pub for the continued support & Mighty Bright, Gemini
who gave prizes for the competition. The overall winner was Jack Wood Brignall
well done , in all 12 prizes were won. Hope to see you all again next year"

Here are some photos from yesterday posted by Terry.
One is better than none ( 31 October)
I saw this post from Simon Newman on facebook...
"Short session down to low water behind the power station this evening. Lots and lots of whiting and this proper fish about 4 lb at best. Bring on some sw gales pleeeeeze"

Things are looking up ( 31 October)
Here is a report from Paul Child...
"Hi Tony after that little blow we had I decided to fish Littlestone wall but when got there this morning Friday 30/10/15 the wind was cutting past right to left too much. So went to Hythe. Lots and lots  of whiting some were a very good size, good size dogfish as well and  5 small codling about 1lb to 1.5 lbs always a good sign early in the winter... all my fish went back probably in the 4 hr session upwards of 40-50 fish... Other anglers near to me struck lucky one a had two cod 5-6lb and a slightly smaller one and others had a really good bag of good sized codling to 4-5 lb mark. Encouraging for the winter months. Regards Paul"

First codling ( 30 October)
Young Lucas Ruffin (10) fishing with his dad had his first codling today, on the road, the fish weighed in a 3lb 12oz....

At last ( 28 October)
I was checking the weather forecast...and at last we have a bit of wind from the right direction with big tides...this should put some 'colour' in the water for the weekend!
Goodbye tower ( 26 October)
I went down to Galloways to see if what I had been told was true...yes the lookout tower has been removed, all that was left was a pile of boulders, these I was told were going to be removed, taken to Broomhill for the sea is a report from Nigel George...
"Hi Tony,
Fished at Galloways yesterday and only managed a few whiting and a very small bass.
When we arrived, we could see that the lookout tower had gone. As we fished, we witnessed a huge digger and 2 huge lorries remove the remaining rocks that once help to protect the lookout tower. The beach looks so different now without that focal point. Quite sad really. Unfortunately we didn't have a camera on us.
Better fishing on friday, hopefully. Regards, Nigel"

SCSAS match result ( 25 October)
Here is the report from Paul Jarratt...

Southern Circuit Sea Angling Society] Result from our Herne Bay match - 24/10/15 

"Result from our Herne Bay match - 24/10/15 
28 members fished, Whiting, Dogfish, Dabs and Thornback Rays were weighed in 
Well done to Mikey Ferrier for winning the match 

Top 10 - Full result & league table to follow 
1) Mikey Ferrier - 34 fish, 12lb 4ozs 
2) Martin Edwards - 9 fish, 11lb 5ozs 
3) Ashley Brown - 32 fish, 10lb 14ozs 
4) Sam Collier - 10 fish, 8lb 3.5ozs 
5) Keith Neame - 16 fish, 6lb 10ozs 
6) Matthew T Summerfield - 5 fish, 5lb 10ozs 
7) Lionel Watson - 16 fish, 5lb 7.5ozs 
8) Adam Horton - 14 fish, 4lb 15.5ozs 
9) Cieron Bull - 9 fish, 4lb 13.5ozs 
10) Graham King - 14 fish, 4lb 12ozs 

Heaviest fish - Thornback Ray, 8lb 3ozs, Martin Edwards"

Veterans match result ( 24 October)
Here is the result from Wednesdays match with the current league standings...
Nice codling ( 22 October)
I had this report in yesterday from Paul Fox...
"I normally fish the boats at High tide but took a tip from John Ruffhead to fish
Low tide and up. Still plenty of Whiting but caught this Codling whilst a
young whiting had took the  Lug and the Cod had taken the Whiting.  
Hopefully a sign of things to come. P.s. The new longer rod rest works so much
DAA match result ( 21 October)
Here are last Sundays results from Malcolm (statto) Jones...

