Beach Catch Reports

If you get a good catch let me know, you can also send me your pictures!
Good news...for a change ( 5 October)
I had this email from Paul Hodges...
"Hi Tony
Rods found and handed in. They were picked up by someone walking their dog who didn't realise I had popped down to get my other gear for the trip out with Jerry on Saturday. At least I have them back now all well that ends well.
Regards Paul"

...what a result!
Jelly & Ice cream from Mark ( 5 October)
Here is a report from Mark Boakes...
"Hi tony
Fished the point from Friday morning to Saturday evening,  plenty of bites from small whiting, bigger whiting came to whole squid, difficult to get through the small stuff though. Took this picture of a jellyfish washed up, never seen one as big as this, floated off eventually, hope it survived, great bait as normal, many thanks. Mark"
Action replay ( 5 October)
Here is an update from Paul Hodges...including another photo of that glorious cod...
"Hi Tony 
Here is the picture of the Cod I had whilst out on Fair Chance this Saturday. On an even better note I may have news on my missing rods and reels. They may have been found will update you later. Please thank everyone for their concern and support on tracking them down. Regards Paul"

Nice bass ( 5 October)
I had this report in from James...

"Hi Tony,
I fished Dengemarsh today until high tide and caught a bass that weighed about 1.5lb. An hour before high tide I cast out about 70yards out on lug and squid. It was a hard days fishing we only caught one fish that was a bass which was rewarding as we didn't even have any whiting before hand or any other fish. 
Thanks for the great bait. James Brockman."
Update from Mike ( 5 October)
Mike Richardson sent me an update after the DAA match of his gurnard...well done Mike for getting it back in the sea alive...
"31cm Gurnard. Pretty fish. Kept alive and returned after weigh in. Chap fishing
along the beach from me had one similar size too. Mike R"
Whiting come in all sizes ( 5 October)
I had this report come in from Kristian, we seem to the bigger 'channels' in earlier this year...
"HI, We got our worms from you this morning and am sending a report as promissed.
No wind all Sunny all day. Fished the Longshore drift like you said. Finished up with 16 fish all Whiting with one cracking 38 cm whiting weighing well over 1 pound.
Thanks Kristian" 
Cracking photo ( 4 October)
I had this report in this evening...
"Had this plump bass near fair chance on lug Saturday all the best Steve"
Late summer visitor ( 4 October)
I had this email from Mike Richardson fishing the DAA match...
"Gurnard? At Dengemarsh in match this afternoon Lug and squid."
Yes Mike it looks like a gurnard to me.
 Reminder for Sunday ( 2 October)
Steve Harvey posted this reminder of the next DAA match on Sunday...
"We have a match Sunday... Weathers looking ok (for a change).....Booking in at the gate 12.15-1 fishing 2-6 hope to see you all there"

Wednesday fishing at Dengemarsh ( 2 October)
Here is a report from Neil and Pete fishing the north easterly wind on your back...
"Hello Tony 
this is a report from wednesday during the big tide. Myself and a friend popped into the shop and bought some of you superb bait also my mate bought the tripod excellent quality. We were the guys down from Hampshire. 
Following your advice we fished Dengemarsh and had a good day whiting every cast, a small bass and pouting. 
Nothing to brag about but my friend was able to take 6-7 sizeable whiting home. 
Having chatted with you I did not realise the cost of the bait and more importantly the little commercial profit you make with each score. You are clearly passionate about fishing and this showed with the advice and guidance you gave. Next time I will order to save disappointment. Thanks for everything. Neil and Pete.

Codling on Wednesday ( 2 October)
I had this report in from Kevin of the very few anglers to 'brave' the wind...and he got his reward...
"We fished behind the lighthouse. Lots of whiting-kept 6 of them and a 22" 3lb cod. We also returned a 40cm cod and lost another in the surf."
Big tides ( 30 September)
Cracking tide (8.6m) today...big surf in the east bay...
Greatstone beach...local catch reports during the big tides...plenty of whiting...and a few codling in the west bay!
The full positions ( 30 September)
Here are the full League placings from Paul Jarrett following the Dengemarsh match...
Latest result SCSAS ( 27 September)
Southern Circuit Sea Angling Society...Here are the results of yesterdays match from Paul Jarrett...
"Result from our Dengemarsh match - 26/09/15 
23 members fished, Whiting, Pouting and Dogfish were weighed in 
Well done to Cieron Bull for winning the match 
Top 10 - Full result & league table to follow 
1) Cieron Bull - 54 fish, 18lb 8ozs 
2) Sam Collier - 47 fish, 17lb 2ozs 
3) Wesley Cheeseman - 45 fish, 15lb 6ozs 
4) Dave Sales - 39 fish, 14lb 4ozs 
5) Alan Jarrett - 35 fish, 12lb 12.5ozs 
6) Lionel Watson - 33 fish, 11lb 14.5ozs 
7) Paul Jarrett - 29 fish, 9lb 14ozs 
8) Ashley Brown - 25 fish, 8lb 15ozs 
9) Keith Neame - 21 fish, 7lb 15ozs 
10) Joe Stevens - 19 fish, 7lb 
Heaviest fish - Dogfish 1lb 6.5ozs, Keith Neame"

Cracking bass ( 27 September)
Nice report from shows there are still a few fish about...
"Hi Tony
Thought I would have a go at Jury's Gap this evening. Started fishing an hour before low tide & had these two before the tide had turned. One 7lb the other 6.5lb and have still got home to watch the England rugby.
Regards Mick Winner"
More codling ( 27 September)
Here is a report from Mike Shine ( the photo didn't make the trip)...
"Hi Tony
You asked about the 2.5lb codling I caught off the beach 3 weeks ago but I did not take a picture. well here is the 2.75lb codling from today. Bright sunshine, dead calm and clear water but it took a whole calamari on a size 4 O Pennel rig. 1 plaice big enough to to bring home and a sizeable doggie that went back. Loads of undersized whiting and some big pout. See you soon. Regards. Mike"
Rays still about ( 27 September)
I had this report in last night from Dave Wood Brignall..."Evening tony . Took Kane to a local mark today . He landed his first Ray about 2lb ish and a jumbo pout . Colour dropped out of water on hi tide . Fishing totally died !! . Going to have another go Wednesday on the super tide . Cheers Dave" 
Plenty of fish ( 26 September)
Great report on facebook from Geoff Midgeley...
"Hi tony. Thanks for the bait and choice of location. After grabbing some frozen blacks and a box of squid I set off to the point. Fished from about an hour after low using lug tipped with squid and caught whiting almost every cast. Trying to avoid this I set up the squid rig you sold me and wrapped lug inside the squid with elastic. Boom. Was straight onto a nice size dogfish. 15 min later with the same bait and a 45cm codling just before high water. Half an hour after that was another dogfish which put up a fight! All three fish were caught on a short cast as you advised so no need to belt out your baits.. Thanks again for the bait and advice. See you again soon "

DAA member does well ( 24 September)
The right plaice at the right time...I saw this on facebook, Darren Brooks had this brilliant fish on Chesil beach..."Had this 3lb13oz plaice from chesil today!"

This came in yesterday ( 22 September)
Ooops I had this report in yesterday from Mark Norton...I wonder who he was referring to...?
"Tony Fished dungie Sunday from 9-4 Loads of whiting and a few sized codling Got there to find loads of rubbish on the beach which I hate so me and a friend bagged it all up At about 1pm we were invaded by what felt like a swarm of guys in a fishing comp They all appeared over the ridge at the same time all in a line lol"
Nice Fish ( 22 September)
Here is a report from Steve...who braved the rain today...
"Hi Tony
Just got back from fishing the end of the wooden walk way, on a very
wet & windy day, thanks for sorting out a great selection of bait. Whitting on
every cast, a doggie & this Bass of between 1 & 2 pounds
that took the blow lug.
See you again soon. Steve Granville, from Orpington
The full result from yesterday ( 21 September)
Here are full results and league placings 'posted' by Malcolm...

You never know what turns up ( 21 September)
Here is a report from Jonathan...
"Hi Tony 
Know it's not Dungerness but had a day at Folkestone warren fishing
for a change I had two bass and my son had a small turbot which is a first for
us all went back safely to get bigger"                                                                                   
  Yesterday's match ( 21 September)
Here is the top line results from yesterdays DAA match from Malcolm (statto) Jones...
"DAA match result Sunday 20th September 2015 – Rover – 1-30 pm to 5-30 pm

1st       Stuart Joy                     10 fish     12 lb. 2 oz.      
2nd      Gavin Smith                 14 fish     8 lb. 10 oz.    
3rd      Phil Tanner                  9 fish       7 lb. 10 oz.          
4th      Simon Lacey                6 fish     6 lb. 9  oz.
5th      Dave Wood-Brignall    9 fish     6 lb.  7 ½ oz.
           HF      Steve Foster                 3lb. 10 oz.   Codling
Dogfish, whiting, pouting and several codling caught.
23 fished and 20 weighed in"
Whiting, whiting and more whiting ( 20 September)
Here is a report from James Webster...
"Hi Tony – when I picked up some of your excellent bait, I promised a report of Friday afternoon / night. In short, very little during daylight hours, but as soon as it got dark, things went beserk, as ever, although whiting only. In a couple of hours over low water as it got dark, then another couple over high water early Sat morning I landed over 60 – many around the 8-10oz size which make a great fish soup! Wouldn’t want this every time - obviously a codling or two would have been nice – but it was fun and a glorious sunset and starry night. Cheers. James"

Don't get stung  ( 18 September)
I had a customer in yesterday who had been stung by a I thought I would reprise this report from David Hutchinson last October to warn and remind people...
"Hi went to Dungeness Sunday.  Fished of the walk way started at low tide the fishing was good catching whiting, pouting and a nice codling that went back.  Then high water it all went quiet the same was all along the beach apart from this weever high decided to impale it's self."
For all you new anglers out there...this is the time of year we get lots of 'weevers' about (see photo) they have a venomous dorsal fin (spines) and the gill cover, so always carry a beach cloth to hold round the fish as you unhook them. If you get 'stung' in the hand place it in very hot water as this will dissipate the venom...

Fishing match on Sunday ( 17 September)
The next DAA league match is on Sunday booking in 11.45 to 12.30 fish 1.30 to 5.30pm. latest catch feed back...lots of whiting, dogfish, pouting, small bass and codling...but no reports of sole.

Reminder ( 15 September)
I had this come through on facebook... a timely reminder if you can spare some time...

Nice bass ( 15 September)
I had this report on facebook from Simon Newman...
"About 6lbish from near the lifeboat station today. Ate a whiting...Second cast, kerching!"
Lost?...has been found ( 15 September)
Two rods and reels have been found at Dengemarsh yesterday if they are yours? give me a shout! Braving the weather ( 15 September)
Here is a report just in from Terry Carpenter...
"Hi went dungy today behind boats  11.30---14.30  weather was ok 
Caught plenty of nice size whiting and a 54cm codling along with a smaller 1
Cheers terry"
New sign on the gate ( 14 September)
I put up the sign to remind DAA members...No Fires...and No mucking about with the boats or their gear...with the weather forecast...we will see if it gets 'blown' away...

Results from last Friday ( 13 September)
Here is a report from Steve Field...
Madagascar league match 6, 11 sept results
"17 fished with codling, dogfish , whiting , sole , pout and gurnard returned to
the scales
1 Stuart Joy from New Romney 11lb 7oz -15 fish 
2 Dave Wood Brignall from St Marys Bay 8lb 11oz - 21 fish
Heaviest Fish Mike Cox Codling 4lb 61/2oz 
Dave WB most fish -21
Cheers Steve"
Another nice bass ( 12 September)
I had this report this morning from Jim Smith...
"Hi Tony,
Went to dungeness last night (Friday 11th) made our way wooden walkway near lighthouse and it was packed with fisherman's!
So we mad our way to the toilets car park? It was slow fishing high tide just pouting! Just before tide went really out my brother in law caught this nice size bass! @ 1:15am Saturday morning (12th)
Small 5 hook rig with fresh lug! Well Done Jimmy!
Jim from Kent."
 It will get better ( 12 September)
I had this report in yesterday from Kevin Warden...
"I fished 10pm until 5am behind the boats. A few dogfish and small whiting-all returned. Let's hope the cod return soon to put on weight."

Mixed bag ( 10 September)
I had this report from Daniel Quigley today...
Hi Tony.
I fished just past the boils yesterday (Wednesday 9th).
Slow day with 2 small bass and a rockling.
I changed to smaller hooks to try for some
flatties but was then plagued by those pesky whiting.
The full results from Sunday ( 8 September)
Thanks to Malcolm (statto) Jones...and a late update from Dave Wood Brignal said there was a dab as well...

Great catch...what a start ( 7 September)
Here is a great report from Eron...
"Hi Tony,
Went fishing to Dungeness near the lighthouse low tide up to high,Doggies,Whiting,Pouting and my 9 old son Eron caught he's 1st codling @ 01:50 am early morning sunday!
Using 5 small cod feather hooks rig on fresh lug.
Tight lines. Eron SNR Kent.
Here are the results ( 7 September)
Here are the results of yesterdays match from Malcolm (Statto) Jones...

DAA match result Sunday 6th September 2015 – Rover – 3-30 pm to 7-30 pm

1st       Stuart Joy                     13 fish     11 lb. 11 ½ oz.      
2nd      Nathan Elliott             11 fish     11 lb. 10 oz.    
3rd      Simon Newman           11 fish     9 lb. 10 oz.      HF 2 lb. 12 ½ oz. codling    
4th      Cieron Bull                   10 fish     6 lb. 1 ½  oz.
5th      Alex Veel                      7 fish     5 lb.  9 ½ oz.   
Dogfish, whiting, pouting and codling caught.
18 fished and 17 weighed in. Regards, Malcolm

Yesterday's match ( 7 September)
I haven't had the DAA match report yet...but I saw this report on facebook from Simon Newman who took part...
"Just waiting for the weigh in after the daa comp which has just finished. This is the earliest I have ever caught a sizeable codling at dungeness. It could be an interesting winter!"

Nice report ( 5 September)
I had this report in from Stuart Taylor...
"HI tony, just a quick note to let you know about my mate and i day today.Picked up the usual excellent bait from your shop and key , just after nine, and on the beach to the left of the boats soon after. Tide was just about down, so looking forward to fishing it all the way up. we both set up the same with 2hook flapper rigs, mine baited with lug on the top and squid on the other, my mate both lug.I fished at around 50 yards, Steve probably double that,just tightened up, when i got a beautiful bouncing rod, end result doggy in perfect condition(i do like em,maybe im sad) looked over to see Steve with a flapper rig full of whiting. And so it was all day till we left about half five, sea was alive with fish, mixed species, a truely amazing day. sorry no photos never thought about it, anyway far too busy. Cheers Stu"

Beautiful fish ( 5 September)
Here is a report from Nigel George who had this beautiful fish...
"Hi Tony,
I fished Tuesday afternoon at Bexhill  at high tide and caught this on first cast. My 7 year-old granddaughter noticed the bite and thought i caught a big shark. I think it's a Smooth-hound, approx. 4lbs and  approx. 33 inches l
long. It was returned safely. Unfortunately, that was the only bite.                                  
Regards, Nigel"
Results from Wednesday ( 4 September)
Here are the results and current standings of the 'Veterans Series', courtesy of Malcolm Jones...

Five matches in...and everybody seems to be enjoying the series...three more to go...everything to play for!

A junior reminder ( 3 September)
This was posted on facebook by Terry Carpenter of the DAA...
"Next junior meet is sun 13th September
Meet at Pilot pub car park at 10.30am
All juniors welcome come and fish with
a friendly bunch of kids and have a nice
morning fishing"

A pleasant surprise ( 2 September)
I had this report in from Darren Brooks...
"Hi Tony, fished behind the boats this afternoon had this little fella!"
We don't see many 'Spurdogs' nowadays...used to be so quite rare...if I had my way they would be protected.
Things that go bump in the night ( 2 September)
I had report in from Wayne...
"Hi Tony,
Fished my favourite spot at Dungeness last night.....4hrs up to HW.
The bites came right on cue (for my chosen spot)...2½hrs into the flood.
First a little rattle, followed by a much bigger 'rattle' resulted in a Bass (47cm...released)...this was followed with some decent Whiting...big dogs...and a few good sized Pout.
I left a live bait in close...just in case that monster Bass was lurking!
Fishing another rod on worm...i only used 8 worms (monsters) over 4hrs......using 1" pieces.....virtually every bait resulted in a fish. Sole.
So....whats happened to the Sole this year?? 
All the best Wayne" Good question only one was weighed in last week at the Sole Open!!!

Woof woof ( 1 September)
I had this report just in from Eli Frith...
"I was fishing round the back of the boats with my dad and caught a dogfish on some fresh lug"
Looking hungry ( 1 September)
I just had this report in from Chris Herbert...
"Hi Tony 
Sorry for the late report – had a problem with systems. 
Fished behind the boats afternoon of 27th August from low tide up. First cast resulted in this pencil thin Cod of about 24 inches. The poor thing was released to fatten up on Dungie Mac Lug. Second cast was a Lesser Spotted Puppy . Both caught on fresh out lug at about ten yards out. There followed the usual Whiting. There was some interest at range but no hook-ups.
"Had an interesting catch whilst on holiday in Devon. Initially thought I had weed on the hook. Nobody was interested to help take the poor thing of the hook. Glad to say it went back OK although as you can see by the colour it was very angry."
Nice dogfish ( 1 September)
I had this emailed report last night...but I can't find a name...

"Hi Tony, fished Dungeness Sunday at the end of wooden walkway from
5.30 pm till 11.30 when rain started. My brother Chris caught this big dogfish
and a small codling both safe returned. All the best"
Bass reminder ( 31 August)
From midnight...the 1st of September the legal retention size for bass will be 42cm.
Any fish under that size must be returned to the sea immediately!

Great turnout for the DAA charity match ( 31 August)
We had 39 anglers fishing the DAA Sole Open 2015
The match raised over £600 for MS charity...many thanks to Steve&Kim Field for organising the B-B-Q and 'charity' raffle.

1st Place Dave Fuller 12oz Sole

Only I sole caught so prizes made up of roundfish.

2nd place Darren Brooks 3lb 8lb 8oz Ray
3rd place Ben Trudgill 2lb 0.5 oz Codling
4th place Stephen Harvey 1lb 5oz Dogfish
5th place Mike Newham 1lb 1.5oz Pouting

Heaviest Flat Dave Fuller
Heaviest Round Darren Brooks

SCSAS result (30 August)
I had the results of last nights 'Southern Circuit Sea Angling Society' match from Paul Jarrett...
"Result from our Galloway's match - 29/08/15 

13 members and 1 guest fished, Whiting, Pouting, Codling and a Thornback Ray were weighed in 

Well done to Keith Johnson for winning the match 

Top 10 - Full result & league table to follow 
1) Keith Johnson - 4 fish, 5lb 3.5ozs 
2) Dave Sales - 8 fish, 5lb 1ozs 
3) Alan Jarrett - 11 fish, 4lb 5ozs 
4) Graham King - 11 fish, 3lb 12.5ozs 
5) Sam Collier - 11 fish, 3lb 11.5ozs 
6) Paul Jarrett - 10 fish, 3lb 7.5ozs 
7) Martin Edwards - 10 fish, 3lb 1.5ozs 
8) Ashley Brown - 9 fish, 3lb 
9) Joe Stevens - 7 fish, 2lb 10.5ozs 
10) Tony Taylor - 7 fish, 2lb 9ozs 

Heaviest fish - Thornback Ray 4lb 1ozs, Keith Johnson"

Nice bass ( 29 August)
Here is a nice report from Arkam Belhouchet...
"Hi Tony... Fished yesterday morning from low to high tide,plenty of whiting and dogfish.first bass was a micro bass(the smallest one I ever caught),but then I got two good size bass..Arkam"
 Charity match at Deal ( 29 August)
I had this notification in from Warren Hayes...great charity...

"The Ronald McDonald house camberwell charity fishing Match. 27th September 2015 The venue. Deal Kent. Signing in from 8:30am-9:45am back to the club house for weigh in. Entry fee £10 Signing in will take place at the deal 1919 club house 13 The Marina, Deal CT14 6NF Match starts at 10am-3pm Pegged zones. Cash prizes for 1st 2nd 3rd place and optional pools also heaviest round and flat fish Raffle table.

This is a open fishing match for all to attend any level of angler welcomed. Taking part in this match means that you are helping this special charity to help sick children receive treatment they need whilst having there family living with them in these specially created hospital homes where trained nurses and doctors spend there time working with the children and families so please come along and Join us to help raise as much as possible for this great charity. Hope to see you all there."

Fantastic photo ( 27 August)
Here is a report from Kelvin of the very few to 'brave' the weather gets his just reward...wish I could take photos like that...
"Hi Tony, went fishing at Dungeness yesterday 26/08/15, caught this codling 19" long on straight frozen lug, at the back of the boats.Thanks Kelvin."
DAA match result ( 27 August)
Here is the match result from last Sunday...woof, woof...

DAA match result Sunday 23rd August 2015 – Rover – 3-00 pm to 7-00 pm 
1st      Nathan Elliott               5 fish     5 lb. 2 oz.    
2nd     Stuart Joy                       5 fish   3 lb. 13 oz.      
3rd     Dave Knott                     4 fish   3 lb. 11 ½ oz.
4th      Colm Brennan               6 fish   3 lb. 11 oz.      
5th      Graham King                 4 fish    3 lb. 2 ½ oz.   
Gavin Smith HF 1 lb. 9 oz. dogfish 
Dogfish, whiting, pouting and sole caught.                
14 fished and 12 weighed in

Number six ( 22 August)
Reports coming in tonight from DAA members returning their keys...lots of whiting...and another 2 2/1 codling!!!

Well done young lady ( 22 August)
Here is a report from David Turner...he's given his daughter fayth a lovely memory...
"We fished denge marsh next to the mod range yesterday had couple of mackerel
and some whiting, best part my 3 year old daughter catch her first fish"
 Its getting closer ( 20 August)
As the boat fishing is in the summer doldrums...beach fishing continues to surprise with the fifth codling this week...I know its high summer...but nobody has told the is a report in today from Steve..."Hi Tony Lots of small Whiting & very tiny Bass today that quickly devoured your very big lug, other than this Codling that was caught near the wooden walkway just before high tide, Cod in August is a first for us, released without harm to go forth & multiply, hope its a good omen for the coming winter months. Thank you, Steve Granville."
Latest results and positions ( 19 August)
Here are the full match result and latest league table from Paul Jarrett, the next round is at Galloways on 29.8.15 fishing from 19.00 to 00.00...

You're never alone ( 18 August)
I had this email from Darren Jones, and yes it has been quiet this year...not the fishing but I believe the after effects from 'operation stack'...but if you pop in I will tell you my Galloways ghost story..."Hi tony Fished EA road Sunday evening , low up until 3.30am. A few whiting a small dog and 2 bass , could not believe how quiet it was , beach all to myself. Cheers Darren"
Good day ( 17 August)
Terry Carpenter reported on facebook that the DAA Juniors had a great day...
"Junior neeting today at littlestone . George the top pic caught 2small bass & ben the bottom pic caught 1 , junior boat trip this wed at 12.00 at the varne boat club if any under 16 interested get in touch"...just check out the DAA website.
Still a few bass about ( 15 August)
Here is a report from Kelvin Richards...
"Hi Tony, went fishing Friday night 14/08/15 at Galloways for sole,but had this Bass 18" long on a size 4 hook and half a lug.Thanks Kelvin."
Hot off the press ( 13 August)
Here are the DAA match dates for 2016...
Coming soon ( 12 August)
Steve Harvey published this on facebook...

Keep it clean ( 12 August)
Here is a report from Mark...
Hi Tony,
Do you fancy spreading the word about this while we're waiting for
the fish to start biting?! It's a short clip about spending two minutes
collecting some of the plastic washed up on our beaches.  Let's help out the
friendly guy often collecting alone! .... Even for just one minute would help
make a difference right?!
All the best. Mark Parnell 
Thanks for that Mark, The DAA part funds the beach cleaner at Dungeness and according to our 'Countryside' officer the beach is about 60% cleaner that it was ten years ago. Now that we have our new gull proof bins (part sponsored by DAA) we have no excuse not to pick up the rubbish we can see and put it in the bins provided.
Calling all Juniors ( 11 August)
Terry Carpenter put on the DAA page this reminder...
"Junior meet next Sunday 16th august 
Meet at Pilot pub car park at 11.00am 
See you all there"

The full result and league positions ( 10 August)
Here are results...species scad not shad (shad are a protected species)...

DAA Match results ( 10 August)
Here are the 'top line' results from Malcolm (statto) Jones of yesterday's match...
well done Simon showing those 'match' anglers how to do it...
DAA match result Sunday 9th August 2015 – Rover – 4-00 pm to 8-00 pm 
1st       Simon Newman            5 fish     5 lb. 8 ½ oz.      HF 1 lb. 7 oz. dogfish    
2nd      Nathan Elliott               6 fish     4 lb. 1 ½ oz.    
3rd      Graham King                 5 fish     3 lb. 4 oz.      
4th      John Smith                     6 fish     3 lb. 3 oz.
5th      Michael Smith               2 fish     2 lb.  6 ½ oz.  
Dogfish, whiting, pouting and shad caught.                
15 fished and 12 weighed in
Dungeness for sale ( 10 August)
Here is a report from Nick Burton... 
"Times are changing"
....Thanks for that Nick, since this story broke last week...I have been trying to find out if the proposed 'Toll Booth' is still going looks like it will be postponed and be down to the new for a new owner...I think the 'smart' money is on EDF...unless I win the lottery!
Surprise...surprise ( 8 August)
I had this email this evening from Neil Rodwell...
"Hi Tony, 
Thanks for the bait today.  Fished the point in bright sunshine all day. Had lots of doggies,  a few whiting and pouting,  also this unexpected surprise (see photo). Had a great day and didn't get sunburnt!  Thanks.  Neil"...and it looks very hungry!!!

