Beach Catch Reports

If you get a good catch let me know, you can also send me your pictures!
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It takes the biscuit ( 28April)
I had this report from David Kingsman...his only bite wasn't from a dogfish...but a dog fox!...
"Hi Tony, Fished high tide at Dengemarsh today. Very choppy. No luck for me. Baits coming back untouched. Not all doom and gloom. Made a new friend today. He helped me eat my Chocolate Digestives. Back tomorrow for another crack. Regards Dave.
PS. Great bait as usual thanks. Best regards, Dave"

Tough going behind the boats ( 27 April)

Just got back from walking the dogs in front of the power stations...sad to say deserted as usual...but 'B' station has been busy today pushing up shingle from the base of the 'bund' (harvesting)...its a bit steep so watch out...I had this report in from Kevin Warden..."Blanked...Fished 11-4pm behind the boats...not a bite!"

Nice ray from Sandwich ( 26 April)

I saw this from Stuart Newman on facebook, I thought it was caught at Dungeness at first but Stuart has given me the facts...still a nice fish...well done Stuart...
"Hi Tony, may be a bit of confusion here, as we fished Sandwich bay by the Sailing club, not Dungy as someone thought. Fish was caught on a sandeel/bluey wrap fished at range, approx 1 hr after Hi tide. my mate Phil Tarry also had 2 others- 1 at just under 6lb and one about 10" long. Five of us fished, cat, even the ching the usual Whiting, Pouting, some large doggies and the Thornback. Good day out even the weather stayed good until pack up time!"

Fishing the dream ( 26 April)

I had this report in from Ryan Taylor who did his best...but there are no guarantees that's fishing...the main thing is enjoy the day...
"Hi Tony
Well after i popped into the shop on Sunday and we had a chat as this was going to be my first ever outing at Dungeness i thought i'd let you know how it went..
Walking on to the hallowed shingle for the first time certainly felt special, all the things i'd ever read about the place and finally here i was. 
I plotted up behind the Power station as you'd suggested and commented to another angler as i was loading my gear out of the car that even a solitary whiting would have me smiling today! Well first cast and blow me down that most reliable of beach angling buddies did indeed pay me a visit and i'd never been so chuffed to see one!! A Dungeness fish and at least i wouldn't be going home with a blank. The next six and a half hours were pretty tough fishing, fished long, short,  (and everywhere inbetween!) straight lug mainly but also light squid/lug cocktails on small hooks and also big squid and bluey baits on Pennels for any rogue bass or rays but to no avail. I did wonder if in 7 or 8 months time i may be standing here on a crisp moonlit night doing battle with my first Dunge cod but i guess time will tell on that one..
On the drive home i reflected on what had indeed been a magic days fishing despite our finned friends mainly giving me a wide birth and just wishing the place wasn't a 150 mile round trip from my front door. But hey. If it doesn't challenge you it won't change you. All the best for now Tony, Ryan."

The DAA current standings ( 25 April)
I had conformation from Malcolm Jones (statto) of yesterdays results and current placings.

Great result ( 25 April)

I had this post copied in from Les Bates of the Southern Circuit Sea Angling Society...
"Congratulations to both Sam and Paul for a good showing in this weekends Herne Bay Spring Festival"

DAA match results ( 25 April)
I had this report in from Simon Newman following yesterdays DAA match...
"Hi Tony, sorry no pics but thought you'd like to know that the plaice have returned to Dengemarsh.  DAA comp yesterday, circa 11 plaice were caught between 11 anglers, Phil Tanner having 3 in his first 3 casts! Quite a few flounders and also a mackerel !"

Quality not quantity ( 24 April)
I had this report in on facebook from Robert North...
"Fished 23rd of april all day for 8hrs near the diamond at denge marsh. Fishing was very slow only 4 fish all day but I got my target. I had a double shot of plaice and two flounders. Biggest plaice was 37cm caught on fresh black lug"

Pretty flounder ( 24 April)
Thanks for the report Neil...I must say that is a very pretty photo...
"Hi Tony, decided to fish Dengemarsh for the first time ever today and target the plaice. The sea was as calm and clear as I've ever seen it, a nice turquoise blue as opposed to the usual tea colour! As a result the fishing was difficult with baits returning untouched and no one around me seemingly catching anything. My intended quarry was obviously off elsewhere but I managed a couple of decent flounder around 25-30cm. Had my first fish around half 10 then all was quiet for several hours until another turned up around half 2. Decided to pack up as the weather started to turn. Thanks for the bait today and see you soon. Neil"

DAA match on Sunday ( 22 April)
I had this email from Steve Harvey (DAA Match Captain) with this bonus extra match...
"Match day Sunday booking in at Denge... 10-10.30 fishing times 11.30-3.30 this is an extra because we missed one in January.... Also next weekend... Location TBA when I get a general idea of weather conditions...." Lovely photo ( 21 April)
I had this report in from Tony Castle...lovely photo...
"Have a beer watching sunset at Reculver herne bay" 

A happy angling report ( 21 April)
I had this report in last night from Dave Kingsman...
"Hi Tony,
Let me start with the acknowledgements and credits.
Thanks for some great bait for starters. Always love a chat with you before the off. Just like to check my radar is in tune with where you would be heading.
So, two heads both agreed on Dengemarsh.
On paper it may not have been ideal fishing with the East wind.
In reality it was a glorious day to be on the beach.
Had fun looking out for monsters in the clear water.
Fishing was a bit tough. Tried lots of different things at close, medium and as far as I could cast. Baits were coming back untouched.
Two hours down from HT got my first bite. Nice 36cm Flounder.
Three hours down got another one exactly the same size.
I love days when I feel you have to work for your fish and this was one of them.
Off to do some work now. See you when I get back. Best regards, Dave

The fish are a bonus ( 20 April)
I had this report in yesterday from David Kingsman...
"Hi Tony, Sorry I never saw you this week.
I fished high tide back of the Boats. It was very colourful as you can see.
Started off a bit slow but that changed an hour before HT. Dogfish coming two at a time then a run of decent sized Whiting. All the Doggies went back unscathed. 
See you soon. Best regards, Dave"

DAA match result and positions ( 20 April) 
I had this update of the DAA match result from last Sunday from Malcolm (statto) Jones...
Pretty as a picture ( 19 April) 
I had this report in from Tony Castle...pretty picture of a LSD...if you like them...and I do...
"Hi  Good day fishing at Reculver Herne bay"

What a great report ( 19 April) 
I saw this report today from Wesley Cheeseman on the Southern Circuit Sea Angling Society facebook page...
"Well a last minute decision saw me and my brother, Jason Cheeseman head out in search of a ray as he has only ever been once before 3 years ago. With me landing my PB and no success for him on that night but with all my success I have had this year so far I was confident I could get his first one. but with only a small time frame as he had to be back for lunch. we set out early and after arriving we noticed Ashley Brown walking along the beach. So we started and on Jason's first cast he succeeded with a small male. That was him happy no matter what happen after that. Well ash then got one a nice female in the 8lb bracket. Then it was my time I had the next 4 one of which went 8lb 7oz then ash had another then just as me and my brother had to leave I had a small male and my brother had a female of 7lb. Mission accomplished. All in a 3 hour session."

Dungeness...keep it clean ( 18 April)
I had a email from Owen Leyshon of the Romney Marsh Countryside Project to tell us of the up coming beach clean...if anybody is available to help, you will be made most welcome...
"Beachclean at Dungeness NNR – New Lighthouse to Lifeboat Station Sunday 24th April at 10.00am. Meet at New Lighthouse.No counting, just picking and bagging. Bags and litterpickers provided."