"DAA match result Sunday 18th October 2015Rover12-30 pm to 4-30 pm

1st      Phil Tanner                  13 fish       7 lb. 2 ½ oz.          
2nd    Paul Jarrett                    9 fish       4 lb.  11 ½ oz.
3rd     Graham King                 4 fish       2 lb. 10 oz.      - HF 1lb. 8 oz. dogfish
4th      Gavin Smith                  6 fish       2 lb. 9 oz.    
5th      Nathan Elliott              8 fish       2 lb. 8 ½ oz. 

Whiting, pouting, dab, dogfish and flounder caught. 14 fished and 13 weighed in Regards, Malcolm"

Another late reminder ( 20 October)
DAA Veterans match tomorrow...kick off 3pm Littlestone wall 
Late reminder ( 17 October)
I saw this facebook message from Steve Harvey...DAA match captain, reminding members of the next DAA match...
"Match time again Sunday.... Booking in at the gate 10.45-11.30....Fishing from 12.30-4.30....A nice early start means a nice early finish.... Hope to see you there... "
Playing with the piranhas ( 16 October)
I had this report from Mark Boakes who spent the night playing with the 'piranhas' (whiting)...
"Fished the point Thursday night, whiting every cast, no keepers. Put out big baits hoping for something better but had no takers, kept the small whiting at bay though. Lots of bait fish in the shallows so there is food out there,probably needs a good blow for the cod to come in. Hope the rod and reel donated will help a youngster to enjoy his /her fishing it's nice to see them out catching fish. Once again great bait, many thanks. Mark"...yes thanks for the donation to the DAA Junior Open on the 31 October.
The full positions ( 15 October)
Here are the current league standings from Paul Jarratt...
Nice sole ( 15 October)
I saw this on the East Sussex Sea Fishing page...lovely late autumn sole caught by Macauley Reeves today at 'Langley point'...I have fond memories cod fishing down there in the seventies...

Another Match Report ( 13 October)
Here is a report from Steve Field of the latest 'Madagascar' league match...
Result of pegged match on Princes Parade. 22 fished, whiting dog fish
and pouting
1st Lionel Watson of Sheppey  - 40 fish 12lb 4.1/2ozs
2nd Mark
Howard of Folkestone - 32 fish 9lb 10ozs
3rd Dave Wood-Brignall of  Ashford -30
fish 9lb 1/2oz
4th Brian Smith of Deal -24 Fish 7lb 13 1/2ozs
5th Martin
Swinyard of Ashford -23 fish 7lb 4ozs
Heaviest fish -Cieran Bull. Dog fish 1lb
Cheers Steve"

Match Report ( 11 October)
Here is a report from Paul Jarratt of the latest Southern Circuit Sea Angling Society match...
"Result from our Sandwich Bay match - 10/10/15 
Great turnout with 29 fishing, our highest attendance since 1982 
Dogfish, Whiting, Pouting, dabs, Cod, and Dover Sole were weighed in 
Well done to Sam Collier for winning the match 
Top 10 - Full result & league table to follow 
1) Sam Collier - 7 fish, 9lb 6ozs 
2) Brian Smith -12 fish, 8lb 3ozs 
3) Lionel Watson - 6 fish, 7lb 1ozs 
4) Joe Stevens - 9 fish, 6lb 3.5ozs 
5) Steve Richards - 11 fish, 6lb 1.5ozs 
6) Brian Nicholson - 7 fish, 5lb 11ozs 
7) Tony Taylor - 5 fish, 5lb 5ozs 
8) Paul Jarrett - 11 fish, 5lb 0.5ozs 
9) Adam Horton - 6 fish, 4lb 15.5ozs 
10) Les Bates - 4 fish, 4lb 13.5ozs 
Heaviest fish - Cod, 3lb 1ozs, Brian Smith"