Key amnesty ( 8 August)
Over the last couple of months I have noticed that we have had a 'trickle' of DAA gate keys not being returned to the shop...I have decided to give you guys a couple of weeks to get them back to me!
Then I will be phoning each one of you up (listed in my day book as not returned)  to find what happened and if I don't get a 'good' answer I will be giving the names to the committee to be 'blacked' for next year!
I know this sounds 'tough' but come late September we could get very busy...and we could be short of keys...not fair to the majority of have been warned!!!...

Catch reports ( 8 August)
Not many reports with the calm weather but customers returning the 'key' today are talking about small bass, whiting and a few mackerel.

New protections for sea bass ( 6 August)
Here is a email from Defra...better late than never...
"New restrictions on the fishing of sea bass, including the introduction of a minimum catch size, will come into effect from as early as 1 September. This is following action by UK government to protect this iconic and threatened species, Fisheries Minister George Eustice announced today.
The new controls are the result of continued lobbying in Europe to introduce new commercial and recreational fishing restrictions for bass. These measures will address the long-term decline in bass stocks due to overfishing and support British fishermen for the future by ensuring sustainable bass fishing and angling.
From next month fishermen and anglers will be prevented from catching juvenile bass under 42cm in size, giving female bass the chance to grow to an age where they can spawn. This will strengthen our stocks by creating a new generation of fish for us to catch more sustainably.
Commenting on the new measures, Fisheries Minister George Eustice said:
We’ve been consistent in Europe on the need to protect sea bass and the measures we’ve secured this year are vital to improving the health of our stocks.
We can’t be complacent and while these measures are a significant step in kick-starting progress we have to ensure any recovery is sustained. That’s why we’ll be working closely with EU Member States, fishermen and anglers to build on this success and secure long-term improvement in the years to come.
The UK Government spearheaded the introduction of the restrictions and worked closely with the EU Commission and Member States to develop a package covering:
  • A daily 3 fish bag limit per person for recreational anglers.
  • Monthly catch limits for commercial fishing vessels.
  • A ban on all EU commercial fishing in areas around Ireland, excluding the Bristol Channel and other areas inside the UK’s 12 mile zone.
  • A minimum conservation reference size of 42cm to allow female fish to grow to spawning age.
These latest steps to protect sea bass are part of a wider campaign by government to promote sustainable fishing. This includes securing historic reforms to the Common Fisheries Policy and subsequent introduction of a Discard Ban to prevent the throwing back overboard of healthy fish.
Together our approach will preserve fish stocks, supporting the long-term success of the industry, continued economic contribution from angling, and the enjoyment of this sport around our beautiful coastline."
Yesterday Veterans match ( 6 August)
Good time had by all...not many fish caught...but it is August in daylight on Littlestone wall...

Well done Fozz ( Steven Foster)...I pinched this bit of 'facebook' (photo by Steve Field)...his grand daughter made the difference...
"when your fishing a vets match Brian , everything counts length wise and dogs are a bonus 
smile emoticon My granddaughter also helped by casting some magic spells over my fishing rod ( Abra cadabra-- Abra cazoo -- make Grandads fishing dreams come true"

In Yesterday ( 6 August)
I had this report in yesterday from John Lavarino...
"Had a bit of fun last night.
The n1 prize was the first one i caught This..." sole in a long time ( 2 August)
I had this report in from Joe Stevens this afternoon who had this fabulous fish...
"Hello Tony
Thanks for the cracking bait mate, best ive had from a shop in a long time and it was good to meet you mate, glad i got there in time it was a mad dash down the a20 haha
Anywhos fished near jurys gap and i had a monster sole it went 3lb on the scale caught it first cast after that....... whiting haha Thanks again mate Joe stevens"
 Taking your own 'body warmer' fishing ( 2 August)
Here is a report from Paul Howells...and his very attractive fishing companion...
"Hi Tony
Tanya and I took your advice and headed towards the diamond yesterday. Windier than expected but not too bad. After a slow start things stared to liven up at low water. First fish, a huge (at least by my standards from the shore) silver eel. 3' + in length. Had a busy few hours after that. 2 sole (good sized), small schoolies, plaice and then the whiting arrived. All returned unharmed except for the sole which will be getting eaten later. Journey down from Caterham was fine, so hope the flow of anglers returns as the fishing is good! Top bait as always mate. See you soon.
Paul  (and blonde assistant)"
Nice bass ( 1 August)
I had this picture sent in by James fishing with his dad Neil Ransome yesterday down by the 'outfall' behind the power stations...Neil's bass went about three pounds...they are still fishing so lets hope they get a few more...
 From 1066 country ( 31 July)
I had this report in today from Dan Saunders down in sunny Hastings...
"Hello there this is my first time writing for anyone I have just packed up after fishing at Hastings harbour wall to the far left. It was a very productive day and a few nice fish beeing caught were others were failing I had 2 fair sized eels, place, a couple small bass and plenty of fair sized whiting. I fished from low tide up and all in all had a good days fishing will be going again in the same place as the last few days as produced a few good fish with other fishermen reporting of nice bass coming out on spinners in the rocks. I wasn't very confident when I went to the take shop and didn't have any fresh lug only frozen but I was rewarded with a good days catch.
I have included a couple of pictures from today would be nice to see these posted.
Many thanks Dan" 
Early reminder ( 30 July)
For all you DAA 'Vets' out there here is a early reminder for next Wednesday, the long range weather forecast, dry, light southwesterly winds!

Very quiet ( 30 July)
Not getting many reports...deserted beaches, courtesy of 'Operation Stack'...wouldn't I love space like this in October!!!
Sunday's match ( 29 July)
Here are the results from Sunday's DAA match from Malcolm Jones...
"DAA match result Sunday 26th July 2015 – Rover – 4-00 pm to 8-00 pm 
1st       Nathan Elliott               11 fish     11 lb. 15 ½ oz.      HF 1 lb. 14 oz. dogfish    
2nd      Graham King                  8 fish     8 lb. 4 ½ oz.    
3rd      Paul Mortlock                 7 fish     7 lb. 2 oz.      
4th      Simon Lacey                    6 fish     6 lb. 12 ½ oz.
5th      Dave Wood-Brignall        3 fish     2 lb.  12 oz.  
Dogfish, whiting and pouting caught. 
Strong Southerly with drizzle. 15 fished and 12 weighed in 
Regards, Malcolm"
Here are the full league listings...
Big whiting in the wind ( 28 July)
Here is a report from Raymund Fuentebella...
"hello tony. my good friend conrad and i braved the weather early MONDAY morning
behind the boats. started fishing 04:30 and the wind was around probably 46kmp.
but it was not enough to stop me and my pal from fishing anyway. lost some
tackle. broken a rod but it was all worth the challenge. fished for 10 hours and
got some big whitings on way to the low tide which was 3 hours later and a bass
to. definitely will be back. hope all is well and see you soon."
Blown away ( 28 July)
I had this report in from David Brown...
"Hi Managed to get down to Hythe last night in between operation stack for a
session, wind was howling and blew my tripod over damaging one of the eyes
on my rod, this was before I even started fishing.
Total catch was 10 Whiting, 1 large Eel and a Dogfish, all caught on 
ragworm/squid baits. Cheers Dave"
Its been tough ( 27 July)
Mike Richardson copied me in on the petition to stop operation 'stack'...I signed it last week but with so many anglers having a tough (slow) time getting down the coast, I thought I would put up the petition link, so here it is...

Today's result ( 25 July)
Southern Circuit Sea Angling Society
Result from our Samphire Hoe match - 25/07/15
14 members fished, Pouting, Wrasse, Pollock, Rockling, Eel's, and Dogfish were weighed in...
Well done to Robert Bates for winning the match
Top 10 - Full result & league table to follow
1) Rob Bates - 16 fish, 5lb 13.5ozs
2) Mick Watt - 12 fish, 5lb 1ozs
3) Cieron Bull - 11 fish, 4lb 8.5ozs
4) Alan Jarrett - 11 fish, 4lb 6ozs
5) Sam Collier - 9 fish, 3lb 12ozs
6) Graham King - 10 fish, 2lb 13ozs
7) Stephen Foster - 7 fish, 2lb 8ozs
8) Paul Jarrett - 6 fish, 2lb 8ozs
9) Howard Relf - 4 fish, 1lb 11.5ozs
10) Joe Stevens - 4 fish, 1lb 10ozs
Heaviest fish - Wrasse 1lb 12.5ozs, Cieron Bull
Yes they are out there ( 25 July)
Here is a report from Stephen...
"Fished back of boats a couple of Tuesday ago with my sister and brother in law who both wanted a day out sea fishing. The beach was very quiet in terms of other anglers all day. Bait was excellent as always.  In terms of catches, nothing other that whiting and dogfish. Frustratingly, we seemed to be losing more than we caught. A least one sizable fish was lost to a broken line when fish and wave combined right on the edge of the surf,  another couple dropped off  close in, and however well hooked on the bait was, it didn’t seem to last that long. Also manage to lose for a while some terminal gear to a bad cast –but as the tide dropped we managed to recover – a good end to the day all round. Next time there is the treat of surf, we will be back. 
Regards SJH"
do you like LSD ? ( 24 July)
Here is a report from Alex Whittlesea...who is not convinced!...
"Hello Tony Thought Id send in a report of the past two weeks fishing.Two weeks ago Sunday evening, Jax and I fished behind the boats using Ragworm for bait. Result? 1 LSD and around 30 Sea Rats. Two weeks ago Wednesday evening. Jax and I fished the point using Frozen Blacks and Peeler for bait.Result? 2 Pout and 10 Sea Rats. A week ago Saturday evening, Jax and I fished at Galloways using fresh blacks for bait. Result? 3 small spiky sea rats best went 2Lbs 4ozs and over 100 sea rats. Last night, I fished SMB using bluey and fresh blacks for bait. Result? 1 eel of 6ozs. I can not take much more of this, give me winter and bring on the COD!! Regards Shirl" Don't worry its the sound outside its arrived!
Who let the dogs out ( 24 July)I just had this report from Paul Belli...
"Tony, Just a quick update.
Fished Dunge twice this week and last and there’s nothing about. Whiting & Dogfish. People getting a little exasperated after the flurry of Bass is what my ear on the ground tells me. One guy pulled 4lb Bass out but that’s the only sizable fish I’ve heard or seen recently at Dunge. Fished rye Harbour last week and it as small schoolies only. Even a mate who runs a commercial boat out of Rye Harbour says the fishing has been dire for past month. Cheers Paul"
As I put this report up...I can hear the wind howling outside...Ideal bass conditions...not good for us but....anyway...I like dogfish, I was told of a near 4lb fish last week?
Zzzzzz....( 23 July)
In spite of some decent fish being caught (reports on facebook) bass, dogfish, whiting and mackerel. Reports have slowed right down with very few anglers on the beach...we think that operation stack is taking its toll on those coming down from London area.
Beautiful evening ( 22 July)
Down behind the stations last night...beautiful evening...a couple of anglers at the 'boiles' but otherwise quiet...the only reports I've had are a few more mackerel being caught. 
As far as the eye can see ( 19 July)
Just got back from Dungeness (by the power stations)...weird nobody fact nobody about! is a report this evening from Mick...
"Hi Tony.
Had an early start at Galloway's on Saturday.Having walked about a mile towards Jury's Gap to the first area of sand to become uncovered by the out-going tide. First cast Bass
5lb.second cast Bass 3ld.In total 12 Bass, loads of other bites. Lost one very large fish a long way out.
Kept 2 fish for the table,all others put back. Fished until 10 am.Best 3 hours fishing I've had for years. Beautiful weather but surprisingly no other anglers. Can't wait for my next chance to have another go. Regards. Mick Winner."

At last ( 19 July)
Here is a report from Steve Harvey the DAA esteemed fishing captain...
"Hello Mr hills....Myself and Mr p from hythe defied all the traffic from operation stack and managed to venture out for a few hours Saturday evening to galloways...We pumped some fresh bait and followed the tide in.... 1st cast I had this Bass (46 cm)...Then it was just whiting whiting whiting..... Mr p was fishing 5 yards out and still double shooting on the the little buggers... However for this time of year the whiting are fairly big in size"
Blown away ( 19 July)
Here is the report from Alan Martin...
"Morning Tony,
As promise I said I would report back regardless!
Thanks for the bait on Friday night, it was in superb condition. Oh and next time I come down I will definitely take one of those Martinnii knives from you
Well, as for the fishing, behind the power station  it was not as good as the bait in afraid. Pretty disastrous session to be honest, 4 measly whiting caught then I lost 3 rigs in consecutive casts to snags once the tide started to run hard. To top things off as I retreated my set up up the beach, my trusty brolly lost it's grounding and took off down the beach at a ridiculous speed! No chance at all of catching it and it is now probably well on its way to France!
Anyway catch up soon Alan." 

Last week ( 18 July)
Here is a report of last weeks 'Madagascar League' match from Steve Field...
Subject: Result of Madagascar League match at Hythe 11/07/15 

Result of Madagascar League match at Hythe 11/07/15

1 Paul Gunner (Hythe) 13 fish 7lb -8-1/2 oz

2 Steve Field  (Lydd on Sea) 10 fish 5Ib -1-1/2 oz

3 Simon Weller (Ashford)  5 fish 4lb -1-1/2 oz

4 Paul Burden 6 fish 2lb -7-1/2 oz

5 Barry Desmond  2 fish 2lb -6oz

Most fish Paul Gunner 13

Heaviest fish Simon Weller dogfish 1lb -12-1/2 oz 

12 fished , Scad , dogfish, pout and rockling caught 

Cheers Steve
 At last ( 17 July)
I had this report in this last some news...
"Hi Tony,
I fished at the Lifeboats today and caught a couple of bass at about 40-50 yards out on lug worm that we brought from you. It was very hard to cast with SW wind but was a good session. Also caught an eel. The first bass was about 2lb and the other was about 3lb bass that escaped to fight another day. All fish were returned.
Regards. James Brockman"
We've been 'stacked out' ( 16 July)
Sorry for the lack of reports on the site but this is due in part to operation stack...putting people off from traveling down from London...the beaches have been pretty deserted...lets see what happens after tonight's south westerly blow...more bass?
The full result ( 15 July)
Here is the full result posted on by Malcolm facebook...

DAA results from the weekend ( 15 July)
Here are basic results from Malcolm Jones...full league placings to follow...
DAA match result Saturday 11th July 2015 – Rover – 7 pm to 11-00 pm 
1st       Gavin Smith                  16 fish     12 lb. 13 oz.           
2nd      Lionel Watson              14 fish     9 lb. 1 ½ oz.    HF 1 lb. 6 ½ oz. dogfish
3rd      Dave Wood-Brignall     12 fish     6 lb. 6 oz.      
4th      John Smith                      9 fish     6 lb. 4 oz.
5th      Mick Knight                     5 fish     5 lb.  1/2 oz.    HF 1 lb. 6 ½ oz. dogfish 
Dogfish, whiting, pouting and sole caught.                
14 fished and 10 weighed in
Little & Large ( 14 July)
Reports coming in today from around the 'point'...whats being caught...whiting and some very big dogfish!

More News ( 13 July)
I spoke to the CNC Police today and have asked them to advise anglers fishing the EA road frontage they should not have fires, also to reinforce the DAA rules no interference with the boats or their gear. They agreed to do this...I asked if they can get their DAA membership number, and where they got the key...let me know...then the DAA will take it further! To protect our access rights.

Bad News (12 July)
I had a phone call this afternoon from one of commercial boats near the 'point'. Last night somebody used their launching 'woods' to make a fire between the hulls of a catamaran and rammed a fishing magazine up one of the exhaust pipes!
It has been reported to the CNC Police...this criminal damage could of had disastrous results!
Remember the DAA rules are very interference with the boats or their gear!!! Anybody caught doing this will be reported to the Police...with the autumn coming...shingle extraction and hopefully the best cod fishing in a generation we don't want some idiot to 'cock it up' so if anybody has information concerning this or any other incident...please email me and I will pass it on to the Police!

Very good advice ( 12 July)
I had this copied from 'Newquay Beachcombing'...
"Beware the dreaded weever fish as the sea warms up! It’s well camouflaged and lurks in the sand in shallow water, its spine laced with venom. The pain is excruciating. My son’s friend stood on one last year while surfing. Judging from the expression on his face as he sat in our kitchen afterwards, his foot in a washing up bowl of hot water, it hurt. A lot. 
The general advice is to keep your feet covered to avoid being stung. If you do get stung, immerse your foot in hot water, as hot as you can stand it without being scalded, for at least 15 minutes. This helps breakdown the poison. If you have breathing difficulties or an allergic reaction, call for ambulance assistance or get help from a lifeguard.
Have you been stung? Share your experience with us.
Photograph of a weaver fish, courtesy of Alan Webb of Falmouth. Thanks to Simon Holden for sending it in." Best fishing tip...always carry a cloth/towel...not just to wipe your hands...

Tasty...very tasty ( 12 July)
Here is a report from James Webster...
"Hi Tony – fished a couple of nights this week - Sun 5th Galloways and Frid 10th the Point. The few anglers about had caught little or nothing during the day, but as soon as it got dark, the whiting in particular attacked with a vengeance for most of the night. I know they can be annoying if you’re after bigger stuff, but I’ve found a great soup/chowder recipe and it’s really simple for the keepers. My wife said it’s the tastiest she’s ever had – same for me.

I found a simple 3 hook paternoster with just scraps of lug tipped with squid, holding the rod low so baits are on/near the bottom seems best. Off the point last night I was catching them no more than 5m out on the ebbing tide. Of course a second rod for bigger stuff is always wise.

So, the recipe for whiting soup (or fish chowder of you wish). Takes about 20 mins to prepare, and 20 to cook. Simple. Just serve with fresh bread.
Cut the heads off the whiting (or whatever white fish you have). Remove the guts – no need for filleting. For every 1kg of whiting: 2l water. 250ml white wine (cheap box stuff is fine). 500g onions, just cut in half. 4 carrots & 4 sticks celery cut roughly (no need to peel carrots). Various herbs (I use 2 sprigs parsley, decent handful of sage and some thyme, just because we have them in the garden). Juice of 1 lemon or 4 tablespoons. 1 teaspoon salt. 2 veg stock cubes.

Chuck it all in a large pan, boil for 20 mins then sieve off all the juice. No bones or anything to worry about. It really is a wonderful soup, and a good way to turn what can seem a curse into a blessing!

Cheers. James

Bass for tea ( 10 July)
I had this report in this morning from Paul Davis...
"Hi all, fished the beach yesterday and today, and caught these 2.  The sea looked perfect today, but i only had one bite and landed the bigger of the 2, a hour and a half before high, on lug, then nothing else. i'll keep at it!!!..  tight lines...paul.."

DAA Veterans Series third round ( 9 July)
The match yesterday was fished yesterday 8 July by 10 vets...a bit down on numbers with people away, fishing was tough...but not as tough as the last one! Species whiting (chasing the fry) gurnard and the odd eel.

1st John Wigston 4 fish for 94cm
2nd Cliff Furr 2 fish for 57cm
3rd Richard Pedder 1 fish for 35cm 
4th Dave Rees 1 fish for 28cm
5th Steve Foster 1 fish for 26cm
6th Jez Mahony 1 fish for 24cm
7th Pete Brown 1 fish for 20cm

Weather breezy north westerly...with the odd heavy shower and humid.

Nice whiting ( 7 July)
I had this report in yesterday from Ray Fuentebella...
"Hello Tony. Good fishing Saturday night to Sunday afternoon. Very good size Whitings. Plenty catch. Tried for Mackerel Sunday  butdue to weather from 10 to 15:00, none. But still good size whiti,gs that day. No bass. Be going back for the specie in weeks. See u soon"

Don't forget ( 5 July)
We have round three coming up Wednesday...

Beautiful ( 5 July)
I had this photo sent in from Nick Burton who has been fishing down at Galloways..."What a lovely looking fish"...and I'm told very tasty!
More mackerel ( 4 July)
I had this report from Vinny Abel on facebook...

"Had over 30 mackerel & 4 scad today on low tide near walkway Dungeness"
Mackerel ( 3 July)
I just got this report in from Tim Startup...
"Hi Tony,
Just to let you know, I had a couple of mackerel behind the power station today.  The bloke next to me had a dozen! 
Cheers, Tim
Bass...more news ( 3 July)
The new size limit for bass (42cm) will be introduced in September...well that is the 'buzz' going around...once I get confirmation from the MMO I will let you know. Remember the DAA Bass size limit in competition is 45cm.

 Shocking experience ( 3 July)
I had this email from Paul Child 'electrical day at Samphire!!!'...
"Hi Tony the mystery re the nets etc. at Samphire hoe.. the buoys that someone saw are I believe crab pots being picked up and laid today by FE74 from Folkestone boat they were easily 50 m perhaps 40 m from the wall and I saw pots coming aboard. Another thing of note the air got really humid storms started around us about midday, as I cast out I got an electric shock from my rod felt it go up my arm.. I thought nothing more of it until a  guy next to me said his rod was buzzing with electrical sounds.. This is genuine and its not made up suffice to say other persons stopped!Quite frightening.Regards Paul"
Good news? ( 2 July)
It has been reported to me that the EU has raised the catch size for bass from 36cm to 42cm! I have contacted both the K&E IFCA and the MMO at Hastings to find out is this immediate? Or will it be phased in, I will let you know when I've heard. Sadly the commercials who have invested in 'gear' this year to catch 36cm fish will I guess be discarding those and just bring ashore just the above 42cm advice from the MMO (just in) is to wait for further information as discussions are ongoing...more to follow.

More mackerel ( 2 July)
I had this report in this morning from Nigel Goldsmith...
"Hi Tony
My bother in law and I fished Princess Parade at Hythe and had a few Joeys. Nothing like the Jumbos of a few years ago but what a lovely day- sorry no photos!"
I have had it confirmed ( 1 July)
Mackerel are about...I had a customer in this morning who told me of a few mackerel they caught last night on the EA / DAA road, Then my mate Jim Quinn popped in and showed me a photo of his sink full of mackerel...his share of a 40 plus catch! caught earlier this week.
Whiting, Whiting, Whiting ( 30 June)
I had this report in from Gary Nicholls...
"Hi Tony
My first ever report.
Had an evening on Dengemash yesterday. Set up right next to the point of no entry due to the live firing, first cast tap tap bait gone, then whiting after whiting changed bait to mackerel strips to try and get through them but to be honest I think they prefer the mackerel, all very small and all went back.
All a bit painful but better than drawing a blank I guess."
The whiting are biting...don't worry Gary we can only catch whats there...I think the best bait for whiting is strips of...whiting?
A point of view ( 30 June)
I had this email in from *****(he asked me not to mention his name)
"Hi there Tony 
Great to see the report of a 10lb bass at the Hoe, and I realise you need to put photos on like this to encourage people to fish. 
HOWEVER obviously the commercial fishermen are reading your site, as I went to the Hoe last night and there are 2x 100m static bass nets at each end of the Hoe, no more than 30m from the wall. No chance of any fish for us when like that!!!!!"
Well yes 'commercials' look at all the sites follow facebook and forums...they are not stupid...they are looking for trends in whats coming out...I don't think one bass however big who spur them into action. What drives 'commercials' are 'quotas'...there is no point catching if you can't sell it! Yes I do promote fishing primarily at Dungeness, I worry that if numbers drop access could become an issue. Yes it helps the shop...but not everybody comes to me! I believe in a 'broad church' where we all can enjoy what we do, working for better fishing in the future, that includes all of us...and the 'commercials'
I don't like waste ( 29 June)
I had this very nice email from Jackie Winner...
Hi Tony. Great web site, and good to read all the reports of all the recent catches locally. Some very fine specimens reported.
Can I also can I commend the returning of so many of the fish alive and well.
Good work Lads.
I don't mind bringing fish back if they are going to be eaten...but I do get a 'buzz' seeing them swim away. But I don't like killing dogfish (I know...but I like them) but I couldn't kill a my opinion the most beautiful fish in the sea!...this is what getting old does to you.

The DAA Veterans series ( 28 June)
Here are the remaining dates for 2015, any questions just give me a shout...

Just down the road ( 28 June)
I had great report in from from Jim Maynard...
"Hi Tony went to Samphire hoe yesterday afternoon,caught this 10lb 7oz bass on mackerel, took a few photos then returned the fish alive  regards Jim."

Can Lightning strike twice ( 28 June)
I have just had another cracking smoothound reported...Andrew told me it was caught on a lug & squid cocktail last night...
"Andrew Kilmick, Smoothound caught behind the boats 27.6 estimated weight above 10lbs, returned to the sea safe and well"

The full Veterans Series ( 26 June)
Here are the results two matches in...thanks to Malcolm (veteran) Jones lets see how we get on in July...
"The moment you've all been waiting for - well done Mick and congratulations to all that came equal second!"

