Beach Catch Reports

If you get a good catch let me know, you can also send me your pictures!

Calling all in the sun ( 23 May)
I had this reminder from Terry Carpenter of the DAA juniors...
"Juniors fishing this Sunday meet at 11.45 at pilot pub car park 
New members welcome"

Hard work behind the power station ( 22 May)
I had this report in from Alex Veel of the DAA match on Sunday...

It helps if you like doggies ( 21 May)
I had this report in from Andrew Elsey...
"Hi Tony had 11 dog fish and 1 bass all went back.that was behind the boats cheers for bait" Nice day to be on the beach ( 21 May)
I had this report in from Colin Hemsworth this morning...
"Hi Tony,
Arrived for early HT Saturday and headed for the back of the boats, I thought I'd use up the frozen lug leftovers from last the few sessions  before restocking with fresh lug once the shop opened. Started the day with a few whiting and dogfish, followed by a schoolie and then on the last cast a bigger bass, goes to show nothing wrong with frozen. After a quick visit to seagull tackle I set up near my first spot,  had one more bass but the dogfish were coming thick and fast, at one point the lead was barely hitting the bottom before hooked. It was a nice day to be out on the beach, thanks for the lug and see you soon. Colin"

East and West with David ( 19 May)
I had this report in from David (waterproof) Kingsman...
Hi Tony,
Thanks for some great bait today before I start.

Weds night.
 Ray fishing in the East with my friend Shane.
Loads of action but no monsters. 
3 Rays between us and a few small Hounds.
Crab, Blueys and Sandeels all working.
Rained all night but you don't seem to notice things like that when your catching.

All this Hound and Ray fishing is great but Ive been missing just a normal days fishing at Dungy. Good old fashioned worm baits and casting about after everything.
Got to Dengemash few hours before HT.
Thought it looked alright. Tried in close first ,
going further out until I located something.
Got the range right then say back and enjoyed the action.
Didn't stay too long after HT as the heavens opened up again.
Ended up with 6 x Dogfish, 2 x small Bass and a rather large Pouting.
Great fun and I really enjoyed it. Tiny bit of weed but no problem.
See you soon, Regards Dave.

Not so good for David ( 19 May)
I had this report in from David...bad luck...the day before one of my customers had a 7lb bass from the same venue...
In case you are on for posting this report so today as I said I was fishing the walkaway from 8.15am until 15.15 when the rain have started... was very nice day up to this point.! 
 Fishing wise... well,  I'm not sure what it was. I could see either plenty of seals or dolphins, very close to the shore but I didn't even have a crab bite the entire session. All my bait came back untouched. Very weird but as we say that's fishing. 
Many thanks David Grinfeld "

DAA Match on Sunday ( 18 May)
I saw this update on the DAA page from Alex can join the Dungeness Angling Association on the day if you want to take part.
"Reminder time....
Our next match is this Sunday (May 21st). It's a pegged match at the powerstation 5pm-9pm. Sign in is 3:30pm-4pm at the gate by the point, then as per, we'll drive round in convoy. Hope to see you all there"

Cracking photos from Tony ( 17 May)
I had this report in this afternoon from Tony Castle...
"Loads bass at Reculver no more than 12 feet out and good size. Best place is first rocks right of Reculver Towers.  All the best"
Well I have to say bass are coming out all over...Great news...but remember, no keeping until the end of June...and then only one per day till the years end.

Bertie bass...a nice fish ( 17 May)
I had this report in today from Richard Briers today...
"Hi Tony, 
Thanks for your wonderfully fresh bait yesterday (Tuesday). My wife & I decided to take advantage of the good weather forecast and come down to fish at Dungeness. We set up at 11:30am (2 hours after low tide) behind the boats and had the beach to ourselves. The temperature was over 20 degrees and the wind was behind us from the west. I caught this 46cm bass at medium range with the first cast which made the trip more than worthwhile. We packed up at 3:30pm having also caught ten dogfish and one whiting. The fishing was fairly easy but the May bloom started to become a nuisance just before high water. 
Will be back again soon. Regards, Richard"

Plenty of fish behind 'the boats' ( 14 May)
I had this report in from Andy...plenty of fish...
"Had good day at Dungeness behind boats.thanks for bait as normal bait was good all fish catch on black lug thanks again Andy Elsey"

"Sharks" on the wooden walkway ( 14 May)
Here is a report from yesterday by Terry Gifford...
"Hi Tony 
Fished to the right of the wooden walkway from low to high tide. Was surprisingly chilly and as the wind grew so did the surf, turned into great bass territory!!
We managed three schoolies, rockling, copious amounts of whiting and another first for young Oscar a doggy (or a shark as he insisted!!)
Most action happened at low tide but pretty steady all day
Cheers. Terry, Lee, Ken and Oscar Gifford "

A nice mixed bag ( 11 May)
I had this report in this morning from Stephen Davies...
"Hi Tony we've been fishing at Dengemarsh for the last three weeks I didn't send any catch reports, it's been very hard work with dog fish and whiting with a few fatties, we decided we go back to the power station yesterday, we fish from about 8.30 to 3.30 pm the weed was driving me mad I was ready to go home when a good bite and a 34cm plaice. Ken caught lots of small whiting but did catch this very small codling yes codling and I did catch a 35cm bass. Steve Davies."

Nice to see such fun ( 9 May)
I had this FB report yesterday from Lukasz Loza...
"Very fishy Dungeness"

DAA match last Sunday ( 9 May)
I has this report in yesterday from Alex Veel of the DAA...
"Yesterdays results & updated league table attached...
x15 members fished this full rover match, with most opting to fish near the point or boats. The dogs were in a feeding mood around low water with some decent weights being brought to the scales. Well done to Phil on the win & a warm welcome to new member Dave.  Dogfish, Whiting & Pouting caught."

Dog after dog for Colin ( 9 May)
I had this report in from Colin Hemsworth yesterday...
"Hi Tony,
Fished near the walkway yesterday, I arrived a little later then usual and set up on HT, I was hoping for a repeat of last week and to see a few more vigorous bass taps on the rod but no so luck, I guess it wouldn't be as exciting if you caught every time! I was kept very busy with dogfish almost every cast and most were big ones as well along with two mini whiting for a bit of variety. Fished until the worms ran out along with my hopes of an early evening bass but appetite definitely whetted for the summer and that bass pb!  Thanks for the bait and see you soon. Colin"

DAA 'Vets' match last Wednesday ( 7 May)
Here is the result from last weeks 'Vets' match...well done John was in a challenging north easterly wind...

Hard work...but worth it ( 4 May)

I had this report in from Ryan Tailor yesterday...
"Hi Tony
A late couple of lines from my Saturday visit behind the station, which certainly proved a tricky day. 
A combination of fierce tide and equally fierce crabs meant it was always going to be tough, but keeping to the game plan of fishing at distance and regular recasting at least ensured the rigs were primed and ready.
My final total was a very modest 2 flounders and 2 bass, but i was pleased enough as one bass measured 42cm and for me that represented a pb, (woop, woop) on a day that may not have changed me but it certainly challenged me!
Bye for now. Ryan."

DAA match...very tough going ( 2 May)

I had this report in from Alex Veel yesterday of Sunday DAA match...
"Yesterdays results & updated league table attached...
Rock hard fishing in a stiff S.E.wind and the start of the may weed. x11 fished with just x3 weighing in. Well done to Colm on the win & heaviest fish.
Dabs, Flounder & Whiting caught. (Bass also, but excluded from match)"

Wind blown...but not down ( 2 May)

I had this report in from Ben May yesterday...
"Hi mate thought I'd give you an update! Today, regardless of the weather me and the old man ventured down to dungeness in hope of a bend in the rod. Using all different baits like lugworm, squid, bluey, herring and mackerel we was only able to bank a very small whiting! Very poor conditions with the waves towered high and big breakers smashing onto the shingle. Wind in our faces all day long which with that the rain hit us hard we ended up packing up and calling it a day! (As well as every other dedicated angler out there) we shall be back for another crack soon!"

What a cracking photo ( 2 May)

I had this cracking photo sent in by Lukasz Loza...but I do worry about that rod :-)

A mixture of baits pays off ( 1 May)

I had this report in from Tim Friday...
"Tony, thank you ever so much for the advice, much appreciated. Didn't fancy contending with the breakers at Dymchurch so headed for Dungeness.
Arrived at 3pm, fished the tide down until 11 from behind the boats. In the daylight hours caught a pouting and about half a dozen small whiting. From 9 until 11 caught 7 dogfish. Baits used were king prawns, blueys, herring, squid and frozen lug.
Thanks again. Tim"

Good day for Colin ( 1 May)

I had this report in last night from Colin Hemsworth..."Hi Tony, Fished the back of the boats today, arrived a few hours before high tide and fished till about 5 when the wind picked up a bit. A fun day's fishing, conditions were good, had dogfish first few casts followed by two bass about an hour after ht, whiting, more dogfish and a slug, all on lug. Thanks for the monster worms and see you soon, Colin."

