Beach Catch Reports

If you get a good catch let me know, you can also send me your pictures!

Looking out for a cod ( 20 December)
I had this report in today from Mike...
"Hi Tony, many thanks for the bait yesterday and my new tripod which i am well pleased with, i took your advice and fished in front of the look out tower from 6 pm - 1 am ,managed these two codling just after high tide , made a nice change from whiting !!! Michael Lloyds."

Season's Greetings from Steve ( 20 December)
Here is a report from the DAA captain Steve Harvey before tomorrows Christmas match...
"As you all know Sunday is the last match of the year. .. Id just like to take this opportunity to thank everybody who has fished the league this year. .. Ill be quite busy on Sunday so wont really have time to mingle lol. ... Its been a pleasure again. .. You're a great bunch of lads and hope you'll be fishing again next year. ..The league in my opinion is going from strength to strength and i do appreciate you turning up in your numbers every fortnight. .... Ill be publishing next years dates soon on here plus handing them out on Sunday along with a couple of size limit changes. ... All that's left for me to say is all have a great festive season and see you all in 2015. ... tight lines"
Remember to compete tomorrow you must have competed in two DAA matches or more this year!

Don't forget the bass ( 19 December)
I had this report in from Pete...
"Hi Tony.
Had a trip yesterday the 18th in very windy conditions as you know from the weather reports blowing very strong fortunately it was blowing offshore behind us fishing behind the boats. I fished with my brother from about the afternoon and braved the wind and surf for 5 hours.  We had the usual things with a couple of dogs. And we both had 1 codling each @ 2.5lb. Then decided to pack up. However lasts cast of the day using a pulley pennel rig with 4/0 hooks a whole squid and dressed with 3 black lug.cast around 60 yds left it out for 5 minutes.wound in and it felt good on the retrieve got my brother to.stand by  as I thought it was a cod.  Sadly it wasn't. However it was a PB ..  a cracking Bass . Hooked at 8.15. Only had a rusty spring balance to weigh and  it registered@ 7.5lb.  26" long. So apart from the weather. A good session. Cheers Tony from Pete and Poge Gifford. From Chatham."

On the boards ( 18 December)
I had this report this morning from Nev...
"Hi Tony
Cheers for the bait.
I caught two codling today off the end of the wooden decking, the best was 5lbs (pic attached).  Lugworm tipped razor over low tide.
Many whiting, most sizeable plus a welcome Dab.  Around 10 persons fishing - didn't see any other Cod today but left before dark.  
Very comfortable day's fishing! Thanks again Nev Broad"

Wind makes fish ( 18 December)
Its good to see a break up in the have got to be in it to win it! Here is a report from Steve...and those fish do look hungry...
"Hi Tony,
Steve Collins here,
 I fished behind the boats again tonight 2 hours before high water. I had a slack line bite and I was in to my first codling of the night, which weighed 4lb 8oz.
Bang on high tide I had a slack line bite again and I was into my second codling of the night, it weighed bang on 4lb.
 "Both fish took lug sausage on the big 10 o hooks again, there is 2 good things about using these big hooks, you can fish with very big baits and you certainly don’t catch any whiting! Cheers, Steve."

Bad news ( 16 December)
I had a report yesterday on my 'facebook' page of mindless criminality from Rob Edwards...
"Hi Tony. Just a heads up to you and visiting anglers. My van was broken into on Sunday evening in the layby opposite the concrete road. Rig making box and two pairs of trainers stolen. So nothing major, but van needs a new door. Not good. Cheers for helping with the blacks after the confusion."
We don't need this sort of behaviour...I popped into the mobile police station at Lydd this afternoon to see if the Police are aware and requested the crime figures are sent into Lydd Town Council.
On the way back I stopped of at the CNC (nuclear) police station on the power station road and spoke to an officer concerning crime reports on Dungeness estate he hadn't heard of this event but reassured me that they are being vigilant...if anybody hears of anything...please email me!

Lookout for a cod ( 13 December)
I had this report in from Ken fishing today...its getting better...
"Hi Tony 
A good mornings fishing just in front of the lookout tower at three quarter low tide. Persevered through the hoards of whiting to land three cod including this one at 9lb which were caught on lug tipped with squid at distance, all returned.

Thanks Terry and ken Gifford "

Fill your boots ( 12 December)
I had this report in this morning from Andy Heslop...
"Hi tony we fished at back of boats from 11am to 8pm .
Collected lots of queen cockles that had been up .
Bait was lug and queen cockles .
First cast codling.
2nd cast codling
3 rd cast codling.
4th cast codling.
Then went quiet whiting and dogs.
Ran out of queen cockles just before it went dark then switched to full cuttlefish and lug. bang another codling . My mate had 2 codling on lug and cuttlefish.
Top day Andy

 Nice day weather bomb ( 11 December)
Just had this report in from Kevin Warden...
"Lots of whiting and a 2lb cod. We fished 3 hours up 2 down during the day. Cheers for the excellent lug. Kevin and Miserable Mick."

Here it comes...( 11 December)
Today's forecast...the first 'biggie' of the winter...

North Foreland to Selsey Bill

Strong winds are forecast

24 hour forecast:

Westerly backing southwesterly 7 to severe gale 9, occasionally storm 10 for a time, veering northwesterly 4 or 5 later.
Sea state
Rough or very rough, becoming moderate or rough later.
Showers then rain, fair later.
Good, becoming moderate or poor for a time.
This should be worth getting on the back off!!!...lets hope the cod agree!

Plenty of fish behind the boats ( 10 December)
Steve Collins popped in this afternoon after a bit of disaster with his Greys rod (expensive) so down to one rod...he knocked out codling from 2.5lb to 4lb and a bass of 3lb using big baits lugworm and cuttle, presented on...10/0 hooks! And I thought I fished heavy!

Batten down the hatches ( 9 December)
The forecast from tonight to Thursday (early hours of Friday morning) strong winds from the west southwest...great for stirring up the water and we hope the cod!

DAA Junior match ( 9 December)
Terry Carper sent me some great photos of the recent Junior match...
More match results ( 8 December)
Here are results from last night DAA match...
DAA match result Sunday 7th December 2014 – Full Rover – 4-8.00 pm

1st       Mark Harvey                25 fish   13 lb. 10 oz. 
2nd      Dave Wood-Brignall    24 fish    12 lb. 15 1/2 oz.
3rd      Alex Veel                      24 fish    12 lb. 6 1/2 oz. 
4th      Joe Loftus                      14 fish   10 lb. 12 1/2 oz.          HF   2 lb. 7 oz. cod
5th      Michael Smith               25 fish   10 lb. 2 oz.

Codling, whiting, dogfish, dabs, pouting and a herring weighed in.
                                                Cold, NW breeze and a clear night.

Match results ( 7 December)
Here are the results from yesterdays matches...
Paul Jarrett posted last nights results of the Southern Circuit Sea Angling Society...
Result from our final 2014 match at Hythe 06/12/14

18 anglers fished in freezing conditions, whiting, dabs, rockling, pouting, dogfish and codling were weighed in

Well done to Steve Richards for winning the match

Top 5
1) Steve Richards - 45 fish, 15lb 1oz
2) Paul Jarrett - 42 fish, 14lb 1.5ozs
3) Wesley Cheeseman - 37 fish, 12lb 13ozs
4) Dave Trigger Wood-Brignall - 26 fish, 10lb 4.5ozs
5) Sam Collier - 25 fish, 8lb 4.5oz

Heaviest fish - Codling 1lb 6ozs (Dave Wood-Brignall)
Our next match is Hythe 03/01/15, fishing 18:30 to 23:30

Dungeness Angling Association fish their Junior match yesterday morning...

Terry Carper posted this report on facebook...
"Just had the junior xmas meet 13 fished in cold conditions 11 fish caught and then all went to pilot for dinner thanks to Aarron The Boss for sponsoring the meal all the juniors got a voucher for £15 of which £5 was donated by Tony Hills of seagull tackle 
The juniors also had a raffle with prizes donated by Breakaway tackle
Thanks to all who attended "
PS I also heard that Micks Tackle had donated a reel as a prize...well done to those club members who helped make a great day for the juniors.

Dawn patrol ( 6 December)
Chris Radley just popped in after fishing the rising tide this morning behind the boats, Chris reported a 8 cod fish tally...1 x 7lb, 2 x 5lb and 5 x 2.5lb...a great morning range.

Reminder ( 4 December)
Don't forget this Sunday we have our penultimate DAA league match for 2014...what better way to spend a fiver!...Book in at the EA gate 2.15 till 3.00pm, fish from 4.00 to 8.00pm. If you need any information call Steve Harvey on 07786 538103...all members welcome.

At last ( 3 December)
I just had a look at the weather forecast for next week...batten the hatches next Tuesday if the forecast is right...we have the first major major south westerly gale of the season...better late than never! We desperately need this storm to wash some food into the beach to encourage those big cod into the beach...

Good news ( 3 December)
One of my customers (Curtis Brown) popped the key for the EA road back this morning I asked how did he do last night in years he said...loads of codling...over a dozen plus some good whiting. The codling weren't big nothing over 2.5lb but it was such great rod 'ratterling' fun!
All fish went back except one codling badly hooked!

Bad news ( 2 December)
I had an email from our Dungeness wildlife officer...
While rubbish collecting in front of the Dungeness Power Station on Sunday morning 30 Nov, I chatted with a number of anglers which complained about getting through the Whiting which is a challenge to all beach anglers. 
However, it is always disappointing to see piles of dead Whiting up and above the tideline which have been left by beach anglers from the night before. Surely, just give the fish a fighting chance again and put them back. 
These fish I photographed in front of the Power Station."
You can see the photo below...the way I see clear up the beach up so that nobody knows you were there...we don't need a bad press...

A beach beauty ( 26 November)
Simon Newman posted on face book tonight...
"Dungeness.....A short 3 hour session this evening down to low water and managed to sneak out this beauty......13lb 9oz and he ate a whiting an hour and a half before low."

A mixed bag ( 26 November)
Best report today in the shop today was a 4lb bass had last night (plenty of surf) otherwise the usual whiting, dabs, dogfish, small codling...and yes more whiting!!!

You hear of one, then four in a month ( 25 November)
I had this email from Ken...
I was fishing Dengemarsh last week and amongst the very numerous whiting I caught a fish I was not sure of.
When I got home, to my surprise I discovered it was a 2.5lb Coalfish !
In many years fishing Dungeness I had never seen one before.
Regards Ken Vizard"
Yes this is the fourth report in the last month...but this is the biggest!...unless you know different?

Latest result ( 23 November)
Here are the latest results from Paul Jarrett of the Southern Circuit Sea Angling Society...

Result from our Deal Rover match 22/11/14

16 members fished, whiting, dabs, rockling, pouting, dogfish and codling were weighed in

Well done to Sam Collier for winning the match

Top 5
1) Sam Collier - 30 fish, 15 lb
2) Tony Hockett - 22 fish, 11 lb 10.5ozs
3) Ashley Brown - 27 fish, 11 lb 7ozs
4) Wesley Cheeseman - 26 fish, 11 lb 3ozs
5) Paul Jarrett - 27 fish, 11 lb 0.5oz

Heaviest fish - Dogfish 1 lb 13.5ozs (Sam Collier)

Our next match is Hythe 06/12/14, fishing 19:00 to 00:00

With just two matches to go ( 19 November)
Here are the full results from Sundays match and current league placings with just two matches to go...

M'mm...I will continue to use big hooks with big the forlorn hope of catching a decent fish!!!

Last nights DAA match ( 17 November)
We had another good match last night...
1st place P. Gunner 36 fish 18lb 2.5oz.
2nd place M. Smith 27 fish 17lb 2oz.
3rd place n. Elliott 28 fish 17lb 1oz.
4th place D. Wood-Brignal 33 fish 14lb 3oz.

Heaviest fish M. Smith codling of 4lb 6.5oz...not in very good condition I think Michael was doing it a favor!

The DAA Junior Xmas match ( 16 November)
Here is a notification from Terry carper...
"Next junior Xmas meet is sat 6th Dec (not sun) meet at pilot 10.00--10.30am 
Xmas hats will be welcome email for details"
I gather there could be Xmas presents flying about for those taking part!

Enjoy the day ( 15 November)
I had this report come in today from David...
"Thanks for the bait and sound advice Tony, we fished Friday morning until 5pm, 
behind the boats.
Whiting all day, with a lovely looking codling to add to my dad's species list!
The Codling took a small simple bait of a single big lug tipped with squid on a 
single hook pulley rig. Returned, to get bigger for another time.
To our left and right, others landed codling and a single large cod late 
afternoon, great to see.
David & Daniel Martin - Tunbridge Wells, Kent.
Well done Mark ( 15 November)
I had this report from Mark Boakes, great report and well done for getting out there when your not fully fit...
"Hi Tony, fished the point on Thurs low tide up blustery but fishable,had dogfish and whiting from the off, these two came 1 hour before high, fished worm and squid on 6o Pennal at distance,no weed and no snags for a change, great bait once again, cheers Mark."

Things that go bang in the night ( 14 November)
I had this report from Adam Hill...
"Hi just to let you know how it was fishing yesterday. 
Found some shelter from the wind to set up behind one of the boats. I walked a 
bit further north to a bay the tide had formed as struggled to hold bottom on 
the straight during the tide run. I stayed till late at night and had some good 
action. 5 bass up to about 4lb,  a big fat pouting, a few of the usual whiting 
and lost something big  close in the surf. Cheers Adam"

Some like it rough ( 14 November)
I had this report from David Hutchinson...who 'braved the weather yesterday...
"What  a rough day.  Nice surf no bass. Fished behind the boats today.  from 7-12.25  after that  the breaker's got too fierce with the tide.  Had 3 dabs countless whiting 2  deep hooked codling as pictured.  One of which when gutted appears to have eaten 2 sea mice (slugs) and even the crabs it had eaten were still alive.  All in all it was worth the day off work  and with the wind blowing out the cobwebs,  feeling ready for Christmas."

Looking good this weekend ( 13 November)
The forecast is looking very good...light rain...after a 'blow'!                                        On Sunday we have another round of our 'famous' DAA match series fishing 4 to 8pm, book in on the road 2.15 to 3pm. All members (new and old) very welcome, only £5 entry...if you need any more information call our match captain Steve Harvey on 07786 538103

Codling galore ( 12 November)
Here is a report from last night by Paul Hodges...
"Hi Tony
Fished again last night with Andy69 making the most of the weather and last of the biggish tides. The wind was force 6-7 from the S-SSE with a nice bit of surf and tide run over HW. We fished from 10ish until 3am. Now sitting in work knackered lol but the trip was worth it.
All we had up until an hour before HW was Ting and I had a double shot of dogfish that I thought could have been the first Cod of the night. The first Codling landed on the beach as soon as the tide begun to run 2lb 12oz (47cm). I shouted up the beach to Andy to let him know but he didn’t hear me. It wasn’t until he came down to chat saying ‘now is prime time with this tide run’. I said ‘I know there is one in my shelter’.
About 15 minutes later Andy had one on the beach too of 2lb 4oz, things went a little quiet although they were hectic with the tide run. Bang on HW I had a further two in quick succession bring the total to 3 for the night 2lb – 44cm and 2lb 8oz – 46cm. we could have gone home then but we stuck it out a little longer in the hope of a couple more Codlings.
Andy did manage another small Tommy Cod which was returned to fight another day. The Ting were a lot bigger than Saturday. That brings my total to date to 15 in four sessions. I am quite happy with the start of this Cod / Codling season. Just need a few bigger ones now.

Regards Paul

2015 match list ( 11 November)
I had this via facebook from Paul Jarratt...dates for your diary...

What a great start ( 10 November)
Anhony told me that young Luke had his first codling...what a great start...
"Hi tony, popped into the shop on Saturday after fishing Littlestone with my 3yr old son Luke who fished with us. We had codling, bass, dog fish, whiting a good days fishing in strong south Westley winds. Thanks Antony Taylor"
Twister! ( 10 November)
After a night of thunder, lighting and torrential rain here at 'sunny' Greatstone...walking the beach with the dogs this morning we 'spied' a twister at low water...but I couldn't see any 'flying' bait diggers?

 Fill your boots ( 9 November)
I had this report from Paul Hodges fishing in challenging conditions...
"Hi Tony Just thought you would like to know I had a good day at Dungey on Saturday. I fished at the end of the DAA Rd slightly out of the wind and conditions from 06:30 until 21:30 and had 9 Codling and 8 Bass. All of them were small and all the Codling were sizeable 35cm +, but only 2 of the Bass were sizeable. All of them fell to Lug baits on 6/0 hooks. I am sure if I fished with smaller hooks I may of had more but I was trying to cut down on the Whiting.                                                                                                     All in all a good days fishing in some challenging conditions. Many people tried to fish behind the last two boats during the day but ended up moving due to the tide, winds, waves and fierce conditions. I fished 100-150 yards ton the left of the last two boats and had the beach to my right to myself. I used 8oz leads with the ends taped up to hold bottom and they worked very well in the circumstances. Only had a short period of about an hour where I struggled to hold bottom. I did lose a couple of better fish in the surf but I cant complain with the days result. Regards Paul"
DAA junior match report ( 9 November)
Here is a report from Terry Carper...
"The juniors fished littlestone today and all caught fish .we had 4boys & 3 girls fishing. most fish caught by evan who had 18 fish the girl with most fish was melisa with 11 fish a total of 75 fish were caught mainly whitting & a pouting & a school bass
despite the rain & a good session was had by all"
Bang on bass ( 9 November)
I had this report in from Alex Whittlesea this morning...
"Hello Tony
Had an awful few hours down the Ness Friday night. No Cod's just 
Whiting and Bass.
Packed up in disgust after the fourth spiky. Where are all 
the BIG CODS? :) 
Regards Shirley"

Littlestone report ( 9 November)
I had this report come in this morning from Daren Edwards...
"Hi tony fished opposite the sandbanks nursing home yesterday due to that southerly breeze had a good mixed bag of flounder bass codling whiting and dogs .had fish as water reached the shingle and where still catching two hours down had a lot of weed over the high water but well worth a go at this venue when the wind gets up .daz"

Match report ( 9 November)
I had this report today of last nights Southern circuit Sea Angling Society match from Paul Jarratt...
Result from our Sandwich Bay match 08/11/14
13 members and 1 guest fished in windy conditions, whiting, dogfish, pouting, rockling, codling and 1 thornback were weighed in
Well done to Sam Collier for winning the match
Top 5
1) Sam Collier - 36 Fish, 18.4 lb
2) Wesley Cheeseman - 22 Fish, 16.1.5 lb
3) Paul Jarrett - 33 Fish, 15.5.5 lb
4) Joe Stevens - 30 Fish, 14.15.5 lb
5) Dave Sales - 27 Fish, 14.11 lb
Heaviest Fish - 4.9 lb thornback Ray, Wesley Cheeseman
Out next match is Saturday 21st November - Deal Rover, fishing 16:30 to 21:30
Reports today ( 7 November)
Casual reports coming in this afternoon from those brave souls fishing behind the boats today...
nothing spectacular (so far) big whiting and the odd codling to 3lb...most people fishing at short to medium range...very wise with these big tides!

It looks interesting ( 6 November)
I have just had a look at the weather forecast for tomorrow...gusting force eight from the south!...on a 8.1m tide...should shift some bait out of the beach for Saturday?
Dungeness...deserted ( 5 November)
I had this report from Mike Dew who was fishing Monday...worth the drive...
"Hi Tony,
I was planning to fish Denge Marsh Monday 3rd Nov and arrived an hour before low. Just the one solitary person fishing from Bedford fishing. Had a chat with him to see how fishable it was, but a bit too windy for me. 
Moved around to behind the boats and fished from 1600 to midnight. Larger Whiting came to  6/0 with lug baits, 9 keepers. 1 codling just over 2lb and one doggie. 
Long drive home though the road work and night closures back to Rugby, arriving home at 4am"
Behind the Boats

 Calling all 'Juniors' ( 5 November)
Here is a bit from the DAA facebook page...
"Junior meet this Sunday 9Nov 10.00 at Pilot Pub"

Here is the full result ( 4 November)
Malcolm Jones has worked his 'magic' and here is the current league and results...its getting tight at the top!
A wild night ( 3 November)
The latest DAA match was held last night at Dungeness...15 hardy people fished in torrential rain and strong SSW least the whiting are getting bigger...

1st Place D. Wood-brignall 37 fish for 16lb 2.5oz
2nd Place M. Harvey 34 fish 14lb 6.5oz
3rd Place P. Gunner 30 fish 12lb 4oz
4th Place J.Smith 30 fish 12lb 3oz
Heaviest fish M.Smith 1lb 11oz dogfish.

A great start ( 31 October)
I had this report in from Rob Reaich...a great start to the season it should just get better...
"Hi Tony
Thanks for the excellent fresh bait on Wednesday.
Fished the tide down near the point, Whiting, dabs and rain all 
afternoon. At about 8pm it was deserted, could only see 2 other anglers.
8.15 near low water fluked this 14lb 6oz beauty trying to steal a 
whiting off a single 3/0 hook baited with fresh blacks.
Just what Dungeness Beach is all about I suppose.
Looking forward to having another go soon. Regards Rob"

Just enjoy the day ( 31 October)
I had this report come in from Jonathan Vowles...remember the fish are a bonus...
"30th October 
Hi Tony. Beautiful weather at the point on Thursday, with constant double shot small Whiting. Also lots of fry or sprats near the surface. Sadly nothing else of size or note. However sunset never disappoints. Cheers Jon"
A great report ( 31 October)
Here is a report from Tony Smithers...
"good morning tony
thanks for the bait on thursday as always good it is the first time i have taken my autistic grandson fishing with his older brother,
as always first time fishermen always get the best fish his first 2 casts whiting third cast 2 lb codling he was over the moon
we had lots off whiting almost a fish a cast.
but at the end off the day for my grandson it was fresh fish and chips and the look on his face its the reason we all go fishing
thanks again and will be back soon. regards tony smithers"
Thanks for that I bet your Grandson will remember that fish for the rest of his life!
What a great report to start the day!

Next DAA match ( 30 October)
This Sunday (2 Nov) book in by the gate as usual from 2.15 till 3pm fish from 4 to 8pm...
and the weather forecast is wet and windy from the south west!

Mixed bag ( 30 October)
I had this report just come in from Kevin Warden...
"A week ago but I only just got the photo.A  2lb 8 oz cod ,2 at 42cm a whiting and a decent dogfish. I returned a 36cm cod a dogfish and numerous whiting. A 3 hour session just after low tide."
Not very happy ( 30 October)
I had this email come in from Dave Wood Brignall...
"Having fished dungie for the last 30+ years . I was disgusted last night at how 
close to shore one of the local boats shot its nets . No more than 60 yds out 
!!!! . We did catch a lot of whiting most good size . Looking forward to this 
Sunday's DAA comp IF THE NETS ARE GONE . The nets go from the point all the way 
to the diamond. Fed up Dave wood brignall"
Yes I agree Dave, lets hope they are only there for a guess is they are after bass (a non quota species). As you know their is no legal limit, if they want to they can place nets right up to high tide!...but it is not being a 'good neighbour' to us beach anglers.
The right plaice ( 29 October)
I had this nice report in from Paul Child...
"Hi Tony thought would drop a line to you. Fished Pirate Springs -Littlestone... Monday about 1045-1400 wind was a little keen coming off my right shoulder towards  eleven o clock direction but stirring up the water into a good muddy colour which with the high sun seemed in my view could  negate the brightness for the fish well it did... Overall a lot of  very good sized whiting but also lots of very small ones but good sport.  Had some good sized keepers x 9 most of the bigger ones all came in an hour period as the tide came over the sand bar almost onto the shingle  water could not have been too deep,had a beautiful Plaice 25cms and three small codling 30-35 cms all returned for another day. No Bass but I was informed by one of many passers by that a few days earlier he had a bit of a Bass fest casting out only 30 yards which quite shallow.... and thats what I find at this venue hit it right perhaps after a storm or during high winds you get good results. Cheers Paul."

The bass are back ( 27 October)
Here is a report in today from Ajaz...
"Hi  Tony, 
We had 1/2 a score lug left from yesterday, and my boys Osamah and Humzah decided that the weather looked good for fishing. 
We fished about two hours before high tide at the back of the Power Station. In the first hour we caught two whiting, followed by a 3.5lbs Bass went for a small whiting, which fought all the way, turned out to be a great half term surprize. 
Best Regards, Ajaz."
Well done Ed ( 27 October)
I had this email in from Ed Pickard...
"Hi Tony
I fished behind the boats last night (26th October) fished on a dropping tide, 
right at the bottom of the tide, I caught my first codling for the year, 1.5lb 
not a monster but it's a first. It took a bait of squid head and guts wrapped in 
a lugworm jacket! After that I fished the tide up and it was a whiting every 
cast. A great session with plenty of action. 
Regards Ed"
Yes Ed its great...those little codling from the spring are growing all the time...I'm hoping they stay around all winter by the spring they should be 3 to 4lb mark!

Pollack behind the boats? ( 25 October)
I had this email this evening from Peter Garratt...
October 24th and 25th:  Just finished an overnight session at Dungeness next to the fishing boats after picking up some bait from your shop. Started at 1pm on Friday and fished through the night until about 10am this morning. Loads of Whiting (a fish a cast) and one small Cod all returned. Plus this Pollack that was caught at low tide on a small pennel mounted squid at about 9am this morning. Is this unusual for this stretch of beach as it was the last species I expected and at low tide was caught about 70 yards out in very shallow water just as the tide began to turn. Peter"
Interesting but I'm not sure if it is a pollack, it looks like a coalfish to me very similar to a pollack and we have had a few of these reported this year!
Small is best? ( 25 October)
I had this report from Kevin Edwards...
"Hello Tony,
   I've just read Paul Hodges report for Thursday.  I also fished Dungeness beach on Thursday and found that the rod fished with size 2 hook flapper rig, baited with 1/2 lugworm, out fished my other rod with a big baited Pennell.  A nice 2.5lb Codling on the 1/2 worm flapper helped me come to the same conclusion as Paul, the smaller bait fished better than the large bait. Regards  Kevin."
Not just on the beach Kevin, the boats have been finding it hard going with very 'finicky' bites and hard to 'hit' the fish...but it will get better!