Madagascar Sea League latest ( 18 April)
I had this report from Steve Field of the update match and positions for the 'Madagascar' Sea League...
Southern Circuit latest ( 17 April)
Here is report from Paul Jarrett of the Southern Circuit Sea Angling Society.
"Result from our Sandwich Bay match - 16/04/16 
14 members and 1 guest fished, Dogfish, Rockling & Pouting weighed in 
Well done to Graham King for winning the match, 3 in a row! 
1) Graham King - 9 fish, 12lb 12ozs 
2) Sam Collier - 8 fish, 9lb 13.5ozs 
3) Steve Richards - 6 fish, 8lb 1.5ozs 
4) Wesley Cheeseman - 4 fish, 5lb 7ozs 
5) Dave Sales - 4 fish, 4lb 11ozs 
6) Luke Ingram - 3 fish, 4lb 5ozs 
7) Colm Brennan - 3 fish, 3lb 12ozs 
8) Paul Jarrett - 2 fish, 2lb 9ozs 
9) Ben Trudgill - 3 fish, 2lb 7ozs 
10) Keith Johnson - 2 fish, 2lb 6ozs 
11) George Underdown - 2 fish, 10ozs 
12) Philip Underdown - 1 fish, 1oz 
13) Alan Jarrett - 0 fish 
13) Ashley Brown - 0 fish 
13) Stephen Foster - 0 fish
Heaviest Fish - 2lb 2.5oz Dogfish, Graham King"

Match day tomorrow ( 16 April)
Late reminder DAA match day tomorrow (Sunday) at from 5 to 9pm!
Book in 3.30-4pm. For more info call Steve Harvey on 07786538103

Quiet day on the beach ( 15 April)
I had this report from Michael Smith who fished yesterday...
"Hello Tony
Nothing too exciting last night - I fished Galloways, ending up with one Plaice at 33cm, two Flounders and a very small Bass (smallest I've ever seen and returned) on the very last cast.. Hopefully Sunday will be better! Kind regards Michael"

Black day at Dengemarsh ( 14 April)
I had a phone call today from a customer, who asked me has there ever been a report of black bream being caught at he had a fish weighing between 8 to 12oz and the fished was returned alive!...Yes a few years ago (possible 10) we had reports of black bream and trigger fish at Jurys was a hot summer.
Am I sea temperature today was 11.7c !!!'s looking's looking hot.
The full result ( 14 April)
Here are the full results from Malcolm (statto) Jones of Wednesday's DAA 'Vets' match...thanks for the number crunching...
Today's 'Vets' match ( 13 April)
We had the April DAA 'Veterans' match today at Littlestone, fished further down the bay to avoid the dredger spraying shingle into the shallows...I would like to thank the Romney Bay Hotel allowing us to use their car park.
12 'Vets' fished today's match in great weather...very bright made it hard going...
1st John Wigston with 135 cms
2nd Mick Kibbon with 67 cms
3rd Tony Hills with 54 cms

Keep a look out ( 12 April)
I had this email in from Mick Sharp out at Essex Mick was a member of the Kent & Essex IFCA he has been heavily involved in the protect bass campaign...he needs our support...

Illegal Bass fishing off the Essex Coast - K&E IFCA contact number
"Hi guys
I've just had a call from someone to say that yesterday, the first tonne of Bass from an Essex based commercial fisherman has been landed and sold into the fish market at Lowestoft. This I presume, gives him another 300kg for the rest of the month plus any personal allowance.
I am getting a number of people ring me with intelligence on illegal Bass fishing by licensed and unlicensed fishermen.
Can I ask that you share this intelligence with the Kent & Essex IFCA directly as I am not in a position to enforce any illegal activity.
The CFO has assured us that he and his team will follow this up directly. You can call this number anonymously giving a short description, time date and location and boat name on Tel: 01206 303261.
Activities that have been reported to me so far:
1. Nearly half a tonne of Bass being landed by one fisherman and entering the Black Market in February during the closed season.
2. The continued use of Drift netting techniques in and around the middle deeps at night.
3. An unlicensed commercial rod and line fisherman landing Bass in the closed season in the vicinity of the Sunken Buxey.
We must all be prepared to give the IFCA all the details we can so that they can target the main perpetrators and broadly ensure compliance with very limited resources.
We must all play our part ensuring the fast recovery of UK Bass stocks.
Many Thanks Mick Sharp"

Keep it clean ( 11 April)
I had this report in from Neil Rodwell fishing yesterday...
"Hi Tony, just a quick report from behind the station today. Another busy day in the area, possibly from people trying to get away from the big tides on the point. Had the usual influx of dabs and rockling with the odd whiting thrown in. Unfortunately I spent most of the day amongst lots of litter. I'm not sure if people are leaving it behind or its being washed up by the big tides. But none the less it makes for a less pleasant experience. Anyway had a quick tidy up in my spot so anyone fishing there after me will appreciate it! Thanks for the bait today and see you soon. Neil"
A lot of the rubbish is 'wind blown' flotsam & jetsam washing in with the big tides. The DAA helps sponsor the beach cleaner at Dungeness and the association has also sponsored the new 'gull & fox proof bins at Dungeness...most our members are getting the message...keep it clean!...well done Neil.
Madagascar report ( 11 April)
I had this report in from Martin Swinyard of the 'Madagascar match group' meet at the weekend...
"A great turn out with 18 rods turning out for a wet and windy match 6, a rough and coloured sea quickly dispelled any thoughts of any spotties showing with thoughts turning to the rays instead. 
A steady stream of Dogs Dab Whiting through out the match kept it a close rung thing until reports of a couple of rays being landed opened up the running for top spot. 
Highlight of match was a few shelters being wiped out by a rogue wave much to others amusement 
Top spot went to Ian aka Badger with 2 rays 
2nd Luis Chuva with 1 ray 
3rd 󾆼 with 6 dogs and bits 

Great match and turnout with lots of species Ray Dog Pout Whiting Smooth hound Slugs and Dabs 
Big thank to all that turned out and Welcome to the 3 new members sorry can't remember you names am sure Harold has them written down all be it spelt wrong."

A bit windy ( 11 April)
I had this report in from from Terry Carpenter of yesterdays DAA junior match...
"DAA juniors had there April meet this morning at Littlestone With a onshore wind making things hard going the juniors caught whitting & rockling with aidan catching the most fish including a small bass( wich he returned ) 
Next meeting is Sunday 8th may at 11.30 pilot car park"

Porpoise mystery ( 11 April)
I had this report in from Scott Leonard...a sad sight but with the explosion of maine mammals around out coast getting more common...looks like a 'net mark' to me, once drowned the porpoise could get hit by a boat and then the gulls dive in...
"Hello Tony,
We struggled in the wind and rain to find any decent fish today amongst the boats. Fishing paused to marvel at 4 porpoises that entertained us for over an hour, less than 50 meters out. Sadly the session ended with a porpoise in the surf, we jumped to help, only in to find it dead. Not sure how this amazing creature met its end; there are lacerations on its nose and back and a great chunk missing out of head and tail. Any ideas? Thanks for the wise advice and great bait. Andy & Scott"

He's had his chips ( 10 April)
I had this report in from David Kingsman fishing Saturday...
"Saturday 9th April.
Hi Tony,
Bit of a wild but very enjoyable day at Dengemarsh.
Very big tide and really rough sea.
No problem holding the bottom and plenty of fish about.
Nothing massive but had Flounders, Dabs, Whiting and the chubby guy in the photo.
Huss and chips in The Pilot on the way home.
Perfect end to the day.
Thanks for some great bait as well.
See you soon. Regards Dave."

