Beach Catch Reports

If you get a good catch let me know, you can also send me your pictures!

Dengemarsh beach ( 10 February)
The beach has been flattened (again) by the storm...plenty of lovely shellfish washed in...but be careful in the car park as it is full of 'soft' the moment space for about three cars...

Power networks - great job ( 10 February)
Popped down to Dengemarsh this morning to see how the 'potholing' was going...the crew was doing a great should help with access...

Bit of a breeze ( 8 February)
The west bay took a bit of a battering today with this storm. The sea came over at Galloways and Dengemarsh but it could have been far worse if it had happened a few days latter on a 8m tide! Here is a picture I took at Galloways this morning! I was paddling in the car park.

Match result ( 7 February)
I had this report in Paul Jarrett after last night's Southern Circuit Sea Angling Society match...good weights in the wind...

Result from our Sandwich Bay match - 06/02/16 
24 members fished, Whiting, Dogfish, Dabs, Pouting, Rockling and Poor Cod were weighed in 
Well done to Graham King for winning the match 

Top 10 - Full result and league table to follow 
1) Graham King - 20 fish, 16lb 4ozs 
2) Alan Jarrett - 18 fish, 12lb 4ozs 
3) Wesley Cheeseman - 11 fish, 12lb 1oz 
4) Mikey Ferrier - 19 fish, 11lb 3.5ozs 
5) Steve Richards - 13 fish, 11lb 2ozs 
6) Les Bates- 12 fish, 10lb 14ozs 
7) Keith Neame - 10 fish, 9lb 14ozs 
8) Cieron Bull - 10 fish, 9lb 12ozs 
9) Martin Edwards - 11 fish, 9lb 3.5ozs 
10) Sam Collier - 13 fish, 8lb 8ozs 

Heaviest Fish - 1lb 14.5ozs Dogfish, Dave Sales

Enjoy yourself ( 7 February)
I had this email from David (fishing yesterday)....he is so right, its all about enjoying yourself...I always think the fish are the 'icing on the cake'...
"Hi Tony,
I fished today. Started soon after I picked up bait from you.
Pretty challenging conditions but like we said in the shop. It's Saturday, just go fishing. Don't talk yourself out of it on Facebook :)
Caught a load of small Whiting throughout the session. 2 hours before high time (21.30) caught 4 x good size Dogfish. 
Happy I stuck it out. Enjoyed it.-Best regards, Dave Kingsman

Lost beach rest ( 6 February)
I had this email from Ajaz...a very distinctive rod rest...if anybody can help...
"Hi Tony,
I lost my fishing stand on the beach few weeks ago, if anyone has seen it, please can you contact me on 07440125527. Ajaz"

Dabs at Dungeness ( 6 February)
I had this report in today from Ross...a very tasty catch!...
"Not a sniff until the light fell, but then tons of Dogfish and these lovely Dabs.  The rising tide and darkness seemed to do the trick.  Tasty stuff.  Thanks for the quality bait. All the best, Ross"

Dengemarsh Road ( 5 February)
I have had some early warning that the 'National Grid' intend to do some 'pot holing' repair work to Dengemarsh Road prior to latter in the year coming back to replace the power lines from the 'sub station' to Sellinge...I will let you know of any road closures that are planned.
Having checked the weather forecast...I don't think it will be that busy next week!
DAA 2016 Veterans Series ( 4 February)
All DAA members over sixty are invited to take part in this... the friendly series fished at Littlestone wall.
Date                   Fishing                  High Water
February 17th    5.00 to 8.00pm        6.30
March 16th        3.00 to 6.00pm        4.36
April 13th           2.30 to 5.30pm        4.10
May 11th            1.30 to 4.30pm        3.00
June 29th           5.30 to 8.30pm        6.55
July 13th            5.00 to 8.00pm        6.25
August 10th       3.00 to 6.00pm        4.30
September 7th   1.30 to 4.30pm        3.00
October 5th        12,30 to 3.30pm      2.00
November 9th    5.00 to 8.00pm        6.20
December 7th    2.30 to 5.30pm        3.50

We have had lots of reports ( 4 January)
I had this email from Julian...he is right we have had a lot of reports...
"Seen loads over the winter months, this one's the biggest. Don't think they sting but wouldn't test that out....great photo...

Look what's coming ashore ( 3 January)
I had this photo in from Bobby Goldsmith...with loads of wind this winter we are getting more than our fair share...
"Can u upload this please to see if anyone else has seem them on the shore thank you"

The full results ( 3 January)
Simon Newman posted the results from Sundays World Dab Championships on line...
"Tronixpro World Dab Fishing Championships
31st Jan 2016
Official results

175 anglers including 18 juniors raised a magnificent £4170 for the RNLI on Sunday. 79 participants weighed in 234 dabs over 25cm.