A nice night ( 25 October)
I had this message on facebook from Mark Norton...
"Just got home from dungie, Loads of whiting Fished from low to high tide Quite a few fair size whiting coming out to squid"...tough luck Mark there are quite a few codling around, its down to 'luck' if you can find one! 

A good start ( 25 October)
I had this email from Paul Hodges, who is off to a good start...
"Hi Tony
Fished behind the boats on Thursday. I fished from 9am until 9pm and caught 3 Codling (41cm, 42cm and 46cm). I also had the usual hoards of Whiting which were perfect Live bait size however the Live bait rod was unsuccessful with a big codling although it did produce one of the smaller ones, caught on the one inch piece of worm I was using to try and hook a Whiting for live bait. All Codling fell to worm despite my best efforts and perseverance with the Cuttlefish. Smaller baits seem to better than large baits for the codling, I did try big worm baits but the codling were only interested in single worm baits. I did try for Dabs but no joy at all for the Dabs. All in all a good first Cod session, that's 3 more than I caught last year.
Regards Paul"
All the usual suspects ( 22 October)
I just had this in from Michael Smith...
"Hello Tony
After leaving the shop this morning we headed for the boats, probably not the 
best place today but my dad needed to keep the wind behind him. Despite 
yesterday's blow the water appeared clear beyond about 30 yards but undetermined 
we fished in the hope of something a little special.. Sadly, the nearest thing 
to special was a Codling of around 1.5lbs (returned) that came from range to lug 
worm about an hour after high water .. Loads of Whiting, mostly undersized and a 
couple of dabs kept us busy.. All in all not a bad days angling but made even 
better as it's the first time for over 20 years since dad and me last fished 
Kind regards Michael 
Yes Michael that bit is...priceless!...and as for the whiting...tell me about it!

After the 'blow' ( 22 October)
I had this report come in from Steve Latham this evening...
 "Hi Tony its Steve Latham here had a day off work today so thought I would take advantage break in the wind started fishing about 0715am about half hour in to the trip up came these two on a two hook clipped with lug on a 2/0 .
then it was none stop whiting till about 3 hours after high water then not a thing
I shall be back on Sunday see you then "

The full result ( 21 October)
Here are the full stats and positions so far after a very 'breezy' match...

The last three matches ( 21 October)
Here is a reminder from Paul Jarratt...
Southern Circuit Sea Angling Society
Remaining 2014 fixtures....
Sandwich Bay - 08/11/14, 19:00 to 00:00
Deal Rover - 22/11/14, 16:00 to 21:00
Hythe Marine Parade - 06/12/14, 19:00 to 00:00
If anyone wishes to become a new member for 2015 our last 2 matches of 2014 are inclu
ded in the membership, our 2015 fixtures are in progress and due for release early November

Sundays DAA match ( 20 October)
Here are the 'top line' results...full results to follow...
1st. A. Veel 14 fish 7lb 12oz
2nd C. Bull 18 fish 7lb 9.5oz
3rd  D. Wood-Brignal 17 fish 7lb 1oz
Heaviest fish Alex Veel 1lb 10oz (dogfish)
Fifteen fished in a strong south westerly wind.

Latest result ( 19 October)
Here is the match result from Paul Jarratt of the Southern Circuit Sea Angling Society...
Result from our Reculver match fished last night, 19/10/14
Whiting, dogfish and dabs were weighed in
Well done Sam Collier for winning the match

Top 5
1) Sam Collier - 11 Fish 9lb 14.5ozs
2) Paul Jarrett - 20 Fish 9lb 4ozs
3) Wesley Cheeseman - 15 Fish 7lb 12ozs
4) Adam Horton - 10 Fish 7lb 2ozs
5) Alan Jarrett - 15 Fish 5lb 11.5ozs

Heaviest Fish - 1lb 15.5oz dog fish, Sam Collier
Next match is at Sandwich Bay - 08/11/14, 18:30 to 23:30
Well I believe it ( 18 October)
I had this email from Pete...
"Hi tony, just read that letter u posted on your site u had sent in, I've been 
fishing hard at dungie for 8 years now, I had my best bass this summer just 
under 7 lbs. took a long time and a lot off trips to get him. If these fellows 
had 3 9 lbers and a 7 plus other good keepers and big dabs in one trip I'll eat 
every single lug worm in your shop !! Lol. Prahps he just had a lovely dream. 
Any way tight lines all the best Pete." 
Well Pete miracles can happen...that's the magic of fishing...I remember a trip out to Kerton Road with my two boys (Anthony & Robert) years ago for a couple of hours when they were about nine and eight...we had 12 cod from 8lb to 26lb (Anthony) on calamari just never know!
Beautiful bass ( 17 October)
I had this fantastic letter from Kenny, thanks for that Kenny I must always remember that not everybody lives on a computer or a text machine!...
A cod sandwich ( 16 October)
I had this report from Alan Martin...
"Hi Tony,
Was good to meet you a couple of Fridays ago in your shop and thanks
for the good bait.
I managed to get out again last night at Sandwich bay (more local to
me than Dungy). And had this cracking codling on a size 1 hook with a
1 inch blow lug! Weighed 3 and a half pounds and measured 58cm in
length. Am I happy? Yes! All the best Alan"
Leon hit gold ( 16 October)
I had this email from Leon Shepherd...who hit 'gold' last night...
"Hi tony
Just thought I would let you know I fished dungie last nite and caught a half 
decent cod! Weighed in an ounce under 13lb! It took a whiting! 
Cheers Leon"
 Weird fish? ( 15 October)
I had this email from Huseyin...
"Hello sir attached are some photos of a fish I caught today. Me and my friend have been fishing over 10 years now and couldn't know what it is. The skin colour is like rainbow and when you move the fish it changes colour, also the other thing this fish had teeth on its tounge and it had very big sharp teeth for a small fish. We thought it might be a whiting or poor cod at first then we knew that we was wrong. Could you please tell us what this fish is called and if it is rare or not,
Thanks"  Well Huseyin looking at the picture it looks like a 'smelt' to me, you find a lot of these in river estuaries as they can move from salt water to fresh to spawn, a favourite bait of pike anglers...I hope this helps.
Its getting better ( 14 October)
I had Tony Thomas pop in for some more bait to carry on fishing on the 'point', I asked how it was going...7 whiting, 6 codling and a cod of 7lb...not bad for a carp angler!

Hot off the press ( 13 October)
I had this from Andy within the last hour...
"Hi tony I'm fishing at the back of boats right now just landed this nice bass on lug"

One happy man ( 13 October
Here is a report from Rob Wanmer...
"Hi Tony,
I'm the guy who came in on Friday morning bought a rod from you and wrung as much advice from you as I could think of. 
I went down behind the power station first as you suggested but it was far too windy so got back in the car and headed off to the other location you mentioned behind the boats.
After setting up and casting out (not too far as you said) I hooked into my first fish! An eel for starters, although not what I was expecting it was still good to know I was in the right place. Next came several whiting closely followed by four or five codling (all of which went back live and kicking). All in all a very good 5 hours fishing with 5 species caught (Eel x1, Codling x 4, Whiting x lots, Dogfish x 1, Pouting x 1).
Thanks so much for all your help and advice, I'll definitely be back as soon as I can.
Cheers Rob."

Weever...( 13 October)
I had this report come in from David Hutchinson...
"Hi went to Dungeness Sunday.  Fished of the walk way started at low tide the fishing was good catching whiting, pouting and a nice codling that went back.  Then high water it all went quiet the same was all along the beach apart from this weaver high decided to impale it's self."
For all you new anglers out there...this is the time of year we get lots of 'weevers' about (see photo) they have a venomous dorsal fin (spines) and the gill cover, so always carry a beach cloth to hold round the fish as you unhook them. If you get 'stung' in the hand place it in very hot water as this will dissipate the venom...

Nice codling ( 12 October)
Just had this photo sent in from Jonathan Banton...
"Hi there,
Thanks for the new rod today, I'm glad to say it was christened with 3 codling 
just after high tide in broad daylight at the back of the boats. A joint family 
effort as you can see Ben proudly displaying the largest! A fantastic days 
fishing. Thanks for your help over the years. Jon
Behind the 'boats' ( 12 October)
I just had this post come in from Sam Cogger...
"Hi Tony
Fished behind the boats Wednesday night upon your advice, and had a great session, landing four bass (three keepers) and two codling including a 6lb fish. All taken at extremely close range on two hook flappers baited with your fresh lug.
Thanks once again for your advice, it's much appreciated!
Best regards Sam"

Good day at Galloways ( 12 October)
I had this report from Steve who had a good in the bay yesterday, with the MOD having a weekend off...
"Hi Tony its Steven Latham we went to Galloway's we had 4 bass 3 cod about 15 whiting 1 dab and 1 weever not a bad day I shall be back at the end of the month 
thanks and see you soon Steve"

Here...coddy, coddy ( 11 October)
Just had this report in from Alext Whittlesea...
"Evening Tony
Managed to get out last night with Darren Brooks and Jason Carter 
in search of the noble Cod.
Scores on the doors were 4 to Jason up to 2Lbs. 5 
to Darren up to 2Lbs and 6 to me, the best going 4Lbs 12ozs.
The three smaller 
ones fell to large frozen blacks and cuttle, the three larger ones all took 
fresh blacks.
Rigs were 6/0 pennelles fished at range. Regards Shirl"

Quick report ( 11 October)
I just had this email from Simon Newman...
"I fished low last night for 3 hours. Had 2 codling on whole squid, both small about 40cmish.  3 friends fished high and had 14 codling between them, one nice on of 4.5lb, the other legal but small.."

Some venues are underrated ( 11 October)
I had this report from Paul last night...great venues in a south westerly...
"Hi Tony,
Just got back in from a session an hour or so ago...With the high winds past few 
days and settling this morning decided to fish Littlestone towards Pirate 
Springs went 
there water looked a good muddy colour lots of shell fish in and around the 
groynes lots of food and that sold it for me to fish there conditions for this 
venue looked right.
Fished 1100 - 1430. Can honestly say best daytime fishing that I have had in 
recent years, on average I got a fish each cast fishing ( two rods). Caught 
Whiting of 
course about 30 , perhaps more lost count to be honest, some were a very good 
size, nice Pouting as well. But the real delight was catching three large 
dogfish all 
definitely keepers 60-70 cms the biggest fell to a small pouting.. The whiting 
came first cast at 1100 and throughout...... the doggies dead on high water all 
in a spate. I am sure I lost a nice Bass as well as the rod jumped out of its 
rest a big hit.
Most fish came at 60-70 yards just onto the soft mud and as close to the groyne 
areas as much as possible where I has seen all of the shell fish.
I would recommend a cast out at this venue with the present current state of 
tides and weather.
Regards Paul - Maidstone"

Oooops...( 10 October)
I had this email from Ali...two days ago and forgot to post it, but here it is...nice photo...
"Hi fellow fisherman!
Sorry for the late post.
Not dungeness but still fishing. Fished on prince of Wales pier on 1/10/14 from 
8 in the morning till around 3 in the afternoon. Lots of little nibbles but only 
one small taker (pictured) released safely. I think the guys on the left of me 
caught a few mackerels. 
A few very small whitings being caught but no big bendy rods. 
All in all a good days fishing and not at work ; )
Good luck and get ready for COD fishing @ dungeness its coming every one!!!
Ps its Ali"

Reminder ( 9 October)
This was posted by Terry Carper of the DAA...
"Dont forget all you juniors ( thats under 17 not under 65 ) theres a meet on sunday at 10.00 at the pilot car park"

Good news & bad news ( 9 October)
I had reports today of cod to eight pounds coming out from behind the boats in this stormy weather with plenty of shellfish washing in with the first 'blow' of the season.
I went down to check the beach at Dengemarsh this evening the car park has suffered further damage so be careful how you park...

Full results ( 9 October)
Here are the results and positions DAA members league...

DAA match last night ( 6 October)
According to our match captain Steve Harvey this was the best turnout yet with 25 taking part...every one caught fish...great 'weigh-in'...well done John Smith on the scales and Cieron Bull on the 'stick'...full results to follow...
1st M. Smith 17 fish for 7lb 2oz
2nd G. Smith 15 fish for 5lb 15oz
3rd D. Brooks 15 fish for 5lb 12.5oz
4th G. King 14 fish for 5lb 9oz
Heaviest fish N. Elliott 1lb 10.5oz dogfish
Fish species weighed-in, Dab, Whiting, Pouting and Dogfish.

Does size matter ( 6 October)
I had this email from Paul Belli...don't worry Paul no fish grows faster than a cod...
"Hello Tony
Fished point over high tide last week. The only catch apart from weed and whiting was this codling... All head and no meat.. see attached. At range on Penell using whole lug.
Where on Facebook will you be putting up info on EA single movement?
Regards Paul"
 No sign of shingle being recycled yet...speaking to the EA they might start in November if they get all their 'Ducks in a row'...but I will let you know through my 'blog site' and facebook.

SCSAS match result ( 6 October)
Here is the result of Saturday's match from Paul Jarratt...
"Result from our Sheppey match fished last night, 04/10/14
Whiting, codling and dog fish were weighed in
Well done Sam Collier for winning the match
Top 5
1) Sam Collier - 10 fish 4lb 3ozs
2) Alan Jarrett - 7 Fish 3lb 10ozs
3) Paul Jarrett - 5 Fish 3lb 3.5ozs
4) Adam Horton - 4 Fish 2lb 3.5ozs
5) Daniel Collier - 5 Fish 1lb 13.5ozs
Heaviest Fish - 1lb 8.5oz dog fish, Paul Jarrett"

Smooth day ( 5 October)
Tailor Road for a smooth from Ian Florey...
"Good morning Tony just to let you know how things worked out on Friday. I fished the Taylor Road section and was in the company of 5 others waiting for the  tide to come up.a few eels at first for the others whilst i missed my few bites i had.The reel you sold was a scream...... after a few practices i put a little effort in the cast.I was amazed how smooth and quick the weight moved out to the sea.A fantastic reel indeed including the retrieve .What a winner  for less than half i normally pay for an ABU.
Thanks for the advice...hope to see you next week maybe if the Mrs doesnt object.
Beaujolais Boy Aka IAN"

Bass on the menu ( 5 October)
I had this email from Sam Cridland...not Dungeness but it is a tasty fish...
"Fished neptunes arm in herne bay(not dungeness i know)had this on second cast,2hrs before high tide,2lbs2oz,50cm.its dried up here lately but glad to see a nice dinner. Sammy. " 

A happy man ( 5 October)
I had this report in from Colin this morning...
"Hi Tony,
Its been some five years since I last went fishing - reason being my gear got nicked and other hobbies came along.
Anyway, having finally got an all new set up I was finally ready to get my lines wet on Saturday evening. I called in to your shop to pick up my bait but you only had frozen lug (all the fresh stuff had been pre-ordered which I didn't do) were right though; it made no difference whatsoever - if anything it was better than the fresh stuff and so I'm actually tempted to order frozen next time!!
I was able to set up on the beach at Dungeness at the spot I always preferred, by the fishing boats. I fished from about 4pm up to high tide at 8.30pm and it was a full on whiting fest. Every single cast produced, and as I use two hook rigs I got quite a few braces - partly because they couldn't wait to jump on the second rod whilst I was still reeling in the first!
Strangely though, the people either side of me didn't seem to be faring so well. Maybe it was the luck of the spot I'd chosen.......maybe it was the rigs I'd chosen (I favour 2 hook metal boom rigs).........or maybe it was the frozen lug!
I well over the moon with my return to fishing and can't wait till next time. I guess I'm hooked again. Ok, I'll get my coat!
Thanks again for the top drawer bait, Colin.
Dawn patrol ( 4 October)
I had this message from a very happy Adam Goldie...
"Hi Tony, fished in front of the powerstation last night, lots of Whiting and little Pouting over low water, they tired me out. after a few hours kip, I awoke to gusty winds and some decent surf, it was a beautiful sunrise, the seagulls were drive bombing the area in front of me while litltle fish were jumping out the waves like surfers. I put a running leger with a 4/0 circle hook with a large chunk of mackerel about 10meters out. 10 mins later i had landed this beauty, and a new PB of 5lb9oz."
Manic Monday...not ( 3 October)
I had this report come in today from Mick Hodges...
"Fished the end of the boards from just after high down to low Monday night lug and squid as bait pretty poor 5 whiting 1 dog when is the best time to fish there"
Their is so many factors to take on board and every day is different...but if it was me I would fish low water up on a neap tide and high water down through low on a spring tide. This is so depends on wind direction, weed etc. But remember the fish are coming to you so try and fish the 'gutter' (where the shingle meets the sand) when the water is coloured.
On your marks...( 3 October)
Just picked up this post on facebook from Steve Harvey our DAA match captain...
"Would you Adam and Eve it. ... We have another match this coming Sunday. .. Fishing 4-8...hopefully fishing a rising tide will produce a few bigger whiting and maybe a few more species you just never know... But the only way to find out is to come along and give it a go £5 to fish and open to any member of the DAA you can join on the day either at one of the outlets or at the booking in which is at the E.A gate between 2.15-3 pm. ... Hope to see you there"

Here are the results from last week ( 2 October)
Sorry for the delay...'bloody computers' here are the current positions and results from last week...
Don't forget that we have matches 'back to back' with one on this Sunday!

Its looking good ( 2 October)
Just checking the weather for the weekend...its looking good! Saturday has a small breeze backing north west...ideal! Then on Tuesday the forecast is force six to gale force eight, south by south west, ideal for a good 'stir up' to bring the codling in.

DAA match yesterday ( 29 September) 
Great match with 17 taking part...everybody weighed in (including me!) lovely evening, loads of fish mostly undersized, here are the top three, full results will follow in due course...

Ist  P. Gunner 15 fish 6lb 12oz

2nd  M. Smith 13 fish 6lb 7.5oz 

3rd  A.Veel 11 fish 5lb 15.5oz

Biggest Fish D. Wood-Brignal 1lb 11.5oz Dogfish

Mackerel sunset ( 29 September)
I had this email from Mike...
"Hi  Tony
Still mackerel about, but very small. I fished at the back off the power station at the weekend. Saturday only one keeper. Sunday 3 keepers all at low tide.  It was a nice sun set on Sunday evening. Mike"

Beautiful day ( 29 September)
I had this email from David Hutchinson this morning...
"Hi went Sunday just off the walkway. A lovely sunny day and have introduced my friend to the sport as seen in the picture.  Started of slow and that's how it stayed most of the day.  A dozen whiting until my last cast that produced a undersized bass  but nice to catch one and a nice sun tan to go with it."

Herring from Dunge? ( 29 September)
I had this email from Daohong Mu...
"Hi Tony,
Thanks again for the great bait on Friday! It kept me going overnight until Saturday. I fished behind the boats with my friends. One of my friends caught a codling just over 3lbs. On my 2 rods, it was whiting after whiting even I used 4/0s. There were 2 dogfishes with the bigger one is about 4lbs but no sign of bass. I decided to hang my rods after 2am and restarted in the morning. The weather was beautiful and water was calm and got clear. Very nice view to enjoy but not much bites. After lunch time, I changed to feather when I noticed some small fish occasionally jumped out and caught several undersized mackerels. Then I decided to retrieve my other rod to change bait since it was there almost 30 mins. Half way of my retrieval, this little fellow seemed to like the way I reel in and hammered the 4/0 hook...a 42cm herring...
Daohong from Wallington"
Sorry to disappoint you but it looks like a Shad to me...we normally get a few Shad' on their way to spawn in up the Rother but I haven't seen many this year...but it is a member of the herring is protected and should be returned unharmed...but I am told they are very tasty!

This came in yesterday...lovely fish ( 29 September)
Richard sent this photo in...a real taste of late summer...
"Hi Tony. Fishing at Sandgate this evening. First cast a nice ballan wrasse caught on lug using a two hook flapper I will send more pics of anything else caught. Regards Richard Smith"

Saturday night ( 28 September)
Here is a report from Paul just in...
"Hello Tony.   Just a quick email, fished behind the power station last night, had 6 bass,biggest 4lbs, all returned, and 2 plaice,first went 1lb second just topped 2lbs.  Bass caught about 50 yards out on a two hook flapper, on lug and squid, the plaice on a free flowing beaded trace at range on lug.  Lovely night, enjoyed the beauty of Dungie.   Going on my holidays in two weeks, fishing the North East coast Seahouses to Berwick, after the COD, this trip set me up.    Great spot, lovely friendly  people, love your website. Happy fishing to you all.  Paul from Margate."

Ready steady go (27 September)
Here is a report from Alex Whittlesea ( Shirley Codling)...
"Hi Tony
Managed my first two of the season Friday night. Both caught at range 
on 4/0 Pennells with black lug baits. No big'uns for me, but nice to be off the 
mark on my first attempt this season.
Regards Shirley 'C'"

Things that go 'bang' in the night ( 27 September)
I had a phone call this morning from Charlie Chawner who had a great early codling session at Dungeness..."Hi Tony its Charlie 
Had a good night Thursday behind the boats whiting from start high tide had 7 codling smallest 2.2lb bigest just under 7lb all caught long way out
Cheers from Charlie" 

Down at Deal ( 27 September)
I had this message from Warren Hayes who has a charity match tomorrow...
"Come along people to a great day tomorrow at the deal 1919 club for registration and tea and coffee as well as a catering van for breakfast and lunch. Prizes for every junior who attends lots of raffle prizes and cash pay outs on adults 1st 2nd 3rd."

The return of the 'piranhas' ( 27 September)
Here is a report from John Hodgkinson...
"Fished the up tide Friday night first cast a bootlace eel returned unharmed then 
constant whiting every cast with the exception of one pouting it seems that if 
other fish are there the whiting beat them to the bait"
Whiting can be a pest, try bigger hooks and a cuttlefish 'cocktail...cuttlefish is way tougher than squid or try a live bait rig with the whiting as bait?
What is it ( 26 September)
I had this query from Tim Cloake...
"This washed up as I was fishing.. Any ideas what it is ?"
 Well Tim it looks like a very dead 'Porpoise' to me...we have had quite a few wash up over the last couple of months (carried by long shore drift). The last couple of years has seen a big growth of Porpoise, Dolphin and seals around Dungeness...I think this is a good sign that there is more bait fish about? 
Just in ( 26 September)
Here is a report from Tim Cloake...
"Thanks for the bait and advice all payed off with some nice bass and codling !!"
 I can't wait ( 26 September) 'blank' again...
"Don't forget folks we have a match on Sunday. ...Booking in at the gate 2.15-3 fishing 4-8....and just in case youre suffering from withdrawal symtoms we have another match next Sunday same times. ... This msg was bought to you by The DAA members league. .. More exciting than a Liverpool penalty shoot-out... And a place where 'blankers' are born and and rumours are started  tight lines"
...From Steve Harvey the DAA match captain

Third venue lucky ( 26 September)
Here is a email from Michael...
"Hello Tony
After collecting my bait from the shop last night I set off for the Point, all 
looked good with colour in the water and birds taking fry on the surface. 
Everything looked perfect for fish so I set up, dead in line with the two light 
houses. First and third casts were snagged and gear lost so rather than waste 
any more tackle and time I decided to pack up and move round to Galloways.. Plan 
B soon went out of the window as they were firing until 11pm.. Undeterred I 
bumped my was slowly down to Denge. Again, everything looked good, tide was at 
its lowest, a nice surf and loads of space.. Having set up both rods, I opted 
for 'one in close for a Bass' and 'one at range' for whatever was there. From 
the onset it was Whiting every time on both rods. However, as soon as the tide 
started making its way up the beach I noticed a 'better bite' on the distance 
rod and in came the first of two Codling 43cm. The second, which was slightly 
bigger came on the same rod around an hour later and with both fish falling to 
half lug baits on 1/0 Limericks. That was it for the Codling but loads of 
underside and the odd bigger Whiting kept coming two or three at a time. I 
finished the evening around 11pm taking ten whiting over 34cm and the two 
Codling home.. Let's hope there are a few Codling to be caught at Sundays DAA 
Michael Smith"

Things are on the up ( 24 September)
I had a report from Mark Trotsky this afternoon who had been fishing the point from high water on a ebbing tide...Mark had many small bass, pouting, whiting and a 2lb codling!
The story so far ( 24 September)
Here are the current positions and the full result of the latest Southern Circuit Sea Angling Society...from Paul Jarrett...
Just behind Dungeness ( 23 September)
We have the long Pits...yes I know its not sea fishing but it's special, besides being a famous county wide tench and rudd water, the top lake has the pump if you are fishing in front of the stations and the sirens go off with the reactor having a 'melt down'...this is where the cooling water is going to come from...I had a walk round them today...they're looking is the pump house swim...

 ( The 'mack' are back ( 22 September)
I had this email from Humzah Ahmad... 
"Hi Tony, 
Me and my two boys Osamah and Humzah decided to go fishing at Dungeness point,  it was warm and the water was clear, just after low tide, when I had my first bite of two mackerel. Both of my boys were catching four and five fishes. Between us we caught a total of eleven. One of the bits were so fierce that it broke my reel, fortunately I had a spare one to carry on fishing. There were a few under sized ones, which we put back into the sea, for another day. We all had a great day fishing at the point on Saturday."