Mackerel galore ( 11 October)
Reports coming in from behind the power stations, loads of mackerel yesterday! With this east north east wind clearing the water seems to be pushing the mackerel back in...just like last year.
Sad sight ( 8 October)
We had this Porpoise washed up a Dengemarsh on from Simon Newman who was fishing the DAA match...
DAA Juniors ( 7 October)
Here is an update from Terry Carpenter...
"Junior trophies ready for open competition kindly donated by a parent
Just a reminder the DAA Junior Open Competition is on Sat 31st October 2015
Open to all under 16s juniors
Prize for biggest fish & also biggest catch
Total prize money amounts to £100
Top ten juniors get prizes
Book in from 10am--11.15am
(At Pilot Pub car park )
Fish from 12.00---14.30
(If bad conditions we will fish Littlestone )
Some rods & reels to borrow 1st come 1st get. For more information call
JIm --07890003472
Come & enjoy a friendly fishing match with no stress or hassel"

Match result ( 6 October)
Here is the DAA match result for last Sunday from Malcolm (statto) Jones...
"DAA match result Sunday 4th October 2015 – Rover – 2-00 pm to 6-00 pm

1st      Phil Tanner                  16 fish       6 lb. 6 ½ oz.          
2nd    Dave Wood-Brignall    12 fish      5 lb.  6 ½ oz.
3rd     John Smith                    11 fish     4 lb. 12 ½ oz.      
4th      Graham King                9 fish     3 lb. 6 ½ oz.    
5th      Simon Lacey                3 fish     3 lb. 2 ½ oz.  - HF 2 lb. 2 ½ oz. codling

Whiting, pouting, dab, plaice, codling and gurnard caught.
21 fished and 19 weighed in"
Good news...for a change ( 5 October)
I had this email from Paul Hodges...
"Hi Tony
Rods found and handed in. They were picked up by someone walking their dog who didn't realise I had popped down to get my other gear for the trip out with Jerry on Saturday. At least I have them back now all well that ends well.
Regards Paul"

...what a result!
Jelly & Ice cream from Mark ( 5 October)
Here is a report from Mark Boakes...
"Hi tony
Fished the point from Friday morning to Saturday evening,  plenty of bites from small whiting, bigger whiting came to whole squid, difficult to get through the small stuff though. Took this picture of a jellyfish washed up, never seen one as big as this, floated off eventually, hope it survived, great bait as normal, many thanks. Mark"
Action replay ( 5 October)
Here is an update from Paul Hodges...including another photo of that glorious cod...
"Hi Tony 
Here is the picture of the Cod I had whilst out on Fair Chance this Saturday. On an even better note I may have news on my missing rods and reels. They may have been found will update you later. Please thank everyone for their concern and support on tracking them down. Regards Paul"

Nice bass ( 5 October)
I had this report in from James...

"Hi Tony,
I fished Dengemarsh today until high tide and caught a bass that weighed about 1.5lb. An hour before high tide I cast out about 70yards out on lug and squid. It was a hard days fishing we only caught one fish that was a bass which was rewarding as we didn't even have any whiting before hand or any other fish. 
Thanks for the great bait. James Brockman."
Update from Mike ( 5 October)
Mike Richardson sent me an update after the DAA match of his gurnard...well done Mike for getting it back in the sea alive...
"31cm Gurnard. Pretty fish. Kept alive and returned after weigh in. Chap fishing
along the beach from me had one similar size too. Mike R"
Whiting come in all sizes ( 5 October)
I had this report come in from Kristian, we seem to the bigger 'channels' in earlier this year...
"HI, We got our worms from you this morning and am sending a report as promissed.
No wind all Sunny all day. Fished the Longshore drift like you said. Finished up with 16 fish all Whiting with one cracking 38 cm whiting weighing well over 1 pound.
Thanks Kristian" 
Cracking photo ( 4 October)
I had this report in this evening...
"Had this plump bass near fair chance on lug Saturday all the best Steve"
Late summer visitor ( 4 October)
I had this email from Mike Richardson fishing the DAA match...
"Gurnard? At Dengemarsh in match this afternoon Lug and squid."
Yes Mike it looks like a gurnard to me.
 Reminder for Sunday ( 2 October)
Steve Harvey posted this reminder of the next DAA match on Sunday...
"We have a match Sunday... Weathers looking ok (for a change).....Booking in at the gate 12.15-1 fishing 2-6 hope to see you all there"

