Beach Catch Reports

If you get a good catch let me know, you can also send me your 

Dawn patrol for Steve ( 19 Sept)
Steve Harvey popped in this morning after a few hours behind the boats at Dungeness...plenty of fish...
"Nice few hours down dungie ...plenty of fish to keep the mojos happy ...lots of whiting a few dogs and even a late rocking ....all caught on frozen lug in gin clear water"

A lovely autumn day...( 12 Sept)
Here is a report in last night from Kristian...
"Evening Tony
Thanks for the bait today and sharing some helpful tips. Spent the afternoon fishing Dungeness. Lots of young whiting kept me busy, plus a couple of young smoothhound pups. But catch of the day on my new rod was a lovely Bass, which I’m over the moon with. What a glorious September day! Can’t wait to get back out again soon 
Regards Kristian"

In it to win it...( 11 Sept)
I saw this posted this morning by Adam Goldie...I know its not Dungeness...but it is a great report...

"In it to win it 🎣🎣🎣 the way my weekend is, it was fish tonight, or not at all, and the plan was to go Sole fishing with 3 score of black lugworm. I did notice the weather forecast had turned for the worst, but i choose to ignore it, I wasn't be very optimistic for Sole, but thought it might be Bassy. Kissed the wife goodbye, she said, catch some bass and sole x, I joked more like a Cod.(if only I knew)
Anyway headed off to my mark, the old stamco in Hastings, and as I got out the car, it was at that point I realised I'd f£@ked up. The forecast said 11mph wind and gusts of 20mph, there was no gusts, just constant 25mph wind. Lol sand, breakers and white water meet me, what ever storm was out there had quiet effect on the sea state, i had seen a calmish high tide during the day at work, but things had turned, right I thought, sole off the menu, its bass time, rubbing my hand together!!! Well 4 hours later and im rubbing Eel slime off my hands, picking weed and fishing net flotsome off my lines 😡. Think I had 8 Eels and 2 Straps. I was pretty dispondant if im honest. Then it started raining just to test me, I was just about to pack up, but I had 20 lug left🤔, and thought it is Coddy, hell why not. It was an hour to high water, and I only had bed to look forward to. Lugworm sausages were presented on 6/0 manta and 3/0 pennal. I hit the baits as hard as I could into a very stiff side wind, as the surf spray soaked me. It actually felt like cod fishing lol well, they was out 5/10mins, and I had a nice pull down and a slack liner, I picked the rod up wound the slack and lifted hard into whatever was on the end, it replied "knock knock" I knew what it was all the way in. 😉 Well I had to continue fishing for a bit at least, I had 2 more bites after that, my Bass actually turned up, better late than never, both were around 35cm, a nice size, and end, to the night."

The right place at the right time...( 07 Sept)
I had this report in from Richard this evening...
"Tony. Treated myself to a morning at the coast to enjoy the weather and watch the porpoises. Chucked the feathers out as well as it looked good for a few mackerel for the BBQ. Not one! But landed this 2.6 lb Bass. I have never been so lucky before but went home a happy man. Richard. (Just say I was fishing close to the end of the boardwalk. 50m along towards the point.)"

What a beatiful silver ( 30 Aug)
I had this report in from Kristian this morning...I never get over how beautiful a young bass is...
"Hi Tony
Thanks for supplying the lug this weekend. 
Gave Dungeness a go Saturday, but the only thing taking the bait were the crabs so went home without a catch 
Decided to have go in the bay today. Caught and released a young bass on the incoming tide. Not the biggest, but one up on yesterday!"

Still plenty of bass about ( 27 Aug)
I had this report in from Stefano last Wednesday...
"Hi Tony, it might not be very local but fished sandwich bay with the top quality bait and rig you give me last Sunday…. Thank you also for all the useful advice!"

I just had to post this ( 21 Aug)
I saw this posted in 'Kent Sea Anglers' by Andrew Jaynes...such a good news really cheered me up...the fishing is brilliant...different, but brilliant...

"Our first smoothhounds for me and my boy since we started fishing about a year ago. 'The best day of my life' is how he described last nights session. He kicks things off with his first one going 10lb 6. He would have been happy with 1lb let alone a double figure! Next up he has a massive bite that pulls the tripod over and he has to grab the rod as it slides towards the sea. It felt bigger than the first fish but lost it when we had a snarl up with one of the other lines. Then just as we'd called last cast, we both have takes at the same time. His second fish is 9lb 6 and I land my first, a humble 6lb. Great night."

Fish don't read tide tables ( 21 Aug)
I saw this posted this morning by Simon Newman...
"After some more than mediocre fishing over the last 2 weeks with 4 evening sessions producing one just keeper sole, lots of whiting and a couple of dogfish, I ummed and arred this afternoon about using up last nights unused bait this evening. The sofa was very comfortable and after getting to bed after fishing last night at 2am, mum said I should have an early night.
I therefore went fishing.
My target this time of year is Dover sole and after drawing a blank locally twice over low tide, my spidey senses told me to give it a go over high... Which I usually avoid due to the high number of small nuisance whiting.
First cast...... Whiting.... Aaaaagh!!!!!
Second cast, 5lb 12oz bass!!!!!
For the next 3 hours it was a bass a cast within minutes, varying in size between 1lb and 4lb. As I packed one rod away I missed a bite on the other but left the rig out while I tidied up. When I reeled in, an unlucky 12oz sole had decided to attach itself.
One of my best shore sessions this year and 3 nice fish for tea. Happy days!"

What a lovely night...( 21 Aug)
I saw this report from Jay Williams...its great to get never know what will turn up...
"Hi Tony, fished the bay for a few hours. My boy had 2 whiting an 1 ray. I had 1 bass, 3 eels, 3 whiting and 5 rays. All the rays were caught on blacks on size 1 hooks, boom rigs intended for sole. Enjoyable night even without the target showing."

You never know at Littlestone (13 Aug)
I had this report in from Kristian yesterday...
"Hi Tony 
I always enjoy looking at your beach catch reports, to see what species are being caught. I decided the next time I caught anything other than the usual dogfish I’d make my contribution. Today is that day! 
spent a couple of hours fishing Littlestone Beach. A quiet afternoon, but then just as I was packing up the rod I hooked a Dab. Happy with that! 
Regards Kristian"

A bit early, but it feels like September           ( 2 August)
I saw this posted by Simon Newman this morning...
A bit of local sole searching last night for the first time this year. 32cm, 36cm and a 40cm cracker which went 1lb 3oz. Also caught an eel, 1 whiting (miracle!!!!) and a 8lb 12oz thornback which thought it was a smooth hound! Once again.... tired little bunny this morning 🙂

Things that go bang in the night ( 23 July)
I saw this report posted by Simon Newman this morning...
"BOOM!!!! There were two fish left on my wish list and this is one of them! A 23lb 12oz stingray caught last night in North Kent. Many thanks to Daniel Sanger and Adam Goldie for letting me pick their brains about the mark and Greg Dixon for dragging me out on a proper fishing adventure and picking up the ragworm. Tired bunny this morning, not used to late nights anymore lol."

What a nice pair of Smoothies ( 19 July)               I had this in yesterday…here is a report in from Paul Lamb…
“Hi, I was told about you catch report page today. Was told you might like to see these 2 caught of the beach today near the lighthouse Regards Paul” 

Watch out Dave it has teeth ( 17 July)
I saw this posted Thursday by Jerry Oiller of Fairchance fame...
"Fairchance fishing Dungeness 01797 363544 Today Foggy Robinson, aboard today along with Chris Cox, Dan P and Ben, not a lot going on today Fish Wise, Foggy Robinson with a 30 lb Tope, also caught sml Turbot, sml Blond Ray, a Thornback, a Smooth Hound, Tub GURNARD Plenty of Mackerel and Dog fish. A roaring Ebb Tide spoilt the Day...You can t win them all."

Don't you love summer fishing ( 15 July)
I saw this posted by Jerry Oiller of Fairchance fame on Wednesday...
"Fairchance fishing Dungeness 01797 363544 Today
A Beautiful day to be afloat, very light Breeze, Calm sea's and Sunshine. Tried the Turbot patch for the first time this year, Bites were a bit scarce but we fished on, resulting in Four Turbot, 2 Thornbacks and a nice plump Bass. Happy Days." could knock me down with a feather  ( 10 July)
I had this report in from Harry Newbury yesterday...
"Hi Tony, Sorry for the late report.
I went spinning down at Dungeness last weekend trying for some mackeral or possibly a bass or too. Saturday afternoon was great and just as the sun started to set I was picking up 3 or so bass each time on feathers, they were all schoolies and no bigger than 30 cm. I also had a few mackeral that evening again no bigger than 30cm.
On Sunday I didn't catch too much other than foul hooking little mackeral no bigger than a fingernail.
I tried my luck again on Monday evening and picked up a few mackeral again.
Thank you for the great tackle and advice as always. Harry"

Fishing is so easy...( 19 June)
I had this report in from Jamie's great when it all works out...
As an avid carp fisherman, I’ve recently bought a property locally, I attended seagull fishing tackle, speaking to the knowledgeable local fisherman behind the counter. I bought my first sea rod, I went to the location recommended near to the old lighthouse, 20 minutes in i caught this Beauty On lug, single hook rig. 44cm.

The bass bonanza goes on...( 18 June)
I had this report in Andy Grimshaw earlier in the week...a great fish for Andy...
"Measured 55cm...My guess would be 5lb 7oz something like that."

Mission accomplished ( 11 June)
I had this report in last night from Dave Francis...
"Fished behind the lifeboat for a couple of hours up to midday today. I know you've seen bigger bass before but I went to catch a bass and just what I did. Job done !"

More and more beautiful bass (4 June)
Linsey Kemp popped into the shop this morning and showed me the photo of the bass she caught in St Marys Bay...a cracking fish of 55cm's on yellow tail lugworm...