You can't win them all ( 21 September)
I had this report in from Phillip Kay...
"Started at what proved to be a tackle graveyard near to the boats. Got 
fed-up with getting terminally snagged every other cast. Moved to just 
on the corner of the power station. Mahoosive amounts of filament type 
weed plus, after about 19.30 a floating slick of something I'd rather 
not think about about some seventy five yards off the beach. The smell 
was appalling! Gave up at 20.45. Three 9" Whiting. Your Lug looked good 
enough to eat.
I'll have another go in a month's time. Phil.
Yes Phil we need a good blow to stir up the beach (get rid of that lost tackle), as for the 'slick' it could be from the power stations?

The latest result from the SCSAS ( 21 September)
I just had this report in from Paul Jarrett...the Southern Circuit Sea Angling Society had a great night at Dengemarsh...
"Result from our Dengemarsh match fished last night, 20/09/14
15 members & 1 guest fished, plenty of fish once it got dark, 212 fish were weighed in, whiting, codling, dog fish & pouting
Well done Wesley Cheeseman for winning the match
Top 5
1) Wesley Cheeseman - 31 fish 12lb 3ozs
2) Paul Jarrett - 25 Fish 10lb 11ozs
3) Colm Brennan - 21 Fish 9lb 4ozs
4) Alan Jarrett - 20 Fish 8lb 2ozs
5) Sam Collier - 18 Fish 6lb 8ozs
Heaviest Fish - 1lb 9oz dog fish, Paul Jarrett"
...well done a great result...things are picking up!

You need a sense of humour ( 21 September)
Here is a report from Eamonn Edwards...
"The guy that had the haul of fish must have had the best dream of his life. 
Seriously fished the point last night, caught 12 codling ,23 bass, 53 whiting, 16 eels, 
2 weavers,9 dabs,6 sole 12 plaice, 3 crabs and as I was trying for tadpole fish 
had a poor night. Kind regards Eamonn."

Now some good news ( 19 September)
I had this report in yesterday from Dan Sanger...
"Hi tony, yesterday i had about 15 whiting , 2 pout, 2 flounder, 2 eels, 2 bass , 2 codling, 5 dabs , 1 dogfish and 1 nice plaice. South westerlies will be here next week!"
I hope you are right about the weather...we desperately need a good 'stir up'!

No news is not necessarily good news ( 18 September)
unless you like whiting!
Reports coming in are primarily whiting with a few sole after dark...the good news from some of the sole netters that they are taking a few codling close in to about three pounds...Oh for a south westerly wind!!!
The full result ( 16 September)
Here is the  full result and placings...and before you say anything I'm going for 'therapy', a special thank you to Steve Harvey who fished and run things with a 'bad' back...beyond the call of duty...
Remember these are friendly matches we all take part to support the DAA and have a good don't be shy come along and enjoy yourselves...

Beautiful night...a shame about the fishing ( 15 September)
Last night the latest DAA match with 23 entrants...great turnout...needless to say I was knee deep in 26cm. whiting...rock hard but the cream rises to the top!
DAA match result Sunday 14th September 2014 – Full Rover – 4-00 pm – 8-00 pm

1st       Dave Wood-Brignall    8 fish   3 lb. 4 1/2 oz.       
2nd      Steve Field                   7 fish   2 lb. 11 1/2 oz.   
            3rd       Paul Gunner                6 fish   2lb. 10 oz.        including heaviest fish 1 lb. 0 1/2 oz. pouting
4th       Nathan Elliott              7 fish   2 lb. 8 oz. 
5th       Michael Smith             6 fish    2 lb. 7 oz.
Whiting, dabs and pouting weighed in – 75 fish in total.

23 fished and 18 weighed in.  NE fresh wind, dropping later.

A beautiful evening...

Unusual catch ( 12 September)
I had this report in from Paul...
"Hi Tony 
I went to Samphire Hoe today from my usual Dungie trip... However in 40+years of 
sea fishing I caught a fish as attached i the photo,The photo is not the 
best but was about one pound black in colour had white lips and a flat head just 
like a freshwater catfish and a massive mouth for its size...It has very sharp 
needle like teeth. An eel pout ??? Any ideas also had a nice please Ballan Wrasse today about 4lbs put it back, lots of wrasse different types. Regards Paul (Maidstone)"
Well Paul it looks like a 'Tadpole' fish to me...I have never caught one but here is some info...
Scientific name: Raniceps raninus
Also known as: Lesser Forkbeard, Jellynose Fish, Size: 1ft/30cm and up to 2lbs

Match time ( 12 September)
Here is the posting from our DAA match captain captain Steve Harvey...
"Hello folks...its match time again this coming Sunday....rover,booking in at the gate 2.15-3 fishing 4-8... our last match we a terrific turnout it would be nice to see you all turn up again. ... Gavin smith took the honours and even managed to weedle out an early codling....will they be there again?? Well theres only one way to find out and thats to come and give it a go. ...Open to any DAA member and only a fiver to enter which is now less than a score of bait. .... Tight lines"

More mackerel ( 12 September)
Another report from Mike of Greatstone...
"Hi  Tony
                 Fished fished today 11 September at the back of the power station. Most of the mackerel were small and put back. This was my only keeper when I took this picture. Then I was about to go home and anther shoal turned up so ended up with 6. We are now getting to end of the mackerel season this year. This  could be one of last to posted up
from Dungeness unless anyone knows different.  They say they are around until the first frosts.  Cheers Mike"
Knee deep in baby mackerel ( 12 September)
I had this report from Mike Dew...
"Hi Tony,
Thanks for the worms. 
Fished Denge Marsh by the outfall pipe, 0945 to 0230. Baits were untouched during day light hours. A few shoals of Mackerel chasing the whitebait up onto the shingle around high water and again at dusk. The Mackerel were very small, and after catching 4 stopped feathering as there were not many larger ones in the shoals. 
Disappointed with the Orientals keeping all the very small Mackerel, one couple struggled off the beach with carrier bags full of them. 
After dusk the Whiting moved in  and i had 12 keepers amongst them, plus and Eel and a Rockling. 
Here to the next time. Mike from Rugby"
Thanks for that Mike...just so that everybody knows the legal size limit for mackerel at Dungeness is 20cm (Kent & Essex IFCA).

Tough going ( 11 September)
I had this email tonight from Kevin Warden
"Fished by the walkway 9.30 until 3pm.We blanked for the first time ever at Dungeness. All I caught was a 5oz weight and collected a bag full of litter Thanks Kevin". It can be tough going...north easterly winds (Gin clear water) in daylight is very hard! With sea temperatures still holding up (17.9 degrees)  and clear water it's not surprising that reported to me this evening was that Dengemarsh was alive today with 'fry' and small mackerel...crowded out with 'hard core' mackerel fishers!
Low water at Dengemarsh tonight ( 10 September)
With one of the biggest tides of the year 8.4 metres we have one of the lowest low waters 0.3 m. I took a quick trip down to Dengemarsh to see what would be exposed at low water...
The beach looked pretty clean...some big concrete blocks to the east of the outfall pipe showing but not much else I could see.
Galloways on the other hand is still showing the storm damage from last winter, the traditional sand bars and gullies have not yet reformed, but the good news in the fading light is that I could see no particular snags? 
Latest results ( 10 September)
Here are the latest results from 'Southern Circuit' from Paul Jarrett...
"Full match result no.8 & League table - Pirate Springs 23/08/14"

Hot night behind 'A' station ( 8 September)
I had this report from Tomasz Karczemny who had a good night...
"Hi Tony,
Third time a charm! On Saturday night I went Behind Power Station for the third time ever . I fished through the night, (it was very warm and humid) from the first cast I knew that it will be an interesting night (double hookup of bass) next cast - bass and a flounder. As soon as it got dark whiting showed up in impressive numbers mixed with a small pouting. At high tide I got my very first sole and the second and third and so on up to six. I kept a couple of them but only because they were very badly hooked. At dawn I saw activity on the surface and got a few mackerel on white feathers
All together I got six sole, six bass, six mackerel, three flounder and countless whiting- pouting mixture. Tom from Coventry"

DAA Juniors match ( 8 September)
Jim Mcmurray who runs our new junior section (free membership) of the DAA held a match yesterday and I was copied in..."we had eleven fish today and three children caught one of them had three fish also in the eleven there was six new members so that's fourteen now" ...thanks to all the hard work of the 'Junior' sub is going from strength to strength! Go to the DAA website to see the future match dates.

Indian summer? ( 8 September)
I had this report last night from John...
"fished 2 hours up and an hour from top of the tide Friday 
night nothing till dusk then small whiting every cast did have a shoal of 
mackerel go past 10 yards out at high tide regards John Hodgkinson"
I have had a few reports over the last couple of days of mackerel shoals close to the beach in the west bay...if the wind stays in the north east it will keep the water clear allowing sight hunting species like mackerel to chase the 'fry' up the beach.

Catch reports? ( 6 September)
Not many reports, mostly whiting after dark with some sole,flounder, dab...and a few mackerel, nothing 'earth shattering' unless you know different??

Malcolm Jones has sent me the second half of the year...DAA match list, so here it is...
Fancy it all night ( 5 September)
I had this email come in from Alan...pleased to help...
"Hi Tony,i follow your facebook page and wondered if you would mind promoting the attached details for a charity night fishing match on Deal Pier for next friday, unfortunately people that said they were going to fish have not committed their payment and we are falling short, there are around 18 spaces left on a fist come first serve basis.  any help appreciated  kind regards  Alan Mills"
I 'cobbled' the three excel pages into one to give people an idea Alan...

Zzzzz...Zzzzz...( 4 September)
Not much going on today...dead tides...high sun...

But we have some news...Simon Newman Chairman of the DAA has released the date for the next World Dab Championship...

"FYI match planners....World Dab Fishing Championships....Sunday 8th Feb 2015. High water 1330."

The full 'monty' ( 2 September)
Here are the full results from Sundays match compiled by 'Statto' (Malcolm Jones)...

Loads of fish ( 1 September)
Here are the results from last nights DAA match...a good turnout, lots of fish...mostly undersized for usual...
DAA match result Sunday 31st August 2014 – Full Rover – 4-00 pm – 8-00 pm

1st       Gavin Smith                 9 fish   6 lb. 12 oz.       
2nd      Michael Smith             9 fish   4 lb.  0 oz.   
3rd       Cieron Bull                 3 fish   3lb. 12 ½ oz.       
4th       Alex Veel                   10 fish   3 lb. 9 oz. 
5th       Paul Gunner                8 fish    3 lb. 0 ½ oz.
                        8th       Mike Richardson        4 fish     2 lb. 12 oz. 
Dogfish,  sole, whiting, dabs and a codling weighed in – 82fish in total.
22 fished and 19 weighed in.  NW breeze backing SW later.
Regards, Malcolm
Here is a photo of Gavin Smith's codling...

Nice sole ( 1 September)
This report came in Dave Wood Brignall fishing last nights DAA match...
"Found a couple of nice sole tonight on the point in the DAA comp . Was trying a 
new rig I have made hooks where semi circle sakumas flouro hooklinks . Lug 
tipped squid at range."
 Shaping up nicely ( 30 August)
Here is a report just in from Terry...plenty of fish...
"Hi Tony
Fished just to the right of the walkway Saturday, had a number of Whiting, various flatties and two codling, both about the same size and caught on old lug and squid combo at high tide and at very close range!
Thanks Terry, Lee and Ken Gifford"

Hot off the press ( 30 August)
Just had this photo sent in from Nick (No Fear) Burton fishing at Galloways...just minutes ago...

A bit breezy today ( 29 August)
I had this report come in this evening, cracking surf...lovely photos...
"Hello Tony
This morning I went to Galloways with my son James and daughter Lucy, and second cast as the tide began flooding I had a pb bass of 6lb-plus on fresh lug, beating my old pb of 5lb (caught at Jury's Gap the other year). I was happy to put it back and it swam off strongly. No more bites were forthcoming, and an hour later we were blown off the beach! We then moved to Taylor Road, where Jimmy had a school bass, I had a flounder, and another angler had a good bass. Lucy, meanwhile, was happy to read her book and take the photos. All in all, a great day.
Tight lines Pat Newman (Sevenoaks)"

Come on down! ( 28 August)
Here is the 'post' from Steve Harvey DAA match captain...
"Dont forgot folks its a match on sunday. ... Booking in at the gate from 2.15-3 fishing 4-8. ... over the last week the fishing seems to have improved rapidly so lets hope for a few more fish. ..Open to all DAA members £5 to fish and you can join on the day. ... Tight lines" 

Don't Panic! ( 28 August)
I have just had a key returned by David Macivor and he told me he caught dogfish and whiting...and yes two codling one about 4.5lb and one pushing 6...I know its early days and all swallow doesn't make a summer etc.


Jurys Gap ( 28 August)
I went down to Jurys Gap yesterday to have a look, the sea defence work has started with plenty of 'rock armour' being landed from Norway.
Jurys Gap beach if fenced off with the work, but if you drive into Broomhill car park and park at the top by Jurys Gap end you can still access the beach.

Bad morning at Dungeness ( 27 August)
Here is a plea from Mark if anybody out there can help...
"Hi Tony,
I've been focused on home jobs this year so not got out to fish much but decided 
to have a go Saturday morning and was up at 3am for a nice early start from 
Rochester.  Was fishing by six at the boardwalk and it was a beautiful morning!  
My mate had a few dab and whiting just as the tide started back in but nothing 
for me except lost gear. We packed up at about noon in bright sunshine so not 
ideal for fishing but was a great morning to be out again.  I got back home to 
Rochester only to realise I left my tripod rod rest at the parking spaces by the 
boardwalk :-(  
SO, if any kind soul out there found it and you were happy to take it in till 
next time, there's a beer in it for both!!  It's a Shakespeare Salt beach rest 
in carry case and I'm hoping you might be able to put this up on you website 
please? I know it's a long shot but as my wife got me it for a birthday present 
I'm quite attached to it.  Thanks very much and hope to get another match or two 
in soon. All the best. Mark Parnell."

Make a note of the dates ( 26 August)
All you keen young anglers out there make a note of the dates...

Pretty picture...( 25 August)
I had this photo sent in by Steve Field of the Southern circuit match last Saturday at Pirate Springs...what a lovely evening!

Up close and personal ( 25 August)
After work yesterday I popped up to the point for a couple of hours through low water, fish every cast...the first three casts sizable dogfish then whiting up to 30cm. non stop...great fun!

Codling on the move ( 25 August)
I had this report in from Steve Harvey (DAA match Captain) who was 'playing away' down Sangate Castle...
"Fished last night at a 'localish mark' three of us had six codling between us only two sizable caught by me Mr Harvey senior had one codling and a couple of sizable pout, Dorian Partridge had a pout, ling and two codling" 

Last night at Pirate Springs ( 24 August)
Here is a report from Paul Jarratt of Southern Circuit Sea Angling Society match results from last night at Pirate Springs...
"Result from our Pirate Springs match fished last night
12 anglers fished, fishing was tough with only 14 fish weighed in, Whiting, Pouting and Eels Well done...Steve Field for winning the match...
Top 5
1) Steve Field - 3 Fish 1lb 3ozs
2) Keith Johnson - 2 Fish 1lb 2ozs
3) Warren Ross - 2 Fish 1lb 0.5ozs
4) Darren Edwards - 2 Fish 14.5ozs
5) Alan Jarrett - 1 Fish 6.5ozs
Heaviest Fish - 14.5oz Eel, Keith Johnson"

What a day...( 23 August)
Just had this great report from Neil Sinclair...
"Hi Tony
This is my first email to you and thought i would share my days fishing
I fished Jury's Gap on Friday got there about 3.30 just before low water
It was blowing hard and there was a good surf 
Nothing for an hour or so, then 2 small bass, my first of this year
I fished for another hour or so when BANG this hit my line hard !! 
That's an 6" fillet knife only thing I had to hand for size guide lol
It then went quiet so I decided to head round to dungeness before it got dark 
Got to dungeness and decided to fish the BOIL, what a trek!
Anyways first cast retrieved small bass and a whiting
The. It was bass after bass after bass
This was the biggest about 1.5lb 
In all I had about 19 bass all around this size or slightly smaller and 7 
whiting. fished to low water 4am today
Three people I spoke to on the walk to the boil had all blanked out so shows 
right place right time and my lucky homemade rig
All fish were safely returned and what a day 
Thanks Neil ( aka Texas)...yes Neil if you put the hours in ...

Calling all Juniors ( 23 August)
This was placed on facebook the DAA...
"Junior match sun 24 aug book in 10.30 pilot pub car park" all you 'budding' sea anglers get down to the 'Pilot' great weather forecast!

Well that's lunch sorted...( 23 August)
Here is a report from Steve...
"Thanks for the bait and advice. As normal low tide was best. Had a couple of 
very nice Whitting to take home. Sorry I have no pic. My Thai daughter in law 
had already prepared them for tomorrow's lunch before I got my gear sorted for 
my next trip. Take care Steve"

Its looking good ( 21 August)
I have had this report in from Arkam Belhouchet...
"Hi Tony...fished high tide yesterday at the point, was slow with some underside dabs and whiting, until 1 hours after high when a nice size pouting showed up measured 34cm...I'm waiting for the cod to show up... Arkam."  Thanks for that big pouting ,not that common nowadays but with the sea temperature dropping two degrees the last couple of won't be long till his cousin the cod turns up...maybe this weekend?
Wind in the west...( 18 August)
Not just wind we had some rain as well yesterday, 
here is a report from Gary Inge...
"Hi Tony
Thank you for the help and advice.
Caught yesterday afternoon when rain arrived. Returned.
A breezy weekend ( 18 August)
The wind has certainly stirred things up and helped the fishing with more species 
starting to is a report from Nev...
"Hi Tony 
We fished Dengmarsh Friday just gone – great bait, appreciated. 
Between three of us fishing daytime we had 2 flounders, a dab, 4 whiting (one good size), and a sole. 
Best fishing was over the high tide, and we left with the whiting coming on the feed from HW down. Best regards Nev Broad"

Very interesting... ( 15 August)
I had a customer in this afternoon...he told me he was fishing Galloways yesterday, 
and somebody was fishing a 'lay' line...and that person had a decent sole, plaice and
a 4lb codling! ...Autumn is coming!

Comes alive after dark ( 15 August)
I had this report this morning from Nick...the change in the weather is really helping...
roll on autumn...
"Hi Tony I am one of the lads whose trip to Dungeness you saved with the late 
bait last night.You will be pleased to hear we had a great night catching small 
flatties and whiting but the highlight was catching my first bass not massive 
at around 2 lb but very welcome ,( it was returned) many thanks for your advice 
and excellent lug. Kind regards Nick Pickett "

Loads of mackerel ( 14 August)
I had my usual delivery of frozen sea baits from 'ammo' this morning and Ken (my driver) told me 
that the mackerel had moved in to the Cornish coast in big numbers...
and that their freezers are full to the brim with these line caught blast frozen beauties...
It's a shame with the mackerel up big numbers...yet!

Classic tactics ( 13 August)
I had this email from Tim Cloake...classic October tactics after an equinox blow...looking for a cod...
"Nice bass today !! At Denge caught on the shell fish washed up on the beach 1 
hour after high water"

Plenty of fish ( 13 August)
Yet more bass being reported, but be careful on these big tides with the weed on the rise, 
should be easier on the ebb, here is a report from Howard...
"hi tony good website always looking at it,went fishing at dogs hill winchelsea 
near the old harbour bit far away from you but also caught 3 plaice and a soul.
and the bass in the picture from low water up. kind regards. howard baker."

Talk about windy ( 12 August)
Loads of weather the last couple of days...loads of bass as well! With the cracking surf 
we have been getting, I have had many reports from venues in the west bay from 
Dengemarsh to Jurys Gap...plenty of fish on the rising 'monster' tides!!! Here is a photo 
from Nick Burton...

The results ( 10 August)
Hot off the press from Malcolm...well done Alex...

DAA match result Saturday 9th July 2014 – Full Rover – 7-00 pm – 11-00 pm

1st        Alex Veel                    5 fish   2 lb. 7 ½ oz.       
2nd      Simon Lacey               2 fish   1 lb.  11 oz.    Heaviest fish 1 lb. 6 ½ oz. dogfish
3rd       Martin Swinyard        1 fish   1lb. 6 oz.       
4th       Gavin Smith                1 fish   1 lb. 2 oz. 
5th       John Smith                  2 fish    0 lb. 13 oz.
Dogfish,  sole and whiting weighed in – 21fish in total.

19 fished and 13 weighed in.  SW wind backing SE and rain later.

DAA match last night ( 10 August)
We fished the latest round last night, I think everybody caught fish...but some like me only undersized, 
with 19 members taking part. As usual a good turnout, I will post the full results when  Macolm (statto) 
Jones emails them to me. Species caught whiting, sole and bass! 
Glorious Galloways ( 10 August)
I had a phone call from Jim Maynard asking if I had received his photo of the bass he caught 
yesterday morning just after high tide...I found it 'nesting' in my 'spam' folder...and what a glorious
 photograph...what a glorious fish ...
"Hi Tony,  caught this bass yesterday at Galloways on lug one hour after high water, took a few pictures then returned the fish to the sea alive."
The fish weighed 12lb 6oz and was taken on straight lug...not sure about the knees Jim?
Fun in the sun ( 10 August)
I had this report come in yesterday from Peter Webster...
"Hello tony, all,sorry for this late report but had Internet trouble. Anyway 
fished dung last week and after a very slow start had a small knock that 
produced a fairly good size sole in mid day sunshine then anuver long wait that 
saw a bite that nearly pulled my rod off its tripod and saw me land my PB of a 
bass just shy off 7 lbs! Photo below. Just like to thank my fishing partner and 
bro Stevie b for all his support and driving all these years"
Match coming up at Hythe ( 9 August)
I had this poster sent in from Martin Swinyard...

Smile you're on camera ( 9 August)

I had this email from Martin Swinyard...I know its not Dungeness...but it is a nice fish!
"Hi Tony 
I know its slightly out of 7 toe territory but thought you might want to share this on your page, caught by my Dad Geoff  in last nights Seabrook match on Rotunda Beach Folkestone.
wieghed in at 2.25lb, weighed immediatly and returned, stunning fish 
How to 'lasso' a eel ( 8 August)
I had this email from Timothy Cloake...
"Just a pic if a nice size eel caught from Denge and I was wondering if you had 
the number for fair chance as would love to try a bit of boat fishing ! "
Yes Tim nice eel...and there has been plenty about this year...but remember they are protected and must be returned unharmed. Jerry Oiller of 'Fairchance'...great skipper but pretty could be lucky call 01797 363544...another 'quality' skipper is Trevor Bunny of 'Elizabeth Jane' call 01797 321282.
Its that time again ( 8 August)
Steve Harvey the DAA match captain posted this up yesterday...
"We have a match Saturday evening book in at the gate 5.15-6 fishing 7-11. ... £5 entry open to all DAA members. .... So if you havent tried come and give it go. . Very friendly bunch of lads good banter and an evenings fishing all for a fiver beats watching x factor or britains got no talent hope to see you there. .. Tight lines"
The weather forecast for Saturday is very good, dry force 3 to 4 south west winds should produce a nice surf for a few bass...or the odd codling?
Lookout tower ( 5 August)
I had this email from Lukey ...
"Hi Tony, thanks for the ragworm earlier today. me and my dad opted to fish in front of the old watchtower. was a very slow afternoon (as expected) lol with only 1 small whiting for me and then this turned up.(see pic).  4lb exactly, it was just a shame that neither me or my dad had caught it but it had washed up (dead) on the beach in front of us, we suspected it was an escapee from the net of the fishing boat dragging just off-shore. Lukey"...I suspect the netter was after sole with small meshed nets...but its does look very fresh? But thanks for the report lukey...the forecast for Sunday is looking interesting and with good we expect a few codling?

Fish on the wild side ( 5 August)
I had this report in from John Wright...
"Hi tony.. well what a day its been, travelled down to dungy from Sittingbourne and fished behind the lighthouse from 7am till around 7:30pm with my mate joel.. started of the day watching a small tornado out over the water.,then had to deal with 2-3 seals swimming up and down in front of us for a hour or so and then a small pod of porpoise's following them it seemed. the surf was great today and was in high hopes of a good bass but it seems today wasn't the day for bass and by the end of it all we had caught around 30 whiting. 3-4 where sizable on a mix of single lug on a 2 hook flapper and a lug/rag cocktail on a pennel. all where released unharmed to pester the next bass hunter "...and I have just seen the potential weather forecast for next week...a tail end of a hurricane?
Sunny Sunday ( 4 August)
Here is a report from Martin Swinyard fishing last night...
"Hi Tony Fished Jury's last night over Low had this one last hour of the ebb dead on 3lb there was a nice wind and surf which droppped as tide began to flood,,, nice night lots of shooting stars."
As the sun goes down ( 4 August)
I had another email from Steve Lewis...
"Fish had gone off the feed last night only managed 5 whiting and 1 Sole."
Steve also sent in a photo of one of his earlier sole...I do like his fish measure...
Good News ( 2 August)
Steve Lewis came in this morning to pick up some bait he had fished behind the power station last night, he had 15 sole last night, four a good size, these came at long range the smaller fish closer in.
Don't get stung ( 1 August)
Here is a timely reminder from the RNLI...
RNLI Ever been stung by a weever fish? Then you’ll know how much it hurts! Our advice is: bathe sting in hot water & seek more help from lifeguards. Find your nearest lifeguarded beach using our Beach Finder app: 
For us fishermen you are not likely to tread on one (unless you are shrimping) so the essential kit to carry is a large cloth and a pair of forceps/pliers, place the cloth around the fish unhook with the pliers and return to the sea, I'm glad I haven't been stung (dorsal fin and gill covers)...yet in the fifty odd years of beach record is over forty weevers at Galloways one September night!!

