Beach Catch Reports

If you get a good catch let me know, you can also send me your pictures!
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Very nice ray for David (26 September)

I had this report in from David I have said before it looks like rays could be with us all year round...
"Hi Tony,
Slight change of venue for last night.
Fished down the road from you at Dymchurch.
Very pleased to catch this 8lbs 7oz Ray.
I wish every weekend was like this one has been.
Normal service resumes next week. Watch out Doggies and Whiting...
Regards Dave."

Elliot, putting in the hours (26 September)
I had this encouraging report from Elliot Watson...
"Hello Tony, I just got back from fishing the point. I fished over high last night down till low through the early hours of this morning. When I arrived early last night there was a fair bit of breeze from the SW and good amount of colour in the water, which looked like a promising start. Over high tide it was mainly just whiting with the odd doggy and pouting then by about 10ish the wind had completely died down and had swung round to the NW making the odds even more in my favour, then 2 hours before low  water I had this nice little codling which was just over 2lb. Then after that I was plagued by dogfish until I packed up at 4am and now it’s time for me to get some much needed sleep! Thanks again for the bait! Elliot"

They found it hard going (26 September)
Here is a report from John Smith of the DAA of the latest match at Dungeness...
"well it was hard going in tonights comp 1st phil tanner 9 lb 35 2nd paul shepherd 8lb 3rd john smith 7lb 4th stephen foster4 lb 95 and 5th w shrubsole 1b 25 heavest fish dog phil tanner 1lb 65 dogs pouting and whiting caught"

Nice run of bass (25 September)

I had this report in this afternoon from Colin Hemsworth...
"Hi Tony,
Headed for the back of the station on Saturday, started the day with a bass at 38 cm, then it all seemed to go quiet for a while...then lost a bass in the surf, nothing monstrous but was happy to catch it's bigger brother about an hour later (48 cm) on straight lug pulley pennel, thanks for the great bait as usual, see you soon. Colin"

Dave hits his target (25 September)

I had this report in from David Kingsman who had a great day down the west bay...
"Hi Tony,
Saturday 24th September ( Galloways)
Really happy to catch a decent Sole before the start of the Cod season.
I fished the HT and started off with a Bass which was followed by a small Ray.
Thought that might be my lot then things went a little crazy. I had a mad hour.
Weaver fish followed by another two Bass then an eel and finaly..... drum roll..... my target species Sole.
1lbs 7oz... A PB for me.
Did have a few Whiting but they were not biting in close.
See you next week, Regards Dave."

Fluff chuckers by the bucket (21 September)
I had this report in from John...flat calm...clear water = mackerel...
"John Hodgkinson hi tony fished Dengemarsh daytime today no luck but our eastern friends turned out in force and caught mackerel of varying sizes by the bucket full"

Nice mixed bag (19 September)

I had this report in last night from Alex Veel...are rays now all year round?...
"Hi Tony,
Fished Littlestone yesterday 2.5hrs up & 2.5hrs down. Had an eel, schoolies (best 41cm), whiting and a hound pup.
Moved round to Dymchurch a couple of hrs before low & managed just the 1 slip Sole amongst the Whiting. Also had another Schoolie & a flounder as well as a Thornback around 5lb. Stayed till gone 1am hoping for a bigger Bass at the top of the tide but didn't happen...
Dave (Harrington?!) also fished Dymchurch & did well....won't steal his thunder as I know he was going to let you know :)
A long day all in but a nice variety to keep things interesting.
On another note, one of a couple of jet skiers got into a bit of trouble just before dark but thankfully the coastguard rescued him about an hour into darkness...much to the relief of his anxious family pacing the beach"

Dave's on the rays (19 September)
I had this report in from Dave Harrington out ray fishing last night...
"Hi Tony I decided to give Tower 23 a go after a late season Ray. 
Got there about 2 hours before low and was greeted by a nice flat sea and a beautiful evening. After setting up I decided to fish 2 rods, 1 close in for soles using fresh Lug & 1 at range for Rays using up & over rigs loaded with Launce & Bluey raps. I had Whiting from the off, nothing big, but a least I was catching. Then just after low I had a slack liner followed by a nice 6lb Ray. After that, had more Whiting, but no more Rays."'s child's play (19 September)
I had report in from Steve Savage last night...lovely photo...
"Hi Tony, my four year old grandsons catch at Littlestone sea wall today.Regards Steve Savage."

First codling for Dave (18 September)
I had this report in from Dave...
"Hi Tony
Fished Dungeness Sat night, and had my first codling of the season (plus many dogfish). Nice night to be out, kind regards. Dave Knott"

Classic autumn (18 September)
I had this report in from Andy Elsey...
"Fishing the ranges. Nice bass and dover sole"

Good session for Colin (18 September)

I had this report just in from Colin Hemsworth...
"Hi Tony,
Fished the back of the power station on Saturday, conditions were good with a slight breeze from behind..started the day off with a whiting followed by two small bass followed by too many whiting to keep count of... nothing sizeable but a good session none the less, thanks for the great bait and see you soon. Colin"

Good turnout last night (18 September)

I had this report on facebook from Paul Jarrett of last nights Southern Circuit Sea Angling Society match...well done Graham haven't lost your touch...

"Result from our Dungeness match - 17/09/16 

16 members fished, Whiting, Dogfish, Pouting, Dover Soles, Eels and Flounders weighed in 

Well done to Graham King for winning the match 

1. Graham King - 10 fish, 10lb 7ozs 
2. Paul Jarrett - 11 fish, 7lb 3.5ozs 
3. Daren Edwards - 8 fish, 6lb 8ozs 
4. Adam Horton - 7 fish, 6lb 2ozs 
5. Ashley Brown - 9 fish, 4lb 15ozs 
6. Alan Jarrett - 13 fish, 4lb 14ozs 
7. Tony Taylor - 5 fish, 3lb 15ozs 
8. Stephen Foster - 5 fish, 3lb 3.5ozs 
9. Philip Underdown - 5 fish, 2lb 5.5ozs 
10. Steve Richards - 6 fish, 1lb 12.5ozs 
11. Keith Johnson - 2 fish, 10ozs 
12. Dave Sales - 1 fish, 7ozs 
13. Martin Edwards - 1 fish, 6.5ozs 
=14. Tony Stylianou - 0 fish 
=14. George Underdown - 0 fish 
=14. Lionel Watson - 0 fish 

Heaviest Fish - 1lb 11oz Dogfish, Ashley Brown"

Loads of babies (17 September)

I had this report in from Neil Rodwell...
"Hi Tony. As promised just reporting on my session behind the station today. Started the day with catching small bass, sometimes two at a time close in which included one of a fairly decent size. As the tide began to drop the bites from the bass died away and made way for the whiting which were spearing themselves on my hooks left right and centre. Had a visit from a young seal as well that popped it's head up in the surf right on the shore line in front of me but darted off before I could find my camera phone. Packed up around 3:30 when the rain started. Will speak soon. Neil"
Good morning (17 September)
I had Dave Walter pop in on his way back from 'on the road' at Dungeness he had a few bass this morning...including this nice 3lb beauty...

The countdown has started (14 September)

I had this report emailed in yesterday...didn't leave a name...
"Fished dengemarsh tonight tony whiting city but looking good for when the codling come in"...I have to agree it is looking good...lets see what these big tides bring! 
Loads of fish on Saturday (12 September)
I had this report in this evening from Colin Hemsworth...
"Hi Tony,
Bit of a late report, fished the back of the boats on Saturday conditions were good at first with a little wind then the rain came, lots of whiting some a good size throughout the day followed by a small smooth hound and a few dogfish. Thanks for the bait and see you soon, Colin"

DAA Juniors (12 September)
I had this reminder in from Terry Carpenter...concerning next week DAA Juniors meet...
"Juniors fishing Sun 18th sept meet at 11.30 at Pilot pub 
All under 16's welcome"

DAA match result (12 September)
I saw this report on the DAA page by John Smith of last night DAA match...well done Gavin, great result...
"Tonights results 1st Gavin Smith 10lb 65 .. 2nd John Smith 6lb 95 .. 3rd Phil Tanner 4lb 70 .. 4th Paul Shepherd 4b 35 .. 5th Paul Mortlock 2lb 75 ..6th Nathan Elliott 1lb 85 ..7th Com Brennan1lb 25..8th Michael Smith 0.75 heaviest fish Gavin Smith dog of 1lb 50 fish caught dogs plaice pouting and whiting"

Beautiful bass (12 September)
I had this report in yesterday from Steve Hammond...nice fish...
"Hi Tony bit of a late report done Dungie had a good day on the bass bait was fresh yellows and blacks regards Steve"

The whiting are biting (12 September)

I had this report in yesterday from David Kingsman...lovely photo...
"Sunday 11th September,
Fished the early HT at the Wooden Walkway.
Clear skies and calm sea.
Was expecting a few Whiting but not in the volumes I ended up with. Started as soon as a bait hit the water  and even my final cast yielded a double shot.
Don't think any of species got a look in. Think they have even ousted the Dogfish.
Had about 50 in all with half a dozen over 30cms.
Back to the drawing board. Try to find a Sole again next week.
Regards Dave."

Results and positions (9 September)

Here are the 'official' results of Wednesday's DAA Veterans match plus the current 'Vets' league positions courtesy of Malcolm Jones...roll on match October 5th fish 12.30 to 3.30.

Hot...Hot...Hot... (8 September)

I had this great report in from Bob Holdstock (one of our DAA Vets)...there I was yesterday getting scorched...and after to go back to work...Bob had the right idea...
"It was a hard 3,hours, of sunshine fishing the vets comp, but in the end finished up with catching a pint,"

You can't catch them at home ( 8 September)
I had this report from David Kingsman...
"Hi Tony,
Thursday 8th September. (3am High Tide)
Still pursuing Sole.
Decided on Galloways last night.
Arrived to a deserted beach. Sea was very calm.
Whiting were out in force last night but didn't let them rattle me.
Stuck to my game plan and was lucky to pick up the target species with a few bonuses.
August was a lean month fish wise for me mainly due to the large numbers of Whiting arriving.
Just shows though. Keep plugging away and it will come good eventually. Like you always tell me.
You can't catch them at home 😀
Did notice the signs for roadworks at Dengemarsh had been removed so it looks like it's open again. See you soon. Regards Dave."

Don't forget your sun cream (6 September)
More DAA news...its the 'Veterans' comp tomorrow fishing 1.30pm to 4.30pm...I'll be booking in at 1pm...if I can remember to turn up?

You know where you stand  ( 6 September)
I saw this on the Dungeness Angling Association page...put up by Simon Newman ...the updated results of the current series of matches...

 Bit of a 'blow' = Codling ( 4 September)
I had this cheering report in from Colin Hemsworth...
"Hi Tony,
Fished behind the power station on Saturday, conditions were good on arrival with a nice bit of sun and a slight breeze. Bait of choice was fresh lug and bluey wrap and the target was bass. Unfortunately no bass that day but an hour after HT had two taps on the rod and reeled into find this lovely little codling, 42cm and caught on running ledger 3/0 pennel rig. Thanks for the great bait and see you soon. Colin"'s not ( 3 September)

I had this report in from Ryan Taylor...great to see the kids doing some fun fishing for small sea bream ( I think) light can be real fun...
"Hi Tony,
Well it's not exactly the Kent coast, and there's not a blacklug or breakaway in sight, but i've just returned from a family holiday to Stoupa in Greece so just for fun here's a holiday report!
Armed with a little telescopic, stick floats and plenty of sliced white, my kids Fred and Nancy and i had great fun with some of the weird and wonderful critters that inhabit these rocky coastlines.
Yellow bream, a beautiful coloured, long, wrasse-type fish and a bucketload of the dude's in the pictures which we just called "spikey's" as i found out to my cost (on too many occasions!) that the rather impressive spikes on their dorsal, pectoral's, anal and tail fins possessed something on the tips that was akin to a wasp or bee sting..ouch...
Although they were all armour plated to cope with the rough environment they call home, their mouths are incredibly small and delicate in comparison to our breathen at home and even with 3lb line and size 12 hooks the lightning quick bites were easily missed and they soon realised they were being fished
for, although one afternoon i did hook something that seemed to have booked a one way ticket to Dungeness, until mercifully the hook pulled leaving the clutch on my little shimano match reel breathing a sigh of relief.
Hopefully i'll be back in the real world soon and motoring down the M20 for my next visit but until then regards to yourself Tony and all anglers, sea or otherwise, and remember how lucky we all are to have this wonderful sport of ours to enjoy. As ever, if it doesn't challenge you it won't change you.
All the best Tony, Ryan."