What a way to start ( 1 May)

I had this great photo in from Kris Hatton yesterday...
My son Charlie caught this next to power station on low tide at 10am this morning 30/04/17 Kris

Nice mixed bag for Andy ( 29 April)

I had this report in from Andy Elsey...I had further reports of more bass and smoothounds..."Thanks for bait today.had good catch plaice dog fish and nice bass from andy"

DAA Juniors 'meet' report ( 29 April)

I had this report in this evening from Terry Carpenter... "Hi tony
DAA juniors had their latest meet today sat 29th April  on a lovely sunny morning with light winds .They fished behind Jerry's boat fair chance and had a good bit of fishing with Aden catching a 39cm bass which was returned everyone caught a fish with bass being the prominent fish caught along with whiting and slug .Very good day had by all Cheers Terry"

May Day...May Day ( 27 April)

Another reminder from the DAA, Chairman Simon Newman posted...
"Hi Folks, just a quick reminder that the lock on the EA gate changes on Monday 1st May."

DAA match this Sunday ( 27 April)

I saw this reminder from Alex Veel...
Reminder time....
Next match Dengemarsh rover this Sunday (April 30th). 
Sign in 11:30-12pm at Dengemarsh car park. Fishing 1-5pm.

Smoothounds being reported ( 26 April)

After complaining about no reports I had this one in from Hakan Can...
"Hi tony this was last week near to power station"

DAA 'Juniors' reminder ( 26 April)

I saw this reminder on the 'Dungeness Angling Association' facebook page from Terry Carpenter...
"Junior fishing this sat 29th @11.30 @pilot pub fishing dungeness this week"
...Have a great day...and send me a report.

It has quiet this last week ( 26 April)

It has been quite after the bank holiday with very few fishing...and those who do have not sent in any sorry I have had nothing to give you...lets hope it picks up and we get more fish to report...these massive tides coming at the end of this week should have a effect .

A hard day at Denge...( 23 April)

I had this report in from Neil Rodwell fishing down at Dengemarsh yesterday...
"Hi Tony. Nothing to report from denge today unfortunately. Tried worms bluey and cockles and not so much as a sniff. Think there was quite a bit of crab activity due to my rigs sometimes coming back with the hook missing.  Still, i won't catch fish sitting at home so I'll keep trying! Thanks again for the bait today. Speak soon. Neil"
I thought I would put up one of your previous catches Neil...just to cheer you up...and hopefully whats to come...
What a cracking fish...( 23 April)
I saw this on 'south eastern fishing' page yesterday...well done Ashley Brown...
"Just had this at Herne bay in a match..... 65lb" what a cracking sting ray...I know its not Dungeness...but it beats a whiting...

DAA 'Vets' round four ( 19 April)

Round four of the DAA 'Vets' fished a chilling onshore east wind which kept the fishing slow...welcome to Janet Luck fishing her first match today...well done to John Wigstone for coming first.

Well done hit ( 18 April)

I had this report in from Ryan Tailor...well done catching your plaice...we have been very busy over the bank nice to see so many 'first timers' wanting to give beach fishing a go...
"Hi Tony
Ventured down to Dungy on Saturday with 'Operation orange spot' firmly in mind and this is how it went..
I'd decided to avoid Dengemarsh and go behind the station, on the basis our dog friends seem (slightly) less prolific there this time of year, which in turn meant the baits may stay untouced long enough to give the flatties a chance. Not forgetting the crabs and piranha, of course..
The first couple of hours were quiet then the first Whiting came ashore, and is often the case a few then appeared, along with the inevietable doggies, but with the tide now really running the action picked up. Everything was coming at distance, and with the amount of line out, spotting bites in the conditions was nigh on impossible. 
However, one hour before HW, one of the rods showed a small quiver, and lifting into it showed there was definately something attached. In it came, and then just behind the first breaker, a flash of creamy belly surfaced, my pulse quickened, then one more wave saw a beauty with red spots resting on the shingle. Bingo! My first Plaice since i was a schoolboy fishing on Southend pier in 1988!
I fished on 'til 4pm with only doggies and (of course) whiting for company but it mattered not, that Plaice had made my day and the drive back to London was a happy one!
Good luck one and all and of course if it doesn't challenge you it doesn't change you.
Regards and bye for now Tony, Ryan."

DAA 'Vets' reminder ( 17 April)
Just to remind you 'old boys' the next DAA vets match is on Wednesday fish 2.30 till 5.30 high tide 3.50. Book in at the 'wall'  2.00.
Just enjoy the day ( 17 April)
I had this report in from Kristian has been a busy weekend but with this north easterly airflow the west bay would be my choice...but it can be tough but 'hey' you never know...that's fishing...
Hi Tony,
Had a good day out at Dungeness today using your bait. Fishing not so good with only 1 dogfish and 2 whiting due to the fact the wind got up to around 30 mph at 12. 
Still in search of my first plaice of the year but will try again soon and hope for better conditions. Thanks Kristian"

I know i'm strange...I like dogs ( 14 April)
Neil Rodwell sent me this report this afternoon...woof...woof...
"Hi Tony. Quick report from denge marsh today. Started at low tide with a flat calm sea. Had dogfish from the start. Some big some smaller with the odd pin whiting and rockling thrown in. They ate anything I threw at them. The bites died off on high tide approach with baits coming back untouched. Decided to call it a day at 2 with the wind blowing quite hard by that point. Didn't get any rays or spotties but if you're gonna catch nuisance species than you can't beat the doggies! Speak soon. Regards."

Sharks 'R' US ( 14 April)
I had this report in last night from John...I have never known so many large dogfish being reported...what with the rays...
"Hi tony john Hodgkinson fished behind the lifeboat 2 schoolies 2 doggies 1 flounder and a few whiting and rockling" 

Each day is different ( 12 April)

I had this report in from Steve...
"Hi Tony We decided to go fishing yesterday because the weather forecast look better than today's the sun did shine all day, but what a difference a week makes last week more fish than we could count yesterday we managed just two, I  had one bite all day and caught this 36cm plaice let's hope next weeks better. Steve Davies"

Dengemarsh...and plaice ( 11 April)

had this report in today from John...with these big tides lets hope it gets better...
"Hi tony john Hodgkinson Fished dengemarsh today 10 till 14.00 2 nice plaice 38 cm and 34 cm and only a couple of piranha" 

Tough in the bright sun ( 10 April)

I had this report in from Colin Hemsworth...another tough day...
"Hi Tony, headed for dengemarsh yesterday with the hopes of a place or maybe even a ray, the weather was lovely but no bites all day, tried casting close in to far out but no takers, bait was straight lug on one rod and herring/bluey lug wrap or bluey chunks on the other. Night came I had a little flatfish and then the whiting appeared to save a blank, thanks for the bait and see you soon, Colin."

Blanc de Blanc ( 10 April)

I had this report in from Warren Salter...after that I think you need a stiff drink...
"Sadly not a single sausage. Nada. Nothing. Dengemarsh fishing from 10am till 6pm the only thing seen caught was a small plaice and that was it. We had 7 rods out different distances, rigs, baits and nothing at all. I did win the sunburn competition though. Could not believe the amount of cutflefish bones around. Crazy how we export millions of them each year and we don't eat them here."

DAA match result...yesterday ( 10 April)

I had this report in today from Alex Veel of yesterdays match...summers coming...somebody hooked a mackerel...
"Plenty of flatties with Plaice & Flounder fact not one round fish carded! Well done to Shane for winning 2 in a row now.
Next match April 30th. Dengemarsh rover 1-5pm."

Plaice in the sun at Galloways ( 9 April)
I had this report from David Kingsman this afternoon...
"Hi Tony,
Sorry for the late report.
After a nice day (Weds) Plaice fishing. I was really happy to learn there was no shooting for a while at Galloways.
Headed down there Thursday to fish high tide.
Little amusing story.
I'm happily fishing away when my friend Patrick turned up. We had a natter and he asked me ' What are you fishing on?'
 I replied ' Sand of course'.
He laughed and told me that the beach has all moved and I was actually fishing on black gravel. 
Whats amusing is the fact that before he told me that. I was convinced I must be casting miles further than normal and reaching some faraway gravel ridge at the back of the sand 😁😁😁
Anyway, had a move but it never made much difference. Tried fish baits all day but only caught Dogfish. It was tough going. Whiting on the worms and the wind got chilly in the evening.
Friday 7th....
Pressed the reset button and headed back to Galloways.
Totally different today.
Plaice from the off. Nice sized 38cm with 2 x others same size. Nice Flounder on the ebb. 
Just shows you.  Every day is different.-- 
Best regards, Dave"

A lovely gurnard for Tony ( 9 April)
I had this report in from Tony Holland...
"Hi Tony,
We had a days fishing today 8/4/17 at Hythe, fishing a bit slow with a few small plaice and dabs and then this for Brian Huggins a 2lb 1oz gurnard looked as if it had gone for s small whitting on the hook, something a bit different and once again super advice from one Tony to another "
Lovely fish...we are getting more gurnard reported...I'm told they're great eating.

DAA match reminder from Alex ( 7 April)
I saw this on facebook from Alex Veel of the DAA...
"Evening all, just a reminder for our next match this Sunday (9th)....
Pegged match at the Powerstation 9am-1pm. Sign in 7:30-8am at the gate. As normal, we'll then drive round in convoy.
We've got the weather on our side, fingers crossed a few fish feature for everyone...don't forget we're now on the summer size limits which might help"
Dogfish have been warned...break out the sandeels!