Bless my sole ( 1 August)
A lady popped in this morning  and told me they fished behind the power station last was deserted...but he husband had three nice sized sole...maybe things are looking up!
Rubbing salt into the wound ( 31 July)
I had this email from Peter Webster...who is I expect sitting fish less watching what's going on..."Maybe this is why we ain't getting any fish tony. They had buoys out there they were getting." 
I know it hurts but we do share the same resources, but I don't worry about the few boats on the 'point', but those big factory ships 'hoovering' up the sea bed (and the mackerel) that a different matter!
Cheque it out ( 30 July)
This evening Seabrook and DungenessAA handed over a cheque for £701.67p to Dungeness RNLI this was raised by the clubs when Seabrook staged a memorial inter club match to the memory of Steve Fifield a Seabrook member.

Dungeness its unique ( 29 July)
While the fishing has been a bit slow with the heat (and so have the reports) I thought I would put up this satellite view of the 'point', Steve Field flying away on holiday sent me a picture 'through the window' when flying over got me thinking that for people who don't know Dungeness this would help. This massive lump of shingle created by 'long shore drift' and storms is unique, you can see the shingle 'storm ridges' that built the 'ness' up over hundreds of years, it sticks out into the 'channel' in really deep water (that's why it can be a tackle 'graveyard' it pays to ask).

Deep sea fish worth millions ( 29 July)
Just had an email in today, my MCCIP (Marine Climate Change Impact Partnership) newsletter...I thought I would share this bit with you...
Deep sea fish remove one million tons of carbon dioxide every year from UK and Irish waters
Deep sea fishes remove and store more than one million tons of CO2 from UK and Irish surface waters every year, according to a new study. This natural carbon capture and storage scheme could store carbon equivalent to £10 million per year in carbon credits. Fish living in deep waters on the continental slope around the UK play an important role carrying carbon from the surface to the seafloor.
Trueman, C.N. et al. (2014) Proc. R. Soc. B, 281(1787), 20140669 can save the world...well we all knew that...didn't we!

Calling all Junior Fisherpersons ( 25 July)
Just to remind all 'juniors'  that the DAA are forming a Junior Club for those under 16...and its FREE!!!
Junior Fishing Match Sunday July 27th Pilot Pub car park booking in 10.00 to 10.30 fish from 11 till 3pm. for more info or call Jim McMurray on 07890003472 or 01797 458242...don't forget its all FREE! ( 23 July) 
With the heat it has been a quiet...not many anglers about, but my bait digger popped in this morning and told me he had a 'fit' four and half pound bass last night...he didn't say where but my guess it would be down towards the 'diamond'.

DAA match results ( 21 July)
Here are the results from last night...

DAA match result Sunday, 20th July 2014 – Full Rover – 4-00 pm – 8-00 pm

1st        Gavin Smith               5 fish   6 lb. 5 oz.        Heaviest fish 1 lb. 9 ½ oz. dogfish
2nd      Paul Jarrett                 2 fish   2 lb.  6 ½ oz.   
3rd       John Smith                1 fish   1lb. 5 oz.       
4th       Malcolm Jones          1 fish   0 lb. 8 ½ oz. 
4th       Paul Gunner              1 fish    0 lb. 8 ½ oz.
Dogfish,  sole and flounder weighed in – 12 in total.
19 fished and 7 weighed in. Light SW breeze and humid
The DAA match ( 20th July)
Another 'rock hard' day...not many weighed in, full report tomorrow...what did I catch...a...

Ooops I missed it ( 20 July)
I missed Martin Swinyard's post with the full results of last weeks charity match between Seabrook and the DAA...thanks Steve for reminding me to check...
Right Boys, Girls, Cowboys, Pengiuns and Blankers, I have finally got time to do an update and full list of Honours for the Memorial Cup held in memory of Steve FiField
You guys did both Clubs proud AND ONLY WENT AND RAISED A MASSIVE £701 for the RNLI
Seabrook committee would like to thank everyone who donated time or prizes in no particular order.

Micks Tackle
Seagull Tackle
Stephen Harvey
Simon Newman
Scott Strudwick
Dave Wood Bignall
Laurie Black
Samantha Swinyard
John Smith
Cieron Bull
Alex Veel
Micheal Richardson
Pauline Lee
Mike Sullivan
Dorian Partridge
Lee Greeley
Karen Coates
Marion Stewart
Last and not least the amazing duo of Steve Field and Kim Field
hoping i havent forgotten anyone if i have please accept my apologies

Overrall winning team was the DAA wieghing in 13.6lb against Seabrooks 2.25lb.Only 8 out of the field of 22 managing to find sizeable fish
Individual honours go to.
Fished wieghed in Bass Sole Eel and Whiting

1st Darren Brooks 5.75lb
2nd Micheal Smith 3.30lb
3rd Paul Gunner 1.75lb
4th ColmBrennan 1.70lb
5th Steve Field 1.25lb
6th Martin Swinyard 1.00lb
7th Scott Strudwick 0.60lb
8th Simon Lacey 0.50lb

This is something we would like to do on an annual basis maybe making it a little bigger so hopefully see you all next year

Mackerel in the storm...( 19 July)
I have had two reports in today of mackerel 'topping' around the point last night in the storms, quite a few caught...lightning and carbon roads...interesting...not sure I would have the 'bottle' for that!
Very Pretty ( 19 July)
Lots of lightning flashes last night...very pretty...but so warm and humid.
The forecast for tomorrow (Sunday) south westerly breeze...and no rain!!
Good news for our DAA match tomorrow, a full rover book in at the gate 2.15-3.00pm fish 4.00 to 8.00pm...I think I will have an easy afternoon fishing down at Littlestone wall...and no doubt keep up my averages of undersized whiting!

Diamond fishing (16 July)
Daniel & Barry Reynolds fished the 'diamond' mark behind the power stations today on a rising tide they had seven bass, the best two 3lb 8oz and 4lb 2oz the rest being a bit smaller were returned, besides the bass they had three nice sole around 8oz, all fish fell to lug....

Jurys gap...again ( 15 July)
I had this report on facebook from DAA member John Smith...
"went to jury's gap to day low to high water 4 bass first 3lb 15ozs 2nd 1lb 15ozs 3rd 1lb 10 ozs and a small one meet another d.a.a. member who caught 2 eels there was 10 people fishing nice surf up the beach all my bass caught low to 2hrs up small 1 top tide"
Well done John...good fishing!

The Welsh Wizard ( 14 July)
I had this PM on facebook from Jason Davey...
"hi Tony its been a good week !! another couple of hours last night produced 6 more bass 2 schoolies and 4 2-3lb that's 3 quick sessions this week for 14 bass to 6lb 3 sole to 2lb 42 whiting to 36cm(only the one over size limit !!) 1 1lb eel all in all a mighty fine week, all fish at Galloways and all to fresh lug"
Well done put the work in and you get the results!

Jurys / Galloways today ( 13 July)
Alex Veel was going to fish Jurys Gap this morning, I asked him to get me a few photos so we can see how the sand bars are recovering from last winters storms...
"Hi Tony,
Fished Low up for a couple of hours this morning at Jury's Gap. Had just the x1 Bass at 2lb 1oz & an eel. (Others down there had similar + a couple of Sole) Moved round to Galloways for 2hrs either side of High but could only winkle out a Flounder. All in quite slow given conditions looked good.
As discussed, i've attached a few pics showing the 'lay of the land' down at Jurys……that gulley filled up FAST on the big tide today. You might be able to just make out my tripod/rod still on the sandbar. I had to walk along the beach to wade back and get it!
Also hit a sandeel when pumping…might have to try raking for them ;) Cheers Alex

Last nights charity match ( 13 July)
Around 25 fished last night at Galloways, the match was arranged by Seabrook Sea Anglers Association (the red tops) and their old rivals Dungeness Angling Association (the black tops) it was held in memory of Steve Fifield who sadly died recently, here is a report of 'facebook' from Martin Swinyard...
"Well Seabrook were well and truly thrashed last night by the Daa in last night's charity match fishing was slow to say the least with most failing to weigh in Congratulations to Darren Brooks for getting first place
A Massive thank you to everyone who turned out and donated prizes special mention to Steve Field and Kim Field who not only donated all the food but also did a brill job on the BBQ a provisional count puts us well over £600 for RNLI 
Full list of results and honours to follow in next couple of days

And how did I do......undersized whiting
three at a change then!

Galloways ( 13 July)
Here is a report from James Brockman...
"Hi tony we fished the Galloways caught two sole both at low tide one at 7pm then other one was at 9pm both were caught in lug about 80 yards out the first one we caught was 2lb the other one was 1lb. We fished from 5pm to 11pm 11th july"

We got sole ( 12 July)
This report came in from Andy Heslop....plenty of sole about...
"Hi tony .i fished behind the Power Station last night from 18.30-01.00 were i had 1 sole and loads of whiting. All falling to lug. Regards Andy Heslop,"

We all have to start somewhere ( 8 July)
I had this email from Nagendra...
"Hi! Tony. I am really new to sea fishing. I am planning to come to Dungeness for sea fishing learning particularly bass fishing. Can you please kindly advise me where to fish, what baits to bring, tackle and lures for Dungeness Bass Fishing. 
I would definitely pop into your shop for advice when I get down there as I am new to Sea Fishing. Help much appreciated. Nagendra"
When it comes to sea fishing no two days are the same, you can improve your chances by fishing the right tides with the right weather using the right bait...what is 'right' the best advice I can give anybody is to ask. Sea anglers are mostly a friendly bunch usually willing to share their don't be nervous...ask.
Sea fishing is very simple...if the 'food' is there so will be the fish, the tricky bit is learning what brings that all together!
But sea anglers starting out have a great adventure ahead of them...and its FREE! catch fish you have to go can't catch them otherwise!

Good night Jason ( 7 July)
This report came in from Jason Davey..."Hi Tony I did Galloway last night from 4.30pm until 8.30pm 2 score of lug and had 8 bass to 6 lb most 40-43 cm a 45 cm sole an eel and 4 ting"

In the misty morning ( 6 July)
Nick Burton went down to Galloways early (before firing) in the poring rain and had a couple decent of sole...not massive but nice fish (returned) but I think he deserves a mention for giving it ago in nasty weather...and I hope he cleared the rubbish up before you left...

More bass today ( 5 July)
Nigel George popped in as I was closing up to show me a couple he had today, 48 and 38cm the best weighing 3lb from 'behind the boats' on lug.

Nice bass ( 5 July)
This email came in this afternoon from Terry Gifford...patience pays off!
"Hi Tony
Waited all day but had faith in the surf which finally paid off with this lovely 
9lb bass caught on single lug at close range. Thought it looked better in the 
surf than on the plate so returned unharmed. Thanks Terry, lee and ken Gifford"

The next batch of DAA match dates ( 5 July)
The DAA have just published the next few match dates for all you DAA match junkies out there to drool over...

The bass are on the move ( 5 July)
I had this report come in yesterday from Tony...
"Hi Tony
As suggested when I collected bait from you yesterday, I fished behind the power station with around two dozen other rods. About two hours before high water I caught the just undersized bass about 360 mm followed by a small whiting. My neighbour caught a similar sized bass within half an hour and all were returned.
On returning to my car a fellow DAA angler parked next to me indicated he had caught "half decent bass" but like me caught no mackerel in spite of trying feathers for a while. Back in a fortnight to try again!! 
Regards Tony Ellis"

I know its Hythe but...( 4 July)
I had this report as a PM to me on facebook...

Aaron Griggs - "Fished princess parade last night next to the rock groyne at Murco and caught this nice sole on just lug as the sun was dropping"
 Just in ( 3 July)
A customer just dropped the key back and told me he had five whiting and a 'monster' dogfish (his biggest to date) on the road...water coloured...didn't see another angler!
At the end of the day ( 2 July)
Just about to close up and a customer popped in and told me he had half a dozen mackerel behind the station in the sun...not many but some is better than none!
Fun in the sun ( 1 July)
I had this photo of Josh Sparkes today with a summer eel (returned)...just to remind everybody...yes we are getting plenty of eels but remember they are protected and must be returned unharmed...

Loads of fish...all returned ( 1 July)
I had this email from Timothy Cloake...
"100 whiting few flounders and a eel all returned Denge"
Yes we are getting plenty of fish...but mostly small!

Sole searching ( 1 July)
Here is a report from Simon Newman...
"Sole showing behind the power station in the hour down to low before the whiting turn up at dusk.  2 from yesterday and saw 4 other caught."
 A timely reminder ( 30 June)
I had this email from Paul Hodges...
"Hi Tony
Fished at the end of the road at the back of the Power Station yesterday from 7.30am until about 1.30pm. Had lots of fish during the session lots of small stuff with quite a few sizeable fish amongst them. Mostly Dabs (25+ up to 25cm), Whiting (30 + 10 or so sizeable fish), Couple of Flounders (both sizeable) an Eel and a small Plaice but No Sole for me  . Lots of people by the end especially over HW when all the fluff Chucker's arrived, there was quite a bit of tide especially at distance. Caught lots more fish at distance than close in.
One concerning factor speaking to a young man who was fishing with 2 of his mates was that of keeping all fish they caught despite the size. He came over and asked me why I was throwing all the fish back and what I was doing differently to them. I told him that there were size limits to all fish species and if caught fines can be imposed. He simply didn't care or was bothered about this saying 'so its ok for the boats to chuck back dead, unwanted and undersized fish but not for me to keep them.' to which I replied 'unfortunately yes, there are reasons for size limits. it isn't a perfect world and these are the rules we should all follow'. He stayed for a couple minutes more and walked off back to his mates.
Any way and enjoyable day none the less.  Paul Hodges"
Well said be accurate not all species have IFCA (Inshore Fisheries & Conservation Authority) size limits...check out their website for more information. One of their enforcement officers is due soon at Dungeness to check out retention of undersized bass ( 36cm )...but the DAA have size limits for their club matches and we encourage our members to follow those (you will find a link on my home page).

Howard's got sole ( 29 June)
This morning Howard Sargent brought in this cracking sole weighing close to 2lb caught in the west bay last night...what a beautiful fish.

The first of many? ( 29 June)
Great report from Darren Brooks...with the sea temperatures about three degrees above average...lets hope this is the first of many...
"Hi Tony, fished this evening in the west bay, had 4 bass and this turbot of 1lb 4oz. Cheers Darren"...doesn't he look pleased...very tasty Darren!

A happy man ( 29 June)
Chris came down on holiday...
Just a big thanks for the supply of bait this last week whilst the three of us were down for our annual holiday.
Plenty of bass round at Greatstone, Kerton road is the mark I believe, up to 3lb, with some very large eels, few flounder and several small hounds as well.
Yesterday saw a change of attack and we headed to the water tower for a last day.
Again, over a dozen small hounds between us, eels, dover sole in  the daylight and a bonus thornback for myself, about 3lb, not a pb but a nice fish none the less.
Will be back soon.  Chris Voller,  

Bless my sole ( 28 June)
This email from Mick O'Donnell goes to show its all about being at the right place at the right time...yummy!
"Hello tony.  Good shout for dengemarsh today plenty of dover sole showing up 
with some keepers. Couple small plaice and a  Nice eel made an appearance. Which 
with all under sized fish returned alive and well. The two up one down rigs you 
supplied us was perfect with the worms. Mick."
Beautiful Bass ( 28 June)
I just had this email from Simon Newman of 'Castaways' fame...
"Hi Tony
We've had some great fishing in the last couple of days. Castaways has welcomed regular guests Brian and Paul plus old friend Clive Collier and brother Keith for a weekends guided fishing. East bay has proven to be slow with a couple of unproductive session, however a move round to the "other side" saw greatly improved results.
Thursday evening saw both Brian and Keith catch their first ever sole and last night we had a blinder, with 84 year old Brian catching his first ever bass and Keith (72 yrs old but passes for 50...git!!) catching a PB bass weighing a few grains of sand over 10lb. Plenty of smaller bass between 2lb and 3lb kept the lads busy. The boys are at Dengemarsh now....I'm too busy to join them doing the ironing and cleaning rooms. tonight however!.......

Loads of bass ( 28 June)
With the wind backing round to the south west we are getting more and more bass being reported from the west bay...
"Tony.. Jury's threw up an interesting catch this morning.. Having seen the SW breeze building I left home in Orpington at 05:15 and set out in pursuit of Bass..
First cast produced a rather large and plump Flounder that gave a cracking bite within two minutes of the bait being in the water, this was quickly followed by three Bass between 42, 55 & 56cm.. Things went quiet until the tide nearly covered the sand when along came two Eels, one of which was a cracker and can be seen in the attached photo .. Three more Bass (two were tiny but hopefully a sign of things to come) rounded off a good session.. All fish except the two larger Bass returned.
The vital bits.. All fish fell to fresh out lug (why do the worms go off in all directions at Jury's?) mounted on Limerick 1/0's on pulley pennel rigs held in place with a 5oz Breakaway.. A little bit of green weed came up the line but no sign of the May rot.. 
Best wishes Michael Smith

The odd fish ( 27 Dengemarsh)
Billy the bait was cycling past Littlestone wall this morning and he saw an angler land and photograph and then release a nice thornback ray...I wonder if I will get a report?
Dengemarsh ( 27 June)
Another report of black bream...this could be an interesting summer...
"Mohamed Matrane Hi tony I fished Monday and Tuesday at Dengemarsh 3bass 1 bream 27th June"

A big black day ( 26 June)
I was having a chat with one of my customers today bream...very tasty said Howard having 'scoffed' a 1lb fish caught at Galloways...the big surprise that his mate had one of 2 1/2 lb!!!...same session...that is a very good bream from the!
More mackerel ( 25 June)
Reports coming in today are of more mackerel being caught in the west bay from the walkway to Dengemarsh, yesterday I was getting reports of the odd red gurnard at must be summer.
Enjoying yourself behind the boats ( 25 June)
I had this email from John Stone...who puts it into perspective of what fishing is all about...enjoying yourself...
"Hi Tony,
Introduced my Brother from Portsmouth to Dungeness fishing Tuesday evening. 
Quality lug from yourself and set up behind boats low tide up. Bait was being 
stripped clean very quickly for first two hours. As the sun dipped and we 
watched a porpoise skirting the waves, came welcome bites, lots of whiting and 
then this junior flounder. 
Broke me blank, all fish returned and a lovely evening. Oh, I'll pop key back 
later tonight. Kind regards John Stone"

Hot work in the sun ( 23 June)
The latest round of the DAA match series fished yesterday...not for the weak willed...hats off to the 19 competitors who fished the 'rover' here are the results...
That was tough fishing 'dead tides in daylight...and yes at last I weighed in with a lucky flounder twenty yards out! at Dengemarsh I noticed all these kites flying really high, and then breaking free and diving into the sea? this religious...does anybody out there have any ideas?
Better late than never ( 21 June)
I forgot to remind all you keen DAA anglers that the next match is tommorow ...
the times posted on the DAA members facebook page by Steve Harvey...
"next match is Sunday booking in at the gate 2.15-3 fishing 4-8"
Don't forget your suntan lotion!
Pretty as a picture ( 21 June)
I had this email last more details but a very pretty picture...
"Sammys first ever bass!
Live and fish in herne bay,started late last summer,had a quick 2hrs from 6-8pm this eve,caught me first bass.only small but keep em comming!!!"

The right choice ( 20 June)
Here is a report from Martin Swinyard who chose to go fishing rather than watch the football...
"Hi Tony 
Took my dad Sole fishing last night decided it wasnt worth watching the footie we fished in the east bay very busy night I caught 2 sole 34cm 42cm and and Dad had 2 slips lots of dabs flounder eels dogfish pout and hardly any whiting, looking at the football result i reckon we made the right decision"

I drove back last night from a council meeting last night...roads deserted!!

Superb fishing ( 16 June)
I had a customer pop in on Sunday and ask "hows the fishing" being depressed by the football...I snapped and said...if nobody tells me how the **** would I know...I have just had this this email from I know...
"Dear Tony.    Thought i would give you an email of our trip on Saturday behind the power station.  Fished 8.30 to, fishing with, dungie, peeler crab, rag, squid,  had 2 nice plaice, just over a 1lb, 2 bass 47cm returned, 1 lovely dover sole 1.5lb ( my first).  My mate adam had a bass of just over 2lb and a cracker just under 5lb on peeler crab, 3 plaice, and one dover sole.   We always enjoy fishing dungy, and this was our best trip to date.  Celebrated with a fish and chip meal in the Pilot.  Great website, looking forward to our next trip.   Best wishes Paul and Adam."!

A mackerel weekend? ( 13 June)
I had this email from Paul Hodges...
"Hi Tony
Andy and myself fished Galloways last night from 5pm until 12.30 pm chasing the elusive Sole. After reports of a few being caught we felt that with the conditions and tides being pretty much perfect we would be able to open our account. For the first 3 hours we were both fishless I broke the blank wit a palm sized flounder followed an hour later by another. As darkness approached we were still confident. Andy had the first Bass of 38cm I then had another flounder and by this time the dreaded ting were there in numbers. I did manage a small Dab and then a Bass of 42cm literally on HW 10 feet in front of me. The water was like glass with no wind at all. We could see the occasional fish moving on the surface and I saw one or two jumping. The water is extremely clear with no may weed at all not a sniff of it anywhere. I am sure there will be a few mackerel around this weekend from the shore. We were joined a littler later by timthebass after his first sole from the shore but alas no joy at all.
 If I am honest I think the best bet at the moment for a sole is fishing a tide where HW or LW is just as it gets dark before the Whiting turn up. Regards Paul"

Paul was right...I had a report of mackerel being caught last night at Dengemarsh!

First of the summer ( 13 June)
I had this report in today from Timothy Cloake....first black beam report I have had this summer..."Got lucky with this nice 4/5 lb bass from close range made my night also caught a bream and the usual whiting, also a big shout out to the other anglers on the 
beach from Hertfordshire top blokes"
Things are hotting up ( 11 June)
Here is a report from Simon Newman...
"Hi Tony
Thought you might like to know that the bass and sole have arrived!  Fished west bay on the flood yesterday evening and we all caught bass to 46cm (Darren had 12 bass of which 9 were betwen 41 and 47cm) and a couple of sole to 44cm, I managed 5 bass, 2 sole, 3 flounders, an eel and a couple of whiting.  Looking good for the big tides this weekend!"...the building tides help...unlike last Sunday!
On manoeuvres ( 10 June)
Local rod Roy Godden on a fishing holiday down on the Isle of White sent through a couple of pics of stingrays that he and his mate Peter caught (around 16 and 21lb)...cracking fish...

The hunt in the sun ( 10 June)
Here are the full results of the DAA match on a beautiful Sunday afternoon...

DAA match result Sunday8th June 2014 – Full Rover – 4-00 pm – 8-00 pm

1st        Nathan Elliott            3 fish   4 lb. 13 1/2 oz.        Heaviest fish 2 lb. 6 1/2 oz. bass
2nd      Michael Smith           5 fish   3 lb. 4 1/2 oz.   
3rd       Simon Newman         1 fish   1lb. 10 1/2 oz.       
4th       Gavin Smith                3 fish   1 lb. 4 1/2 oz. 
5th      Colm Brennan              3 fish    0 lb. 15 1/2 oz.
Bass, dabs, whiting, sole and dogfish weighed in – 17 in total.  Light NE wind.

16 fished and 7 weighed in.

Full league results so far...

Well done weighed-in...after a row of blanks...what did I do...with only a twenty five cm. plaice ( I did try stretching it!) I'm joining the list of 'hatrick blankers'...a long and worthy list!

 Gone for a Burton ( 8 June)
Beautiful early season sole for Nick Burton down at Galloways last night...

Nice bass ( 8 June)
In spite of the may water Alex Whittlesea had this nice bass on a flooding tide to fresh lugworm in the east bay area...
 Reminder from Steve ( 7 June)
Here is the reminder from Steve Harvey...
"Hey up lads its match time on Sunday
booking in at the gate from 2.15-3
fishing 4-8 £5 entry any DAA member can fish.
Tight lines
look out for an event coming soon in july. ... Posters and info on the website available soon"
Down the bay ( 6 June)
I had this email from Jonathan who had a great session yesterday...
"Hi Tony went fishing off rocks at Sandgate on Thursday for a change  . Sea was 
quiet rough couldn't stay out long on the rocks waves started breaking over the 
top so had to get off before it got dangerous and then fished on the beach . 
Thought  I might get a bass or two . In the end had four nice size dogs fish a 
eel about three feet long and a codling which I didn't expect thought it was my 
bass I was after when I first felt him on but not complaining all went back to  
live another day . John from West Malling"  
Its that time again ( 5 June)
OK you match junkies its that time again...the next DAA match is on Sunday a full rover, book in on the road from 2.15 to from 4 to 8pm...your match captain will be giving out the sun cream...the forecast is hot, hot, wind and plenty of fragrant 'may water'...I can't wait!
Plenty of fish ( 4 June)
I'm hearing plenty of fish being caught but I'm not getting I nagged Martin Swinyard this morning and here is his report...
"Hi Tony as promised 
Fished Jurys gap yesterday 3 hrs up 1 hr down.. nothing big but a nice 4 hrs and didn't blank (contested by other jealous parties)  I had 8 schoolie Bass up to 38cm all on blacks...sorry no pics" ...yes they are legal but its nice you put them back.
Mackerel Galore ( 4 June)
I had this report come in this morning from Ali...whats interesting is that reports coming in, the mackerel are more inshore in numbers...not many for the boats further out mid channel? I guess that why the seals are back at dungeness!...lovely garfish.
"Hi its Ali
Its not Dungeness but i thought i share with the fellow anglers. 
Fished on 3/6/14 from 8am till 3pm @ admiral pier Dover.
Lovely sunny day with plenty of fish. Caught around 20 mackerel and1 Gar fish. 
Nice day all in all.
Its a shame that people don't care and just treat the pier as a dump, even 
though there is plenty of dustbins provided every 10meters. They just let every 
thing fly everywhere and chuck their finished cans straight to the sea. Its a 
shame that people act like this.  My boy Ozy with his first Mackerel and Garfish."
Hard work ( 1 June)
I had a report in from Andy of yesterdays match...
"Hi Tony,
A brief report on the Sheerness Steel Sea Angling Club match held at Pirate Springs
on Saturday 30th May.
Fishing was hard going for 42 anglers who struggled to find sizable fish.
Conditions looked good with the water a good colour, but the fish failed to show
in any numbers other than the usual pin whiting.
Only 14 anglers weighed in all with mainly single fish, top weights were
with dogfish, 4 were caught, with the remaining catches made up of
whiting to 30cm, eels to 60cm, pouting, rockling and a surprise 36cm codling.