Stars in his eyes ( 25 June)
Brilliant fish...great fun from the beach, well done Mick...I'm so jealous...
"Hi Tony Had some bait over from a trip Monday seemed a shame to waste it
so went down to Dengemarsh for a short session this afternoon about 1/2 hr
before high water the line went slack tightened into it and felt something
substantial on the other end . After about 10-15 min successfully beach my first
Smooth Hound . It was 1.2 M long and I estimated about 15-20lb  After posing for
some photos it was safely returns to the sea .  Regards.  Mick Care"
DAA Veterans Series ( 24 June)
Round two, 13 Veteran anglers turned up today in glorious sunny weather calm seas...tough conditions, but we all had a great crack in good company...sadly only one fish was caught by Mick Kibbin who cleaned up the money today...well done Mick, lets hope we see a bit more action next month!

The result from last Sunday DAA match ( 23 June)
Here are the full results from Malcolm (Statto) Jones...well done Dave W-B on catching that nice thornback...

Lots of action ( 23 June)
Here is a report from Ron Kemp...
"Hi guys, Never written a report before, but had many a good nights fishing.
Always look up the reports on here to give me that feel good feeling before
going and get some great tips from the supporters.
Went 3 days ago to
Sandgate behind the castle as prior to this pulling plenty of bass in on half a
worm close in. My mate paul and I normally fish two rods but we had to pack that
in due to too many fish. We had hundreds of pouting, whiting and dogs. It was so
busy the rod never went on the rest as they were hitting it before it hit the
bottom, we tried in and passport control and still they hit us. I'm going
tonight so will drop another line in.
Regards Ron Black horse pub, Densole"
Steve looking for the bass ( 22 June)
I had this report in from Steve who has been having fun chasing the bass...
Hi tony sorry for the late report went to Gallaways on Friday night it was slow going just a few whitting then about 2300 lost a good sized bass the leader knot jammed full of may weed it came off in the surf .but had one of 45cms then one of 35cms which went back then 0300 had one of 40cms once it got light they went off the feed so I packed up but a good nights fishing the lads next to me packed up because too much whitting. Many regards. Steve latham."
DAA Juniors ( 21 June)
Here is the report of yesterdays get together from Terry Carpenter...
"DAA juniors held there lastest outing today at dungeness near the boats it was overcast & dry with rain sposed to turn up during the meeting . Eight fished with only whiting & dogfish caught was fairly quiet but all enjoyed a day out .Also were now a international club with 2 boys fishing all the way from california usa."

Round two of the DAA 'Veterans' ( 21 June)
Just to remind members that the next round of the 'Veterans Series' is Wednesday ( 24th) fishing 3.30 to 6.30 book in on the Littlestone wall after 2.30. Hope to see you over sixty's there!

Unusual for the beach ( 21 June)
Hear is a report from the 'Giffords'
"Hi Tony
Fished in front of the lookout tower for a few hours on a rising tide
Saturday. Nothing of any great size but plenty of species including whiting,
pouting, doggie, various flatties, a couple of small bass and this gurnard which
was a first for us! Sorry I couldn't get a better picture but every time I went
to pick it up I found another spine!
We thought we'd have a bit of fun in the absence of anything large so whacked out our spinning rods with small flattie hooks, even the schoolies were putting a bend in the rod, superb!! Thanks Terry and Lee Gifford
Nice Catch ( 21 June)
Here is a report from Sam...
"Hi tony , sorry the report is late I fished 19 th June behind the boats from
1030 till 4 had an excellent hall, caught 15 doggies all over 40 cm and 4 bass
roughly 4lb each all put back to become bigger and tastier ! All caught on lug
at range !
My first ever bass I caught that day one of my proudest days , I
don't have any pictures as my phone died but thanks for the lug speak soon
Regards Sam Jarvis"
Some days are tough ( 21 June)
Here is a report from Daniel Quigley...
"Hi Tony 
I fished behind the boats on Friday from 9am to 9pm. Very nice day
but the fishing was very slow. Only 3 fish all day. 1 wighting, 1 dogfish (both
on sand eel) and a ling caught on lugworm. 
I was the only one fishing all
day except 2 guys who I noticed fishing the point for a short period before
leaving. Hope I have better luck next weekend.
Surprised to get a ling so close to the shore. Regards Daniel."
It looks like a rockling to me very common back end of winter but should have moved out to       spawn by now?
Dungeness...Long Pits? ( 21 June)
Well your are still fishing on shingle...
"It's not only sea fish that are caught at Dungeness. The littlestone waller."
Away day ( 21 June)
I had this report from Paul Child...sorry for the delay...
"Hi Tony not Dungie but went further afield down to Dover for a bit of a change at Samphire hoe like Dungie its nice and quite, but its extremely snaggy and you will lose tackle paid off with a 2.5 Lb and 7lb sea bass, (lucky had the drop net with me)
The Bass seem to be everywhere at the moment.
Regards Paul"
Computer problems !!! ( 21 June)
Sorry for the delay in reports I have been off line for 4 days, but hopefully we have it fixed?

Nice Bass ( 17 June)
I had this text via email from details...but a cracking photo...
"Hi Tony caught this in Hastings today at top tide only fish all day. Steve" 
Plenty of fish ( 17 June)
Here is a report from Raymund Martin Fuentebella...
"Hello tony. Had a good day fishing yesterday. From 11 am. Got few bites as soon as i cast. Whiting mostly, returned. Went quite from 1300 to 1600, as low tide setting in. Then, active again and got this. Many more bites came after but returned to fish another day. Last hour, i caught 3 dog  fish big as my arms length, returned. See you soon."
 The bass hunters ( 15 June)
I had this report in from Peter Webster...
"Hello tony, i fished in the west bay saturday night in a strong wind with my 2
good pals, thay both had school bass and 1 bass of keeping size. No bass for me
only whiting and 2 dogs ive had better action but still good to see a lot of
small bass around still for later. All were returned un harmed. See you soon."
Strike a lite ( 14 June)
Here is a report from Steve...Lightning and carbon rods!!!...
Hi Tony...Fished on the 5th of June at the back of the boats.  Thanks very much for the bait which led to a very productive day.  It was fairly quiet up to high tide, but after that the action started – as you predicted.   The total for the day was four dogfish up to about 600mm, one flat fish (flounder I think) and another four or five small fish – which were  couple of whiting and a the rest ‘ don’t knows’.  Tried out circle hooks for the first time  which were a revelation, I had no deep hooked fish throughout the session making the return of all them  a simple and swift process. 
The interesting bit of the day was taking shelter under a groundsheet brought along for the purpose while the rain came down and the lightning flashed. Took the rods down during this period.  Would have posted photos as well, but managed to wreck my phone the other day on a rather hard car park. Hopefully next time.  
Will be back very soon. Steve"

A night in the kennels ( 14 June)
Here is a great report from Dave Brown fishing down the bay...
"Hi, Fished Hythe Beach last night, fished 2 hours up and three down with my
mate Pete. Caught 16 doggies between us along with whiting, pouting,
rockling, eels and I managed to catch a small smoothound on a cocktail of
ragworm and squid on my last cast. All in all a busy evenings fishing with
a good variety of fish. Cheers Dave Brown"
Paul to the rescue ( 14 June)
I've had numerous calls today asking why their has no catch reports...well here is Paul to the rescue...
"Hi all. Done a few fishing trips over the last couple of weeks. With not much joy. Me and Richard tried the power station the other day making a change from the lookout. Rich said to post what we caught the whole time we were there.( Check out the two pouting!! Next to the clipper.). Nearly broke my arm fighting it Tried a couple days later here at our local location and landed a couple of nice bass, I sat out the Lightning storms and glad I did.. Then last night had another go and caught all soughts, even a eal, couple of bass, 3 flatty, whiting, and pouting. Still waiting for the 10lb big boy bass!! Let's hope we see one soon... paul + rich.."
Very strange ( 14 June)
I think this has been the longest period that I have not had a catch report...very strange because the verbal reports have been good...loads of small bass, many other species and a report of a codling at Dungeness...lets see what happens next?

Tasty...very tasty ( 9 June)
Here is a report from Shaun ( the chef) Brough...he is making me feel hungry...
"Hi Tony: Fished on Sat night. Arriving 10pm to fish up to high tide at
2:30am. A few eastern European gentlemen fishing to my left enjoying a few
beers with an intermittent sing song. A small whiting and a pouting after three
hours and then I hooked this nice bass of 60cm (about 5.5lb). Caught it on a
'black lug sausage'. This is about 4 black lug folded over a few times and tied
to the hook with baiting elastic. I was also using a new Scentfeeder Grapple
lead which has a built in swim-feeder (which was filled with homemade chum -
sprats/cod liver oil/bread in the blender). The aim of the 'lug sausage' is to
keep the small stuff away (pout and pin whiting). A few dogfish took the large
bait annoyingly but a good session thanks to this nice Bass. He was roasted
on Sunday and served with homemade chips and salad. Pic of the fish with my boy
The best so far ( 8 June)
Here is report from Paul Belli...what a fantastic catch...the best reported this year so far...
"Hi Tony
Caught these beauties off the lighthouse both within hour of high tide on lug. My lucky conoflex rod. Weighed at home a few hours later at  and 8lb6. Day of a lifetime. Cheers Paul"
DAA match result from yesterday ( 8 June)
Thanks to Malcolm (statto) Jones for compiling the results...

'May water' ( 8 June)
"I had this report from Mark...
Hi Tony fished behind the power station on Sunday horrible sticky weed around in the morning cleared around HW 
Beach was packed didn't see many fish caught all I managed was a couple of Dabs and a Flounder fell to your excellent Queen cockles
Regards Mark Trotski"

Yes good old 'May Water' it happens every year...algae blooms with the heat...then dies and when it washes in it can stick to your line...Yuk...but we hope it won't last long!

Bad News ( 8 June)
I had a report in this morning of further vandalism to the fishing boats!
The cluster of fishing boats on the EA 'shingle haul' road have again been attacked, another batch of launching 'woods' have gone and one of the boats was 'spay painted' with graffiti. The boat owners are not necessarily blaming anglers...they don't know who did it! I have contacted the Police for more patrols in that area...if you have seen anything let me know!!! 

Fine bass ( 8 June)
I had this report from Ian last night...a fine bass from the west bay...
"Hi Tony,
Today i caught my PB Bass which weighed in at 7lb 4oz. and 66cms long.It was 45 mins. after low tide. I fished for 10 hours and had only 1 Pouting until this bass came along. Should be enough to feed the whole family! Regards, Ian George."
Dengemarsh ( 7 June)
Here is a report from David that came in last night...
"Hi Tony Fished Dengmarsh Friday afternoon caught these 2 bass both just
under 3 lbs about 2 hours before low water both fell to your excellent lug in
heavy surf 8 oz lead would not hold bottom 20/30 yds out no bites prior both
fish caught within 10 minutes of each other no further bites Regards Dave Smallwood"

Nice fishing ( 6 June)
I had this report in from Steve Granville...
"Hi Tony, thanks for bait & rigs. 
Had a 2 lb bass & mate, Kev, had a 3 lb one.
2 hours before low tide in front of power station. Also caught a   1 lb sole on
last cast while packing away, which was a welcomed bonus. Thanks, Steve from
Family outing ( 5 June)
I had this report in this evening from Ashleigh Donnelly...
Had a few bass and a whiting proper rained but all in all a good day shame lee Kelly was at work!! 

Reminder for Sunday ( 4 June)
The next round of the DAA match series happens this Sunday...
Full Rover book in 11.15am - Noon fish 1pm till 5pm. for more information contact Steve Harvey 07786 538 103 or check out the DAA website.

Wind makes fish ( 3 June)
I had this great report in from Paul Hodges out there in the wind battling the conditions...
"Hi Tony  
Had another good session fishing for Bass yesterday evening in those high winds, best conditions if you ask me. Fished with Melv behind the boats and between the two of us we managed 26 Bass. Most were very small again between 20 and 30cm. Melv had 8 the best 2lb and I had 18 the best two were 6lb and 7lb with two others at 42cm and 43cm. We fished close in to avoid the dogfish and whiting.   
Regards Hodgey"

 A bit breezy ( 2 June)
I had this report come in by phone tonight...sadly the photo didn't make it...
hi tony poped in earlier my report as follows
I fished dungy to the left of the boats fished from around four oclock till eight wind was strong but fishable there must have been 10ft waves but thought as were there might as well try first cast for me a small bass around a pound or so then we had another four the same size or a bit smaller and a few pout then went dead till just after low then had one more bass of about 6 inches before we packed up only one picture as battery went dead " 

Great fishing at Galloways ( 1 June)
Here is a great report from Nigel that came in yesterday...
"Hi Tony, 
Had a good day at Galloways yesterday. Fished over low tide for 5 hours and got  5 bass (missed 2)all approx. 45 cms. 
All caught on fresh lug. Also had a sizeable dab and one doggie. 
We braved a fairly strong wind and lots of surf but well worth it! Lots of sizeable bass being caught by other anglers.                              
Hoping for some more good days like this.    Nigel George
Bass galore ( 1 June)
Here is a great report from Paul Hodges...
"Hi Tony
Fished last night and managed a total of 4 Whiting, 3 Flounders and 16 Bass. Most were small but had about 7 that were 30 to 35cm, 5 that were very small and then 3 keepers. The biggest was 4lb (55cm) and the other two were 48cm and 42cm. I also had successive double shots of Flounders and then small Schoolies. It was a very fun session from 5pm to 11pm. As it got darker to avoid the Whiting I kept cast short to 20 yards or less which led to two massive bites that nearly pulled the rod stand over but came off after the first turn of the reel (lots of swearing and jumping up and down to say the least), but still it was a good session. Regards Hodgey"

 DAA Junior Dates ( 31 May)
Proposed Junior Dates from Jim & Terry ( remember junior membership is free for more details see the DAA website)
future dates for DAA junior matches
Sun July 19th 12.30--3.30 (HW 13.57 H 7.5)
Sun Aug 16th 11.30--2.30 (HW 12.59 H7.7)
Sun Sept 13th 11.00--2.00 (HW 12.01 H7.6)
Sat Oct 31st 12.00--3.00 [ OPEN COMP ] (HW13.07 H7.6)
Sun Nov 15th 11.30--2.30 (HW12.25 H7.4)
Sat Dec 12th 10.00--1.00 [XMAS COMP ] (HW11.02 H7.4) 

please meet up 1/2 hour before above times at Pilot pub c/park

Southern Circuit Sea Angling Society ( 31 May)
Results from Paul Jarrett
"Result from our Sandwich Bay match - 30/05/15 
21 members and 1 guest fished, dogfish, pouting, whiting, flounder, eel and smoothound were weighed in 
Well done to Sam Collier for winning the match 

Top 10 - Full result & league table to follow 
1) Sam Collier- 19 fish, 18lb 2ozs 
2) Mark Wilkie - 11 fish, 13lb 6.5ozs 
3) Lionel Watson - 15 fish, 12lb 1ozs 
4) Alan Jarrett - 15 fish, 11lb 15ozs 
5) Daniel Collier - 11 fish, 8lb 11ozs 
6) Stephen Foster - 9 fish, 8lb 9.5ozs 
7) Wesley Cheeseman - 4 fish, 5lb 4ozs 
8) Graham King - 6 fish, 5lb 
9) Warren Ross - 6 fish, 4lb11ozs 
10) Ashley Brown - 5 fish, 4lb 5.5ozs 

Heaviest fish - Smoothound 2lb 9.5ozs (Mark Wilkie)"

Plenty of small bass about ( 30 May)
I had this report emailed this evening from Neil...
"Hi Tony.  Neil Rodwell here. Thanks for the bait today. Fished behind the station today down to low water. Caught mainly small fish including whiting, dab and a small school bass. Had this nice flat fish at low tide though I'm not sure if it's a plaice or flounder.  It was caught on some of that fantastic ragworm you supplied me with! Thanks again. Neil." Yes its a flounder (nice photo) we are getting quite a nice run of these.
Bassin with Jason ( 30 May)
Saw this post from Jason Davey on facebook...
"Had a little session off the beach at galloways last night with adam from 6 until 10.30 look spot on for bass and so it proved we had 7 Bass numerous whiting one at 34cm! And a solitary flounder. Unfortunately all the bass were schoolies good fun but not what we wanted but he who dares!! Lol"

A bit flat today ( 29 May)

Had a Facebook message from Geoff Midgeley on the 25 May..."Hi tony. I came in earlier for some bait ( which was great by the way ) I took your advice and fished behind the power station. I fished 2 hours either side of high water. First cast was a small flounder then was quiet until just after the turn of the tide. I then caught another 3. No sign of any bass today but a great day all in all. Thanks for the advice and will see you again soon. All the fish returned by the way"

No bass, but nice flounders... Bit late on putting this up, missed it on Facebook. Tony.

DAA Veteran's Series ( 28 May)
We fished the first match yesterday...great day at Littlestone wall with 16 'Vets' taking part, here are the results from Malcolm (statto) Jones...
"Well, I've just put my tin hat on as it is time to publish result of yesterday's vets match! Hopefully simple - total length wins and any ties on length decided by most fish. Over the course of the matches length will accumulate - no messing about with individual fish lengths or whether round or flat - length is everything! Going for my evening meal as the dinner gong has rung ( someone just bellowed up the stairs!)"
More bass on the beach ( 28 May)
I had this report in from Arkam...
"Hi Tony...fished behind the coastguard tower Tuesday night till Wednesday mid day,,, plenty of dog fish and whiting,and managed to catch this bass...Arkam"
Another nice bass ( 27 May)
I had this report in today from Nino Costa...very nice bass but next remember to happy well done..."Hi tony Caught this 3 1/2 lb bass Tuesday 26 Behind the boats at low water, with single lugworm. Regards Nino C."
Half term happiness ( 26 May)
I had Richard Waterman pop in this afternoon who had been fishing with his son just east of the 'wooden walkway'. Richard was using lug tipped with squid at range...and it paid off with this nice bass...
DAA match the full result ( 25 May)
Here are the full result and current league positions from Malcolm (statto) Jones...
Hythe Ranges yesterday ( 25 May)
Here is a report from Darryl Nicholas...
Hi Tony,
Fished at Hythe ranges yesterday morning at low water caught 18 dog
fish 2 plaice and a large eel. A very busy two hour session! Darryl.
Great match ( 25 May)
22 anglers took part in yesterdays match...plenty of fish with Nathan Elliott catching a fine bass of 4lb 6 1/2 oz.
Ist N. Elliott 9lb 3 1/2oz.
2nd. G. Smith 4lb 13oz.
3rd. R. Weeks 4lb 1oz.
 Plenty of fish ( 24 May)
Dave had a good day yesterday...
Hi Tony I fished at Dengemarsh 23/5/15 pm till low water nice surf
wind from west 3 decent bass picture of first bass and 2 flounders and large doggie plus a dozen or so whiting the guy fishing next to me caught 2 bass one being 2.5 lbs all caught on lug you supplied which were excellent by the way
Regards Dave Smallwood
Nice bass ( 24 May)
I had this report in from Lee...cracking photo...
"Hi mate, caught this 5.5lb bass today. On some lug. Cheers Lee Young"
Junior day ( 23 May)
Here is a report from Terry Carper of today's junior meet...
"Just back from latest junior meet at Littlestone wall .Ten fished water was coloured nicely but only 2 silver eels were caught by Ben & evan well done both plus small pouting & whitting caught pictures put on by jim earlier . 
Next meet is Sat June 20th"

Great day ( 23 May)
I had this report from Fred Brown...but at least he had a great didn't rain, no gale force winds, and to rub things in I had reports of some bass round the other side in the surf...
"Hi Tony,
Lovely to see you yesterday and thanks for the excellent lug worm. Fished 2 up and down at Littlestone nice colour but strong SW wind. Had plenty of bites from pouting, whiting and 2 eels. Nothing of any size. Shame no bass but nice to be on the beach.
Regards Fred"
Who let the dogs out ( 21 May)
I had this report in from Mark...
"Hi Tony fished Littlestone wall yesterday plenty of large Dogfish on squid around HW worm baits catching small Whiting and Pouting. Regards Mark Trotski"
Looking forward to it ( 21 May)
Here is the reminder post from Steve Harvey DAA match captain...
"As the bank holiday weekend gets ever closer...So does our next instalment of the members league.... Sunday folks 2-6 booking in 12.15-1 at the gate... Only a fiver... You got to be in it to win.... Fishing is good at the moment.. So that's a good recipe for a blank... Especially amongst the blankers...Oh yeah that's me.... Couldn't catch a cold at present.. But I'm hoping that will change.... Tight lines and see you sunday"
The bass hunters ( 21 May)
Here is a report from Steve Blattman...
"Hi Tony, Had a go at the back of the boats yesterday, the only fisherman
there, nothing but whiting and a large dogfish. One very small bass safely
returned, another day perhaps!"                                                                                                                        Yes Steve it has been very quiet...but the bass reports are on the up!
You can't win it all ( 20 May)
Here is a report from Tim Startup...
"Hi Tony, Just to let you know I caught 6 whiting, a pouting, a rockling and a dog fish.  All returned.  I fished behind the power station over the high tide.  There was a bit of surf but unfortunately no sign of any bass. Cheers, Tim.

Tough it out ( 19 May)
I just had this report from James Webster...tough conditions...but you never know...better to try and fail than not try at all...
"Hi Tony.
Having dug a few lugs just before dusk, I fished Dengemarsh for the first time Sunday night – 3 up 2 down. The SW (forecast 15 mph but probably a bit stronger) made it nearly impossible to detect any bites, so it was more a case of reeling in every 20 minutes or so and seeing if anything had hooked itself.
A couple of small dogs and several pin whiting, all on lugs on 1/0’s. The other rod with squid on a 4/0 pennel rig had its 60lb trace bitten clean through, presumably by a thornback, but I didn’t even know it had taken, such was the wind! A couple of guys just up the beach had only one whiting in all the time I was there. In short, probably not worth fishing with an onshore wind over say 10mph? Still well worth it though, just to engage with the elements! Cheers. James"

Dogfish heaven ( 19 May)
I had this report from Paul Child...I have never known so many very large dogfish about...
"Hi Tony I popped by this morning and bought some bait from you. I fished Littlestone wall about 2 up 2 down, a bit slow at first then the heavens opened with extreme driving rain and hail for 30 mins and then the wind gusted 40-50 mph possibly more.... water good colour but then it all calmed down so stuck at it. 
All in all a good session 11 Dogfish all very good size all went back bar one that was very large all on lug about 80 m out. Lots of whiting some were of a good size along with some pouting...All went back.. Of note the Dogfish all came as the tide peaked and started to go down, Regards Paul"

Sad people ( 17 May)
I had this email from from Ashleigh is very disturbing...if anybody has any information please contact the Police (or let me know and I will pass it on)...
"Just to let you know, this afternoon I was just taking my tackle back to my car and a man driving a black Range Rover pulled over and asked if I had any luck I started to talk to him and he then started to play with himself I was extremely shocked and quite frightened and before I could shout to my husband he sped off towards the lighthouse please let other females in the area aware and I have reported it to the police"
You can't win them all ( 17 May)
I had this informative report from Michael Smith...
"Hello Tony
My son Matt and I were thwarted on our quest for a Thornback by
the firing at Galloways last night so went over to the dark side (Sussex) and
had a dabble at Jury's ... Arriving at low tide we set off with rods and a pump.
We were almost scuppered by the worms making off almost horizontally,
fortunately I keep my old bait spade in the car and was able to whip a few worms
out the old fashioned/hard work way... As for the fishing, lots of very small
Bass and a solitary flounder for entertainment but sadly nothing of real
Welcome back ( 17 May)
I had this lovely email from Ashleigh Donnelly...
"Excellent turnout...
What a night! I haven't been to Dungeness since I was about 8 years old with my daddy and thought I'd give it a bash with my husband. So glad we did! We got to 11 dogfish and then lost count we had a good lot of pouting,whiting and a rockling. Would of loved a bass but oh well I'm very happy!"

Beautiful day beautiful bass ( 17 May)
I had this cracking report in from Richard Cotten...
"Hi, just thought I would send you these 2 pic's of some of the catch we had
yesterday at the power station, top one was 6.5 lb and the other was 2.5 lb. we
also had a few dogfish, whiting and pouting, all round great day! Thanks for the
great advise of the area, we will be back, Richard" 
Brace yourselves ( 13 May)
Here is a great report & photos from Keith Slater...with Graham Johnson's catch
"Hya please find attached a couple of pics of Graham with some  bass and flounders caught recently. The flounders were approx 2pound each part of 6 he caught."
 First timer ( 12 May)
Sophie Barnett went fishing for the first time and showed how easy it is with plenty of fish down at Littlestone wall in the sunshine.
DAA match update ( 11 May)
Here are the updated league results...