A great result for Neil (28 May)
I had this sent in last Monday from Neil Edgar...
"Hello Tony,
My fishing buddy Nick, and I spend a good evening fishing on Saturday 22nd. We fished around halfway between the lifeboat station and the back of the boats from about 6 to 10'o clock, with high water being about half 8. Nothing at all for the first couple of hours. The high water mark was littered with shellfish that had been smashed up with the previous days rough weather. We thought maybe all the fish had already had there fill. Just as the tide turned, and the light began to fade the bites started. At first just a few whiting, and small dog fish. The next fish out was worth the wait a 5 and a half lbs bass, my P.B. by a long way. There were more bass in among the usual after that, only one more being a keeper. Very enjoyable for the first time out for months.
Kind Regards, Neil"

I almost missed this...(26 May)
This came through on messenger last week (on the 16th)...
"Hi Tony, fished Dungeness today on raising tide, simple flapper rig, lugworms and squid, planti of dogfish, few whiting and 4 stunning sea bass! What a day!! Stefano"

It must have been rough (24 May)
I had a further update from From Brian Rees...
"Not caught - just washed up by the gale.  Not sure what the ray is, except I don’t think it was a thornback.  Baby stingray perhaps? Best stingray I’ve seen off the beach was at Denge Marsh by a cracking angler from Dover called Richard Tunnicliffe.  We were fishing the All England, maybe 1,000 competitors.  I was right next to Richard who was hauling on his rod, insisting he had a fish.  Everyone else thought he was snagged on the bottom but he wouldn’t have it.  Eventually he drags in a stingray that went 28lbs, if I remember rightly.  When everyone else was lucky to find a fish weighing a few ounces, it kind of killed the competition."

        Just like October (24 May)

I had this report in from Brian Rees today...
"Hi Tony,
Good to see you on Saturday.  I gave it a few hours behind the boats, quite pleasant with the wind on my back and the rain held off.  The amount of shellfish coming in with the tide made me wonder how there could be any chance of a fish finding the bait.  But a couple of whiting managed to save me from a blank, caught on the same stuff being washed up - one on clam and one on razor.  There was so much shellfish in the water I was foul hooking it when reeling in.  There was no May weed to start with but it came through pretty thickly with the tide.  The storm also washed up all sorts of juvenile fish - weavers, tiny dogs, dabs, plaice, rockling, a tiny ray, and I even managed to pick up a few scallops for my tea.  Not the best angling session, but a very pleasant few hours nonetheless. Cheers, Brian."

Who chomped Brian's bass (12 May)
Here is the update from Brian...
"Forgot to attach the photo….see where something has had the skin off it?  It was the same on the other side. Cheers, Brian."

Brian...his day went with a bang (12 May)
In more ways than one...I will let Brian tell you in his own words...
Hi Tony, long, long time and all that.  Thought I’d come out of hibernation and give it a go. 

"First the good news. At Denge Marsh yesterday it was cleaner than I can ever remember.  Huge respect to those who have got it that way as I’ve taken home sack loads of other people's crap over the years and it is soul destroying.  If you want any more good news, stop here.  Cos there ain’t any.

The May weed was terrible, especially towards the end of the flood tide.  I did manage to get into a bass but there was so much muck on the line I had to hand-line it in.  It was the most manky bass I’ve ever caught, with great patches of skin missing from both flanks where something had given it a good mauling.  It looked like it hadn’t eaten for weeks, poor thing.  45cms long, I bet it didn’t go much more than 1lb 8ozs.

Next cast, the top half of the rod followed the gear out to sea.  At first I thought it had just worked loose.  But oh no.  The male spigot had totally disintegrated.  This is not any old rod.  It is an early Conoflex ultra fast taper, with the slightly reverse taper butt, that I built from the blank I bought 42 years ago.  The blank alone cost me eighteen quid.  To put that in perspective, back then you could buy 50 pints of Whitbread Trophy bitter  (the pint that thinks it’s a quart) in the York House for that, and have change for a Party Seven to take home after Last Orders.  I won the Dover Sea Angling Association Junior Championship with that rod.  The Anglers’ Den Cup.  The Pairs Cup, with Admiralty Pier legend Dean Graham - remember him?  The Evening Series.  Me and that rod, that’s perfect fishing harmony.  Or was.

Next, as I sat there, crying my eyes out, cradling the broken remains of the Conoflex,  a chap in Army fatigues came and very politely suggested I might want to move my car.  Before it got blown up. Because it was parked by two shells that his mates from Shorncliffe were coming to sort out.  So, trying to ignore the excruciating sciatic pain shooting through my left leg (I fish Denge as you can park so close to the water) I dragged myself off to the car, shifted it, and limped back to my gear to carry on with my other rod, a little up-tider I built for boat fishing.  It does well for bass, given how close to shore they can be.  Poured myself a coffee, settled down, and back comes the ever so polite Army chap to say I should move a couple of hundred yards to get well away from where the shells were going to be detonated.  As there was no firing I limped my way west, into the range.

Next, half an hour later the ever so polite Army chap reappears.  The ordnance boys want to deal with the shells on MOD property, about where I’m fishing.  So sorry but would I mind moving a couple of hundred yards back east.  Course not, so off I stagger again, and set up just east of the range tower. I’m pretty knackered from all this lugging my gear about so set the drag on the reel, just in case, and  wriggle my poor old back into the soft shingle.  Nice and comfy.  Doze off. Sparko.  At one with the world.  Peace.

Next: KABOOM.  Those shells I just mentioned were only about the size of a baked bean tin, if that, so I hadn’t given much thought to what would happen when they were detonated.  To say I woke up with a start would be understatement of the year.  I nearly shat myself.

Next, as my heart beat began to come down a bit,  I heard a scrunch on the shingle and looked round expecting to see the Army chap again.  Wrong.  It was a dirty great big  fox walking off with a whole mackerel in his chops.  The last of my fish bait. Just strolling off, bold as you like.

Next, I thought it time to reel in and check the bait, only to find I was snagged solid.  I never get snagged.  At this point, I decide it isn’t my day so pack up and drag myself back to the motor.

When I got home and explained to The Missus I’d broken the Conoflex, she just shrugged and said I’d have to buy a new one.  At first I thought she was joking.  She wasn’t.  She doesn’t get it.  But if her cat so much as sneezes you’d think it is the end of the world. So I said telling me to buy a new rod was a bit like the cat snuffing it, and me telling her to just go and buy another cat. That went down like a lead balloon.

Next, I look at your website today to discover that Paolo was fishing just along at Dungy at exactly the same time, and filling his boots with bass to 6lbs.  That really cheered me up.

Anyway, that’s my first catch report for a long, long time.  One bass.  Don’t suppose you’ve got bucket of old fibreglass bits lying about that might work as a replacement spigot? Assuming I can get the remains of the old one out.  I know, I know, the rod's past it.  So am I, that’s not the point.

All best,
Brian Rees."

What a great day for Paolo ( 11 May)
I had this great report of early season bass...its looking good for summer...
"Fished yesterday in dungeness. Very good day with my PB nearly 6lbs Bass plus three other bass about 2lbs each. From Paolo."

Would you 'Adam & Eve' it!...( 9 May)
I was chatting to one of my customers last night when he popped in to pick up his bait. Last Sunday he fished Denge Marsh the sea was cold but following two weeks of easterly winds (wind over tide) left the water 'gin' clear...he had twelve mackerel at distance!
This follows a report of mackerel being caught on Folkestone Pier.

Neil has been on the road ( 2 May)
I had report in from Neil Rodwell this morning...
"Hi Tony. Hope you are well. I thought I would update you on my fishing expeditions since restrictions were lifted. I've been a few places over 6 trips and I've landed 9 species in total this year including 9 plaice from Brighton marina, a PB thornback and a surprise coalfish from samphire hoe today. It's been a good start to the fishing year. Hopefully the best is yet to come! I'm still yet to fish dungy this year and looking to get there soon. Stay safe and will speak soon. Neil."

Yippee...we're back...( 27 April)
I saw this posted today by Terry Carpenter of the DAA...summers coming and so are 
the DAA Vets...
Preposed dates when fishing can begin again
Wed 30th june. at. 1430
Wed 28th july. at. 1330
Wed.25th Aug. at. 1230
Wed 25th. Sep at. 1700
Wed.13th Oct. at. 1530
Wed. 10th Nov. at. 1330
Wed. 8th Dec at 1300
These dates are subject to club fishing again"

The times they are changing ( 24 April)
I had this concern emailed to me by Kevin...
"I'm not sure if you are aware but Dover Harbour Board have decided not to 
allow fishing and close the pier permanently. This as angered locals and fisherman countrywide. That means all the piers in Dover are now closed
to anglers. Protests are being arranged and the local MP has been contacted. lf 
you could put a small mention on your beach fishing section  I would be extremely grateful.Regards Kevin Curtis" ...I saw this posted on facebook by Alan Yates, such a shame for the less mobile...I fear the numbers going sea fishing are in decline giving us less of a say.
Let's keep it clean...(18 April)
I was invited to see the installation of the new fishing line waste bins being installed at Dengemarsh and Galloways, just down from Dungeness in the west bay. Organised by the Eric Brown of the Romney Marsh litter pickers...
"Sunday 18th April 2021
Unveiling of our two fishing line Recycling bins at Dengemarsh & Galloways,
Supporting a voluntary group,
"Anglers National Line Recycling Scheme"
who set up this scheme.

Firstly I would like to thank the MOD for their continued support and their contractors Landmarc in clearing our litter picking / beach clean bags and debris from this area.

We are very thankful for 
Martin Addison
Kevin Addison

of Addison Construction and Civil Ltd for their financial contribution in paying for these new bins and there continued support with our group. Great local firm putting something back into the community 👍👏 where they work and live

Also Dungeness Anglers Association for their support via a cheque to the group for £500 ❤️ (An unbelievable fantastic contribution) presented by Chairman Alex Whittlesey, which will help towards additional installation costs, bags, new equipment etc
THe Marsh has never been so clean...well done to the dedicated volunteers...

Great to get out...(4 April)
I had report in from Andrew Boakes this evening...
"Hi tony been to Dungeness today had good day fishing lots of dog fish Whiting and dabs and what I believe were 2 codling"

I think Andrew you will find they are 'grandaddy' pout

What a lovely day....(30 March)
I went up to Dungeness yesterday to see the closure signs being taken down and the estate being opened up to visitors. I went back up in the evening to walk the dog and there were a few people fishing...lovely evening. One note of concern, there were five camper vans parked nose to tail on the DAA concrete road. It is worth remembering that EDF have banned over night camping on the estate.

Well its not long now...(24 March)
I spoke to the Dungeness management yesterday just to confirm the opening date. I was told that it was still due to open for car access on the 29th of March. Seagull Fishing Tackle will be opening on Friday the 16th of April (pandemic allowing).

The DAA newsletter ( 20 Feb)
Here is the DAA newsletter that came in today from Alex the DAA has been a difficult year so the club is doing the right thing... 

The difference a week makes ( 20 Feb)
Well a week ago I posted how cold the sea got down to 3.5 degrees, not seen that for decades...just checked it today, back up to 6.8 degrees...the difference a week makes!

I just checked the sea temperature ( 13 Feb)
With Dungeness estate closed...and no fishing reports. I was checking the sea temperatures today (at the Folkestone buoy) is the coldest that I have seen it in over twenty five years...4.7 that is cold! I bet those lugworm must be deep heading for Australia! Some people believe the water has to be cold to encourage the cod inshore...well you never know?