Cheers, Andy Reeves"
Thanks for that Andy...the 'colour' could be a touch of 'may water'...what is interesting is that 36cm codling...we were 'knee deep' in codling a couple of months ago, undersized around 32cm...if we get the right weather this autumn we beach could be 'heaving' with 40cm fish!

Beautiful fish ( 31 May)
I had this email from Andy today...
"Hi Tony 
I know its not Dungeness but I would like to show you a undulate ray that I caught this morning at Pagham. Weighing 15lbs from the beach .
On a pennell pully dropper on mackerel fillet. And to finish off a 3lbs 3 oz conger on squid and lug Very happy" you should be Andy a beautiful fish...well done!

Best bass ( 30 May)
The strong north easterly breeze kicked up a bit of surf behind the boats today, big tides, so a bit easier down from the lookout tower to behind the power stations. Best bass reported to me today was around 4lb 8oz...unless you know different? Should be calmer tomorrow and Sunday...more mackerel?

The usual suspects ( 29 May)
Reports coming into the shop today...not very spectacular, at least they are not blanking!
Bass, dabs, dogfish and of course whiting! With the weather improving lets see if we get more mackerel being reported?

Every cloud has a silver lining ( 28 May)
I had an email...a bit depressing...
"AN analysis of the recent Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change Fifth Assessment Report reveals the growing threat of climate change and acidification to marine resources. 
The briefing, published jointly by Sustainable Fisheries Partnership (SFP) and the University of Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership and Judge Business School and supported by the European Climate Foundation, reveals that:
•The total loss of landings to global fisheries by 2050 due to climate change range from USD 17 to 41 billion based on a global warming scenario of 2 degrees.
•Fishery yields will increase 30 – 70% in high latitudes but fall by 40 – 60% in the Tropics and Antarctica based on 2 degrees of warming. Large species like tuna in the Pacific and Indian oceans are likely to move eastwards."

Tuna in the English channel!!!...I better get some heavier boat gear!

It must be July? ( 28 May)
I had this email from John...
"Hi. Fished off the boards yesterday (27th) from approx 9 - 5 ( yep day shift ) 
caught some baby dabs, couple of tings and then this suddenly turned up, I 
believe it's a scad. Certainly a species 1st for me. John Norton"
A few fish ( 28 May)
I had this email from a H Dennis today...
"This mornings high tide at Dengemarsh(28/5)
Bass 45cm, Dover Sole 32cm."...Promising...a very early sole?
The full results ( 26 May)
Here are the full result of Saturday nights match...
Good Day ( 25 May)
Terry emailed this report...
"Hi Tony 
We fished Saturday just to the right of the wooden walkway, wet and windy with a heavy surf, first cast 2lb bass! We then had a steady stream of small schoolie bass, Whiting (some large), various flatties and this lovely dinner plate sized flounder (?). Great day with start to finish action, everything returned.
Thanks Terry, Ken and Lee Gifford"

Oh what a night ( 25 May)
What is it with our fishing captain...he books a match and the weather (unlike today, beautiful) turns out to be a force five gale...but great surf for the bass, but otherwise tough going. Eighteen very keen anglers took part...eight weighed!...needless to say I spent my night catching undersized whiting on sand eel!! 
Top Gun...was Paul Gunner with a bass of 3lb 11oz and an overall weight of 4lb 4oz....I will publish the full results when I get them.

A smiley face ( 23 May)
Fred Brown 'popped' the key back to the shop this evening with a smile on his face, he fished by the 'boats' today and had fish from the first cast, whiting, dogfish and bass...he showed me a photo of his bass around 4lb...if he can overcome the technology deficit and he manages to get the photo from his phone to me I will put it up. But Fred being a fish friendly type put the fish back and made sure it had fully recovered before he sent in on his brings a smile to your face. 

The reminder from Steve ( 22 May)
Here is the the reminder from Steve Harvey posted on 'facebook' with the times for Saturday...
"We have a match at Galloways on Saturday book in at the venue 5.15-6 fishing 7-11 £5 entry open to all DAA members join on the day"

The next match ( 21 May)
The next round of the DAA series is on Saturday night at Galloways, with a bit of luck the heavy showers should have gone through by Saturday morning leaving good weather for the rest of the Bank Holiday! Catch reports coming in are mostly small fish (unless you know different) except for a few big guessed Galloways. 

Hot Hot Hot ( 19 May)
Beautiful weather...I can just about smell the glistening 'may weed'... 

Mackerel ( 17 May)
Since I mentioned mackerel I have had a few reports including one from Justin of mackerel at Dengemarsh yesterday...and more today...its hot, hot, hot.

Small is beautiful ( 17 May)
Verbal reports coming in this morning are mostly small fish...species reported today are whiting, bass, dabs, plaice dogfish and smoothounds. With the calm seas I wouldn't be surprised to get reports of mackerel around the point this evening.
Plenty of fish ( 14 May)
This report came in lunchtime...
"Hi every one. 
Just wanted to report... Went to Dungeness on Tuesday morning 01:00am until 
Wednesday 12:00 after noon so a long session but paid well. Lol
Caught lots of dogfish
1 good sized dab
1 I say good sized smooth hound ( returned)
Lots of rockling
Lots of whiting ( small and big)
Finally a small bass (still my first bas this year) returned
Tried for mackerel but the water was still murky.
That's it and keep on fishing"
 Great report ( 12 May)
I just had this email come in from dave...

"Just a quick email regarding the fishing trip on Friday behind the boats.
I joined the fishing club on Friday morning and set off to fish behind the boats as the wind was really bad,
Started fishing about 11 ish feeling quite confident that Bass were around, used black lug as bait.
Fished with 2 rods one at distance of 100 yds and the other around 50 yds.
As the wind was over my shoulder my rod tips were bouncing all over the place, was thinking how really could I see a bite, my own question was answered as the rod at 100yds bounced down a typical bass bite, the result was a small schoolie at around a pound, unhooked released back, now with my confidence heightened I recast and waited, after about 20 mins same bite on distance rod missed the fish but understood why as small whiting had taken hook bait and then was attacked by bass.
This happened once more so decided to put above main hook bait a size 2 hook.
But nothing after that, for around 2 hours except whiting after whiting with a few dogs thrown in.
Then l had a good pull down on the close in rod and a bass of around 4 pounds was beached,
While I was there an older gentleman of around 60ish had just started to learn sea fishing talked to the guy and was really nice to see older people learning the skills of beach fishing…good luck to him as also I gave him the fish I caught for his tea,
Rest of the day it was whiting, dogs and a few place all returned.
Only been fishing here a few times but love the area, just wish people take litter away with them as I filled and took home with me a black bag full of cans etc.
Next time down bring camera with me just in case…
One final word, the tackle shop is very helpful on where to fish and bait quality is excellent. Tight lines Dave Maddox"

Bang on for bass ( 12 May)
I had this report from Paul Hodges who had a a big bass session at Dungeness last weekend in the wind...
"Hi Tony 
Fished both days this weekend in the same place, perfect conditions for Bass. The Saturday I managed to Catch 6 Bass and had a further 4 on the Sunday. Returned the two smallest at 38 Cm. Others 47, 47, 45 X 3, 43, 42 X 2cm all nice fish. Pumped some fresh outs first both days then off to our chosen mark. Also had a bonus surprise with 8 Scallops washing up on the Sunday. Tasted very nice alongside the Bass."

 Here is the full DAA match report and placings from Malcolm (statto) Jones... ( 12 May)

Here is the SCSAS match list ( 11 May)
Paul Jarrett has sent me the match list if anybody interested contact Paul...

Great match ( 11 May)
Here is the retort from Paul Jarrett...
"Good turnout for the Sandwich Bay match in windy conditions, 18 fished.
Well done to Matthew T Summerfield for winning with 19 dogfish
Mainly dogfish were weighed in, also a couple of pouting, 1 Smoothound and 1 Eel
Top 5 places, full results to follow

1) Matt Summerfield - 19 fish 25lb 12ozs
2) Warren Ross - 16 fish 20lb 12ozs
3) Daren Edwards - 15 fish 17lb 5ozs
4) Steve Richards 16 fish 16lb 14ozs
5) Dave Sales 12 fish 14lb 10ozs

Heaviest fish - 2lb 3oz dogfish (Sam Collier)"

Blown away ( 11 May)
The latest round of the DAA match series was fished last night in a 'howling' gale 15 fished (it would have been more but quite a few members were fishing the SCSAS) eight weighed in, won by Paul Gunner who found founds some dogs plus the biggest fish a dog of 1lb 15.5oz...well done Paul...needless to say I was one of those not to weigh in...full results to follow.

TGF bass ( 10 May)
This nice lady showed me a photo on her phone of a nice bass caught yesterday in the wind...this is the best of many reported over the last day or so...
"I caught a 4lb 9oz bass Friday 9th May 2014 behind the boats.
Tracie Taylor from Waterlooville"
Skating over the challenge ( 9 May)
I saw on face book that Paul Jarret DAA & SCSAS member has been out practicing for the SCSAS match tomorrow...I will 'larf' if we find more rays at Pirate Springs in the DAA match...
"Paul Jarrett fine tuned his ray catching skills last night ahead of Saturdays match ! Think he means business lol" 

A Burning issue ( 8 May)
I'm very sad to report that over the recent bank holiday we had an incident by the boats, some anglers had a large fire on the beach close to one of the boats damaging equipment to fuel the fire...this is fires are allowed on Dungeness National Nature Reserve period. The police have been notified and are investigating a case of 'criminal' damage.
Anglers have to understand and obey the rules...if anybody sees anything illegal going on please let me or the Police know.

The next DAA match ( 7 May)
Here is a reminder from Steve Harvey the DAA match captain...
"Hi folks we have a match Saturday book in at pirate springs 5.15-6 fishing 7-11 £5 to fish any member can fish. .. Join on the day. .. Tight lines"
Strong south westerly winds forcasted for Saturday (great for bass) the venue faces east so wind will be from behind over your right shoulder...should improve my casting!

DAA away day? ( 6 May)
Here is a email from Martin Swinyard...
"Hello Tony
as promised some pictures attached of from our Sandwich Bay away day
Our Match captain with extremley lucky Ray of 8.95lb 
Dorian Partridge with a 6.5lb 
and Dean Thomas with a PB of 10.05 
rest of catches were made up of dogs and whiting
I had a touch of Steve Field-itous and blanked although i see he seems to have had a slight recovery lol  Regards Martin
 Cracking mackerel ( 5 May)
I had this report in from Mark Newman one of many mackerel reports from yesterday...
"Hi tony
Dengemarsh today,great worms off of you but they didnt work!!!!
No bites untill a mackerel on the drop on sandeel then out come the feathers and 
40+cm's and 4 at a time .......and even better not a single whiting."

Were the bass a bit small ( 5 May)
I had this email in from Steve Cornelius concerning the size of the bass reported on the 4th May...
"Hi Tony, 
As an avid reader of the catch reports from Dungeness and a very regular visitor i am not normally one to pass comment on what fish people are taking for the pan, but on this occasion i feel i must say something on the Bass that Roger Clark has taken, now i might be wrong and if i am i apologise in advance, but from the photo i would say at least one of those fish and possibly more are well below the size we should be taking, rather than returning to let them grow on. 
If we continue to take these fish we will eventually end up in a situation as we have over the past 20 years with Cod.
Tight lines and please be selective in what fish we keep gents Steve Cornelius"

Well Steve I put up the report in good faith...just so we are clear, the Kent & Essex IFCA legal size limit for bass is 36cm (the DAA fish to 41cm) average breeding size is 46cm (IFCA)...I have a big worry for the autumn with the potential to be 'knee deep' in codling...I was catching loads of fish up 32cm last month...these fish will be sizable come the autumn 35cm!! (IFCA) ...poor baby's! Average breeding size 60cm (IFCA).

While we are on size limits...we are getting reports of mackerel being caught the size limit (south of Folkestone) is only 20cm (IFCA) small!

Dengemarsh yesterday ( 5 May)
I had this email from Steve Field...
"Tony  Had a few hours at dengemarsh today .  Lovely weather but slow fishing. Had a few small flounders and 10 or so mackerel. Best fish was a 43cm 1lb 8oz plaice 
Cheers Steve"
I had three reports yesterday of mackerel...Steve's and a couple of others when they brought the keys back...
A taste of summer...( 4 May)
I saw on facebook that Steve Field reported a couple of mackerel at Dengemarsh today...mmm tasty!

Bags of Bass ( 4 May)
I had this report in from Roger Clark who had a good bag of bass on the road...
"We fished the  ness behind the boats Friday night  and had nice little bass"

Blue Cross rescue ( 2 May)
I had this 'feel good' report from Terry..."Hi tony just back from walking the dog along Greatstone beach where I found a nice smoothhound washed up in surf opposite  castaways b/b  weighed about 3lbs & was still kicking so sent it back to its mum
Terry carpenter"...lucky fish...if Simon had seen it it would be 'breakfast'!!
Nice bass ( 2 May)
I had this report in from Lee...the reports of bass are beginning to grow...quite a few from 'Tailor Road'...
"Hello Tony 
 I have attached a picture taken on Sunday 27th April.
This bass was caught at Dungeness by Sean Gill just off the board walk, 1 hour before low tide. Caught on a single black lug and weighted at 6lb 12oz 
Regards. Lee Greeley"
You never know ( 1 May)
Had this email from Mark Burdon...Its great when it pays off...
"Hi mate watch your blogs fished Littlestone yesterday usual Rockling plus 2 Smoothound both on squid one at range the other close in intended for Bass!"
One is better than none ( 1 May)
Had this report in from Paul Belli...
"Hello Tony,
Very very quiet on the beach fishing front. In my last 4 sessions around Dungie over past 2 weeks, the only bite I've had was the 2lb ish bass in attached pic. Caught at the point side of the kennels an hour before high tide yesterday. No small whiting, no flatties. Eerily quiet. Bass caught just 20 yards out more by luck than skill i think as u said... The only bite in a 4 hour session!
Have got used to being constantly busy with two rods out over the past months. The lull before the bass storm hopefully haha. Rgds Paul"

Mayday...Mayday ( 30 April)
Tomorrow the padlock changes on the DAA road at you guys with keys you will have to apply to Malcolm Jones for a new one (details on the DAA website) for a new one...members only.
Its getting better ( 30 April)
Reports in today...looking promising with reports of smooth hound and rays at Littlestone and more bass in the west bay to over 5lb.
Good news ( 28 April)
I had a couple of bass being reported yesterday...nothing big up to a couple of pounds, but promising seeing that none were weighed at the DAA is a cracking photo taken by Mike Richardson...sunset at Jerry Oiller's boat 'Fairchance'
Oh what a night ( 27 April)
The latest DAA Rover match last night...loads of fish...mostly undersized whiting!!
But the doggies saved the day!
Thanks to Malcolm Jones for getting up first thing and doing the results...
Happy days ( 25 April)
I had an email from Timothy Clarke enjoying his first time at Dungeness...
"I caught 5 of these today and 8 whiting in a few hours! It was my first time fishing here and loved it! There was also dolphins swimming around!"
Yes its our old friend Mr Rockling otherwise known 'ling' or 'slugs'...the matchmen's favourite!

Reminder ( 25 April)
The next round of the DAA league tomorrow in at the gate 5-15 to 6.00 pm, fish 7.00 to 11.00 pm. All members welcome £5 match fee, for more info contact Steve Harvey on 07786 538 103....not much being reported locally...but you never know...woof, woof!
Bank on Darren ( 24 April)
Darren Brooks had a great trip to Sandwich on Bank holiday Monday. The local lad had six rays including a couple of doubles the best 13lb 8oz....coming soon to Littlestone!
Lovely weather for a plaice ( 23 April)
Here is a report of a nice plaice in the sun...
"Hi Tony,
Caught this lovely plaice on Easter Sunday just behind the power station in Dungeness. Weather was gorgeous, cant wait for the mackerel season to begin! 
Regards Waqs
Latest results ( 21 April)
Here are the latest results and standings from Paul Jarrett of the Southern Circuit Sea Angling Society...

A family outing ( 20 April)
I had this email just come in from Andrew Small...I'm get lots of reports that the fishing is better after high water on the ebb...
"Hi Tony,
Fished Dengemarsh yesterday (19th) with my two sons to the east of the car park. Quite a few people there and very slow with nothing until high tide when the water cleared.
I had a decent plaice and skinny whiting at long range followed by a schoolie. My son Tayler had a bass about 3lb close in. Both bass were returned. 
A difficult day but nice to be out. Cheers Andrew"
What is it ( 20 April)
I had this facebook message from Alan Mills...
"Wasn't Dungie but today I caught a rockling with this strange thing on it's back, and ideas?   It was at Normans bay."
I don't know Alan it could be a type of parasite? Lets see if anybody has any ideas...cracking photo...

It goes to show ( 19 April)
I put a report out yesterday that I hadn't had any bass reports...but here is one from Simon Fowler...
"Hi Tony, 
just read todays beach reports , thought i would tell you about yesterday !!!
It was pretty busy but nobody seemed to be getting much at all,   several guys  
didnt even get a bite.   However i did manage a Bass , about 2.5lb.
Missed another.   Caught on black lug at short range , just before high tide .  
Fished through to 6, just 1pin whiting and no more bites.
Great to come back, hadn't fished Denge for years.  
Tight Lines for all at Easter, Si."
Reports in today ( 18 April)
Flounder and the odd plaice at Dengemarsh, dabs and small stuff towards the point...we should see more plaice tomorrow in the west bay with the north easterly was packed today, don't forget Galloways is open for fishing on a rising tide. Not heard of any bass so far this weekend...unless someone out there knows different?
Looking good for Monday ( 18 April)
Yes the weather forecast for bank holiday Monday, could mean the best weather of the weekend...

Interesting fish ( 18 April)
I had this report come in on from Conrad Kasprzyk...
  • "Hi Tony i found that fish at Dungeness by walk about january if anyone can tell me what kind of fish is that and if that's popular fish in english chanell... thanks conrad"
Well Conrad it looks to me to be a large male 'Common Dragonet' (Callionymus Lyra) in its spawning colours...not rare but unusual to be caught on the beach. They spawn in the English channel from January to June...a very pretty fish.

Nice day ( 17 April)
Peter Webster had a good day last Thursday...
"Hello tony, Pete Webo here, been a while since i sent in a report, anyway i 
fished last Thursday in dungie area and finished up wiv 2 bass to keep, 2 plaice 
to keep and a load ov pin whiteing an couple more very small dabs. Me dad was 
with me instead ov my bass brother Stevie b but he had no bass but ended up with 
3 fair size doggys. Not a bad session all in all. Keep em tight!"
Floundering around ( 16 April)
Verbal reports coming in today are mainly of flounder being caught...and not many of can only get better...still we are enjoying the sunshine.
The answer is yes ( 15 April)
I have had quite a few phone calls on the opening times over here they are, Friday 9 till 6.30 Saturday 9 to 6.30 Sunday 9 to 3.30 and...yes Monday 9 to 3.30 ( it being a bank holiday)
Dates for your diary's ( 14 April)
Just picked this up off facebook from Steve Harvey ( the DAA match captain)...
"Hi folks some new dates for the diaries
Sat may 10th bookin5.15-6 fishing 7-11 at pirate springs
sat may 24 bookin 5.15-6 fishing 7-11 at galloways alternative denge if they are firing
sun june 8th bookin 2.15-3 fishing 4-8 rover
sun june 22. bookin 2.15-3 fishing 4-8 rover
i understand one of these dates clashes with another that some members fish unfortunatley looking at the tides etc i cant see a way rd this. .. So its a case of que sera sera im afraid. .. If you fancy a go at our matches then all you need is to be a member of the daa you can join on the day and its a fiver to fish. ..... Tight lines. ..."

Friday fun day? ( 14 April)
Had this report from Kelvin...
"Hi Tony, Fished Galloway’s Fri 11th, there was just 3 of us on the beach, great weather but only 1 flounder all day. Thanks Kelvin"
Yes it has been a bit slow with the coloured water, but out on the beach this morning we had an northerly breeze this should help clear the water and bring a few more plaice in at Dengemarsh.

Last night ( 13 April)
I had this email from Paul Jarrett who kindly sent me last nights results of the 'Southern Circuit Angling Society' rover match...

"13 members fished last nights match at Dungeness, fishing was very slow with plenty of undersize whiting still about, dogfish and rockling were the main fish at the weigh in

Top 5 places
1) Mick Watt - 4 fish 4lb 2.5ozs
2) Daren Edwards - 4 Fish 4lb 1.5ozs (heaviest fish 1lb 15ozs dogfish)
3) Paul Jarrett - 6 Fish 4lb
4) Tony Taylor - 4 Fish 3lb 2ozs
5) Joe Stevens - 9 Fish 3lb 1ozs

Full match results and league table to follow"

The latest DAA match stats ( 12 April)
Just posted on facebook by Malcolm (Statto) Jones our membership secretary last weeks results and current placings...
Lock...stock...and barrel ( 10 April)
Would you believe it...somebody smashed the DAA padlock on the road yesterday afternoon! 
It has been replaced by Simon Newman who looks after the gate...but it must be easier to join the club and be legal rather than risk getting locked up...if you get spotted by our 'nuclear' police for criminal damage.

The weekends looking good ( 10 April)
The weather forecast looks ideal for a few plaice in the west bay...all that lovely high preasure...

Jurys Gap pays off ( 8 April)
John Smith fished Jurys gap this morning in the breeze, he had plenty of fish, flounders, codling and a couple of bass the best going 5lb 7oz!
Ray of hope ( 6 April)
The DAA had its latest club match today a rover with 18 taking part...three of us fished Littlestone wall...hoping for a thornback ray at distance. All I had was dogfish, Matt Summerfield had one undersized but Paul Gunner struck gold with a ray of 3lb 12oz...not massive but you have to hand it to was the target fish! Full results to follow.
Last weeks DAA match result...( 5 April)
Here are the results fro Malcolm (statto) Jones...

Early excuse was that my trip to 'pirate springs' fishing a bluey wrapped sandeel to find an elusive ray didn't pay off...but you have to try these things! Lets see how we get on tomorrow...kick off at 3pm.
EDF has been 'gardening' ( 5 April)
Malcolm Jones the DAA treasurer went fishing yesterday and kindly sent me some photos of the beach behind the power station down towards the 'diamond' EDF has had diggers down there repairing the beach after the should make access to the foreshore a lot easier!
Hi Tony. Finally found the time to catch up on lots of things.  Long walk on Thursday to near the diamond and took the attached photos along the way.   2 up 3 down gave me a few dabs, flounders and whiting – all under size so returned." 

Spring has sprung ( 4 April)
I had this report in from Paul Hodges who had another good day down at Dengemarsh on Wednesday...interesting at last we are getting more reports of bass...
"Hi Tony
Had another session the other afternoon. Lots of fish, plenty of Pin whiting, 6 Plaice smallest 31cm largest 38cm, 4 Dabs, a small codling of 28cm, a small Schoolie and a flounder of 43cm = 1lb 15oz which was very fat and its belly was full.
Stroll on the Holidays and more fishing :)  Regards Paul"

Dengemarsh in the sun ( 3 April)
I just found this email that came in yesterday from Andrew (hiding in the spam folder)...yes the internet has been full of 'chatter'...
"Hi Tony
Busy down at Dengemarsh today. I had 5 plaice and lost count of the dabs and whiting. Also had a small codling about 30cm. Appeared to be more plaice caught east of the Coastguard lookout than to the west.
Cheers Andrew Small"

Nice Plaice ( 3 April)
Kevin had this cracking plaice down at Dengemarsh yesterday..."Tony, Thanks for good bait and rigs this morning - resulted in me and my son catching mixed bag of dabs, dogfish, pin whiting and this cracking 1lb 7oz plaice which 
was caught just after high water. Regards, Kevin Harris."
Well done Jamie ( 2 April)
Here is a report from Jamie Hodsdon...
  • "hello wasnt sure how to post a picture to you so I thought i would message you, me and my friends fished deal last night my mate had a codling off around 1lb on the 1st cast and then we fished the tide out and caught a few dogfish and another small codling then on at around 3:00am i caught this lovely thorneback ray (not sure on size as i had no scales) but it made my night:) Nice fishing Jamie you can allways email me the report on

Hot off the press ( 2 April)
I had this email from Andy this afternoon ...cracking early season fish...
"Hi tony
I am currently fishing at Galloway's where i have just landed a 1 lb 6 oz place  on straight lug ,also caught so far 1 doggie 1 dab 2 whiting.
Regards Andy Heslop"

 Better and better ( 1 April)
Martin Swinyard posted on 'facebook' another successful day at Dengemarsh...
"Another good day on the red spots loads coming out to fresh black lug"

The sun is out at Dengemarsh ( 1 April)
I had this email from Steve who joined the stampede down to Dengemarsh yesterday...
"Hi tony 5 of us fished denge today and had a great session catching lots of plaice .. about 30 were caught and a bonus bass pic attached is m swinyard with his haul of plaice ... I had 7 .. simon had 11 and dave wood brignal had a few ... Looks like things are looking up at last many thanks steve harvey"

 Mothers Day plaice ( 1 April)
Here is a report from Paul Hodges...
"Hi Tony, Haven't really fished much this year or over the winter but with the lovely warm spring weather I felt the urge to try for a few Plaice. Fishing started off well with a 35cm Plaice first cast then nothing until 2 hours before HW when the tide began to run. Then a flurry of activity with 4 more Plaice and a flounder, then another quiet spell and 2 more Plaice coming 1-2 hours after HW. The biggest Plaice was 39cm, all coming on Fresh Outs. Most fish came at distance over 100 yards on single hook clipped down rigs. Plaice sizes 34cm, 4 X 35 cm, 36cm and 39cm, Flounder 30cm  Regards Paul

 There's a plaice for us ( 31 March)
Simon Newman sent me this link on facebook...
"Heads up to my fishy friends. Denge Marsh fished well for Plaice today. There was a comp there and one chap had 6, someone else had 5 and there were lots of one's and two's. Biggest I saw was 41cm but they seemed to average about 34cm+. Bearing in mind they finished an hour into the ebb and only fished one rod each, it is a damn sight closer than Brighton! I'll be having a go tomorrow."
I have had lots of reports of fish coming on to feed after high was the same for me at Pirate Springs.