Junior World Champion for the 3rd consecutive year was Kane Wood Brignal (7 dabs for 2.7lb). Runner up was Adam Howard (1.65lb) with Oliver Saint a close 3rd (1.25lb). Of the 18 juniors, 9 weighed in 22 dabs over 25cm.


1. Becky Lee Hodges 8 dabs for 4.75lb
2. Stephen Foster 8 dabs for 3.85lb
3. Gavin Smith 9 dabs for 3.80lb
4. Alex Veal 8 for 3.70lb
5. Phil Tarry 7 for 3.2 lb
6. Andy Moxon 6 for 3lb
7. Ray Jeffery 7 for 2.95lb
8. John Smith 6 for 2.8lb
9. Charlie Chawner 6 for 2.75lb
10. Paul Egglestone 5 for 2.6lb
Pools paid to 21st place

Dungeness Angling Association would like to publicly thank the following sponsors and supporters without whom s help this event could not take place.

Skarnsundet Fjordsenter
Seagull Tackle
Bill Morris
Andy Moxon
Plus everyone who helped on the day and especially the anglers themselves who should all give themselves a big big pat on the back.

The weather forecast for next years event (the date is currently a closely guarded secret) is 15 degrees, sunny and no wind. We look forward to seeing you there!"
There is always one ( 1 February)
I had this email from Simon Newman concerning yesterdays match...

Hi Tony
Would you mind putting this photo on your web site with the statement:

"Dungeness Angling Association would kindly insist it's members never park on the beach protection ramps off the EA road at Dungeness as this person did in Sundays WDC.  This incident has been reported to the EA (not by us may we add) and any further indiscretions could result in loss of access to the EA road itself. If anyone else is reported to us as having parked on these ramps they will be banned from the club and all club related competitions and events  for life."

Simon's right we cannot afford to upset the EA or EDF the new land owner!

Not just dabs...( 1 February)
I had this report in from Elliot Watson fishing with his dad (Adrian)...
"Hello Tony, I fished the point with my dad on 30/01/2016 I had a 3lb codling about 2 hours before high tide and my dad had a 6lb cod 3 hours after high tide, plus the usual whiting, pouting and doggies. Thanks for the bait. Elliot"

What a 'cock up' ( 1 February)
I have had several emails concerning the new bass appears that commercial fishermen could carry on fishing for bass on the 2015 regulations up till last Friday (29th) until the actual new regulations were 'published' is a section of the information I had sent to me from the MMO...
"Recreational fishing for bass
If you are a recreational fisherman in the North Sea and Western waters you are subject to the limitations below:
Sea AreaICES Division1 January 2016 to 30 June 20161 July 2016 to 31 December
North SeaIVb, IVcCatch and release only1 bass per fisherman per day
East ChannelVIId, VIIeCatch and release only1 bass per fisherman per day
Celtic SeaVIIf, VIIgCatch and release only1 bass per fisherman per day
Irish SeaVIIaCatch and release only1 bass per fisherman per day
South West ApproachesVIIhCatch and release only1 bass per fisherman per day
West of IrelandVIIj, VIIk1 bass per fisherman per day1 bass per fisherman per day
This applies whether you are fishing from a vessel or from the shore."
I have a meeting of the Kent & Essex IFCA (Inshore Fisheries Conservation Authority) tomorrow...who are responsible from high tide to six miles offshore...I will make them well aware of how unfair the new rules are to RSA's and I will want to know how it will be policed...I will let you know what happens!
 Sad News...more info ( 1 February)
I had this email from Owen our local conservation officer at Dungeness concerning the dead porpoises being washed up around the 'point'...
Thanks for that...I have had another report of a Porpoise wrapped in fine
fishing net washed up opposite Derville Road and another washed up by the
Tavern. I suspect none are the result of any natural beaching - it doesn't happen
with Porpoises. I will try and get Shepway Dc to remove the Porpoises ASAP.
Thanks again for the report.Regards,Owen."
If you get any more sightings please let me know...

World Dab Champs...big success ( 1 February)
This was posted last night by Simon Newman after all the anxiety of the weather forecast...
"Phew! another year and another Tronixpro World Dab fishing championships done and dusted. 178 anglers raised an incredible £4170 for the RNLI. Bringing the events 6 year total to pretty well £30,000. A huge well done and thank you to everyone who took part and helped with the event. Time me thinks for a quiet pint."
Here is a reaction from Becky Lee of Littlestone on winning the event...
"Feeling very proud today as I won the WDC fishing competition (World Dab Championship) at Dungeness. 170 anglers fished the competition today. 8 Dabs for 4.75lb"...the locals did very well!