Getting his hands dirty ( 9 April)
I had this report in from Tony Castle...summers coming...full of promise...

Plaice in the sun ( 9 April)
I had this report in yesterday from Paul Child...jealous or what...

Calling all juniors ( 8 April)
Terry Carpenter of the DAA Juniors posted on line a reminder that the DAA juniors have a meet...
"Juniors fishing this sunday meet at 11.30 at pilot pub car park. Should be a nice day weather wise" 
Latest DAA match results ( 6 April)
I had the result of last Sundays match at Dengemarsh (it was better at Galloways :-)) from Malcolm (statto) Jones...
Dungeness...wildlife park ( 5 April)
I had this report in from James...
"Hi Tony – fished the point on Friday and Monday on the incoming tide (afternoon / evenings). Gentle winds both times and short-ish tides so holding bottom not a problem. Using frozen lug tipped with squid it was great fishing – pretty much a fish a cast, occasionally 3. Loads of dabs and flounders (up to 25cms) and a couple of plaice on Friday (over 30cms). Plus the usual doggies, pouting, rockling and a few whiting. Kept a dozen or so flatties each time – they soon get eaten! And a bonus was having porpoises around. All in all, two very enjoyable trips.
Cheers James Webster"

More floundering around ( 5 April)
I had this report from Becky Lee fishing Sunday in the west bay...
"Hi Tony 
Sorry this is late problem my end with the pictures.
 After yesterday's unexpected result I thought I would try the same Venue and exactly the same mark. I was mildly optimistic because of yesterday that there would be a few fish around. My target was Flatfish and I knew that there were quite a few Flounders to be had so that was my main target. If I managed a Plaice it would have been a bonus as would have been another Bass.
The day was very productive for the old Flounders, finished up with
17 X Flounders
1 X Rockling
3 X Whiting
4 X Dabs
Most of the Flounders were 0ver 35cm and really plump, the best one was 40cm again. It's nice to see so many Flatfish around. I personally love fishing for Flatfish, I think it's because this is what I fished for as a kid.
Some pictures of the days catch"...

Floundering around ( 4 April)
I fished Galloways last night after work...searching for a plaice...alas I only found flounder, the good news...only one whiting! But Roy Godden fishing with his mate Peter had three plaice, as his freezer is already 'stuffed' with plaice he kindly gave me his...picture of my best flounder below. Cheers. Tony
Glorious day ( 4 April)
I had this report in last night from Kristian Walker...what a glorious day...
"Had a good afternoons fishing at dungeness today.
Used frozen black lug left over from my last session , squid and mackerel with size 1/0 and 2/0 hooks to target flatfish.
Ended up with over 20 fish including a couple of 30 cm dabs and a 35cm whiting. Also had some smaller flounder , rockling , pin whiting and a small sole.
No plaice tho which is what we were targeting. Kristian"

'Dabin' around ( 3 April)
I had this report in from Neil Rodwell..."Hi Tony. Thanks for the lug n rag today. Both worked well. Set up behind the station away from the crowd and fished the dropping tide through low water. Was kept entertained with a steady stream of palm sized dabs mixed with the odd rockling and whiting. The weather was hazy sunshine most of the day and when the tide turned so did the  conditions. Packed up around 3. Many thanks. Neil" 

Great fishing ( 2 April)
I had a report in from Roy Godden the west bay yesterday he had some great fishing...the best I can remember for this time of year...
Roy's catch included...17 Flounders, 3 Plaice, 1 Bass plus many Dabs and Whiting...

April Fool's day bash ( 2 April)
I had this report in from David...what a nice day...
"Hi Tony,
Bit of a tag team effort at Dengemarsh today.
Met up with my mate Ross.
Now yesterday, he sat 20 yards away from me on the Point. I caught some great Dabs yet he had hardly anything. Well today it was his turn. He banged out 4 nice sized Flounders while I sat there with just a tiny Dab and a crab saving me from a blank.
Hour after high tide my mate had to leave. 
I moved into his pitch and had...... 4 x Flounders.
Amazing really as we had done basically the same both days.
Back to work now. Really enjoyed last 3 says at Dungy.
See you again soon. Regards Dave. Best regards,Dave"

Superb fishing ( 1 April)
What a great day for the end on of March...superb fishing...great report from Becky Lee...
"Hi Tony
Out fishing again today this time from the shore at Dungeness. If I am honest I wasn’t that optimistic due to the time of year and size of tide. I managed to arrive at 12pm and got set up quickly as after speaking to one other fisherman he had already had some Plaice. I was fishing by 12.15pm and it didn’t take long for the fish to begin biting. The first fish to come in was a tiny Pin Whiting. My worst fears were being confirmed. As it turns out this was only one of three pin Whiting I had all day. The next fish was a reasonable Pouting, still disappointing and then a dogfish was next. I thought that this was going to be my story for the rest of the day.
This all changed about 2.5 hours before high water and this is when the Flatties showed in Numbers. Cast after cast was producing a good run of Flounders, Dabs and Plaice. Just before High Water chatting to a couple of other Anglers who had popped over to see how I was getting on I noticed a really good bite on my rod. I left it to make sure the fish was hooked and it kept going, I thought to myself that this was not a Flatfish if it was it was a good one. I picked up the rod and wound into the fish and felt a good thump, thump on the end. I carefully wound in the fish and to my surprise I had the biggest two fish of the day. A Bass of 3lb and a 40cm Flounder.
Fifteen minutes after this I had another stonking bite on the other rod, as I wound this in it really gave a good fight especially when it got close to the shore. To my surprise it was the first of 3 Plaice that measured 36cm. It just got busier and busier for the next hour and a half I was pulling in Flattie after Flattie. The Flounders were in good condition and all of them were over 33cm.
By the end of the Day the total stood at…………
3 X Whiting
1 X Dogfish
4 X Rockling
9 X Dabs (best 27cm)
10 X Flounder (best 40cm)
2 X Bass (best 46cm)
3 X Plaice (best 36cm)
1 X Pouting
8 species in total for the day was better than I could have ever hoped for and to get good sized Flounder, Plaice and Bass amongst this as well was far better than I could ever have hoped for. I managed my first two Plaice of the last day of February and had to wait until the last day of March to get my next three. Back out again tomorrow for more of the same hopefully. Becky"
A real dab hand (31 March)
I had this report in tonight from David Kingsman...who is getting a real dab hand at photography...
"Hi Tony, Had a great day fishing the Boards today. Caught 5 x really nice sized Dabs with the biggest going 33cms.Can't remember ever having one as big as that so I'm claiming it as a personal best. Plenty of fish about today. Dogfish, Whiting and Rocking keeping everyone busy. Wife all happy tonight as the Hunger/ Gatherer has returned with the supper.Thanks for the bait today. I know its been slim pickings due to the tides this week. Best regards, Dave."
Family day out ( 31 March)
I had this report in this morning from Daniel...what a great family day out...
"Hi Tony,
Had a good day yesterday with the kids. Fished to the right of the walkway. Plenty of whiting, rockling, dabs and flounder, over 40 fish between us and all returned for another day. Thanks for the bait will be down again soon!
Kind regards Daniel Holmes"
 Beautiful day ( 30 March)
I had this report in from David Kingsman...what a beautiful day...
"Hi Tony,
Well it was a nice day for a sit on the beach.
Fished just to the left of the Point. Water very coloured.
Plenty of fish about. 2 x decent Dabs first cast then a steady stream of Doggies, Dabs, Whiting and Rockling.
Must have ended up with over 50 fish, some of fair size.
Just out of interest. We had quite a few Dolphins in front of us for most of the day. 
Quite a show. Best regards, Dave"

Thanks Katie ( 28 March)
I popped down to Dengemarsh this surprise the crest has gone again and more shingle being 'rolled back' into the car park, so be careful until the car park gets firmed for about three cars. Galloways since the EA gave up profiling the beach has been flattened and pushed further inland!