Good night ( 30 March)
Here is a report from Steve Harvey DAA match captain...posted on 'facebook' concerning last nights match...some people are bad losers :-)
"Match result 29.3.14
20 anglers fished in an easterly breeze ..caught mainly dogs dabs ling and odd flounder
1st micheal smith 8lb 10
2nd D.wood.Brignal. 8lb 6half
3rd Alex Veel ..8lb 2half
4th Graham 'need a shave' king 5lb 8half
5th matt summerfield 5lb 5half
Heaviest fish 2lb dog for Mike Richardson
Me???.....,well i was dragged kicking and screaming to a venue on the assurance of a bumper haul by an 'unnamed' local angler... I wont name and shame for fear of retribution ...however since then ive heard a squeek that he was pre warned to not fish it in an easterly :)
I guess its my turn to choose next week ... So i better get my choice prepared ... Next match is sunday 6th april 3-7"

Good night had by all...everybody gamble didn't pay off...I think I was almost last...but there's always next week?

See you next season ( 30 March)
Fishing the DAA club match last night, I chose to try 'Pirate Springs'...totally deserted...amongst the hordes of pin whiting I had six beautiful baby coddling between 28 to 30 autumn these baby's will be sizable! 

Who loves rockling? ( 29 March)
One of my regulars who fished Dengemarsh last night reported this morning that it was...wall to wall...rockling and dogfish! The DAA have their match tonight, let see what gets caught?

Local lad does good ( 28 March)
I had an email from Gary Seare...cracking fish...well done...
"Fished sandwich bay last night with a top a fisherman...who put me on to a 11lb thorny a new pb...thanks briggs"

The quiet before the storm ( 27 March)
Very few reports coming in...with the beaches being so quiet...plenty of fish...not many anglers! But it is looking good for the weekend with the warmer weather and the bigger tides...I had this email from Graeme Pullen of '' on U Tube...
Hi Tony,
 The part 2 film of "The Great Cod Hunt"on Dungeness is just up. Link below if you want to post it anywhere. Part 1 had a load of views and shows the sea anglers are at least getting good info from our Show. I imagine the Dungeness one will also pull in over 1000 views in the first 24 hours. 3rd and final "fishing" part of the series is up tomorrow night-Friday 7pm.
All the best, Graeme.

A few more bass ( 26 March)
David Elliot came in today after fishing...loads of dogfish, dabs whiting and codling up to 30cm...David sent me a photo of a bass he had a couple of days ago, with the crabs on the move due to very warm seas we should see more and more bass being reported.

Reminder ( 25 March)
Here is a reminder from the DAA match captain Steve Harvey...
"Its matchday on Saturday in at the gate .. 5.15-6 fishing from 7-11 a rover .... After that the next match is next weekend 6th April fishing 3-7 so booking in will be 1.15-2 ... Sorry about the two matches being so close together the tides etc are the reason ..." 
Very interesting ( 24 March)
Speaking to the DAA match captain today (Steve Harvey) on how the Seabrook match fished yesterday...there was one fish of interest...a decent that is early!
Bass on time ( 23 March)
Here is a report from Andy...again just after top of the tide?...
"Hi tony
I fished 12.30pm to 16.30 yesterday at tailors road .
I had a  1 small flounder. 1 rockling and a 2lbs bass on a 2 hook flapper with lug .
Just after high tide . Regards Andy Heslop

Behind the boats ( 21 March)
Report in from Adam Goldie...
"Hi Tony, fished behind the boats today, what a lovely day!! plenty of Dabs and 3 keepers, and tiny Whiting and Rockling, and half way through the flood ! had this surprise fish on single lug fished 20 yards out intended for Bass, I believe its a Coal Fish."

High Tide ( 21 March)
Reports coming in this afternoon from behind the boats today...nothing till after high tide then flats and whiting...strange?

Good cod ( 20 March)
One of my customers told me this morning that he fished Littlestone wall yesterday...and had codling after codling just after high daylight!

Good news for fishermen ( 20 March)
I had an email yesterday from the MOD with 'firing times' for Dengemarsh (going west) and Galloways for the month of April....I couldn't believe it so I queried it, and here is the reply...
"Just to confirm with everyone that the Firing Times list is correct as showing Lydd closed for the month (a few of you have quite understandably questioned it – as did we!  - Lydd are having a targetry upgrade and so no live firing is scheduled for April.)"
Yes that means open house all April...all we need is some clear water and the plaice to move in to the beach!

A timely reminder ( 17 March)
Here is a bit from Steve Harvey (the DAA match captain)...
"This coming friday is the DAA   A.G.M. 
At Heysham Hall next door to the chip shop in Taylor Rd .. its your chance to voice your opinion and have your say on all matters regarding the DAA also we are looking for people to join the committee .. start time 7.30 ..."

What a lovely evening ( 16 March)
It could be summer...walking the dogs on Greatstone beach this evening...calm the glow of a golden moon.

Loads of fish ( 16 March)
Here is a report from Paul those dogfish...

Southern Circuit SAS match result - Dengemarsh 15/03/14  
"Hi Tony hope you are well, 
Result from our Dengemarsh match fished on Saturday evening, 11 members fished the comp, we were plagued by pin whiting from the off, rockling, dabs, dog fish and whiting were weighed in

The biggest fish was a 2lb 4oz Dog Fish caught by Steve Field

Steve Field – 12 Fish 7lb 9ozs
Sam Collier – 13 Fish 7lb 6.5ozs
Adam Horton  – 13 Fish 6lb 12.5ozs
Keith Johnson – 13 Fish 4lb 9.5ozs
Daren Edwards – 6 Fish 3lb 10ozs
Mick Watt – 12 Fish 3lb 8ozs
Wesley Cheeseman – 12 Fish 3lb 7ozs
Paul Jarrett – 7 Fish 1lb 13ozs
Joe Stevens – 6 Fish 1lb 11ozs
Daniel Collier – 5 Fish 1lb 4ozs
Alan Jarrett – 4 Fish 13.5ozs 
Regards Paul"

What a cracking weekend ( 16 March)
Reports coming in are that a mixture of species...mostly small but some bigger flounders, the weather has been brilliant, the forecast hopefully will give a bit of a 'stir up' next week...will it bring in some bigger codling?...the buzz is that the bay is full of them! 

Yes...its a plaice ( 13 March)
The intrepid Simon Newman ventured down to did he fare...
"It's not big, but it's oooooh so pretty. 29cm plaice from a short session at Dengemarsh today. No other fish and no other bites so i must thank Daniel Sanger for keeping me amused between casts. I left Daniel on the beach. He's been fishing since 0630 and I left him at 4pm not only fishless but also biteless. I will say no more, already having said too much LOL."

Rock on...( 13 March)
This email came in from Lukey yesterday ( spam folder yet again) here is the report...
"hi Tony, my dad and myself fished infront of the powerstation this afternoon (wed). not much to report tho as we only managed to find 2 species 3 beard rockling and 5 beard rocking. my dad caught 5 fish and i caught 4 fish. nice day to be on the beach tho if not a tad chilly in the N/E breeze. cheers Lukey Knight. 
I think Lukey was a bit unlucky on the species, we have some 'local heroes' fishing Dengemarsh today looking for a plaice lets see how they get on...

When the winds in the east fish bite the least...! ( 11 March)
Here is a report from Steve behind the boats...into the wind...
"Hi Tony myself Mr Field, Martin and Martin Jeff(Martins dad) had a couple of hours behind 'fairchance' this afternoon .... Hoping for an early bass in the surf ... No bass unfortunatly but we did have 12 small codling between us which is a good sign for the future ... Plus a cple of flounders whiting and ling ... So all in all not a bad session ...the picture attached is jeff with one of the codling ... Tight lines steve Harvey"
I have had loads of reports over the last six weeks of baby codling being caught...not just around here...the Thames estuary and the east coast!...I had some customers 'pop in' on Friday (on the way to the British Open up north) from Belgium...and guess what...their coast have loads of small codling as well!

Oops (10 March)
I found this email from Arkam in my 'spam' folder I think it came in yesterday therefore I think Arkam was fishing on Saturday...
"Hi Tony...I fished yesterday with a friend of mine between the boats and the was beautiful day with plenty of fish caught:rockling, dabs, whitings,3 plaice, dogfish,codlings, but the highlight of the day was a codling around 2lb and my first time ever coalfish at dungeness. From Arkam

Well what a nice day (10 March)
We had the a good match day yesterday...nice weather...plenty of fish (mostly small) here are the match results from Malcolm Jones (Statto) our DAA Chairman...

DAA match result Sunday, 9th March 2014 – Full Rover – 3-00 pm – 7-00 pm

1st       Scott Strudwick          12 fish    3 lb. 9 oz.
2nd        Paul Gunner                 10 fish  3 lb. 5 ½ oz.
3rd       Mike Richardson         9 fish   3 lb. 4 ½ oz.        Heaviest fish  1 lb. 3 ½ oz. dogfish
4th       Mike Smith                8 fish    2 lb. 3 ½ oz.  
5th      Tony Hills                  8 fish    2 lb. 2 ½ oz. .
Predominantly dabs, whiting, rockling and the odd dogfish, pouting and plaice weighed in.  Slight SE breeze.
17 fished and 14 weighed in.

There's a plaice for us ( 7 March)
Reports coming in today...more plaice about, linked with the forecast of building high pressure for next week...this should clear the water...fill your boots!

Next DAA Match this Sunday ( 7 March)
Yes you lucky people...its the next DAA league match this Sunday...this must be a mistake as we have a decent weather forecast with plenty of fish about!
Book in on the road from 1.15pm to 2.00pm fish from 3.00pm to 7.00pm if you need any more info call Steve Harvey on 07786 538103
Codling...( 6 March)
Here is a report from Martin Weeks...
  • "Caught this last night of the point at dungeness first proper cod I've ever caught 
    5th march 2014"

  • A point of view...( 6 March)
I had this email from Rafal...
I have been reading postes on DAA website for about a year or so. 
Few of my friends and I were down the dungeness several times in the past. 
However we had no much luck so we couldn't send you pictures or email before. 
I'm getting a bit concerned about the post on the 2nd of March from Kevin 
regarding polish anglers kicking the fish around the beach. 
I was just wondering how does Kevin know that they were polish?
For someone who is english, spanish or french would be hard to tell if someone 
is polish, czech, slovakian, russian, ukrainian, serbian, croatian, estonian, 
lithuenian etc. 
There is nice and friendly polish, angling society around bexhill, hastings and 
eastbourne. We have been going fishing for couple of years or so, mainly around 
sussex/kent coast. 
We respect other anglers, rules, regulations and what is most important natural 
environment. We keep the beach clean and treat fishes with care because it is in 
our interest to keep them healthy so we can all have fun when they get bigger. 
I would be very disappointed if this is done by polish anglers however all those 
times we went down the dungeness we didn't meet one. 
If there is anything we can do in the future to help please don't hesitate to 
contact me. Best regards, Rafal.

60% (or there about's) of my customers don't speak English as their first language...without them I wouldn't be in business! There are good and bad in all types....our role is to show some anglers a 'better way'...teaching by example...promoting angling...working with other users of the beach showing that we can all work together in partnership to protect our environment. 

Better and better ( 4 March)
Simon Newman popped in this morning and gave me the good news that the codling are getting better (bigger)...up to 4lb being reported up around the 'point'...besides all the baby fish!

Having a good time ( 3 March)
Here is a report from Savio...
"Hi Tony,
We fished near the power station on Friday night into saturday morning and had lovely time fishing. We caught 8 different species of fish and while most were not very big and left to fight another day, there were a few takers.
The best moment was when I hauled in a lovely bass and a codling on the same cast. The bass just came under a kilo and 44cm in length and made a lovely dinner while the coding was released back. They were caught on straight lugs just before low tide.
Species: Whiting, Codling, Rockling, Dab, Plaice, Bass, Pouting, Dogfish
Thanks and regards,   JJ & Savio"

Wow....( 2 March)
This was posted on facebook by Dave Hancock...copied from 'magic seaweed'
"Forget Bondi Beach or Hawaii – the biggest waves to be found anywhere on the planet tomorrow will be aiming themselves at Cornwall’s coastline.
The map from surf website Magic Seaweed shows that tomorrow morning nowhere in the world will have bigger swell than Cornwall.
The waves crashing into the South West will be higher than Hawaii and bigger than Bondai at that time.
The website expects swell of up to 33ft to hit Sennen in West Cornwall.
This is the second time this year that Cornwall will experience the largest waves in the world."

...I'm going to bed in my 'flotation suit'!
A sad story ( 2 March)
Here is a sad story from Kevin...
"hi toni just thought you may want to put this on your forum was at hythe last week on a Saturday 22nd feb watching the fishing as I had nothing to do whilst the beach was full of fisherman there seemed to be a few dog fish about I no these fish are like pouting to some fishermen and they can be a pain whilst there feeding. to my surprize I witnessed 5 polish fisherman catch a large dog fish rather than put it back they kicked it up beach then dug a hole in shingle and buried it alive rather than put it back being a fisherman myself I jumped off sea wall dug it up and said if you don't want it you barskets put it back I walked down to sea edge and put it back luckly I was so angry they let it go as they wernt sure about what I was going to do. yes I could of got beaten up by these thugs but wasn't going to let this go shame we don't have a fish monitor to check these venues out.  yours sincerely kevin  varn boat club."
Well Kevin I think all fish should be treated with respect (I like dogfish!), there is no excuse to torture fish...I feel guilty match fishing with fish in the bucket....but I can't explain some peoples behavior...but we have to 'teach' by example...but be careful don't put yourself at risk!

Another quiet day in paradise ( 1 March)
The beach has been a bit quiet spite of glorious weather but reports coming in say we still have plenty of plump codling around 1lb, popping into the beach to say hello!

Leader of the pack ( 27 February)
Paul Belli yesterday spent time down at the 'kennels'...
Hello Tony,
Quick report on the lovely session i just fished. Arrived at 11am and fished the point side of the boats. Lots of dogfish. A nice codling, many small codling. Couple of nice dabs and 2 good flounder.
Fished until 5.... By when the wind had picked up... Definitely not t-shirt weather where i was.
Little bit weedy and fishing 2 rods meant i hardly sat down. At least the rockling were thin on the ground.
Lovely day to be out.
Cheers Paul
Ps. The new lifeboat was busy zooming up and down.... nice to know they're right there if anyone gets washed in.

Fun in the sun ( 26 February)
Paul Howells just popped the key back in after fishing the point, he said he had loads of dogfish some nice dabs and baby codling, he said it was so warm he fished all afternoon in a 'T' in February!

The writing is on the wall ( 26 February)
I had this email this Carrie...
"Hi first time messaging you we fish about 4 times a week putting in many hours and i read your site everyday we fish any where from Hythe to Camber but there is just nothing out there Fished Littlestone wall last night and this morning not much about 5small codling biggest about 1lb and loads of ling carrie & wayne"
...yes we have plenty of small fish about, the sea is very warm, it won't be long until we get more flounder and plaice!

The WDC...the results ( 24 February)
Here is what Simon Newman posted on facebook...he missed one person out! Thanks Simon for a great idea and all the work you have done to make this an unique event...

Tronixpro World Dab Fishing Championships 2014 THE RESULTS

Firstly a few very big thank you's.

George Cunningham and Tronixpro for the kind and generous sponsorship of the event

The Pilot Inn and all who sail in her for hosting.

Zziplex for a fantastic rod, and Chris Dance for building it for us.

Seagull Tackle and Micks Tackle for raffle prizes and one of Micks world famous bait pumps

Andy Molson for the rod and reel Junior prize

…..and everyone else who donated raffle prizes on the day. KH recruitment for £50 worth of tackle vouchers, Paul Fenech /Sea Angler for a cracking reel, the raffle mafia of Wayne Hill and Phil Hambrook who are now so intrinsic to the event, Gobby Welsh git Jason Davey for running the raffle, Stephen Harvey for looking after the weigh in and a big big hand to Steve and Kim Field for running the registration and results service. Anyone I’ve forgotten to mention, I most humbly apologise.

The very biggest thanks of all must go to the 147 anglers who fished on the day in what were “testing” conditions to say the very least. With long arms and shallow pockets, they donated a final tally of £3383 to the Dungeness RNLI, which I’m pretty sure tips the 4 year total to just over £20,000.

Ladies, gentlemen, boys and girls, I salute you all.

The Results:

Junior World Champion: Kane Wood Brignall 1 dab 4 oz

World Champion: Andy Molson ( AGAIN!!!!) 5 dabs 2lb 5oz

Runner up: Kevin Bowles 4 dabs 1lb 11oz

3rd Alex Veal 4 dabs 1lb 9oz

4th Roy Barker 1lb 3

5th Greg Dixon 15oz

6 Paul Gunner 14.5oz

7. Peter Bolton 14oz

8. Darren Mills 13.5oz

9. Scott Shadwick 11.5oz

10. Shaun Graham 10oz

Pools paid to 17th place (£30 paid down the field after 3rd). If anyone knows Peter Bolton, if he could get in touch with me please. I have his prize and £30 pools winnings.

Gentlemen, until next year, I am looking forward to not worrying about the weather for a while!

Tightest of lines, Simon Newman

The World Dab Championship ( 23 February)
Three of us fished Galloways today...bracing...

For us only rockling and whiting. I believe that around a 140+ fished...a really good turnout considering it was the reserve date with a forecast of southerly force 6 to 7 winds...I was told around thirteen weighed in, I will post the full results when I get them!

A fishy story...( 21 February)
Here is a report from Kevin concerning problems when skinning a dogfish, someone told years ago 'scald it' with boiling water first?...Iv'e seen Jerry Oiller ( Fairchance) skin a doggy in about a half a minute. 
"Fished down by the boardwalk on Wednesday. Very busy with the sunshine coming out at last. Fished 3 hours before high and 1 hour after.
18 whiting (only 1 keeper), 1 dogfish (keeper), 1 codling (keeper) 4 rockling and 1 dab
I have only been fishing since last spring and was my first dogfish. I normally fish Winchelsea Beach as I live round the corner but thought i would give Dungeness a go. Anyway, back to the dogfish, after some advice, when I got home I skinned it. WOW, if I had known how hard it was i wouldn't have bothered. I think any more dogs will go straight back in unless you have any advice. I cut round the bottom of the head with a flap over the back of the head and then pulled hard.......... what a mess, the Mrs was not to pleased, Kevin" 
As if we didn't know ( 21 February)
This is the met office rain if we didn't know...most on Dungeness!!!

Fingers crossed ( 20 February)
Here is the latest from Simon Newman (Organiser) ...
"Tronixpro World Dab Fishing Championships Sunday 23rd Feb update: Saturday and Monday are ok, Sunday is looking very windy but dry. On the basis that any slippage with the forecast either way will be in our favour, the event is going ahead as planned. We will be very reluctant to cancel again as long as conditions are deemed fishable and safe. We suggest you keep an eye on the forecast for the next couple of days and pray for no deterioration in the current predictions. You will need to assess your own capabilities to decide whether or not you are competent to fish in potentially strong wind and rough conditions. Hopefully the conditions will improve, but do please keep an eye on the weather forecast. This is a weather site I generally trust for Dungeness:"

Don't Forget ( 20 February)
Here is a report from Steve Harvey (DAA Match Captain)
"The DAA members league due to be fished on the 23rd of february.... This match will go ahead however due to the Dab match there will be changes to the times .... The fishing will take place at THE SAME TIME as the the dab comp ...11-4 ... Booking in for both will take place at the pilot from 7.30 onwards ... If you can inform booking in team that you wish to fish both ... There will be no fee for the league match ... Its just about the points for this .. due to most people will be fishing both matches ... Just bring your buckets to the weigh in where there will be two sets of scales one of which will be for the league aswell ... So that your 25 cm dabs can be weighed seperately if you are fishing both .. but remember to keep all your sizeable fish if you are fishing both ... There maybe a pools for the league match of £2,just for the heaviest fish ... Any more info dont hesitate to contact me on 07786538103,tight lines for now"

Littlestone wall...underrated ( 18 February) 
Here is another report from Paul Belli...
"Hello Tony,
Fished Littlestone again today from 12 until 3 over the high. A few others keeping me company for a change today.
Lots of small whiting and dabs, with two good sized dabs coming home.
At one point, within a ten minute period i reeled in 5 dogs. Didn't see one before or after this strange spell. They're surely not shoal fish. Must've been the perfect conditions just at that time for them.
No bass and only 1 small codling.
Light winds and only a few raindrops. Perfect day fitter me if not the fish ;)
Cheers Paul
Ps. I usually fish behind the boats but haven't heard any feedback for a few days now?"

We are still recovering from the storms with fewer anglers fishing...equals fewer reports!

A real mixed bag ( 17 February)
Just had this report in from Paul Belli...
"Hi Tony,
Just a quick report from my trip today. fished Littlestone from 11am till 4pm.
Lots of small whiting and many (10) small rockling. One small plaice, one large dab, 3 codling of no size and 2 schoolie bass.
Just before finishing I pulled out a very nice dab but upon inspection it had what looked like superating lumps by its head on its top and near its tail on its underside. Looked like bleeding warts ? What would that have been .. .some disease ? Wished I'd taken a photo with my phone now.
Good session , although the wind did pick up later on and being southerly i didnt escape it. I'll have to bother getting my big brolly out of the car next time.
Cheers, Paul"
A good day Paul, well done, you are right if you get a diseased fish send me a photo and I will copy it to the local IFCA for identification.

Plenty of water how about the fish ( 16 February)
I had this cracking picture on facebook taken by Ian Dawes today so much water lying around it could make Dungeness into an island...plenty of fish being reported...dabs and more dabs...

A bit of a blow ( 15 February)
Nick (no fear) Burton popped in this morning on his way back from Dengemarsh, showed me this photo...a bit wet...but it is still there...and it will be flat calm tomorrow!
Weather window? ( 15 February)
I had this email from George...
"Hi Tony,
I was just looking on your website and the BBC Weather site. Then I looked out 
if the window and just wondered was there a window Sunday morning. Was is 
possible that Mother Nature was going to allow a mornings fishing?? 
How did Dungeness fair in the storm, do you agree there us a weather window 
Sunday morning? Cheers George.
...Yes the weather looks good for tomorrow after weeks of little activity 
we have quite a few orders for the morning, so your not alone in your 
The beach has been flattened in the west bay...but we have survived so 
Yes it is spring? ( 14 February)
Well...I checked the sea temperatures yesterday 8 degrees the average for April! Here is a report from Wayne...
Hi Tony,
I met my fishing buddy at Dunge yesterday morning (4am) 'suspecting' a fish or two.
There was no rush to get set up, so i walked the LW line.....there was loads of shellfish....but only the odd worm today. Picked up few a queenies/razors for a 'change' bait.
Set up at 5am with a very basic 2hook flapper, hooks baited with a single black lug....(i picked up 25 score from the HW line on Tuesday).
Short casting was the order of the day, hoping there may be a Flounder moving in with the flooding tide....however Bass were also in the back of my mind.
My first take came quite quickly...and was very savage....i instantly thought BASS, and so it was.....2lb 8oz.
My buddy quickly added one of similar size, the it went quiet for ½hr.....then the Pins arrived...but not in great numbers.
At half tide the fun really started, with me getting a proper 'slam down', resulting in a bigger Bass at 4lb 2oz and my mate taking another 3 (all in 2-3lb bracket.)...we both missed a couple of takes too.
At HW the action stopped.
We decided to give it another 2 hrs, this accounted  for 4 Dabs...a couple of Rockling and a small Plaice.
Would have expected more Dabs....very thin on the ground.
Packed up at 2pm...and apart from a bit of squally rain, it was a smashing days fishing....and great to actually be able to get out. Regards Wayne

Bass...( 13 February)
It pays to keep an eye on the weather, here is a report from Matt Barwick...
"Hi Tony 
Thought i'd take advantage of the weather window this morning. Arrived behind the boats at 5.00 am looked perfect for bass. No bites till  7.00 am when the whiting came on. Looking for bass I moved behind the RNLI first cast nice bass 54cm
Regards Matt ( Tonbridge )"
The sea is still above 8 degrees...more like April!

Very Interesting...( 10 February)
I had this photo from Jeff he is asking for help in identifying what it is...any ideas?

Flat as your hat...( 9 February)
Here is a photo from Roy Godden he was down at Dengemarsh yesterday...totally flattened...
The sun is out...( 9 February)
Beautiful morning...but a touch is the local shipping forecast from the met office...