No rays for David ( 6 April)
I had this report in today from David...
"Hi Tony 
Went yesterday to Dengemarsh trying to target Rays, (I didn't have the time to pass by you so I was relaying on the bait I had). I fished from low water into 3 hrs after HT, mostly fished on Herring, Bluyes and Sandeels I had. It Produced quit few dogfish (6 or 7) and some Whitings as usual. Couldn't produce a Ray though . Few other anglers long side of me didn't produce as well but the dogies, some flaties and the occasional Whitings. Even a guy The was fishing on Peeler Crab and he didn't produce any different. Anyhow every time is a different experience. Thanks for the info. Many thanks David Grinfeld"

 Sun shining...light breeze ( 6 April)
I had this report in this morning from Steve...
"Hi Tony our weekly fishing trip this week was Dengemarsh beach, when we arrived at about 8.15 am the sun was shining and a light breeze from behind us, the water still not very clear but fish were on the feed from the start, we fished just to the left of the water outlet, by the end of our day we caught more dogfish and whiting than we could count, but we did catch our target species we had 4 plaice and a flounder till next time Steve Davies"

Dengemarsh fishing well ( 6 April)
I had this report in from Dave Kingsman fishing yesterday...
"Hi Tony,
Thanks for the short notice bait today. It was great.
Decided to fish Dengemarsh.
Water wasn't as clear as the purists like.
Still thought it was worth a go.
Caught 3 x decent Plaice in the end but had to cast for them.
Plenty of other species about.
Fishing well done there really and a lovely day to be on the beach."

Fun in the sun for Ryan... ( 4 April)
I had this report in from Ryan Taylor, its important to enjoy the day...sad to say Ryan I was fishing Dungeness in those says and the shape of the 'point' was totally different...with 'cod fever' very busy...a long while ago...
"Hi Tony
As promised, a little report from my impromptu trip to Dengemarsh on Sunday, which only started as my girlfriend had 'Wedding head' (read monster hangover) and i didn't!
After grabbing some lug from you, (lovely worms btw, compliments to your diggers!) i made my way to Denge with hopes of a plaice or two, but dissapointingly coloured and choppy water on arrival meant that may be a tall order. Still, i hadn't got a rod out for at least 4 or 5 weeks and with the promise of some good weather, i was definately going to enjoy it no matter what.
It didn't take too long for me to wonder who let the dogs out as our finned canines were arriving at a rate of knots, and then it was onto a mini beasts convention as whiting, schoolies and slugs gatecrashed the party but i was enjoying myself all the same and when packing up time arrived without my hoped for plaice who was i to complain??
It was a perfect day for being by the seaside anyway!
Unrelated, but maybe of some interest to all the seagull community, was an article i came across in an old copy of 'Angling' magazine. It centred on Dungeness and specifically the Point and how it wasn't the spot it used to be... and this magazine was from April 1969!
Check out the picture!
Anyway, that's me for now Tony and hopefully i'll be back down soon for another crack at anything flat.
As ever, if it doesn't challenge you it won't change you. Regards Ryan."

Is this our best ray season ever ( 2 April)
Another great ray from the east bay...Roy Godden had a couple of rays this morning the photo being the best of the bunch...hitting 10lb on the scales...

Galloways...another great ray ( 1 April)
I had this cracking photo from Alex Whittlesea...
"Hi Tony, here is the photo of that ray I had the other day, all 9-6 of it lol. Shirl.

What a great day? ( 1 April)
I had this report in from Neil Rodwell...
"Hi Tony. After the fun and games of my card not working and having to find a cash machine (which was of course broken) I finally got to the station around 10. Fished to the right of the boils and had to deal with crabs and weed most of the day. Grand total was 5 fish 4 species. Rockling, whiting, dogfish and the world's smallest codling. Got back to my car and slammed my finger in the waste bin taking the skin off it which takes me back to our conversation on why people aren't going fishing anymore! Lol. On the up side I got talking to a couple of friendly bird watchers who let me view a peregrine falcon through their binoculars. The sun was out which was nice. I'll be back again for those rays and plaice soon. Regards. Neil"

A nice west bay ray ( 1 April)
I had this great email this morning from Lester Kellerway...
"Hi Tony
Had another crack at the rays again.Chasing my elusive double.
I had the entire beach to myself.Bit surprising,But being such a late high tide i guess it's only the mad ones out at his time.
From the off i was plagued by dogfish and the odd whiting,until the golden hour arrived. A beautiful female weighed at 10LB 7OZ  That's one target ticked off the list for the year. Next on the list a double smoothound.
Once again bait was fresh herring.

Dungeness & District reports ( 31 March)
I had this update from Simon Newman of the DAA...
"Hi Tony
I noticed you haven't had many reports in from Dungeness and area so I thought I'd send you an update.Not many targetting the point area, but Dengemarsh is still producing plaice (the further you cast the more plaice you will catch, Chris Harris and Alan Wright fished Denge on Tuesday and caught plaice, flounder, whiting and rockling).  
Alex Whittesea and Darren Brooks fished Galloways recently and caught thornback rays (Alex had a cracker at over 9lb) and Darren and myself fished Dymchurch a couple of nights ago and caught 6 rays between us (ok Darren had 5 LOL). 
Dave Knott fished Dymchurch over low yesterday and caught 4 skate, best again just over 9lb. Bluey and herring best baits for the rays at the moment. No need for big baits, a bait about the size of your little finger is perfect." 

As things calm down...more plaice ( 30 March)
I had this report in from Vehit fishing down at Hythe...
"Hi Tony
Not a bad days fishing on Tuesday down at hythe near the fishing boats, Managed to get 4 nice plaice between 35cm-39cm. Really was a lovely day to be fishing.
See you soon mate. Vee" 

Mixed species at Hythe ( 30 March)
Very few reports coming in...not many fishing Dungeness, quite a lot fishing Hythe chasing the plaice (still a bit thin). Here is a report from Steve that came in yesterday...
"Hi Tony we went to Dungeness today it was very windy so we decided to go to Hythe, we fished at Slade Road I caught over 30 fish, I had 5 nice dog fish, dabs, rockling, pouting and whiting as you can see. Steve Davies"

Not the best direction E.N.E.... ( 26 March)
I had this report in from Alex Veel of the DAA with the results of last nights match...
a 'rover' in the west bay...
"A warm welcome to new member Janet & well done all who fished. Not easy in the strong E.N.E wind. 
Flounders, Dabs, Pouting, Whiting Rockling & Dogfish caught. 
Next match April 9th. Sign in 7:30 - 8am Fish 9am - 1pm."

Breezy dawn patrol... ( 26 March)
I had this report in from John Moxon who had a great early start this morning...but that must have been breezy...
"Went to early morning of Dover pier got 20 doggies and a huge thornback ray on squid with a 4/o hook" 

Sunny day...out of the wind ( 25 March)
I had this report in from Lester, fishing yesterday...I must say some very nice photos...
"Hi tony
Thought i would give the west bay a try for a ray or two.
Just the one this evening though.Plenty of dogfish and the odd whiting thrown in for good measure. All taken on fresh herring.
Best regards. Lester kellaway"

Target flounders...only dabs ( 24 March)
I just had this report in from David Kingsman...
"Hi Tony,
Not much to report from yesterday I'm afraid.
Gave behind the Power Station a go at low tide.
Plenty of fish about but no target Flounders this time.
Dabs, Dogfish and Whiting for me.
Guy next door had quite a nice one so there was the odd Flounder about anyway.
See you soon, Regards Dave."

DAA Veterans match results ( 24 March)
Hear are the results and standings from the DAA Veterans match on Wednesday (22nd)...tough going with the wind and rain...thanks to John Smith for 'booking-in' well done to all taking part.

DAA match on Saturday ( 23 March)
I saw this reminder from Alex Veel on facebook...
"Mornin' fish botherers :) 
This Saturday (25th) is our next league match...looks like it's going to be a fresh N.E. wind but the good news is it's a rover and in darkness so hopefully no blankers! 
Sign in at the gate 5:30-6pm. Fish 7-11pm. 
See you all there..."

A tale of two sessions ( 20 March)
I had this report in today from Becky Lee...a great report...
"Hi Tony
Fished last Thursday 16th for Rays. Only Dogfish caught all night and lots of them sometimes just lassoed not even hooked.
Then fished again on Saturday 18th in the East Bay all day. The fishing was tough and the conditions were against getting a Plaice so my target was the Rays again. You can only fish for whats there.
Baits were Black Lug, Sandeel, Bluey, Herring and some shell fish. Worm Baits managed the usual Whiting, Dogfish, Pouting and a small Bass. I did manage a big Pouting on a big Bluey Bait. I was really surprised there was no flatfish at all but the Whiting were there in plague proportions. 
High tide came and went with no Rays and I was thinking of packing up early. At 15:30 I noticed the tell tale bite of a ray. Not to Jump the gun I left the rod for a good 5 minutes before picking it up and setting the hook. The characteristic nod and pull of a Ray. A short while later a 5 lb female hit the beach. After this my hopes were reignited, where there was one there should be more. Noting the bait it was caught on I focused on using that and within another hour number two hit the beach a small female of 2.5 lb. Half an hour later and 3 hours after high water number 3 arrived on the beach, this time a chunky male of 5 lb. Things were getting better, then half and hour later the fourth and final one hit the beach. It was another small female of 3.5 lb. All of these came to Bluey, as the tide dropped back on 3/0 Pulley Pennel at distance. There were about 10 others fishing too but none had any Rays so in the end I was pleased with the four I managed. 
Until next time Becky"

DAA 'Vets' reminder ( 19 March)
Just a reminder the next DAA Veterans match is on Wednesday 22nd book in at Littlestone Wall at 4.30 fish 5 to 8pm.