4 in the morning !!! ( 27 March)
I just checked the forecast for Easter Monday...4am wind forecast of 38 gusting 53kts...force 10 to you and me...very breezy, but dropping back by 10.clock to 20 gusting 26kts ( force 5 to 6) south westerly...will we see any codling coming out behind the boats with high tide at 2.14pm.?

Respect...lots of respect ( 27 March)
I had a customer in this morning going fishing after a long layoff...with his wife, her first time! I explained that it would be a 'touch' windy...force 7 south westerly...
I advised fishing over high water at the lifeboat station, fishing to the right in those new bays with the wind on your back...they deserve a few codling?
Before the wind came in ( 27 March)
I had this report last night from Steve Elliot...what a great day to get on the beach...well done Sarah, first time fishing...
"Hi Tony, we went fishing by the power station on Good Friday lunchtime to catch the high tide and were lucky with the fish with lots of whiting, a dab, a very pregnant rockling and a good size dogfish which my daughter Sarah was very pleased to get.  Thanks for the bait and advice - a great day's fishing, Steve" 

Plenty of fish ( 26 March)
I had this report in from Neil Rodwell yesterday..."Hi Tony, fished behind the station again today. VERY busy what with the weather. Stupidly put my suit on and quickly regretted it as I began to slow cook myself. The fishing was non stop action with whiting, dabs, rocking and a large dogfish. Some of the dab were of a decent size which mainly came in the morning in the flood tide. Thanks for the bait (and lamp!) today and will be in again soon. Many thanks. Neil."
Yes I had plenty of people coming in after fishing telling they have had loads of fish...nothing enormous...but fantastic for March! 

Bass anglers in Cornwall ( 24 March)
I had this email from Leon Roskilly...
"Please spread the word . Were not happy and we plan to tell him in person !
Saturday 9 th April . Meeting at 10 am then marching too his office"

I support the campaign to protect bass...I wrote to the EU last year to give my views that bass should be a rod and line species only (recreational or commercial)...but that is my view! I think it is childish to 'demonise' George Eustace...having met the man I believe he is doing his best...outnumbered in the EU! I think it is naive to believe we have any real say in what's goes on...if George is guilty of anything its saying that any of our politicians can make a real substantive difference.

Neil's report...something fishy' ( 23 March)
I had this view come in from Graham Wood..."Hi, I have just read Neil Rodwells' 'Something fishy at Dungey' with photo on Beach Reports.
I think you will find that six Harbour Porpoises were seen in the area and are reported on RXwildlife web page. Rear guards Skippy EHSAA"...We have seen a tremendous explosion of marine life over the last 15 years...sadly this winter a lot of dead dolphins...I had a few reported in the east bay (up to 6?)...more that likely drowned? I have had reports of 'hords' of herring plenty of food!...but with the rising sea temperatures...anything could turn fin tuna?

Fantastic Fishing ( 22 March)
I just though I would remind you all how good the fishing is...a few years ago at this time you would be lucky to get a bite...even after dark! So what's going on...rising sea temperatures, today we have 8 degrees locally...I can't remember a warmer winter...still the fish like enjoy!
February the warmest month on record!

 Results from Friday ( 20 March)
I had the results of the latest 'Madagascar' match league from Steve Field...
"Friday's results Hard going"

Something 'fishy' at Dungeness ( 20 March)
I had this report from Neil never know what could turn up...
"Hi Tony. I decided to fish behind the station with the wind in my back on the dropping tide today. The fishing was slow at first but picked up at low tide. Had a couple of dabs, one decent, a flounder and a small smattering of whiting and rockling. Spotted a couple of large objects about 3 feet long floating in the tide on the surface about 100 yards out. I thought it may just be weed or debris but when one moved to reveal a dorsal fin I assumed otherwise. The attached photo isn't much to go on I know but still intriguing. Thanks for the bait today and shall be in soon. Regards. Neil"

Apologies...( 20 March)
I had this report in from Robert North in facebook on the 12th March...I should check my messages more often!!!..."Fished dengemarsh Friday 11th March, had 5 plaice, kept 3 returned 2, caught on fresh blacks, x2 of the plaice were over 40cm"

Fantastic result for the DAA ( 20 March)
I had this report in from Simon Newman running the DAA match last night...the result was spectacular...a few years ago at this time most would have 'blanked' these weights are brilliant...
So well done Gavin 19.45lb...21 sizeable fish!
And well done Simon Newman for the heaviest fish..."One of 2 caught at Galloways last night over high. It should just get better and better this week as the tides build"

First match ( 20 March)
I had this report in from David Kingsman who was fishing the 'Kent & Essex' match yesterday..."Hi Tony. Slightly different report this week.
Fished my first ever match at Dengemarsh. Very colourful evening with grey skies.
No red flag so plenty of room for everyone.
Everybody caught and weighed in. Species landed were: Dogfish, Flounder, Whiting, Dabs, Rockling and 1 x small Smooth hound.
Nearly everything returned and a good time had by all.
Yours truly managed 4th place which proves beyond all reasonable doubt that the Seagull Tackle training academy is working wonders.
I'm off to work for a few weeks so see you when I get back. Best regards,Dave"

Can't win them all ( 20 March)
I had this report on facebook from Dave Harrington...nice to hear about the bass...
"Hi all went fishing yesterday with my good friend Simon Heathfield and some of his friends from work at Dengemarsh, after the Plaice.
To say the fishing was slow is an understatement. 
We got there just after Hi and fished most of the ebb. We had fish within the first 2 hours, mainly Dabs, Rockling and Pin Whiting, but then it just died (even the Crabs wern't interested).
Then about 4 hours after low a nice 2.5lb Bass was caught (sorry no pic), which was quickly weighed and released back.
So all in all a slow day, but a pleasent one, with some great blokes and some good banter. Thanks to Tony Hills for the bait."

Another nice sunny day ( 17 March)
Today's report from David Kingsman...I'm just jealous...
"Hi Tony,
Had an enjoyable day at Dengemarsh.
Nice day for a sit out in the sun. Fishing was a bit slow.
Managed 2 x medium Dabs, 2 x small Dabs, 2 x Dogfish and quite a few Whiting (small).
Back for another crack at the weekend. See you Saturday.-- 
Best regards, Dave"

DAA 'Vets' tough it out ( 16 March)
What a day to hold this months 'Vets' in very challenging conditions (gusting north easterly between force 6 to 7)...I thought four or five would turn up...but no we had twelve very hardy and seasoned anglers...fantastic!
1st  John Wigston with 259 cm's
2nd Cliff Furr with 239 cm's
3rd Peter Brown with 210 cm's

Nice day in the sun ( 16 March)
I had this report in from David Kinsman...basking in the sun down at Dengemarsh...
"Hi Tony, Bit of a report. Plenty of anglers today so I had to walk up to the diamond.
Caught a decent Dab and an immaculate little Bass which was returned of course.
Water very coloured today so plenty of Dogfish and Whiting about.
Plenty of bites so all in all not a bad day.Best regards,Dave."
Pretty plaice ( 15 March)
I had this report in yesterday from Roy Godden...with these north easterly winds creating ideal conditions at Dengemarsh in the west bay...
"Hi Tony fished over the high water today in west bay had 6 plaice 2 dabs.
Roy "
DAA reminders ( 13 March)
Just a reminder we have a 'Veterans' match on Wednesday 16 March booking in at 2.30 at Littlestone, fishing 3 till 6. Don't forget you have had to renew your membership to take part.