Smoothounds ( 11 May)
I had this email from Gavin Smith...
"Afternoon Tony
Fished yesterday in the DAA match down littlestone and was
surprised how many Smoothounds their where I had 4 that 60cm and another 8 that
where just under the 51cm size limit. 
Sorry no pictures but the 4 I kept went
back after they where weighed"
Yes you are right Gavin...I'm getting reports from both bays of more smoothies, but not just that species, look at the thornbacks, plaice and a bit further out just gets better & better!
DAA match result ( 11 May)
Here are the 'topline' results from yesterdays match...thanks to Malcolm (statto) Jones...
"DAA match result Sunday 10th May 2015 – Rover – 2-00 pm – 6-00 pm 
1st       Graham King              25 fish     9.90 lb.           
2nd      Gavin Smith                12 fish     8.20 lb.      
3rd      Dave Wood-Brignall      7 fish     8.0 lb.       
4th      Dave Knott                     3 fish     7.95 lb.   HF 4.9 lb. bass
5th      Mick Knight                 10 fish      6.20 lb. 
 Bass, dogfish, pouting, whiting, flounder, dab and rockling caught. 
Light Southerly breeze and fine.  (Makes a change!)   
21 fished and all weighed in 
Regards, Malcolm" 
Yesterday ( 11 May)
I had this short email yesterday but with no name attached...
"Fished today 2 school bass 2 dog fish 1 pouting 1 eel and 3 whiting tony plenty
of fish all returned"
...the reports of eels is on the increase...remember they are a protected species.
Great 'bassing' ( 11 May)
This great report came in from Paul Hodges...
"Hi Tony
Sorry for the late reports. I fished 3 times this last week, Wednesday 6th May I fished Dungeness at night and caught four Bass (38cm, 47cm, 48cm and 50cm) all of them were over 3lb and the biggest one took a tiny live Whiting. I returned the smaller one. My first Bass Live Baiting. I then fished Saturday 9th am at Dungeness again and had two Bass one of 30cm and one of 55cm 4.5lb. I then fished Galloways n the Saturday evening in what I would describe a perfect Bass conditions but only managed the one very small one about 15cm long. We had the usual Flounders, Whiting and Dogfish I was a little disappointed in such good conditions. so far this year I have managed 7 Bass four of which have been a good size. Regards Paul"

All to themselves ( 10 May)
I had this email in from Terry Gifford...
"Hi Tony
Thought we'd brave the wind and ended up having a good day! Fished just
to the right of the walkway and were the only fishermen in sight all day! Held
bottom, no weed and kept dry!
We ended up with bass, pouting, whiting, rockling
and the best of the bunch ken got this 2lb flattie (can you advise what it is
please?). A great day! Thanks Ken, Lee and Terry Gifford"
...a nice flounder...
A few rays last week ( 9 May)
I had this report come in from Dave Wood Brignal who was fishing Galloways with Steve Field last week..."Late report .
Hi tiny fished the west bay last Friday with Mr f . I lost count
of how many Rays I landed but had pictures of 19 before battery died . Biggest
was 7 1/2lb . And they averaged 5lb . They was caught on drop down pulleys
fished at various ranges on Sakuma circle hooks . Baits where crab, Sandeel
bluey squid . Also had at least 5 of the Rays take live whiting . ? Here's a few
pics of mine and Steves Rays . Fished for 5 hrs ."
 Which boat ( 9 May)
I had this email from Paul Child...
"Hi Tony just a quick line or two. Any ideas what the  boat was that appeared to be trawling at low tide at Greatstone low water mark was it a shrimper boat? It was so close to the low water mark in hardly any water at all.. Had a cast out today behind the Power Station very strong tides whiting in numbers they were keepable but returned like the flatties -dabs I had as well.  I won’t go on about a commercial drift net fishing boat that cast its drift net 800-900m offshore for the best part of a mile nor the trawler that cut right in.. clearly must be decent fish out there."
Don't know Paul...there has been a whelk boat working the bay?...

Reminder ( 8 May)
Here is a reminder put on face book by Terry Carper of the DAA...
"Next junior meet is Saturday 23 May. Meet at Pilot pub at 1.30pm, Fish 2pm----5pm"
What a good deal for membership!

Put it back ( 5 May)
I had this message from Joe Thomas from the Dungeness Fish Hut ( the four boats on the EA road)...DAA rules...don't touch the fisherman's kit...
"Hi Tony We keep getting anglers taking woods and anchors etc to use to hold their tents down. Now I don't have a problem with this because if I was down there on a windy day and needed to hold something down I would probably do the same. The problem is they never seem to put these items back and they are important to us many items get lost due to rising tides. Found this as a good example today my grapple anchor 200m down from my boat getting berried by the sea. Now I use this to find lost nets that get towed away by beam trawlers etc a very important tool only took it out the boat 2 days ago! 
Please can these guys that use said items return them once their day is over 
Many thanks Joe"...I think Joe is being very lets try to help him!

The big surf = big bass ( 5 May)
I had this great report in today from Jason Booth...
"Hi Tony. 
Fished behind the boats over high tide today. Very very windy and a lot of surf. Got a 9lb 4ozs Bass just before high tide using lug tipped with Squid. 
I was fishing with Stu Brown.  Numerous Doggies and whiting as well.  Stu was happy because he caught his first Smooth Hound. So all in all a great day. 
Regards Jason."

 A long cast from Dungeness ( 5 May)
I had this report from Antonio Santos fishing down the coast...
"Hi  My catch yesterday. A nice 38cm bass and a nice pout on Eastbourne beach
on lug and cuttle fish cocktail. Cheers

...and more bass ( 5 May)
I had this report from Kelvin Richards last night...
"Hi Tony, went fishing today at Dungeness, fished near the lookout tower very quiet, and a very strong tide, had a few dab’s and small whiting and about 16.00 this nice 18 inch bass on lug. Thanks Kelvin."
Yes we are getting more bass reports...and with this weather it should get better...

Target bass ( 4 May)
Jay Davey ventured down to Galloway yesterday evening to try for bass...besides the usual 'bits & pieces' Jay had this 'pretty' bass...not large (36cm) but target achieved...the first of the season for Jay...well done!
More ray news ( 3 May)
I had this emailed report in this afternoon from Simon Newman...
"Hi Tony
LOTS of rays at Galloways the last 2 night with multiple catches of between 7 and 20 rays!  Squid and bluey being best baits.  Also, a 3.5 lb bass came out at Dengemarsh last night."

Rays of light ( 2 May)
Lots of rays being reported the last couple of days from the west detailed reports but it all sounds good...we have a forecasted weather window on Monday!

Hooked for life ( 2 May)
I had this email from Steve Savage who took his grandson down to Littlestone Wall...
"Hi Tony, a picture of my grandson Max with his first doggie he caught today."
Great photo...just look at his face...well done Max!
Calling all veterans ( 1 May)
I am launching with the support of Steve Harvey (DAA match captain) a veterans league after 'chatting' to customers there seems to some interest in having a convivial fishing league for us 'veterans'...
 Another beautiful ray ( 1 May)
I had this email from Simon Newman..."Another ray from Galloways 4 lb 2 oz"

Nice bass ( 30 April)
Here is a report from Simon Newman...
"Tim knight with a chunky 3 lb bass from Dymchurch today. Lots of dogfish,and whiting as well"

More delays at Littlestone ( 30 April)
I had this email from the EA this morning...
"Hello Tony, 
I have a further update on our programme of works for the Littlestone Beach Recharge project. 
We will not be starting works on Tuesday 05th May, due to ongoing issues with our licence for the works from the Marine Management Organisation. We have to clarify several conditions of our licence. Our contractors are putting together a new programme for the works, and we are planning to start works in September 2015."
I will let you know when we have a new start date.

The full result ( 28 April)
Here is the full result of Sundays match thanks to Malcolm (statto) Jones...
Mayday...Mayday...( 28 April)
Here is the reminder from Simon Newman, Chairman of the DAA...
"Dungeness Angling Association News ....LOCK CHANGE!!!!......Remember that the lock on the EA gate is changed on the 1st May. Anyone who has purchased keys for this membership year will receive them this week. If you would like to purchase your own key, see the DAA website for details. Anyone with snide copies from the last few years...bin them, this is a completely new lock and key. It is a strict condition of access by the Environmental Agency who own the road that the gate is kept closed and locked at all times. Anyone who leaves the gate open or vandalises the lock is jeopardizing access for all of us so keep your eyes open please folks. This also helps prevent vandalism and theft from the fishing boats beached there. YOU MUST DISPLAY YOUR CAR STICKER WHEN PARKED ON THE EA ROAD."
So you have been warned!

Catch report ( 28 April)
Besides sending his photo ( Following yesterday's match 27 April)
Simon Newman supplied this catch report...
"Pic attached of the smaller of 2 rays I had at Galloways on Sunday.  Also, Darren of the Brooks fished for the rays last night over high and also had 2.  I also had 5 smooth hound on Sunday on crab or squid and I also saw a decent plaice caught last night when I popped along to see Darren."
...mmm so Galloways is now the new rays hot spot...lucky I have plenty of blueys in stock!

More Match details...( 28 April)
Here are more match details from the DAA match...full results to follow...
DAA match result Sunday 26th April 2015 – Dengemarsh/Galloways – 2-30 pm – 6-30 pm 
1st       Simon Newman           8 fish   17.50 lb.         HF  6lb Ray  
2nd      Dave Knott                10 fish     6.10 lb.      
3rd      Nathan Elliott              4 fish     5.70 lb.   
4th      Michael Smith             4 fish     4.85 lb.      
5th      Bob Amys                     6 fish     4.80 lb. 

Rays (2), smooth hounds, dabs, flounders, dogfish, pouting, plaice and whiting caught.  19 fished and all weighed in

Littlestone wall on Saturday ( 27 April)
I had this text emailed by phone..."Fished littlestone wall Saturday 2 hours up 2 down 3 good sized dog fish 1 eel 2 pin whiting and a rockling all on black lug" My friend didn't leave a name...but it's interesting my first report of eels this season.
Following yesterday's match ( 27 April) 
Simon Newman who won the match posted this on face book...
"The smaller of 2 rays I caugh at Galloways in the daa comp this afternoon. the other was 6 lb, this one was about 4 ish. Took squid. Also had 3 smooth hound in size but not over 2.5 lb plus a couple of dogs. I personally have never seen or heard of rays there of this size. May wings being quite common though. Very interesting and a proper rays session planned there as no one I know has ever seriously targeted them there before. Probably also helps that thornback ray seem to be the new whiting on the Kent coast this year!"
Today's DAA match result ( 26 April)
Well done Simon Newman for winning today's match with eight fish including two thornback rays!
1st Simon Newman with 8 fish for 17.6lb
2nd Dave Knott with10 fish for 6.10lb
3rd Nathan Elliott with 4 fish for 5.7lb
Heaviest fish a thornback ray 6lb
Fish caught eight species...rays, dabs, smoothound, flounders, dogfish, pouting, plaice and whiting.
Full results to follow.
More pout ( 26 April)
I said I don't care Dave what you catch but please send me a is a report from Dave..."Hi Tony, Fishing back of boats with my mate Gary on Friday 24/4/15 1800 hours till 2300 hours we caught between us numerous small channel whiting and large pout whiting and 8 dog fish at about 45 to best at 60 cms all returned so no pictures sorry Excellent worms by the way Regards Dave Smallwood"
This year has seen a lot more them or hate them...they make a great cod bait.

A bit of a pout ( 25 April)
Mike Richardson was fishing on the road today...I said to him...please give me a catch report...whatever it is. It has been so quiet, hardly any anglers with the east I'm getting a bit desperate! So thanks for the photo Mike...yes it has been a 'funny' winter more pouting than we have seen for years...a great cod bait!
Latest Match update ( 24 April)
Here's the latest from Steve Harvey DAA match captain...
"It's match weekend....Sunday is our next match booking in at Dengemarsh 12.45-1.30 fishing present there is no planned firing at Galloways after 12.30 so I'll extend the boundary to Galloways... Hope to see you all there... Tight lines for now"

Get ready for Sunday ( 23 April)
The next DAA match Dengemarsh book in from 12.45 to 1.30. Fish from 2.30 till 6.30...current forecast... cyclonic light winds, but wet...well you can't have everything!

Littlestone Beach Recharge ( 21 April)
UPDATE from the EA...  "We have had to delay the start of our works while we are awaiting our licence from the Marine Management Organisation. We are now planning to start work on Tuesday 05th May 2015, subject to award of the licence. We intend to continue working for four weeks until Friday 29th May 2015. We will then stop the works, as our dredger is required on another project. We intend to restart the works on Monday 22nd June 2015 and we plan to continue until Friday 14th August 2015. Please be aware that these dates depend on award of our licence from the Marine Management Organisation and on weather conditions. 
The shingle will be placed by dredger at or before high tide, from Monday to Saturday. Where possible we will place the shingle during daylight hours, depending on tidal conditions. The shingle will be profiled by bulldozer between 8am and 4pm, from Monday to Friday. The shingle will be profiled to the Beach Management Plan, with a slope of 1:5 extended from a crest. The crest will be between 7m and 10m wide."...I will keep you informed of further changes.

Next DAA match ( 20 April)
This was posted on face book by Steven Harvey (DAA Match Captain)...
"Apparently folks the DAA website says our next match is 10 may.... It's not it's 26 April (next Sunday) at Dengemarsh again..."

DAA Juniors ( 20 April)
Terry Carper posted this on face book after another great day training the youngsters...
"9 Juniors fished Littlestone today had 18 Fish in windy conditions 3 new members joined who are very welcome"
So any Youngsters who want to join the DAA Juniors contact Terry or Jim (details on the DAA website)...great value...its FREE!

Southern Circuit match ( 19 April)
Here is the result from yesterdays SCSAS match posted on facebook by Paul Jarratt...
"Result from our Walmer match - 18/04/15
21 members and 1 guest fished in windy conditions, dogfish, whiting, rockling, pouting, and codling were weighed in.
Well done to Robert Bates for winning the match 
Top 10 - Full result & league table to follow 
1) Rob Bates - 10 fish, 8lb 14ozs 
2) Alan Jarrett - 11 fish, 6lb 14ozs 
3) Ashley Brown - 6 fish, 6lb 14ozs 
4) Daren Edwards - 6 fish,5lb 14ozs 
5) Martin Edwards - 7 fish, 5lb 0ozs 
6) Sam Collier - 7 fish, 4lb 9ozs 
7) Howard Relf - 7 fish, 4lb 8ozs 
8) Stephen Foster - 6 fish, 3lb 8ozs 
9) Mick Watt - 3 fish, 3lb 4ozs 
10) Tony Taylor - 4 fish, 3lb 3ozs 

Heaviest fish - Codling 2lb (Rob Bates)"

Little bars of silver ( 18 April)
Jake came in the shop today after fishing this morning and showed me the picture of a little bass he so nice to see our silver friends returning to the beach...
"Hi Tony, popped in earlier, here's the picture of the bass you asked for, caught on fresh rag by power stations. Regards, Jake Levent."
DAA Junior match this Sunday ( 17 April)
This was posted on facebook by Terry Carper...
"Junior meet this Sunday 19th , 
Meet at pilot pub car park at 10.30am
Any junior boys & girls can join so come and
Fish with a friendly bunch of kids and enjoy fishing"

It aint alf hot mum ( 14 April)
Just checked the sea temperatures for the east hit ten degrees increase of the best part of two degrees in a week!!!

Last nights match ( 13 April)
Here are the results and current positions from last nights DAA league match from Malcolm Jones...

It was very windy...and yes at Galloways all I had was undersized whiting!!!

Salut les gars ce est d'ĂȘtre pris? ( 11 April)
I had this report in from Kevin the far bank...
"I went to Calais on Tuesday. There is a long fishing pier next to the
port. Lots of plaice and a few whiting  were being caught.  Despite
not speaking French for 30 years I had a go at chatting with the
anglers. Apparently the French word for Whiting is Merlan."

Great report ( 10 April)
I had great this report from Paul Child...
"Hi Tony had a session at Littlestone today (10/4/2015)  2 up and 2 down , whiting are in still there in numbers at high tide with Pouting.. water good muddy colour..some were a reasonable size but put them all back,  had a cracking Dogfish it didn't pull the rod quite but  the opposite, line went slack...this fish was quite heavy didn't weigh it but measured  70 cms long biggest I have had from there., Of note I got my large shrimp net out for its annual pilgrimage and went for a    wade at Low water had  good shrimp. I was amazed at the amount of fish I caught in the net some the size of your hand Sole,Plaice Dabs not sure of one poss a brill?? and Turbot (square shape) and what appears to be 4-6" Bass  quite a few of them.?The weavers are here already,,all returned of course. One more thing  on one cast I did today as the weight hit the water about 80-100 meters out a large fish jumped 2 meters from where the weight went in Bass ? A nice peaceful pleasant  day  invaluable !......kind regards  Paul"

Plaice are moving in ( 10 April)
I had this photo dropped in by Darren Brooks fishing last Bank holiday...who had this pretty plaice fishing at Dengemarsh...

DAA match update ( 10 April)
Here is the update from Steve Harvey (DAA match captain) posted on facebook...
"Hi folks Sunday is match time again fishing is from Dengemarsh so meet up at Dengemarsh car park...If they are not firing I'll extend that to Galloways as well....Fishing is 3-7 so booking in is 1-15-2 so hope to see you all there... Tight lines"

Tommorrow Great weather ( 9 April)
Reports coming in today...loads of fish...all species, but nothing major!
Don't forget...the DAA has another match on Sunday fishing 3 till 7pm book in on the gate 1.15 till 2pm.

The right Plaice ( 8 April)
Getting more reports of plaice being caught as the weather improves...we had a great run of plaice at Hythe a couple of weeks ago, a plaice match was held at Hythe last weekend (5 April) I asked Simon Newman who fished it how he got on...
"It was won with 4 plaice. 2nd had 2.  I had 4 but were all undersized which was slightly annoying LOL"...sea temperatures are rising quickly about 1 degree this week...looking good for the west bay...behind the power stations, Dengemarsh and Galloways.

 Spring has sprung ( 7 April)
I had this mystery 'phone mail message' this morning...
"Hi fished Saturday back of the boats in the wind and had this nice bass 45cm, sorry about the table cloth."
Plump codling ( 6 April)
Here is a report from Dave Harrington...
"Hi Tony,
I had a session in the bay last night, fishing from Low Tide, up to just after High, and had this superb Codling about an hour before High.
I was using fresh out Blacks, fished on a 2 hook loop rig.
I also had a load of good sized Whiting as well. Dave"

Lovely day today ( 5 April)
One of my regulars...Piotr fished the EA road at Dungeness over high tide had loads of fish all the usual species including a codling and a plaice in the spring sunshine...lovely!

Target for the bank holiday ( 4 April)
Ideal plaice conditions at Dengemarsh with the light north easterly winds...Simon Newman (our DAA chairman) is fishing the plaice match at Hythe tomorrow with high is a plaice Simon had at Dengemarsh a couple of weeks ago...

Woof...woof...woof ( 3 April)
Here is a report from Joe today...he came across this injured fox (well fed with whiting from Joe) with a badly damaged leg...its a dogs life!
"Hi Sir ignore the resent email about fresh lug,  fingers to fat for this iPhone. 
Attached are a few photos of the nights fishing along with that poor fox I was telling you about. Just dog fish, whiting, dabs and pout . All small stuff but great to get back up to dungeness and having a little chat with you sir. Thanks again Joe Massiah
Big surprise ( 3 April)
Graham Johnson picked up some bait yesterday I had a big surprise when I had this message on facebook from Keith Slater...
"Graham Johnson with 11& half pound cod caught yesterday at Dungy"

Update on the shingle ( 2 April)
I spoke to the Ian Phillips of the EA yesterday concerning the shingle recharge, this has been delayed by a week to commence on April 20th. Paul Child has been talking to the EA and has kindly copied the EA map over, I think they intend to start the Northern end first but I will update as more information comes to light...
Plenty of fish ( 1 April)
I had this report in from Armando...plenty of fish about...a nice whiting...
Hi Tony my name is Armando from London
fished behind the power station Friday night  loads of small whiting, pouting and Rockling 2 dogs Dab .this in the picture is the best fish for the night.

Last nights match ( 30 March)
Here are the results from last night...
DAA match result Sunday 29th March 2015 – Full Rover –
4-00 pm – 8-00 pm 

1st       Simon Newman                 6 fish   6.70 lb.           
2nd      Cieron Bullott                    5 fish   5.20 lb.      
3rd      Paul Gunner                       3 fish   5.15 lb.
HF 3.10 lb. codling
4th      Alex Veel                            6 fish   3.50 lb.      
5th      Steve Foster                        2 fish   3.50 lb.          

Strong WSW wind and rain. 20 fished and 19 weighed in 

A bit breezy ( 30 March)
The DAA match last night night fished Littlestone wall...I have to cast further! Paul Gunner (you can see him in the distance) did well finding 2 codling at range with the biggest fish of the night 3lb 10oz...cracking ground swell over high water...full results to follow.
Mixed bag ( 27 March)
I had this report in this evening from Mark...
"Hi Tony fished behind the power station today loads of small whiting, pouting and Rockling only one decent Dab funnily enough the ragworm out fished the lug
Regards Mark Trotski"

Charlie needs help ( 25 March)
I had this email from Charlie Moss...keep your eyes open and lets see if we can help him...
"Hi Tony
i managed to cast the top half of my vintage red paul kerry moonraker beachcaster into the deep at dengemarsh on friday night, at high water, it was midnight and very dark. it did not go far so a good chance it will be found at low water or dragged up, could you please post a message to say if found hand it in to you, keep up the good work, see you for bait on my next trip
kind regards Charlie Moss" 

Follow up on Littlestone wall ( 25 March)
Here is the letter from the EA sent to local residents today...

25th March 2015

Our Ref: Littlestone Beach Recharge

Dear Resident,

We will shortly be commencing works to place shingle on to the beach between Littlestone and Jesson Groyne. The beach acts as a flood defence for the local community. This area has experienced erosion in recent years and we need to top up the shingle on the beach to ensure it continues to provide an adequate level of protection against flooding.

We will be placing approximately 53,100 m3 of marine sourced shingle on to the beach. The shingle will be sourced from the sea bed at a location near the Isle of Wight. The shingle has been selected to confirm to the requirements of the Environment Agency and Natural England for the beach.

The shingle will be placed on to the beach by a dredger, as shown in the photograph below. There will be one delivery of shingle per day, at or before high tide. The shingle will then be formed into the required beach profile by a bulldozer, again as shown in the photograph below.

We will need to close a section of the beach whilst we are working, to maintain the safety of the public. We will ensure that the closed section of the beach is minimised to reduce disruption to users of the beach. The closed section will be approximately 200m in length.

We will be starting work on Monday 13th April 2015. We will continue working for four weeks until Sunday 10th May 2015. We will then stop the works, as our dredger is required on another project. We will restart the works on Monday 01st June 2015 and we plan to continue until Friday 31st July 2015. Please be aware that we may have to extend our completion date if we encounter unfavourable weather.

The shingle will be placed by dredger at or before high tide, daily through each week. Where possible we will place the shingle during daylight hours, depending on tidal conditions. The shingle will be profiled by bulldozer between 8am and 4pm, from Monday to Friday.

We understand that you may be concerned about any disruption or other impacts of our works. If you wish to discuss any aspect of our works, please contact me by telephone on (01732) 222823, by email at or by letter at the address below.

May I thank you for your understanding while we undertake these necessary flood defence works.

Yours faithfully

Iain Phillips
Technical Advisor
Asset Performance (Romney & Rother)
Scots Float Depot
Military Road

TN31 7PH

 Early warning ( 24 March)
I have had a email from the EA concerning shingle recycling at Littlestone Wall...they intend to start 'rainbowing' (spraying) shingle on Littlestone beach from April 13th...I will put up more details closer to the is a photo from last time (around 2002)...

First bass ( 24 March)
I had this first report of the spring. a good beach bass from Paul Burden on facebook...don't worry Paul...a nice fish is always worth a report...
"hi i fished sandgate last night had a plaice and a whiting also a cracking 6lb 6oz bass hope its not to far from dungy (my usual haunt to post)"
Beautiful day ( 23 March)
I had this report in from Paul Child...
"Hi Tony though would pass on a good day just had (Monday 23/3/15), fished Littlestone wall towards Pirate Springs end 1030-1400 ish ... Had three codling today 2 about 4lb and one was  less, first came two before high tide in shallow water first about 11am. Water good colour. Another chap I spoke to had four of similar sized Codling  today fishing a couple hundred meters along from me. I Had some decent cod pulls and slack lines as well , but funny enough only one small fish ?? a small pout , - bait was being left on the hook as well.. I really rate Littlestone if you get the conditions right enough can be rewarding...Regards Paul"

Girls lead the way ( 23 March)
Here is a report of the DAA  Junior match at the weekend from Alex Whittlesea AKA Shirly Codling...
"Hi Tony,
The DAA Juniors braved the biting East
Wind today (wearing their brand new thermal suits provided by DAA and Shepway
Council) and fished the wall at Littlestone.
Fishing was hard, but they all
fished with enthusiasm catching Whiting and Rockling. Top catch of the day was
two Codling, the larger one weighing 2 1/2 Lbs.
Regards Shirl "
  Report just in ( 22 March)
I had this report on facebook from Kev Glover...
"Hi tony fished hythe last night brilliant result 2 cod 1 bass"
Its great to see so many codling just gets better and better!

The latest result ( 22 March)
Here is the latest result from the Southern Circuit Sea Angling Society from Paul Jarrett...