I have had this confirmed ( 8 Jan)
 posted this yesterday on facebook...
I have just seen this posted by Simon Newman of the Dungeness Angling Association...
"We are sorry to tell you that as of now, the Dungeness Estate is now closed to non residents.
We have just received the following :
In response to the recent Covid-19 Lockdown, EDF have decided to close the Dungeness Estate to visitors. This does not affect the ability for residents, the emergency services or RNLI to enter or leave the estate, but is aimed at the general public. We are in very challenging times and this decision was not taken lightly, but is an attempt to help restrict the spread of the COVID-19 virus and to encourage the public to avoid unnecessary journeys and observe social distancing. Signs advising of this will be put in place at the entrance to the estate and I hope you will understand that we do not know how long it will be necessary to keep this measure in place"

Well here we are again ( 8 Jan)
I have just seen this on the Sport England website...

Can I go fishing?

Yes, as long as you are doing so:

  • by yourself 
  • with the people you live with 
  • with your support bubble (​if you’re legally permitted to form one) 
  • in a childcare bubble where providing childcare 
  • when on your own, with one person from another household while following social distancing.

In connection to wider government guidance:

  • You shouldn’t travel outside of your local area in order to go fishing
  • Organised events or competitions can’t take place
  • You should only go fishing once per day.
Do you think this works for beach fishing...I don't think so...if you live on the beach, fine, you could trot down the beach for an hour. But if I ask someone in Ashford (Kent) where is your local beach they might reply Hythe?
My advice in these dark time...stay at home.

Welcome to 2021 great start Max (3 Jan)
I had this report in this afternoon from Steve ...the first of the year...and what a great year it promises to be...
"Hi Tony a rare catch today for my grandson Max a codling of 38 cm caught at the seawall,Littlestone.I think he was well pleased.Steve Savage." 

Jon...a real dab hand to end the year (23 Dec)
Just seen this posted by Jon Vaughan in 'Southeast sea fishing'...a nice report...
"No much wind, reasonable time tide and bait in the fridge so had another few hours down sandwich. Water cleared nicely a few hours after low and gave a nice window of opportunity to have a go at some dabs before dark. Managed 6 dabs, dog fish, pouting and the usual whiting but whiting not much of a problem as the water cleared."

Covid strikes again...with Tier 4 (20 Dec)
Yes shut down again...I will let you all know when Seagull will be reopen....

The shock of the new...(13 Dec)
I had this report from Neil Rodwell last least he is trying...
"Hi Tony. It was a new venue for me today, Shakespeare beach in dover. Tough going with only the 1 dogfish right at the beginning to save a blank. The rest of the day was pretty dead with the odd bite missed. Nice venue and I'm sure I'll be back. Will speak soon. Neil."

Whiting, whiting and more...(06 Dec)
I had this report in last night from Neil Rodwell...
"Hi Tony. Thanks for the bait today. My original plan was to fish the point with weather permitting. To be honest I've fished it in worse conditions but after 1 cast with my line being buried beneath the shingle resulting in a break I decided to go to littlestone wall to get out the wind a bit. It was all whiting from start to finish with triple shots being landed after 10 mins out there. Better than a blank! Will speak soon. Many thanks. Neil."

Back to work...(02 Dec)
Well my news today is from Friday Seagull Fishing will be open for bait and tackle 01797 366837...

Roll on summer (02 Dec)

I had an email from Ethan Fletcher today...

Caught a mackerel at Hythe today (29 November 2020). When has that ever happened!
...well I have heard of a few about at Hythe...the sea is still quite warm...their is long answer...the short one...climate change.

The sea is still warm...(21 Nov)
I saw this post from Dave Harrington last night
"Due to a nice break in the weather last night I decided to give it a little session on my local mark.
Got down there by 6:30 with the tide about 2 hours before low & a nice surf running.
Baits of choice were Bluey & Squid with some fresh out Black Lug.
Well the Whiting were there from the start with a couple of other anglers all catching fish from the get go. Then with about 90 mins to low the Rays started to Show & remained around until about an hour after low when the Whiting & Dogfish showed en mass. I managed 2 Rays & a shedload of Whiting."

Wrong species...but a nice fish...(14 Nov)
I've seen this report tonight from Alex Veel...a great honest report...we can all go cod fishing, but even in the glory days nothing was guaranteed...I still remember the look on your face when I had that 9. 1/2 lb cod in that DAA match by the look out tower...
"Just back from fishing half way between Dungeness & Dengemarsh, 2hrs up & 3hrs down.
As it was always going to be an extremely long shot for a Cod, I fished a second rod in close for a Bass....
Apart from a missed livebait hit just after high tide I had to wait until last chuck to find a Bass....bit of a fluke really as it picked up the cod bait 🙄😆
Apologies for the poor pic, I was rushing to get her back. Went 5lb 10 & salvaged the night. Usual Whiting, Pout & poor cod....strangely no dogs though."

Don't get stung... (12 Nov)

I saw this posted yesterday by my old fishing mate Dave, these Jellyfish can pack a have been warned...with the stormy weather all sorts of things could wash up on the when you are bait gathering be careful...

What a cracker...(boom boom) (05 Nov)

I had this report in from Ann Heighton's I surprised not at all by a nice cod turning up...but if we had more anglers than fair weather danglers we might get even more...

"Hi Tony. Fished Hythe 20th October. I think this one got lost "

How times have changed... (04 Nov)

I had this excellent report in from Elliot Watson last night...

"Hello Tony,
After last weeks unsettled weather I decided to fish in between the main fleet of boats and the boats on the point, from low up to high and 3 hours down. I started fishing from 18:00, and it started off pretty slow, but as soon as the tide picked up the whiting made an appearance along with the dogfish, most of which were a decent size. From then on it was a constant stream of whiting and doggies for the rest of the evening. There was plenty of colour in the water and shellfish were being washed up. I only saw two others on the beach, and apart from that, it was empty. It's crazy/sad to think that going back ten years for this time of year in those conditions on a Saturday night the beach would have been rammed with anglers every 20-30yds, oh how times have changed.  Anyway, until next time...Elliot" 

A 'thumbs up' from Simon... (23 Oct)

I saw this posted by Simon Newman tonight...

"Firstly, if your at all squeamish, don't look at the photo in the first comment.... I haven't put it up here so you can avoid blood if you don't like seeing it. Secondly, a nice 4lb 10oz bass from Dungeness this afternoon on a live whiting. Missed another good take as well. I fished yesterday afternoon and caught 9 bass on worm but all undersized. I did lose a very good fish which swallowed a whiting but wasn't properly hooked. Today I went with the right rigs and caught a proper one.... For tea tonight... Lovely!
Now back to firstly.... I was using a circle hook on the live bait rig. As I was removing the hook, a big head shake and the next thing I knew was the clever blighter transferred the hook from him to me, very very well in!
I've been fishing for nearly 50 years and had hooks in my fingers, hands, ears and even lips but have always managed to get them out without any drama. This circle hook was different and just wouldn't come out, leaving me no choice other than to push it through and wonder up the beach asking if anyone had any pliers with them lol. Fortunately Steve Savage did, and with a quick snip cutting off the barb, the hook was removed. Surprisingly painless and I only fainted twice. Bass for tea, happy days."

DAA Juniors toughing it out... (23 Oct)

I had this report in from 'Shirly Codling' of the DAA Juniors match last Sunday...

"Hi Tony,

A very tough DAA Juniors match today at Littlestone wall. Only two anglers out of 13 actually caught. Well done to Luke who caught a flounder and a whiting and Max L who caught a whiting. Interestingly, both were fishing the end pegs! One other fish, a flounder was caught by Luke's brother Jack, but unfortunately it was 10 minutes after the match had finished! Regards Shirl"

Wrestling wrasse at the Hoe... (23 Oct)

Last week Neil went to Samphire Hoe, for a change....

"Hi Tony. Got another report for you. I went samphire hoe to escape the whiting. Had wrasse all day including a PB at 2.5lb. Also had pout, blennies and a solitary dogfish. I only used re purposed carp rods today as I was going straight down the wall pretty much. A big wrasse on a carp rod is pretty hair raising stuff but good fun none the less! Will speak soon. Many thanks. Neil"

Another away day for Neil... (15 Oct)

I had this report in from Neil Rodwell who kindly sent it in on Monday...

"Hi Tony. I thought I would send you a report of my day at Brighton marina on Friday. The target was sole. I managed 4 at the beginning of the day with 6 other species mixed in including the largest Whiting I've ever caught. The fish turned into crabs around 1 and the wind picked up with the waves coming over the wall so called it a day around 3. Looking at getting back to dungy soon for a bass in the surf. Will speak soon. Many thanks. Neil."

A nice surprise for Steve... (24 Sept)

I had this report in yesterday from Steve Martin...

"Hi fished dungeness Monday 21st in the morning not to far from the boats.   Had a lot of whiting but no bass , it was pretty calm so not surprised . What did surprised me was a good knock on the rod fished far out with squid on a single 02 hook to a good fish being a baby smoothhound around 5lb.

Was expecting a dogfish so very happy ."

Galloways always worth a go... (20 Sept)

I had this report in from Rob Lasells...

"Sitting at home last decided to go down to Galloways, grabbed lug and squid from the freezer. In the water 22.30 whiting all the way until 01.30 and landed a Thornback 7lb 4oz well worth the effort"

Nice to see...warming seas (17 Sept)

I had this report in from Rob Bower at the beginning of the week...

Went fishing at the warren in Folkstine on Sunday evening fished the tide up for 2 hours and caught 2 nice dog fish and this sea bream
Lost a few to with some lovely bites Regards Rob"

DAA 'vets' back on the beach (17 Sept)

I had this report in from Terry Carpenter last week  (apologies for late posting)...

"DAA Veterans had their 1st match since January on a lovely warm afternoon today although the fish didnt want to play
Fish caught was whitting ,poulting,bass,eel"

1st. Steve Feild.     167cm
2nd Roger Sugden150cm
3rd  John Barnes.  124cm
4th. Paul. Smith.    107cm
5th. John Smith ... 102cm
6th.  Mick Lewis.    101cm
7th. Alan. Rudkin.     68cm
8th. Mick Reynolds. 26cm
9th Terry Carpenter.     0

DAA Seniors back in business...( 9 Sept)

I had this report in from Alex of the DAA Seniors match at the weekend...

"Hi Tony, Finally got the league up and running again. Tough going for the four of us who fished on Sunday. Venue was moved to the ‘Point’ as the planned venue was busy. Whiting was the main catch plus a few Pout and one dogfish. Our next match is Sunday 20th September at Littlestone. Pegged match, fish 12pm-4pm. Meet at Littlestone (Seafront in front of the watertower). Booking in between 10:30 and 11am. Many thanks Alex"

Nice to see the Juniors back...( 8 Sept)

I had this report in yesterday from Alex Whittlesea of the DAA...