DAA AGM on Friday 18 March, 7.30 at Heysham Hall, Tailor Road.

Spots before the eyes ( 12 March)
I had this report in from David 2...beware the 'giant' crabs...
"Hi Tony, After Fridays good day. I was hoping for a repeat performance.
Alas, it wasn't to be. The Plaice were still there but I only managed 1 decent sized specimen and a small Dab. Oh and 2 x crabs (Photographic evidence attached 😀 ) Still a great weekend and really enjoyed it which of course is the name of the game. Thanks for the great bait. See you next week. Best regards, Dave"

DAA Juniors show the way  ( 12 March)
I had this report from Terry Carpenter after a successful morning...
"Just back from 1st junior meetOf 2016 .The juniors fished Littlestone with George taking the honours with mixed bag of rockling ,whiting , and a very nice dogfish for total of 8 fish. 2nd was James with 8 fish all caught fish on a nice sunny morning"

Diamonds are forever ( 12 March)
I had this report from David Kingsman who had a lovely day down the west bay in clear conditions ..."Hi Tony,
Felt all nostalgic today so did the long walk to the Diamond. 
Had my customary dogfish first cast then started taking flatfish.
Great day and ended up with 4 x Plaice to 35cm and a Dab to 28cm. ( 1 undersize )
First time Ive ever had a Bass and Plaice together.
Few Whiting and a rocking as well.
Kept 3 x and returned the rest.
Little Bass was immaculate. Lip hooked and swam off in good condition. -- 
Best regards, Dave"

The suns come out to play ( 11 March)
I had this report in today...I have never known so many fish about for the time of year...
"Hi Tony, Thanks for the bait and chat about boat marks yesterday. 
As mentioned went to Dengemarsh, nil wind and flat calm sea. Three anglers and we all caught the same small whiting, rockling and small dabs. A fish a cast! Not great but an enjoyable few hours fishing all the same. Hadders"
DAA match reminder ( 9 March)
Dungeness Angling Association has its next league match on Sunday...Here is a reminder from Steve Harvey ( DAA match captain)...
"Looking good for the weekends match folks... Could well be another "behind the powerstation" jobby....light winds forecast.... Remember memberships are required to fish...all you need is a fiver to fish if you're a member... Fishing from 12-4... Booking in at the gate starts 15 mins earlier to give us a bit of time to get to the mark if it's decided we fish there... Best thing to do is tackle up for both powerstation and rover.. So all bases are covered"simples"
Access to Dengemarsh ( 9 March)

Dates for your diary with the proposed footpath closure effecting Dengemarsh Road...I will confirm and 'firm up' dates closer to the event.

Burning issue ( 8 March)
Thanks for the report from David Hutchinson...I have told the CNC police to tell anglers to stop and fires...DAA have been warned... 
"Thought I would send in some photos of the day.  What a cold start warmed up through out the day.  Fishing was slow with just a few whiting and a solitary dog fish and two rocking.  When first arrived there was a pair who had been night fishing such a shame they had to spoil it by having a fire.  All in all a good day."
 Beautiful Denge ( 7 March)
I had this report in from Dave...
"Hi Tony,
Saturday 5th March. (Night High Tide)
First let me say big thanks for coming up with some bait in a week where everyone was struggling due to the tides. Really appreciated. 
Dengemarsh the venue.
Started catching from 1 hour before HT.
20+ Dogfish, 20+ Whiting ( 5 x sizeable. 10 x reasonable and rest small),  a Dab and a decent Flounder which was a very welcome guest. Did my best with fishy photos but it was at night and I was on my own.
Really enjoyable as the bites were coming thick and fast. Plenty of fish down there and I only stopped when I ran out of bait. Bit sick that the decent flounder came last cast which was 4 hours after HT. Think there was a chance of some more good sized ones. Will be going back this week. 
Nice day to be fishing but not many anglers. -- 
Best regards, Dave Kingsman"

Great weights...+ a cod ( 6 March)
I had this report in from Paul Jarrett of the
Southern Circuit Sea Angling Society
"Result from our Dungeness match - 05/03/16 
26 members and 1 guest fished, Whiting, Dogfish, Dabs, Pouting, Rockling and Cod weighed in 
Well done to Graham King for winning the match 
Top 10 - Full result and league table to follow 
1) Graham King - 18 fish, 18lb 
2) Lionel Watson - 18 fish, 17lb 0.5ozs 
3) Wesley Cheeseman - 35 fish, 16lb 12.5ozs 
4) Sam Collier - 14 fish, 15lb 15ozs 
5) Sam Hudson - 12 fish, 15lb 5.5ozs 
6) Dave Sales - 16 fish, 13lb 14ozs 
7) Daren Edwards - 13 fish, 13lb 11ozs 
8) Adam Horton - 18 fish, 12lb 5.5ozs 
9) Dave Mewburn - 16 fish, 12lb 
10) Tony Taylor - 13 fish, 10lb 5.5ozs 
Heaviest Fish - 7lb 6oz Cod, Sam Hudson"

Plenty of fish with a new rod ( 5 March)
Here is a report from Neil Rodwell..."Hi Tony. Thanks for the bait today and the new rod! It copes very well with dogfish! The advice you gave on which to purchase was invaluable so it just goes to show buying from tackle shops instead of online is still the best option. Decided to fish behind the station away from the wind and caught a steady stream of the usual suspects throughout the day including whiting, dabs, rockling, a few big dogfish and a solitary flounder. Packed up close on 3 when the weather started to turn. Thanks again and those plaice and thornies will have to wait for another day. Neil"
Breaking news...New world record ( 4 March)
I had this come in from Bill East... a 66lb beach cod caught in Simon's favourite country"This would have been nice to have this size at Dungie? Bill" Well Bill I heard about thirty years ago that a trawler fishing off the 'point' had a pair of cod in one trawl...just two fish...both of fifty of come and have a go on the 'point' in ten years never know?

Plenty of fish ( 4 March)
I had this report in from Tim Startup...
"Hi Tony,
My dad and I had a good afternoons fishing.  We fished up from low tide near to the wooden walkway.
I fished with squid while my dad used lug.  They seemed to do the job as both of us caught well.  We had a few small whiting, several flatties, rockling and dog fish, all returned safe and well.  No record breakers but the pictures are of the two biggest fish we caught.  Thanks for the bait.Cheers,Tim"

For the juniors ( 3 March)
I had this reminder in for the DAA junior event from Terry Carpender...
"Next junior meet is on Sat 12 march meet at 11.15 At pilot pub"

DAA positions so far ( 3 March)
Here are the postions after the first couple of DAA matches...should be a good year...
Loads of fish ( 3 March)
I had this report in from Phil (of Headcorn) who gets 'bonus' points for fishing in a very strong south westerly wind yesterday...
"hi tony good advise on where to fish you said i had a fair chance
there . bit of a struggle to get the beach buddy set up that sorted on
with the fishing , i caught 22 whiting 9 dogfish and1 rockling all were
returned .high water was around 4o/c bait ran out about fiveish , round
to the pilot for tea, not a bad day regards phil (headcorn)"