Galloways for mixed species (2 September)                                                     
I had this report in from David Kingsman... "Hi Tony, Ive been doing the nocturnal bit this week. Fished two high tides at Galloways for a change. Caught plenty of different species but no monsters.Bass, Flounder, Eels, Ray and a Smoothound on crab plus Whiting of course.Fishing Dungeness again at the weekend so hopefully Lady Luck will give me the XL version of one of my captures. See you soon. Regards Dave.

Dengemarsh road closed ( 1 September)

I had reports from Anglers over the last two days that the Dengemarsh road was closed I contacted the National Grid ( UK power Networks) and here is the email response...

"Dear Tony
Thank you for your call earlier.I can confirm that Dengermarsh Road is now closed for our refurbishment work. It closed earlier this week and will remain closed until 11 September.I have attached the update that Ryan issued previously which includes the map of where the road is closed. I hope this is helpful, but please do not hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions.
Kind regards, Sam
Sam Cranston
National Grid Community Relations"

Quiet Sunday night for DAA ( 30 August)
I saw this report from Simon Newman of the DAA result yesterday...lovely night...but not many fish...well done Gavin Smith on winning...two in a row I believe!

Fun in the sun at Galloways ( 28 August)

I had this report emailed to me by Paul Jarrett...the latest Southern Circuit Sea Angling Society match...
"Result from our Galloways match - 27/08/16 

13 members fished, Whiting, Plaice, Pouting, Flounders and Red Gurnard weighed in 

Well done to Tony Taylor for winning the match 

1. Tony Taylor - 3 fish, 1lb 10ozs 
2. Stephen Foster - 3 fish, 15.5ozs 
3. Louie Smith - 1 fish, 13.5ozs 
4. Wesley Cheeseman - 1 fish, 8ozs 
5. Paul Jarrett - 1 fish, 7.5ozs 
6. Alan Jarrett - 1 fish, 5ozs 
7. Keith Neame - 1 fish, 5ozs 
8. Steve Richards - 1 fish, 5ozs 
9. Dave Sales - 1 fish, 5ozs 
= 10. Les Bates - 0 fish 
= 10. Cieron Bull - 0 fish 
= 10. Keith Johnson - 0 fish 
= 10. Philip Underdown - 0 fish 

Heaviest Fish - 13.5ozs Plaice, Louie Smith" complaints from me ( 27 August)
had this report in from David Kingsman...
"Hi Tony, Well, I wasnt expecting miracles today.
Boiling hot and sunny. Fished the Wooden Walkway. Actually it was a lovely day to go fishing.
No Dogfish, weed or crabs. Plenty of Whiting about that kept the rods tips moving.
Tried one rod for Bass and one rod for anything flat.
Got a Flounder at HT. Happy with that all things considered.
Thanks for the bait and the motivational chat before the off.
See you soon, Regards Dave."

Yes we have plenty of bass ( 24 August)
I had this email in today from Ja...
"47. Cm bass couple of schoolies from behind the lifeboat station all on fresh lug"

DAA Juniors had a good day ( 22 August)
I saw this report from Terry Carpenter on the DAA facebook page they had a fishing meet at the 'Pilot' yesterday...
"The juniors had there august meet today .Severn fished and they all caught fish mainly whitting with a small bass for james."

Tough conditions ( 22 August)
I had this report in from Colin Hemsworth...the last year or so we have seen a great increase in of the cod familly (hint, hint)...
"Hi Tony. Fished the back of the boats on Saturday trying to escape the wind, in the end had two pouting, a whiting and five schoolie bass (still waiting for that double figure!) lost a few rigs and at some times holding bottom was near impossible but it was good to be out and see the beach so churned up. Thanks for the excellent bait- absolutely monster lug! See you soon. Colin"

Back on the Bass ( 22 August)
I had this great report from Dave Harrington...
"Hi Tony fish twice yesterday for Bass & it was mission accomplished on both trips. 
First was at Littlestone Wall and it was tough going. Was fishing 2 rods, 1 at range, the other close in (20yds). I had nothing all session at range, but managed a small 37cm Bass on the close in rod. 
Second trip was to Galloways, fishing 2 hours down, over the Low & 2 hours back up. Had a stiff wind in my face all session along with drizzle. 
This time I decided to fish just the 1 rod using up & over rigs. Had a couple of small Bass to begin with, then just on Low I had a nice 53cm, 3lb 10oz Bass (pictured), then after another small one. The sea was very choppy and bait of choice was fresh out Black Lug."

Don't get washed away ( 21 August)
I had this report from Neil Rodwell who was out fishing the 'big' tide today...
"Hi Tony. Tried behind the boats again today. Had to settle for the point to find some available room.  Same story pretty much as Friday with a handful of average size whiting and a small bass. Packed up around half 2 when the waves started to come over the shingle bank. I twice nearly had my rods claimed by Neptune so decided to call it quits. There was quite a lot of sea life washed up including crabs, starfish, sea cucumbers and razor clams, the latter of which went on the hook! Thanks again for the bait today and I'll see you soon.  Neil."

The best bass so far ( 21 August)
I was copied in this report by Richard Yates...what a great bass...the best I have heard off so far this year...
"Plastictaff Lewis caught this truly magnificent 15lb 12oz bass last night in Shoreham in rough conditions, pictured this morning outside Anglers Den.
As bass restrictions mean that anglers can only take one bass per day at the moment, this is the way to do it... 
The fish was caught on Bluey bought from Anglers Den. Well Done Taff "

The bass hunter ( 21 August)
I had this report in last night from Dave...
"Couple of bass this evening again local 49 and 42 . Few whitings and plenty of eels !!! . Regards Dave wood-brignall"

Yes its open ( 21 August)

I had a phone call from a customer on Thursday, with the concern that Dengemarsh road was closed. I went down there to check it out...yes there were signs at the top but the road was open down to the car park. I spoke to "UK Power Networks" they told me the road was open and the signs should have been removed, they apologised and said they would be taken away.

All nice and Local... ( 20 August)

I had this report in today from Dave...
"Had skate to 5lb bass to 4lb eels 2lb sole 1lb 5 and a few whitings . All nice and local . Skate came at range . Rest came from in close .
Regards, Dave wood-brignall"

If you love whiting... ( 19 August)

I had this report in from Neil Rodwell...
"Hi Tony. I took your advice and went behind the boats to get out of the wind today. Even though there wasn't any when I got there! Even the torrential rain forecast all day never made an appearance and I had a rather pleasant day watching the water traffic chug past and the occasional seal. Had my first whiting first cast and then got assaulted by the crabs. I found the answer with pop up beads that seemed to do the trick and had a steady stream of whiting throughout the day which kept me occupied. no other species but it was great being away from work and watching the rod tips rattle. I timed my exit just right as the wind and rain arrived around 4. Thanks for the bait and hopefully might be able to see you Sunday! Many thanks. Neil"

Hastings Pier...good news ( 19 August)
I had this email from Steven Barry, the good news concerning Hastings pier...
"Hi there
Hastings is starting to do night fishing from tomorrow night thought it be good to let you know Regards.  Steve" in the sun ( 16 August)
 had this email from Terry Carpenter of the DAA juniors...
"Juniors meet Sunday 21st August, meet at 11.30 at Pilot pub"
What a great day ahead...don't miss out !

Start them young ( 15 August)
I had this nice email in from David...
"Hi Tony,
I popped in and bought a score of ragworm last Saturday (i had a rubbish guess on how many views your website got !).
Anyway just to say thanks for the tip, i got 2 Seabass at sunset  at St Mary's bay .
They weren't keepers so put them back but I got my 9 year old to land one . He then said "Daddy can we stay 
here until we catch one we can keep  for dinner "... (yes....good lad !!)...the wife just rolled her eyes  and was having none of  it !
Keep up the good work on your website and hope to be back again soon.
Thanks David"

Enjoy the day... ( 15 August)
I had this report in today...
"Hi Tony,
Thanks for the bait - that quality lugworm would make you a millionaire in the North East in December - great stuff.
Great day for sunbathing and getting city life out of my head, but one flounder in 6 hours wasn't a great effort.  Still a cracking day out watching the kite-flyers and a few seals at Dengemarsh. All the best, Ross"

That time of year again ( 15 August)
I had this report in today...a timely reminder of what is about this time of year...the dreaded 'Lesser Weever'...
We went for a few Mackerel first thing the is morning off the walkway. No joy unfortunately but 4 or 5 Porpoises kept us entertained. Hooked this bad boy by chance. Treated it with caution.Wikipedia says that the only person to die from a weaver fish sting was a fisherman at Dungeness!
Cheers. Richard and Dave"
Well I had my fair share of 'weevers' over the years, but if you carry a thick hand towel you should have no problem...'weevers' have poisonous gill covers and dorsal fin...this time of year more turn up need to kill them...just treat them with respect!
If stung I'm told place the stung area in hot water to dissipate the poison...and if you have a serious reaction seek medical advice. 

Cracking smoothound in DAA comp 
( 14 August)

I had this photo sent in by Gavin Smith whilst the match was on but couldn't post (computer crash) but here are the results posted on facebook by John Smith (thanks for that John)
"for who ever wants it tonights results 1st gavin smith 27lb 03ozs 2nd phil tanner 11lb 08 3rd paul maltlock 8lb 03 4th paul shepherd 4lb 09 5th john smith 4lb 08 heavest fish gavin smith a hound of 9lb 7 ozs dogs whiting and a smooth hound"

The best bass so far ( 13 August)

I had this photo sent in from Lee Jell...with this report...14lb bass caught at!...that the best bass reported to me this far.
"After deciding to go fishing with a good friend Scott shell we decided to try Hythe ranges so after a long hike with all our gear we had arrived ( my words were I better catch something worth while because I'm knackered already) so after setting up with a pulley rig and frozen lug tipped with mackerel supplied by Folkestone angling I had a huge bite it put up a big fight but in the end I landed it official weight was 14lb confirmed by Folkestone trawlers the next morning needles to say I have a huge smile on my face this weekend"

The official placings ( 12 August)

Here are the 'official' placings from Malcolm Jones...the next match in September...should see more fish as the days shorten.

You remember the first ( 11 August)

I had this report in from David...I love his enthusiasm you first is a great memory (mine was a eel 55 years ago on Dungeness beach)...
"Wahoo 10th august the day I caught my first proper fish (not mackerel) think it was a pouting, it had big eyes. 10pm galloways is dark so couldn't take a photo, so let the little guy back into brine from which it came (karma gets you everything)." 

This month DAA 'Vets' match ( 10 August)

Well thanks to the eleven Vets who turned up to fish the match was tough in good weather on a 'neap' tide. Well done to Mick Reynolds who came first with 58cm (eel and bass) second John Barns with 43cm ( two bass) third Steve Sargent with 26cm (whiting) fourth Alan Rudkin with 21cm (bass)...the rest of us blanked...roll on September!

A session of first's ( 8 August)
Here is a great report from Ryan Taylor...
"Hi Tony,
A few lines to let you know how i've faired on my last couple of Dungie visits, encompassing the Saturday morning tide last week and both Saturday tides this week.
Having returned to a bit of beach angling in February after a 28 year absence spent chasing carp, i have a mountain of first's to achieve, first cod, first bass, first sole etc and Dengemarsh seemed just the place to get a couple ticked off the list.
A 4am start last week saw a practically deserted beach (bliss) and an hour and a half later my first sole arrived so that was me made up already!! Doggies, whiting and pout rounded the day off nicely but no bass so i was back this weekend for another crack. My girlfriend had taken the kids camping so that gave me the green light for a full on Saturday day/night assault. First cast from the Diamond about half ten saw a decent pull and skipping back through the waves was my hoped for bass, no more than a pound but a beautiful fella none the less and a little kiss before i sent him on his way with instructions to get mum. The next bite brought one half a pound bigger, quickly followed by a flattie, then all quiet 'till 4pm, save for the obligatory few whiting. After a cracking fish supper at the Pilot i was back ready for the night ahead, and with the surf still crashing would tonight bring a real bar of silver my way? Despite a bit of a fishing marathon from 7pm all the way through until 4am i think the Captain of the SS Whiting Enterprise had decided to assemble all of his troops of 12 inches and under in front of me (save for one rouge schoolie) and it was a rather windswept angler who made his way back to the car at dawn. It was a school boy error to only bring lug but that's all part of the learning curve for me. All the best for now Tony and as ever if it doesn't challenge you it won't change you.
Regards, Ryan."