"Hi Tony,13 Juniors fished at Littlestone on Saturday in bright sunshine and a gentle West breeze. Fish were thin on the ground with just a few Whiting showing. However, with the lack of Whiting, a few better fish did get the chance to find the bait. Newcomer Theadora caught her first ever sea fish, a stunning Bass of 46 cm (Pictured with her brother and dad)which she released to get even bigger. Malakai managed a nice Sole of 32cm and James caught an Eel of 35cm. Well done to all who took part. Many thanks Alex"

Last went a bit flat...( 6 September)

I had this report in today from Rob Gaskin...
"Hi Tony decided on Galloways last night had the usual whiting then 3 thornbacks came along biggest going 6, 1/2 pound.Two to bluey and lug one on straight lug,
cheers Rob"
A nice mixed bag...( 5 September)
I had this update from Neil Rodwell in this afternoon...
"Hi Tony. I thought I would give you a round up of my fishing expeditions recently. 
27th August Just after the storm I went Brighton marina. I had more weed than I've ever seen to contend with but managed to winkle out two large silvers eels and one small conger strap which is a first for me!
31st August. Went langney point. No weed, no fish pretty much! Just two micro school bass to show for my days efforts!
4th September. Returned to langney point for another bash. This time I managed 4 plaice, 1 bass around 1.5lb and a pb black bream! A little up and down like the weather but that's fishing for you I guess! Will speak soon. Many thanks. Neil"

Beautiful bass keep coming...( 4 Sept)
I had this report in from Richard this afternoon...
"Afternoon Tony, Just got back from a few hours fishing behind the lifeboat station. Managed to catch 3 bass, nothing big but good to see them about. Regards Richard Smith"

How to handle a Seagull...( 3 September)
Another report in yesterday from Kevin Warden...
"Sharon and I fished the point today from 10-30 until 4.30pm. We caught
2 bass, both returned as 39cm from snout into the fork of the tail. Is
this the correct way to measure? We also caught a young gull in our
lines. Well done Sharon for putting a towel over its head after it
tried to peck me. It went totally calm and we removed the lines. It
flew off fine. A good tip to know"

Another beautiful bass...( 3 September)
 had this report com in yesterday from Alistair Crisci...
"Hi Tony, I know it’s a bit late but fished Galloways Friday evening and had this bass around 4lb/5lb mark. Caught on sand eels and had another which was return alive on rag and bluey cocktail. Also had a Thornback and whiting."

The third I've seen this week...( 29 August)
I had this guy pop-in the shop this morning and showed me a photo of what he just caught. I asked him to email me it...and here it is...
"Hey mate, my friend clayton caught this off the beach. his second time fishing 
thanks j"

Sole at the witching hour...( 27 August)
I saw this report posted by Simon Newman this morning...
"Happy happy days! After a summer of decidedly average to poor fishing and a zillion WHITING, a plan at last came to a successful conclusion. 11 sole between three of us, a few keeper bass, a handful of eels and ONLY ONE WHITING! Our plan to fish until midnight turned into 3am as most of the sole appeared from just before midnight and we were still catching when bedtime called. Tired this morning.... but happy tired! Once again, happy happy days!!"

As I said...autumn come early...( 25 August)
I had this report in this morning from Colin Hemsworth...

"Hi Tony,
It was good to get out fishing yesterday as I hadn’t been in a while. I headed for dengemarsh and got there for 11am and arrived at an empty beach, it was a bit windy but nothing a well tuned multiplier and pendulum cast couldn’t deal with. The sea was churned up with a good colour to the water. Quickly set up and got the baits out there, two pulley pennel rigs loaded with lug. 1st few casts produced some small bass followed by some larger ones up to 50cm. An hour or so before HT I reeled in something that felt a bit heavier, it slid onto the beach and I thought that’s a big whiting and as I got nearer was pleasantly surprised to see a codling! The fever took me and I was chucking out large lug baits and half expecting to see the rod tip start nodding away, unfortunately that was it on the unicorn front. A few more bass and whiting and then packed up around 7 and went home. A nice day’s fishing, all the best.

Great bass fishing to be had...( 25 August)

I had this report in yesterday from Arkam Belhouchet...
"Hi Tony.
Fished dungeness yesterday: caught 3 good size bass and plenty of schoolies."

We need some recipes for whiting...( 25 August)

I had this report in yesterday from Kevin Warden...
"We fished 10am to 1-30 at The Point and then until 3.30 at Littlestone.
Plenty of small whiting. I suppose it bodes well for later in the year."

Great to see the Juniors back out......( 24 August)

I had this report from Alex Whittlesea last night...

"Hi Tony. The DAA Juniors finally got their 2020 season underway today (Sunday).Ten anglers fished Littlestone in good overcast conditions taking advantage of the dirty water from yesterday’s blow.Their catch was Whiting and a solitary Bass. Alex"

Keeping the girls busy......( 24 August)

I had this report in yesterday from Darren Selves...
"Hi All... Fished the light house today with my 2 girls Georgia and macey. It was very windy but lots of whiting to keep the girls busy"

Lots of small whiting about...( 24 August)
I had this report in from Stuart Baitup yesterday...
"I took my son on the Dungeness pilgrimage from deal today 🙄I knew the fishing would be hard with the spring tides so I decided to fish 1 hour before low , slack water and tide up to an hour before high tide ( good decision as could only just hold bottom) . Fish were in abundance but all small stuff loads of whiting and a few decent sized dogs no bass for us but did see a few landed around us .. all fish landed on blacks and rag no takes on squid or crab .. all in all a good mornings entertainment and nice to see the beach full of Tight lines . Bit  of education  needed by a few there taking home pin whiting and school bass definitely undersized maybe a sign in a few languages may help if you get my meaning..."

Some great bass fishing......( 24 August)
I had this report in from Becky-Lee yesterday...
"So fishing today was planned for west bay at Dungeness but due to very high tides and winds that was off the cards (tomorrow will be better there). So decided to fish east bay Dungeness where the wind was off my back all day.
Got there at low water to pump some fresh outs. Some lovely big black lug. Then set up at waited for the tide to arrive. First chick a small school bass, then a long wait for the second and third small school bass. It wasn’t until an hour either side of high water the better bass showed all on fresh outs. 10 Bass in total. Best one just shy of 60cm about 5lb. Others were 45, 44 and 42 cm. dogfish, whiting and a solitary pouting as well."

And the beach was deserted......( 22 August)
I had an email from Mike Shine last night...
"Dear Tony
It was good to see you this morning and I am pleased you have kept safe and well.
I was unsure what the fishing would be like at Dungeness today as the conditions were somewhat ‘wild’ so much so that it was un-fishable for an hour at high tide and I stopped for lunch and to enjoy the view. Before then I had the usual small Pout and Whiting as well as a lovely school Bass. From the start of the Ebb I fished one rod held as it was too rough to use a rod rest, along with a 7 ounce long fixed tail lead - not my favourite choice but needs must. Then I enjoyed the best days Bass shore fishing session ever. I stopped counting at 15 but kept catching. I returned one at the legal limit as I use the Bass Society 48 cm size limit and I took one home at 53 cm weighing just under 3 lb 5 ounces. So all in all a great days fishing with the beach largely to myself. Most unusual catch of the day was the mobile phone - not really caught just found it on the beach. Will try to see if the SIM is working for any clue to the owner.
See you soon."....arrrh...Mike....wind makes fish!

Never give up...a bite could come next cast...( 15 August)
I had this retort in from Joe Collins fishing  last weekend...
"Hi Tony popped in yesterday for some lug and bits then headed behind the power station to fish low tide up...
On arrival I was a bit early and the beach was packed with fluff chuckers and a few anglers! Never seen the beach so packed!
Talked to a few anglers and nobody had even had a nibble... All day! Just a lucky few bagging one or two mackerel.. and reports were spider crabs stripping the baits in seconds.
So disheartened with the prospect of a blank I walked to the west side of the boiles and set up..
Not a bite or a sigh of a fish until smack on low tide.
The water became a little dis coloured and the bites began.
First fish was a nasty little weaver!! (Anglers beware) followed by a nice bass, just under sized.
All night until I packed up at 2am I had double shots of whiting (not a bad size) and one other sizable bass.
All fish returned! Oh and people.. pop up the baits if crabs are present!
Tight lines  Joe"

Rock hard in the bright sunshine...( 13 August)
A bit late posting this report from Neil Rodwell...more computer problems...
"Hi Tony. Thanks for the bait today. I fished behind the boils in the hopes of a bass. Didn't find any but saved a blank with a trickle of small whiting through out the day. In the afternoon on the dropping tide the whiting vanished and the crabs appeared which was my exit que. Nice day in the sun. Will speak soon. Many thanks."

You have been warned...stay safe...( 09 August)
I had this timely reminder from Kenneth England...don't the dorsal fin or the gill covers...
"watch out they're about"...the Lesser Weever!
Always worth a last cast...( 27 July)
I had this report in Saturday from Mohammad Adair...
"Hello Tony went night fishing yesterday 24th July in Dungeness near the watch tower and the weather was windy and raining. Many whiting around (although 70% small). Was thinking of leaving and used one of my "this is definitely the last cast" and was rewarded with a lovely sized sea bass. Very happy"

I wished I had some feathers...( 22 July)
I had this report in from Neil Rodwell yesterday...
"Hi Tony. Thought I would join the crowds on eastbourne beach today and have a go in amongst the mackerel junkies 🤣 the shoreline was filled with bait fish washed up from the mackerel shoals pushing them ashore. Had shoals of Mackay under my rod tip at some points in the day.  Didnt have any feathers left on me so just sat and watched the chaos 🤣. Managed a single vivid coloured tub Gurnard all day but was a nice day on the shore in all. Will speak soon. Many thanks. Neil." favourite fish...( 19 July)
I had this report just in from Andrew Boakes...
"Nice smoothhound of wall at leysdown caught on lug worm pulled rod right of stand also put up good fight"

Stars in his eyes for Mat...( 19 July)
I had this report in from Mat Mayers late last night...
"Hi Tony, 
Headed down to back of the boats this morning, had no bites for the first 2 hours, then this lovely smooth hound struck and put up a good little fight. Caught on crab, no worms today only resulting another dogfish but so happy with the smoothy it made it worth its while. I can't wait to get back down there!
Take care!"