Wednesday fishing at Dengemarsh ( 2 October)
Here is a report from Neil and Pete fishing the north easterly wind on your back...
"Hello Tony 
this is a report from wednesday during the big tide. Myself and a friend popped into the shop and bought some of you superb bait also my mate bought the tripod excellent quality. We were the guys down from Hampshire. 
Following your advice we fished Dengemarsh and had a good day whiting every cast, a small bass and pouting. 
Nothing to brag about but my friend was able to take 6-7 sizeable whiting home. 
Having chatted with you I did not realise the cost of the bait and more importantly the little commercial profit you make with each score. You are clearly passionate about fishing and this showed with the advice and guidance you gave. Next time I will order to save disappointment. Thanks for everything. Neil and Pete.

Codling on Wednesday ( 2 October)
I had this report in from Kevin of the very few anglers to 'brave' the wind...and he got his reward...
"We fished behind the lighthouse. Lots of whiting-kept 6 of them and a 22" 3lb cod. We also returned a 40cm cod and lost another in the surf."
Big tides ( 30 September)
Cracking tide (8.6m) today...big surf in the east bay...
Greatstone beach...local catch reports during the big tides...plenty of whiting...and a few codling in the west bay!
The full positions ( 30 September)
Here are the full League placings from Paul Jarrett following the Dengemarsh match...
Latest result SCSAS ( 27 September)
Southern Circuit Sea Angling Society...Here are the results of yesterdays match from Paul Jarrett...
"Result from our Dengemarsh match - 26/09/15 
23 members fished, Whiting, Pouting and Dogfish were weighed in 
Well done to Cieron Bull for winning the match 
Top 10 - Full result & league table to follow 
1) Cieron Bull - 54 fish, 18lb 8ozs 
2) Sam Collier - 47 fish, 17lb 2ozs 
3) Wesley Cheeseman - 45 fish, 15lb 6ozs 
4) Dave Sales - 39 fish, 14lb 4ozs 
5) Alan Jarrett - 35 fish, 12lb 12.5ozs 
6) Lionel Watson - 33 fish, 11lb 14.5ozs 
7) Paul Jarrett - 29 fish, 9lb 14ozs 
8) Ashley Brown - 25 fish, 8lb 15ozs 
9) Keith Neame - 21 fish, 7lb 15ozs 
10) Joe Stevens - 19 fish, 7lb 
Heaviest fish - Dogfish 1lb 6.5ozs, Keith Neame"

Cracking bass ( 27 September)
Nice report from shows there are still a few fish about...
"Hi Tony
Thought I would have a go at Jury's Gap this evening. Started fishing an hour before low tide & had these two before the tide had turned. One 7lb the other 6.5lb and have still got home to watch the England rugby.
Regards Mick Winner"
More codling ( 27 September)
Here is a report from Mike Shine ( the photo didn't make the trip)...
"Hi Tony
You asked about the 2.5lb codling I caught off the beach 3 weeks ago but I did not take a picture. well here is the 2.75lb codling from today. Bright sunshine, dead calm and clear water but it took a whole calamari on a size 4 O Pennel rig. 1 plaice big enough to to bring home and a sizeable doggie that went back. Loads of undersized whiting and some big pout. See you soon. Regards. Mike"
Rays still about ( 27 September)
I had this report in last night from Dave Wood Brignall..."Evening tony . Took Kane to a local mark today . He landed his first Ray about 2lb ish and a jumbo pout . Colour dropped out of water on hi tide . Fishing totally died !! . Going to have another go Wednesday on the super tide . Cheers Dave" 
Plenty of fish ( 26 September)
Great report on facebook from Geoff Midgeley...
"Hi tony. Thanks for the bait and choice of location. After grabbing some frozen blacks and a box of squid I set off to the point. Fished from about an hour after low using lug tipped with squid and caught whiting almost every cast. Trying to avoid this I set up the squid rig you sold me and wrapped lug inside the squid with elastic. Boom. Was straight onto a nice size dogfish. 15 min later with the same bait and a 45cm codling just before high water. Half an hour after that was another dogfish which put up a fight! All three fish were caught on a short cast as you advised so no need to belt out your baits.. Thanks again for the bait and advice. See you again soon "