Madagascar Match League. ( 7 August)

I saw this report from Dave Wood Brignall last nights match behind the Power Stations at Dungeness...
"Match 10 dungeness sole comp 
1st DWB .80lb sole 
2nd Geoff Swinard .45lb sole 
3rd Mark Howard .35lb sole 
Largest round Tim Knight l.45lb dog 
Very hard fishing with crabs and whiting proving to be a pain !! 
14 fished"

The sights of summer( 7 August)
I had this report in from Neil Rodwell who was fishing yesterday down at the 'Hoe'...
"Hi Tony. I know it's not dungy but thought I'd give you a report on my regular summer daytime venue of samphire hoe which I fished today. Fished from about 9:30 ish to about 3. Lost count of the amount of small wrasse I had down the side of the wall. Also thrown in were blennies, pollack and a decent wrasse taken on a spinning rod (a first for me). Was hoping for some mackerel to show up and was hopeful after hearing stories from other anglers of them turning up in force last week they seemed to be elsewhere today. Still, had a nice day in the sunshine next to the sea and was chuffed with my pb ballan. Will be in at some point to nab more bait off you at some point and I'll see you soon. Neil"

The crafty fox ( 7 August)
Here is a report from David Kingsman...I must say thanks to David for taking time out and supporting the sight..."Hi Tony,
Fished HT last night at Galloways hoping for some Sole.
Plenty of Whiting about but I managed to pick up my target fish plus a little Hound.
Very busy down there with plenty of people camping out all night in the car park.
Was planning to put out a fish bait but my little friend IE ' The Fox' ran off with my whole Mackerel while I was chatting to my mate next door.
See you next week. Regards Dave."

Shock & Awe from David ( 5 August)
I had this report in from David Kingsman...who was getting some fresh air yesterday...
"Hi Tony,
I did notice the shock horror on all your faces when I said I was going Sole fishing at Dengemarsh this morning....
Must admit. It was very wild in the wind. On the limit I'd say.
Did manage my target speices and a couple of small Bass. Well pleased with a daytime Sole.
Bit of a grueling session but it always feels great catching at Dungy.
See you soon, Regards Dave."

More sole being reported  ( 2 August)
I wandered down to Galloways on Sunday and I was pleasantly surprised how many sole were about...when I checked my inbox I found this message from Terry Barber fishing on Sunday...
"Went fishing down Galloway's yesterday with my mate Lance Wilkinson and we had some sole some plaice a dab and lots of whiting in it was a good nights fishing considering" At the moment we have a bit of wind this should ease by looking for more sole by the weekend.

Lovely sole session  ( 31 July)
I saw this on facebook from Jurgen Weyne...nice bag of sole on Friday night...on the other side of the channel!!

The fun is fishing  ( 30 July)
I had this report from Neil Rodwell...
"Hi Tony. Cheers for the bait again today. As mentioned in the shop I decided to have a bash near the outflow behind the station to see if any mackerel were about. I usually fish samphire hoe during the day in the summer but the aggro with the ferry terminals has put me off somewhat. So armed with absolutely everything I gave the outflow a go. I tried everything from feathers to lures, floats etc. But they evaded me. The bottom baits were being stripped within seconds from crabs and pop up baits yealded nothing either. Frustrating but at least the weather held off. It was nice to be on the beach in any case and will try again at night at some point. Speak soon. Neil"

All to himself  ( 27 July)

I had this report in from Paul Child...what a good day...he caught me stocking up...
"Hi Tony 
Got some lug from you on Monday not realising you were closed but grateful you served me as you were in the shop !! Went to Pirate Springs as the tide flooded in really good colour was joined by two seals that eventually swam towards Dungie. Very slow at first small whiting etc..Waves got up a bit and by the end of the session 4 Bass no more that 1.5 lb each, 2 silver eels one was a whopper  good to see them back a dab and a doggie..really enjoyed the day so peaceful and such a lonely solitude beach great stuff.All fish I returned.. a great day with a sunburn ! cheers Paul"
Bags of bass  ( 27 July)
I had this report in yesterday from Arkam Belhouchet...

"Hi Tony... after a long wait, on Sunday we finally had a good SW so I decided to fish Galloways with a friend of mine. We were looking for bass. The beach was empty with a good surf. To cut a long story short, with every single cast, there was a bass! I ended up with 23 bass and a few flounders. My friend caught 12 bass and a baby skate. Many of the bass were a good size, approximately 4lbs. Went back on Monday night and wow, you cannot havethe same night twice. It was good, but not as good as Sunday. Managed to catch 5 bass and countless amount of flatties. My friend managed to catch a few aswell , including a 6 lbs bass with a sole rig!!!!. Sorry, no pictures for the second night....Arkam"

They seek them here...they seek them there...   ( 26 July)
Since the flurry of mackerel last week it has got a bit silent...I need help, I'm getting loads of phone calls asking me...are there any mackerel...I say I don't know...I think I need a full time secretary!...Please call me if you get lucky so I can tell people...Just in case you have forgotten what they look like...
They came in packs  ( 24 July)
I had this report in from David Kingsman of last nights 'manoeuvres'...
Hi Tony,
Saturday 23rd July. Thanks for the great bait again.
Fished both high tides yesterday after anything Flat...Fished the right and left of the Boils as Dengemarsh packed with Mackerel anglers.
Nearly exact repeat performance from last week. 
Knew it was going to be tough as water was gin clear. Aggro with crabs as well. Managed a Flounder anyway.
Started off having the odd Whiting but it did feel good and I was confident of banking the target species.
Suddenly seals and birds started going mad in front of me obviously feeding on something. Thought the weed had come back until I looked closer. It was actually mashed up fish from the power station. Had to clear my line same as May weed. Couldn't reel in.
Sat there mulling it over. Was this a curse or a blessing?
Answer came in the form of Dogfish. Millions of them..They must have come up from everywhere for this feed. All the ones I caught were spewing up minced fish.
Flattie rod with small baits was going mad with 2x Whiting at a time. Bass rod getting a Doggy as soon as it hit the water. Tried short, medium and long range. All same.
Bait was depleted at a rate of knots. The cat was happy when I got home anyway .😀

 The Match will go on ( 23 July)Well done all in spite of the traffic chaos, the match was is a report from Paul Jarrett
Result from our Samphire Hoe match - 23/07/16 

Challenging start to the day with the M20/A20 and A2 being closed, 8 members managed to find a route through the lanes, Pouting, Wrasse, Pollock and 3 bearded Rockling weighed in 

Well done to Sam Collier for winning the match 

1. Sam Collier - 8 fish, 4lb 7ozs 
2. Alan Jarrett - 8 fish, 4lb 6ozs 
3. Stephen Foster - 6 fish, 2lb 6ozs 
4. Paul Jarrett - 4 fish, 1lb 8ozs 
5. Graham King - 3 fish, 1lb 6ozs 
6. Ashley Brown - 2 fish, 1lb 5.5ozs 
7. Philip Underdown - 3 fish, 13ozs 
8. George Underdown - 2 fish, 12.5ozs 

Heaviest Fish - 1lb 9.5ozs Pollock, Sam Collier

Out for a spin ( 20 July)

I went up to Dungeness behind the power stations (the boil) last the hope of catching a few mackerel, after the reports from Dengemarsh...needless to say...not a dogs were not fish for tea...better luck next time!
Back on the bass ( 20 July)

I had this report in from Dave Harrington who was fishing on the 18th...
Back on the Bass (18/07)
"Hi Tony I know it's a bit out of your patch, but I had a great day on the Bass on Monday at Sandwich Bay. 
I ended up having 3, with the biggest at 3lb 5oz. 
The killer bait was straight Blacks fished at distance on up & over rigs with any other bait coming back untouched. Thanks again for the great bait. Dave."

Knee deep in mackerel ( 19 July)

I just had a customer come in to pick up some more mackerel gear, he had lost a few rigs on the outfall at Dengemarsh...he told me that loads of mackerel were being caught this morning and the beach was packed with our usual 'friends' (they must have an amazing information network).

The one that got away ( 18 July)

I had this report in from Ryan Tailor...
"Hi Tony
Finally got myself into gear to re-visit Dungy after my maiden voyage in April (where a solitary Whiting saved a blank) so a couple of lines to let you know how things panned out this time.
We arrived around half past six on Saturday evening and quickly assembled around the boats as i was absolutely champing at the bit to get some rods in the water. It was brilliant to be back, and with a few anglers about things looked promising. Two rods with clipped down lug rigs were soon sent sailing out there and one deep breath of Dungeness air saw me smiling from ear to ear! A first cast doggie meant no blank at least and then 1 hour before hw two big whacks on a rod at distance saw me attached to something that was distinctly different to our canine friends. Head shakes and thumps a plenty as i lead the (as yet unseen) leiviathan gingerly to the shore. No more than 50 yards from victory, disaster struck. The tip sprang back and i was skipping an empty rig onto the shingle. That horrendous hollow feeling you get when you lose a good fish swallowed me up and i was left to reflect on what might have been..
From then on it was a dogfish bonaza (with a few whiting thrown in) with 2 at a time most casts. We packed up at 1am a happy bunch, but i couldn't get the "What if" thought out of my mind on the long drive home so i'll be back in a couple of weeks to see if i can settle that score but like i said in my last report if it doesn't challenge you it won't change you...All the best Tony, Ryan."

Don't you just love summer ( 18 July)

I had this email in from David Kingsman...
"Hi Tony,
Had a trip to Dungy with the wife Sunday.
With base camp established near the Walkway. I gave it my best shot trying to catch anything flat. Managed a Flounder on the run up to HT.
The Dogfish seem to have gone AWOL but the Whiting here in numbers. 2 at a time until 1 hour down. It was a nice day anyway. Best regards, Dave"

Don't you just love summer ( 18 July)

I had this great report in from the Dungeness area...
"Hi Tony
Fished the bay Saturday evening, after a bass and ended up catching this nice hound. Very good sport on a carp rod!! making two good runs before landing it. Kind regards, Dave Knott"

Last nights DAA match ( 17 July)

I saw this report on the DAA page, Cieron put up the results from last nights match at Samphire Ho...
"Match results for DAA comp at Samphire. Nathan Elliott 1st with 475 cm. Cieron Bull 2nd with 425 cm. Gavin Smith. 3rd with 362 cm. Fozz 4th with 289 cm. Phil Tanner. 5th with 256cm. Paul Murdock 6th with 210cm. John Smith. 7th with 128cm. well done to all that fished was not easy fish that were caught were dogs, wrasse, pouting"

They hunt in packs ( 16 July)

I had this report of Fridays fishing from David Kingsman...
"Hi Tony,
Arrived at LT and fished on the Point.
Not a lot happening so moved to the left to get out of the wind.
As soon as the baits hit the water the rod tips were bobbing up and down. Doggies, Whiting and Pouting in abundance. 
I'd scaled down my tackle this week and was surprised to catch scaled down Doggies. Smallest ones Ive ever seen.
Plenty of anglers this week. Think they were enjoying a bit of action.
Thats my lot this week. Off to work for a bit.

Regards Dave."

The full result DAA 'Vets' ( 15 July)

Here are the full results from last Wednesday from Malcolm Jones...
"Hi all, Latest Veterans match result. Regards, Malcolm"

A Happy Chappy ( 15 July)

I had this report in from David Kingsman fishing yesterday...
"Hi Tony,
Thanks for the great bait before we start. Had a nice day fishing the Walkway.
Lot of Dogfish and better sized Whiting about. Watched a Seal swim past at really close range. Definitely feel in touch with nature down there.
July has been a bit slow for me so I was delighted to pick up this nice Sole.
Made my day. See you soon, Regards Dave"

Well it could have been worse ( 14 July)

With a 'dodgy' weather forecast, holidays and car breakdowns we only had 7 'heroes'
take part in this months DAA Veterans match...very hard fishing...except for Mr. Smooth (Howard Relf) who found two smoothounds on crab followed by Richard Pedder who found another smoothound on lug!...It can only get better...roll on August.