SCSAS result ( 31 January)
I had this report in from Andy Jarrett...
Full match result & league table - Herne Bay 09/01/16

DAA Veterans Series ( 31 January)
I have been persuaded to 'kick off' this year in February by keen the first match is booked for 17 of February fishing 5.00 to 8.00pm (high water 6.30) so put this in your diary...I will remind you closer to the event.

Just heard...( 30 January)
Just heard from Adrian Watson fishing far one 6lb cod and his son Elliot has had one of 3lb report and photos tomorrow...

Sad News ( 30 January)
I had this report in from Dave...with the ever increasing numbers of dolphins, porpoises and seals around we are seeing more casualties washing up...
"Hi Tony
Out on the sands by life boat this morning... upsetting  to see several porpoises. Must have come fast on sand last night due to storm. No evidence  of propeller  cuts or net marks. Very unlucky.
Regards Dave Robinson" 

Tough Conditions ( 30 January)

I had this report in from Roy Searle...who in spite of the wind had a good time at Dungeness..."Hi Tony Decided to try our luck on Tuesday 25 th extremely windy but tucked in by the boats,water was full of sprats ! But what a mixed bag we had,my friend Bob Wells had a skate,we managed also to get dog fish,loads of whiting,one 2 1/2 lb bass, 4 keep able dabs,and l had a nice 1 1/2 lb place we may not have seen the bites because. Of it being so windy but still had a good day"

Sundays match results ( 28 January)
I had the results of Sundays match from Malcolm (statto) Jones...
DAA match result Sunday 24th January 2016 – Rover – 4-00 pm to 8-00 pm
1st      Gavin Smith           38 fish       38 lb. 4 oz.          
2nd    Steve Foster           30 fish       26 lb.  14 oz. 
3rd     Mike Richardson    23 fish       21 lb. 3 ½ oz.
4th      Michael Smith        24 fish       20 lb. 3 ½ oz.    
5th      Colm Brennan      20 fish       17 lb. 10 oz. 
HF  2 lb. 2 ½ oz. dogfish – Paul Shepherd
Dogfish, dabs, pouting, whiting, rockling and flounder caught.
11 fished and 10 weighed in
Regards, Malcolm

It's official WDFC is on ( 28 January)
I saw this posted by Simon Newman this morning..."Sundays forecast (and trust me, I've looked at every weather forecast going) is now very good, with light winds, sunny and warmish.....which means it'll probably be blizzards and gales BUTbased on the information available this morning, Sundays WDC is now officially on. Registration starts at 0830, fishing 1130 - 1630. Breakfast rolls and hot drinks available at registration, hot drinks and burgers at the weigh in. Beers in the Pilot afters LOL"

More than a little 'fishy' ( 26 January)

I think Simon's fish 'ID' needs help...but when Simon publishes the go ahead (or not) for the WDFC I will put it on my site...
"Hi Tony
It's not quite Dungeness, but while in Norway last week I had a little practise session for the Tronixpro World Dab Fishing Championships which is scheduled for this coming Sunday. I managed a nice dab of 43lb. An unbelievable fight with several 50 yard + runs, taking about 15 minutes to land. 

Regarding Sundays WDC, the weather is looking decidedly iffy at the moment on the long range forecast.  A decision will be made on Thursday regarding a postponement.  If we do need to reschedule, the  new date will be Sunday 14th February. What a great way to treat the missus on Valentines day, a day on the beach then fish and chips in the Pilot. Fingers crossed for Sunday. Final decision will be based on safety and comfort. It's supposed to be a fun day out, not an ordeal!"

A bit of a dab hand ( 25 January)
I had this report in last night from Becky Lee posted on facebook...
"So today my fishing adventure
was to the hallowed shingle of Dungeness. My target was the little flatties. Managed 10 keepers with the best one 33cm love a good Dab. That's my dinner sorted for tomorrow. Oh and just to say there is loads of sprats in the water. Quite a few washed up and even managed to foul hook a couple on the way in."

Just in...( 24 January)
I had this report just in from Steve Harvey (DAA match captain) with the 'top line' report of tonight's match...first in the series...
"Well folks it's looking good for the wdc plenty of nice sized dabs weighed in in the latest DAA club match... 
Gavin Smith won with 38 fish for 38lb 4oz 
Fozz was 2nd 26lb 14 
Mike Richardson 3rd 21lb 3half 
Heaviest fish a 2lb 2half Oz dog for new angler Paul Shepherd... Well done all..."
Nice codling ( 24 January)
I had this report in from Bobby Goldsmith...
"Caught this stunning codling on the walkway at dungeness today weighed 1lb 1/2 mabie 2lbs caught on a 4 black lug sausage from distance"

Another Reminder ( 23 January)

Sunday 31st January the...
The World Dab Fishing Championships 2016
Fishing 11.30 to 4.30, book in at the RNLI station Dungeness from 8.30 to 10.30.