DAA member does well ( 24 September)
The right plaice at the right time...I saw this on facebook, Darren Brooks had this brilliant fish on Chesil beach..."Had this 3lb13oz plaice from chesil today!"

This came in yesterday ( 22 September)
Ooops I had this report in yesterday from Mark Norton...I wonder who he was referring to...?
"Tony Fished dungie Sunday from 9-4 Loads of whiting and a few sized codling Got there to find loads of rubbish on the beach which I hate so me and a friend bagged it all up At about 1pm we were invaded by what felt like a swarm of guys in a fishing comp They all appeared over the ridge at the same time all in a line lol"
Nice Fish ( 22 September)
Here is a report from Steve...who braved the rain today...
"Hi Tony
Just got back from fishing the end of the wooden walk way, on a very
wet & windy day, thanks for sorting out a great selection of bait. Whitting on
every cast, a doggie & this Bass of between 1 & 2 pounds
that took the blow lug.
See you again soon. Steve Granville, from Orpington
The full result from yesterday ( 21 September)
Here are full results and league placings 'posted' by Malcolm...

You never know what turns up ( 21 September)
Here is a report from Jonathan...
"Hi Tony 
Know it's not Dungerness but had a day at Folkestone warren fishing
for a change I had two bass and my son had a small turbot which is a first for
us all went back safely to get bigger"                                                                                   
  Yesterday's match ( 21 September)
Here is the top line results from yesterdays DAA match from Malcolm (statto) Jones...
"DAA match result Sunday 20th September 2015 – Rover – 1-30 pm to 5-30 pm

1st       Stuart Joy                     10 fish     12 lb. 2 oz.      
2nd      Gavin Smith                 14 fish     8 lb. 10 oz.    
3rd      Phil Tanner                  9 fish       7 lb. 10 oz.          
4th      Simon Lacey                6 fish     6 lb. 9  oz.
5th      Dave Wood-Brignall    9 fish     6 lb.  7 ½ oz.
           HF      Steve Foster                 3lb. 10 oz.   Codling
Dogfish, whiting, pouting and several codling caught.
23 fished and 20 weighed in"
Whiting, whiting and more whiting ( 20 September)
Here is a report from James Webster...
"Hi Tony – when I picked up some of your excellent bait, I promised a report of Friday afternoon / night. In short, very little during daylight hours, but as soon as it got dark, things went beserk, as ever, although whiting only. In a couple of hours over low water as it got dark, then another couple over high water early Sat morning I landed over 60 – many around the 8-10oz size which make a great fish soup! Wouldn’t want this every time - obviously a codling or two would have been nice – but it was fun and a glorious sunset and starry night. Cheers. James"

Don't get stung  ( 18 September)
I had a customer in yesterday who had been stung by a I thought I would reprise this report from David Hutchinson last October to warn and remind people...
"Hi went to Dungeness Sunday.  Fished of the walk way started at low tide the fishing was good catching whiting, pouting and a nice codling that went back.  Then high water it all went quiet the same was all along the beach apart from this weever high decided to impale it's self."
For all you new anglers out there...this is the time of year we get lots of 'weevers' about (see photo) they have a venomous dorsal fin (spines) and the gill cover, so always carry a beach cloth to hold round the fish as you unhook them. If you get 'stung' in the hand place it in very hot water as this will dissipate the venom...

Fishing match on Sunday ( 17 September)
The next DAA league match is on Sunday booking in 11.45 to 12.30 fish 1.30 to 5.30pm. latest catch feed back...lots of whiting, dogfish, pouting, small bass and codling...but no reports of sole.