DAA reminder...( 12 July)

Yes its 'Veterans' time tomorrow from 5 till 8pm (HW 6.25pm)...I have organised light winds...but we could get the odd shower?
But we have had worse...remember the last match!

What a beauty...( 12 July)

And yes I mean the fish not about a fish of a lifetime...well done Tim and Becky...brilliant report...
"Hi Tony
I know its not local but thought this may be of interest. Tim and I ventured down west to chase the Hounds. This was Tim's first time from the shore with his new beach gear. It was a frustrating night missing more than we landed. However Tim managed 5 the best one a PB of 14.1lb and me 6 best one 15.8lb.

All came to hardback crab on Pulley dropper rigs.
A thoroughly enjoyable night and early hours of the morning looking forward to the next tip. Love fishing for these hard fighting fish. Becky"

Getting some decent fish in your site's ( 12 July)

I had this report in yesterday from Darryl Nicholas...
"Hi Tony, good days fishing on Saturday at Hythe ranges. 5 thorn back Ray's biggest weighing 5 1/2lb, plenty of dog fish and a nice 4 1/2lb bass. All got returned safely.. Thanks Darryl."

Giving Dungeness a rest ( 11 July)
I had this report in yesterday from Ian...
"Hi Tony
Thought my son and I would venture east from Hastings yesterday, not 
knowing how busy Dungy would be decided on Hythe.
Fished from half an hour after HW to about 7 in the evening.
We both had fish from the start, in a fairly stiff SWly breeze and a 
very dirty sea.
We caught numerous dogfish, small whiting a flounder and silver eel, as 
well as the two nice sole
pictured.Also pictures of Jack and one of the dogfish. All were caught 
using lug as bait. Regards Ian and Jack Shepherd "

Don't you just love 'crabs' ( 11 July)
I had this report in from David Kingsman on Saturday...
"Hi Tony,
Gave Dengemarsh my best shot today.
Had a Pouting then Flounder to start with and really fancied my chances of a Bass.
Unfortunately did not happen for me.
Hardly any weed but the crabs were stripping the baits quickly.
Guy on a kite board went past me which was different. 
Back for another try soon.
Regards Dave."

What puts a bend in your rod ( 9 July)
I had this report from Neil Rodwell (no rod pun intended)...
"Hi Tony. Thanks for the new rod today (a replacement after my mate used the old one and gave it back in more bits than was intended). Decided to test it out behind the station today and see what it was capable of. I got on really well with it and it copes with large clumps of seaweed nicely! I'll have to tell you another time how it copes with actual fish seeing as the two very small bass I had today were both on the old rod. The wind was quite strong making casting difficult but nice to get out. Thanks again and see you soon. Neil."

Silver eels are running ( 9 July)
I had this report in on facebook from Adam Goldie...
"Hello Tony. Fished dungie hoping for sole. Mental note* always check the wind! Anyways was a bit choppy so decided bass a better bet. Fish one at range and one in surf. Caught flounder, dogs and whiting at range and had one small bass, had some clonking bites and slack liners and big fights close in all resulting in Eels 6 in total up to 2lb 4oz. Regards Adam"

We're all going to the wall ( 9 July)
I had this report in from Mark down at Littlestone Wall...
"Hi Tony fished Littlestone wall yesterday warm humid wind blowing through
Fishing a bit quiet usual small Whiting and a couple of Flounder to 32cm
Regards Mark Trotski"

Yum...yum ( 7 July)
Tim Knight popped in the other day...I was telling him about reports I was getting of a few more sole starting to show...he showed me a photo of a few fish he had in the east bay last week...jealous or what...

A change is as good as a rest ( 4 July)
I had this report in from Steve...                                                                                                                            "Hi Tony its Steve Latham here I know I didn't fish Dungeness I fished sandwich bay for a change and not a bad day's fishing 4 silver Eels 2 doggy's and a 52cms Bass of about 3llbs. Still lots of that brown stuff sticking to the line ,but the weather and the fishing was great. Many thanks Steven."

After the bad weather ( 3 July)

I just had this report in from Nick Burton...                                                            "Fished galloways this morning . Had mixed bag of bass ,dogfish,eel,flounder dab and thornback ray" 

Wind and weed ( 3 July)

I had this report from Neil Rodwell ...                                                                                 "Hi Tony. Not much to report from Saturday evening at the point. It probably wasn't the best time to go out but I thought I'd take the opportunity while it was there. The wind was relentless and the weed was probably the worst I've ever seen. Finished up catching one small bass and the obligatory dogfish. Packed up around 8:45 after growing tired of trying to haul several pounds of seaweed in every time! At least the rain stayed away! Many thanks and see you soon. Neil" 

Who let the dogs out ? ( 2 July)

I had this report from David Kingsman...I have never known so many dogfish at this time of year...keep those pliers handy...
"Hi Tony,
Friday 1st July.
Last minute trip as usual. Gave your frozen lug a try as I hadnt booked this week. Must admit, I was pleasantly surprised. Certainly works.
SW wind so it was behind the Boats for me.
Had a nice Flounder and a small Smooth Hound as the tide was coming up.
Once it got close to HT the Doggies moved in. 2 at a time until all my bait was gone.
Plenty of anglers about and they all seemed to be having a good time which was nice.
Lovely evening and sea was flat calm.
Still a bit of weed about but seems to be less than last month.
Be seeing you soon. Dave."

Plenty of fish ( 1 July)
I had this report in from David Turner...a few years ago (well maybe more than a few) all you could hope for from the beach at the beginning of July was the odd bass, and if the sea was calm and clear a few mackerel...
"I fished at the back of fair chance boat with my uncle last night
Using black lug and a nice size mackerel
We caught a lot of whiting, few doggies and I had a nice sole last thing.
All went back safe David Turner"

Is it October already? ( 30 June)
Well that was fun...not...totally miserable weather...well done to the team for turning up...just shows us 'Vets' still get it done...
Next match coming soon 13th July...lets hope we have some 'summer' weather!
Thanks to Malcolm Jones for compiling the results.

Don't's a senior thing ( 28 June) Just a reminder to the DAA 'Vets' match tomorrow...kick off 5 for a 5.30 start.

Light line bass ( 27 June)
I had this report in from Jackie Addison...
"Hi Tony, just popped up a picture on my wall of Alex with a Bass which he caught today. Great day fishing up to high water using light gear. Feel free to share! Jax"
Holiday bonus ( 26 June)
I had this report in from Stephen Jones who has been on holiday down to Cornwall...
"Hi Tony. 
I haven't been able to send you an update from Cornwall. Had email problems. Here's my nice 52cm bass I hooked in Bude. My PB to date. Maybe he will be a lot bigger by next year. 
Thanks for all the help. Think you need to speak to some guys around the country to get a website like yours. It was very much missed. Cheers Steve Jones" 

Plenty of fish on the big tides ( 26 June)
Steve Hammond sent me a report of his Friday night fishing...
"Hi Tony done Dungie Friday had a couple of bass and dogs of course,weed not so bad it looks like it's clearing"

DAA Juniors spite of ( 25 June)
had this report in from Terry Carpenter...with such 'dodgy' weather well done...
"Dungeness Juniors had their june meet today at Littlestone it started off 
With sunshine then went downhill with hailstones thunder & lightning.Then ehen that all passed over the fish came alive young george had a smoothhound pup then ben had a small bass and james ( bens big brother) had a nice eel then a lovely bass of 40cm. Then as it started to rain again we packed up. A good days fishing for the youngsters."

Double bubble ( 24 June)
The difference a day makes...goes to show you can't take it for's another report from David Kingsman...
Hi Tony,
Fished the Walkway today. Totally different from yesterday.
Fished low tide to high.
Started off catching Whiting then got the big bite I'd been waiting for. Felt like a biggun and I was guessing what it might be all the way in.
Unfortunately it was 2 x Dogfish on my Pulley Pennel.
Must admit that fooled me.
That was the start of it and the Doggies came thick and fast until an hour after HT. 
Weed wasnt bad today and 6oz leads easily holding the bottom at all times.
Thanks my lot this week. See you soon. Regards Dave.

It looked so good ( 24 June)
I had this report in from David Kinsman...lets hope he has better luck today...
"Hi Tony,
Bit of a surprise for me today.
Thought it looked really good but I hardly had a bite.
Plenty of crabs about and baits were getting stripped fast.
Bit of weed but better than last month.
Had a small Flounder which saved a blank.
Planning on a better day tomorrow.
See you in the morning. Regards Dave. Best regards, Dave"

DAA Juniors this weekend ( 23 June)
Don't forget we have a 'DAA Junior' meet this weekend...what a great chance to get the youngsters fishing...and its free...the forecast is looking good...Here is an update from Terry Carpenter..."Junior fishing this Sat 25th meet at 11.30 at Pilot pub car park"
Independence day tomorrow ( 22 June)
Tomorrow the big day...whatever your views...please vote...I campaigned and voted in 1975...I don't think we will get another chance after tomorrow.

Monster from the deep ( 19 June)
I had this report from fish but he found this visitor intriguing...
"interesting sight though. Even the seagulls avoided it."

Match reminder ( 17 June)
The DAA has a match tomorrow...a rover book in on the road from 5.30 to from 7 to 11pm...light winds but could be a touch damp.

Then the phone rang ( 17 June)
I had a phone call this morning...from Richard Ivinson who was fish yesterday in the 'diamond' area up towards the 'boils'...pretty quiet in daylight, but once it got guessed it hordes of whiting...other species plaice and bass. I went behind the power stations last night, the water is clearing it looked blue with a nice sand line up to twenty 
May weed ( 16 June)
I had this report in today from Gary Nicholls...I'm glad things have got better down in the west bay...
"Went to Sandwich bay last evening just for a change, dog fish on both rods on first cast and then  one after another until about a hour and half before high water, then the may weed struck, have to say I have been fishing for far too many years that I can remember but I have never experienced anything like that, thick slimy muck had to free the top ring 6 or 7 times every reel in, won't be going back there until it's gone"

Showing the flag ( 16 June)

What a result from the squad...looking forward to Monday...

I had a phone call ( 15 June)
I had a call from Terry Barber to tell me what he caught yesterday afternoon down the concrete road to the top of the 'boats'...dogfish, whiting and a nice plaice, the only other fisherman on that side fishing next to him also had a sole. I have walked my dogs behind the power stations over the last three evenings I have seen only three fisherman from the 'point' to the 'diamond' all week!

Lovely Littlestone ( 13 June)
I had this report in from Mark & James...
Hi Tony, A few photos of a pair of bass and a dogfish caught from littlestone beach on Saturday's afternoon tide! Thank you for the bait Mark Fincham and James Davis

How close is too close ( 12 June)
I had this email in from William Dunn...asking was it illegal for commercials to fish so close to the beach...this has come up a few times lately...the answer is they can...check out the Kent & Essex Inshore Fisheries and Conservation Authority website
"Hi Tony,
This boat was fishing about 200 yards out the other day, is this legal? William"

What a cracker ( 12 June)
I had this report from David Kingsman who has been putting the hours in...and quite rightly is getting the rewards...
"Hi Tony, slight problem with my Dungeness report this week.One of my customers rang and flattened my battery. I only managed a photo of where I fished so you will have to use your imagination. Saturday 11th June.. Dungeness Walkway.Fished just to the left of the buoy. Had a fairly productive day. Lots of Dogfish, 2 x Whiting, 1 x Flounder and a 3lbs Bass.Plenty of fish out there.Weed was a problem but was holding bottom fine.Isle of Sheppey Kent report. Fished for Smooth Hounds with some friends for a change last week. Had a personal best at 13lbs on Peeler Crab. I know its not Dungeness but as I have no other fish photos this week added it in. Thanks for the great bait as always. See you next week. Regards Dave."
Enjoy the day ( 11 June)
I had this report in from Richard...I had a second email saying he thought it was a pouting ...we have had a return of good sized pouting to the beach...nice to see...
"Hi Tony, 
I dropped in to see you on Tuesday afternoon and bought some of your lovely lugworms. I fished by the boats and 15 minutes after my first cast I started to get a crab bite. After another 5 minutes, I got a proper bite and landed the fish below. It had the crab in its mouth. I am slightly confused..... is it a whiting on steroids or a small cod? It had a barbule under the jaw. After this, the crabs kept stripping the bait. My wife and I must have seen at least 20 porpoises which is always a joy. Regards, Richard from Oxted"

Are we going to the dogs ( 10 June)
I had this email from Paul Goldsmith via the DAA concerning dogfish...I agree that all fish should be handled with care, dogfish are not a protected species...and we have so many out there they hard to avoid...with no real commercial value...
"HI I'm informing you about a discovery I found today and I am furious. The fishing boats and trawlers in around Littlestone and Rye area are continuing the slaughter of dog fish. It's about time something is done about it. I've attached photos of my findings. I believe that much bigger fines should issued or fishing bans. Also trawlers having been breaking boundaries by fishing to close to shore as well. Thanks for time."