Now that's a surprise ( 19 March)
I had this report in from Colin just shows you can't win them all...maybe its time to put away those 12/0 hooks till next winter...
"Hi Tony, 
Headed for Dengemarsh yesterday and fished 3 up 3 down, unfortunately no bites. Tried a number of rigs close in to at range but no luck. Still was a nice day on the beach with a bit of sunshine, thanks for the bait and see you soon. Colin" 
...well done have got to be in it to win it...cracking looking sea.

Great weights for the HMML ( 19 March)
I saw this posted on facebook by Martin Swinyard the results of yesterdays 'Hythe Madagascar Match League' comp...great weights for the time of year...
"Match 3 results 

1st David wood Brignall 10.35lb 
2nd Mark Howard 8.45lb 
3rd Brian Smith 6.90lb 
4th Geoff Swinyard 5.50lb 
5th Stephen Foster 4.70lb 
6th Martin Swinyard 3.75lb 
7th Steve Field 3.30 lb 😂 
8th Phil Vincer 2.95lb 

Heaviest round DWB 1.9lb dogfish 
Heaviest flat Martin Swinyard 0.5 plaice 

Species weighed in 
Whiting Dogfish Pout Dabs and Plaice 

Coming soon to a beach near you ( 17 March)
I had this nice report in from Chris Voller...
"Hi Tony, just to let you know my Dad and I made several long trips to the east bay in the last few weeks for a ray. No joy, but plenty of doggies and whiting. One whiting measured in at 45 cm! But was as skinny as a rake. Decided to head the opposite way to Hampshire last night and found this 13lb 2oz undulate! Spring is here! Good luck to all! Chris from sunny Sussex!"

Decent plaice at Dengemarsh ( 16 March)

I had this 'sunny' report in from David Kingsman...
"Hi Tony,
Had a great day at Dengemarsh yesterday.
Happy to report my first 40cm Plaice of 2017.
Really was a lovely day to be fishing.
Ended up with 4 Plaice, 2 Flounders, 2 Dabs and a small Bass.
See you soon. Regards Dave."

'Piranhas' in vast numbers ( 16 March)
I had this superb report in from David Grinfeld...I have to say for the time of year we have a lot of fish out there...
"Hi Tony 
Yesterday I have fished as been told by you behind the power station from 16.30 - midnight. Nothing special aside of none stop activity with 90% of the catches are Whitings in various sizes (some over 35cm). The Whitings were so brutal; When I try up & over pennel rig with 2/0 & 1/0 hooks for a chance for a Ray on bait fish, the Whitings snatched it immediately, not leaving a chance for anything else. As you can see from the pictures, there were two of them on the pennel rig. Beside that the variety were Dabs, Dogfish, one Pouting and couple of Rockeling. The truth is that from the 8 hours I have been fishing, maybe 3 casts came empty. Mose of the casts came double or triple header! 
It was a beautiful day and clear evening with a moon that looked more like the Sun till the fog came in about an hour before midnight. 
Thanks for the bait it was a great day"

What a lovely spring day ( 15 March)
I had this report in from Simon Newman..."Plenty of plaice at Dengemarsh today" I have to say the plaice fishing has been brilliant from the reports I have seen...calm seas and warm in the's Simon's photo...

You can't grumble...said David ( 14 March)
I had this report in last night from David Kingsman...superb photo...I almost got my rods out...
"Hi Tony,
Had a go behind the Power Station today.
Not a bad day really. All the usual suspects.
Caught what would have been a very welcome Doggie should I have been fishing a match. Just under 2lbs.
Still Dabs about and a few small Flounders. Best for me today was this Plaice.
See you soon, Regards Dave."

Codling at Littlestone! ( 14 March)
I had this report in from Terry Carpenter of the DAA juniors of their Sunday match...
"Hi Tony Juniors had their march meet on sun on a calm flat sea at littlestone . All who fished caught fish good variety whitting pouting slugs and a bonus 4" baby codling Alex (shirley codling was gutted)"

What goes bang in the dark ( 12 March)
I had this report in from Gavin Smith... 
Hi tony
I had 3 small rays last night in quick succession all came on bluey on the flood nothing big but nice to get out for a short session. 

Well done...great turnout ( 12 March)
I had this email from Paul Jarrett of the Southern Circuit Sea Angling Society...

"Result from match 3 at Dungeness - 11/03/17

23 members fished, Whiting, Dogfish, Dabs, Pouting, Flounders and Rockling weighed-in

Well done to Robert Bates for winning the match

Top 10, full result & league table to follow
1. Robert Bates - 15 fish, 14lb 15ozs
2. Sam Collier - 16 fish, 14lb 3.5ozs
3. David Wood-Brignall - 15 fish, 12lb 11ozs
4. Ashley Brown - 16 fish, 6lb 2ozs
5. Michael Ferrier - 18 fish, 8lb 15.5ozs
6. David Simon Bullock - 11 fish, 8lb 12ozs
7. Les Bates - 7 fish, 8lb 11ozs
8. Keith Neame - 10 fish, 8lb 10ozs
9. Steve Richards - 11 fish, 7lb 13ozs
10. Keith Johnson - 7 fish, 5lb 13ozs

Heaviest Fish - 2lb 1oz Dogfish, David Wood-Brignall"

What size hook did he use? ( 12 March)
I saw this posted from Kieth Johnson during the Southern Circuit fishing match... 
"First dogfish of the night in the Dungie match"

Flat calm and sunny! ( 11 March)
I had this report in tonight from Darren...
"Hi tony
Have a lovely afternoon in the east bay flat calm sun was out and had this Ray to finish the day and returned to fight another day. 
Darren Cruickshank"
The right plaice for a the roll ( 11 March)
I had this report in from Neil Rodwell fishing Dungeness today...
"Hi Tony, as mentioned to you this morning I tried not far from the boils to target flatties. Had to work hard for it. Nice day to be on the beach with blue skies and not a puff of wind which meant as usual the fishing was tough. Had a whiting first chuck followed by a rockling then a beer mat sized dab. After that it went dead till mid day. Changed over to a diamond shaped lead and let it roll around to find the fish. Managed a specimen dab on said method and also a small plaice (my first ever) so quite chuffed with the results. All fish came at range on lug. Now at home smearing on after sun! Cheers for the bait today. Speak soon. Neil"

DAA Junior reminder ( 10 March)
I saw this on facebook from Terry Carpenter of the DAA juniors
match Sunday 12th meet at the 'Pilot pub' Dungeness 10am.

No escape for David ( 10 March)
I had this report in from David Kingsman...lovely photo...
"Hi Tony,
Had a nice day on the beach but the Whiting got me. 
Started off left of the Boils. 
Double shots from first to last cast. Tried everything, long range, short range, different baits the lot.
Moved to right of the Boils and had the same result. 
Caught a lot if Rockling but nothing flat this trip.
See you soon, regards Dave."

A great short session ( 9 March)
I had this brilliant report in from Dave...
"Hi Tony, 
Had a trip to the East Bay today after work - great short session with 7 rays (3 kept), they were certainly biting today on almost every cast. Lovely day to be on the beach, see you soon. Cheers, Dave Knott"

Cracking rays by the dozen ( 6 March)
I had this report in tonight from Becky Lee...some great fishing...and as for the blond ray I predict this won't be last one to be reported...
"Hi Tony 
Just a quick update to let you know how I have been getting on. in the last two sessions I have had 12 Thornback Rays caught on Bluey and Herring. Best one was 9lb smallest 3lb, the average has been over 7lb though. Most of the fish have been Females and all were returned. Here are the pictures from the last session. I even managed a Plaice and had a Whiting Mauled by a Ray. Oh and I was there when Pete landed that Blonde and I can confirm it was from the beach on sandeel as I know some are doubting it. Regards Becky"

DAA blown away...hard going  ( 6 March)
I had this report in from Alex Veel of Yesterdays DAA match...moved from behind the power station to Littlestone with the extreme weather.

Schoolies on the move  ( 4 March)
I had this report in today from Colin Hemsworth
"Hi Tony,
Had a good day fishing yesterday, decided on the back of the boats and arrived about 3 hours before HT and fished to nightfall. Great weather, a slight breeze, a bit of sun and some colour to the water. Bait was straight lug, bluey wraps and squid/lug cocktails and all produced dogfish pretty much every cast- a few nice ones. The whiting must have been busy elsewhere because I only had three all day. Noticed a good few schoolies feeding closer in around HT as well. Thanks for the bait and will see you soon. Colin" 

The best fish of the year ( 4 March)
I had these pictures in this afternoon of a great fish today...a 20lb Blonde was just a matter of time before a big blond was caught on the beach (we have had blondes to 30lb. on the boats close in).
So well done to Peter Sharp catching the best fish of the year so far on sand eel..from the east bay.

A nice mixed bag ( 4 March)
I had this report in from David Kingsman...
Hi Tony,
"Read this weeks forecast you wrote  on Sunday afternoon.
Must say, you got it spot on.
I wanted for a break in the wind then fished behind the Power Station today.
Had a very productive session. Lots of nice Flounders, Rockling, a small Bass and some Dabs. The Whiting moved in at HT but again decent size.
See you next week, Regards Dave."

A little ray of sunshine ( 3 March)
I had this report in from Becky Lee Hodges of last nights fishing with Tim Knight...

"Last nights efforts 6 for me best 8.5lb two others of 8lb as well and one for Tim 7 3/4lb."