Reminder from Steve ( 20 January) 

Here is a post from Steve Harvey DAA match captain..."Sunday sees the revised start of the new league... So if you fancy a go all that you need to do is be a member of the DAA... Then it's a fiver to in at the ea gate on sunday is 2.30 til 3 fishing from 4-8..."

Postcard from Norway ( 20 January)

This report came though facebook from Simon Newman who got the chance to go beach fishing this week in Norway..."I'm not really sure what to say about this.....almost lost for words! I said last night that I was saving myself for a monster. Well, here it is. 43 lb of absolute cracker and my first ever halibut and pretty well a fish of a lifetime. The bite, the fight and the landing really did live up to expectations.....which is one of the very few times in my fishing life I can say this. Only bonefish and giant travelly have pulled my string to the same extent on balanced gear. A massive thanks to John Blockhead Strange for putting me on the best spot and landing the fish for me. You can read more about fishing with John on his Facebook blog guided fishing norway. It was a great days fishing even without the hally with about 9 cod to 11 lb and my first ever wolf fish...... A cub really at about 3 lb so a pb but one I can aim to beat with realistic expectations. So 3 pb's incorporating two firsts in the last 2 days. My 15 lost rigs and 2 broken reels in the first 3 days are now a distant memory. Norway beats you up and then gives you a big big cuddle. Happy days. Having a night off tonight with a few celebratory beers. 3 days fishing left. Next target is a 20lb + shore cod."
But I have to looks even colder than Dungeness today...

A quick heads up ( 19 January)

Just checked the sea temperatures at the Folkstone buoy... 7.7 degrees that quite a drop in two days from 9.1c on least it will slow down the whiting.

What a nice day ( 17 January)
Here is a report from Paul Shepard...
Hi Tony,
Fished behind the boats today (17th) from low water up.
Plenty of whiting, dabs and dogfish. All went back for another
day bar these two for the pot. Lovely day, no wind or weed!
All the best, Paul S time you are enjoying yourself!

A few brave souls ( 11 January)
Here is a report from Mike Shine one of the few brave souls fishing fishing Dungerness...
"Hi Tony. Well Saturday was a little wild! We caught loads of bigger whiting a couple big enough to take and a couple of pout and 3 doggies. Lost a small bass or codling in the surf."
Well done Cieron ( 10 January)
Paul Jarrett sent this report in of last night's Southern Circuit Sea Angling Society match...
"Result from our Herne Bay match - 09/01/16
15 members fished, Whiting, Dogfish, Dabs, Rockling and Thornback Rays were weighed in
Well done to Cieron Bull for winning the match
Top 10 - Full result and league table to follow
1) Cieron Bull - 6 fish, 14lb 6.5ozs
2) Steve Richards - 11 fish, 7lb 12ozs
3) Dave Sales - 10 fish, 5lb 1ozs
4) Adam Horton - 6 fish, 4lb 14ozs
5) Alan Jarrett - 7 fish, 4lb 8ozs
6) Les Bates - 6 fish, 4lb 7.5ozs
7) Stephen Foster - 5 fish, 3lb 14ozs
8) Tony Taylor - 7 fish, 3lb 6ozs
9) Keith Neame - 4 fish, 2lb 10ozs
10) Philip Underdown - 5 fish, 2lb 7.5ozs
Heaviest Fish - 5lb 12oz Thornback Ray, Cieron Bull"
Today at Dungeness ( 9 January)

I had this report in this evening from Neil...who has been getting some fresh air today...
"Hi Tony,
Neil Rodwell here, decided to use up the bait in my freezer and fished the point today from high water down. Tide and wind meant leaving your line out longer than five minutes resulted on it being beached further up. Also a lot of rubbish in the water to contend with including a steel barrel and a wooden pallet. Managed a couple of big whiting in amongst the flotsam and weed. Bracing, but better than sitting in doors! Many thanks. Neil."

Stop press ( 8 January)

I had this come through from Steve Harvey Hi folks... "I'm cancelling the match on sunday... I'll put an extra match on in Feb... Sorry for the messing about... But it's mistake on my part when reading the tide tables.... If you could please spread the word it would be appreciated many thanks." I thought a low water match behind the power station would be interesting but if you do get a strong south westerly low water you are stuck!