Reminder ( 15 September)
I had this come through on facebook... a timely reminder if you can spare some time...

Nice bass ( 15 September)
I had this report on facebook from Simon Newman...
"About 6lbish from near the lifeboat station today. Ate a whiting...Second cast, kerching!"
Lost?...has been found ( 15 September)
Two rods and reels have been found at Dengemarsh yesterday if they are yours? give me a shout! Braving the weather ( 15 September)
Here is a report just in from Terry Carpenter...
"Hi went dungy today behind boats  11.30---14.30  weather was ok 
Caught plenty of nice size whiting and a 54cm codling along with a smaller 1
Cheers terry"
New sign on the gate ( 14 September)
I put up the sign to remind DAA members...No Fires...and No mucking about with the boats or their gear...with the weather forecast...we will see if it gets 'blown' away...

Results from last Friday ( 13 September)
Here is a report from Steve Field...
Madagascar league match 6, 11 sept results
"17 fished with codling, dogfish , whiting , sole , pout and gurnard returned to
the scales
1 Stuart Joy from New Romney 11lb 7oz -15 fish 
2 Dave Wood Brignall from St Marys Bay 8lb 11oz - 21 fish
Heaviest Fish Mike Cox Codling 4lb 61/2oz 
Dave WB most fish -21
Cheers Steve"
Another nice bass ( 12 September)
I had this report this morning from Jim Smith...
"Hi Tony,
Went to dungeness last night (Friday 11th) made our way wooden walkway near lighthouse and it was packed with fisherman's!
So we mad our way to the toilets car park? It was slow fishing high tide just pouting! Just before tide went really out my brother in law caught this nice size bass! @ 1:15am Saturday morning (12th)
Small 5 hook rig with fresh lug! Well Done Jimmy!
Jim from Kent."
 It will get better ( 12 September)
I had this report in yesterday from Kevin Warden...
"I fished 10pm until 5am behind the boats. A few dogfish and small whiting-all returned. Let's hope the cod return soon to put on weight."

Mixed bag ( 10 September)
I had this report from Daniel Quigley today...
Hi Tony.
I fished just past the boils yesterday (Wednesday 9th).
Slow day with 2 small bass and a rockling.
I changed to smaller hooks to try for some
flatties but was then plagued by those pesky whiting.
The full results from Sunday ( 8 September)
Thanks to Malcolm (statto) Jones...and a late update from Dave Wood Brignal said there was a dab as well...

Great catch...what a start ( 7 September)
Here is a great report from Eron...
"Hi Tony,
Went fishing to Dungeness near the lighthouse low tide up to high,Doggies,Whiting,Pouting and my 9 old son Eron caught he's 1st codling @ 01:50 am early morning sunday!
Using 5 small cod feather hooks rig on fresh lug.
Tight lines. Eron SNR Kent.
Here are the results ( 7 September)
Here are the results of yesterdays match from Malcolm (Statto) Jones...

DAA match result Sunday 6th September 2015 – Rover – 3-30 pm to 7-30 pm

1st       Stuart Joy                     13 fish     11 lb. 11 ½ oz.      
2nd      Nathan Elliott             11 fish     11 lb. 10 oz.    
3rd      Simon Newman           11 fish     9 lb. 10 oz.      HF 2 lb. 12 ½ oz. codling    
4th      Cieron Bull                   10 fish     6 lb. 1 ½  oz.
5th      Alex Veel                      7 fish     5 lb.  9 ½ oz.   
Dogfish, whiting, pouting and codling caught.
18 fished and 17 weighed in. Regards, Malcolm

Yesterday's match ( 7 September)
I haven't had the DAA match report yet...but I saw this report on facebook from Simon Newman who took part...
"Just waiting for the weigh in after the daa comp which has just finished. This is the earliest I have ever caught a sizeable codling at dungeness. It could be an interesting winter!"