DAA reminder from Alex ( 3 March)
Just had this in from Alex Veel on facebook...
"Reminder time :)
Next league match this Sunday. Sign in at the gate 12:30-1pm then drive in convoy to the powerstation for pegged match 2-6pm.
Also the DAA AGM is tonight at 7:30pm. Heysham Hall, Taylor Rd. Greatstone. All members welcome :)"

This should be October food ( 1 March)
I had this report in from Steven Davies...always good to use the 'freebies' but remember to keep it short...
"Hi Tony we fished between the boats today we caught a lot of sizeable whiting, small dabs, two nice size pouting, lots of rockling and three dog fish, as you can see from the photos lots of shell fish and a large crab wash up just before high water, we did catch two whiting on the queen cockles but we caught all the others on lugworm. Steve Davies"

Dave likes them 'juicy' ( 1 March)
I had this report in from Dave Harding yesterday...
"Fished Dungeness Friday night, we got our fresh worm from yourself and you pointed us in the direction of the power station. Caught some lovely big whiting a tiny rockling and a dogfish... very successful night. Fresh black lug was amazing, so juicy..."

Dungeness all weekend ( 28 February)

This report came in from Hakan Can yesterday on facebook...he spent the weekend on Dungeness...
"Hi. Mate this was yesterday"

Hythe Saturday night ( 27 February)
I saw this report from Martin Swinyard on facebook of 'Hythe Madagascar Match League' Saturday's nights get together...

"Results match 2 Princes Parade 
1st Geoff Swinyard 7 fish 4.15lb 
2nd Matt Warby 5 fish 3.70lb 
3rd Martin Swinyard 4 fish 1.75lb 
4th Stephen Foster 4 fish 1.35lb 

Whiting Dogs Pout and Slugs weighed in 
Hard nights fishing lots of micro whiting but good company 
Well done Geoff on first Madagascar win and Matt on second place"

Mmm...looks vaguely familiar ( 27 February)
I had this report come in from Lester Kellaway yesterday...
"Hi tony 
Had success friday.
Lots of whiting,some pretty chubby ones and the usual dogs.
Last cast i had the usual rattle,Then slack line :-)
It took a small whiting foul hooked  on a loop rig with  1/0 hooks.More luck than judgment
Better late than never. You've got to be in it to win it."

Dawn patrol...great turnout ( 26 February)
I had this report in from Alex Veel of todays DAA match...
"An early start didn't stop x16 members turning up for this match, well done all 👏 
Well done too to John Smith on the win & a warm welcome to the new members who fished. 
Dogs, Whiting, Pout, (undersized) Flounder & slugs caught."

Loads of fish...but whats out there? ( 26 February)
I had this report in from Colin Hemsworth fishing DungenessColin Hemsworth fishing Dungeness yesterday...
"Hi Tony,
Arrived for high tide yesterday morning and headed for the back of the boats for a bit of wind protection, very quiet on the beach all day, only saw two other anglers. Fished one rod close and one at distance and was kept busy with fish every cast, just whiting and rockling but haven't had many rockling in my time so was good to catch them, a few of the whiting came in covered in bite marks, looking like their whiting brethren turned on them once hooked. Reeling in the last cast a small gull was caught up in the line and came out a bit soggy, wrapped him in a cloth to recover and it was really good to see him stretch his wings and fly off half an hour later as the sun went down. Thanks for the lug and bluey and will see you soon. Colin"
Interesting Colin...with those teeth marks...maybe a whiting fillet would have been worth a go?

Whats next...a bit breezy? ( 25 February)
We used to get just weather...I saw this on 'magic seaweed'...
"The Atlantic Tip Jet Bomb For Europe"

Catching a few rays in Hythe ( 24 February)
I had this report on 'facebook' from Andrew Cook...
"Evening Tony, fished Hythe today from 06:30 until 14:00, cracking session, whiting, pouting, school bass, dogfish, dabs, and these two nice thornbacks, 8lb and 8lb 4oz"

Great day in the sun ( 24 February)
I had this report in this evening from Neil Rodwell...
"Hi Tony. Cheers for the bait today. Decided to fish the point by the wooden walkway from top of the tide down. Had action from the beginning right the way through to when I left with dogfish and rockling coming in the morning and dabs later in the day as the tide got lower. Of course I also had the usual onslaught of suicidal whiting coming in double shots and turning my rigs into granny knotted messes all throughout the day. Nothing amazing to report but was kept busy with non stop action. I decided to see how near I could fish to the shoreline to see how close in the fish were for nothing more than my own amusement and concluded they were as far in as the back of the breakers. Had a great day in the sunshine and will be in again soon. Neil"

Wakey wakey...from Alex ( 23 February)
saw this on facebook from Alex Veel...a reminder of the DAA match on Sunday...
"Afternoon all, just a reminder for this Sunday's DAA match...
Sign in is 7:30 - 8am opposite the water tower at Littlestone.
Fishing 9am - 1pm.
It should hopefully fish better than the Pirates Springs match after this blow "

Feel for it...rough or smooth ( 23 February)
I had this email from Charlie on our flatfish identification debate...very useful...

"Hi All, a message from a former fishmonger. 
Here is the simplest of ways to tell the difference between a Dab, Flounder or a Plaice. 
On the upper side of your fish Run your finger up the skin from tail to head . if it feels rough. (a bit like sandpaper) including on the centre lateral line . it’s a DAB. 
When the rough feeling is only present on the Lateral or centre line from tail to head its a FLOUNDER. 
When the skin is smooth all over it’s a PLAICE 
Easy. And remember Red spots make no difference ! 
Kind regards and tight lines. Charlie Moss"

DAA 'Vets' match result ( 23 February)
Here are the results from last nights DAA Veterans match...very challenging in a south westerly gusting force 8. Turnout was down (not surprising with the weather forecast) but everybody caught. A special mention must go to John Smith who is getting over a 'stroke' with sight lost in one eye got a lift to the match, and then the car broke down got another lift and arrived half an hour after the start...and still managed to win!

Shingle extraction starts ( 22 February)
I had an email today from EDF with their plans to extract shingle from the 'borrow pit' road...
"Work will start on Monday 27 February 2017 at 08.00 and is expected to continue until 31 March 2017, although the temporary beach road will be installed on 23/24 February 2017. Work will be carried out between 08.00 and 16.00 Monday – Friday."
I expect we will be allowed on the beach to fish if we keep clear of the area being worked...any problems let me know. 

Dengemarsh...mixed bag ( 21 February)
I had this report in from David Grinfield last night...we have had a sudden rise in sea 7.6 degrees, at the end of January it was 5.2 degrees! I think the flatfish was a dab...
"Tony hello  
Yesterday the 19th I went to Dengemarsh at 13.30 ish, about 4 hours before high water and started with two rods mainly with lug and some squids on 2 and 3 flapper hooks. All what I had were few small rockling. Actually on the run out of the tide when it was dark I moved to lugworm only and fish started to come in one after another. 
Small flaties(I don't know if Dab or Palice) small Whittings and one sizeable dogfish (came with a Whitting on the 2 hooks flapper). 
Some representative pictures here below.
Total was 5 rockling 6 whitings 6 flatties and 1 dogfish. (Also one crab) and will be nice if you can command whether it's Dab or Plaice."

DAA Veterans match Wednesday ( 19 February)
Just a reminder to our DAA Veterans that we have a match coming up on Wednesday the in at 6pm fish from 6.30 to 9.30...high tide 8.13. forecast westerly winds (on your back) small tide but hopefully dry.

Dengemarsh Sun Sea Fog? ( 19 February)
I had this report in from David Kingsman of yesterdays fishing...
"Hi Tony,
Thanks for the bait today. Know its not easy this week.
Had a great day at Dengemarsh,
Nice and sunny and not many other anglers.
Sat there for quite a while before I got a bite.
Baits coming back untouched.
Caught a nice 38cm Plaice followed by 3 more, 2 x Flounders and a Dogfish.
Suddenly a bank of fog came over the bay then that was that.
I sat it out for a while. Got cold and never had another touch.
Really enjoyed today which is the most important part."

Spots don't mean a plaice... ( 17 February)
I had this report in from Neil Rodwell...well Neil you are right, both flounder and plaice can have spots...but the flounder is more of a 'diamond' shape with a 'creamy' underside and a longer 'wrist' (tail) with a more square cut finish...plaice have a shorter 'wrist and a more rounded tail...the underside is a colder white...and yes both can have spots...
"Hi Tony. As we discussed this morning I settled on Dengemarsh today to target some flatties. Managed to pull one flounder out at low tide when I arrived tho I'm not exactly a marine biologist when it comes to fish identification so attached photo should confirm it for you (don't think it's a plaice). Managed a couple of dogfish around 12 then after that it was all rockling till I packed up at 3. Regardless of the lack of flattie action it was a nice day to be down on the beach with the slight breeze and no rain. Hopefully these south westerlys persist for next weekend.  Speak soon. Neil"
Fun in the sun... ( 16 February)
Rusty Carter popped in to show me a nice plaice he had down at Sandgate...this 40cm fish was well over a 1lb, the best of three plaice, also caught the usual dabs and whiting...and Rusty got sun burnt.

Plenty of fish... ( 15 February)
I had this report in this evening from Steve...
"Hi Tony fishing behind the boats with Ken Ware today, we got there about low water it was a bit breezy but we started to catch a mixture of fish from the start, we fished until about 1pm we had a lot of under size whiting,rocklings a few small dabs and 8 dogfish.Steve Davies."