"Result from our Dungeness match - 21/03/15

21 members fished in windy conditions, dogfish, whiting, dabs, rockling, flounders and dover sole were weighed in

Well done to Sam Collier for winning the match

Top 10 - Full result & league table to follow
1) Sam Collier - 10 fish, 11lb 6ozs
2) Howard Relf - 12 fish, 8lb 7ozs
3) Cieron Bull - 9 fish, 8lb 3.5ozs
4) Alan Jarrett - 17 fish, 5lb 12.5ozs
5) Adam Horton - 5 fish, 4lb 6ozs
6) Warren Ross - 7 fish, 3lb 11ozs
7) Mick Watt - 7 fish, 2lb 15ozs
8) Les Bates - 5 fish, 2lb 11.5ozs
9) Paul Jarrett - 6 fish, 2lb 8ozs
10) Keith Neame - 5 fish, 2lb 7.5ozs
Heaviest fish - Dogfish 1lb 15.5ozs (Howard Relf)"

The story so far ( 21 March)
I had a phone call from Nick Burton a little while ago telling me he was sending a photo by over high water at Littestone wall...four nice codling! Here is the report...
"Hi tony ,the cod father and my self fished the wall at littlestone today .cod
father 3 apprentice 1"

Last minute cod? ( 20 March)
Here is a report from Dave Harrington posted on facebook...very few anglers around this week so not many reports coming in...but those who have been are catching plenty of fish...last minute cod?...I think they will stay inshore until a better food source turns up when the seas begin to warm...then we will get the crab moult!
"Hi all 
My mate & I spent yesterday evening at Galloways, seeing if we could catch a last minute Cod.
Well mission accomplished, we had 2, both around the 4-4.5lb range. 
I had the first about an hour before high and my mate had his just before the high. We also had 4 Dogs, Whiting & a Pouting.
We were using a combination, Loop rigs & 2 hook clip downs loaded with fresh Blacks, fished at medium range."

Power station update ( 17 March)
I had a walk down behind the power stations to the 'boils' (the outfalls) today to where station B look at their new sea defences...the shingle 'bund' has been reduced and re-enforced with rock boulders then it has a raised walkway for pedestrians (not yet open) this backs on to B stations new flood overflow and looks can still get access to the frontage walking along the fattened shingle crest... 
For Cod's sake ( 15 March)
I had this email from Will Pearson...
"Hi Tony
Thanks for the tripod the other day. We fished down the end of the walkway night before last, (13th into morning of 14th)) 11pm-4am, using lug and tipping off with squid like you suggested. We got one cod, about midnight, 1 1/2 LB, were hoping for more but this was welcomed. Quite a few dogfish, a few whiting, several dabs 1 very small sea bass- (sorry no photo) all returned. A great session all in all, although it made us wonder with the dog fish it might have been preferable to use barbless hooks with all the difficulty in unhooking them and returning safely…  Also a quick note on all the discarded fish on the beach- why is this allowed to go on? It's a total waste of fish stocks and very stupid of the fisherman who thinks this might increase his chances of a bigger fish coming along, d'you know what I'm saying? Perhaps bans should be introduced to those that continue this practice? Many thanks Will"

Who let the dogs out ( 10 March)
I had this report in this morning from Les Rungay...
"Hi Tony, i fished behind boats mon night 10 .30 pm to 3.0 am used freshly pumped ungutted lug first fish 2.5lb codling,then 14 doggies on the trot,they were even beating ting&ling to the bait i did not see any more codling ....les"

The league so far ( 9 March)
Here are the up to date standings...
What a shame ( 9 March)
I had this sad report in from Mark...this gives us all a bad name...spring in a national nature reserve full of walkers...
"Morning Tony, this is the first time that i've posted on your site. Shame  its
not to say that i caught anything sizeable last night. fished just off the
walkway,was the only one down there. Quiet night with regards to catching
fish,only whiting and a couple of doggies. But what really annoyed me was that
who ever fished in the same spot as me thought it was ok to leave about 40 or so
fish dead on the beach. Why do people need to do this? Im not one for moaning
but this really gets me just as much as people leaving there rubbish on the
beach sorry for the rant. Mark from Deal"

You can never tell ( 9 March)
I had this report from Darren...
"Think I was fishing near to the guy who caught the codling in your comp.  Paul Gunner with a codling for 2lb .90.  There was 2 guys fishing near me one with a red fishing suit one with a blue,  down at littlestone who I see catch a codling.  I was fishing with my 8 year old and was lucky to catch 6 codling all around 2-3 lb .  Absolute crazy fishing for march. My boy who was excited he walked up to the guy in the blue fishing suit and showed them our catch. Darren"

The official result ( 9 March)
Here is the result from Malcolm Jones

DAA match result Sunday 8th March 2015 – Full Rover – 11-00 am – 3-00 pm

1st       Gavin Smith                       7 fish   7.65 lb.           
2nd      Nathan Elliott                  11 fish   7.15 lb.      
3rd      Steve Field                         9 fish   4.5 lb. 
4th      Paul Gunner                       1 fish   2.9 lb.      HF 3.65 lb. Codling
5th      John Smith                        13 fish   2.5 lb.              

Codling, whiting, dogfish, dabs, pouting and rockling weighed in.

24 fished and 23 weighed  Regards,  Malcolm

Great match today ( 8 March)
DAA fished another league match today good turnout with 24 members fishing, plenty of small fish about in very bright spring sunshine, best fish a codling from Littlestone wall..
1st. Gavin Smith with 7 fish for 7lb .65. 
2nd. Nathan Elliott with 11 fish for 7lb .15.
3rd . Steve Field with 9 fish for 4lb .50.
Biggest fish Paul Gunner with a codling for 2lb .90
Full results to follow...

Stand up and be counted ( 7 March)
This email went out to all DAA members (that we have email addresses) from our membership secretary Malcolm Jones to make sure that us fishermen are taken notice if you want to help do the survey...
"Dear Members, Rother and Shepway Councils are conducting visitor surveys in the Dungeness, Romney Marsh and Rye Bay area which finish at the end of March. The surveys aim to establish the level and nature of visits to the area, and look at matters such as visitor spend and awareness of the area’s importance for wildlife.  They recognise that some specialist site users - such as anglers, boat-users, walkers and others - may not be at the site at the time of the surveying. To cater for specialist users an on-line survey is now available, and can be accessed until March 2015 using the following web address:- I have done the on-line survey and it took around five minutes as I only opted to do one area being Dungeness Point.  It would take longer if other areas such as the power station stretch are chosen as well.  This is a golden opportunity for us anglers to voice our opinions and have our interest taken into account by the local authorities regarding the management of these areas in the future.  Well done if you have already taken part in the survey. Regards, Malcolm Jones DAA Treasurer and Membership Secretary"
Spring codling ( 7 March)
I had this email today from Issak...
"Morning Tony, thanks for the Lugs and advice yesterday, fished behind the boats last night from low to high and 4 hours down, was quiet to start with a few pin whiting, dubs and two rocking, was going to give up after two hours of high, then a beautiful 3.5lb cod smiling at me just after two hours after high and then hour and the another 2.8lb winking at me :-) I had something after didn't identified it what it is, never saw one, looks giant pout! It's 0.11lb anyway thank you very much for the bait and advice again, and see you soon! Issak"

Beach feeding ( 6 March)
I had this email from David concerning the start of shingle recycling this week...
"Afternoon Tony, 
Attached are a couple of pictures of the borrow pit operations as requested.  It’s difficult to get a sense of scale, but they are the best I could manage! 
Please can you pass on our thanks to your members for their co operation so far.  We haven’t had any problems with parking and on the only occasion we’ve had to ask anyone to move they have been polite and understanding. 
Thanks Again, David Collins, Romney Operations Team Leader"

 DAA match Sunday ( 5 March)
I have just seen this reminder from Steve Harvey (DAA Match Captain)...
"Match day on Sunday... Booking in the gate 9.15-10 fishing 11-3.... Still plenty of fish out there to be caught... Sundays booking in is a football free zone this week.... So no talk of the beautiful game.... In some cases not so beautiful... But that's another story"...Steve is a little bit sensitive concerning a certain premier please be gentle.

Superb codling ( 5 March)
Here is a great report from Dave Harrington...
"Hi Tony 
Just thought I'd share this report with you. 
Myself and a friend fished behind the power house last night (4th March) and the Codling are feeding again. 
We were using 3/0, 2 hook loop rigs loaded with Lug and Queenies we found on the beach. 
We arrived just before low & had Rockling, Whiting & Dabs from the off with the first Codling showing about 2 hours into the flood tide.
We fished up to high & had 8 Codling up to 4lb between us 6 for me & 2 for my friend. Another great session."
The burning issue...part two ( 4 March)
Here is a more detailed report from Trevor...
"Hi Tony,please find attached a picture of what is left of my boat woods which were burnt by beach anglers at the weekend,for those that do not know,boat woods are large pieces of hardwood with lanyards(strings) at one end to pull them up and down the beach,and they are used to get the boats up and down the steep shingle beach here at Dungeness, they are a vital piece of equipment if you work a boat from the beach,quite simply,if you haven't got any woods you cannot get to sea to earn a living,i actually chain mine up to try and deter anyone from taking them,whoever took them must have dragged all six away and thrown them on their fire! these things are NOT pieces of driftwood,you only have to look at them to know that they serve a purpose,i have had a quote to replace them,oak 6ft 6ins long by 6 ins wide and 4ins deep will set me back £180+ vat and carriage !! Can you please raise awareness through the site that beach fires are not allowed at Dungeness and that anything that is found near the boats should be left alone,we have had several incidents this winter with beach anglers helping themselves,of course it is the minority that give the majority a bad name, most beach anglers are decent people and leave our stuff alone and take any rubbish home, on a final note, if some anglers feel the need to build infernos on the beach because they are a bit cold I suggest they either buy a decent flotation suit to keep warm or take up an indoor sport so they stay warm !! Regards, Trevor Bunney Charter skipper Elizabeth Jane Dungeness"

Classic winter ( 4 March)
Here is a report from David Hutchinson...classic winter species...but no codling...
"I thought I would send in pictures of my efforts from Saturday.  It was a nice blow."

A Burning issue ( 3 March)
I had a report come in today that Trevor Bunny's boat 'Elizabeth Jane' had all it's launching 'woods' (skids) burnt on Saturday night. This could threaten his boats ability to get afloat! The six oak 'woods' will cost Trevor around £200 to replace...this is so irresponsible and puts all us beach anglers in a bad light!...Don't have a fire on the burn very well...we could face calls to ban beach fishing at night! The DAA rules are very strait fires !!!

They keep coming ( 3 March)
I had this photo sent in this afternoon from Nick Burton...his fishing buddy Steve Savage was fishing behind the boats this morning and took this nice codling...daylight, small tides...but they keep coming!

Behind the the breeze ( 1 March)
Plenty of fish...
"Hi Tony, I'm the guy who bought the tripod and trolley today. Anyway, Thanks for the 3 scores of lug because we caught loads of fish with them. And also thanks for the trolley and tripod. The tripod was great value for money! Thanks for your advice about fishing behind the boats because it was a great idea! Between me and my son we had 30+ whiting, about 20 rockling, 12 dabs, 1 pouting and the surprise of the day was 2 codling (both caught by my son Scott). One was quite small but just sizeable around 35cm so we decided it would be best to put it back. It was also a bit strange looking, Dark brown back and white eyes. The second codling was a good size about 45-50cm and it was a really fat fish. Could easily have been about 3 pounds. It was a really good days fishing and i will definitely be back at Dungeness soon."

Shingle recycling ( 27 February)
I had a phone call from the EA telling me they intend to start shingle recycling next Monday. They will be working from 8 till 4pm weekdays, once they have begun I will get some photos to show where they working. The four boats aren't moving and intend to work in small sections leaving the majority of beach open...if anybody has any problems just let me know.

The EA have permission to take shingle for the next 12 years from October to March so this winter they only have a month left. They want to work with fisherman and the DAA so we will see how things go.

More codling for Bob ( 26 February)
I had this report from Bob Fowler...when they get a bit could be like the old days!...
"Hi Tony, just a couple yesterday, but a great way to while away a few short hours on a mild and occasionally sunny February afternoon. Both came right on high from behind the power station and were in the 2-3lb range. Had a few dabs and whiting as well and dropped another codling just yards from the beach as I was packing away my gear at 6:00pm. For a change, I didn’t linger thinking that they might come back on the feed – how many times have we all done that for nil result! Note to self; picture quality marginal again, must get myself a decent phone camera.
Will catch up soon. Regards, Bob."
Robs phone shots 25.02.15 009
Dabin around ( 26 February)
I had this report just come in from Mark Burden...
"Hi Tony fished the point near the lookout station, a bit quiet usual Dabs Whiting and Rockling managed 3 Dab keep"
Tough luck Mark...the codling shoals come and go!

Second hand but good ( 26 February)
I had a phone call this morning from Mr Stone who was fishing Dungeness on Tuesday with his friend Charlie Chawner...Charlie had 9 codling to over 5lb!
This is the fourth report since last weekend of codling weighing over 5lb...will anybody this weekend go past 6lb?

Great weekend...quiet week ( 25 February)
After a cracking weekend it has gone a bit quiet this week...not the fishing but the number of anglers...well it is February! The weather is up and was 10 degrees on the beach this morning...the challenge this weekend will be getting fresh bait...on the plus side I have had a report of plaice behind the station!

Dave gets three ( 22 February)
Here is a post from Dave Harrington...
"Hi Tony 
I fished Littlestone today, 2 hours up, over the top & 2 hours down, and the Codling keep on coming as I had 3 today (2 keepers, 1 returned) along with loads of Dabs, Whiting & Rockling.
I was using 2 & 3 hook loop rigs loaded with fresh Lug.
The Cod came in either side of high water with the biggest about 1.5 hours after the top. My biggest Codling was around the 4lb mark."
Plenty of fish ( 22 February)
I had this report in from Nikki on facebook...
"Lots of whiting and dabs about last night. Fished the power station at Dungeness from 5 hours before to 1 hour after high tide. Lots more then in the photo. All sent back apart from one 29cm dab."

Codling in numbers ( 22 February)
I had this facebook report from Dan Sanger...quality fishing Dan...
"hi tony. just got home from denge marsh. very busy beach on arrival, we had to walk 100 yds past the diamond ad this was the 1st available gap when we arrived at 6pm. fished with 2 mates. took a while to get going but turned out ok in the end . we all had the usual whiting rockling and dabs. michael had 2 codlings , rhys had 4 codlings and i managed 14 codlings. i also misssed half a dozen slack liners. all on fresh blacks. i kept 10 the other 4 went back."
Yes Dan it has been very busy...with so many codling about...and some growing fish are going over 5lb...this is the best February fishing I can remember.

That's a nice plump codling ( 21 February)
I had a phone call from Issak...I said send me a report...and here it is...
"Hi Tony
Am the guy who forget to pay you the lead and the clips and payed for it yesterday!
Anyway, thank you so much for the quality of the blacks, I fished all the way to up tide and 3 hours down, lots of dabs and big whiting, and a wonderful 5.4lb cod and another 3.6lb cod as well which been caught just one hour after the high tide, was over the moooooon :-) Thanks and see you soon Issak"

Nice codling ( 21 February)
Here is a report from Dan Brain...
"Thanks for the excellent bait and advice yesterday. This codling came to lug an hour before low water behind the powerstation. Plenty of dabs and pin whiting around. A soggy but enjoyable day that made the drive back to London not seem so bad! Dan"

...more codling ( 20 February)
Just had this report from Conrado...
"Hi fished about 4 hours before high tide yesterday morning and caught my first of the two  cods one hour apart all from left over frozen baits from January."

Tomorrow...the big one ( 20 February)
We have this weekend the biggest February tide sequence I have ever seen fore casted. With so many codling about this could be a magical weekend...time will tell?

...and more dabs ( 19 February)
I had this report on facebook from Nikki Norman..."Hello, fished Dungeness from the power station 2 hours either side of the tide. 10 dab many whiting and rockling. Overall a good night."

Can it get any better ( 18 February)
I had this great report in from Bob Fowler...I think the camera shake is down to the shock of the good fishing after so many years of 'average'...
"Hi Tony, a quick trip to Denge last night resulted in the best of my very infrequent beach trips this winter and in February too! Ten keeper dabs and 5 codling – apologies for the poor picture quality, I was trying to hold my headlight as illumination to avoid shadows and clearly can’t multi-task. All the codling came in 45 minutes over high water and were between two and approximately five pounds. They were all were caught on some very scrappy left over lug backed up with some long frozen from the depths of my freezer. I even managed a double header – long time since two codling on the same rig came my way. Will try and pop in in the not too distant future – it seems an age since we last had a catch up. Best regards, Bob."

Codling galore ( 18 February)
I had this report in from Dave Harrington...I have to say I can't remember a February  better for codling than this just goes on and on...
"Hi tony,
Myself and 2 friends fished the Concrete Road at Dungeness last night.
We had 14 Codling up to 4lb 6oz, 12 Dabs up to 30cms, Whiting & Rockling. 
We fished from low up to 2 hours after high tide, using Portsmouth Loop rigs, loaded fresh & frozen Lug. Dave."

DAA match results ( 16 February)
Here are the top placings for yesterdays match from Malcolm Jones...

DAA match result Sunday 15th February 2015 – Full Rover – 4-00 pm – 8-00 pm 

1st       Darren Brooks                   9 fish   12.3 lb.           
2nd      Nathan Elliott                  11 fish   7.5 lb.       HF 3.65 lb. Codling
3rd      Simon Lacey                    19 fish   7.2 lb. 
4th      Dave Wood-Brignall        12 fish   7.15 lb.      
5th      John Smith                       17 fish   6.1 lb.            
 Codling, whiting, dogfish, dabs, pouting and rockling weighed in. 
24 fished and 23 weighed in

What a great day ( 15 February)
The DAA fished the latest match tonight...great turnout 24 anglers (including me) fished, won by Darren Brooks with 9 fish for over 12lb... I fished Galloways and found the odd codling...joined by Roy Godden who came down to test a new rod...not in the competition but Roy had three codling...
Just love those codling ( 15 February)
I had this email from Ian what a lovely day...
"Hi Tony
Havent sent you a report before but thought I would today.
3 of us fished Denge last night 2 hours either side of high water
on a somewhat deserted beach (must have been something to do with 
valentines day or a lack of bait)
Fish from the off with dabs whiting and codling. an interesting
few hours with my son catching his first codling.
We had 5 between us all about 2-3lbs range and 5 dabs all 27-28cm.
have attached a couple of pictures
Cheers Ian Shepherd"
At last ( 14 February)
Trade has been quiet this week with very few when Terry Gifford popped in to pick up his bait yesterday...I said please send in a report to cheer me it is...
"Hi Tony
Fished in front of the lookout tower and had a very busy day! Nothing rod 
breaking but enough to keep the three of us busy for a 7 hour stint including 
dab, codling, whiting, rockling and pouting and all three of us into double 
figures, very enjoyable days fishing with good bait, many thanks Terry, Lee and 
Ken Gifford."

A bit of a blow ( 12 February)
We have a strong wind forecasted for tomorrow...brilliant just what we needed for the weekend to 'stir' things up! To keep those codling interested!!
Don't forget we have our next round of the DAA match league on Sunday book in 2.15 till 3pm fish from 4 to 8pm...all members welcome.

A big thank you ( 12 February)
I had this come in fro Steve Harvey (DAA match captain) yesterday concerning the World Dab Fishing Championship 2015...
"Just like to say a quick one.... The wdc was a cracking day... Everybody involved did a brilliant job raising an excellent amount of money again.... But none of this wouldn't have happened if it wasn't for a particular person who did alot of hard work getting everything to run like clockwork on the day.... So to Mr Simon"guvner "Newman we salute you - with Simon Newman."

Bait alert ( 10 February)
One of my bait diggers came in this afternoon to tell me that fresh bait will be in very short supply...this could happen every short tide sequence...the good news I have frozen in stock and live rag. So with the fishing still being good fresh bait is difficult to who ever you use make sure you book it...and be understanding!

The full result ( 9 February)
Here is the post from Simon Newman DAA chairman and organiser of the WDC...
2015 Tronixpro World Dab Fishing Championships
Dungeness, Kent
RNLI Fundraiser

192 anglers raised an incredible £5160 for the RNLI yesterday


Junior World Championship

Kane Wood Brignall 7 dabs for 1.44 kg

Runner up: Rory Amys 1 dab for 0.38kg


Winner: Alan Wood Brignall (Kanes Uncle) 6 dabs for 1.38kg

Runner up: Mick Knight 6 dabs for 1.32kg

3rd; Martin Bobbett 5 dabs for 1.24kg

4th: Phil Tanner 5 dabs for 0.96kg

5th; Dave Wood Brignall (Kanes dad) 4 dabs for 0.88kg

Pools paid to 26th place which was 2 dabs for 0.42kg.

As always, to all those who attended, helped in the organisation and running of the day, I SALUTE YOU."
Bait diggers should be valued ( 9 February)
Here is a view from Dave Wood Brignal....
"Does Derek think that the pumpers didn't start with a shovel ? . I used to 
regularly shovel 500 hundred worms a tide when we shovelled( yes blacks and 
yellows )   . Pumping is a hell of a lot easier on back and body . I think every 
bait collector deserves a pat on the back going out in the cold weather and 
silly o'clock in the morning !!! ."
I think there is a big difference in digging bait for local use ( I would say that wouldn't I?) which brings fishermen to this area as compared with those who pump bait and send it all round the can't carry on with uncontrolled digging for ever...the beach can't take it! 

Great day ( 8 February)
Here is a reported posted this evening by Judith Richardson the Dungeness RNLI Press Officer of the World Dab Championship held today at Dungeness...
"Good evening. Great day for the World Dab Fishing Championships 2015 at Dungeness, raising £5,160 for the RNLI to continue saving lives at sea. Thank you to everyone that came along and supported us. Here are a few photographs courtesy of Wendy Packer and myself taken at the prize giving."
  • Full results will be posted when available...

Last night's match ( 8 February)
I had a post from Paul Jarratt...Southern Circuit Sea Angling Society
"Result from our match at Dungeness 07/02/15

A very good turnout with 25 anglers fishing, fishing was very slow, whiting, dabs, rockling, flounders and codling were weighed in

Well done to Lionel Watson for winning the match

Top 10
1) Lionel Watson - 10 fish, 3lb 2ozs
2) Graham King - 9 fish, 2lb 9.5ozs
3) Alan Jarrett - 2 fish, 2lb 6ozs
4) Joe Stevens - 7 fish, 1lb 9.5ozs
5) Philip Underdown - 3 fish, 1lb 5.5ozs
6) Les Bates - 6 fish, 1lb 3ozs
7) Rob Bates - 5 fish, 1lb 3ozs
8) Paul Jarrett - 3 fish, 1lb 0.5ozs
9) Louie Smith - 5 fish, 15.5ozs
10) Tony Taylor - 4 fish, 15.5ozs

Heaviest fish - Codling, 2lb 3.5ozs (Alan Jarrett)

Our next match is at Dungeness 21/03/15, fishing 18:00 to 23:00"

Fabulous February ( 8 February)
I had this fabulous report in this morning from Simon Ward...
"Good morning Tony  I have just got back from fishing the diamond and I have to say that it was a session that I will remember for a very long time. I arrived around 6.30pm to find just 2 others fishing in front of the car park. so i grabbed my stuff and trekked it to the diamond(even though my good friend and fishing buddy told me  that a north easterly wind would make it hard to find the fish close inshore from this mark and so decided that he would not be fishing )oh boy was he soon as I got the rods set and baited the fish started coming and they didn't total i had 10 dabs ,5 nice sized  flaties, and finally 4 codling in the way of this fine 9 lb 4oz personal best followed by a  4 lb and then a 2lb the 4th one was little over a pound so she got returned.with nobody else to share the joy with or take a photo so I had to take some my self. Lol sorry if I have waffled on but I just wanted to tell someone lol.simon."
You are so right Simon...if don't go you won't know!
Brrrr that looks cold ( 7 February)
I had this photo sent in from Nick Burton who was out fishing this morning...
"Codling at the diamond"

When men were men...( 7 February)
I had this email yesterday from Derek...
"morning Tony
I read you worm article this morning about the poor bait pumpers 
and how cold they are walking along the beach all rapped up in 
there warm clothes a few years ago there were no such things 
as pumps they were called lug spades these people really earned
there money not like it is now days when some of the better
pumpers can get up and above 500 worms in one tide" 

Brave bait pumpers ( 5 February)
I just had to mention those bait pumpers who are out getting bait for this weekend (The Dab World Championship) braving the horrible north easterly wind...razor cuts right through you...lucky for us the wind eases on Saturday and gets a bit warmer for Sunday...those boys with the pumps really earn their money this time of year!

He who braves the cold ( 4 February)
I had this report come in tonight from Shane...thanks for that...they said they would...
"Hi tony,
Me and my mate popped in today and bought some frozen lug off you we caught plenty of fish rocklin,dabs,pouting,whiting and to finish off i caught this codling about 3lb put it to back to swim another lol.  Thanks again (the welsh lads)"

Reminder from Steve ( 4 February)
Here is a reminder from Steve Harvey DAA match captain...
"Don't forget folks the world dab champs this coming Sunday 8th Feb booking in from 8 am at the lifeboat station at Dungeness... It's a great day plenty of great raffle prizes up for grab including a brand new zziplex rod... Fish with your family and friends... Fishing from 11-4pm........ The next league match is Sunday the 15th Feb"

Herne Bay calling ( 3 February)
I had this email from Sam Cridland..."Hi,is there any chance you could put this on your site.the comp is in herne bay but i know a lot of people from herne bay look on your site.thx.sam." Job done Sam I hope this helps...
You're not alone ( 3 February)
I just had this email in from James, just shows your never Dungeness...
"I was also the only person on the beach Sunday night! Or so I thought. Lots of dabs and whiting from the walkway over high tide on lug/squid, then moved to the point to fish the low tide and flow – again, no-one else in sight. One solitary codling (plus one lost in the surf) on double lug, and plenty more dabs in particular - over two dozen in total. Great night / morning – extremely cold (wind chill -7 degrees) making it hard to defrost the bait, but as ever, well worth the trip. Sorry no pics – fingers too cold to even contemplate that! James Webster."