Some nice hounds about...( 19 July)
I had this report in from Steve Barry last Thursday...
"Hi guys Nice smoothound near hastings"

Nice ray for Brian...( 16 July)
I had this report in today from Brian Heighton fishing at Galloways...
"Hi Tony, I don’t normally post catches ,But as this was my first ever thornback I decided to .caught Friday Afternoon ,10th July 1hr before high water."

Ben's a bit of a 'smoothie'...( 11 July)
I had this report in this afternoon from Ben Norton...
"Hi Tony,  After what seems to have been a never ending influx of Whiting and Dogfish, it was nice to land this at Galloways earlier this morning! Successful bait was black lug tipped with Tesco King Prawn! All the best, Ben"

After the blow...loads of fish...( 10 July)
I had this report in from Neil Rodwell tonight...
"Hi Tony. Thanks for the bait today. It was almost like December out there what with the amount of whiting about! It was a fish a cast. Also managed a couple of school bass and a solitary dogfish. To be honest I wasn't expecting much today but instead I was kept busy with the piranhas that went through my entire lug supply. Cheers again and will speak soon. Many thanks. Neil."

Wind makes fish...and weed...( 08 July)
I had this report come in from last Sunday...

"Afternoon Tony and I hope you are keeping well.
Headed down to the back of the boats arriving at about 6pm.  Tide must
have been close to the low water mark. It was fairly windy, but the wind
was at your back so it wasn't too back. Had to be carefully not to have
stuff blown away.   As the tide started to flood, there was a bit of weed
- but it was sporadic - some casts were coming back like a green washing
line - others came in almost clear.  There were a few others trying
their luck, but it was nowhere near what I would call busy. The flood
tide brought in some bites and some fish. Left at about 9pm after
landing  two dog fish - if I had stayed longer I am sure there would
have been more to report on.
Will be heading back to try again soon. Regards Steve H."

Nothing like a 05 July)
I had this email in last night from Andrew Boakes...shows that we have some nice bass all over the place... "Hi Tony this is jammy jan nice bass off queenborough harbour bit windy but nice day"

Bass...some like it rough...( 05 July)
I had this report in today from Steve Howkins...
"Thanks for the bait today and great to see you again Tony. Fished sat Eve over low tide in very rough weather behind the station and had this one just shy of 4lb. See you again soon"

Wind makes fish...( 29 June)
I had this report in last night from Andrew Elsey...and yes it was very windy...
"Hi Tony I had one bass off Dungeness today over low tide very windy behind boats".

Good surf = Bass...( 24 June)
I had this report in yesterday from Paul Howells...
"Hi Tony. Great to see you up and running again the lug were banging (unlike the cr!p I had from a local fish shop a few weeks ago!) Headed down to Denge and had the beach to myself mainly due to the wind I reckon. Chocolate coloured water but good surf and the bass were playing ball. 7 in total with the largest at 55cm. All returned. 1 small token sole and a whiting after dark. Great session and good to catch up again my friend. See you soon. Paul"

Wow what a scorcher...( 23 June)
I had this report in this afternoon from Neil Rodwell...
"Hi Tony. This is the best fish of the day from my trip to samphire hoe today. Not a puff of wind and scorching hot in the sunshine. Had no ragworm with me today so struggled to get bites. Also had a few pout. Will speak soon. Many thanks.  Neil."

Nows that was a cracking bass...( 23 June)
I had this report in last night from Mark Edwards...
"My big catch at Dungeness by the fishing boats 10lb 8 bass 12th June 2017 I should sent pic off ages ago someone told me it 1 in a million  catch"

Galloways, can be hit or miss...( 21 June)
I had this report in this morning from Colin Hemsworth...
"Hi Tony,
I fished Galloways yesterday, got there just before first HT and walked a fair distance along the beach to set up as it was already getting busy. A cooler box of lug, Bluey, mackerel and squid and this time I remembered my pop up beads for the crabs! Hundreds of washed up crab shells with some softies as well so by the end of the session had collected about 20 soft or about to peel crabs for the bait freezer. Casting was easy going with light SW winds and the clipped down rigs were getting out a good distance. Two rods and running ledger rigs loaded with Lug and a third rod left out with a big bait (whole squid, mackerel head, wraps) in the hope for something that’ll put up a fight. 
First fish was a whiting but got my hopes up as daylight fishing has been tough lately, next on was a welcome bass at 47cm. As it got dark the doggies were out in force, double shots on pennel rigs and of good size, I must have had 10 in about 40 mins. Packed up around 12 and headed home. Happy to hear the shop has reopened and will be in soon. Colin." 

Some nice sole about...tasty...( 20 June)
Andrew Elsey popped into the shop this afternoon (first day open in three months) with a very decent Dover sole. I said to Andrew send a report here it is...
"Hi had a nice Dover sole from behind the boats at high tide"

Was Neil doing the conger?...( 19 June)
I had this report in this evening from Neil  Rodwell...

"Hi Tony. It was my first trip this year to samphire hoe. I had the usual mix of wrasse, pout and dogfish for this venue. Now for the familiar fisherman's tale! I cast a whole sandeel out on a rotten bottom system in search of something juicy. 30 seconds later I get an almighty tug and I bend into something big. In between spurts of it peeling line off the reel I'm pumping and winding the fish up to the surface and then my line parts.😔 Absolutely gutted! I'll never know what it was but next time I'm down there I'm going with 30lb braid straight through! There's always a next time I guess. Will speak soon. Many thanks. Neil."

Enough is enough...( 19 June)
Well after twelve weeks of 'lockdown' I have decided to open Seagull Fishing Tackle from tomorrow. Back to Friday, Saturday and Sunday...we will see how it goes.

Lovely...a deserted beach for Colin...( 14 June)
I had this great report in from Colin Hemsworth fishing my favorite venue...

"Hi Tony,
I fished Galloways yesterday, arrived to an empty beach at 10am with light SE winds. I was armed with lug, squid and mackerel. Soon had the rods set up and baits in the water, it was clear the crabs were out it force as baits were coming back stripped and had to constantly change the snood for fears of it breaking when that big bass finally turns up! 
1st fish of the day was a Sole, very pleased with that. It picked up as the sun went down and had a nice Bass caught fairly far out, as was the Sole. Also had a few dogfish and whiting. It was a nice day on the beach as I haven’t fished Galloways in a while.  All the best,  Colin."

Dungeness...and your first fish ( 13 June)

I had this report in this evening from Matthew Mark having a great day out with his wife...

"Hi. Fished by the boats at dungeness today. Early start and plenty of dog fish. Caught a very nice thorn back at around 8.30am on a squid and bluey cocktail. My wife had a very good first fishing experience here at Dungeness. Catching her first fish. Smiles all round."

Plenty of fish for Andrew... (13 June)
Just in from Andrew Elsey..."Loads of dogfish over low water today behind boats"

Well done Shannon...1st... (13 June)
I had this report in from Darren Selves this afternoon...
"Hi all.... Took my Daughters fishing this morning behind the power station.... Had a few bass and a flounder with my daughter Shannon catching a nice bass.... Her first ever fish 😊"

Who let the dogs out...Becky... (11 June)
I had this great report in from Becky Lee yesterday...
"So yesterday evening myself, Richard Smith and Stevie Bates heads to North Kent to target the hounds again. We arrived just after 7pm (low water 10pm) we were fishing by 19:30. Baits were hardback and peeler crab. Using pulley pennel rigs. The pennel being a very small circle at the top of the bottom hook. It was very quiet on the last of the ebb and it wasn’t until it was dark and just after low water the first bites showed. Richard waders hadn’t arrived so he couldn’t get out as far, Stevie and I were both wading and I was wading a bit further. All night I used this tactic. The first fish landed was a hound of 9lb by myself, swiftly followed by a couple of dogfish also. Then after another half an hour another hound hit the beach of 7lb. Richard had a couple of hound bites but missed them. He managed a dogfish and a small schoolie. I then had another 3 hounds of 4lb, 6lb and 8lb with another couple of Dogfish. Blanky Bates finished the night with zero. Scores on the night were; Richard - Dogfish and a Bass Blanky Bates - Becky - 5 hounds and 5 dogfish All the hounds caught and dogfish I had were wading 60-70 yards then casting. Nothing else caught in short."

Plenty of bass for Arkam... (10 June)
I had this report in from Arkam Belhouchet...
"Hi Tony. Fished dungeness on Monday, plenty of bass about with 4 sizable."
The photo came via messenger that why its not very good quality.

At least you tried Neil... (10 June)
I had this report in today from Neil Rodwell...

"Hi Tony. Bit of a blank report today from me down at Brighton. Couldn't get through the spider crabs but I came away with some local knowledge about how to catch mullet the next time I'm there. Nice day in all. My thoughts are turning to summer tactics at dungy. I've had mixed success like most people at dungy during the summer months. I wondered if there were any tips that people know of for winkling one out in sunny conditions behind the station? Will speak soon. Many thanks. Neil."

It appears to me Neil that most people want to go when its sunny, calm and hot...very tough for catching fish. My view is that that a change of light can be good (dawn or dusk)...if we have a nice bit of surf...better still for a bass. Fish move inshore to feed, they are 'programmed' to react to certain conditions...if you can work out when the food is will find the fish...or you can just go sun bathing.

Dungeness nature reserve... (9 June)
I had this report in lunchtime from John...
"Hi Tony.  This seal is on the beach right now behind the lighthouse.  John."

The beach is alive with bass... (5 June)
I had this report in from Nino Costa this afternoon...
"Hi Tony
Fished from dungeness by the Lifeboat got good size bass and lots of dogfish"
A fish of a lifetime...for Paul... (5 June)
I had this report in yesterday from Paul Wallis, a cracking bass! But that little bream is unusual...very early in the summer for those to turn well done to your granddaughter...
"Hi tony just thought I would report my  p/b bass of 10 lbs 7oz caught 20 minutes before high water behind the power station
Picked up fresh blacks from the fish Hut on the way, arrived at dungeness power station set up the tacle and shelter  (just in case of rain )
Wifey made a cup of tea for us while my granddaughter was keeping an eye on the dog. Very small bite on 1rod and then the fight was on 15 minutes later this nice bass was landed after taking me my other rod and up and down the beach a few times.Abut an hour later my granddaughter caught a small bream which was returned unharmed. Wifey managed a small crab also returned  a little later I had another bass of 43cm and 2 hours after a small whiting which we returned. Then the wind picked up a bit and the temperature dropped, the may weed was now being a bit of a problem so we decided to call it a day packed up collected our rubbish together to take with us and headed to london. All in all a very memorable day. Just want to say hanks to the guy at the fish Hut for the quality bait and we hope to come back soon.regards paul and family." 

What a cracking fish... (4 June)
I had this report in Trevor Culmer this afternoon...
"Nice fish caught on Hove beach yesterday."