Latest DAA match result ( 9 June)
Here is the latest update from Malcolm (statto) Jones...well done Gavin...the winner from down at Littlestone...
More sole starting to show ( 9 June)

We are starting to get reports of the odd sole being caught in the west bay...good news, here is a photo of a nice catch from DAA member Jurgen Weyne from Belgium caught in Belgium yesterday posted on facebook looks as they have plenty of sole.

Its really hotting up ( 8 June)
I just checked the sea temperature at the Folkestone buoy for the East bay (Channel Coastal Observatory)  and its reading 16.3 wonder we have had some 'may water' that's two degrees in two days!!!

Plaice for tea ( 8 June)
I had this report in from David Kingsman today...tasty...
"Tuesday 7th June.
Today the wife wanted some freezer space back.
So, armed with a carrier bag full of every sea fishing bait known to man, I marched my way along Dengemarsh beach to the Diamond.
Got set up and sat enjoying the sun.
That only lasted a little while until the tide started running hard.
Changed to heavier leads and was holding bottom.
Fishing was quite tough going with weed and floathy scum which filled the bay.
Nice day for casting but as you can see. I got a bit excited and ended up with a birds nest.
Only had one fish today but it was a nice Plaice which my wife cooked with Thai pappaya salad.
See you at the weekend. Regards Dave."
Last night behind the station ( 5 June)
I had this report from Neil Rodwell...
"Hi Tony. Just want to say thanks for the bait yesterday and to give you my report from Saturday night behind the station. Got to the beach around 5. The weather would have been sunny but there was a dense mist which made for a rather grey afternoon. I met my friend down there who borrowed a rod off me and caught his first ever dab along with a crab first cast. After he broke the rod on about his 3rd cast we were down to fishing with 1 rod and 1 broken stick close in. Had dabs and flounder from low tide up and managed a small bass around 8:30. The gentlemen next to me had a humongous sole aswell. Packed up a little earlier than I would have liked due to the may weed clagging up the line and dislodging the lead which also resulted in baits coming back untouched. All in all tho a nice evening with a warm breeze and hazy sunshine. Thanks again and see you soon. Neil. "

Think outside the box ( 5 June)
I had this report yesterday from Arkam Belhouchet...always be open to new ideas...
"Dungeness had a good bass surf the last few days but I only managed to go fishing today with the hope that the water would still be murky... Well that was not the case! The water was fairly clear so I wasn't hoping for much. Fished for three hours until high tide at 30 yards with one bite that I missed... Decided to change tactic, free lining with clear line at 5 yards...success! 4 bites and 3 bass were landed all in one hour! 😊...Sometimes it pays to think outside the box Regards...Arkam"

A great session for Dave ( 3 June)
I had another great report from David Kingsman...its so interesting how your luck improves when you go the extra mile...
"Hi Tony,
Started off same as always. Picked up some great bait then discussed tactics with your good self in Seagull Tackle.
Decided to fish the Walkway area.
Set up on a very windy beach then suffered a series of set backs. I'll list them as I know we all like a bit of suffering.
Strike 1. The tide was pulling and I couldn't hold bottom.
Strike 2. Picked up my flask and it felt hot. Yes, it meant the water inside was cold.
Strike 3. Weed.
Strike 4. While concentrating on removing weed from my line. A freak wave got me and flooded my shoes and socks.
Strike 5. Got snagged and lost full set of gear.
So now the scene was set. No hot drink and I'm sitting there freezing.
Suddenly things improved. Managed to hold bottom at long range. Starting catching Dogfish then had 2x nice Flounders.
The Dogfish went quiet then I had a great bite. Brought it in and was delighted to see a very photogenic Smooth Hound. As I tell my wife on many occasions 'Size is not always important' 
 Not a monster but my first one and I'm happy to have caught it at Dungy.
Carried on through HT. Weed was bit of an issue but its just that time of year. 
Just as I was packing up the rod bowed over and I caught a nice 4-5lbs Bass that really gave a good account of itself. 
Glad I made the effort to go. Be seeing you soon. Regards Dave." 

Tough Going ( 2 June)
Here are the latest DAA results from last Sunday, thanks to Malcolm 'statto' Jones...hard going with 'may weed' on 'dead' tides.

The smile says it all ( 2 June)
I had this encouraging report from have to work at it...that's fishing...
Hi Tony,
"Report from this week. We initially had a go on bank holiday Monday and fished behind the power station to stay out of the wind. 3 hours no bites and the bait kept coming back intact. Moved to the walkway but it started to rain heavily so the kids were not too keen so we decided to come back Wednesday and what a difference!
Fished to the left of the walkway from 13.00-19.30 and from the first cast we were into fish. Whiting (only 2), a couple of big pouting, 25 big dogfish, flounder and a lovely bass which my son Harrison caught (38cm). I did lose a good bass in the surf and with the quick glimpse it would have been my best to date but alas it was not to be. All fish returned to fight another day. Great bait as always and we are already looking forward to our next trip. Kind regards Daniel Holmes" 

More like winter than summer ( 1 June)

I had this report in from a wind swept Becky Lee...don't worry the forecast for next weekend is  "Hi Tony
As the weather has been so crap I thought I would try the beach. Mainly due to 3 of the four boat trips I had booked this week being cancelled :mad::mad::mad::mad: (typical British weather). So whilst my brother and his fiancée were sunning themselves in St. Ives on the beach I braved the wintery conditions. The wind was blowing a good 6-7 Northerly and it was a tad misty and wet and I think I was lucky to avoid the rain.
I set up at Low water 2.30pm and the plan was to fish to 9.30pm. Conditions looked perfect for Bass and I was hoping for a good session. Fist cast produced a dogfish as did the second cast......... Not what I was looking for, especially when the water was so shallow.
At low water I went out onto the sand to get some fresh outs and I am glad I did. This was the bait that produced the bass, whilst I had a couple on the worm dug the day before the Freshouts were far more effective for the Bass. The third cast produced a small School Bass about 25cm in length.
As the tide flooded the stream of fish kept coming. There were lots of Dogfish around and in the end I managed to return all of the 25+ dogfish I caught. The numerous Dogfish were only interrupted by the distinct rattle, rattle of the small School Bass that were there in numbers. I also managed to winkle out a couple of small Flounders.
As it got darker the number of dogfish increased and then the first whiting of the session appeared. Time to go I was thinking to myself. Then all of a sudden I saw a better bite on my rod on the last cast. No monster but a better Basslet of 36cm."

A happy customer ( 1 June)
I had this report in from Ed Pickard, thanks for your kind words...but there are no guarantees we just do our best...
"Hi Tony
Well you're advice was spot on today 31st May. I popped in on Monday for a couple of bits and some local knowledge and did exactly what you said. We got in behind the power station due to the northerly wind. Started fishing just before low water and it was big dogfish from the off! Fish went to sleep at slack water but as soon as it began to flood the fish woke and we're back on the bite. From about 3-5pm had 10 big dogfish and 2 ok sized bass (1-1.5lb). Stayed on and fished till the top of the tide and ended with 2, 30cm flounders and 3 small whiting. Thanks for the advice. Ed"

Lovely day at the 'Diamond' ( 30 May) 
I had this report in from David Kingsman who was fishing Sunday (29th)...
"Hi Tony,
Thanks for some great bait again.
After your usual motivational chat. I decided on Dengemarsh.
Lovely day to be on the beach. Started off fishing low tide and continued to about 2 hours after HT.
First fish was a decent sized Flounder followed immediatly by a slightly smaller one.
Caught a cracking Bass just before HT and again caught a smaller one of around 4lbs just after.
Now the twist to the tale. The smaller Bass had taken the hook down and was bleeding. I knew it wasnt going to make it but due to the law returned it. It went belly up and I watched it float away.
Made me wonder what it was all about really.
Anyway, on a lighter note. Took a photo of the wife modelling the very fashionable DAA hoody.
Fishing week for me so be seeing you later in the week. Best regards, Dave."

DAA found it hard work ( 30 May) 
Here is the report of yesterdays match from Simon Newman...tough going at Galloways on a dead tide...
"Results from today's afternoon comp 
Everyone fished Galloways. Very hard going, water thick with may rot. Unlucky for Gavin and a couple of others who caught sizeable bass. A tough days fishing. I targeted rays for the last 2.5 hours and fluted one little male. Otherwise. 2 flounder and a whiting weighed in. Next weekends night match should be much better. Only £5 to enter, a friendly informal competition, contact Stephen Harvey for details if you fancy giving it a go."

Brings a smile to your face ( 29 May) 
I had this inspiring report from Dave Chard...its great to see the youngsters doing well...
"2 plaice and 2 small bass - here's 10yr old Theo with his catch.
I drew a blank again. Cheers Dave"

Loads of bass ( 28 May)
I had this report in from Arkam Belhouchet, in spite of the shortage of big bass, we have had loads of to six pounds reported...
"Hi Tony...
The Bass season this year is alive and kicking, it might be the best season in years! I've mainly been fishing on the Thames and have caught more than 30 already. Last night I decided to try DungeMarsh and I caught 7. I'm looking forward to catching a double figure...Regards...Arkam"

Looking good for Sunday ( May 27)

The DAA has its next match on Sunday(29th)...a in on the road 12.30 to 2pm till 6pm. forecast for Sunday, lightish north easterly rain, temperature 17 degrees light cloud.

The long walk to success ( May 25)
I had this report in from David Kingsman this evening...who took the gamble to go for it in spite of the 'may water'...
"Hi Tony,
Days fishing report as promised.
Started off in true Dungeness fashion.
Picked up my excellent bait and had the usual motivational chat with your good self.
Decided on Dengemarsh but forgot the road was closed off. Did a U turn and decided to walk towards the Diamond from Power Station car park.
Nearly got there. Guess I ended up few hundred yards to the right of the Boils.
Sea looked calm but it was the same as the old Swan scenario. Calm on top but legs paddling frantically underneath.
Had real trouble holding the bottom but as its my only day off this week it had to be dealt with as best as possible. I wasn't going home. 
Round about HT, I caught a lovely 6 lbs 1oz Bass.
Absolutely made my day after struggling a bit.
Followed it up with a Flounder, Dogfish and another fat Bass at around 3-4 lbs (Didnt weigh).
Put them both back and am currently explaining the Bass law to my Thai Wife who thinks Ive had a funny turn.
Not an easy days fishing but the glow we all get from catching at Dungy massive tonight.
Goes to show. Sometimes we have to catch them on their terms not ours.
See you Sunday. Regards Dave."