Another nice fish ( 8 January)

I had this report in today from Bobby on his fishing trip on Wednesday...
"Bobby goldsmith of Ashford .My first Dungeness cod weighing 7lb 1/4oz caught on two lug worm on a pulley pennel patently fished past the whiting and dabs to bring this beauty on the beach"

Patience pays off ( 7 January)

I had this report in from Ross...
"Fished at the back of the boats erring towards the Point end from 2pm to 8pm  (LW was at 4pm - ish).  Lots of whiting including a few reasonable ones.  A few doggies as the light faded.  Last cast, this beauty - 8lb.  Thanks to Seagull Tackle for the bait!"
Stormy weather ( 7 January)

Steve Harvey (DAA match captain) posted this on facebook...

"Hi folks.... The match on sunday Isnt looking clever and I may have to cancel with a forecast of force 6-8 winds from sw together with a 1.2m low and the match being over low water... Gives us a major problem ie there will only be about 200 yards of fishable beach... And that includes the pleasure anglers.. I'll make a final decision tomorrow(Friday) at 5pm... If the wind is forecast to be less then we could fish but if the forecast remains the same I will be cancelling and moving the date to February so we don't lose a match..."

Petition to ban gill netting ( 5 January)

There is a petition going around facebook against allowing gill netting whilst RSA can't keep any bass...for six months...

If I can remind people that the original wording from Europe was that we couldn't even fish for bass! now we can all be it catch and release.

I emailed all the ministers (thanks to Leon Roskilly copying the list and draft letter) prior to the judgement. I took the view that bass fishing should be a rod and line fishing activity the south west bass is a 'make or break' species, we have commercial rod and line fisheries 'tagging' their catch for total traceability to the consumer, I think that is a sustainable way forward. All the bass conservation groups were 'clammering' for more controls with scientists telling us that already up to 85% of the biomass has been taken already! So be careful what you wish for! Here is the response on the 19th December from Bernhard Friess Director for the Atlantic and Outermost Regions European Commission 

I have a meeting on the 2nd of February with the K&E IFCA to discuss communication and enforcement of the bass ban for Kent & Essex, if anybody wants to give me their views please email me and I will take those to the meeting. 

Here is the link of the petition for you to consider...

DAA 2016 match list ( 4 January)

Here is the announcement by Steve Harvey DAA match captain...

"First of the new league this coming Sunday... Please note increase in cod size limit to not all matches will be rovers as printed on this poster....any one who wants to join league all you have to do is be a member of the DAA.... No league joining fee and £5 to fish each match... 100% payout and some generous end of year prizes donated by the DAA"

Have you seen this ( 4 January)
I had this message from the DAA so I'm posting it up to someone can help...

"Hi there 
I wonder if you can help me? 
Yesterday (Sunday 3rd January) my husband and I came to Dungeness to fish.  He is a member of your association.
Unfortunately, we left in rather a hurry, and he left a much prized fishing box down there (plus a chair, not so important)  The box is very old, and has accumulated lots of equipment.  The box, and much of the equipment, has sentimental value. 
If any other members find the box, or saw it down there, please can you let him know? 
He is Craig Jeffrey, on 07956 816399. 
There was a white van down there, parked very near to us, and they were still there when we left so its possible they saw something. 
Many thanks"

In the nick of time ( 31 December)

I had this report on facebook from Simon Newman...a cracking bass the day before the bass ban comes in...well done Simon what a great way to end the year...

"A short last of the year session over high behind the boats at dungeness this afternoon with Darren Brooks. As we set up Darren commented that it looked coddy and that there might be a decent bass or two about. No cods for us today but on my very last cast of 2015 this little beauty decided to eat the whiting on the lower hook of my livebait rod. A great way to end the year. Happy new year my Facebook friends, have a good night tonight and tight lines for 2016."

Happy New Year ( 31 December)
Wishing you all a happy new year...lets hope the fishing is as good in 2016 as it has been this year, we don't know what's coming...more plaice, thornback, bigger and more cod? But we don't know, just hope...that's the fun.

New bass rules ( 30 December)

From the 1st of January the new rules from the EU come into force...all bass will have to be released unhurt to the sea immediately after capture. I have taken the guidance from the Sussex IFCA (Inshore fishing & Conservation Authority) the IFCA's control fishing from high tide to the six mile limit...
"The European Union has agreed to restrictions in 2016 to aid the recovery of sea bass stocks which have suffered from a long-term decline. This means that next year there will be a six month closure of commercial bass fisheries, January to June, with partial exemptions for low impact inshore fisheries. Low impact exemptions are line and gill net caught (excluding drift nets) who will receive a 1.3 tonnes per month quota for the period January to July, with a closed fishery period during February and March. Recreational anglers will also continue to be able to target the fish for in the first six months of the year on a catch and release basis, thereafter a 1 bag per day limit will apply. The minimum retaining size of Bass is 42cm."