Great the sun for Neil... (4 June)
I had this report in yesterday from Neil Rodwell...what great fun, float fishing on light tackle down the wall...taking on such great fighters like black bream...
"Hi Tony. It was back to Brighton for me in search of black bream. Mission accomplished. Had 3 with the one pictured being the biggest. The water was so clear I could see the thousands of spider crabs stuck to the side of the wall. Had to fight through them but got a few fish in the end. Will speak soon. Regards. Neil."

Fishing from your front door... (3 June)
I had this report in from Russel in front of his house at Greatstone...
"fished opposite house last eve ,flat calm. bites every cast ,6eels 7 bass biggest 45cm great evenings sport"

Summers here...classic catch... (2 June)
I saw this posted by Steve Field today (a local 'old timer') at Lydd-on-Sea...
"A little unplanned last minute foray across the road for a few little bits to shut up the 🗣🗣🗣🙄🙄 brigade . Nice to walk to a venue and even nicer those windsurfers have jogged on" 😀"

Rock hard conditions for Colin... (31 May)
I had this report in this afternoon from Colin Hemsworth...
"Hi Tony,
I fished dengemarsh yesterday, after a weeks fun and games and cancelled orders I arrived with a cooler box of frozen bait (oiled lug, peeler, squid, mackerel). Got there good and early, I’ve never seen dengemarsh as busy as it’s been for the last two weeks, must have been about 30 cars parked. The rubbish left after was an absolute joke, I don’t see why people can’t just pick up the trash they’ve brought in! Day trippers and mackie bashers mostly, myself I rarely see regulars or serious anglers leaving trash.
Anyway to the catch report, I was set up by 5am, fairly calm sea with the wind on your back. I’d just re oiled the bearings in my reels and was chucking it out a fair distance. 1st cast had a little flattie and that was it for the day apart from 2 tiny whiting when it got dark. Had some feather bashers start casting right in front of me while I had three lines out, ridiculous but a bit of pendulum casting moved them along. Got fed up wrapping frozen lug with elastic and trying to get it off again so tried loads of cocktail baits and different rigs.  Still it was a good day on the beach and looking forward to when the shop opens again! All the best, Colin"

I have to say Colin you are right regular fishermen know better than to leave rubbish...but some of the summer only feather fisherman can be a problem.

Dawn patrol...pays off... (31 May)
I saw this posted lunchtime by Stephen Hanks...I guess it was a bit south of us but a nice fish on a Sunday morning...
"I thought I’d have a early morning fish this morning before the sunbathers and swimmers arrive,The alarm went off at 3.45 and after a couple of strong black coffees it was the long arduous journey to the beach(all of 5mins).
First rig selected, two hook loop with size two hooks, and on the other rod a size 2/0 pulley pennel.
The rig went out with lug and before I could get the other one out I had a rattle and the line went slack, I felt a bit of weight but lost it on the way in. Second cast out then sent the pulley out loaded with squid and lug, the other rod rattled and went a little slack, I felt a bit of weight then it went light, I thought not again. Twenty yards out the fish decided to head back out to sea, after a couple of minutes a beautiful silver bass weighing 5lb 7oz and measuring 65cm, was laying on the beach.
I don’t normally keep bass but decided to keep this one.
This was followed by a small smoothie to the squid, this was followed by a small bream then 4 small plaice all to lug. All in all a great fishing session"

DAA update for the EA road... (31 May)
I have just seen on facebook this DAA update from Simon Newman (published about 9am)...
"DAA NEWS.... Summary. Estate now open. EA lock changed, new key and membership required. Membership via post, Richardsons or Pilot. Loan keys Richardsons, pilot, Mcolls. Purchase keys:Richardsons, Pilot. No overnight camper vans. Please fish away from boats and machinery. Please sanitise your hands before and after touching the lock or gate. Tight lines, stay safe and please respect the residents and take your litter home."

DAA keys to the gate at Dungeness...
I just seen this posted yesterday by Simon Newman of the DAA yesterday (28th May)...
"Membership News: The Association has re-opened for re-joining. You can rejoin/join via the post or in person at Richardsons Fish Shop. Seagull tackle is currently closed, the Pilot is TBA. Keys for the gate can be acquired £10 (at an outlet only) or borrowed for the duration of your session. Postal applications, please ensure you include a stamped addressed envelope. YOU MUST SANITISE YOUR HANDS BEFORE AND AFTER TOUCHING THE LOCK AND GATE. Tight lines and stay safe."
I'm expecting to open on the 19th of June...depending on how things go.
Yes...frozen lug does work...( 27 May)
I had this report in fromNeil Rodwell this afternoon...
"Hi Tony. It was back to eastbourne today for more of the same. Hunting those spotties. Managed 3 as the tide started to come in then that was it for the rest of the session. Used salted and oiled frozen black lug which I had never used before. I've gotta say it was good quality and didn't leave much residue on my hands making them easier to clean when I got home. Caught me a few fish as well so it must work. Will speak soon. Neil."

Great news Dungeness to open...( 27 May)

Yes it's very good news, the Dungeness Estate will be open for visitors from 9am on Friday 29th of May. I very grateful to EDF management for informing me that after their careful consideration they have decided to open back up...welcome news. Can I please ask everybody to treat the estate and residents with respect. It goes without saying...but I will say it anyway...please leave no trace that you visited.  Lets keep Dungeness clean.

Great...except for sun bathers...( 25 May)

I had this report from Neil Rodwell this afternoon...
"Hi Tony. I went back to langney point today to target the plaice again. Managed 4 before deciding to make a tactical move to another venue. The beach became crowded with sun bathers and swimmers so I thought in the interest of safety (swinging leads and hooks!) and social distancing I moved to normans bay over high water where it was quieter. Only managed 1 pouting before calling it a day. Topped up the tan nicely as well. Will speak soon. Neil."

What a weekend for Becky Lee...( 25 May)

I saw this report from Becky Lee this morning, out yesterday...

So after the awesome Bass season last night myself and David Harrington headed back there to see what the day tide would throw up. Well...... let’s just say we should have stayed in bed. We arrived at 9am and were fishing by 09:30. We fished until 2pm for next to nothing. Dave managed a flounder to save a blank and I managed a schoolie and an eel.

The second part of the day saw us head to a local mark for Rays. We were very confident about this session as the wind was dropping, evening low tide, a big tide. By the time we were fishing it was flat calm perfect conditions for the rays.

David was first in with a ray and then proceeded to have one every cast saving the best one to last of 9lb. David only using a single rod had four and dropped one he also took a long time out as we were both shattered from this morning and me from last night. I managed 10 skate to 7lb with most being around the 4lb mark. We only fished for 1 3/4 hours and if we had fished it really hard could have easily smashed out 30 plus rays between us. It was literally a fish a Chuck and they were so close in you didn’t need to wade for them.
Sorry for the lack of pictures but I am knackered, 3 hours sleep in the last 36....

Surfs up...first Bass for Colin ( 24 May)

I had this report in from was a bit windy...
"Hi Tony,
I finally got out fishing yesterday, headed to Dengemarsh and arrived at 5am armed with some live rag and couple frozen mackerel. There were quite a few anglers set up and a few guys donated their blow lug which was well appreciated.
By 7am most had gone and I was left on a pretty much deserted beach. The wind was strong coming in from the south west and I had got the shelter set up and dug in.  The conditions screamed bass so I was sending out running ledger pennel rigs loaded with lug and rag, holding bottom was no problem apart from at the peak of the tide and with a pendulum cast I could power through the wind.
A couple hours in I see the line has gone slack, reeled in to find the 1st bass of the season at 45cm and unfortunately that was it for the day and packed up around 8.
All the best, Colin"

Neil enjoyed cool, clear, water... ( 21 May)

I saw this report from Neil Rodwell down south today...
Hi Tony. Had a few hours down langney point today. I have no idea what happened to the may rot from a couple of days ago but the sea was as clear as I've ever seen it up this way. Managed 2 plaice, 2 school bass and one smoothhound pup. Then it went dead after high tide. Perfect weather and perfect fishing. Camt wait for dungy to re-open! Many thanks. Neil.

Fishing for Spiders... (19 May)

I had this report in from Neil Rodwell...cracking weather to for a dangle...
"Hi Tony. First report from me since the fishing ban was lifted! Went to Brighton marina today in the sunshine. Only had the one plaice. The spider crabs were a nuisance all day snipping my hook snoods but more than anything it was just good to be out. Hope you are staying safe and I've enjoyed your stories from years gone by. I look forward to reading more of them until it is safe for you to come out of isolation. Stay safe Tony and will speak soon. Neil."

Sunday hunt for a flat dogfish... (18 May)

I had this report from Becky near Hythe yesterday..."So after much deliberation and rig making and general sorting out I headed to the coast for a session in search of the not so elusive flat dogfish, more commonly known as Thornback rays lol. There are plenty here on our coast now and they can be caught most stages of the tide. Best over low or high usually where I go.

Rigs were up and over and pulley pennels with 3/0 varivas big mouths and 2/0 circle at the top.
Baits were crab, Bluey, Sandeel and mackerel.
Fished from 4 hours before high until 1.5 after. No bites until 1 hour before high as the sun went down and an hour after high tide just dogfish.
Only dogfish on Sandeel and crab all rays to Bluey and one to Sandeel / Bluey wrap. All at distance nothing in close.
Catch was 3 small skate 2 x 3lb and one 4-5lb. All kept for the dinner table. Also had 8 dogfish.
Conditions were perfect apart from the very small tide and there was absolutely no tide whatsoever which probably accounted for the fewer skate. Dropped one bigger skate on the way in should be very good next set of spring tides."

The answer is yes... ( 14 May)

II had a chat today with the MOD...yes Dengemarsh is open for fishing. So is Galloways when the ranges ar not in use.

Please obey the rules... ( 13 May)

I have had concerns raised with me this morning that fishermen are still ignoring the signs at Dungeness. This is not acceptable behavior and is 'tarring' all anglers with the same brush.

Remember, Dungeness is a large private estate that goes all the down to within 300 metres of Dengemarsh is a Nature reserve of national importance.

What a beautiful morning... ( 13 May)

I saw this early bird report from James 'cliffy' Clifton...
"1st morning out after lockdown went to hythe and bagged a few thornies. Was lovely to get out!" have got give it to James started at Ipm pre dawn what a great way to see the sun come up...respect.

Here is the relevant section from this document published today...concerning fishing...

OUR PLAN TO REBUILD: The UK Government’s COVID-19 recovery strategy
Page 27...