Super fishing in the west bay ( May 22)

I had this great report in from Becky Lee Hodges fishing the west put the effort in and you get the results..what a great range of species...
"Hi Tony a report from this weekend  
(first four pictures from Friday rest from Saturday) 
Friday 20th May 
Fished a local mark tonight from 4:30pm to 10pm. After reports of a few good fish showing I was full of excitement and anticipation especially as the tide and weather was perfect. 
Got to the mark a couple of hours before low water and set up fishing. Things were slow to start but managed a small Bass and Flounder on the 3rd cast. Over low water I managed to get quite a few fresh outs and used these rather than last nights dug bait. As it turned out the fresh outs were dynamite.
Over low water I managed 5 Flounder and 2 small bass about 1lb. As the tide flooded I moved back up the shingle and landed another couple of Schoolie Bass and another Flounder. 
As the light began to fade thing began to pick up and it was a bite every cast. Time and time again I was getting small Bass up to 1lb and then managed one of about 3lb. As the tide flossed more and the darkness fell the bites continued. In all I managed 15 small bass to 1lb and one of 3lb, 6 Flounder and a whiting. I also lost two much bigger Bass in the waters edge. 
All in all a great little session with lots of fish so well happy. 
Saturday 21st May  
Fished same mark again last night. Arrived at 5pm fished the tide down and back up to HW. The conditions couldn't have been more different than the night before. Last night the wind was blowing and tonight it was flat calm, very mild and warm. Then later electrical storms thunder and lightening as well.
The first cast produced an eel of 2lb and then nothing for the next 2 hours, so I pumped some fresh outs for the session. As the tide began to flood things picked up and as the tide hit the shingle it was bites non stop really until the tide got too strong.    
First fish was a small bass of about 30cm followed by two small fat plaice of 30cm which was a surprise. Next were two more small bass and a couple of flounders, then I was watching for bites and saw an unusual bite and thought not expecting that here. Pulled up and wound into a small ray of about 1lb. Well happy even though it was small it was my first from this mark ever. Next cast produced a couple of whiting an slow pull down and then slack followed by another slow pull down. This looked a better fish and to my surprise I beached the best fish of the night a 4lb Thornback Ray.                                  
This was my first two from this mark in 8 years of fishing and living here so was very chuffed even though they weren't PBs or record sizes. All fish went back alive and well. The tide last night was very, very strong and as soon as this started to run the fishing died so packed up at HW and went home happy. Becky" 

The fish are a bonus ( 22 May)

I had this report in from Dave Chard last night...remember the fish are a bonus...just enjoy the day...
"Good Evening Tony,
We are the couple that came in and bought two rod/reel combos for a day of fishing on the beach.  We chose behind the boats, and never really moved from there. 
I caught absolutely nothing, well a bit of a sun tan, but my missus caught a crab, a small whiting, a nice dogfish and a brace of lovely flounders.  We were using the same rig and bait, and swapping sides, we even swapped rods and she then caught on the "other" rod, so there was nothing wrong with the kit......just me!
Thanks for the advice and we had great day.  We'll see you again on the 23rd June when we come down as a full family for some fish. Cheers Dave"

Who shrunk my bass ( 22 May)

I had this report in from Neil Rodwell fishing yesterday...could be 'may water' or the outfall?...
"Hi Tony,
Here's my report from today as promised. Got to the beach around 9:45 with a strong sw wind and drizzle which remained until mid day. Had a small bass near the top of the tide (which was returned safely) and a couple of whiting, one of which was a decent size. Holding bottom was nigh on impossible due to combination of wind and tide. The sun came out in the afternoon and the wind dropped allowing me to finally fish at range. Managed a small flounder around 3:30 which had swallowed the hook and then somehow managed to spit it out on its own! So that was returned unharmed. That photo of a 10lb bass you requested never materialised due to the actual fish being about 9lb too small! There was a bad smell coming from the sea leading me to think may water which may have explained why it was so quiet. Thanks for the bait today I will see you soon. Neil"

Nice night at Hythe ( 22 May)
I had this report in from Bobby Goldsmith fishing last night down at Hythe....
"Another two rays caught at Hythe 22nd may on bluey and mackerel wraps and a bonus dogfish"

The dogs keep coming ( 21 May) 
I had this report on facebook yesterday from John...I have had reports of more big dogs behind the boats..."Hi Tony John Hodgkinson fished littlestone wall today the dogs were biting today 2 nice size one today both on the ebb fishing lug worm"

Another nice bass ( 20 May)
I had this report in from Terry Carpenter...very nice fish...
"Hi fished behind boats for 3hours
Untill high tide .Tide was ripping through only had dog fish upto 54cm and small whirting .
Then 30mins before high I had this little beauty of 50cm  weighed in at bang on 4lbs safely returned to get bigger Terry"

Some nice bass about ( 18 May)
We are getting plenty of reports of bass in the three to five pound is a report from Shirley Codlng...
"Hi Tony
Jax and I decided to have a go round the West bay Monday evening.
Lots of may rot in the water but it did not stop Jax from catching two whiting, a flounder and a PB bass of 4 Lbs 8 ozs.
I of course did not have a bite.
Only downside was having to return a perfectly good meal. Oh well, maybe we can go and buy the same fish once its been caught in the nets.
All the best Shirl"

Action replay (18 May)
Dave Harrington was back at Littlestone yesterday...
"I hit the wall again.
Hi Tony just got back from Littlestone Wall again & the fish were biting again. I had Whiting, Dogfish, another Smoothhound Pup & this lovely 3lb Bass. Bait of choice was straight Lug fished on 2 hook clip downs."

Hitting the wall ( 16 May)
I had this report in from Dave Harrington...nice to see the early smoothounds...we had two in the DAA Vets match last Wednesday...
"Hi Tony decided to hit Littlestone Wall again, as it was such a lovely evening. 
Had Schoolie Bass from the off along with Doggies, Whiting & a Pouting. 
All fish were caught up to half an hour before High tide then it all went quiet until my last cast when I had a Smoothhound Pup. Bait of choice was straight Lug fished on clipped down 2 hook rigs."

Sad sight ( 15 May)
I had this sent in from Tony Castle...this is getting more looks like a juvinille seal to me...on the bright side we do have a lot more seals about..."Washed up at Reculver"

Nice away day ( 14 May)
I had this report from Neil Rodwell...
"Hi Tony,  I thought I would give you a report on somewhere different to dungy. It's around this time of year that I start focusing on another venue when dungy starts to go a bit quiet during the day and had a few hours down samphire hoe near Dover. Tactics are totally different due to there being an abundance of snags and rocks and hence the species tend to differ from the usual dabs and whiting. Got to the hoe about 10 o'clock and the sea was flat calm with France in full view and looking so near I could have cast a rod to it!  I even got a text from EE saying welcome to France! The power station was in full view aswell on the horizon making me think if I had made the right choice of venue. I'm happy to say I caught several fish, nothing massive but was kept entertained all day by a steady stream of wrasse of different colours as the pictures show and one blenny just to break things up. Like I said makes a change but will be down again soon as im starting to get dungy withdrawal! See you soon and all the best. Neil."

Off and running ( 14 May)
Here is a report from Terry...
"Hi Tony
Fished just to the right of the walkway, had the usual whiting and a couple of doggies and then this lively 2.5 - 3lb bass came along, kicked hard and sped off like a torpedo when returned which was our first of the season, very satisfying!
Sorry, tried to cut kens head out of the photo but he ducked, not nice so I apologise!
Ken and Terry Gifford"

Dengemarsh temporary closure ( 13 May)
I had this update from UK Power Networks...closure should be working hours only,
"We now expect the closure on Dengemarsh Road to take place between 16/05/16 and 26/05/16."
DAA Veterans match yesterday ( 12 May)
Here are the results from yesterday's DAA Veterans match from Malcolm (Statto) Jones... a couple of smoothounds came to the rescue in 'flat' conditions with banks of sea fog rolling in.
Stuck in a Jam ( 12 May)
I had this report in from Cliff...
"Hi Tony,
Sorry I missed the DAA Vet’s match yesterday, but I was stuck in a jam on the A20 and spent a hour and a half twiddling my thumbs.
Determined to go fishing, when the jam cleared I made my way to Hythe and pitched up on the parade just down from the Imperial Hotel.
Suffice to say, a very slow session, just a single dab and a small plaice.   To make my day, this fish came along, just over 6lb and my first
beach caught thornback ray. See you at the next match or maybe not😊 Cliff Furr"

Did you forget something ( 11 May)
DAA 'Vets' match tomorrow at Littlestone in at 1.30 to 4.30...don't forget your waterproofs!

Filling your freezer ( 9 May)
I just had this report in from Paul Child...
"Hi Tony just got from the beach water very clear didn't catch much of the usual species, so switched to feathers... whipped myself some feathers up on the beach loads of mackerel.. returned lots especially the smaller ones overall most a good size, lots of 6 out of 6 casts... freezer now stocked for the BBQ season. Of note the sea was alive with large sandeel 10" plus kept foul hooking them. Think this is the earliest they have been for a while now. All the fish were / are in excellent condition and plump. Regards Paul"

Dengemarsh temporary closure ( 9 May)
I had this update from UK Power Networks...closure should be working hours only, any changes I will let you know...
"We will be closing Galloways Road for safety measures when pulling our overhead conductors/ lines. The road will only be closed at that specific point where the line crosses the road. All areas should still be easily accessed from Dengemarsh Rd. The dates below do overlap but it is unlikely that we will shut 2 parts of the road at the same time. If there is an Emergency and the closure needs to be accessed through, we can stop our pull and open the closure.

Dengemarsh Road VO03-04 (Highlighted in Yellow) 23rd May – 1st June

There are also a couple of tracks that would be unsafe to access (blue)."

Fun in the sun ( 9 May)
I had this report in from Andrew...

"Hi Tony, 
What a great day's fishing! After 4 hours of very uneventful but very pleasant fishing being the power station, we felt it was time for lunch and a change of tactics. On the way back from getting some fish and chips I dropped in to pick up a mackerel rig and on the first cast hit 4 beautiful mackerel. This continued for about an hour and then abruptly stopped by which time we had bagged 11, well worth the trip down from Brixton! 

Thanks a lot for the great bait and advice as usual and look forward to coming down again soon, All the best. Andrew Mason"

Mackerel galore ( 9 May)
I had this report in from Becky-Lee Hodges...

"Hi Tony 
I fished from 11am to 2pm short session today. Nothing on the bottom at all not even a bite baits coming back untouched. however the water was very, very clear. so fished for mackerel instead. Ended the session with 25 Mackerel, a few other anglers had them as well. 

Regards Becky"

1st thornback ( 9 May)
I had this report in from Bobby and running...
"Had my first thornback ray from Hythe caught on crab and herring 2 and half pound"

DAA Juniors ( 9 May)
I saw this posted by Terry Carpenter...
"Juniors fished Littlestone today in brilliant sunshine and very light winds needless to say no fish were caught but they did see a seal and they saw the spitfire fly overhead and of course they got a suntan. Better luck next time."
It pays to keep moving ( 7 May)
I had this report in from David Kingsman...Friday 6th May.
"Hi Tony,
Quite an eventful day.
Started off on the Point. Not a good idea. Think I would have needed an anvil to hold bottom.
Gave up on that idea after a couple of hours and moved around to Dengemarsh.
It was a lovely day and I was quite surprised to be the only one sitting out in the sun.
Fishing low tide was pretty good. Caught 5 Flounders and a very welcome little Bass ( Returned).
Decided to stay and fish the night HT.
As soon as darkness arrived the rods were going non stop. Whiting, Pouting, Rockling and a Dogfish.
My friend the fox made another appearance and ate any remaining bait plus most of my packed lunch.
Thanks for the great bait and the 'special' packet you gave me bagged the Bass.
Finally. Bit dissapointed to see fishermans rubbish dumped in the car park.
Regards Dave." ( 5 May)

I saw this post from Terry Carpenter of the DAA Juniors...the weather forecast is fabulous...don't forget your sun cream...
"Juniors fishing this sunday 8th may meet at 10.30
Fishing 11.00----2.00 Meet at Pilot car park"

Early mackerel ( 4 May)
I had a chat with Roy Godden telling me that John Smith had a few mackerel at Hythe I checked facebook...and John said...
"fished Hythe Murco end had 3 dabs and 13 mackerel today 3 others fishing near me 1 had a garfish and mackerel plus 2 small spider crabs"

Tough going ( 3 May)
It was tough going on Sunday in the DAA rover but that's fishing...but here's the latest from Malcolm (statto) Jones "Hi all, Latest match result as posted on Facebook. Regards, Malcolm"

Nice little bass ( 2 May)
Hard going in daylight here is a report from Iain Macnab fishing yesterday...
"Hello Tony. Chris and myself fished Dengemarsh yesterday1100-1430. Only one bite between us and a nice little bass, duly returned of course. Cheers, Iain"...I share your pain...fished Galloways yesterday in the DAA match...not a bite in nearly four hours...until the last cast...20cm whiting!