Nice fish for Xmas ( 28 December)

I had this report from Arkam Belhouchet who has been putting in a few hours for his xmas present... "Hi Tony...fished the the point Thursday, caught whiting and dogs and pouting.fished Christmas day at the diamond, caught a cod in the afternoon and surprise surprise four good size bass on the evening(they never left)...tried the point again Sunday but no cod. Regards... Arkam"


Boxing Day Open ( 26 December)

The DAA held their Boxing Day (cod) open at 'Pirate Springs' kindly hosted by the Varne Boat spite of good weather, great tide...the turnout was poor with only 9 competitors...the event was won by Cerion Bull, 2nd Joe Croxon, 3rd Phil Tanner.

The bonus £250 cod prize was won by Cieron Bull (fitting really as Cerion pegged the match pre-dawn)...with a cod of 3lb 30z...well done Cerion! And well done Steve Harvey (DAA match captain for holding the event...and to Zal Pasky the VBC Chairman for hosting the event...looking forward to next year!

Christmas dogs ( 26 December)

I had this report in from Kevin Priest (on facebook)... 

"Thanks for the bait an tackle he's sum pics. Had 5 doggys"

I suppose it makes a change from Turkey...

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year ( 24 December)

Wishing you all a great time and lets hope the fishing is even better in 2016.

The end of year positions ( 23 December) 
Here is the full info...congratulations to Nathan and Dave coming first and second in the league...
"Took a bit more to do the final result as I had to discount anyone fishing more than 20 matches in the year. 23 matches fished and you are all allowed to miss 3 matches to take care of holidays, etc. Well done to John Smith and Foz for fishing all the matches and a big congratulations to Nathan for winning."

Sundays results ( 23 December)
Here are results of Sundays DAA match from Malcolm (statto) Jones...

"DAA match result Sunday 20th December 2015 – Rover – 4-00 pm to 8-00 pm
1st      Nathan Elliott           38 fish       31 lb. 9 ½ oz.          
2nd    Stuart Joy                   26 fish       30 lb.  5 ½ oz. 
3rd     Paul Mortlock           19 fish       27 lb. 4 oz.
4th      Simon Lacey             32 fish       27 lb. 2 ½ oz.    
5th      Colm Brennan         27 fish       25 lb. 10 ½ oz.  HF  7 lb. 5 oz. Cod (Joint with Dave Knott)
Dogfish, whiting, pouting, dab and codling caught.
16 fished and all weighed in. Regards, Malcolm"

Fantastic fishing ( 21 December)
The DAA had an early Christmas is a report of last nights match from Steve Harvey (DAA match captain)...
The members league last match of the year this evening... Some incredible weights.... To get in the top five you had to have over 25lb of fish..... Several cod over 5lb caught with the heaviest fish a tie with 2 anglers bagging a cod of 7lb 5 each.... As usual the results will be published in the week"

Christmas opening times ( 20 December)
I had this enquiry about my Christmas opening times from Sam..."Hi I was just wondering what your opening times over christmas and running up to the new year were? many thanks"
...Well I'm open every day except Christmas day...but please call to check times.

Latest match results ( 20 December)
I had this report in from Paul Jarrett of the latest  Southern Circuit Sea Angling Society match...

"Result from our Christmas match at Hythe - 19/12/15 
16 members fished, Whiting, Dogfish, Pouting, Codling and Dabs were weighed in, heaviest fish was a 3lb 6oz cod caught by Sam Collier 