Nice report ( 5 September)
I had this report in from Stuart Taylor...
"HI tony, just a quick note to let you know about my mate and i day today.Picked up the usual excellent bait from your shop and key , just after nine, and on the beach to the left of the boats soon after. Tide was just about down, so looking forward to fishing it all the way up. we both set up the same with 2hook flapper rigs, mine baited with lug on the top and squid on the other, my mate both lug.I fished at around 50 yards, Steve probably double that,just tightened up, when i got a beautiful bouncing rod, end result doggy in perfect condition(i do like em,maybe im sad) looked over to see Steve with a flapper rig full of whiting. And so it was all day till we left about half five, sea was alive with fish, mixed species, a truely amazing day. sorry no photos never thought about it, anyway far too busy. Cheers Stu"

Beautiful fish ( 5 September)
Here is a report from Nigel George who had this beautiful fish...
"Hi Tony,
I fished Tuesday afternoon at Bexhill  at high tide and caught this on first cast. My 7 year-old granddaughter noticed the bite and thought i caught a big shark. I think it's a Smooth-hound, approx. 4lbs and  approx. 33 inches l
long. It was returned safely. Unfortunately, that was the only bite.                                  
Regards, Nigel"
Results from Wednesday ( 4 September)
Here are the results and current standings of the 'Veterans Series', courtesy of Malcolm Jones...

Five matches in...and everybody seems to be enjoying the series...three more to go...everything to play for!

A junior reminder ( 3 September)
This was posted on facebook by Terry Carpenter of the DAA...
"Next junior meet is sun 13th September
Meet at Pilot pub car park at 10.30am
All juniors welcome come and fish with
a friendly bunch of kids and have a nice
morning fishing"

A pleasant surprise ( 2 September)
I had this report in from Darren Brooks...
"Hi Tony, fished behind the boats this afternoon had this little fella!"
We don't see many 'Spurdogs' nowadays...used to be so quite rare...if I had my way they would be protected.
Things that go bump in the night ( 2 September)
I had report in from Wayne...
"Hi Tony,
Fished my favourite spot at Dungeness last night.....4hrs up to HW.
The bites came right on cue (for my chosen spot)...2½hrs into the flood.
First a little rattle, followed by a much bigger 'rattle' resulted in a Bass (47cm...released)...this was followed with some decent Whiting...big dogs...and a few good sized Pout.
I left a live bait in close...just in case that monster Bass was lurking!
Fishing another rod on worm...i only used 8 worms (monsters) over 4hrs......using 1" pieces.....virtually every bait resulted in a fish. Sole.
So....whats happened to the Sole this year?? 
All the best Wayne" Good question only one was weighed in last week at the Sole Open!!!

Woof woof ( 1 September)
I had this report just in from Eli Frith...
"I was fishing round the back of the boats with my dad and caught a dogfish on some fresh lug"
Looking hungry ( 1 September)
I just had this report in from Chris Herbert...
"Hi Tony 
Sorry for the late report – had a problem with systems. 
Fished behind the boats afternoon of 27th August from low tide up. First cast resulted in this pencil thin Cod of about 24 inches. The poor thing was released to fatten up on Dungie Mac Lug. Second cast was a Lesser Spotted Puppy . Both caught on fresh out lug at about ten yards out. There followed the usual Whiting. There was some interest at range but no hook-ups.
"Had an interesting catch whilst on holiday in Devon. Initially thought I had weed on the hook. Nobody was interested to help take the poor thing of the hook. Glad to say it went back OK although as you can see by the colour it was very angry."
Nice dogfish ( 1 September)
I had this emailed report last night...but I can't find a name...

"Hi Tony, fished Dungeness Sunday at the end of wooden walkway from
5.30 pm till 11.30 when rain started. My brother Chris caught this big dogfish
and a small codling both safe returned. All the best"
Bass reminder ( 31 August)
From midnight...the 1st of September the legal retention size for bass will be 42cm.
Any fish under that size must be returned to the sea immediately!