24 hour forecast:

Southwesterly 7 to severe gale 9, occasionally storm 10 at first, decreasing 5 or 6, becoming cyclonic 4 or 5 later.
Sea state
Very rough or high, becoming moderate or rough later.
Squally showers, rain later.
Moderate or good, occasionally poor.
Bad news...Dab World Championship ( 6 February)
This has this evening been posted on facebook by Simon Newman...

"World Dab Fishing Championships ..POSTPONED

Having taken all the many weather forecasts available into consideration, and despite being the eternal optimists t
hat we are, we are sorry to announce that in the best interests of the participants, we have cancelled Sundays Tronixpro World Dab Fishing Championships. At best the beach will be a very unpleasant place to be on Sunday, at worst it could be down right dangerous.

The event will now be held in two weeks time, on Sunday 23rd February 2014. All the other details remain unchanged.

It is with great regret that we have taken this decision and we understand the inconvenience this may well cause, especially to those of you who have travel plans and accommodation and bait on order.

We now pray to a different weather God for fine weather on the 23rd (obviously we did not sacrifice enough whiting to our usual one), and we hope you can get a fishing pass to come and join us on the 23rd.

Tight lines and stay safe this weekend, Simon.

PS. I would appreciate it if all my fishy friends would share this to reach as many anglers as possible and if my media friends could perhaps duplicate this announcement on their web pages"

If there is a silver lining...the tide of the 23rd of February is far better ( Fishing low tide to high) this will give us more choice of fishing spots if the weather is still difficult! I feel sorry for Simon who has put so much hard work into organising this.

Lots more codling...and a few dabs ( 6 February)
Reports in today ...from those hardy anglers who gave it 'a go' this morning were more 'baby' codling...and good news a few dabs! I can't remember a time when so many baby codling were on the beach...might be something to do with the October weather?

 Dab World Championships update ( 5 February)
This just came in from Simon Newman organiser of the DWC...

"Tronixpro World Dab Fishing Championships 2014 Weather update and contingency. Hi Dabbers. 

As we can all see, the weather is not looking very promising for Sunday at the moment, however, it is still 4 days away and all we need is a nudge of high pressure and the Atlantic lows will miss us here in the SE and the event will be fisheable.

 If the weather forces cancellation, the event will be postponed and will be held on Sunday 23rd Feb, same times and rules etc. A decision shall be made by the organising committee by 10am on Friday morning at the very latest and shall be announced here on Facebook and World Sea Fishing Forum. 

We will not delay the decision until Friday if tomorrow the forecast looks beyond hope. Cheers for now, Simon. PS. AAaaaaaaaaaGHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!" 

Fingers firmly crossed!!!

A little bit of surf ( 4 February)
I had this report in this evening from Paul Belli...
"Hi Tony,
Just thought I'd drop you a line. You told me Littlestone by the wall could be productive when i popped into the shop to buy some forceps. Well, I fished over the high tide from 12 until 4. Very windy but dry. Sea became rougher and rougher during the session.
I caught 5 bass, 2 of which were of a size for supper. 1 good sized Flounder. 1 small flounder. 2 small codling and numerous small whiting. No DABS though!!
Kept me busy all session. Very enjoyable but a little wind blasted - nearly fell asleep once in the safety of my car for the journey back to Rye. Cheers, Paul"

Size you measure up? ( 4 February)
I keep trying to remind myself that people take up sea fishing every day, we all have to start from the beginning, we all have to learn, none of us know it all...hopefully we all carry on learning and developing, fish size limits are part of this. In our area we have the 'Kent & Essex Inshore Fisheries and Conservation Authority' (IFCA)who have responsibility for enforcing the byelaw's ( If you pop in I can give you a card with the fish sizes...

Loads of baby cod ( 4 February)
If you have been reading this blog for the last few weeks you will have seen the reports of 'hords' of baby codling being caught. I have no doubt they are right, cod goes in cycles and hopefully in a couple of years we will see the benefit! I had this report in from waqs...yes I know its Deal but its a nice photo of a 'baby' cod...Remember the legal take home size for codling is 35cms...
"Hi Tony 02/02/2014 my name is waqs,its the first time weve messaged you but we regularly read the daily reports!here i am with my fisher lady Naz on deal beach in kent! we are regular fishers in dungeness but this time we thought we would try deal. weather was beautiful,bit chilly but low winds.
we caught 22 whitlings 5 codlings and one rock fish,all decent sizes!!
had a brilliant day! "

It's the big one ( 3 February)
Here is a bit off facebook from the excitable Steve Harvey our DAA match captain...
This coming sunday 9th feb sees the return of the south of Englands most popular charity match ...yes folks THE World dab champs is nearly upon us and with the forecast improving everyday it should be a good day ... Dont forget you can have a breakfast at the pilot whilst booking in .. booking in from 7.30 a.m and fishing from 11-4 ... £10 to enter 100% of entry goes to the RNLI ... £5 optional pools which in previous years anglers finishing 30th have won themselves £30 .... Plus an absolutly fantastic raffel table which includes a zzipplex rod ... Each entrant gets free raffel tickets  so if you think youre a Dab hand at catching Dabs come down to Dungeness and give it a go ... All DABS OVER 25 CM COUNT ... Hope to see loads of you there .. tight lines for now"

Jack's being dogged ( 2 February)
Here is a report from Jack fishing today...
"Hi tony
Fished just down from the boats today, thought I would practice for the dab comp 
next weekend! All I had was whiting, flounder and loads of dogfish! 
I do hope there are a few more dabs showing for next weekend otherwise we will 
have to have to call it the dogging championships!!!
Regards Jack Feaver"
Don't worry I have had reports of more dabs being caught from...oops I will tell you Monday!

The sun came out ( 2 February)
Dungeness, very busy today after after a very quiet week...not easy massive tide, weed and a strong tidal flow. One angler reported to me (because behind the boats was so busy) he fished Littlestone wall...getting fish every cast, whiting, codling, dogfish and dabs lovely fishing great conditions!

The quiet before the storm ( 31 January)
The few reports I have had or seen have been quite good, plenty of dogfish, whiting a few dabs and codling around 1 1/2lb...but the beaches are so few reports. With the world dab championship coming up Sunday week then we will be fighting for places!...lets hope for a gap in the weather...this morning has been calm dry and warm!

Bye bye...( 30 January)
As the month comes to an end ( the wettest on record) we have the first of the really big tides of the year 8.3 metres at Dungeness with some interesting weather...Sunday looks good?

United Kingdom - Dungeness  (wave: NWW3 50 km 30.1. 2014 06 UTC)
  •  Forecast 
  •  2D
  •  Map 
  •  Webcams 
  •  Wind reports 
  •  Accommodation 
  •  Schools/Rentals 
  •  Shops 
  •  Other... 

GFS 50 km
06 UTC
Wind speed (knots)81413101110101318222430332220162527243021171414121112
Wind gusts (knots)101817131312131522283242463228213434334028252019171515
Wind direction

Wave (m)
Wave period (s)734444344567898889999987766
Wave direction

*Temperature (°C)6788777777888107788888889988
Cloud cover (%)
high / mid / low
*Precip. (mm/3h)-

Shingle movement & codlets ( 28 January) 
Here is a email from Ted Gower...
"Hi Tony
My name is Ted and I used to drive regularly from Salisbury to fish Dungy 
although I now live north of Colchester but still a member of DAA. I read with 
interest the comments on your web site re the shingle extraction. It's not 
surprising that planning permission was granted as this application was 
submitted by an energy company. I would be interested what stance  the  RSPB 
take on this issue.We anglers are very often at odds with the RSPB and 
twitters(birds) but on this issue both of us should lobby EDF to continue to 
have access at all times. I believe that there are certain sites on our coast 
that need protection form large corporations and access remain unrestricted for 
all to enjoy
On the subject of these small codling being caught( I call them codlets) you are 
absolutely correct on the identification issue. I went fishing on Walton peir 
two days ago and caught over a dozen. Tony,they are all over the east coast 
right down to Sussex. like you I believe that this is natural cycle which occurs 
when the sea temperature is just right.It does bode well for the next two years 
where they should be 2 to 3 pounds after that,they then get decimated by the EU 
commercial fleets.
Keep up the good work tony and hope to see you at the world dab championships.
Regards Ted.
Just for the record Ted RSPB opposed the application which is joint between the EA & EDF our main area of concern is NE and the SAC (special area of conservation)...but that is another story!

I want to tell you a story ( 27 January)
Here is a report from Paul...'pin' whiting...tell me about it...

"Hi Tony

Not been fishing for a while had lots of work on and with the lack of Cod around I haven't really had the inclination or motivation to go. However last Saturday I pulled myself together and went fishing from 7am to 7pm. The weather was good and I was fishing where I wanted to be (boats) albeit the tides were small and I wasn't sure of how the tide would run. During the day there was little tide and very little action tbh. All the usual suspects showed up Whiting, Dabs, Dogfish, Rockling and the odd Pouting.

The fishing was very slow indeed, lots of Pin Whiting a few sizeable and the odd good Dab (7 X 25cm plus) but all in all the fishing wasn't up to much. I tried all day with 2 rods out at distance (120 to 130 yds) with 4/0s rigged for that elusive cod, and one in closer for Dabs.

As the day progressed and the tide began to Flood the weather, well the wind picked up too as did the tide. I have to say for such a small tide there was an awful lot of flood tide which gave me some hope that a Cod may show up. I fished with Fixed wire 8oz and these were being dragged. There was a little bit of weed but not a lot and no sign of MR Cod or Codling anywhere for the day.

I had fresh Blacks and Cuttlefish and old Blacks for the Dabs, I also tried a variety of tipping baits from shellfish, mackerel, sprat, sandeel and squid but made no significant difference. All the fish cam at a variety of distances from 30 to 120yds and no where seemed to be more prolific in catches. will try again hopefully when there is a break in the weather and a much calmer day.

only lost two sets of gear all day so it isn't very snaggy.

Regards Paul Hodges"

After two matches ( 27 January)
Here are full results from last night plus the league positions after 2 matches...

1st codling of the year ( 27 January)
Here is the report from last nights DAA match from our chairman Malcolm Jones...

"DAA match result Sunday, 26th January 2014 – Full Rover – 4-00 pm – 8-00 pm 

1st Paul Gunner 2 fish 3 lb. 2 1/2 oz. Heaviest fish 1 lb. 14 oz. dogfish

2nd Steve Harvey 3 fish 2 lb. 1 oz.

3rd Martin Swinyard 1 fish 1 lb. 11 oz.

4th Nathan Elliott 5 fish 1 lb. 9 oz.

5th Richard Yates 4 fish 1 lb. 9 oz.

Dabs, dogfish, whiting and rockling weighed in. Blustery SW winds easing.

21 fished and 15 weighed in.

Full result to follow tonight."

The weather was very bad at first so five competitors re-located down to Littlestone wall...interestingly this supplied the top three places. As usual all I managed was 'pin' whiting...and a seven inch codling (my first of the year!) more were caught by Steve Field.

Is it a cod? ( 25 January)
Here is a report from Jose...
"Hi tony,
I fished Dungeness today but caught no codling, caught around 25 whiting though. at the time i thought they might be cod but they were all whiting. are you sure people aren't just mistaking the whiting for cod? how do you tell them apart? none of my fish had the single barbel under the mouth. but they did have gold colour markings?
best regards. Jose"
The easiest way to tell a cod is the chin barbel, but pouting have one to as do 'poor cod'...cod are usually mottled with a more distinctive  lateral line, colours can very, whiting have a bigger eye and a 'slimmer' feel...but at first glance a big 'fat' whiting has fooled an experienced angler more than once!
Yes people could be confused, but every tide is different and baby codling can appear in large numbers...I give them a kiss and put them back.

Hot of the press ( 25 January)
I attended the planning meeting at KCC (Maidstone) yesterday to consider the application to restart shingle recycling at Dungeness, I spoke against the planning application on behalf of my local Town councils but it was passed with a large majority, here is a response from the DAA...

"Dear all, 
I have been made aware that KCC yesterday granted planning permission to EDF Energy and the EA, with conditions, for further recycling of shingle from the Dungeness Borrow Pit.  During the consultation period we asked for conditions to be placed on the application to ensure that anglers continued to have access to the foreshore during operations to remove the shingle via the haul road.
At present DAA have no further details of proposed commencement date and operational details but we will be closely monitoring the situation and keeping you suitably informed. 
Shingle movement will now be added to the agenda for the AGM, Friday 21st March 2014 @ 7.30 pm – venue Heysham Hall, Taylor Road, Lydd On Sea TN29 9PA
Regards, Malcolm Jones – DAA Chairman"

Very interesting ( 24 January)
I just opened this report from Nigel Grieve...
"Hi Tony, wondered whether you had any thoughts on the numbers of small codling this early in the year. Friends keep asking me "Why" as they have not experienced this before. I remember numbers further round the coast appearing around March and April and that would be generally our equivelant to a spring run of fish. As for the present numbers my thoughts are that due to the cold snap after Xmas last year  this is the result of the Cod spawning much later by several months. If indeed this is the case why are they so small or is it simply the case of a shortage of food? One consolation is that with the disappearance of our cod stocks at the end of November(mystery) there are no shoals of Cod hovering up these precious juvenile fish. The big question now is will these huge numbers of juvenile fish return in October around the 2lb mark. If so happy times again. History in the past suggests it will happen depending on our South Westerly air flow. You may like to share these thoughts  with your fellow anglers and see if they have any other ideas as to why we have this invasion. Regards Nigel."
A lot of people think that cod numbers go in cycles, I remember when the cod suddenly appeared about eight years ago, we had all these small codling being reported! The big question was...where did the parents come from? With all the whiting how did the eggs and fry survive?...all that said all cod do is eat and make little the fish follow the best food source...but great news! 

As long as you enjoy yourself ( 23 January)
Here is an email from Bob on his away day...
"Hello Tony, my son and I plus two of his friends came in on Wednesday and 
bought some tackle, a rod and a couple reels. I would like to thank you for 
your help and advice. You did warn us that it might be very windy on the 
beach near the power station and to go to the boats instead, but we decided 
to go near the power station and after two hours of strong winds lashing 
rain into our faces and strong waves pushing our tackle back onto the beach, 
we took your advice and went over to the boats, where the wind was at our 
backs and less strong and within a couple of minutes we began to catch. It 
was all small Codling and between the four of us we caught 43 and my son 
James caught a nice rockling. So it turned into a pretty good day, thanks 
mate. Bob Pembroke Dagenham."

Same old...same old ( 23 January)
The reports coming are much the same this week...dabs, whiting, rockling and baby codling...but at least the weather has is a photo of Greatstone beach this morning...spring like!

Great for the future ( 20 January)
Here is a report from Bob Pembroke...lovely to hear it...
"Hi Tony, My son and I came in on Sunday and bought some traces and weights. 
We had an enjoyable day helped by the good weather. I caught three very very 
small codling and my son caught one rather small Dab and thirteen small 
codling. Although all the fish were small it was nice to get out onto the 
beaches this time of year, we are returning on Wednesday, this time we are 
hoping to pick up the small codlings bigger brothers. Cheers Bob" 

Calm Sunday ( 18 January)
What a great forecast...a weather window, good for the VBC boat match and for a change we are spoilt for choice where to fish around Dungeness!

United Kingdom - Dungeness  (wave: NWW3 50 km 18.1. 2014 00 UTC)
  •  Forecast 
  •  2D
  •  Map 
  •  Webcams 
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GFS 50 km
00 UTC
Wind speed (knots)16171919181817128313545534567688141820
Wind gusts (knots)23242626252625171041454553466861010172327
Wind direction

Wave (m)
Wave period (s)66666666666666677665345
Wave direction

*Temperature (°C)998989999888877777876556887
*0° isotherm (m)1.5k1.4k1.4k1.5k1.4k1.5k1.5k1.4k1.3k1.3k1.3k1.3k1.2k1.2k1.1k1.1k1.1k1.1k1.1k1k9809108108208501k1.4k
Cloud cover (%)
high / mid / low
*Precip. (mm/3h)

Wet and wetter ( 17 January)
Not a very nice day...lots of rain (dryer tomorrow even better on Sunday) but the reports coming in from those keen anglers returning from behind the boats...whiting and surprises!
Dinner for two ( 16 January)
Just had this email from Kevin Warden...all in the best possible taste...
"I fished behind the boats and caught 3 dabs of 25cm and a 32 cm whiting plus a rockling and pin whiting. My daughters shared the whiting for dinner! "It tastes like fish fingers"

Thanks Wayne ( 16 January)
Here is the bit concerning the Herne Bay Open at Dungeness on Sunday...
"Hi Tony,
Re Herne Bay match (Penn pts) opposite The Pilot. from 
about 7.45am.
(Info source, HBAA website).
Regards Wayne
Dave's dabs ( 15 January)
Here is a report from Dave Wood-Brignall ...lovely dabs...

"Here are some of my better dabs caught on Saturday . The largest was 32cm , 31 & 
29 and weighed 13oz , 10oz and 9 oz . All caught on month old lug , rotten 
queenies , and manky cuttle." 
Wayne's world ( 15 January)
I had this email from Wayne...great day...sounds like some pre-match practice...I will email Wayne for 'booking-in' details...sounds like it should be a good event...
"Hi Tony,
Had an early start at Dunge yesterday (14th), got there for 3.30am, the rain was lashing it down, but not to be dederred...i set up at the waters edge to get the last hour of the ebb. Sticky blacks, queen cockles and razor picked up on the beach last week.
With hardly any ebb flow i started to catch pin Whiting 3 at a time with a few Dabs for good measure. then as the tide turned, it went quiet for a while but by the time it was daylight the (small) fish were back. One hour before HW quite a bit of weed coming through, however the fish did get a bit bigger, with decent Whiting (to 35cm) and some 'dinner plate Dabs. After HW it all went quiet again.
I fished till 2.30 by which time i was having to cast to my maximum range to contact the fish.
Queenies were the best bait, accounting for most of the bigger fish.
It turned out a lovely sunny day and a few fish for the table....perfect.....thoroughly enjoyable.
Herne Bay Angling Association are holding a match at Dungeness on Sunday 19th.....9am - 2pm.... Its an open/rover and anyone can enter. £10 entry..... Flatfish Only.
42 anglers attended their last could get busy down there specially as the weather forecast is looking good. Regards Wayne 
PS I almost forgot.....i also had a small Codling too. LOL"

Feeling a bit peckish? ( 14 January)
Had this email this morning from these lads...I was speechless...
"Hi, We fished Sunday morning from 6.30 until 2.30 pm. We had a lot of small fish 
including one tiny codling. The best fish was a 2lb Bass, caught right on high 
water. The bait used was common lug. We also found a lot of rubbish on the 
beach, shame really. Did see a party of four anglers beside us catching small 
whiting and cooking them on the beach. Takes all sorts I suppose.
Kevin, Daryl and David."
Just to remind people that Dungeness is a National Nature Reserve and the rules fires on the I always say take back all that you bring! Don't leave a trace that you have been there!

Cracking dab ( 14 January)
Just had this email from Chris ...I would have loved one of these Sunday night...
"Just a quickie, 
Thought we'd let you know, we fished greatstone late last week, plenty of dabs 
and whiting.
As you can see from this picture, ( hope it loads) the dabs were of exceptional 
size, this one weighed in at 1lb 1oz. A stonking fish caught on straight lug.
Happy New year! Chris Voller."

What a night ( 13 January)
This DAA match was posted on 'facebook' by our match captain Steve Harvey...
Hi folks....well....what a cracking start to the new members league season 20 anglers turned up in fairly cold and windy conditions to fish a rising tide.... Fish were fairly few and far between .. with dogs whits slugs and dabs weighed in
1st ....c.brenan 4lb +
2nd ....d wood brignall 2lb 10
3rd .....n.elliott 2lb 3
4th ......s lacey 1.13half
Heaviest fish dogfish of 1lb 9half
For the record 5th place went to mr f :)
Next match 26 jan 4-8 so if you want to get involved then all you need is to be a,member of the DAA tight lines

Just for the record 14 out of the 20 weighed in...sad to say I was plagued by pin whiting nothing sizable!...The best fishing was deeper water...challenging conditions...strange started off very cold and got warmer as the cloud built up.

Good and bad ( 12 January)
Here is a report posted on 'facebook' last night by Jovan Djumic...
"Just back home from fishing the point with some mates. 6 rods out and loads of whiting and dabs to keep us busy. I personally had my beachcaster set up with a 3 hook boom rig and a carp rod fishing live/dead whiting on a pennel. Both rods fished between 10-30 yards out but alas no bass. Did discover that a 2.5tc carp rod with a multi loaded with braid makes for a wonderful combination! Lastly sadly though I must say I'm thoroughly discussted with the group next to us who seem to think its ok to leave loads of s**t everywhere and dead fish dotted around the beach. F**king idiots need shooting"...I know its difficult but by example and through education we have to make anglers aware that every time they leave rubbish behind they damage us all...we have to change the mind set that good behavior and keeping the venue clean only applies to other people!!!

'Dabbin' around ( 10 January)
Here is a report from Kevin Warden...I think he was fishing Wednesday...
We fished from 10 until 4pm.  I caught  a couple of dabs and about a dozen whiting, 3 keepers. There were a few people fishing, I saw plenty of  dabs and whiting caught as well as a several dogfish. It was a beautiful day and I collected razor and cockles to freeze as bait. Kevin"
...yes the dogfish are moving back in and we are getting more reports of the odd flounder!
As for codling the reports are mostly small fish.

Signs of life ( 8 January)
A few anglers are starting to fish Dungeness again after being a bit quiet with the bad weather
one of our DAA members John Smith posted this on 'facebook'...
"Fished at the boards today had 1 codling st 20 cm. 5 dabs and loads pin. Whiting and slug." about par for the course...we should see more flounder soon in the catch reports.

A bit of a battering ( 7 January)
I popped down to Dengemarsh today...

It has had a real battering and the car park is full of shingle (but the road is OK) so be careful this weekend...with Sundays match and the weather calming down (flat seas!!!) could be good for a few dabs?

The first of the year ( 7 January)
Just a reminder that the first DAA match of the year is this Sunday 12th January
book in on the EA road between 2.15pm and 3.00pm. fishing from 4pm to 8pm, its a 'rover' on a rising tide. If you need any more info contact Steve Harvey on 07786 538103.

Codling ( 5 January)
Malcolm Sargent just popped the key to the DAA gate last night had a couple of codling (one sizeable) plus some doggies.

Greatstone beach ( 5 January)
This morning on the beach with the dogs...what a difference a day makes...

Rucksack lost ( 5 January)
I had a phone call this morning from Murat, he had left his rucksack outside the the Britannia pub last night...with his beach multipliers in it! If you find it please give the shop a call 01797 366837.
Not very nice...but ( 4 January)
The weather today has been horrible...squally winds and heavy showers...but wait what is this I see, a weather window...the forecast, lighter winds sunshine and no rain till Sunday evening!
United Kingdom - Dungeness  (wave: NWW3 50 km 4.1. 2014 06 UTC)
  •  Forecast 
  •  2D
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GFS 50 km
06 UTC
Wind speed (knots)252726171212131312142128222627262420232524242323192021
Wind gusts (knots)394139221717181716192938374140373435353835343433303130
Wind direction

Wave (m)3332.621.
Wave period (s)878877666666788888888887777
Wave direction

*Temperature (°C)1010101098898999101111111111101010101010101010
Cloud cover (%)
high / mid / low
*Precip. (mm/3h)-1.51.311.

...and more bass ( 3 January)
Just had this email from Darryl Nicholas...nice fish...
"Early morning bass caught at low water in the dark on sand eel which were found 
on the beach.  Fishing behind the boats. 50 centimeters long and weighs 3lb 

High Tide ( 3 January)
Here is a photo of Dengemarsh car park this morning at high tide ( thanks to Roy and Steve Harvey)...

More bass ( 3 January)
Customers coming in this morning (fishing last night) reported bass to 5lb with the usual bits & pieces...the surf has been immense when the squalls came through...but very mild? Better weather tomorrow.

Today's report ( 2 January) 
With a break in the weather Dungeness was 'heaving'...catch reports coming in this afternoon have been whiting, dabs, flounder the odd dogfish and codling. Breezy again tomorrow...I thought we might see more bass, we will have to wait and see?

What a start to 2014 ( 1 January)
Here is the forecast...a better day tomorrow...a chance to dry out!
United Kingdom - Dungeness  (wave: NWW3 50 km 1.1. 2014 00 UTC)
  •  Forecast 
  •  2D
  •  Map 
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GFS 50 km
00 UTC
Wind speed (knots)232223303433282217161517161824262525282417212423241714
Wind gusts (knots)312931435147403025242224242638383838423325303435322421
Wind direction

Wave (m)
Wave period (s)788899988777667788998877777
Wave direction

*Temperature (°C)9999101010109910101010101010101098101010101010
Cloud cover (%)
high / mid / low
*Precip. (mm/3h)

Happy New Year ( 31 December)
The year ends very 'damp' at Dungeness but very mild!
To those guys fishing tonight I hope you finish the year on a high note.
Lets hope 2014 brings you some great fishing...and better weather!

Ending the year with a bass ( 31 December)
Just had this email from tough conditions yesterday but it payed off...
"Hi tony .
After a tour of the point, Galloway's where we could hold the bottom with 8oz leads we decided to try Taylors road ,whiting and a 2lbs 44cm bass all on lug fished different locations from 18.00 to 00.30.
All the best for new year. Regards Andy Heslop

Great dabs ( 29 December)
Had this email from Darryl Nickolas what a great day...
"Just got back from a good days fishing from the point Dungeness. Plenty of large dabs biggest measuring 35 centimetres weighing 1.5lb. Also plenty of Chanel whiting biggest being 39 centimetres weighing 2lb. Being a very productive day ! Fish for dinner make a change from Turkey ."