Well done to Robert Bates for winning the match 

Full match result 
1. Robert Bates - 39 fish, 36lb 2.5ozs 
2. Cieron Bull - 38 fish, 36lb 0ozs 
3. Keith Johnson - 26 fish, 22lb11.5ozs 
4. Ashley Brown - 25 fish, 22lb 7.5ozs 
5. Stephen Foster - 23 fish, 21lb 8ozs 
6. Daren Edwards - 26 fish, 20lb 11.5ozs 
7. Tony Taylor - 22 fish, 18lb 12.5ozs 
8. Sam Collier - 25 fish, 18lb 5ozs 
9. Graham King - 24 fish, 18lb 4ozs 
10. Wesley Cheeseman - 19 fish, 17lb 3.5ozs 
11. Keith Neame - 22 fish, 16lb 6ozs 
12. Paul Jarrett - 31 fish, 15lb 15ozs 
13. Les Bates - 20 fish, 15lb 14.5ozs 
14. Joe Stevens - 18 fish, 14lb 3.5ozs 
15. Martin Edwards - 21 fish, 14lb 0ozs 
16. Philip Underdown - 25 fish, 12lb 5.5ozs"
Lots of people ( 20 December)
Fisherman have been contacting me...asking why so few beach reports...simple...not many fishermen, fishing...I don't know why, but lots of the time the beaches are empty?
I had this on facebook ( 20 December)
I had this report from Kevin Collins...
"Hi Tony, I also fished by the boats until just after high tide last night. Had the same result. Only one codling 5lb. Thanks for your help and advice."
Keep the reports coming ( 19 December) 
I had this report in from spite of the mild weather we have seen very few very few reports so thanks Phil..."Hi tony Fished behind the boats last night from high water to high water, usual suspects plus dabs and pouting all squid/cuttle baits resulted in doggies, cod were caught in daylight the one I witnessed went 4lb + plenty to keep me occupied. Regards Phil freeman" 
Plenty of fish ( 19 December)
I had this report in from Tom English..."Fished to the left of the lighthouse from 5-10pm on Friday and had 7 doggies, 35 whiting, 4 pout, 1 hat and a 1m length of gill net. Had a big take on a live whiting but the hooks pulled unfortunately. Still chasing my first cod catch as I have only recently moved to England. Tight lines!"
DAA reminder ( 17 December)
I had this on facebook from Steve Harvey (the DAA match captain) the last DAA match of the series is this weekend..."Well folks we are approaching the final match of the year... Sunday 4-8... The fishing has been good all year with some fantastic fishing... We've had some big weights and a wide variety of species... The number of anglers has been good's become a very competitive league...with some very good anglers now fishing... From January 1st the size limit on cod caught in our matches will increase from 35-45 cm... Which shouldn't be too much of a problem as alot of the codling weighed in were over 45 anyway.... I'd just like to thank everybody for another year and look forward to a new league starting in Jan it's been a pleasure again... The banter is as good as it's always been... For Sundays match I'm going to keep it as a rover with a view to hopefully getting some pegged matches in behind the powerstation in the new year... Also if you haven't had a go please try it.. It's only a fiver and a membership.... Tight lines for now and on behalf of the DAA have a great Xmas and new year"
The final match ( 17 December)
We had the last match of the DAA veterans 2016 series yesterday...great day and congratulations to John Wigston...this years champion...and John Smith a worthy second.

The plan was to start again in March...but if the weather stays mild we could start sooner so thanks to all the 'Vets' for taking part in the 'friendly' series...a special thanks to Malcolm (statto) Jones for keeping the records...and John Smith on doing the sums

Junior dates for 2016 ( 14 December)

I had this email from Jim Mcmurray with the match dates for the DAA juniors...
Junior fixtures 2016
Sat 13th Feb 12 - 3
Sat 12th Mar 11.30 - 2.30
Sun 10th Apr 12 - 3
Sun 8th May 11 - 2
Sat 25th Jun 12 - 3
Sun 25th Jul 12 - 3
Sun 21st Aug. 12 - 3
Sun 18th Sept 12 - 3
Sun 16th Oct 10 - 1
Sat 19th Nov 12 - 3
* sat 17th Dec 11 - 2 * Xmas comp
Please note booking in is 1/2 hour prior to the stated start time at the pilot car park.
Membership is free new members welcome."

Juniors had a great day ( 13 December)
I had this report from Terry Carpenter from the DAA Juniors..."Juniors had their xmas meet today (sun) Rained at start but cleared later Lots of whitting caught by all who fished after fishing they all went back to the Pilot pub for dinner and presentation of trophies and xmas presents The lsrge shield was donated by Aaron the guvnor of the Pilot pub prizes also donated by seagull tackle , micks tackle for which we say thank you"
DAA Boxing Day Open ( 13 December)
This was posted on facebook by Steve Harvey (DAA Match Captain), he needs to sought out the help he needs, so he is asking for the competitors to give him a shout so he has an idea how many are taking part..."Can we have a rough idea who fancies having a go at this.... Not interested in who can't fish it... Just those that can so I can get a good idea for the pegging..."
Nice plump fish ( 11 December)
I had report in from Michael Caffyn today...
"Hi Tony, thanks for the bait (and the line!) Fished 6-10:45 after attempting to get going sooner. Was worth the trouble and battling through the wind and a little rain too at the back of the boats as bang on high water got this lovely 6lb cod! Best I've got so far and first at dungeness on my third visit so thanks very much! Michael. "
 Reminder for next Week ( 10 December)
We have the last of this years DAA 'Veterans' series on the 16th of December at Littlestone in from 12.30pm to 3.30pm
 Sunday's results ( 9 December)
Here are the results from the DAA match on Sunday...thanks to Malcolm (statto) Jones...well done Alex Veel on his 4lb 13.5oz codling!
David's first cod ( 6 December)
Well David the fish looks like it had a bit of grief from a gill net...
"Hi Tony. Caught this codling on Thursday night first one of the year and look at the condition it's in what do you think caused it a net maybe. 
Also lost a bigger cod in the surf so a good session things gave definitely improved from the last few years . Kind Regards  David Fry"
Yesterdays match ( 6 December)
Here is a report yesterdays Southern Circuit Sea Angling Society match from Paul Jarrett...