Results from Sunday ( 3 March)
I had this result of Sundays DAA match...the first behind power station 'B'...very cold conditions felt like -5 degrees with the wind are the results from Malcoln (statto) Jones...
"DAA match result Sunday 28th February 2016 – Power Station – Noon to 4-00 pm
1st      Lionel Watson        5 fish       10.5 lb.      HF 7.8 lb Ray          
2nd    Alex Veel                  7 fish       2.8 lb.
3rd     Gavin Smith           11 fish       2 lb.
4th      Paul Mortlock        2 fish        lb.     
5th      John Smith             7 fish       1.6 lb.
5th      Graham King          7 fish       1.6 lb.
Ray, dogfish, dabs, whiting, rockling and flounder caught.
15 fished and 13 weighed in
Regards, Malcolm"
Reminder...for the weekend ( 1 March)
I had this update from Paul Jarrett Southern Circuit Sea Angling Society...
"Reminder for match 3 at Dungeness on Saturday, booking in 3.30 to 4.30, fishing from 5.30 to 10.30, HW 8.30
The current forecast looks good compared to the other matches we've had recently"

Tough going ( 29 February)
I had this report from Les Bates Herne Bay Angling Association beach match secretary (Herne Bay has affiliated to the Dungeness Angling Association)...tough going near the 'point'...
"HI Tony 
Please find attached our match result from yesterday , as you will know fishing was extremely tough the closer to the point you got with several competitors finding it unfishable. The few fish weighed in came mostly from along side the power station with an odd one from the back of the boards towards high water.
There were quite a few small bass , up to 2.5 lbs reported (all returned) ,several sizeable whiting and the odd rockling and 2 dogfish . 
All the best. Les HBAA Beach Secretary"

Right plaice...right time ( 29 February)
I had this interesting report in from Becky Lee...
"Hi Tony
Well after all this settled weather I thought I would try my luck at Dengemarsh as there was a very, very brisk And chilly NE wind blowing. I had tried to get enough bait for today's session on Thursday night but alas it was too cold and no casts despite the spring tides. Tried again Friday night for the same outcome. Anyway I arrived at Dengemarsh at 07:30 via a lift from my beautiful wife. I owe her a lot as she drops me down and picks me up in any weather and at ridiculous times too.
So after two casts and no bites and baits coming back untouched. I thought what the hell am I doing here.:confused::confused:
Anyway on my third cast I had the first fish of the day. A nice fat flounder of about 1lb, it gave a good little scrap for its size. Reminded me of a tale of a certain persons Halibut caught in distant seas and the monstrous struggle it put up.
Anyhow back to the days fishing. Next it went very very quiet for two hours until my next fish, another fat flounder. Another hour went by and then a Dab of 26cm followed by another of 24cm (I also had two others but they were tiny).
At 2pm I managed another flounder which was very greedy and took both hooks.
Finally at 3pm ish an hour and a half after HW the target species hit the beach. A Plaice of 30cm.
This was quickly followed by another flounder and what I thought would be the biggest fish of the day, a 35cm fat flounder.
Then at 4pm 2.5 hours after HW I had a couple of rattles and a gentle pull down. I reeled into it and there was a good fish on the end. I had my fingers crossed it was a good flattie. When it hit the beach I had a huge smile on my face. Another plaice, this one went 39cm and weighed 1.5lb.
I also managed 2 large whiting of 30cm plus, 4 smaller ones and a rockling too. The anglers next to me had pin whiting and small dabs and pulled in some lost gear that had two plaice on it about 33cm. Other anglers there struggled and went away with very little luck. All things considered I have to say I am very happy with today's session despite the wind and cold weather.;);):D:D:):)
Also no tackle lost either. :D Also in 5 sessions this year I have 10 different species so all good.
Pictures added Regards Becky"

 Madagascar result ( 29 February)
I had this report in yesterday from Steve Field of the lastest 'Madagascar' league match on Saturday down at Hythe...
"Yesterday's result . Dabs ,Dogs , Whiting , Pout , Flounder and Sole caught . Tough going in easterly"

Ray saves the day ( 29 February)
I had this report in from Steve Latham...
"Hi Tony thanks for the bait today I went to Dengemarsh not a bad day lots rockling and whiting and a lovely thornback ray of about 4llbs.
a windy day but a good one. Many thanks Steven"
Tough going ( 28 February)
I had this report in from David Kingsman...its a fact that when the weather is stormy the fishing is good the beaches are quiet...the sun comes out, the wind drops...good for anglers not so good for the fishing...
"Saturday 27th February.
Hi Tony, Went to Dengemarsh for the daytime high tide.
Slim pickings really. 2x small Whiting, 2x Rocklings and a Dab.
Plenty of people fishing so hopefully a bit better catch report will follow.
Thanks for great bait as usual. Regards Dave Best regards, Dave"

 Whiting free...almost (26 February)
I had this report in from Peter Coltman on facebook...
"I fished denge as adviced Thurs from 1100- 1530 had only 9 fish, three dabs, two flounders,three plaice and one whiting all sizeable. Largest fish 36cm Plaice. Thanks for the advice Tony."

DAA match Sunday ( 26 February)
I had this on DAA facebook from Steve Harvey, DAA Match Captain...Hi folks the match on sunday will be our first lock in behind the powerstation... I've checked it out today and it's all good to in will be the usual place then all travel in convoy upto power station B car park. Just for the first time so we are all familiar with where to go.... Booking in will be usual time but the match will start and finish 15 later than published.... Many thanks... Any questions????

Fish are back on the menu ( 26 February)
I had this email from Ian..."Good morning Tony please see below look at the link to the latest cod reports from the Guardian, I trust you are all well see you soon for some of your great bait Kind regards. Ian Florey"...and this week has been all about scallops in the west bay...

Rye Bay Scallop Week
Sat 20th - Sun 28th February 2016

Littlestone wall ( 23 February)
I had this email from the EA about the re-shingling of the Littlestone sea defence. I have given them the 'Vets' dates so hopefully we will be OK...if not we will move to Pirate Springs..."Please could you let the angling community know that we are planning to restart the works at Littlestone on Monday 29th February 2016. We will be working mainly from the Romney Bay House Hotel towards Littlestone, with some topping up around Pirate Springs. The works will continue until Saturday 30th April 2016, or earlier if the weather does not delay us."

Dengemarsh yesterday ( 23 February)
Down at Dengemarsh yesterday checking the road...potholed to halfway down (so they can access the pylons) big park still limited but MOD has moved some shingle to give car park some protection. Looking down towards Galloways...flat as a pancake!

Hunter gatherer ( 21 February)
A report from Dave Kingsman...Gourmet...
"Saturday 20th Feb. Night high tide Behind the Boats....Hi Tony,Another really enjoyable session.Wild and windy but no problem once you got set up.. 11 x Dogfish ( 3 good sized ) plus 14 x Whiting ( Various sizes ) Only one of two anglers which was a surprise.Loads of shellfish washed up at high tide. Threw 2 x dogfish back that landed on the beach as well.Took 2 bags of shellfish home. Walk back to the car nearly killed me. Wife happy so the hunter/gatherer duties completed. See you next week. Best regards, Dave"
Saturday night at the dogs ( 21 February)
I had this report in from Mike Shine who braved the wind yesterday...
"Hi Tony
Very windy but from the side. 6 big dog fish and a mix of pouting, whiting, flat fish and some very fat Rockling. A good days fishing but none for the pot. Had Dungie to my own as far as the eye could see - very unusual.