Plenty of beach ( 2 February)
Another great report from Paul Davis...
"Hi, had a great night fishing last night at the tower, we was lucky to be the only two fisherman on the beach!!!thought i'd just show you what we court had a few Dabs each, a couple of whiting and three lovely cod biggest arout 3.5lb goes to show they are still there..paul & rich..."
Still codling about ( 2 February)
I had this email from Nino this morning..."Fishing on Sunday 2 feb from behind the boat and cached two codling both 4lb each . Regards Nino costa"
This morning ( 1 February)
A customer came in this morning and told me he had three codling Friday night on the 'point' to about three and half pounds...just goes to show!

Catch reports today ( 31 January)
Customers who came in today, fishing last night and this morning...reported plenty of dabs, whiting and mention of codling today on the beaches, but out on the boats a different matter...charter skippers Jeremy and Anthony both reported decent catches of codling...just offshore...on top of the bank in ten metres...lets hope they move back in to the beaches soon!

Reminder...coming soon ( 30 January)
Just a reminder that on the 8th of February (Sunday week) we have the 'World Dab Championship' to raise funds for the RNLI...

Who broke the lock ( 29 January)
I had a call from Simon Newman who had been fishing today...making a serious dent in the local dab population (plus plenty of dogfish) he noticed the EA gate padlock has been broken again on the shingle haul road. Simon has replaced the lock and while he was doing this he found a set of keys? If anybody has lost a set Simon left them at Richardson's fish shop!

Beautiful bass ( 28 January)
I had a email come in today with this bit that was in 'Fishing news'...

I think these measures are great if they come to pass...years to late but better late than personal view I would like to see measures go further...more bass nursery areas with catch and release and a bigger size limit of 45cm.
I know we are going to have problems (challenges) with discards, but I think that the IFCA's should be brave and set a recommended retention size for each species.

Pretty Breezy ( 28 January)
Strong westerly winds today and forecasted for Thursday then backing north westerly for Friday...brilliant...we need the 'colour' in the water to keep the codling feeding inshore...looks like a weather 'window' on Saturday with the north westerly wind forecasted to ease. Sunday getting colder brrr.
A real 'dab' hand ( 27 January)
I saw on facebook that local Hotelier Simon Newman fisherman 'extraordinaire' had a superb dab session today...
"Cracking 3 hour session at the boards this afternoon. 18 dabs over 25 cm and put the same number back. Old worm did the damage. Sprat caught good sized ones but no where near as many. Saw a chap land a 3 lb codling as I arrived as well"

I wonder if he is in training for the 'World Dab Championship' just over a week away!!!

Full DAA match results ( 26 January)
Here are the full results from Malcolm Jones...between meals...
"Thought I would get most of the result sorted before the roast went on the table. Just finished it but sorting out the position table will have to wait until tomorrow evening - I'm stuffed!"

The next match is a later start (thank heavens) so I will have a chance to get to the beach before the 'kick-off'!

Beginners luck? ( 25 January)
I had this email from can't beat natural talent...
"Hi Tony
Took my 8 year old daughter fishing at Dengemarsh yesterday for the first AND last time lol. She beat me and her uncle hands down using my old carp gear, size 1 hooks and half a lug on each hook. She had 18 fish in total a mix bag of dabs whiting a ling oh and her first codling weighing 4lb, Which was only about 30 yards out!!! In all we had a good day with lots of big dabs kept 9 for the pot and return more. So just goes to show there is such a thing as beginners luck........ thats my excuse and im sticking to it. Lol. 
Regards Tony Ainsworth"

This afternoons DAA beach match ( 25 January)
Here are the top line results from Malcolm Jones...
"DAA match result Sunday 25th January 2015 – Full Rover – 1-00 pm – 5-00 pm 

1st       Lionel Watson              19 fish   13 lb. 6 oz.           
2nd      Dan Sanger                  11 fish   11 lb. 3 oz.      
3rd      Simon Lacey                 13 fish   9 lb. 4 ½ oz. 
4th      Dave Wood-Brignall     19 fish   8 lb. 9 ½ oz.      
5th      Joe Loftus                       5 fish   4 lb. 6 ½ oz.               HF 3 lb. 3 oz. codling

Codling, whiting, dogfish, dabs, pouting, flounders and rockling weighed in. 
22 fished and 20 weighed"
Full results will be posted later...Dungeness very busy...I fished down at Littlestone wall and 'blanked' yet again...I think I will go back to my boat fishing!

DAA Juniors on Saturday ( 25 January)
Here was the report posted yesterday by Terry Carper...1st junior meet .nice sunny & crisp "morning...6 fished fish caught whiting & rockling 
All enjoyed the fishing. Thanks to all that fished"

Round two on Sunday ( 23 January)
Steve Harvey has posted on facebook...
"We have a match Sunday..... Booking in 11.15 - 12 fishing 1 to 5.... I do believe there is another match being fished from the boats to the power station that's starting earlier than us.. However as our match is a rover there's no need for me to take any drastic action... It's a big tide and there will be plenty of marks to fish... Hope to see you all there"

Keep it clean ( 22 January)
I had this email from Mark "Messing on the beach" who went fishing yesterday at Dungeness...
"After arriving at the point,I was rather annoyed about the amount of litter certain anglers had left behind mainly paper wraps and squid boxes,so armed with a carrier bag I proceeded to tidy up the beach.10 minutes of labour and to my surprise 3 score of fresh blacks and a box of unused squid. Thanks guys for the bait, but please take your rubbish home, by the way you can freeze bait. Only had the one codling around 4 lb,,but missed 3 massive slack liners, enjoyable night. Many thanks, Mark Boakes"

The first of many ( 19 January)
I had this email come this morning from Ian Bryant...
"Hi Tony
Just a quick email
Popped in yesterday grabbed some squid and headed to beach for a session
15 fish in total mixed bag of whiting Dabs and a good size Dogfish and the biggest Rockling I've caught to date most fish were sizable all retuned to fight another day
as did the seagull that flew into my line and wasn't happy at us while we untangled him and set him free
on a final note my son got lucky a single hook with a single worm caught his first codling"

 Well blow me down ( 17 January)
I had this report in from Terry Gifford...
"Hi Tony
Just a report about the bait rather than the fish! Used blow lug, many thanks 
for the advice and it worked a treat! Caught from the off, nothing of any weight 
but plenty of variety including whiting (believe it or not!!), bass, dab and a 
very small thorny back! Lee forced us to post this picture and if you really 
concentrate and look hard enough you can just about see his bass, nice!!
Anyway will definitely use it again, many thanks
Terry, Lee and Ken Gifford."

DAA Junior section ( 17 January)
Here is the list of match's for the juniors...and its all free...

Free codling ( 17 January)
One of my regulars came in this morning and told me that he had six codling in a row last night...all on FREE bait...loads of big shellfish were washing up (sand gapers) on the beach...he stuck one on the hook...chucked out 40 metres...whack, codling...six times in a simple!

Big cod ( 16 January)
I had a report yesterday of a big 20lb on the beach...but sad to say it was washed up dead!!
Reports in today are of more codling up to 4lb...the fish aren't the problem...its getting the lugworm in these conditions!

Breezy day tomorrow ( 14 January)
I just checked the forecast for tomorrow...but is looking great after that...

I keep getting phone calls ( 14 January)
Will the cod stay?...Who knows...but what I do know is that cod just eat...and if the best food source is close to the beach, so will be the cod. Mature fish will move off to spawn around the end of the month, but immature fish (under 60cm.) could hang around all winter!

Cracking codling ( 14 January)
I had this report in today from Kevin Warden...
"I caught these 2,a dogfish,several whiting and a dab.The whiting and dab went back."

Parking on the EA road ( 12 January)
See below a post from Simon Newman Chairman of DAA concerning the restart of shingle recycling from the 'borrow pit'...
The following is from the Environmental agency: "Shingle extraction will be taking place at Dungeness during January, February and March 2015 on weekdays only. During this time DAA members will still be able to access the site with vehicles, but we ask them to observe the
following restrictions: 
Please keep the gate locked as normal. Please only park in the areas identified on the map above. There will be no site traffic on the area marked in green so parking will not be restricted. Please only park at the seaward edge of the area marked in yellow due to site traffic. Please give way to site traffic. When on foot please do not enter the area of beach where work is taking place. This will be clearly marked by signs.
We thank you for your co operation and look forward to sharing this unique site with you in future years". The green section is parking as normal, the yellow section, please park on the seaward side only.

I will notify you all when the start date is confirmed...

A bit breezy ( 12 January)
We fished the first DAA match of 2015...good turnout with the weather forecast...and before you say anything the bottom three fished Littlestone wall!...well done Graham King...a great effort!

A weather window ( 11 January)
This report came in from David Hutchinson...great day...
"Had a good day fished of the walk way it was windy but not too cold. Lots of shell fish and a few sprats washed up. 4 casts 4 codling also managed 3 dogfish and a few whiting.  The sun was rising into a beautiful sky and moon was still out. All in all a really good day."

Codling for tea ( 11 January)
I had this email from Recardo...yummy...
"Hi, always fish dungeness and check this site for a lowdown on the latest catches. Never caught anything much worth mentioning, but was happy with these.

Here's the photo...( 11 January)
I had this update from Trevor Knight...
"beach cod cheers mr hills happy 2015"

Great fish ( 10 January)
I just got this report from Trevor Knight...what a cracker...well done Trev...
"sorry for late message, i know its not from dungie but a sussex beach,it took 5 black on 6/0 clipped pennel at distance and it had two ting in its gut" it fought  all the way to beach an when the leader knot was on the reel i walked into water ghilled it an started back up beach i could not believe its length and fattness (i started shaking) as i realised it was a possible 20" i text '3am'me mate dave grinham from brighton tacklebox an said i think its a 20lber! got a few snaps an battery died,i then remembered some scales in my rodbag on beach it went 10kg, i then had another cast and rushed home to weigh it on two more sets of scales from my carp gear, 20.4lb"

A little bit windy ( 10 January)
I had this report come in this evening from Paul Child...
"Hi Tony
Quick line. Wanted to go to Dungie today but thought would be a bit blowy and the tide might be rather went to Hythe for a bit of shelter haven't been there for years it was extremely  windy very and had trouble getting the umbrella up..sea good colour and calmed down after about 1300hrs,lots of space on the beach. I thought on arriving had I made the right choice for today.  Fished along from the boats / ranges 2 hrs up and 2 down caught about at least 40 fish  probably more lost count. Most fish caught today were keepers all at my full range about 100-120yds. Selected a few and 70% went back and only with a score and half of dungie (became very economic with the lug towards the end with the lug just tipping the squid still taking fish... Mixed bag of Whiting Codling,Dogs and Bass.
 Codling to about 3.5lbs, 2.5 lb Bass decent channel whiting and some extremely large  Dogfish. Other anglers were getting fish as well. Just wondering now what Dungie would have been like today !Regards Paul"
Thanks for that Paul...behind the boats was fishable today, but it got a lot easier when the wind eased around lunch time! I have had a couple of 'second hand' reports of bass coming out!

It's been a good Christmas ( 8 January)
I had this report in from Alex Whittlesea (AKA Shirley Codling) yes it has been a great codling Christmas...
"Hi Tony, just an update of the last couple of weeks fishing. Nothing to get 
excited over, but nice to see some codling showing. Regards Shirl"
We still have plenty of codling ( 8 January)
Mark Harvey popped in this afternoon to drop off the key. He had a good day, some really 'chunky' dabs, big whiting and four codling...he would have put the smaller ones back but they were deep hooked.

Get ready...we have lift off ( 6 January)
This Sunday we have the first DAA match of the year...
Sunday 11th January 2015 - Full Rover.  
Booking in 10.45 am - 11.30 am
Fishing 12.30 pm - 4.30 pm
The first of the year ( 5 January)

It's unusual ( 5 January)
I had this email from Darryl...
"Hi Tony, I fished denge marsh today. I had 3 codling in 4 casts whilst it was 
still dark just after low water. I also had a few dog fish and dabs and not 
forgetting plenty of whiting. Just before high water I caught this it weighed 
just over 3lb not sure what it is, many thanks Darryl Nicholas."
Nice catch Darryl...the unusual fish I think is a 'lump sucker' (hen fish)...a few years ago we had a few of these washed when the sea got very cold.
Worth the wait ( 4 January)
I had this report today from James...
"Hi Tony – many thanks for the advice and bait yesterday (Sat night). I haven’t beach fished in over 30 years, and never at Dungeness – it was a childhood dream of mine in the 70’s! Very pleased to have got three codling over the size limit (biggest 2 ½lb) plus what seems to be a blinded 2lb pollack that’s been attacked by a squid? Several dogfish, smaller codling, whiting and a pouting. In all, well worth the 30 year wait, although I won’t wait so long until next time. Cheers. James Webster

Enjoy yourself ( 3 January)
 I had this email from Paul, I'm glad you had a good time...
"Hi Tony I went to Dungeness for the first time today, a 3 hour journey!
picture perfect weather, didn't catch big but caught a lot channel whiting, and quite a few dabs, cant wait to go again,
maybe next time I will catch my first codlin !
heres a few pics from todays fishing,
cheers paul from steyning, west sussex"

Ladies first ( 2 January)
I had this report from Keith Gabriel...
"Hello Tony
I've not reported before, so hoping this technology works with the attached photo.....
Thought a picture of a lady angler might make a change. So here's a picture of Shirley with the three codling she caught from a quieter stretch of Dungeness beach one morning over the Christmas period.
All the best for 2015. Keith"

Great start to the year ( 1 January)
It has been tough going with the strong south westerly winds on the beach...but it has been a great start for Kev...
"Hi tony this is a picture of my cod first ever cod traveled 4 hours to get here 
but was all very worth it "
Hello 2015 ( 31 December)
Wishing you all a great new year...this could be the best cod year in living's hoping!
Putting you in the picture ( 31 December)
I had this email from Conrad Evangelista...
"Lovely time at dungeness. Fishing and enjoying the views!!"

Rock Hard ( 31 December)
Paul Jarrett posted this on facebook...
"This is all you need turning up next to you when you're out fishing, a bloody great boat dropping boulders into the sea for nearly 3 hours LOL"
Don't worry...they will be cleared next week to re-enforce power station defences...good picture!

Paul gives his response ( 30 December)
I have to say Paul gives a very cogent view which I broadly support...but I think all views have some merit...but it would be wrong of me to censor catch reports when fishermen take the trouble to send them in the famous phrase..."even though I disagree with your views I will fight to defend your right to speak them"...
"Hi Tony
I feel that it is now my turn to defend myself from the responses / emails you are receiving about my catch, as it seems everyone else has. I would firstly like to point out that all the fish were over the size limit by quite a way. I also use the fish I catch to thank people who give me a lift places as I don't drive, I also trade my catch with other hunter / gatherers for Pheasant and Duck. Also this fish is eaten by myself, wife and when I cook for our families. It is up to the discretion of the angler as you rightly pointed out what he does with his catch and if people wish to release them then that is fine too. I like to eat my fish and I feel that if I spend the time to collect my own bait for free and catch the fish it is a way to keep the costs down in my own household and a much healthier way to eat. All the fish are filleted and put in the freezer for the coming weeks and months. If I was to buy this fish it would cost me a small fortune and as you rightly pointed out it is a far better more sustainable / ecological way to fish rather than buying the week old fish from the supermarket that is expensive and not of a good quality and caught using unsustainable fishing methods. I personally don't and would not ever buy supermarket fish for these reasons. Anglers do not have many days like this from the beach and when we do it makes up for all the sessions we have when we blank. I have been fishing 6 times in the last 3 months, I am not down there everyday as much as I would like to be. So taking 40 fish for the pot in the last 90+ days is a miniscule amount compared to that of the commercial boats and even some charter boats who go everyday they can. So people need to put it into perspective when they make comments about what a beach angler takes.
Kind regards Paul"

Very Busy ( 30 December)
I had this email from Kevin Warden...
"I fished from midday until 5pm on Dec 29th. The beach was totally packed from behind the power station to past the boats. I was the last person on the shallow end for a while then several other guys turned up to my left going towards the lifeboat station.I caught about 30 whiting and a dab. I returned all except the dab and 1 whiting. I have never seen it so busy, whilst it is lovely to have the cod back I do worry they will get fished out before they get a chance to breed."
Don't worry's Christmas, good weather and loads of fish! I have been fishing Dungeness since the sixties and yes it is busy but not as it was then...I know that is hard to for fishing the codling activity is tiny compared with the commercial is looking good for the next few years...remember cod grow at an amazing speed not so bass (which I'm really worried about), just enjoy it!

Codling...very tasty ( 30 December)
With cod 'fever' in full swing I have had some emails concerning the catches...
this is a comment from Jackie Winner...
"Why do so many anglers have the urge to keep so many SMALL 2/3lb codling with 
one angler taking 20.
As anglers we have over many years been struggling to find ANY codling of ANY 
size. We are all correctly having a go at the trawlers for hoovering up anything 
that swims,yet here are those very same people showing the same lack of care and 
respect for the cod.
Why don't they keep a couple and return the rest.The rise in codling numbers is 
great to see,but will be very short lived if this greedy attitude shown by some 
Let's all lead by example and have fish any fishing in years to come."
...and this one from Peter Webster...
"Was amazed today seeing the report by mr p hodges. Wot a lot of codling he 
killed to keep. Reminded me of the old english hunter in Victorian times with 
the photos of a dozen slaughted lion, rhino etc. come on lads give em a chance."...It comes down to personal views, we all have one...but let me make it clear the legal minimum size is 35 cm. ( the average breeding size 60 cm) to keep or return your catch is a personal decision. I hate waste...if the fish is to be eaten I have no problem...I have to say a lot of codling won't go back (hook damage)...they are not bass, on the other hand I will put back if they will 'go'.!
Another 'cracking' session ( 30 December)
Got in this morning and found this report from Dan Sanger...
"Hi tony. i just got home from fishing dungie, 8.30pm til 04.00am. 7 and a half hours. i landed 18codling , kept 6 for the table that were 50cm or over. the rest went back. also a bass off 44cm, a flounder and plenty of dabs whitings and dogs. feel free to do a report. if id stayed for a 14hour session idve had over 25 easily. a couple of pics of the few i kept."
Paul 'fills his boots' ( 29 December)
I had this report in today from Paul Hodges...
"Hi Tony
I fished in front of the lookout tower today from 8 am until 10pm. Things were slow to start with as there was a horrendous amount of tide and I couldn't hold even with 8oz fixed wires casting uptide. I didn't even manage a Whiting in the first 3hours, as the tide eased though the fish came on the feed. Over HW I had 12 codling in 10 casts with a couple of double shots too. Managed  couple of good sized Dabs too. There were very few Whiting all day, I did manage a good Channel Whiting of 1.5lb. In total I had 20 Codling, 10 X 3-3.5lb, 9 X 2lb and one that was deep hooked of 1.5lb. There was an added bonus of finding about 10 leads all balled up together too. The only down side was that I lost a few codling as well as breaking my tripod. Regards Paul"

Easier conditions ( 28 December)
I had this email this evening from Darryl...didn't he do well...
"Hi Tony, fished denge marsh
Today as it was too windy at the point.I had 7 codling biggest weighing 5lb 7oz 
also had a couple of nice dabs.thanks Darryl Nicholas."
Great day ( 28 December)
I had this report in today from Elliot Watson...
"Hello Tony, I fished the point this morning (27/12/2014) over low water, 2 hours down and 3 hours up, had 3 codling all around the 2lb mark. Cheers. Elliot."

Hitting in wall ( 28 December)
I had this report come in from Anthony fishing the under rated Littlestone wall...
"Came into your shop today for essentials and a bit of advice where me and my son could fish not too far from the advised us to go to Littlestone wall which was great as I have a shoulder problem and can't carry my gear too far.a great day was had by both of us catching 8 whiting and 2 codling 3lb each great place and met a couple of friendly fisherman as well. Many thanks Anthony Clive"

Arkam's Christmas codling ( 27 December)
Here is a report from Arkam...
"Hi tony...I have gone back to Dungeness Christmas day looking for a double figure cod,but that didn't happened.Ended up with 6 codling and 2 dabs,all came at range....there is always next time for a double figure one ;) Arkam"

Boxing day codling ( 27 December)
Matt Smith popped in the shop, and told me of his catch...I said send in a report...and here it is...
"26/12/2014 - matt smith
biggest one 4lb 5oz, took live bait whiting
smaller one 2lb 12oz, took straight lug on 2/0 2 hook flapper rig
fishing right of the boats near the point"

The best so far ( 26 December)
I had this report in from Steve ...superb fishing just before Christmas...
"Hi Tony, 
Steve Collins here, fished behind the boats again Tuesday, there was a strong south westerly wind. I had 5 codling 2 hours before high water the weights were 8lb8oz, 4lb8oz, 3lb6oz, 2lb8oz and 2lb6oz.  Then I went quiet until 2hours before low water, then the codling started to show again. I had 6 more in quick succession, the weights were 3x4lb, 1 at 3lb 6oz and the other 2 were between 2.5-3lbs. Two hours before high water again which was at 11.30pm, I had another 3 codling, 3.3lb and 2x 3lbs making my total of 13 with a few misses too!
I was joined by my mate Adam Pay at about 4pm who also had 3 codling between 2.5-3lbs. We fished on, up and over high water. The tide and weed was prolific, our 8oz leads were being dragged down tide. I started fishing at 9am and packed up at 1am, it was the best bit of fishing I've had of the beach. Here is a photo of me with all my catch. All fish took lug sausage.
I did have another go Christmas day/night and had another 5 codlings between 2.5-3lbs. This had been my best winter for codling, my total for this season so far is 30 codling which is fantastic. Cheers Steve."
...just wait till next year!

It was the night before Christmas ( 26 December)
I had this email from Elliot Watson...
"Hello Tony hope you're having a good christmas,
                  I fished Dengemarsh lastnight from low up to 3 hours after high water ahd had 7  codling, the biggest being about 3lb, kept 4 and put the others back. Then went to fish the point over low but didn't result in anymore codling. I'm heading back down tomorrow, so I shall drop the key off after tomorrows session.
Many Thanks Elliot"

"My best Christmas present" ( 26 December)
I had this email from Sunny...
"Hi Tony,
Here are some photos of the first 3 codling in Dungenness after trying for almost 10 years! 1.5-2 lb.
I have always been down here with high hopes for cod but nevertheless enjoyed my trips even without cod.
But today I have finally scored my first and to top it up with a hat trick!
My best Christmas present ever! Kind regards, SUNNY LEONG"

Wishing you all a Merry Christmas ( 24 December)
I hope you all have a good day tomorrow...I'm going fishing!! Back in the shop on boxing day!

Plenty of codling ( 23 December)
I had this email from Arkam who popped down from London yesterday...
"Hi Tony,,,fished yesterday's low tide really windy but worth it...I ended up with 10 codling,I kept the 4 small ones because they were deeply hooks. Arkam" 

DAA full match & end of year positions ( 22 December)
2014 a vintage year...well done to Paul Gunner! Special thanks to Steve Harvey who ran the matches and Malcolm Jones for doing all the stats.
DAA Match results ( 22 December)
I have just had the results from Malcolm (Statto) Jones....

DAA match result Sunday 21st December 2014 – Full Rover – 4-00 pm – 8-00 pm

1st Gavin Smith 31 fish 23 lb. 14 oz.

2nd Dave Wood-Brignall 15 fish 21 lb. 10 1/2 oz. HF 3 lb. 5 oz. cod

3rd Alex Veel 28 fish 17 lb. 14 oz.

4th Paul Gunner 17 fish 16 lb. 15 1/2 oz.

5th Simon Newman 25 fish 15 lb. 7 oz.

Codling, whiting, dogfish, dabs and pouting weighed in.

Strong W wind and overcast night.

24 fished and 23 weighed in.

Yes and even I had a codling...we must have had over 20 weighed in!

Its one big learning curve ( 22 December)
I had email from Shawn...we all have to start somewhere, and fishing a deep (crowded) storm beach in a south westerly gale is pretty tough...
"Hi Tony: A catch report for you: 
Species/Weight: 2 x Whiting (9oz and 4oz)
Veneue: Behind the boats 6:30pm – 11pm 21/12/2014 
I visited Dungeness for the first time yesterday night. Having followed your catch reports for the past month I was hoping to land some codling or maybe a bigger one. 
I had done some preparation and had high hopes. I bought some sprats and squid and blended them with some cod liver oil in the magimix (this was to be used as an attractant and stuffed in a course fishing swim-feeder on my running ledger – a “chum” mix). I also soaked some black lug (would have bought from you but you would have been closed by the time I got there) in the cod liver oil and had some fresh squid (although it was cleaned and from Waitrose!). 
When I arrived at the beach at 6:30pm it was pretty busy (competition on). Having got the okay from the gentlemen on my right to fish I placed myself between (it turned out) two DAA champions from 2013 and 2012. As well as busy it was pretty windy. Unfortunately one of the legs broke off my tripod so with two rods in the wind I was finding it pretty difficult to juggle everything. Particularly as I was using a size 4oz lead (and the guys around me were using 7oz apparently). 
I spent most of the evening picking my rods up off the shingle due to the tripod/wind problems. I’m also unable to get rid of the awful smell of chum despite having had three baths since getting home last night. 
As you can see from above, I didn’t catch much. More to do with my fishing ineptitude than the quality of the venue. Mr 2013 DAA Winner and Mr 2012 DAA Winner seemed to have a nice bucket of fish each. 
I’ll be back to try again with bigger leads, a working rod rest, and without the ‘chum’. 