Who's getting the 'chips' ( 14 February)
I had this great report in from Steve Savage...cracking photo...lovely early season plaice, we had quite a few caught in the 'dab comp' I was told...early but very welcome...well done Max!
"Hi Tony my grandson Max caught this plaice weighing 1lb 8oz at Hythe today.Regards Steve."

The 'Good, bad and the ugly' ( 14 February)
I saw this on facebook...the top three from Yesterdays Dab World Championship...but the real winner was the RNLI...great job well done.

The World Dab...full results ( 13 February)

Here are the full results from yesterday...posted by Simon Newman...
Tronixpro World Dab Fishing Championships 2017
World Champion: Becky Lee Hodges 0.89 kg (4 dabs)
Runner Up: Nigel Holt 0.81kg (4)
Bronze Paul Mortlock 0.71 kg (4)

Pools paid to 19th Place (Stuart Newman 1 dab 0.195kg)

165 anglers took part and raised an absolutely staggering £4100 for the RNLI.

A cold and blustery day saw a lot of dabs caught but not many making the 25cm minimum size limit. Lots of other fish caught including dogfish, whiting, rockling, bass and plaice.

Our biggest thank you has to go to the 165 brave souls who stood for over 5 hours on a cold and windswept beach all trying to catch a pretty little flat fish

There is a long long list of sponsors without whom this event could not take place. They are:

The Crew of Dungeness RNLI station
George Cunningham and Tronixpro
Lee and Barbara of Zziplex
Phill Dale Scarndset Fjordcenter
Paul Fenech – Sea Angler Magazine
High Potter of Mightybright
Terry Small of 24/7 bait
Tim Knight (Timeazybait)
Seagull Tackle
Andy Moxon

And as always there is a small army of people whom without their help this event could definitely not take place:

Steve and Kim Field
Nigel and Wendy Packer and Judith Richardson on the hot food
Sam and Lisa on the hot drinks
Jason Davey and Jim Midgley– the raffle mafia!
Dorian Partridge, Kieran Bull, Jason Adams and every one else who has helped in any way.

If I've missed anyone I apologise profusely and if you see me in the Pilot, I'll buy you a drink.

We look forward to seeing you all again next year....same time, same place and I guarantee a warm and sunny day!"

DAA Juniors...start the year ( 13 February)
I saw this report from Terry Carpenter of the DAA juniors last night...
"Just back from 1st junior meet of 2017 .The juniors fished a crowded Littlestone in a bitterly cold wind 
but thankfully no rain fish caught was small bass -whiting-rockling 
Well done to the young uns who fished and caught"

The World Dab Championship ( 13 February)
I had this report in last night from David Kingsman...
Hi Tony,
Just got home from the match.
Good turn out but pretty tough going in the East wind.
I ended up fishing near the Boils with my mate Andy Cook.
It all started off so well.
Andy had a 27cm Dab within 10 minutes.
My first cast produced a 1lb 8 oz Flounder and second 3 x Dabs.
Unfortunately that was about our lot. I did manage a few more but all under the 25cm match limit.
Still had a great day. A credit to not only the organisers but all the anglers who fished in great spirits.
The RNLI Lifeboat station had a good day I think, which is obviously the most important part of the day.
Local angler Becky Lee won the match. A very worthy winner.
Ive really enjoyed the build up, practising and banter over the last couple of weeks. Bit disappointed I'm not World Dab champion but I'll settle for the Flounder crown until next year 😀. See you soon, Regards Dave.

Great turnout for 'SCSAS' ( 12 February)
I had this report in from Paul Jarret of the 'Southern Circuit Sea Angling Society'

"Result from match 2 at Dungeness - 11/02/17

22 members fished, Whiting, Dogfish, Dabs, Pouting, Flounder and Rockling weighed-in

Well done to Wesley Cheeseman for winning the match

Top 10, full result & league table to follow
1. Wesley Cheeseman - 20 fish, 10lb 3ozs
2. Steve Richards - 14 fish, 9lb 11.5ozs
3. Brian Smith - 8 fish, 8lb 3ozs
4. David Wood-Brignall - 13 fish, 7lb 8ozs
5. Neil Creed - 13 fish, 7lb
6. Graham King - 8 fish, 6lb 14ozs
7. David Simon Bullock - 12 fish, 6lb 12ozs
8. Lionel Watson - 7 fish, 6lb 8ozs
9. Keith Neame - 20 fish, 6lb 0.5ozs
10. Dave Sales - 10 fish, 5lb 1ozs

Heaviest Fish - 2lb 1.5oz Dogfish, Graham King"

A calm day at Dengemarsh ( 12 February)
I had this report in from Austen who timed it right...
"Flat seas flat fish
Enjoyed the day at Dengemarsh on Friday , with dabs , flounder and plaice in the days catch .
Arrived at the beach just as firing had stopped which aloud us more room to fish , plenty of dabs keen to sample your top quality bait , a couple of nice flounders and a surprise early plaice .
A bit chilly in the NE wind but a steady stream of fish kept us busy only one whiting which was unusual and a few rockling made up the round fish total
Thanks again for sorting the bait
Regards Austen Alderton (Bognor Regis)"

The Final Countdown ( 11 February)
I had this report in from Dave Kingsman...getting 'reved' up for tomorrow...
"Hi Tony,
Still practising for the Dab match on Sunday.
Tried from the Boats to behind the Power Station over the last week with Dabs coming from everywhere really.
Tonight was good but a tad on the chilly side.
Must admit. A U turn to the Pilot for Cod and chips did cross my mind when I got out of the car.
Once you got set up it was fine.
7 x over the magical 25cm mark.
Becky fishing next door had about the same but at different times to me.
Really enjoyed the build up to the match over the last few weeks. Plenty of banter, plans, tactics and schemes. What its all about really.
Good luck to all who attend. Regards Dave.

North east winds...lovely ( 10 February)
I had this report in this evening from Neil...
"Hi Tony.  To put it mildly, today was COLD. A persistent north easterly wind meant the sea lacked colour and hence bites were slow. Had a couple of small fish when I arrived around 9:45. At the top of the tide everything went dead. Was greeted by a seal which appeared right where my short rod was and wondered if this might have had something to do with the lifeless rod tips. The action picked up again on the drop with the usual dabs and rockling. The absence of whiting made me wonder if I should have got some bluey and squid and tried for a ray what with the calm sea. That was the que for the piranhas to appear and that's mainly what I had for the last hour. Overall had dabs rockling and whiting all at range. Will be in again soon. Neil Rodwell" 

Better late than never... ( 9 February)
I had this email in today...
"Hi Tony I know is a bit late I caught this 7 lb bass in early November behind the power station, I lost one in the surf a little earlier on the other rod. Steve Davies"

You just don't know whats next ( 9 February)
I had this great report in from Steve...
"fishing behind the power station on Tuesday with Ken Ware at about low tide, we were just getting ready to go home, when  he caught this 3lb 14oz tub gurnard he was fishing in close at the time, we had a lot of under size dabs and whiting on the day but 2 good flounders all best Steve Davies"

DAA match Sundays results ( 6 February)
I had this email from Alex Veel of Sundays DAA match...
"Tonights results & updated league table attached...
Well done to Phil Tanner on another win. Quite tight this week with just a sizeable Dab separating the top x4!
A warm welcome as well to new members, J.Stone & D.Rhummer....sorry, didn't get your 1st names!
Next match, Sunday 26th February 2017 -­‐Littlestone (pegged) Booking in 7:30am to 8:00am (Opp Water tower) -­‐ Fish 9am to 1pm."
A great dab day...and sun!  ( 4 February)
I had this report in from Neil, a great day in February for the dabs...
"Hi Tony. Had a good productive and busy session on the beach today. Had fish from the get go right through to when I packed up. Started the day off in the drizzle which slowly ebbed away to leave a bright sunny after noon behind the station. Had dabs (some big) plenty of chunky looking rockling and whiting all day long. Got a massive bite followed by a slack liner  (glup) which turned out to be two keeper dabs. All fish caught on lug and returned. The dabs and rockling were caught at around 40-50 yards out with all the whiting caught at range. I've got a few Fridays off this month so hope to see you in less than a week! Speak soon. Neil Rodwell."

World Dab Championship ( 4 February)
I had this reminder in from Simon Newman...
"Hi Tony
Would you mind putting up a reminder that the Tronixpro World Dab Fishing Championships is taking place a week on Sunday at Dungeness (12th Feb).  I've attached the poster.  Fishing is from 10am - 3pm and registration is at the Lifeboat Station from 0715.  Breakfast rolls and hot/soft drinks will be available plus burgers afterwards. Once again some fantastic raffle prizes !!!! Many Thanks Simon"

Dave's getting ready...serious ( 4 February)
I had this report in yesterday from David Kingsman...
Hi Tony,
Bit windy today but that wasnt going to stop me fishing after 10 straight days at work.
Borrowed my mates posh Continental rod for a try out.
Started catching after about an hour.
Tried every flat fish rig known to man.
Good fun. Had about 20 Dabs all in all. Did quite a long session up until about 2 hours down from HT.
Few larger sized Whiting about as well.
Thanks for the bait which obviously worked.
Not many anglers today which was a bit of a surprise.
Only a week to go until the Dab World Championship
See you next week for more Dab match"

 Do you want it...dab heaven ( 1 February)
I had this reminder come in from Alex Veel on 'facebook' of the next DAA can join on the day...
"Afternoon all, just a reminder for our next league match... 
Sunday (5th) fishing at the Power Station, from 3:30 - 7:30pm. 
Sign in will be at the gate at Dungeness from 2 - 2:30pm before we drive round in convoy to the powerstation. 
Hope to see you all there"

Would you 'Adam & Eve' it ( 1 February)
I had this report from Roger who had seen my report on the temperature rise...
"Hi Tony
Just a quick note, saw your report on water temperature so I ventured out yesterday first time for 6 months after knee operation, went to Pirate Springs fished 1 hour up 2 down result 5 Tesco sized bass 2 pins and a rocking, summer must be on its way!
Regards Roger Barker"

Things are heating up ( 1 February)
Well on the 27th of Jan, the sea temperature at the Folkestone buoy was as low as 5.2 degrees, today it was reading 6.2 degrees!...what a difference a week makes...what next. 