"Result from our Sheppey match - 05/12/15 
15 members fished, Whiting, Dogfish, Pouting, and Dabs were weighed in 
Well done to Sam Collier for winning the match and the 2015 Championship 
Full match result - League table to follow 

1) Sam Collier - 39 fish, 15lb 10ozs 
2) Wesley Cheeseman - 40 fish, 14lb 8.5ozs 
3) Paul Jarrett - 38 fish, 14lb 2ozs 
4) Roger Weeks - 30 fish, 11lb 10ozs 
5) Keith Johnson - 31 fish, 10lb 15ozs 
6) Robert Bates - 27 fish, 10lb 10ozs 
7) Glenn Hibben - 26 fish, 10lb 8.5ozs 
8) Martin Edwards - 25 fish, 9lb 10ozs 
9) Philip Underdown - 24 fish, 9lb 6ozs 
10) Howard Relf - 26 fish, 9lb 5ozs 
11) Ashley Brown - 24 fish, 8lb 10.5ozs 
12) Tony Taylor - 23 fish, 8lb 10ozs 
13) Alan Jarrett - 23 fish, 7lb 15ozs 
14) Darren Edwards - 19 fish, 7lb 6.5ozs 
15) Cieron Bull - 19 fish, 6lb, 7.5ozs"
First catch your cod ( 6 December)
I had this email from Mark Boakes...Ness cod bake...
"Cod Fillet / skinned,(Ness cod), Parma ham, peppers,courgette, onion, thinly sliced potato,breadcrumb,parsley,grated parmesan, lemon juice. Chop / slice, peppers,courgette,potato, onion. Place in baking tray sprinkle with olive oil and balsamic vinegar cook until tender, wrap cod fillet in Parma ham, add to veg. Mix breadcrumb chopped parsley,parmesan and lemon juice together and sprinkle over the entire dish, cook untill ham has crisped up and cod is cooked through. Serve with crusty bread and wine of your choice. Absolutely gorgeous, try it out if your stuck for something different to cook with your catch.  Mark"
Short tide success ( 5 December)
This report came in today from Michael Smith fishing yesterday...
"Hello Tony
Just the one Codling tonight - weighed in at just over 3 1/2 lb after gutting - Loads of bigger whiting and a solitary dab made up my three hours fishing over high water at the back of the power station.. I hope there's a few more codling on Sunday!"
Marks 'bagging' up ( 5 December)
I had this report in from Mark Boaks...he did well it was a dead tide..."Fished the point Friday, low water up,had this beauty 1hr before high, est 8lb could of been more. Fished all day on 8/0 pulley Pennal loaded with squid and frozen black lug. Another good days fishing at the NESS. Mark"

DAA seniors reminder ( 4 December)
Steve Harvey DAA match captain posted this reminder on facebook today...the weather forecast (at the moment) is perfect...
"It's match weekend... Weather is certainly key this weekend... Hopefully we can fish behind the powerstation... The forecast at present looks good for it... But....incase it's not accurate I'd advise to bring tackle for point or powerstation... Meet at the gate at 2.15-3 then if the powerstation travel in convoy to the car park for special access to the beach via a gate in powerstation car park.... Hopefully.... It's a good stretch of beach to fish.... Tight lines for now... Ps if you've ordered a hoody I'll have them with me Sunday... If I remember "
DAA Juniors reminder ( 3 December)
I had this reminder from Terry Carpenter...
"Next junior meet is 12th dec at 9.30 This one is members only"
Another nice cod ( 2 December)
I had this report in from Wayne...I hope this is the first of many...
"Hi Tony,
A nice short session at Dunge yesterday, fishing from HW until an hour before low. Plenty of Whiting and Dogs....then this nice little Codling...5½lb.
The fish came to single worm quite shallow water, 2½ hrs before low.
Regards Wayne"
Update on that bass ( 1 December)
Here is the report and the picture of that beautiful bass that Noel Luck caught yesterday...
"Hi tony hope your well. As requested here's the pic of my bass
Caught on double squid mounted on 7/0's Pennel dropper 12 lb 12 oz what a magnificent fish Slipped her back to fight another day" 

Nice one to start the month ( 1 December)
Here is a report from Simon Newman out this morning...keeping busy...
"Nice 4 hour session down to and over low this morning. This was the best of 4, going about 7 lb. Two around 6 lb and a baby 2lbrr 
All on big cuttle and worm wraps on one rod. The livebait rod caught 7 dogfish! Lots of shellfish being washed up now"