"People may exercise outside as many times each day as they wish. For example, this would include angling and tennis. You will still not be able to use areas like playgrounds, outdoor gyms or ticketed outdoor leisure venues, where there is a higher risk of close contact and touching surfaces. You can only exercise with up to one person from outside your household – this means you should not play team sports, except with members of your own household. People may drive to outdoor open spaces irrespective of distance, so long as they respect social distancing guidance while they are there, because this does not involve contact with people outside your household. When travelling to outdoor spaces, it is important that people respect the rules in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland and do not travel to different parts of the UK where it would be inconsistent with guidance or regulations issued by the relevant devolved administration. These measures may come with some risk; it is important that everyone continues to act responsibly, as the large majority have done to date. The infection rate will increase if people begin to break these rules and, for example, mix in groups in parks, which will trigger the need for further restrictions."  

Well if you haven't heard the news we could be fishing locally by we might get some real the meantime here is another of my stories to keep you going...

South Brooks Bass

It was September 1978, the forecast was good, as September weather can be. I had planned an overnight trip down to Galloway's storm beach, down from Dungeness deep into the west bay.
I picked up Saturday morning some fresh bait from my local tackle shop, Hounslow Angling Centre, great guys...great shop, sadly no more.
So armed with fresh lugworm & Ragworm, I loaded up my Datsun Sunny estate and headed off from Richmond down to Lydd. Bait was always a challenge, so I was grateful for whatever I could get my hands on. Tim from Hounslow AC always did his best to supply quality bait, great guy.
Reaching Galloways around mid afternoon...beautiful weather, I parked in the lookout tower car was a bit different then...the lookout tower was the start of the ranges, the eastern extension didn't exist till the eighties. The car park was unfenced with just a few of the 'foundations' of old houses from the Galloways hamlet before the war.
Things were a bit more relaxed in those days, no 'health and safety' if you were silly enough to do silly things that will be on your own head!
The beach was deserted, as was the lookout tower...only my bright red car, sticking out like a sore thumb to warn the fish I was coming.
For my overnight session the plan was to head west deep into the ranges.
Great storm ridges of shingle have been laid down heading east as Dungeness was created. Over thousands of years massive amounts of shingle carried from the south by 'long shore drift' moving up the west bay from Rye & Jurys Gap, creating what we now know as Dungeness.
These great ridges of shingle in the ranges had lower areas in between which over the centuries have been used by marsh people as shelter for their boats, fishing communities etc. Three main areas developed over time, South Brooks, The Wicks and the Midrips.
My target site was South Brooks just west of Galloways...a bit of a trudge. I loaded myself up like a pack mule, headed west from the tower down the beach so much easier with the tide out.
I knew this mark well, it had a wartime landing craft door sticking out of the shingle, so it was easy to find. Having reached the spot I unpacked all the gear, positioned my brolly tent between the crest and the last big storm ridge. I set up my pair conoflex 'Black Adders' as the sun was going down.
Then I checked out the position of the sand bars...they tend to move, after every major storm. I like to fish the gullies between the sand bars...the cod motorways on a rising tide.
It was getting darker with the rising tide...not much in the way of disappointing. Ideal tide, right conditions only a few bits and pieces, but that's fishing for you.
There I was deep in the ranges not a soul about. I made myself comfortable in my brolly tent, poured myself another coffee...I must have dropped off, a sixth sense woke me up, I gazed at my rods thinking that I should re-bait...I still had a bit of lug & rag left.
I was half asleep, it was still dark, about 5.30. My right hand rod gave a twitch...I would say it was a bite...not a cracking bass thump... more of a flattie nibble. I leaned into the rod, surprise, I felt some weight, I wound down and lifted the rod back up, felt more weight. I quickly checked and slackened the clutch...just in case.
I was getting a bit excited...I had no idea what had picked up my I began to worry about the hook hold.
I slowly eased the fish across a sand bar...the tide was on the way out I hadn't realised how shallow it was. It gently skimmed across the deeper gully at the base of the shingle...then I saw the fish. A beautifully conditioned bass.
When I took the fish back to my tent, it weighed 11lb best bass ever...still is!
I fell asleep with a big smile on my face...
Daylight...someone in uniform banging on my tent and yelling that they are due to start firing in ten minutes...half asleep I asked what was going on...the sergeant replied...we start firing in ten's your shout!

What I reported around this day a year ago...we can dream...
Plenty of fish and May rot... (05 May)
I had this report in this morning from Colin Hemsworth...
"Hi Tony,
I fished Dengemarsh yesterday, arrived a few hours before HT and set up two rods loaded with fresh lug. Conditions were wet and windy at times, but casting was fine with the NE winds, the sea on the other hand was like soup with all the rot in the water which stuck to the line in globules and caused a lot of drag. Fishing was a bit quiet to start but picked up, first catch was a whiting and a bass, followed by dogfish, flounder, plaice, another bass a dab and more whiting. All fish were close in on lug. Thanks for the great lug and will be down soon. Colin" 

I thought as we can't go fishing that I would feature a fish per week just to remind us of what we are missing. This week a ray with attitude, Blonde Ray.

Fish of the week...Blonde Ray
Sadly Dungeness is not favoured with the volume of cod of former times. I put this down to climate change...or to be more precise the change in food sources. Not necessarily less food at Dungeness, but cod could find more food mid water like herring. This has coincided with the explosion of rays being caught, the main species being thornback. Over the last few years we have seen more blonde rays being reported. Other species of ray are heading towards Dungeness, I have been informed by the experts that we can expect to catch at least six species in the Dungeness area. Small eyed, undulate, cuckoo and spotted rays joining thornback and blond in the Eastern Channel. You can see a short video on youtube on how to identify them...
Anglers can be a bit dismissive of rays not being a sporting species but I think that a blonde can fight if you're using the right balanced tackle to give the fish a chance to show what it can do.
Beach: The bays east and west of Dungeness, both produce rays. The best 'Blonde' I have heard of so far was a cracking 20lb fish from Dymchurch beach.
Boat: We have had some good rays over the last ten years the best 'Blonde' I have heard of was caught on Trevor Bunny's charter boat, Elizabeth Jane from Dungeness beach, a superb fish of 37lb just down the east bay from Dungeness.
The popular baits nowdays are 'blueys', tradionally herring, but I think these fish arn't choosey they will take fish or shellfish.
UK records:
Shore: Blonde Ray, Raja brachyura 32lb 8oz. 1986. C.Reeves, Mannez Targets, Channel Islands.
Boat: Blonde Ray, Raja brachyura 39lb 10oz 2gm 2006. S. Underwood, Brixham, Devon.

Here is a another story of a night's fishing down at Galloways in the early eighties...

The night of the 'Big Freeze'

One thing I remember from the early eighties was the clothing. I had a one piece 'state of the art' under wearing a carpet with the pile on the inside...I called mine 'Cyril Lord'...those old enough will get that.

My new Shogun (company car) was packed...I had my fresh bait. It was all systems go...but it had been snowing all afternoon...not worried, I had a 4x4.
I set off from Richmond down the A316 heading for the M25 as I headed anti clockwise, I was loving it, only one lane in use with the thick snow...I had the outside lane all to myself in all wheel drive mode.

When I got to Lydd, I stopped by the church, the car didn't feel right. When I got out my red Shogun was white and had grown by nearly two feet you could even tell the make, headlamps, just twin halogen beams drilling like pencils through the packed snow.
I reached the Galloways turnoff, you wouldn't know (it blew down years ago) headed down to the beach...thank heaven the snow had eased, everything white, cold, crisp & clean. In those days there wasn't an eastern range. I drove east from the lookout tower along the crest towards Dengemarsh, leaving virgin tracks for about half a mile.
I set up 'base camp' just below the crest in my 'brolly tent'...a big umbrella with a skin over it with a roll-up door. The tide was just beginning to make in the darkness, everything was silent.

My Shanghai special'  'Anchor lamp' was punching out plenty of light & heat. My Phillips headlamp was pretty useless (they were in those days) for everything but baiting up.
I set my rods...cast out and was getting colder and colder as time went by. Suddenly my left hand rod started dancing...I leaned into a nice codling about 3lb as I unhooked the fish my other rod joined in another codling about the same year class...must be shoal passing though.

I went to bait up but my fresh lugworm was frozen, I placed some on the hood of my lamp for a quick defrost...the tide was silently rising, waves of rippling slush moving in.
At least walking on the shingle was easy...frozen pebbles a bit slippery. I was so glad I gutted the codling straight away as they were freezing solid on the beach. The tide was pushing the slush in. The bites dried up. As the tide turned and the sea slowly receded leaving sheets of ice looking like beautiful ice sculptures.

As the night wore on...getting colder by the hour...I couldn't take it anymore, crawled into my brolly tent to try and get warm. Sadly my feet were sticking out the doorway. I eventually fell asleep. As dawn broke I slowly woke, so cold, I tried to move but couldn't boots were frozen to the shingle...

I thought as we can't go fishing that I would feature a fish per week just to remind us of what we are missing. This week the hard hitting Pollock.

Fish of the week...Pollock
Besides cod, Pollock is the fish that made Dungeness 'wrecking' famous. Just offshore we have plenty of wrecks, lots courtesy of the German navy. So after the war we had plenty of 'fresh' wrecks to fish. I remember before we had 'fish finders' to find a wreck we had to go out through low water to spot the 'over falls' the turbulence created on the surface as the water down below is forced up over the wreck, creating visible disturbance. Skippers before 'Decca' & 'gps' had to use land marks (lining up two objects to get the right position). Then you had 'magnetometers' which could tell you that ferrous metal was near bye. Early sounders produced paper print outs to give you a paper record of the sea times have changed, nowadays you have so much 'Tec' to find wrecks...but catching a fish on the drift is still a challenge.
We are going through changes, warming seas, and wrecks rusting away, but it appears we still have plenty of quality fish to go for.

My first encounter with a Pollock was when I was 16 my first fishing holiday in Dartmouth with a friend, we borrowed a clinker dinghy powered by an old 'Seagull' outboard. Headed out into the Dart estuary and landed in a little sandy cove you could only reach from the sea. On one side a large overhang of rock. Above 'gin' clear water. I was fascinated by this peering over the ledge...I saw this black torpedo shoot out and hit a shoal of small fish and dive back into cover. In my tackle box I had an elderly 'Mepps' minnow armed with a pair of rusty twin hooks. I tackled up, sliding my rod out, I 'jigged' my minnow in just the right spot...I felt the 'whack' of the take as the fish shot out from hiding. After a short but exciting fight, I landed a 3lb Pollock...a beautiful fish.

Beach: Dungeness point being close to deep water has over the years 'thrown' up the odd never know what's out there.