A real mixed bag ( 1 May)
I had this report in from David Kingsman who has put in a lot of work over the last three days...
"Hi Tony, Saturday 30th April. Dengemarsh.
It all started off so well. Lovely hot sunny day. Walked up to the Diamond.
First 6 casts = 6 Flounders. It was all set up for a Flat fish bonanza.
Suddenly, over came the black clouds and rain.
Fishing totally died a death. Strange but even the crabs seemed to stop eating. 
Joined by my new mate throughout the day.
I just cant say no when he looks at me with the puppy dog eyes.
Todays menu:
2 x Marks and Sparks Cheese sandwiches curtesy of my Mum.
1 x bag of crisps.
2  x Blueys
2 x Sand Eels
Half a bag of squid.
Guy next door had roughly same as me with one of two small Plaice as well.
Enjoyed my last 3 days at Dungy. Had a bit of everything. See you soon. 
Best regards, Dave"

Alas I drew a blank ( 30 April)

I had a report from Neil Rodwell...tough day..."Hi Tony. As promised just sending in my report from today behind the station. Alas I drew a blank. Not a single bite all day. Although as far as I know it's only the second time it's happened to me in two years at fishing dungy so not bad going overall! The crabs were an absolute nuisance all day with lug baits coming back stripped bare and squid baits 'scissored down to mush within minutes. Was kept entertained by the porpoises most of the morning which seemed to be just cruising around on the surface catching a few rays. The sea was flat calm again with the clear water starting about 5 yards out but was devoid of fish! Anyway, was nice to get out on the beach even when it rained around three which wasn't a problem thanks to the suit! Thanks for the bait and see you soon. Neil" 

Dengemarsh closures ( 29 April)
I had a email from the 'National Grid' with the proposed closures to Dengemarsh Road.
"During the first circuit outage (i.e. when the replace the wires on the first side of the towers) we will need to close Dengemarsh road from 16/05/16 to 10/06/16.If we are able to reopen the road any sooner we will do." 
I spoke to the NG and they said these closures apply to working hours only...if I get any more info I will post it closer to the closure date.

It takes the biscuit ( 28 April)
I had this report from David Kingsman...his only bite wasn't from a dogfish...but a dog fox!...
"Hi Tony, Fished high tide at Dengemarsh today. Very choppy. No luck for me. Baits coming back untouched. Not all doom and gloom. Made a new friend today. He helped me eat my Chocolate Digestives. Back tomorrow for another crack. Regards Dave.
PS. Great bait as usual thanks. Best regards, Dave"

Tough going behind the boats ( 27 April)

Just got back from walking the dogs in front of the power stations...sad to say deserted as usual...but 'B' station has been busy today pushing up shingle from the base of the 'bund' (harvesting)...its a bit steep so watch out...I had this report in from Kevin Warden..."Blanked...Fished 11-4pm behind the boats...not a bite!"

Nice ray from Sandwich ( 26 April)

I saw this from Stuart Newman on facebook, I thought it was caught at Dungeness at first but Stuart has given me the facts...still a nice fish...well done Stuart...
"Hi Tony, may be a bit of confusion here, as we fished Sandwich bay by the Sailing club, not Dungy as someone thought. Fish was caught on a sandeel/bluey wrap fished at range, approx 1 hr after Hi tide. my mate Phil Tarry also had 2 others- 1 at just under 6lb and one about 10" long. Five of us fished, cat, even the ching the usual Whiting, Pouting, some large doggies and the Thornback. Good day out even the weather stayed good until pack up time!"

Fishing the dream ( 26 April)

I had this report in from Ryan Taylor who did his best...but there are no guarantees that's fishing...the main thing is enjoy the day...
"Hi Tony
Well after i popped into the shop on Sunday and we had a chat as this was going to be my first ever outing at Dungeness i thought i'd let you know how it went..
Walking on to the hallowed shingle for the first time certainly felt special, all the things i'd ever read about the place and finally here i was. 
I plotted up behind the Power station as you'd suggested and commented to another angler as i was loading my gear out of the car that even a solitary whiting would have me smiling today! Well first cast and blow me down that most reliable of beach angling buddies did indeed pay me a visit and i'd never been so chuffed to see one!! A Dungeness fish and at least i wouldn't be going home with a blank. The next six and a half hours were pretty tough fishing, fished long, short,  (and everywhere inbetween!) straight lug mainly but also light squid/lug cocktails on small hooks and also big squid and bluey baits on Pennels for any rogue bass or rays but to no avail. I did wonder if in 7 or 8 months time i may be standing here on a crisp moonlit night doing battle with my first Dunge cod but i guess time will tell on that one..
On the drive home i reflected on what had indeed been a magic days fishing despite our finned friends mainly giving me a wide birth and just wishing the place wasn't a 150 mile round trip from my front door. But hey. If it doesn't challenge you it won't change you. All the best for now Tony, Ryan."

The DAA current standings ( 25 April)
I had conformation from Malcolm Jones (statto) of yesterdays results and current placings.

Great result ( 25 April)

I had this post copied in from Les Bates of the Southern Circuit Sea Angling Society...
"Congratulations to both Sam and Paul for a good showing in this weekends Herne Bay Spring Festival"

DAA match results ( 25 April)
I had this report in from Simon Newman following yesterdays DAA match...
"Hi Tony, sorry no pics but thought you'd like to know that the plaice have returned to Dengemarsh.  DAA comp yesterday, circa 11 plaice were caught between 11 anglers, Phil Tanner having 3 in his first 3 casts! Quite a few flounders and also a mackerel !"

Quality not quantity ( 24 April)
I had this report in on facebook from Robert North...
"Fished 23rd of april all day for 8hrs near the diamond at denge marsh. Fishing was very slow only 4 fish all day but I got my target. I had a double shot of plaice and two flounders. Biggest plaice was 37cm caught on fresh black lug"

Pretty flounder ( 24 April)
Thanks for the report Neil...I must say that is a very pretty photo...
"Hi Tony, decided to fish Dengemarsh for the first time ever today and target the plaice. The sea was as calm and clear as I've ever seen it, a nice turquoise blue as opposed to the usual tea colour! As a result the fishing was difficult with baits returning untouched and no one around me seemingly catching anything. My intended quarry was obviously off elsewhere but I managed a couple of decent flounder around 25-30cm. Had my first fish around half 10 then all was quiet for several hours until another turned up around half 2. Decided to pack up as the weather started to turn. Thanks for the bait today and see you soon. Neil"

DAA match on Sunday ( 22 April)
I had this email from Steve Harvey (DAA Match Captain) with this bonus extra match...
"Match day Sunday booking in at Denge... 10-10.30 fishing times 11.30-3.30 this is an extra because we missed one in January.... Also next weekend... Location TBA when I get a general idea of weather conditions...." Lovely photo ( 21 April)
I had this report in from Tony Castle...lovely photo...
"Have a beer watching sunset at Reculver herne bay" 

A happy angling report ( 21 April)
I had this report in last night from Dave Kingsman...
"Hi Tony,
Let me start with the acknowledgements and credits.
Thanks for some great bait for starters. Always love a chat with you before the off. Just like to check my radar is in tune with where you would be heading.
So, two heads both agreed on Dengemarsh.
On paper it may not have been ideal fishing with the East wind.
In reality it was a glorious day to be on the beach.
Had fun looking out for monsters in the clear water.
Fishing was a bit tough. Tried lots of different things at close, medium and as far as I could cast. Baits were coming back untouched.
Two hours down from HT got my first bite. Nice 36cm Flounder.
Three hours down got another one exactly the same size.
I love days when I feel you have to work for your fish and this was one of them.
Off to do some work now. See you when I get back. Best regards, Dave

The fish are a bonus ( 20 April)
I had this report in yesterday from David Kingsman...
"Hi Tony, Sorry I never saw you this week.
I fished high tide back of the Boats. It was very colourful as you can see.
Started off a bit slow but that changed an hour before HT. Dogfish coming two at a time then a run of decent sized Whiting. All the Doggies went back unscathed. 
See you soon. Best regards, Dave"

DAA match result and positions ( 20 April) 
I had this update of the DAA match result from last Sunday from Malcolm (statto) Jones...
Pretty as a picture ( 19 April) 
I had this report in from Tony Castle...pretty picture of a LSD...if you like them...and I do...
"Hi  Good day fishing at Reculver Herne bay"

What a great report ( 19 April) 
I saw this report today from Wesley Cheeseman on the Southern Circuit Sea Angling Society facebook page...
"Well a last minute decision saw me and my brother, Jason Cheeseman head out in search of a ray as he has only ever been once before 3 years ago. With me landing my PB and no success for him on that night but with all my success I have had this year so far I was confident I could get his first one. but with only a small time frame as he had to be back for lunch. we set out early and after arriving we noticed Ashley Brown walking along the beach. So we started and on Jason's first cast he succeeded with a small male. That was him happy no matter what happen after that. Well ash then got one a nice female in the 8lb bracket. Then it was my time I had the next 4 one of which went 8lb 7oz then ash had another then just as me and my brother had to leave I had a small male and my brother had a female of 7lb. Mission accomplished. All in a 3 hour session."

Dungeness...keep it clean ( 18 April)
I had a email from Owen Leyshon of the Romney Marsh Countryside Project to tell us of the up coming beach clean...if anybody is available to help, you will be made most welcome...
"Beachclean at Dungeness NNR – New Lighthouse to Lifeboat Station Sunday 24th April at 10.00am. Meet at New Lighthouse.No counting, just picking and bagging. Bags and litterpickers provided."

Madagascar Sea League latest ( 18 April)
I had this report from Steve Field of the update match and positions for the 'Madagascar' Sea League...
Southern Circuit latest ( 17 April)
Here is report from Paul Jarrett of the Southern Circuit Sea Angling Society.
"Result from our Sandwich Bay match - 16/04/16 
14 members and 1 guest fished, Dogfish, Rockling & Pouting weighed in 
Well done to Graham King for winning the match, 3 in a row! 
1) Graham King - 9 fish, 12lb 12ozs 
2) Sam Collier - 8 fish, 9lb 13.5ozs 
3) Steve Richards - 6 fish, 8lb 1.5ozs 
4) Wesley Cheeseman - 4 fish, 5lb 7ozs 
5) Dave Sales - 4 fish, 4lb 11ozs 
6) Luke Ingram - 3 fish, 4lb 5ozs 
7) Colm Brennan - 3 fish, 3lb 12ozs 
8) Paul Jarrett - 2 fish, 2lb 9ozs 
9) Ben Trudgill - 3 fish, 2lb 7ozs 
10) Keith Johnson - 2 fish, 2lb 6ozs 
11) George Underdown - 2 fish, 10ozs 
12) Philip Underdown - 1 fish, 1oz 
13) Alan Jarrett - 0 fish 
13) Ashley Brown - 0 fish 
13) Stephen Foster - 0 fish
Heaviest Fish - 2lb 2.5oz Dogfish, Graham King"

Match day tomorrow ( 16 April)
Late reminder DAA match day tomorrow (Sunday) at from 5 to 9pm!
Book in 3.30-4pm. For more info call Steve Harvey on 07786538103

Quiet day on the beach ( 15 April)
I had this report from Michael Smith who fished yesterday...
"Hello Tony
Nothing too exciting last night - I fished Galloways, ending up with one Plaice at 33cm, two Flounders and a very small Bass (smallest I've ever seen and returned) on the very last cast.. Hopefully Sunday will be better! Kind regards Michael"

Black day at Dengemarsh ( 14 April)
I had a phone call today from a customer, who asked me has there ever been a report of black bream being caught at he had a fish weighing between 8 to 12oz and the fished was returned alive!...Yes a few years ago (possible 10) we had reports of black bream and trigger fish at Jurys was a hot summer.
Am I sea temperature today was 11.7c !!!'s looking's looking hot.
The full result ( 14 April)
Here are the full results from Malcolm (statto) Jones of Wednesday's DAA 'Vets' match...thanks for the number crunching...
Today's 'Vets' match ( 13 April)
We had the April DAA 'Veterans' match today at Littlestone, fished further down the bay to avoid the dredger spraying shingle into the shallows...I would like to thank the Romney Bay Hotel allowing us to use their car park.
12 'Vets' fished today's match in great weather...very bright made it hard going...
1st John Wigston with 135 cms
2nd Mick Kibbon with 67 cms
3rd Tony Hills with 54 cms

Keep a look out ( 12 April)
I had this email in from Mick Sharp out at Essex Mick was a member of the Kent & Essex IFCA he has been heavily involved in the protect bass campaign...he needs our support...