Loads of codling ( 22 December)
The DAA held its last match of the year's Christmas special...loads of codling...Dave Wood Brignall had eight and he came second...
Sorry not a very good photo...
but that's down to me...a bit of camera shake (or is that shock)!

But well done to the 24 who fish it last night...loads of prizes...thanks to Steve Harvey (DAA match captain) for organising it! 

Full results to follow...

Looking out for a cod ( 20 December)
I had this report in today from Mike...
"Hi Tony, many thanks for the bait yesterday and my new tripod which i am well pleased with, i took your advice and fished in front of the look out tower from 6 pm - 1 am ,managed these two codling just after high tide , made a nice change from whiting !!! Michael Lloyds."

Season's Greetings from Steve ( 20 December)
Here is a report from the DAA captain Steve Harvey before tomorrows Christmas match...
"As you all know Sunday is the last match of the year. .. Id just like to take this opportunity to thank everybody who has fished the league this year. .. Ill be quite busy on Sunday so wont really have time to mingle lol. ... Its been a pleasure again. .. You're a great bunch of lads and hope you'll be fishing again next year. ..The league in my opinion is going from strength to strength and i do appreciate you turning up in your numbers every fortnight. .... Ill be publishing next years dates soon on here plus handing them out on Sunday along with a couple of size limit changes. ... All that's left for me to say is all have a great festive season and see you all in 2015. ... tight lines"
Remember to compete tomorrow you must have competed in two DAA matches or more this year!

Don't forget the bass ( 19 December)
I had this report in from Pete...
"Hi Tony.
Had a trip yesterday the 18th in very windy conditions as you know from the weather reports blowing very strong fortunately it was blowing offshore behind us fishing behind the boats. I fished with my brother from about the afternoon and braved the wind and surf for 5 hours.  We had the usual things with a couple of dogs. And we both had 1 codling each @ 2.5lb. Then decided to pack up. However lasts cast of the day using a pulley pennel rig with 4/0 hooks a whole squid and dressed with 3 black lug.cast around 60 yds left it out for 5 minutes.wound in and it felt good on the retrieve got my brother to.stand by  as I thought it was a cod.  Sadly it wasn't. However it was a PB ..  a cracking Bass . Hooked at 8.15. Only had a rusty spring balance to weigh and  it registered@ 7.5lb.  26" long. So apart from the weather. A good session. Cheers Tony from Pete and Poge Gifford. From Chatham."

On the boards ( 18 December)
I had this report this morning from Nev...
"Hi Tony
Cheers for the bait.
I caught two codling today off the end of the wooden decking, the best was 5lbs (pic attached).  Lugworm tipped razor over low tide.
Many whiting, most sizeable plus a welcome Dab.  Around 10 persons fishing - didn't see any other Cod today but left before dark.  
Very comfortable day's fishing! Thanks again Nev Broad"

Wind makes fish ( 18 December)
Its good to see a break up in the have got to be in it to win it! Here is a report from Steve...and those fish do look hungry...
"Hi Tony,
Steve Collins here,
 I fished behind the boats again tonight 2 hours before high water. I had a slack line bite and I was in to my first codling of the night, which weighed 4lb 8oz.
Bang on high tide I had a slack line bite again and I was into my second codling of the night, it weighed bang on 4lb.
 "Both fish took lug sausage on the big 10 o hooks again, there is 2 good things about using these big hooks, you can fish with very big baits and you certainly don’t catch any whiting! Cheers, Steve."

Bad news ( 16 December)
I had a report yesterday on my 'facebook' page of mindless criminality from Rob Edwards...
"Hi Tony. Just a heads up to you and visiting anglers. My van was broken into on Sunday evening in the layby opposite the concrete road. Rig making box and two pairs of trainers stolen. So nothing major, but van needs a new door. Not good. Cheers for helping with the blacks after the confusion."
We don't need this sort of behaviour...I popped into the mobile police station at Lydd this afternoon to see if the Police are aware and requested the crime figures are sent into Lydd Town Council.
On the way back I stopped of at the CNC (nuclear) police station on the power station road and spoke to an officer concerning crime reports on Dungeness estate he hadn't heard of this event but reassured me that they are being vigilant...if anybody hears of anything...please email me!

Lookout for a cod ( 13 December)
I had this report in from Ken fishing today...its getting better...
"Hi Tony 
A good mornings fishing just in front of the lookout tower at three quarter low tide. Persevered through the hoards of whiting to land three cod including this one at 9lb which were caught on lug tipped with squid at distance, all returned.

Thanks Terry and ken Gifford "

Fill your boots ( 12 December)
I had this report in this morning from Andy Heslop...
"Hi tony we fished at back of boats from 11am to 8pm .
Collected lots of queen cockles that had been up .
Bait was lug and queen cockles .
First cast codling.
2nd cast codling
3 rd cast codling.
4th cast codling.
Then went quiet whiting and dogs.
Ran out of queen cockles just before it went dark then switched to full cuttlefish and lug. bang another codling . My mate had 2 codling on lug and cuttlefish.
Top day Andy

 Nice day weather bomb ( 11 December)
Just had this report in from Kevin Warden...
"Lots of whiting and a 2lb cod. We fished 3 hours up 2 down during the day. Cheers for the excellent lug. Kevin and Miserable Mick."

Here it comes...( 11 December)
Today's forecast...the first 'biggie' of the winter...

North Foreland to Selsey Bill

Strong winds are forecast

24 hour forecast:

Westerly backing southwesterly 7 to severe gale 9, occasionally storm 10 for a time, veering northwesterly 4 or 5 later.
Sea state
Rough or very rough, becoming moderate or rough later.
Showers then rain, fair later.
Good, becoming moderate or poor for a time.
This should be worth getting on the back off!!!...lets hope the cod agree!

Plenty of fish behind the boats ( 10 December)
Steve Collins popped in this afternoon after a bit of disaster with his Greys rod (expensive) so down to one rod...he knocked out codling from 2.5lb to 4lb and a bass of 3lb using big baits lugworm and cuttle, presented on...10/0 hooks! And I thought I fished heavy!

Batten down the hatches ( 9 December)
The forecast from tonight to Thursday (early hours of Friday morning) strong winds from the west southwest...great for stirring up the water and we hope the cod!

DAA Junior match ( 9 December)
Terry Carper sent me some great photos of the recent Junior match...
More match results ( 8 December)
Here are results from last night DAA match...
DAA match result Sunday 7th December 2014 – Full Rover – 4-8.00 pm

1st       Mark Harvey                25 fish   13 lb. 10 oz. 
2nd      Dave Wood-Brignall    24 fish    12 lb. 15 1/2 oz.
3rd      Alex Veel                      24 fish    12 lb. 6 1/2 oz. 
4th      Joe Loftus                      14 fish   10 lb. 12 1/2 oz.          HF   2 lb. 7 oz. cod
5th      Michael Smith               25 fish   10 lb. 2 oz.

Codling, whiting, dogfish, dabs, pouting and a herring weighed in.
                                                Cold, NW breeze and a clear night.

Match results ( 7 December)
Here are the results from yesterdays matches...
Paul Jarrett posted last nights results of the Southern Circuit Sea Angling Society...
Result from our final 2014 match at Hythe 06/12/14

18 anglers fished in freezing conditions, whiting, dabs, rockling, pouting, dogfish and codling were weighed in

Well done to Steve Richards for winning the match

Top 5
1) Steve Richards - 45 fish, 15lb 1oz
2) Paul Jarrett - 42 fish, 14lb 1.5ozs
3) Wesley Cheeseman - 37 fish, 12lb 13ozs
4) Dave Trigger Wood-Brignall - 26 fish, 10lb 4.5ozs
5) Sam Collier - 25 fish, 8lb 4.5oz

Heaviest fish - Codling 1lb 6ozs (Dave Wood-Brignall)
Our next match is Hythe 03/01/15, fishing 18:30 to 23:30

Dungeness Angling Association fish their Junior match yesterday morning...

Terry Carper posted this report on facebook...
"Just had the junior xmas meet 13 fished in cold conditions 11 fish caught and then all went to pilot for dinner thanks to Aarron The Boss for sponsoring the meal all the juniors got a voucher for £15 of which £5 was donated by Tony Hills of seagull tackle 
The juniors also had a raffle with prizes donated by Breakaway tackle
Thanks to all who attended "
PS I also heard that Micks Tackle had donated a reel as a prize...well done to those club members who helped make a great day for the juniors.

Dawn patrol ( 6 December)
Chris Radley just popped in after fishing the rising tide this morning behind the boats, Chris reported a 8 cod fish tally...1 x 7lb, 2 x 5lb and 5 x 2.5lb...a great morning range.

Reminder ( 4 December)
Don't forget this Sunday we have our penultimate DAA league match for 2014...what better way to spend a fiver!...Book in at the EA gate 2.15 till 3.00pm, fish from 4.00 to 8.00pm. If you need any information call Steve Harvey on 07786 538103...all members welcome.

At last ( 3 December)
I just had a look at the weather forecast for next week...batten the hatches next Tuesday if the forecast is right...we have the first major major south westerly gale of the season...better late than never! We desperately need this storm to wash some food into the beach to encourage those big cod into the beach...

Good news ( 3 December)
One of my customers (Curtis Brown) popped the key for the EA road back this morning I asked how did he do last night in years he said...loads of codling...over a dozen plus some good whiting. The codling weren't big nothing over 2.5lb but it was such great rod 'ratterling' fun!
All fish went back except one codling badly hooked!

Bad news ( 2 December)
I had an email from our Dungeness wildlife officer...
While rubbish collecting in front of the Dungeness Power Station on Sunday morning 30 Nov, I chatted with a number of anglers which complained about getting through the Whiting which is a challenge to all beach anglers. 
However, it is always disappointing to see piles of dead Whiting up and above the tideline which have been left by beach anglers from the night before. Surely, just give the fish a fighting chance again and put them back. 
These fish I photographed in front of the Power Station."
You can see the photo below...the way I see clear up the beach up so that nobody knows you were there...we don't need a bad press...

A beach beauty ( 26 November)
Simon Newman posted on face book tonight...
"Dungeness.....A short 3 hour session this evening down to low water and managed to sneak out this beauty......13lb 9oz and he ate a whiting an hour and a half before low."

A mixed bag ( 26 November)
Best report today in the shop today was a 4lb bass had last night (plenty of surf) otherwise the usual whiting, dabs, dogfish, small codling...and yes more whiting!!!

You hear of one, then four in a month ( 25 November)
I had this email from Ken...
I was fishing Dengemarsh last week and amongst the very numerous whiting I caught a fish I was not sure of.
When I got home, to my surprise I discovered it was a 2.5lb Coalfish !
In many years fishing Dungeness I had never seen one before.
Regards Ken Vizard"
Yes this is the fourth report in the last month...but this is the biggest!...unless you know different?

Latest result ( 23 November)
Here are the latest results from Paul Jarrett of the Southern Circuit Sea Angling Society...

Result from our Deal Rover match 22/11/14

16 members fished, whiting, dabs, rockling, pouting, dogfish and codling were weighed in

Well done to Sam Collier for winning the match

Top 5
1) Sam Collier - 30 fish, 15 lb
2) Tony Hockett - 22 fish, 11 lb 10.5ozs
3) Ashley Brown - 27 fish, 11 lb 7ozs
4) Wesley Cheeseman - 26 fish, 11 lb 3ozs
5) Paul Jarrett - 27 fish, 11 lb 0.5oz

Heaviest fish - Dogfish 1 lb 13.5ozs (Sam Collier)

Our next match is Hythe 06/12/14, fishing 19:00 to 00:00

With just two matches to go ( 19 November)
Here are the full results from Sundays match and current league placings with just two matches to go...

M'mm...I will continue to use big hooks with big the forlorn hope of catching a decent fish!!!

Last nights DAA match ( 17 November)
We had another good match last night...
1st place P. Gunner 36 fish 18lb 2.5oz.
2nd place M. Smith 27 fish 17lb 2oz.
3rd place n. Elliott 28 fish 17lb 1oz.
4th place D. Wood-Brignal 33 fish 14lb 3oz.

Heaviest fish M. Smith codling of 4lb 6.5oz...not in very good condition I think Michael was doing it a favor!

The DAA Junior Xmas match ( 16 November)
Here is a notification from Terry carper...
"Next junior Xmas meet is sat 6th Dec (not sun) meet at pilot 10.00--10.30am 
Xmas hats will be welcome email for details"
I gather there could be Xmas presents flying about for those taking part!

Enjoy the day ( 15 November)
I had this report come in today from David...
"Thanks for the bait and sound advice Tony, we fished Friday morning until 5pm, 
behind the boats.
Whiting all day, with a lovely looking codling to add to my dad's species list!
The Codling took a small simple bait of a single big lug tipped with squid on a 
single hook pulley rig. Returned, to get bigger for another time.
To our left and right, others landed codling and a single large cod late 
afternoon, great to see.
David & Daniel Martin - Tunbridge Wells, Kent.
Well done Mark ( 15 November)
I had this report from Mark Boakes, great report and well done for getting out there when your not fully fit...
"Hi Tony, fished the point on Thurs low tide up blustery but fishable,had dogfish and whiting from the off, these two came 1 hour before high, fished worm and squid on 6o Pennal at distance,no weed and no snags for a change, great bait once again, cheers Mark."

Things that go bang in the night ( 14 November)
I had this report from Adam Hill...
"Hi just to let you know how it was fishing yesterday. 
Found some shelter from the wind to set up behind one of the boats. I walked a 
bit further north to a bay the tide had formed as struggled to hold bottom on 
the straight during the tide run. I stayed till late at night and had some good 
action. 5 bass up to about 4lb,  a big fat pouting, a few of the usual whiting 
and lost something big  close in the surf. Cheers Adam"

Some like it rough ( 14 November)
I had this report from David Hutchinson...who 'braved the weather yesterday...
"What  a rough day.  Nice surf no bass. Fished behind the boats today.  from 7-12.25  after that  the breaker's got too fierce with the tide.  Had 3 dabs countless whiting 2  deep hooked codling as pictured.  One of which when gutted appears to have eaten 2 sea mice (slugs) and even the crabs it had eaten were still alive.  All in all it was worth the day off work  and with the wind blowing out the cobwebs,  feeling ready for Christmas."

Looking good this weekend ( 13 November)
The forecast is looking very good...light rain...after a 'blow'!                                        On Sunday we have another round of our 'famous' DAA match series fishing 4 to 8pm, book in on the road 2.15 to 3pm. All members (new and old) very welcome, only £5 entry...if you need any more information call our match captain Steve Harvey on 07786 538103

Codling galore ( 12 November)
Here is a report from last night by Paul Hodges...
"Hi Tony
Fished again last night with Andy69 making the most of the weather and last of the biggish tides. The wind was force 6-7 from the S-SSE with a nice bit of surf and tide run over HW. We fished from 10ish until 3am. Now sitting in work knackered lol but the trip was worth it.
All we had up until an hour before HW was Ting and I had a double shot of dogfish that I thought could have been the first Cod of the night. The first Codling landed on the beach as soon as the tide begun to run 2lb 12oz (47cm). I shouted up the beach to Andy to let him know but he didn’t hear me. It wasn’t until he came down to chat saying ‘now is prime time with this tide run’. I said ‘I know there is one in my shelter’.
About 15 minutes later Andy had one on the beach too of 2lb 4oz, things went a little quiet although they were hectic with the tide run. Bang on HW I had a further two in quick succession bring the total to 3 for the night 2lb – 44cm and 2lb 8oz – 46cm. we could have gone home then but we stuck it out a little longer in the hope of a couple more Codlings.
Andy did manage another small Tommy Cod which was returned to fight another day. The Ting were a lot bigger than Saturday. That brings my total to date to 15 in four sessions. I am quite happy with the start of this Cod / Codling season. Just need a few bigger ones now.

Regards Paul

2015 match list ( 11 November)
I had this via facebook from Paul Jarratt...dates for your diary...

What a great start ( 10 November)
Anhony told me that young Luke had his first codling...what a great start...
"Hi tony, popped into the shop on Saturday after fishing Littlestone with my 3yr old son Luke who fished with us. We had codling, bass, dog fish, whiting a good days fishing in strong south Westley winds. Thanks Antony Taylor"
Twister! ( 10 November)
After a night of thunder, lighting and torrential rain here at 'sunny' Greatstone...walking the beach with the dogs this morning we 'spied' a twister at low water...but I couldn't see any 'flying' bait diggers?

 Fill your boots ( 9 November)
I had this report from Paul Hodges fishing in challenging conditions...
"Hi Tony Just thought you would like to know I had a good day at Dungey on Saturday. I fished at the end of the DAA Rd slightly out of the wind and conditions from 06:30 until 21:30 and had 9 Codling and 8 Bass. All of them were small and all the Codling were sizeable 35cm +, but only 2 of the Bass were sizeable. All of them fell to Lug baits on 6/0 hooks. I am sure if I fished with smaller hooks I may of had more but I was trying to cut down on the Whiting.                                                                                                     All in all a good days fishing in some challenging conditions. Many people tried to fish behind the last two boats during the day but ended up moving due to the tide, winds, waves and fierce conditions. I fished 100-150 yards ton the left of the last two boats and had the beach to my right to myself. I used 8oz leads with the ends taped up to hold bottom and they worked very well in the circumstances. Only had a short period of about an hour where I struggled to hold bottom. I did lose a couple of better fish in the surf but I cant complain with the days result. Regards Paul"
DAA junior match report ( 9 November)
Here is a report from Terry Carper...
"The juniors fished littlestone today and all caught fish .we had 4boys & 3 girls fishing. most fish caught by evan who had 18 fish the girl with most fish was melisa with 11 fish a total of 75 fish were caught mainly whitting & a pouting & a school bass
despite the rain & a good session was had by all"
Bang on bass ( 9 November)
I had this report in from Alex Whittlesea this morning...
"Hello Tony
Had an awful few hours down the Ness Friday night. No Cod's just 
Whiting and Bass.
Packed up in disgust after the fourth spiky. Where are all 
the BIG CODS? :) 
Regards Shirley"

Littlestone report ( 9 November)
I had this report come in this morning from Daren Edwards...
"Hi tony fished opposite the sandbanks nursing home yesterday due to that southerly breeze had a good mixed bag of flounder bass codling whiting and dogs .had fish as water reached the shingle and where still catching two hours down had a lot of weed over the high water but well worth a go at this venue when the wind gets up .daz"

Match report ( 9 November)
I had this report today of last nights Southern circuit Sea Angling Society match from Paul Jarratt...
Result from our Sandwich Bay match 08/11/14
13 members and 1 guest fished in windy conditions, whiting, dogfish, pouting, rockling, codling and 1 thornback were weighed in
Well done to Sam Collier for winning the match
Top 5
1) Sam Collier - 36 Fish, 18.4 lb
2) Wesley Cheeseman - 22 Fish, 16.1.5 lb
3) Paul Jarrett - 33 Fish, 15.5.5 lb
4) Joe Stevens - 30 Fish, 14.15.5 lb
5) Dave Sales - 27 Fish, 14.11 lb
Heaviest Fish - 4.9 lb thornback Ray, Wesley Cheeseman
Out next match is Saturday 21st November - Deal Rover, fishing 16:30 to 21:30
Reports today ( 7 November)
Casual reports coming in this afternoon from those brave souls fishing behind the boats today...
nothing spectacular (so far) big whiting and the odd codling to 3lb...most people fishing at short to medium range...very wise with these big tides!

It looks interesting ( 6 November)
I have just had a look at the weather forecast for tomorrow...gusting force eight from the south!...on a 8.1m tide...should shift some bait out of the beach for Saturday?
Dungeness...deserted ( 5 November)
I had this report from Mike Dew who was fishing Monday...worth the drive...
"Hi Tony,
I was planning to fish Denge Marsh Monday 3rd Nov and arrived an hour before low. Just the one solitary person fishing from Bedford fishing. Had a chat with him to see how fishable it was, but a bit too windy for me. 
Moved around to behind the boats and fished from 1600 to midnight. Larger Whiting came to  6/0 with lug baits, 9 keepers. 1 codling just over 2lb and one doggie. 
Long drive home though the road work and night closures back to Rugby, arriving home at 4am"
Behind the Boats

 Calling all 'Juniors' ( 5 November)
Here is a bit from the DAA facebook page...
"Junior meet this Sunday 9Nov 10.00 at Pilot Pub"

Here is the full result ( 4 November)
Malcolm Jones has worked his 'magic' and here is the current league and results...its getting tight at the top!
A wild night ( 3 November)
The latest DAA match was held last night at Dungeness...15 hardy people fished in torrential rain and strong SSW least the whiting are getting bigger...

1st Place D. Wood-brignall 37 fish for 16lb 2.5oz
2nd Place M. Harvey 34 fish 14lb 6.5oz
3rd Place P. Gunner 30 fish 12lb 4oz
4th Place J.Smith 30 fish 12lb 3oz
Heaviest fish M.Smith 1lb 11oz dogfish.

A great start ( 31 October)
I had this report in from Rob Reaich...a great start to the season it should just get better...
"Hi Tony
Thanks for the excellent fresh bait on Wednesday.
Fished the tide down near the point, Whiting, dabs and rain all 
afternoon. At about 8pm it was deserted, could only see 2 other anglers.
8.15 near low water fluked this 14lb 6oz beauty trying to steal a 
whiting off a single 3/0 hook baited with fresh blacks.
Just what Dungeness Beach is all about I suppose.
Looking forward to having another go soon. Regards Rob"

Just enjoy the day ( 31 October)
I had this report come in from Jonathan Vowles...remember the fish are a bonus...
"30th October 
Hi Tony. Beautiful weather at the point on Thursday, with constant double shotCheers Jon"
A great report ( 31 October)
Here is a report from Tony Smithers...
"good morning tony
thanks for the bait on thursday as always good it is the first time i have taken my autistic grandson fishing with his older brother,
as always first time fishermen always get the best fish his first 2 casts whiting third cast 2 lb codling he was over the moon
we had lots off whiting almost a fish a cast.
but at the end off the day for my grandson it was fresh fish and chips and the look on his face its the reason we all go fishing
thanks again and will be back soon. regards tony smithers"
Thanks for that I bet your Grandson will remember that fish for the rest of his life!
What a great report to start the day!

Next DAA match ( 30 October)
This Sunday (2 Nov) book in by the gate as usual from 2.15 till 3pm fish from 4 to 8pm...
and the weather forecast is wet and windy from the south west!

Mixed bag ( 30 October)
I had this report just come in from Kevin Warden...
"A week ago but I only just got the photo.A  2lb 8 oz cod ,2 at 42cm a whiting and a decent dogfish. I returned a 36cm cod a dogfish and numerous whiting. A 3 hour session just after low tide."
Not very happy ( 30 October)
I had this email come in from Dave Wood Brignall...
"Having fished dungie for the last 30+ years . I was disgusted last night at how 
close to shore one of the local boats shot its nets . No more than 60 yds out 
!!!! . We did catch a lot of whiting most good size . Looking forward to this 
Sunday's DAA comp IF THE NETS ARE GONE . The nets go from the point all the way 
to the diamond. Fed up Dave wood brignall"
Yes I agree Dave, lets hope they are only there for a guess is they are after bass (a non quota species). As you know their is no legal limit, if they want to they can place nets right up to high tide!...but it is not being a 'good neighbour' to us beach anglers.
The right plaice ( 29 October)
I had this nice report in from Paul Child...
"Hi Tony thought would drop a line to you. Fished Pirate Springs -Littlestone... Monday about 1045-1400 wind was a little keen coming off my right shoulder towards  eleven o clock direction but stirring up the water into a good muddy colour which with the high sun seemed in my view could  negate

The bass are back ( 27 October)
Here is a report in today from Ajaz...
"Hi  Tony, 
We had 1/2 a score lug left from yesterday, and my boys Osamah and Humzah decided that the weather looked good for fishing. 
We fished about two hours before high tide at the back of the Power Station. In the first hour we caught two whiting, followed by a 3.5lbs Bass went for a small whiting, which fought all the way, turned out to be a great half term surprize. 
Best Regards, Ajaz."
Well done Ed ( 27 October)
I had this email in from Ed Pickard...
"Hi Tony
I fished behind the boats last night (26th October) fished on a dropping tide, 
right at the bottom of the tide, I caught my first codling for the year, 1.5lb 
not a monster but it's a first. It took a bait of squid head and guts wrapped in 
a lugworm jacket! After that I fished the tide up and it was a whiting every 
cast. A great session with plenty of action. 
Regards Ed"
Yes Ed its great...those little codling from the spring are growing all the time...I'm hoping they stay around all winter by the spring they should be 3 to 4lb mark!