You can't win them all ( 20 February)
I had this report in from David Kingsman...plenty of fish but nothing 'heroic' but what a great photo...
"Hi Tony, Fished the night high tide. Lovely colourful evening. 
20+ Whiting and 3 Rocklings. Gave up after high tide as it was gusting. Best regards, Dave"

Loads of species ( 19 February)

I had this report in tonight from Neil Rodwell...
"Hi Tony. Thanks again for the bait. Got to the point at high tide with a moderate south westerly wind which increased throughout the day . Had a couple of short sharp showers which evaded the predicted forecast! The fishing was good with a steady stream of whiting, dabs, pouting, dogfish, and rockling throughout, sometimes catching three species a cast. The fishing appeared to be best at range with nothing but rockling close in. Packed up around 3 ready to join the stationary traffic on the m25! Thanks again. Neil"

Great fishing ( 19 February)
Here is a report from Darren Brooks fishing Dungeness west bay...had a great night...this could be the year of the skate...
"Hi Tony, had a good evenings fishing last night with me and my mate had 12 skate to 9lb!"

Tasty...very tasty ( 19 February)
Here is a report from can't beat a tasty dab...
"Hi Tony , fished the lookout tower yesterday afternoon /early evening and fished hour down and 4 up .Lovely few hours fishing with fish aplenty with dogfish whiting dabs slugs pout making an appearance .Biggest dab went 33cm and doggie 62cm .All fish returned apart from the big dab .All in all a pleasant days fishing with a flat calm sea and no lost gear !!Regards Lee Driver"

Plenty of fish ( 19 February)
I had this report in late last night...David Kingsman was right...calm makes a nice change...
"Hi Tony,
Fished the high tide behind the boats tonight.
A very enjoyable session. Flat calm and no wind. Made a nice change.
Great to bang a few long casts out. Loads of bites. Caught some Dogfish, Whiting and Dabs. Couple of the Dabs were decent size. Returned everything else. Best regards, Dave"
Lovely weather ( 18 February)
What a nice day sunny with light winds...but cold...Simon Newman told me that one of his guests had a 8lb cod on Monday...the're still is a report from Lloyd Towler...
"Hi, fished the point today over low water  Bites throughout the day and loads of decent sized dabs, dogfish, and whiting. Shame a straggler cod didnt turn up though!  Regards, Lloyd"

Nice evening ( 18 February)
Last night we had the first match of this years DAA Veterans series, against my expectations fishing in February...cold but plenty of bites, it was a nice evening...7 'vets' fished and everybody caught.
Ist John Wigston with 280cm's, 2nd Peter Brown with 230cm's and 3rd John Smith with 222cm's...and I came fourth!
Species caught whiting, rockling, bass, dabs and flounder.

Good day ( 15 February)
I had this report in from Raymund...he had a good day...
"Hello tony. Just sharing a good night fishing at Low tide behind the boats. Many but returned to fish another day. Good size dog fish still returned and good size flatfish." 

The boys from Belgium ( 15 February)

I had this report from Jurgen who came over for some fishing...Checkout their facebook page...

"take a look at lets fish strandvissen en surfcasting belgium we went to hythe after we left your shop wind in the back and most of the day sun in oure faces started of with dabs en withing at from high tide on we caught 8 skates and lost another one....... from 2 kg too 4.25kg the biggest all the fish was released again after a photoshoot thx for the free bait feel free to take the pictures iff you want greetz jurgen"

Lost Keys...( 15 February)
I had this email from Simon Newman...
"Hi Tony
A set of keys were found close to the Fair Chance at Dungeness. If anyone has lost them if they can get in touch with me via yourself pls."
St Valentines Day massacre ( 15 February)         I had this email yesterday from Dave...great photos...
"Hi Tony,
First, let me just say massive thanks for some great lugworm over the last few weeks.
Been some rough weather yet you have never let me down.
Feb 14th.
Fished the high tide behind the boats today.
Pretty wild and windy. Proper Dungy weather. 
Caught 2 x decent sized dogfish then 6 x Flounders ( 2 good sized and 4 smaller) and a small Whiting.
Really enjoying my return to Dungeness. A magical place for sure.
Not always the easiest fishing but certainly the most rewarding. -- 
Best regards, Dave Kingsman."
Tough going ( 14 February)

Here is a report from Neil Rodwell...youv'e gained 'fishing credits' for next time... 
"Hi Tony. As promised here's my report from today behind the station. I was the only lunatic out on the beach. Constant rain and 20mph winds made for tough fishing. Alas to say I drew a big fat blank! Worms were coming back untouched but I guess you don't know unless you try! Thanks for the bait and hope to get out more soon. Neil."
Good catch of flatties ( 14 February)

Here is a report from Darryl...
Hi Tony, Fished at dengemarsh from low water to high tide had a few decent size dabs. Wet and windy but worth it. Thanks  Darryl Nicholas.
Nice catch in tough conditions but they look like a great bag of flounders?

Dengemarsh beach ( 10 February)
The beach has been flattened (again) by the storm...plenty of lovely shellfish washed in...but be careful in the car park as it is full of 'soft' the moment space for about three cars...

Power networks - great job ( 10 February)
Popped down to Dengemarsh this morning to see how the 'potholing' was going...the crew was doing a great should help with access...

Bit of a breeze ( 8 February)
The west bay took a bit of a battering today with this storm. The sea came over at Galloways and Dengemarsh but it could have been far worse if it had happened a few days latter on a 8m tide! Here is a picture I took at Galloways this morning! I was paddling in the car park.

Match result ( 7 February)
I had this report in Paul Jarrett after last night's Southern Circuit Sea Angling Society match...good weights in the wind...

Result from our Sandwich Bay match - 06/02/16 
24 members fished, Whiting, Dogfish, Dabs, Pouting, Rockling and Poor Cod were weighed in 
Well done to Graham King for winning the match 

Top 10 - Full result and league table to follow 
1) Graham King - 20 fish, 16lb 4ozs 
2) Alan Jarrett - 18 fish, 12lb 4ozs 
3) Wesley Cheeseman - 11 fish, 12lb 1oz 
4) Mikey Ferrier - 19 fish, 11lb 3.5ozs 
5) Steve Richards - 13 fish, 11lb 2ozs 
6) Les Bates- 12 fish, 10lb 14ozs 
7) Keith Neame - 10 fish, 9lb 14ozs 
8) Cieron Bull - 10 fish, 9lb 12ozs 
9) Martin Edwards - 11 fish, 9lb 3.5ozs 
10) Sam Collier - 13 fish, 8lb 8ozs 

Heaviest Fish - 1lb 14.5ozs Dogfish, Dave Sales

Enjoy yourself ( 7 February)
I had this email from David (fishing yesterday)....he is so right, its all about enjoying yourself...I always think the fish are the 'icing on the cake'...
"Hi Tony,
I fished today. Started soon after I picked up bait from you.
Pretty challenging conditions but like we said in the shop. It's Saturday, just go fishing. Don't talk yourself out of it on Facebook :)
Caught a load of small Whiting throughout the session. 2 hours before high time (21.30) caught 4 x good size Dogfish. 
Happy I stuck it out. Enjoyed it.-Best regards, Dave Kingsman

Lost beach rest ( 6 February)
I had this email from Ajaz...a very distinctive rod rest...if anybody can help...
"Hi Tony,
I lost my fishing stand on the beach few weeks ago, if anyone has seen it, please can you contact me on 07440125527. Ajaz"