Why not in October...( 31 January)
I saw this on 'magic seaweed' looks like 'Storm Doris' could be paying us a visit on Friday?

Deep into rockling season ( 31 January)
Just been up to Dungeness...busy with four fishermen on the road and 'point'!...
I had this report in this morning from  Kevin Collins...
"Hi Tony, Fisher behind the PowerStation yesterday, lots of small dabs and whiting. 2 very plump rockling and one dab over 30cm. Lovely days sport. Thanks for the advice. Kev"

Pleasure angling...its a pleasure ( 30 January)
Another report in last night from Ryan Taylor...
"Hi Tony
As promised, a quick report from my Saturday visit. I was thinking along the lines of the Lookout tower/Station area on the drive up to get in on the Dab action, but with a bracing S/SW on arrival, i wimped out and took refuge behind the boats, Julie Jean to be precise!
A 4pm start was a bit later than i hoped, and the first hour or so was extremely quiet, but to be fully honest i didn't mind, as the idea that there was still a presentable bait in the water for 15 plus minutes without a Whiting hanging itself at least gave other species a chance.
Of course, it didn't take too long for some of our piranha friends to make an appeareance, but what they lacked in size they made up for in beauty, they really were perfect little things. You wouldn't even get a fish finger out of the two put together in the picture but i thought they were magic anyway!
As the tide started to build around 9pm, some better fish began to arrive in the form of Whiting, Dogfish and some nice Dabs. Bigger baits were bringing bigger fish so i was folding and strapping the lug up, and my 'Big Game' rod (read big lug/squid pennel) at distance was now seeing some action too so maybe a cod isn't out of the question yet..
I called it a night at half twelve, predictably cod-free i'm afraid(!), but i'd had another great trip after a slow start and at least the future of our Whiting fishing looks rosy with all them beautiful pins about!! (Gulp..)
Upwards and onwards one and all and of course if it doesn't challenge you..
Bye for now Tony, Regards Ryan."

Giant rockling...good news? ( 30 January)
I had this report in from Becky Lee last night...
"Bit of fishing today at Dungeness. Windy and a bit wet later on but a great day catching loads of Dabs. Kept a few all over 25cm, best one was 33cm a proper Sprat Dab. Also foul hooked a few Sprats on the way in. Must of caught 60+ Dabs only a dozen or so 25cm +. Some huge rockling too."

Nice catch of dabs for Ian ( 29 January)
I had this great report in from Ian...
"Dear Seagull Fishing
I went fishing behind the boats with my son Bradley during the day on Saturday 28th Jan. The strong winds created some spectacular waves with the south westerly wind. Had to fish with 6 ozs fixed gripped leads to hold bottom. Plenty of Dabs on fresh lug only tipped with squid. Tide turned to the ebb and was able reduce to 5 ozs and still hold bottom but the pin Whiting and Rockling started to show. Ended up with 9 Dab keepers and one decent Whiting. Also some lovely cloud formations from Mother Nature. Ian Milligan Ashford"

Hard going at Hythe ( 29 January)
I saw this report from Martin Swinyard...yesterday the first match this year of the Hythe Madagascar Match League...
"Results match 1
1st Steve Field 3 fish 1.0lb
2nd Martin Swinyard 3 fish 0.75lb
3rd Mat Warby 1 fish 0.2lb
Heaviest round Steve Field
Heaviest flat Martin Swinyard
Whiting Dabs pout and rockling weighed in

Match 1 proved to be hard going with very few sizable fish in amongst the pin whiting"

On the road at Dungeness ( 28 January)
I had this report in from Andrew Cook this evening...
"Evening Tony - Slow day at the boats today, steady stream of whiting, all tiny, and a couple of small dabs. Saw a really big dogfish landed just up from me. All fish taken on blacks and whole squid."

The lowest in years ( 27 January)
I just checked the Channel Coastal Observatory sea temperature at Folkestone...5.2 that is low...lucky we have some warmer weather coming...might see a few more fisherman?

Fun in the sun...not a breath ( 25 January)
I had this great report in Wayne Beale...
"Hi Tony,
I ventured to Dengemarsh yesterday (24th Jan) the tide from HW down in front of the 'car park'.
Not a breath of wind (see flag in pic)...and what turned out to be a lovely warm sunny day.
Water gin a two hook clipped down rig with size 4 hooks....baited with fresh blow lug or stinky old black cast as far as i could.
Baits were coming back untouched for first 3hrs....then a very fickle bite.Flounder? Well i let the bite develope into a small pull down....reeled in and was indeed a Flounder   about a pound. Put it back and cast max distance again, hoping for something else, however, even with a bit of ebb flow developing.....not another sniff until last cast,when i reeled in a small 3.30pm decided to call it a day. So, not very productive but a great day all the same....and i'll be going back tomorrow (26th) to fish the deeper water on the point at Dunge.
With your water temperature reading of 5.8° perhaps the fish have moved off shore and into 'warmer' deeper water?  Regards Wayne"

They came in 2 by 2... ( 25 January)
I had this report in from Noel Luck...
"Hi tony,
Another report to keep You and the fellow piscators up to speed.
We arrived at Dungee at 10.30pm sunday night not to cold,but terrible journey with fog all the way from Sussex.
Fished the point last of the ebb and over low catching whitings and dabs on the big baits intended for the elusive cod,with dabs hanging themselves on 5/0 and 6/0 hooks. See picture Simon holding a greedy dab on a 5/0
We then moved round to the powerstation for some flatfish action for the Flood and high tide and a little of the ebb.
It turned really cold the freezing fog came in freezing the line and rod rings brrrr.
We stuck it out until 10.30 am with a total of over 30 dabs catching them two at a time,which is great fun.....with my mate Simon being the victor this week out classing me with the majority.
Despite freezing conditions we had a lot of fun.
Kind regards Noel luck"

The big chill... ( 23 January)
I was just checking the sea temperature at the 'Folkestone Buoy' it was giving 5.8 degrees at 11.o.clock today...that is the coldest I have seen for quite a few years.

DAA Juniors match dates... ( 22 January)
Terry Carpenter placed on line the DAA Junior dates for the year...
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Tough going for Neil... ( 21 January)
I had this report in yesterday from Neil Rodwell...
"Hi Tony, tried behind the station today to get out of the biting easterly wind. Managed a handful of small whiting, one dab and a rockling. All fish came to lug. There was a lot of debris in the water to contend with, mainly timber including what appeared to be part of a roof truss floating past! Was a nice bright day all day which probably slowed the fishing down but helped keep the temperature up a tad for us on the beach. Will be in again soon. Regards. Neil Rodwell"
It can be tough going in these 'Alpine' conditions but the air is crisp and for the fishing being Dungeness anything can happen...but most of all enjoy the day. 

Target dabs all tide round ( 20 January)
I had another report in from David Kingsman...out there making a small dent in the dab population...well done Dave keep it up...
"Hi Tony,
Following on from yesterdays success.
Fished HT behind the Power Station again. This time joined by fellow Seagull customer Patrick.
We had a really great day out and caught Dabs steadily at all stages of the tide.
Few Whiting about but nothing like a few weeks ago. 
Dabs came thick and fast. We ended up with about 8 each to 30cm.
Looking forward to the next trip.
Regards Dave.

DAA results to date... ( 19 January)
I had this update from Alex Veel of the new DAA league...results to date...
"Results from last Sunday and updated league table....
Next match Sunday 5th Feb at the Powerstation. Sign in 2pm -2:30pm (Meet at Dungeness gate). 
Fishing 3:30pm - 7:30pm."

Big off ( 19 January)
Another great report from David Kingsman out in the 'sparkling' ( bur cold) sunshine enjoying the beach all to himself...
"Hi Tony,
Hung up the Cod rods and decided to concentrate of Flatties today.
Fished behind the Power Station.
It was a good move. 
Very enjoyable day. Caught 3 x decent sized Dabs then 2 x Whiting as I was going.
Strange really. I started off with small hooks and baits. Never had a touch. Started putting bigger baits on larger hooks then Bingo. I know its usually the other way around. 
Having another bash tomorrow..."

DAA Eleven 'Vets' brave the big chill ( 18 January)
Well done to the 'Vets' who turned out today in freezing in 4 degrees with a wind chill feeling like -4 degrees!! Here are the results after the first one February 22nd fish 6.30-9.30pm...

Dabbin at Dengemarsh ( 16 January)
I had this report in from David Kingsman...still out there giving it a go...
"Hi Tony,
Fished Dengemarsh with a friend today.
Lovely day to be on the beach.
Fishing was a bit slow.
Caught all the usual species with this nice Dab being biggest for me.
Great worms by the way.
See you soon, Dave."

DAA 'Vets'...reminder ( 15 January)
Just to remind you 'Veterans' we have our first match of 2017 on Wednesday...good should be dry and clear...bad news B****y cold, so wear your 'long Jones'...