Good news ( 29 December)
I had this report come in this morning on facebook from Matt...
"Hi bud fished beach last night plenty of whiting some over a lb plenty of dabs and 3 coddling biggest about 12oz. Best wishes matt" 
Thanks for that Matt...the good news is that little codling soon grow into big codling!

Dab-in around ( 28 December)
The only reports from the beach today are some big dabs and reports of codling...yet...or bass but we have a weather 'window' tomorrow and rising tides (8.1m!!! next weekend) and with all the 'blows' marching through I'm still hopeful of some more cod.

Reports in today ( 27 December)
Those few brave anglers who have been out 'dodging' the showers have reported mostly whiting, dabs the odd flounder, small bass and some small codling. With weather conditions easing over night and a calmer weekend forecasted lets see what the weekend brings...

More Christmas Reports ( 26 December)
Rob Perfitt send me this report on facebook today...
  • "Hi Tony,

    Well we got down to the gate at about 7 Christmas day morning and ventured out to the back of the last boat (point end), set up base camp with a full day in mind and started fishing! The amount of razors and other ex-shellfish getting caught on the line, rigs and weights was unbelievable, the huge ball of hemp rope my friend caught got us excited for a few seconds as did the sheet of canvas I caught! After 3-4 hours the Cod showed up.............................. Well one did (see pic). We gave it a couple more hours and gave in, what with having issues holding bottom and all the bits and bobs getting in all the gear and the 3 broken eyes we had had enough! 

    Ive thrown in a couple of shots of the day. There were about 20 odd fishing down there today, even Christmas cant hold us back!"

    Christmas day ( 26 December)
    I got down the beach (behind the boats, bottom end) just 'pin' whiting...still plenty of shellfish washing in...all 'de-shelled' mostly 'sand gapers' and queen cockle?
    customer came in this morning told me he had a 7lb bass from the same area yesterday!

    Dengemarsh Heroes ( 25 December)
    I hope you are all happy and having a great Christmas...just checked the emails and one from Derek Maplesden came in last night...
    "Hi Tony yes me and my mate Vince tried     our luck only bass I'm afraid not 
    complaining two keepers sham no cod/coddling merry Christmas 
    Fair play, it was looking very 'bassy' if you could hold was seriously rough! Very heavy showers down here...still deciding if I can 'creep' down the beach before having a very late lunch?
    Dengemarsh ( 24 December)
    I 'popped' down to Dengemarsh this afternoon to see the damage after the last nights storm. The car park is full of shingle again and the crest has been flattened...but 'respect' to the two guys fishing by the 'container' down towards Galloways...Merry Christmas.

    Yummy! ( 23 December)
    Thanks for the photo Alex and the report...It makes me feel peckish...
    "Hi Tony,
    Pic attached of the mentioned shellfish washing in last night. Mountains of the stuff! Just Dabs & Whiting for me as well.
    Filled my freezer with Queenies for the new DAA match season never know, it could be the 'killer bait'! ;)
    Happy Xmas. Alex
    Merry Christmas to you never know...flounders love queen cockle!

    Shellfish? ( 23 December)
    Here is a email in this morning from Shaun...
    "hi tony..
    fished back of boats last night, plenty of whiting and dabs but no cod..
    as the tide started coming in we noticed literally hundreds of razors, clams, queens etc being washed up...
    would that be our answer to no cod??
    cheers Shaun."
    No...the opposite with all that lovely bait washing in it will attract all the fish around about to gorge themselves on the 'freebies'. Always worth a go...pick up any cockles, razorfish or clams tie them on a pennel rig with a bit of lug and launch it back of the surf and hope you get lucky!...the only problem will be that the fish are spoilt for choice! 

    In Phil Tapp's memory ( 22 December)
    This letter from me appeared in the local press this week...
    In Memory
    As the year comes to a close I look back over the past year...sadly in November 2013 Phil Tapp passed away, who was Phil, well Phil was a retired farm manager living at Lydd- on-Sea, Phil was a lifelong keen beach angler who loved fishing and loved Dungeness. Now Phil was a determined man some might say stubborn, but like so many of his generation he had a ‘never give up’ attitude to life...a dogged determination.
    In 1998 the Coastguard decided to sell off the lookout tower at Dungeness, Phil and his friends of a certain age with mobility problems used to park alongside the tower to get easier access across the shingle to the beach for their fishing. The tower once sold, one of the first acts of the new owner was to dig up the hard standing to prevent anglers parking there. That could have been an end to it, but not for Phil he wanted to carry on fishing so he decided to approach the EA who controlled the shingle haul road to the point to get access to the point without the long walk.
    So Phil formed the Dungeness Angling Association so that anglers could join the DAA and get easier access to the beach, he worked with Owen Leyshon of the Romney Marsh Countryside Project and with the consent of the EA to manage the gate.
    After all the battles to get the DAA accepted we now have a respected association with over a 1000 membership that makes a major financial contribution to beach cleaning through the RMCP and Dungeness RNLI, with beach fishing at Dungeness now at a level not seen since its ‘hey day’ in the sixties, this is to the major benefit of the wider local economy.
    So thanks Phil for your commitment, determination to make this happen, supported by your wife Maureen you have helped make Dungeness a better place, we will remember you.

    Tony Hills  

    We wish you a merry Christmas  ( 22 December)
    If you think its windy down have to feel sorry and concerned for those up north who have this early Christmas present...
    Surface pressure chart - Forecast T+60 - Issued at: 0000 on Sun 22 Dec 2013

    Things are looking up ( 21 December)
    With the strong south westerly winds this week giving us some really big waves it's not surprising that I have had three reports today of big cod being lost in the surf...for those who haven't had the lucky experience of big fish on the beach here are a few hints.

    Don't rush or 'bully' the fish, keep your clutch slackened...use your finger on the spool. 
    Get close to the water so that you can 'clean' your shock leader knot of weed while your fish is still beyond the surf.
    Let the fish swing down the tide so that you can get it parallel to the beach then let the waves roll the fish in...don't try and drag it through the undertow (as the water runs away) just hold it and wait for the next wave.
    Years ago we used to carry gaffs, nowadays out of watch the sea carefully and go in between the waves and get your finger under the gill plate and drag it up the beach.
    Be careful no fish is worth going into the surf for...never under estimate the strength of those waves.
    ...and more codling ( 19 December)
    Just had this email come in via facebook from Dan Sanger...
    "just got home from denge marsh. had the beach to myself. also had 6 codling. nothing of any size though. 5 whiting 3dabs 1 flounder and 1rockling. a hell of a lot of weed too. and got the car stuck in shingle. big thanks to 2 well known locals for pushing me out. "
    Well done has been quiet with the weather but these south westerlies should push more fish onto the beach...the weed is a pain but it should work its way least the 2 well known locals didn't charge you!

    Yet more codling ( 19 December)
    Nick (No Fear) Burton popped in this afternoon after fishing behind the boats...nice dabs and a two pound or so codling...according to Nick the beach is fishing better than the boats!

    Warm and wet ( 18 December)
    Here is a email from came in last night so i guess he's talking about Monday in the wet...
    "Hi tony we fished last night in terrible rain near the life boat 1 small codling 
    and whiting from 19.00- 00.00 all fish fell to lug 
    Regards Andy Heslop"

    The wind from the west ( 17 December)
    Yes the fish bite best...a couple of reports today of small codling being caught...not amazing but at least its going in the right direction.

    The final positions ( 16 December)
    Here are the final results and placings from Malcolm Jones the DAA chairman for 2013...
    "First of all, congratulations again to Gavin for his win with over a 1000 points - impressive! As for runner up I checked and rechecked, then I thought, then I looked at the rule again, then I thought for a while to see if I could interpret it any different but it is as it is!!! Well done Steve and Tony but commiserations to Tony. For those that don't do rules it is - ' The lowest three matches, including matches not fished, will be discarded from the final results table at the end of the year'. Steve did not fish 2 matches and Tony only missed 1 match so he had to discard 2 blanks to Steve's 1 - hence the 5 points difference."

    What a night ( 15 December)
    Well that was tough...12 'hardy souls' fished the last DAA match of the year...won of course by Gavin Smith that catching machine and a stunning second place for Steve Harvey our match captain! Like a 'loon' I chose to fish the point in a gusting force eight with a two metre plus surf! Scary or big baits failed and I blanked, you have to feel sorry for Steve Field who had an undersized cod...and bass!...he has had a tough year!
    The only fished weighed in were dabs ( I think only five caught sizable fish) rub salt into the wound...Steve Harvey could have pushed me into third place...we will let Malcolm 'statto' our chairman to sought out the points!

    Enjoying Christmas down under ( 15 December)
    Here is a email from Chris Dennis on his last trip to Dungeness before catching a flight down under..
    "Hi Tony bit late, because our current immigration of Oz is manic. Me & my wife had our 1st but last coddy bash on dungy on the 26th Nov. Well planned for 2 lowtides, I wanted a cod to go with me santa hat. Fished the end of the walkway & very calm but nice colured sea. Put cuttlefish out & blacks at extreme range with live bait rigs all the go. Few anglers not catcjing much near us, but the cod gods were with us as always. 2LB 6 & 8LB 8 with big whiting aswell. Wicked session with my wife 12ish am till 9pm, so many good times at dungyvfrom 16 till 48 yr old. 21lb & 11lb in 2 casts kept me returning yearly LUVIT WE DO. Thanks for the memories Dungy tightlines you all, thanks Tony from Chris & Debbie Dennis we are off to catch mega fish in Oz now BIG BOYS."

    Scores on the doors ( 13 December)
    Reports coming in today are a bit of a mixed bag, whiting, dabs and rockling, I hope the wind will come to the rescue...with a strong south westerly airflow starting to 'kick-in' to give the water a bit of colour...time will tell?

    DAA match ( 12 December)
    This weekend we have the last DAA match of the year, here is a reminder on facebook from Steve Harvey the DAA match captain...
    "Our final match of the year is on Saturday ... Booking in at the gate 5.15-6 fishing 7-11... Lets make it a good turn out ... But have no fear the new improved league starts in a months time :)"

    Enjoy the day ( 11 December)
    Here is a report from Phil Goodsell fishing yesterday...
    "Hi Tony 
    First of all apologies for not having my card yesterday and thanks to your mate in the shop who helped me out. 
    Three of us fished the point from about 3.30pm to 6.30pm last evening.  3 different baits: squid, lug and whiting.  No cod, a few whiting and dabs.  One dab and one whiting taken home – both caught by John on lug. 
    Regards. Phil     PS have now found my card."

    Harking back to the 7th of December ( 10 December)
    Here are a couple of photos from our 'mystery' anglers...
    "Here are some photos Tony Regards Shirl"
    A nice fish ( 10 December)
    Here is a report from Steve Barry...a very nice and tasty dab...
    "This was at 18.30 monday night at dungeness Regards Steve"

    It's not Dungeness...but ( 10 December)
    I was skimming through today's Angling Times and I saw this report...
    Dave Jones landed a cracking 13lb 7oz bass using squid off Lepe beach (Southampton)...
    "We were using live whiting but to no avail, so I pinched some friends' old bait which has been defrosted twice and within two minutes my rod was rattling like crazy"
    So what I hear you say...when the going gets tough don't ignore the pulling power of an old big 'smelly' bait...just a thought?

    A run of codling? ( 9 December)
    I have had reports of some small codling coming out over the weekend including small fish 8oz upwards! These fish up to 5lb are to young to spawn so hopefully they will spend Christmas with us? all depends on the weather.

    Nice night for Alex ( 8 December)
    Here is a report from Alex Veel one of our DAA match heroes...
    "Hi Tony,
    Fished through Low and up and over High last night. No real flood tide until an hour before high which died about an hour after. Did manage the x1 Codling of 3lb 6oz at bang on high- water.
    Some lovely fat Dabs showing as well, had a dbl shot both at 30cm on the livebait rig.
    See you at the match next week.
    Cheers Alex"

    Fun in the sun ( 8 December)
    Young Lee Waterhouse (14) fishing behind the the boats had this cracking cod in the sun at high water on went 10lb on my 'avon' scales...a beautiful well conditioned fish.

    Yes...I have had a report of cod ( 7 December)
    A very friendly local 'hotelier' has informed that a few cod were caught last 'secret squirrel' had three to ten pounds and the other (a new resident to Lade) had a two pound photos to get us excited...but as I always got to be in win it!

    Well that was exciting ( 6 December)
    Went out last night to watch the tide cut through the sand a knife through butter!

    Catch reports today from last night...whiting and dabs and the odd codling to about 3 lb's.

    Some good news ( 5 December)
    I had this email from Ralph Sommerville on face book...
    "Good morning Tony. Just to say that I did manage to find some cod on Tuesday evening. One over 7lb, one 2 1/2lb and one of about 5oz! Also missed one on live bait as both hooks were masked. There's some great fishing coming soon I think."

    Thanks for that Ralph lets see what the 'weather' brings...

    At Last...( 4 December)
    Our DAA chairman Malcolm Jones has at last caught a 'coddy'....
    This was posted on our members page on facebook...but no photo...
    "Hurrah, first cod(ling) of the year for me! On the power station stretch today. Couple of dabs and some reasonably large whiting, all returned. Did not need my big blue bucket! It might improve on Friday after tomorrow's blow."

    Very disturbing ( 4 December)
    Men in black to the rescue...
    "Hi there
    Had my rear car window smashed with a stone while fishing behind the
    power station. Nothing was taken and no sign of trying to steal
    anything. I parked up at 1.30pm at the car park next to the power
    station and got back to the car just before midnight. Power station
    police came around when I arrived back at my car and provided a strong
    police evidence bag and tape. They helped to tape up the window so I
    could drive back to London. A big thank you to the officers involved,
    they went far beyond the call of duty to help me out!
    If anyone saw anything please let me know.
    Fishing was ok, some good sized whiting and dab.
    Best Joachim"
    Please keep your eyes open and if you have a problem call the police and let me know.

    Those were the days...( 4 December)
    John Strange popped in this morning and while we were chatting John said he would email me the photo of the cod he had in just for who have forgotten what a cod looks like here's the photo...

    ...with big tides and a bit of a blow tomorrow lets hope we see a few more cod about!

    All gone a bit quiet...until... ( 3 December)
    No cod reported to me over the weekend but loads of whiting and big dabs...a customer this morning told me that last night he retrieved a well 'chewed up' whiting...cod damage he thought? Well with these massive tides and a short blow from the west by south west on Thursday anything can happen...we will have to wait and see!

    Looking good for 2014 ( 30 November)
    Here is a 'facebook' update for 2014 from the DAA match captain Steve Harvey...
    "Hi folks .. THE MEMBERS LEAGUE 2014
    Because the league has had its best year so far ive decided to add a bit of a carrot to dangle for the 2014,league ... Instead of a hoody the league winner will now recieve £100 in tackle vouchers ... Runner up £50 and third place £30 plus minor prizes and a nice prize for heaviest fish of the year .....
    The first few dates are as follows
    Sunday 12, in 2.15-3 fish 4-8
    Sunday. 26 jan in 2.15-3 fish 4-8
    Please dont forget the world dab championships on 9th feb
    Sunday 23,feb in 1.15-2 fish 3-7
    Sunday 9 mar in 1.15-2 fish 3-7
    Saturday 29 mar in 5.15-6 fish 7-11
    Sunday 6 in 1.15-2 fish 3-7
    Saturday 26 in 5.15-6 fish 7-11
    Venues or rover to be confirmed later in december .... Im hoping to keep up the high attendances with a few extra so hopefully another good year is on the cards 
    Id also like to thank you all for attending/helping throughout this year ... I think its been a very good league well attended and a good atmosphere between all involved .. lets hope it stays that way ... Tight lines for now" 

    Not everybody blanked last night ( 29 November)
    Nigel (no surname to protect the innocent) popped in this morning to give me a photo of his cod. He had three fish in the early hours on lug and hermit (picked the crab up from the beach...wise man). The best fish he estimated about 9lb, one he threw back because it was ulcerated.

    What a nice fish ( 28 November)
    Thanks for the email Noel it all helps to keep people informed...
    Hello Tony,
    My report from Dungeness 24/25 th November.
    We arrived at Dungeness At 23.40 pm.
    We had a look around spoke to a chap fishing west of the walk way
    gleaned some info from him so decided to fish straight of the end of
    the boardwalk.
    It took us a little while to set up the camp lanterns,shelters etc...
    At 1 am i Decided it was time to start fishing,so cast my pennel live
    bait rig out no more than 50yds,it wasn't long before it started to
    rattle with a Whiting on the trace,great just what I wanted.
    Well i didnt have to wait long no more than 10 minutes infact before I
    received a Classic cod bite nod nod nod and then slack line.
    Tightened down and cod on was the shout given to my mate.
    it didnt take long untill I had beached my Prize a 16 lb cod all be it
    a little skinny but very welcome.
    Cant wait to go again. Kind Regards Noel Luck
    Well done Andy ( 28 November)
    A nice eating size Andy...
    "Hi Tony fished of the point this am I caught a 8.5 lbs cod with whiteing live bait with a pennel dropper well chuffed. Regards Andy heslop

    The real deal ( 27 November)
    Thanks to Paul Belli for this email...
    "Hello Tony
    I fished back of the boats yesterday 26th from low to high water at 5pm. Caught 2 bass not of any great size but keepers. The larger one had a pin whiting in it's mouth, so it wasn't the lug but the live bait i had no idea i was using!.
    Small Dabs and whiting and a small plaice along the way but no sign of any cod. I didn't notice any of my fellow anglers pulling any cod out either.
    All the best  Paul"

    A flurry on the internet ( 26 November)
    I'm getting reports off the internet some good cod being caught...but I have to say speaking to my customers I have had loads of whiting and dogfish reported over the last couple of days but no cod? So please you 'secret squirrels' out there if you have a catch report and photo...don't be shy! 

    The full result and DAA placings ( 26 November)
    With one match to go (14 December) I think we can say that Gavin's won!!!
    The DAA result from last night ( 24 November)
    Here are the results of the match from Malcolm Jones our Chairman...

    DAA match result Saturday, 23rd November 2013 – Full Rover – 7-00 pm – 11-00 pm

    1st       Gavin Smith                  37 fish   22 lb. 4 1/2 oz.   including 4 lb. 11 oz. cod
    2nd      Martin Swinyard            35 fish   16 lb. 1 oz.   
    3rd       Paul Jarrett                  29 fish   14 lb. 2 oz.       
    4th       Tony Hills                    11 fish   14 lb. 0 1/2 oz.  Heaviest fish – Cod – 9 lb. 9 1/2 oz.
    5th      Steve Foster                 21 fish    11 lb. 10 1/2 oz.

    Whiting, dogfish, dabs and 3 cod/ codling weighed in.
    12 fished and all weighed in.

    Even I get lucky ( 24 November)
    Here is a photo of my cod in the DAA competition last night, thanks to Alex...

    ...and here is the DAA cod team...

    Great match last night ( 24 November)
    Here is a email from the DAA match captain after last nights match...
    "Hi folks ... Just a quick mention of last nights match ... Full result willl follow later
    Amongst all the whiting there were 3 cod/codling caught .... Tony hills had the best fish with a cracking cod of 9lb 9 half oz .... Gavin smith had a codling of 4lb 11 and fozz had a 2lb 2 oz codling ... All caught from the lookout tower area around low water
    The winner was gavin smith with 22lb 4half oz
    Runner up martin swinyard 16lb 1oz
    Heaviest fish t hills 9lb 9half oz a very enjoyable evenings fishing 12 fished"
    Here is Gavin's cod...well done Gav!

    DAA match tomorrow ( 22 November)
    Can't is a reminder from Steve Harvey our match coddy...
    "Hi folks tomorrows match is a rover but is over low water so it may get crowded on the point/boats area ... So we are getting the key to go behind the power station as a precaution ... If enough people want to fish there then those who want to fish the point area can do so and the others can go behind the powerstation so you have a choice ... Booking in will still be at the normal gate ... See you there(hopefully)"

     What a cracker ( 22 November)
    Chris has just popped in to show me his cod caught today, 2 fish the best being a 19lb...yes a nineteen pound cod caught from the beach! I weighed the fish on my 'Avon's' and with Chris's help the needle just flickered past the nineteen pound line!
    It was a big fish...not rowed up so as we all think things are a bit late this year...will December be the new November? Thanks to Simon for the report and a cracking photo...roll on tomorrows match! Here's Simon's report...
    "This is an 18lb 8oz cod, caught today at Dungeness, Kent. (1230, about an hour before HW)
    The angler is Chris Radley Rod: Zziplex M4 EV Reel@ 7HT Line Sakuma
    Rig: 5/0 pulley pennel baited with a lug and squid cocktail.  The cod had a whiting also in it's mouth which was on the top hook of the pennel therefore we can safely say the cod ate the whiting!
    Also attached is a picture of my much smaller (seemed decent at the time) 6lb 12oz cod caught on Wednesday night on half a cuttle and lug wrap just before low (no whiting were eaten in the capture of this one!).  I also had a smaller codling of 3lb 10oz just as the flood started to run.
    Chris said he would probably pop in to see you later." 
    Simon's picture is a bit further down the page ( 21 November)

    A example to us all ( 22 November)
    Here is an email from Fred Brown...
    Just a quick Email to let you know how it went today. After picking up your excellent worms l decided to drop in behind the power station rather than my favourite mark by the boats (had nothing to do with the strong NE wind and heavy rain!!) 7 others there and it was a bite a chuck. No debris coming through and loads of colour. Probably had 30 fish all dabs and whiting but of a good size and great sport. 2 elderly men to my left asked me if it was always this good!!!
    See you again soon my 2 whiting are nearly cooked Regards Fred"

    Things are looking up ( 21 November)
    Simon Newman ( of Casterways B+B fame) popped in this morning and told me he had two codling last night to about six pounds...good news...if I get a photo I will put it up.
    One of his B+B guests told me that Simon's special anti whiting technique is to use a bloody big bait...on a 8/0 pennel!!!...respect...he only had two bites...both cod!

    Well done Lily ( 21 November)
    I had this email from Ian, a trip a couple of weeks ago...
    "Lilly Wade late summer Bass 5lb last cast of the day!!!!
    Dad looses again........nothing new then 
    Ian wade(dad) ps late in coming file lost on laptop Tony

    Still whiting, whiting and more whiting ( 17 November)
    Not much to report this weekend, some small cod (up to about 3lb) from around the point, but we have loads of whiting...and some big ones up to 3lb!!! Plenty of dabs and dogfish being reported, quite a few bass on the rising tides.

    Not much to report ( 15 November)
    Plenty of fish about...but not many codling reported...but lets see if these bigger tides help? last ( 14 November)
    Here are the results from the last DAA match on Sunday...only two to go!
    ...and behind the power station ( 11 November)
    I had this email from Paul, didn't they do well...
    "Tony, Many thanks for a great website, took my son fishing yesterday Sunday 
    10/11/13 at the back of the power station in what could only be described as 
    warm and calm afternoon, he cast out 20 yards with a single black and then wound 
    this nice plump 6lb cod in after a bit of a tussle.
    Dad did manage to winkle one out just before dark and high water albeit it was 
    half the size of my boys.
    You have my permission to publish the picture of my son Kieran (aged 8) on your 
    web site if you so wish. Tight Lines. Paul Harper of Ashford 
    Just back from the match ( 10 November)
    Just back from the DAA match...lovely evening...
    loads of whiting, dabs and a few dogfish, nothing exciting, but it was fun, even my 6/0 pennels rigs didn't put the whiting...
    Full results to follow...

    Have you lost...please call ( 10 November)
    I had an email from Elliot today... 
    "hi there i found a blackberry phone last night was wondering if it can be returned to the owner
    i found it at the car park by the lighthouse if anybody reports it let me know thanks" know the number!

    It 'aint half' wet ( 9 November)
    Well not surprising it has been a bit quiet today with the heavy rain, those hardy souls fishing have reported guessed it whiting. Lets see what comes out tomorrow, we have a better forecast for the DAA match.

    Slowly things are picking up ( 8 November)
    I had this email from Mark Bell...I'm getting an increasing trickle of codling will be interesting to see how we get on (DAA match) on Sunday...
    "Hi Tony,
    Fished in front of the old coastguard station yesterday, 2 hours up 6 hours down. Estimate 90+ whiting caught by two of us, with just one dogfish. Lug, squid, mackerel, close in or banged out, small baits, huge baits, high tide or low tide, non-stop action. Saw one small codling caught that the guy returned. Mark"
    ...that's a lot of whiting!

    The next best thing ( 7 November)
    One of my regulars returned a key to the gate this afternoon...and I asked how did it go, he fished the point side of the four boats, lots of whiting fairly close in, a bit of weed further out...but he did see a cod around 6lb come out!

    Whats new ( 6 November)
    Reports coming in, whats being caught on the beach...whiting, flounder...whiting, bass...whiting, dogfish...whiting, dabs...and the odd codling!

    Here is the latest on facebook from Steve Harvey DAA match captain...sounds great... 

    Hi folks with this years league coming to an end plans have already started for the 2014,league which starts early January... Next years league will hopefully be our biggest one yet ... I'm happy to announce that the winner of the 2014 league will receive £100 in tackle vouchers with the runner up receiving £50 and third spot receiving £30 plus a couple of minor placings prizes ... Also there will be a biggest fish of the year prize ...the format will remain the same and so will the entry fee ... Just remember you gotta be in it to win it .... The first few dates will be available from here or the DAA website in the next couple of weeks ... Be sure to check them out  tight lines for now"

    Near miss ( 5 November)
    Flood alert yesterday...spoke to the Rye harbour master yesterday and he told me they had a small surge at high tide yesterday .4 of a metre! Walking the dogs at Greatstone beach this morning you could see how much of the dunes had been cut a knife through butter!