Illegal Bass fishing off the Essex Coast - K&E IFCA contact number
"Hi guys
I've just had a call from someone to say that yesterday, the first tonne of Bass from an Essex based commercial fisherman has been landed and sold into the fish market at Lowestoft. This I presume, gives him another 300kg for the rest of the month plus any personal allowance.
I am getting a number of people ring me with intelligence on illegal Bass fishing by licensed and unlicensed fishermen.
Can I ask that you share this intelligence with the Kent & Essex IFCA directly as I am not in a position to enforce any illegal activity.
The CFO has assured us that he and his team will follow this up directly. You can call this number anonymously giving a short description, time date and location and boat name on Tel: 01206 303261.
Activities that have been reported to me so far:
1. Nearly half a tonne of Bass being landed by one fisherman and entering the Black Market in February during the closed season.
2. The continued use of Drift netting techniques in and around the middle deeps at night.
3. An unlicensed commercial rod and line fisherman landing Bass in the closed season in the vicinity of the Sunken Buxey.
We must all be prepared to give the IFCA all the details we can so that they can target the main perpetrators and broadly ensure compliance with very limited resources.
We must all play our part ensuring the fast recovery of UK Bass stocks.
Many Thanks Mick Sharp"

Keep it clean ( 11 April)
I had this report in from Neil Rodwell fishing yesterday...
"Hi Tony, just a quick report from behind the station today. Another busy day in the area, possibly from people trying to get away from the big tides on the point. Had the usual influx of dabs and rockling with the odd whiting thrown in. Unfortunately I spent most of the day amongst lots of litter. I'm not sure if people are leaving it behind or its being washed up by the big tides. But none the less it makes for a less pleasant experience. Anyway had a quick tidy up in my spot so anyone fishing there after me will appreciate it! Thanks for the bait today and see you soon. Neil"
A lot of the rubbish is 'wind blown' flotsam & jetsam washing in with the big tides. The DAA helps sponsor the beach cleaner at Dungeness and the association has also sponsored the new 'gull & fox proof bins at Dungeness...most our members are getting the message...keep it clean!...well done Neil.
Madagascar report ( 11 April)
I had this report in from Martin Swinyard of the 'Madagascar match group' meet at the weekend...
"A great turn out with 18 rods turning out for a wet and windy match 6, a rough and coloured sea quickly dispelled any thoughts of any spotties showing with thoughts turning to the rays instead. 
A steady stream of Dogs Dab Whiting through out the match kept it a close rung thing until reports of a couple of rays being landed opened up the running for top spot. 
Highlight of match was a few shelters being wiped out by a rogue wave much to others amusement 
Top spot went to Ian aka Badger with 2 rays 
2nd Luis Chuva with 1 ray 
3rd 󾆼 with 6 dogs and bits 

Great match and turnout with lots of species Ray Dog Pout Whiting Smooth hound Slugs and Dabs 
Big thank to all that turned out and Welcome to the 3 new members sorry can't remember you names am sure Harold has them written down all be it spelt wrong."

A bit windy ( 11 April)
I had this report in from from Terry Carpenter of yesterdays DAA junior match...
"DAA juniors had there April meet this morning at Littlestone With a onshore wind making things hard going the juniors caught whitting & rockling with aidan catching the most fish including a small bass( wich he returned ) 
Next meeting is Sunday 8th may at 11.30 pilot car park"

Porpoise mystery ( 11 April)
I had this report in from Scott Leonard...a sad sight but with the explosion of maine mammals around out coast getting more common...looks like a 'net mark' to me, once drowned the porpoise could get hit by a boat and then the gulls dive in...
"Hello Tony,
We struggled in the wind and rain to find any decent fish today amongst the boats. Fishing paused to marvel at 4 porpoises that entertained us for over an hour, less than 50 meters out. Sadly the session ended with a porpoise in the surf, we jumped to help, only in to find it dead. Not sure how this amazing creature met its end; there are lacerations on its nose and back and a great chunk missing out of head and tail. Any ideas? Thanks for the wise advice and great bait. Andy & Scott"

He's had his chips ( 10 April)
I had this report in from David Kingsman fishing Saturday...
"Saturday 9th April.
Hi Tony,
Bit of a wild but very enjoyable day at Dengemarsh.
Very big tide and really rough sea.
No problem holding the bottom and plenty of fish about.
Nothing massive but had Flounders, Dabs, Whiting and the chubby guy in the photo.
Huss and chips in The Pilot on the way home.
Perfect end to the day.
Thanks for some great bait as well.
See you soon. Regards Dave."

Getting his hands dirty ( 9 April)
I had this report in from Tony Castle...summers coming...full of promise...

Plaice in the sun ( 9 April)
I had this report in yesterday from Paul Child...jealous or what...

Calling all juniors ( 8 April)
Terry Carpenter of the DAA Juniors posted on line a reminder that the DAA juniors have a meet...
"Juniors fishing this sunday meet at 11.30 at pilot pub car park. Should be a nice day weather wise" 
Latest DAA match results ( 6 April)
I had the result of last Sundays match at Dengemarsh (it was better at Galloways :-)) from Malcolm (statto) Jones...
Dungeness...wildlife park ( 5 April)
I had this report in from James...
"Hi Tony – fished the point on Friday and Monday on the incoming tide (afternoon / evenings). Gentle winds both times and short-ish tides so holding bottom not a problem. Using frozen lug tipped with squid it was great fishing – pretty much a fish a cast, occasionally 3. Loads of dabs and flounders (up to 25cms) and a couple of plaice on Friday (over 30cms). Plus the usual doggies, pouting, rockling and a few whiting. Kept a dozen or so flatties each time – they soon get eaten! And a bonus was having porpoises around. All in all, two very enjoyable trips.
Cheers James Webster"

More floundering around ( 5 April)
I had this report from Becky Lee fishing Sunday in the west bay...
"Hi Tony 
Sorry this is late problem my end with the pictures.
 After yesterday's unexpected result I thought I would try the same Venue and exactly the same mark. I was mildly optimistic because of yesterday that there would be a few fish around. My target was Flatfish and I knew that there were quite a few Flounders to be had so that was my main target. If I managed a Plaice it would have been a bonus as would have been another Bass.
The day was very productive for the old Flounders, finished up with
17 X Flounders
1 X Rockling
3 X Whiting
4 X Dabs
Most of the Flounders were 0ver 35cm and really plump, the best one was 40cm again. It's nice to see so many Flatfish around. I personally love fishing for Flatfish, I think it's because this is what I fished for as a kid.
Some pictures of the days catch"...

Floundering around ( 4 April)
I fished Galloways last night after work...searching for a plaice...alas I only found flounder, the good news...only one whiting! But Roy Godden fishing with his mate Peter had three plaice, as his freezer is already 'stuffed' with plaice he kindly gave me his...picture of my best flounder below. Cheers. Tony
Glorious day ( 4 April)
I had this report in last night from Kristian Walker...what a glorious day...
"Had a good afternoons fishing at dungeness today.
Used frozen black lug left over from my last session , squid and mackerel with size 1/0 and 2/0 hooks to target flatfish.
Ended up with over 20 fish including a couple of 30 cm dabs and a 35cm whiting. Also had some smaller flounder , rockling , pin whiting and a small sole.
No plaice tho which is what we were targeting. Kristian"

'Dabin' around ( 3 April)
I had this report in from Neil Rodwell..."Hi Tony. Thanks for the lug n rag today. Both worked well. Set up behind the station away from the crowd and fished the dropping tide through low water. Was kept entertained with a steady stream of palm sized dabs mixed with the odd rockling and whiting. The weather was hazy sunshine most of the day and when the tide turned so did the  conditions. Packed up around 3. Many thanks. Neil" 

Great fishing ( 2 April)
I had a report in from Roy Godden the west bay yesterday he had some great fishing...the best I can remember for this time of year...
Roy's catch included...17 Flounders, 3 Plaice, 1 Bass plus many Dabs and Whiting...

April Fool's day bash ( 2 April)
I had this report in from David...what a nice day...
"Hi Tony,
Bit of a tag team effort at Dengemarsh today.
Met up with my mate Ross.
Now yesterday, he sat 20 yards away from me on the Point. I caught some great Dabs yet he had hardly anything. Well today it was his turn. He banged out 4 nice sized Flounders while I sat there with just a tiny Dab and a crab saving me from a blank.
Hour after high tide my mate had to leave. 
I moved into his pitch and had...... 4 x Flounders.
Amazing really as we had done basically the same both days.
Back to work now. Really enjoyed last 3 says at Dungy.
See you again soon. Regards Dave. Best regards,Dave"

Superb fishing ( 1 April)
What a great day for the end on of March...superb fishing...great report from Becky Lee...
"Hi Tony
Out fishing again today this time from the shore at Dungeness. If I am honest I wasn’t that optimistic due to the time of year and size of tide. I managed to arrive at 12pm and got set up quickly as after speaking to one other fisherman he had already had some Plaice. I was fishing by 12.15pm and it didn’t take long for the fish to begin biting. The first fish to come in was a tiny Pin Whiting. My worst fears were being confirmed. As it turns out this was only one of three pin Whiting I had all day. The next fish was a reasonable Pouting, still disappointing and then a dogfish was next. I thought that this was going to be my story for the rest of the day.
This all changed about 2.5 hours before high water and this is when the Flatties showed in Numbers. Cast after cast was producing a good run of Flounders, Dabs and Plaice. Just before High Water chatting to a couple of other Anglers who had popped over to see how I was getting on I noticed a really good bite on my rod. I left it to make sure the fish was hooked and it kept going, I thought to myself that this was not a Flatfish if it was it was a good one. I picked up the rod and wound into the fish and felt a good thump, thump on the end. I carefully wound in the fish and to my surprise I had the biggest two fish of the day. A Bass of 3lb and a 40cm Flounder.
Fifteen minutes after this I had another stonking bite on the other rod, as I wound this in it really gave a good fight especially when it got close to the shore. To my surprise it was the first of 3 Plaice that measured 36cm. It just got busier and busier for the next hour and a half I was pulling in Flattie after Flattie. The Flounders were in good condition and all of them were over 33cm.
By the end of the Day the total stood at…………
3 X Whiting
1 X Dogfish
4 X Rockling
9 X Dabs (best 27cm)
10 X Flounder (best 40cm)
2 X Bass (best 46cm)
3 X Plaice (best 36cm)
1 X Pouting
8 species in total for the day was better than I could have ever hoped for and to get good sized Flounder, Plaice and Bass amongst this as well was far better than I could ever have hoped for. I managed my first two Plaice of the last day of February and had to wait until the last day of March to get my next three. Back out again tomorrow for more of the same hopefully. Becky"
A real dab hand (31 March)
I had this report in tonight from David Kingsman...who is getting a real dab hand at photography...
"Hi Tony, Had a great day fishing the Boards today. Caught 5 x really nice sized Dabs with the biggest going 33cms.Can't remember ever having one as big as that so I'm claiming it as a personal best. Plenty of fish about today. Dogfish, Whiting and Rocking keeping everyone busy. Wife all happy tonight as the Hunger/ Gatherer has returned with the supper.Thanks for the bait today. I know its been slim pickings due to the tides this week. Best regards, Dave."
Family day out ( 31 March)
I had this report in this morning from Daniel...what a great family day out...
"Hi Tony,
Had a good day yesterday with the kids. Fished to the right of the walkway. Plenty of whiting, rockling, dabs and flounder, over 40 fish between us and all returned for another day. Thanks for the bait will be down again soon!
Kind regards Daniel Holmes"
 Beautiful day ( 30 March)
I had this report in from David Kingsman...what a beautiful day...
"Hi Tony,
Well it was a nice day for a sit on the beach.
Fished just to the left of the Point. Water very coloured.
Plenty of fish about. 2 x decent Dabs first cast then a steady stream of Doggies, Dabs, Whiting and Rockling.
Must have ended up with over 50 fish, some of fair size.
Just out of interest. We had quite a few Dolphins in front of us for most of the day. 
Quite a show. Best regards, Dave"