Pollack behind the boats? ( 25 October)
I had this email this evening from Peter Garratt...
October 24th and 25th:  Just finished an overnight session at Dungeness next to the fishing boats after picking up some bait from your shop. Started at 1pm on Friday and fished through the night until about 10am this morning. Loads of Whiting (a fish a cast) and one small Cod all returned. Plus this Pollack that was caught at low tide on a small pennel mounted squid at about 9am this morning. Is this unusual for this stretch of beach as it was the last species I expected and at low tide was caught about 70 yards out in very shallow water just as the tide began to turn. Peter"
Interesting but I'm not sure if it is a pollack, it looks like a coalfish to me very similar to a pollack and we have had a few of these reported this year!
Small is best? ( 25 October)
I had this report from Kevin Edwards...
"Hello Tony,
   I've just read Paul Hodges report for Thursday.  I also fished Dungeness beach on Thursday and found that the rod fished with size 2 hook flapper rig, baited with 1/2 lugworm, out fished my other rod with a big baited Pennell.  A nice 2.5lb Codling on the 1/2 worm flapper helped me come to the same conclusion as Paul, the smaller bait fished better than the large bait. Regards  Kevin."
Not just on the beach Kevin, the boats have been finding it hard going with very 'finicky' bites and hard to 'hit' the fish...but it will get better!

A nice night ( 25 October)
I had this message on facebook from Mark Norton...
"Just got home from dungie, Loads of whiting Fished from low to high tide Quite a few fair size whiting coming out to squid"...tough luck Mark there are quite a few codling around, its down to 'luck' if you can find one! 

A good start ( 25 October)
I had this email from Paul Hodges, who is off to a good start...
"Hi Tony
Fished behind the boats on Thursday. I fished from 9am until 9pm and caught 3 Codling (41cm, 42cm and 46cm). I also had the usual hoards of Whiting which were perfect Live bait size however the Live bait rod was unsuccessful with a big codling although it did produce one of the smaller ones, caught on the one inch piece of worm I was using to try and hook a Whiting for live bait. All Codling fell to worm despite my best efforts and perseverance with the Cuttlefish. Smaller baits seem to better than large baits for the codling, I did try big worm baits but the codling were only interested in single worm baits. I did try for Dabs but no joy at all for the Dabs. All in all a good first Cod session, that's 3 more than I caught last year.
Regards Paul"
All the usual suspects ( 22 October)
I just had this in from Michael Smith...
"Hello Tony
After leaving the shop this morning we headed for the boats, probably not the 
best place today but my dad needed to keep the wind behind him. Despite 
yesterday's blow the water appeared clear beyond about 30 yards but undetermined 
we fished in the hope of something a little special.. Sadly, the nearest thing 
to special was a Codling of around 1.5lbs (returned) that came from range to lug 
worm about an hour after high water .. Loads of Whiting, mostly undersized and a 
couple of dabs kept us busy.. All in all not a bad days angling but made even 
better as it's the first time for over 20 years since dad and me last fished 
Kind regards Michael 
Yes Michael that bit is...priceless!...and as for the whiting...tell me about it!

After the 'blow' ( 22 October)
I had this report come in from Steve Latham this evening...
 "Hi Tony its Steve Latham here had a day off work today so thought I would take advantage break in the wind started fishing about 0715am about half hour in to the trip up came these two on a two hook clipped with lug on a 2/0 .
then it was none stop whiting till about 3 hours after high water then not a thing
I shall be back on Sunday see you then "

The full result ( 21 October)
Here are the full stats and positions so far after a very 'breezy' match...

The last three matches ( 21 October)
Here is a reminder from Paul Jarratt...
Southern Circuit Sea Angling Society
Remaining 2014 fixtures....
Sandwich Bay - 08/11/14, 19:00 to 00:00
Deal Rover - 22/11/14, 16:00 to 21:00
Hythe Marine Parade - 06/12/14, 19:00 to 00:00
If anyone wishes to become a new member for 2015 our last 2 matches of 2014 are inclu
ded in the membership, our 2015 fixtures are in progress and due for release early November

Sundays DAA match ( 20 October)
Here are the 'top line' results...full results to follow...
1st. A. Veel 14 fish 7lb 12oz
2nd C. Bull 18 fish 7lb 9.5oz
3rd  D. Wood-Brignal 17 fish 7lb 1oz
Heaviest fish Alex Veel 1lb 10oz (dogfish)
Fifteen fished in a strong south westerly wind.

Latest result ( 19 October)
Here is the match result from Paul Jarratt of the Southern Circuit Sea Angling Society...
Result from our Reculver match fished last night, 19/10/14
Whiting, dogfish and dabs were weighed in
Well done Sam Collier for winning the match

Top 5
1) Sam Collier - 11 Fish 9lb 14.5ozs
2) Paul Jarrett - 20 Fish 9lb 4ozs
3) Wesley Cheeseman - 15 Fish 7lb 12ozs
4) Adam Horton - 10 Fish 7lb 2ozs
5) Alan Jarrett - 15 Fish 5lb 11.5ozs

Heaviest Fish - 1lb 15.5oz dog fish, Sam Collier
Next match is at Sandwich Bay - 08/11/14, 18:30 to 23:30
Well I believe it ( 18 October)
I had this email from Pete...
"Hi tony, just read that letter u posted on your site u had sent in, I've been 
fishing hard at dungie for 8 years now, I had my best bass this summer just 
under 7 lbs. took a long time and a lot off trips to get him. If these fellows 
had 3 9 lbers and a 7 plus other good keepers and big dabs in one trip I'll eat 
every single lug worm in your shop !! Lol. Prahps he just had a lovely dream. 
Any way tight lines all the best Pete." 
Well Pete miracles can happen...that's the magic of fishing...I remember a trip out to Kerton Road with my two boys (Anthony & Robert) years ago for a couple of hours when they were about nine and eight...we had 12 cod from 8lb to 26lb (Anthony) on calamari just never know!
Beautiful bass ( 17 October)
I had this fantastic letter from Kenny, thanks for that Kenny I must always remember that not everybody lives on a computer or a text machine!...
A cod sandwich ( 16 October)
I had this report from Alan Martin...
"Hi Tony,
Was good to meet you a couple of Fridays ago in your shop and thanks
for the good bait.
I managed to get out again last night at Sandwich bay (more local to
me than Dungy). And had this cracking codling on a size 1 hook with a
1 inch blow lug! Weighed 3 and a half pounds and measured 58cm in
length. Am I happy? Yes! All the best Alan"
Leon hit gold ( 16 October)
I had this email from Leon Shepherd...who hit 'gold' last night...
"Hi tony
Just thought I would let you know I fished dungie last nite and caught a half 
decent cod! Weighed in an ounce under 13lb! It took a whiting! 
Cheers Leon"
 Weird fish? ( 15 October)
I had this email from Huseyin...
"Hello sir attached are some photos of a fish I caught today. Me and my friend have been fishing over 10 years now and couldn't know what it is. The skin colour is like rainbow and when you move the fish it changes colour, also the other thing this fish had teeth on its tounge and it had very big sharp teeth for a small fish. We thought it might be a whiting or poor cod at first then we knew that we was wrong. Could you please tell us what this fish is called and if it is rare or not,
Thanks"  Well Huseyin looking at the picture it looks like a 'smelt' to me, you find a lot of these in river estuaries as they can move from salt water to fresh to spawn, a favourite bait of pike anglers...I hope this helps.
Its getting better ( 14 October)
I had Tony Thomas pop in for some more bait to carry on fishing on the 'point', I asked how it was going...7 whiting, 6 codling and a cod of 7lb...not bad for a carp angler!

Hot off the press ( 13 October)
I had this from Andy within the last hour...
"Hi tony I'm fishing at the back of boats right now just landed this nice bass on lug"

One happy man ( 13 October
Here is a report from Rob Wanmer...
"Hi Tony,
I'm the guy who came in on Friday morning bought a rod from you and wrung as much advice from you as I could think of. 
I went down behind the power station first as you suggested but it was far too windy so got back in the car and headed off to the other location you mentioned behind the boats.
After setting up and casting out (not too far as you said) I hooked into my first fish! An eel for starters, although not what I was expecting it was still good to know I was in the right place. Next came several whiting closely followed by four or five codling (all of which went back live and kicking). All in all a very good 5 hours fishing with 5 species caught (Eel x1, Codling x 4, Whiting x lots, Dogfish x 1, Pouting x 1).
Thanks so much for all your help and advice, I'll definitely be back as soon as I can.
Cheers Rob."

Weever...( 13 October)
I had this report come in from David Hutchinson...
"Hi went to Dungeness Sunday.  Fished of the walk way started at low tide the fishing was good catching whiting, pouting and a nice codling that went back.  Then high water it all went quiet the same was all along the beach apart from this weaver high decided to impale it's self."
For all you new anglers out there...this is the time of year we get lots of 'weevers' about (see photo) they have a venomous dorsal fin (spines) and the gill cover, so always carry a beach cloth to hold round the fish as you unhook them. If you get 'stung' in the hand place it in very hot water as this will dissipate the venom...

Nice codling ( 12 October)
Just had this photo sent in from Jonathan Banton...
"Hi there,
Thanks for the new rod today, I'm glad to say it was christened with 3 codling 
just after high tide in broad daylight at the back of the boats. A joint family 
effort as you can see Ben proudly displaying the largest! A fantastic days 
fishing. Thanks for your help over the years. Jon
Behind the 'boats' ( 12 October)
I just had this post come in from Sam Cogger...
"Hi Tony
Fished behind the boats Wednesday night upon your advice, and had a great session, landing four bass (three keepers) and two codling including a 6lb fish. All taken at extremely close range on two hook flappers baited with your fresh lug.
Thanks once again for your advice, it's much appreciated!
Best regards Sam"

Good day at Galloways ( 12 October)
I had this report from Steve who had a good in the bay yesterday, with the MOD having a weekend off...
"Hi Tony its Steven Latham we went to Galloway's we had 4 bass 3 cod about 15 whiting 1 dab and 1 weever not a bad day I shall be back at the end of the month 
thanks and see you soon Steve"

Here...coddy, coddy ( 11 October)
Just had this report in from Alext Whittlesea...
"Evening Tony
Managed to get out last night with Darren Brooks and Jason Carter 
in search of the noble Cod.
Scores on the doors were 4 to Jason up to 2Lbs. 5 
to Darren up to 2Lbs and 6 to me, the best going 4Lbs 12ozs.
The three smaller 
ones fell to large frozen blacks and cuttle, the three larger ones all took 
fresh blacks.
Rigs were 6/0 pennelles fished at range. Regards Shirl"

Quick report ( 11 October)
I just had this email from Simon Newman...
"I fished low last night for 3 hours. Had 2 codling on whole squid, both small about 40cmish.  3 friends fished high and had 14 codling between them, one nice on of 4.5lb, the other legal but small.."

Some venues are underrated ( 11 October)
I had this report from Paul last night...great venues in a south westerly...
"Hi Tony,
Just got back in from a session an hour or so ago...With the high winds past few 
days and settling this morning decided to fish Littlestone towards Pirate 
Springs went 
there water looked a good muddy colour lots of shell fish in and around the 
groynes lots of food and that sold it for me to fish there conditions for this 
venue looked right.
Fished 1100 - 1430. Can honestly say best daytime fishing that I have had in 
recent years, on average I got a fish each cast fishing ( two rods). Caught 
Whiting of 
course about 30 , perhaps more lost count to be honest, some were a very good 
size, nice Pouting as well. But the real delight was catching three large 
dogfish all 
definitely keepers 60-70 cms the biggest fell to a small pouting.. The whiting 
came first cast at 1100 and throughout...... the doggies dead on high water all 
in a spate. I am sure I lost a nice Bass as well as the rod jumped out of its 
rest a big hit.
Most fish came at 60-70 yards just onto the soft mud and as close to the groyne 
areas as much as possible where I has seen all of the shell fish.
I would recommend a cast out at this venue with the present current state of 
tides and weather.
Regards Paul - Maidstone"

Oooops...( 10 October)
I had this email from Ali...two days ago and forgot to post it, but here it is...nice photo...
"Hi fellow fisherman!
Sorry for the late post.
Not dungeness but still fishing. Fished on prince of Wales pier on 1/10/14 from 
8 in the morning till around 3 in the afternoon. Lots of little nibbles but only 
one small taker (pictured) released safely. I think the guys on the left of me 
caught a few mackerels. 
A few very small whitings being caught but no big bendy rods. 
All in all a good days fishing and not at work ; )
Good luck and get ready for COD fishing @ dungeness its coming every one!!!
Ps its Ali"

Reminder ( 9 October)
This was posted by Terry Carper of the DAA...
"Dont forget all you juniors ( thats under 17 not under 65 ) theres a meet on sunday at 10.00 at the pilot car park"

Good news & bad news ( 9 October)
I had reports today of cod to eight pounds coming out from behind the boats in this stormy weather with plenty of shellfish washing in with the first 'blow' of the season.
I went down to check the beach at Dengemarsh this evening the car park has suffered further damage so be careful how you park...

Full results ( 9 October)
Here are the results and positions DAA members league...

DAA match last night ( 6 October)
According to our match captain Steve Harvey this was the best turnout yet with 25 taking part...every one caught fish...great 'weigh-in'...well done John Smith on the scales and Cieron Bull on the 'stick'...full results to follow...
1st M. Smith 17 fish for 7lb 2oz
2nd G. Smith 15 fish for 5lb 15oz
3rd D. Brooks 15 fish for 5lb 12.5oz
4th G. King 14 fish for 5lb 9oz
Heaviest fish N. Elliott 1lb 10.5oz dogfish
Fish species weighed-in, Dab, Whiting, Pouting and Dogfish.

Does size matter ( 6 October)
I had this email from Paul Belli...don't worry Paul no fish grows faster than a cod...
"Hello Tony
Fished point over high tide last week. The only catch apart from weed and whiting was this codling... All head and no meat.. see attached. At range on Penell using whole lug.
Where on Facebook will you be putting up info on EA single movement?
Regards Paul"
 No sign of shingle being recycled yet...speaking to the EA they might start in November if they get all their 'Ducks in a row'...but I will let you know through my 'blog site' and facebook.

SCSAS match result ( 6 October)
Here is the result of Saturday's match from Paul Jarratt...
"Result from our Sheppey match fished last night, 04/10/14
Whiting, codling and dog fish were weighed in
Well done Sam Collier for winning the match
Top 5
1) Sam Collier - 10 fish 4lb 3ozs
2) Alan Jarrett - 7 Fish 3lb 10ozs
3) Paul Jarrett - 5 Fish 3lb 3.5ozs
4) Adam Horton - 4 Fish 2lb 3.5ozs
5) Daniel Collier - 5 Fish 1lb 13.5ozs
Heaviest Fish - 1lb 8.5oz dog fish, Paul Jarrett"

Smooth day ( 5 October)
Tailor Road for a smooth from Ian Florey...
"Good morning Tony just to let you know how things worked out on Friday. I fished the Taylor Road section and was in the company of 5 others waiting for the  tide to come up.a few eels at first for the others whilst i missed my few bites i had.The reel you sold was a scream...... after a few practices i put a little effort in the cast.I was amazed how smooth and quick the weight moved out to the sea.A fantastic reel indeed including the retrieve .What a winner  for less than half i normally pay for an ABU.
Thanks for the advice...hope to see you next week maybe if the Mrs doesnt object.
Beaujolais Boy Aka IAN"

Bass on the menu ( 5 October)
I had this email from Sam Cridland...not Dungeness but it is a tasty fish...
"Fished neptunes arm in herne bay(not dungeness i know)had this on second cast,2hrs before high tide,2lbs2oz,50cm.its dried up here lately but glad to see a nice dinner. Sammy. " 

A happy man ( 5 October)
I had this report in from Colin this morning...
"Hi Tony,
Its been some five years since I last went fishing - reason being my gear got nicked and other hobbies came along.
Anyway, having finally got an all new set up I was finally ready to get my lines wet on Saturday evening. I called in to your shop to pick up my bait but you only had frozen lug (all the fresh stuff had been pre-ordered which I didn't do) were right though; it made no difference whatsoever - if anything it was better than the fresh stuff and so I'm actually tempted to order frozen next time!!
I was able to set up on the beach at Dungeness at the spot I always preferred, by the fishing boats. I fished from about 4pm up to high tide at 8.30pm and it was a full on whiting fest. Every single cast produced, and as I use two hook rigs I got quite a few braces - partly because they couldn't wait to jump on the second rod whilst I was still reeling in the first!
Strangely though, the people either side of me didn't seem to be faring so well. Maybe it was the luck of the spot I'd chosen.......maybe it was the rigs I'd chosen (I favour 2 hook metal boom rigs).........or maybe it was the frozen lug!
I well over the moon with my return to fishing and can't wait till next time. I guess I'm hooked again. Ok, I'll get my coat!
Thanks again for the top drawer bait, Colin.
Dawn patrol ( 4 October)
I had this message from a very happy Adam Goldie...
"Hi Tony, fished in front of the powerstation last night, lots of Whiting and little Pouting over low water, they tired me out. after a few hours kip, I awoke to gusty winds and some decent surf, it was a beautiful sunrise, the seagulls were drive bombing the area in front of me while litltle fish were jumping out the waves like surfers. I put a running leger with a 4/0 circle hook with a large chunk of mackerel about 10meters out. 10 mins later i had landed this beauty, and a new PB of 5lb9oz."
Manic Monday...not ( 3 October)
I had this report come in today from Mick Hodges...
"Fished the end of the boards from just after high down to low Monday night lug and squid as bait pretty poor 5 whiting 1 dog when is the best time to fish there"
Their is so many factors to take on board and every day is different...but if it was me I would fish low water up on a neap tide and high water down through low on a spring tide. This is so depends on wind direction, weed etc. But remember the fish are coming to you so try and fish the 'gutter' (where the shingle meets the sand) when the water is coloured.
On your marks...( 3 October)
Just picked up this post on facebook from Steve Harvey our DAA match captain...
"Would you Adam and Eve it. ... We have another match this coming Sunday. .. Fishing 4-8...hopefully fishing a rising tide will produce a few bigger whiting and maybe a few more species you just never know... But the only way to find out is to come along and give it a go £5 to fish and open to any member of the DAA you can join on the day either at one of the outlets or at the booking in which is at the E.A gate between 2.15-3 pm. ... Hope to see you there"

Here are the results from last week ( 2 October)
Sorry for the delay...'bloody computers' here are the current positions and results from last week...
Don't forget that we have matches 'back to back' with one on this Sunday!

Its looking good ( 2 October)
Just checking the weather for the weekend...its looking good! Saturday has a small breeze backing north west...ideal! Then on Tuesday the forecast is force six to gale force eight, south by south west, ideal for a good 'stir up' to bring the codling in.

DAA match yesterday ( 29 September) 
Great match with 17 taking part...everybody weighed in (including me!) lovely evening, loads of fish mostly undersized, here are the top three, full results will follow in due course...

Ist  P. Gunner 15 fish 6lb 12oz

2nd  M. Smith 13 fish 6lb 7.5oz 

3rd  A.Veel 11 fish 5lb 15.5oz

Biggest Fish D. Wood-Brignal 1lb 11.5oz Dogfish

Mackerel sunset ( 29 September)
I had this email from Mike...
"Hi  Tony
Still mackerel about, but very small. I fished at the back off the power station at the weekend. Saturday only one keeper. Sunday 3 keepers all at low tide.  It was a nice sun set on Sunday evening. Mike"

Beautiful day ( 29 September)
I had this email from David Hutchinson this morning...
"Hi went Sunday just off the walkway. A lovely sunny day and have introduced my friend to the sport as seen in the picture.  Started of slow and that's how it stayed most of the day.  A dozen whiting until my last cast that produced a undersized bass  but nice to catch one and a nice sun tan to go with it."

Herring from Dunge? ( 29 September)
I had this email from Daohong Mu...
"Hi Tony,
Thanks again for the great bait on Friday! It kept me going overnight until Saturday. I fished behind the boats with my friends. One of my friends caught a codling just over 3lbs. On my 2 rods, it was whiting after whiting even I used 4/0s. There were 2 dogfishes with the bigger one is about 4lbs but no sign of bass. I decided to hang my rods after 2am and restarted in the morning. The weather was beautiful and water was calm and got clear. Very nice view to enjoy but not much bites. After lunch time, I changed to feather when I noticed some small fish occasionally jumped out and caught several undersized mackerels. Then I decided to retrieve my other rod to change bait since it was there almost 30 mins. Half way of my retrieval, this little fellow seemed to like the way I reel in and hammered the 4/0 hook...a 42cm herring...
Daohong from Wallington"
Sorry to disappoint you but it looks like a Shad to me...we normally get a few Shad' on their way to spawn in up the Rother but I haven't seen many this year...but it is a member of the herring is protected and should be returned unharmed...but I am told they are very tasty!

This came in yesterday...lovely fish ( 29 September)
Richard sent this photo in...a real taste of late summer...
"Hi Tony. Fishing at Sandgate this evening. First cast a nice ballan wrasse caught on lug using a two hook flapper I will send more pics of anything else caught. Regards Richard Smith"

Saturday night ( 28 September)
Here is a report from Paul just in...
"Hello Tony.   Just a quick email, fished behind the power station last night, had 6 bass,biggest 4lbs, all returned, and 2 plaice,first went 1lb second just topped 2lbs.  Bass caught about 50 yards out on a two hook flapper, on lug and squid, the plaice on a free flowing beaded trace at range on lug.  Lovely night, enjoyed the beauty of Dungie.   Going on my holidays in two weeks, fishing the North East coast Seahouses to Berwick, after the COD, this trip set me up.    Great spot, lovely friendly  people, love your website. Happy fishing to you all.  Paul from Margate."

Ready steady go (27 September)
Here is a report from Alex Whittlesea ( Shirley Codling)...
"Hi Tony
Managed my first two of the season Friday night. Both caught at range 
on 4/0 Pennells with black lug baits. No big'uns for me, but nice to be off the 
mark on my first attempt this season.
Regards Shirley 'C'"

Things that go 'bang' in the night ( 27 September)
I had a phone call this morning from Charlie Chawner who had a great early codling session at Dungeness..."Hi Tony its Charlie 
Had a good night Thursday behind the boats whiting from start high tide had 7 codling smallest 2.2lb bigest just under 7lb all caught long way out
Cheers from Charlie" 

Down at Deal ( 27 September)
I had this message from Warren Hayes who has a charity match tomorrow...
"Come along people to a great day tomorrow at the deal 1919 club for registration and tea and coffee as well as a catering van for breakfast and lunch. Prizes for every junior who attends lots of raffle prizes and cash pay outs on adults 1st 2nd 3rd."

The return of the 'piranhas' ( 27 September)
Here is a report from John Hodgkinson...
"Fished the up tide Friday night first cast a bootlace eel returned unharmed then 
constant whiting every cast with the exception of one pouting it seems that if 
other fish are there the whiting beat them to the bait"
Whiting can be a pest, try bigger hooks and a cuttlefish 'cocktail...cuttlefish is way tougher than squid or try a live bait rig with the whiting as bait?
What is it ( 26 September)
I had this query from Tim Cloake...
"This washed up as I was fishing.. Any ideas what it is ?"
 Well Tim it looks like a very dead 'Porpoise' to me...we have had quite a few wash up over the last couple of months (carried by long shore drift). The last couple of years has seen a big growth of Porpoise, Dolphin and seals around Dungeness...I think this is a good sign that there is more bait fish about? 
Just in ( 26 September)
Here is a report from Tim Cloake...
"Thanks for the bait and advice all payed off with some nice bass and codling !!"
 I can't wait ( 26 September) 'blank' again...
"Don't forget folks we have a match on Sunday. ...Booking in at the gate 2.15-3 fishing 4-8....and just in case youre suffering from withdrawal symtoms we have another match next Sunday same times. ... This msg was bought to you by The DAA members league. .. More exciting than a Liverpool penalty shoot-out... And a place where 'blankers' are born and and rumours are started  tight lines"
...From Steve Harvey the DAA match captain

Third venue lucky ( 26 September)
Here is a email from Michael...
"Hello Tony
After collecting my bait from the shop last night I set off for the Point, all 
looked good with colour in the water and birds taking fry on the surface. 
Everything looked perfect for fish so I set up, dead in line with the two light 
houses. First and third casts were snagged and gear lost so rather than waste 
any more tackle and time I decided to pack up and move round to Galloways.. Plan 
B soon went out of the window as they were firing until 11pm.. Undeterred I 
bumped my was slowly down to Denge. Again, everything looked good, tide was at 
its lowest, a nice surf and loads of space.. Having set up both rods, I opted 
for 'one in close for a Bass' and 'one at range' for whatever was there. From 
the onset it was Whiting every time on both rods. However, as soon as the tide 
started making its way up the beach I noticed a 'better bite' on the distance 
rod and in came the first of two Codling 43cm. The second, which was slightly 
bigger came on the same rod around an hour later and with both fish falling to 
half lug baits on 1/0 Limericks. That was it for the Codling but loads of 
underside and the odd bigger Whiting kept coming two or three at a time. I 
finished the evening around 11pm taking ten whiting over 34cm and the two 
Codling home.. Let's hope there are a few Codling to be caught at Sundays DAA 
Michael Smith"

Things are on the up ( 24 September)
I had a report from Mark Trotsky this afternoon who had been fishing the point from high water on a ebbing tide...Mark had many small bass, pouting, whiting and a 2lb codling!
The story so far ( 24 September)
Here are the current positions and the full result of the latest Southern Circuit Sea Angling Society...from Paul Jarrett...