...and it all went black ( 15 January)
I had this report in from David Kingsman...
Hi Tony,
"Fished low water at the Diamond last night.
Had a bad start. While setting up, realized I'd left my headlight batteries in the car.
Went through the five stages of grief:
Had to walk back and get them.
Discovered its just as bad walking up there with or without your gear. Still, the 2017 keep fit plan working well.
Bitter cold but it was very enjoyable.
Nice night for casting. 
All species present. Nothing massive but caught  Dabs, Pouting, Dogfish and Whiting.
Having a week off so will have another go soon.
Regards Dave."

2nd match in series ( 13 January)
Just a reminder by Alex Veel of the DAA match on least the winds will be light...
"Morning all :)
Just a reminder for our next match this Sunday....
Sign in at Pirate Springs 10:30-11am. Fish 12-4pm.
It's a pegged match so bring a pen!
Hope to see you all there."

Tidal Surge? ( 13 January)
Just come in from Rye Harbour...


No. 01 of 2017




Tidal Surge

Mariners are advised that the environment agency is warning that high water on Friday 13th January 2017 at 23:56 GMT may surge up to 1.0m above the predicted level.

Boat owners are advised to take steps to ensure that their moorings cope with the predicted surge.

Further information can be obtained from the Harbour Master.

Tel:  01797 225225       VHF:-  Ch. 14

James Bateman
Harbour Master
January 2017

Flattie bashing behind station ( 13 January)
I missed this from Noel last weekend...
"Hi tony,
Thought i'd send a report in as to keep everyone up to speed.
My mate an i fished behind powerstation close to the boils 08/01/17 sunday.
We fished from 7 am till 6 pm catching lots of dabs mainly small a few whiting one small bass and 7 flounders all Between 30 cm and 37 cm being the Best one we had... All caught using frozen stinky Black Lug...
It was a glorious day to be out,we both thoroughly enjoyed..... And will be venturing Back down at the weekend to see if we Can get some bigger dabs...
Kind regards Noel luck"

Owen does a 'runner' ( 10 January)
I had this very engaging report from Ryan never know what can happen at Dungeness...
"Hi Tony,
Belated new year greetings to you. I had an interesting trip to the Point at the weekend, so i thought i'd share my yarns with yourself and all the seagull community..
On the way up on Saturday, i guessed many fellow anglers would have the same thoughts as me (small tide=point) and although i knew the chance of a cod was small, it was still a chance. Plus, i could obviously fish all stages of the neap so that was a bonus.
It was indeed pretty busy on my arrival but as i made my way towards an empty bit of shingle, blow me down, no more than 15 feet away was this friendly fellow in the picture who was attracting a fair bit of attention and demanding any Whiting that came ashore!
Onto the fishing, and the first cast produced my obligatory whiting but then some variety in the form of a flounder and some Dabs thankfully mixed it up a bit, and on the way back to base camp after releasing another Dab, my distance fished lug/squid Pennel was bouncing merrily in the rest but the resistance (or lack of) i felt on picking up the rod told me this wasn't a cod of leviathan  proportions but just this pair of herberts in the photo..
At half one in the afternoon, a friendly fellow from the estate by the name of Owen told me they were coming down to 'rescue' the seal as it had been reported along the coast over the previous few days but after he disappeared, Owen (as i was now calling the seal) had other ideas, and with his belly full of Whiting, he shuffled his way into the Channel and headed off Dymchurch- bound..
At the top of the tide around 6pm, the whiting activity had virtually died off so i took this miracle as a sign from the sea to go for broke for the last couple of hours. Big, straight lug pennels were deployed on both rods and powered out into the breakers along with a whole lot of hope and crossed fingers! 
This seemed to send the dogfish into overdrive, but i stuck at it just willing something a big bigger to boom one of the tips over. Sadly, it wasn't to be and by 8pm my lug supplies were totally depleted so home was calling. 
I'd had a great trip though with a flattie, Dabs, Dogs, Pout and plenty of English Channel Piranhas to keep me busy and restore my faith a bit after my last trip just before christmas resulted in plenty of lost gear to an unseen snag and a whiting blitz like no other. But that is fishing and what makes it the brilliant sport that it is. Despair to joy in a heartbeat. Viva Angling!!
All the best as always Tony and of course.. if it doesn't challenge you it won't change you! Ryan"

DAA match series 'kicks off' ( 9 January)
I had this report in from Alex Veel of the DAA...first match of the year...a great start...
Well done all who fished tonight in persistent drizzle & welcome to new member Ben. A solid start mate ;) 
Whiting, Pouting, Poor Cod, Dogs & Dabs caught.
Next match next Sunday (15th Jan) at Pirate Springs. Sign in 10:30-11am. Fishing 12pm - 4pm. Meet at venue.

Great turnout for first match ( 8 January)
I had this in from Paul Jarrett of the latest Southern Circuit Sea Angling Society match.

Result from match 1 at Hythe - 07/01/17 

Great turnout with 29 members fishing, Whiting, Dogfish, Dabs, Pouting and Rockling weighed-in 

Well done to David Wood-Brignall for winning the match 

Top 10, full result & league table to follow 

1. David Wood-Brignall - 12 fish, 9lb 12.5ozs 
2. Robert Bates - 11 fish, 8lb 14ozs 
3. Lionel Watson - 12 fish, 8lb 12ozs 
4. Steve Field - 9 fish, 7lb 9ozs 
5. Les Bates - 10 fish, 7lb 7.5ozs 
6. Brian Smith - 15 fish, 5lb 5ozs 
7. Tex Neil Sinclair - 11 fish, 4lb 14ozs 
8. Wesley Cheeseman - 9 fish, 4lb 13ozs 
9. Sam Collier - 13 fish, 4lb 7.5ozs 
10. Cieron Bull - 10 fish, 4lb 4.5ozs 

Heaviest Fish - 2lb 0.5oz Dogfish, Wesley Cheeseman 

Being entertained at Dungy ( 7 January)
I had this report in this evening from Neil...
"Just a quick report in from dungy today. Fished from about 9:45 till 3 down through the bottom of the tide. Had whiting and dabs all day from the offset. Nothing big but plenty to keep me entertained. I tried everything from big baits to single lug and the whiting shredded everything that landed in the water including a whole mackerel that came back after 5 mins as just a head. The bigger fish seemed to be further out with nothing but pin whiting close in, but I do enjoy my days at the ness and will be back hopefully next weekend with some live bait rigs! Regards. Neil Rodwell."

Giving the 'diamond' a go ( 7 January) 
I had this report in yesterday from David Kingsman...Going fishing is always hope over expectation...
"Hi Tony,
Gave the Diamond a go today.
Slim pickings but did manage to get a few.
2 x Dabs.
1 x Rockling.
10 Whiting ( Decent size).
Had a nice day though and had the beach to myself.
The hordes of Whiting seem to be going now. Quite nice fishing at the moment. 
See you when I get back from France."

Match this Sunday ( 5 January) 
Just a reminder the DAA has its first match of the year on Sunday (8th Jan) book-in at the gate on the estate from 14.30 - 15.00, the match is a 'rover' fish from 16.00 to 20.00, H.W. is 19.30.
If you want to join the can on the day...good luck.

Simon cracks it ( 4 January) 
I had this report in tonight from Simon Ward...he had a big bait out in the never have got to be in it to win it...not easy but why should it be...
"Hi ya Tony
I went fishing Monday night on my first beach cod fishing session of the year. I went down dungeness and started fishjng the tide up and at 12.50am (high tide) I had what can only describe as a fishing session I will treasure for the rest of my life. With crystal clear skies, the temperature dropping to minus 4, a flat calm sea and slight Northaly wind (not exactly the right conditions) a 10/0 hook pulley pennall rig with half a mackerel and 7 lug wrap was cast out at around the 40 yard range. Having cast out for only around 5 minutes I had 2 very hard knocks on the rod and then a slack line. As I picked the rod up I felt a very hard pull and struck into this fine and personal beach caught best cod weighing 10lb 11oz. The cod bug is definitely back! Lol.
Thanks Tony . Simon Ward"

Mixed bag in the sun ( 3 January)
I had this report in tonight from Rob Parsons...
"Hi fishing 3 hours up and 3 hours down. Lovely day with plenty of whiting and few dabs and another fish but not quite sure what it is!! Rockling I think. No Cod unfortunately. Cheers Rob."

So hello 2017...goodbye 2016 ( 31 December)
Lets hope 2017 can build on 2016...wishing you all 'tight lines' 

Fun in the sun ( 30 December)
I had this nice report in from Wayne fishing yesterday in the sunshine...
"Hi Tony,
Had a go at Galloways yesterday. Clear water,bright sunshine,hardly a breeze....not ideal, however it was a beautiful day to be out.
Fished 1000-1500 with HW at 1050 perfect for Galloways. Size 2, two hook flappers baited with (special) old frozen blacks that had been thawed, microwaved, and re-wrapped the day before (gave them a new lease of 'life'). Was very quiet for the first hour and HW went, then a very tentative bite resulted in a nice Flounder...result.
An hour later the same again...and another Flounder, this time a bit bigger...about a pound. Did have another decent bite but i think i was too quick off the mark......the worm had been almost pulled off the guess another Flounder..picking at the bait. Not a single Whiting. A lovely days fishing and not another angler in sight. 
Regards Wayne Beale.  PS Happy new year Tony.