Dabs at Dungeness ( 6 February)
I had this report in today from Ross...a very tasty catch!...
"Not a sniff until the light fell, but then tons of Dogfish and these lovely Dabs.  The rising tide and darkness seemed to do the trick.  Tasty stuff.  Thanks for the quality bait. All the best, Ross"

Dengemarsh Road ( 5 February)
I have had some early warning that the 'National Grid' intend to do some 'pot holing' repair work to Dengemarsh Road prior to latter in the year coming back to replace the power lines from the 'sub station' to Sellinge...I will let you know of any road closures that are planned.
Having checked the weather forecast...I don't think it will be that busy next week!
DAA 2016 Veterans Series ( 4 February)
All DAA members over sixty are invited to take part in this... the friendly series fished at Littlestone wall.
Date                   Fishing                  High Water
February 17th    5.00 to 8.00pm        6.30
March 16th        3.00 to 6.00pm        4.36
April 13th           2.30 to 5.30pm        4.10
May 11th            1.30 to 4.30pm        3.00
June 29th           5.30 to 8.30pm        6.55
July 13th            5.00 to 8.00pm        6.25
August 10th       3.00 to 6.00pm        4.30
September 7th   1.30 to 4.30pm        3.00
October 5th        12,30 to 3.30pm      2.00
November 9th    5.00 to 8.00pm        6.20
December 7th    2.30 to 5.30pm        3.50

We have had lots of reports ( 4 January)
I had this email from Julian...he is right we have had a lot of reports...
"Seen loads over the winter months, this one's the biggest. Don't think they sting but wouldn't test that out....great photo...

Look what's coming ashore ( 3 January)
I had this photo in from Bobby Goldsmith...with loads of wind this winter we are getting more than our fair share...
"Can u upload this please to see if anyone else has seem them on the shore thank you"

The full results ( 3 January)
Simon Newman posted the results from Sundays World Dab Championships on line...
"Tronixpro World Dab Fishing Championships
31st Jan 2016
Official results

175 anglers including 18 juniors raised a magnificent £4170 for the RNLI on Sunday. 79 participants weighed in 234 dabs over 25cm.

Junior World Champion for the 3rd consecutive year was Kane Wood Brignal (7 dabs for 2.7lb). Runner up was Adam Howard (1.65lb) with Oliver Saint a close 3rd (1.25lb). Of the 18 juniors, 9 weighed in 22 dabs over 25cm.


1. Becky Lee Hodges 8 dabs for 4.75lb
2. Stephen Foster 8 dabs for 3.85lb
3. Gavin Smith 9 dabs for 3.80lb
4. Alex Veal 8 for 3.70lb
5. Phil Tarry 7 for 3.2 lb
6. Andy Moxon 6 for 3lb
7. Ray Jeffery 7 for 2.95lb
8. John Smith 6 for 2.8lb
9. Charlie Chawner 6 for 2.75lb
10. Paul Egglestone 5 for 2.6lb
Pools paid to 21st place

Dungeness Angling Association would like to publicly thank the following sponsors and supporters without whom s help this event could not take place.

Skarnsundet Fjordsenter
Seagull Tackle
Bill Morris
Andy Moxon
Plus everyone who helped on the day and especially the anglers themselves who should all give themselves a big big pat on the back.

The weather forecast for next years event (the date is currently a closely guarded secret) is 15 degrees, sunny and no wind. We look forward to seeing you there!"
There is always one ( 1 February)
I had this email from Simon Newman concerning yesterdays match...

Hi Tony
Would you mind putting this photo on your web site with the statement:

"Dungeness Angling Association would kindly insist it's members never park on the beach protection ramps off the EA road at Dungeness as this person did in Sundays WDC.  This incident has been reported to the EA (not by us may we add) and any further indiscretions could result in loss of access to the EA road itself. If anyone else is reported to us as having parked on these ramps they will be banned from the club and all club related competitions and events  for life."

Simon's right we cannot afford to upset the EA or EDF the new land owner!

Not just dabs...( 1 February)
I had this report in from Elliot Watson fishing with his dad (Adrian)...
"Hello Tony, I fished the point with my dad on 30/01/2016 I had a 3lb codling about 2 hours before high tide and my dad had a 6lb cod 3 hours after high tide, plus the usual whiting, pouting and doggies. Thanks for the bait. Elliot"

What a 'cock up' ( 1 February)
I have had several emails concerning the new bass appears that commercial fishermen could carry on fishing for bass on the 2015 regulations up till last Friday (29th) until the actual new regulations were 'published' is a section of the information I had sent to me from the MMO...
"Recreational fishing for bass
If you are a recreational fisherman in the North Sea and Western waters you are subject to the limitations below:
Sea AreaICES Division1 January 2016 to 30 June 20161 July 2016 to 31 December
North SeaIVb, IVcCatch and release only1 bass per fisherman per day
East ChannelVIId, VIIeCatch and release only1 bass per fisherman per day
Celtic SeaVIIf, VIIgCatch and release only1 bass per fisherman per day
Irish SeaVIIaCatch and release only1 bass per fisherman per day
South West ApproachesVIIhCatch and release only1 bass per fisherman per day
West of IrelandVIIj, VIIk1 bass per fisherman per day1 bass per fisherman per day
This applies whether you are fishing from a vessel or from the shore."
I have a meeting of the Kent & Essex IFCA (Inshore Fisheries Conservation Authority) tomorrow...who are responsible from high tide to six miles offshore...I will make them well aware of how unfair the new rules are to RSA's and I will want to know how it will be policed...I will let you know what happens!
 Sad News...more info ( 1 February)
I had this email from Owen our local conservation officer at Dungeness concerning the dead porpoises being washed up around the 'point'...
Thanks for that...I have had another report of a Porpoise wrapped in fine
fishing net washed up opposite Derville Road and another washed up by the
Tavern. I suspect none are the result of any natural beaching - it doesn't happen
with Porpoises. I will try and get Shepway Dc to remove the Porpoises ASAP.
Thanks again for the report.Regards,Owen."
If you get any more sightings please let me know...

World Dab Champs...big success ( 1 February)
This was posted last night by Simon Newman after all the anxiety of the weather forecast...
"Phew! another year and another Tronixpro World Dab fishing championships done and dusted. 178 anglers raised an incredible £4170 for the RNLI. Bringing the events 6 year total to pretty well £30,000. A huge well done and thank you to everyone who took part and helped with the event. Time me thinks for a quiet pint."
Here is a reaction from Becky Lee of Littlestone on winning the event...
"Feeling very proud today as I won the WDC fishing competition (World Dab Championship) at Dungeness. 170 anglers fished the competition today. 8 Dabs for 4.75lb"...the locals did very well!

SCSAS result ( 31 January)
I had this report in from Andy Jarrett...
Full match result & league table - Herne Bay 09/01/16

DAA Veterans Series ( 31 January)
I have been persuaded to 'kick off' this year in February by keen the first match is booked for 17 of February fishing 5.00 to 8.00pm (high water 6.30) so put this in your diary...I will remind you closer to the event.

Just heard...( 30 January)
Just heard from Adrian Watson fishing far one 6lb cod and his son Elliot has had one of 3lb report and photos tomorrow...

Sad News ( 30 January)
I had this report in from Dave...with the ever increasing numbers of dolphins, porpoises and seals around we are seeing more casualties washing up...
"Hi Tony
Out on the sands by life boat this morning... upsetting  to see several porpoises. Must have come fast on sand last night due to storm. No evidence  of propeller  cuts or net marks. Very unlucky.
Regards Dave Robinson"