Boat: For a lot of anglers this is charter fishing...drifting a 'gill' (artifical sandeel) over a wreck feeling for the 'take' of a pollock followed by a crash dive towards the wreck...many pollock have been lost by excited anglers forgetting to set the 'clutch' as a decent fish dives.
Plenty of good fish can be had out from Dungeness. Fish to 12lb are reguly taken. Dungeness holds two British records and one is the Pollock. Caught on Bob Tanners boat (I believe 'Robert John Dee') on a near shore wreck...a amazing fish of 29lb!

UK records:
Shore: Pollock 'pollachius pollachius' 18-4-0 1986 C.Lowe Abbotsbury, Dorset. 
Boat: Pollock 'pollachius pollachius' 29-4-0 1987 W.Mayes Dungeness, Kent.

What I reported this day a year ago...we can dream...

Spring bass are back...(23 April) 

I had this report in last night from Shaun Brough...
"Hi Tony:
I hope you are well. A couple of catch reports for you and your readers from over the bank holiday weekend. 
We fished up to the midday high tide on Good Friday. Caught a nice bass first cast 1.5lbs (returned) and then nothing for the rest of the session.
Returned on Saturday night and had two bass (the best 2lb) and four whiting. Pic of the biggest bass attached.
Plenty of bass about over the past year and it seems those EU rules are improving stocks. Please can you remind us what the rules are at the moment (it’s one per session and has to be 42 cm I think?).
All fish fell to lug. The tide ran strong and it was hard to hold the bottom (even with 200 grm/7oz grapple leads). Any tips on how to keep the bait out there in strong tides would be greatly received. Best Shaun B"
Yes Shaun, you are right from the first of April till the thirty first of October you are allowed to retain one bass over 42 centimetre per day. 
Holding bottom can be a challenge, try walking 'uptide' a bit before you cast (if you have space), don't over tighten your line, allow a bigger 'belly' of line just above the waves to stop you being dragged in. If you still have a big problem try shortening your cast to reduce tidal pressure on your line...some day's on a big spring tide with heavy surf the sea wins.
Look at your tackle, what line do you use? a lighter thinner main line, say 15lb will reduce tidal pressure, then a twenty foot shock leader will act like a 'chain on a anchor' this will help you hold bottom, I hope this helps.   

What I reported this day a year ago...we can dream...

Good fishing in spite of 'may water' (21 April)

I had this report from Becky Lee Hodges fishing yesterday...
"So at it again today this time at Dengemarsh. Lots of tide and quite a bit of may weed. Still had 7 bass three sizeable and two flounder. Nice tan, a warm day and a few fish."

What I reported this day a year ago...we can dream...

What a beautiful baby...(20 April)

I had this report in this evening from Robert Broad...I had this report in this evening from Robert Friday on the 'wooden walkway'...
"Was a nice sunny day. Me and Lee had 6 or so whiting a small plaice and the smallest thornback Ive ever seen."

I had this response to my 'A Winters Tale' from Neil today...spooky...
I regularly read your Website regarding Beach Catches but am not a person with a facebook page or would ever usually comment or make a post.  However after reading Tony Hills for me  spine chilling' A Winters Tale'  I felt the need to share my own similar story.  The reason for this need in me to share my story is that the location of my story was in exactly the same spot at the end of the board walk at Dungeness on a very cold day in February 2008, in fact it was such a memorable day for me, I remember the exact date, it was the 2nd February 2008. on a 5 metre tide which was short and I wasn't expecting to catch much.

It was a very cold clear day.  I had taken a rare chance to take a day off work and drive from Eastbourne, my home town to Dungeness for  a fishing day.  I had pre-ordered 60 lug and drove down very early morning feeling very excited with the anticipation of a good catch.  I struggled  across the beach with all my gear to the same spot Tony Hill describes,   I settled on a spot and cast my first line out before 7am.  I wasn't too hopeful as there was a five metre tide which was short  but still  within half an hour caught a small codling.  Then soon after that I had another small codling but nothing much to talk about.  Then there for nothing to report really for hours through the day.  By about 2pm, after a long mainly uneventful day in the same spot, I was waiting for the tide to turn.  Mid afternoon when the sun and my hopes of a good catch began to fade, I saw an lone old man with a hat & wellies on walking across the beach towards me.  As he approached he asked me how I was getting on and I told him I only had a couple of codling all day.  He said to look around me and use all the free bait on the beach.  I was suprised at his boldness but as I had had no luck I looked around and decided to take his advice.  I took handfuls of shellfish, clams from the beach just around me.  I tipped the shellfish on the end of my hook with the lug on and cast out.  I was quite eager to try this as a last hope resort.  Almost immediately I caught a 4lb Cod and as I looked around to tell the old man he was right, he was gone, nowhere to be seen.  Within a few minutes I caught another 3-4lb cod and was catching at least 3 cod an hour  for a couple of hours, before complete darkness drew in.  I was fishing in darkness as headlamp was playing up and caught a nice 6lb Cod.  It was my best days beach fishing and all due to the old man's advice. I remember walking up the beach with a bag of cod and walking past a fisherman who had just set up, saying you're in for a good night. My head-light gave up and decided to call it a day.
A days great experience  Neil Marshall.

I had another response from Donna Smith...
The good old cod days...
Hi thanks for the story about cod freezing on the beach. As a kid l grew up in St Mary’s Bay. In the winter l put out my landline , that night l went over to see what l had caught, and to rebait the line. I had a good catch of cod. On my walk back up the frozen beach l was so cold l ended up on my hands and knees as hypothermia had set in.l dumped the catch at the high tide mark and struggled home. Two hours in front of the fire l started to thaw out. The next day l went back to get my catch, it was frozen solid as was the sea for several hundred yards. Lots of fish had been killed mainly large congers. I went to Southlands School our woodwork teacher Mr Ramsden took us fishing at Dungeness and  Deal pier. My first rod was a bamboo cane from a tackle shop in Hythe with an Orlando reel. As a teenager l moved on to a moncreef  tapered butt rod with a penn reel, l thought l was the bees knees.Today l have Zziplex rods and expensive reels, my daughter brought me a T-shirt for my 70th birthday which sums up my present day fishing very well! Thanks for your interesting information during these challenging times.

Thanks to Donna for the photos...
In my view you could not beat the thrill of a centre pin for playing a fish...Donna's photo shows how you could 'unclip' the spool, place it on the front 'peg' to cast...I still have a couple of Australian Alvey reels in the shop with rotating spools.

Here is another response to 'The Winter's tale' from Alan Morris...

Hi Tony.
I love this story. I first read it from an old newspaper cutting in your shop when I was about fourteen. It stayed with me, and I think this is only the second time I've read it. 
I've recounted this story to a few people since, I do it little to no justice but enjoy trying. 
I think you have had to have stood on the shingle, alone at silly o'clock in the night and feel the gravity of distant celestial bodies ripping a tide at your feet to appreciate the power of the Dungeness District. 
I have done so. And it holds a part of me. Its other- worldly and has been a haven for mind. As has your shop. No your emporium. 
I hope soon I can drop by and see you there again. 

Regarding your summing up of Cod as a local species in the previous article...
I am now 30. In about 2008 I experienced at Dungeness, end of the board walk, a week of fishing that I had quite literally dreamed of. I caught over ten cod/coddling to near eight lbs during advent. 
The biggest of these were bigger than any my Dab or Grandad had caught from the shore. 
I realise the era in which you discovered Dungeness was quite something-  or possibly the closing scenes of something quite special. But I also feel that nostalgia can be, at the receiving end, something quite sad and depressing. The world will always change but maybe we should look to the developing opportunities rather than those which are currently (hopefully temporarily) absent. 
Thornback ray fishing can currently be awesome, providing a real chance of a double figure fish from the UK shore. 
Bass are out there in numbers. 
And the Tuna are back in the neighbourhood. Massive sport fish in the British Isles. 
Last August, after following one of the greatest Test matches (go on Ben Stokes!) of all time I felt some feathering coming on...
Arriving at the boardwalk I was greeted by excited walkers with bags of fresh mackerel, a lady from my grand parent's generation said, "there's plenty out there for you still!" I smiled, "excellent, that's what I want to hear".
Then I reached the bund. It was one of those flat, hot, sultry evenings and the whole sea as far as I could see fizzed with white bait and mackerel. It was a sight I remembered from consecutive summers when I was primary school age. Waves burst into white bait as they met the shingle. I thought those days were gone. I believe the shoals that August evening were even more prolific than those I remember. 
I wonder what incredible piscatorial Apex predators were out there too...

So, going back to Cod. I think/ hope/ dream that as long as we have the seed beds up in the north sea we all have a chance of seeing double figure cod on the shingle of Dungeness. One day. 

I have had some responses to my 'A Winter's tale' here is one from Martin...and yes the story was true...

Having been inspired by your recent (and sometimes dubious) stories, I thought I should like to add a genuine one to provide a little interest in these fishless times.

It was back in the 60’s when I was learning about sea-fishing from my fiance’s uncle.
I had a Ford 1947 upright Prefect, bought by my wife-to-be for £27,10 shillings, and it was soon misappropriated  by the uncle and his son ,who was my age. The uncle had been gassed in WW1 and lost the use of one of his lungs, which did not stop him rolling his own, or calling in at several pubs from Higham in Kent to Seasalter for bait (at which he supervised our digging) from the seawall by the Sportsman.

We then travelled across to Dengie where we fished for mackerel in the daytime, then as evening fell and tilley lamps were lit, we cast out about 2 miles with lug as teenagers would! Old Jack would roll up the thinnest fag, put a tiny bit of ragworm on his hook and cast into the second breaking wave. While we had nothing for our efforts, he started pulling in Dover sole, one after the other. We soon changed our tactics, did the same and soon we were pulling them in as well. As it got darker we leant our rods in to one rod rest, so the lamp could shine on both rods. We waited for the rods to shiver, then when it tugged, we struck. Success every time. We never took the pi88 out of old Jack any more!
Best wishes, M Murphy.

As we enter the fourth week of 'no fishing' I thought I would reprise 'A winter's tale' published in Sea Angler in December 1994. Telling a tale of an experience I had in the early eighties...

A winter's tale

Greatstone, Kent angler Tony Hills has a spine-chilling tale to tell of a lonely winter's night, a mystery angler and 24lb cod...

It happened a few years ago now, on one of those glorious winter night tides when you could still catch a reasonable cod from the shore.

Friday afternoon my FPO picked up my bait order from the tackle shop, three score of good sized blow lug which when I got home from work I lovingly rewrapped, much to her disgust, on the kitchen table! Living at that time in West London, trips took a fair bit of organisation. Saturday morning I checked the weather forecast, I put the gear in the car and headed down to the coast.

When you reach Lydd you take the next lane down from Dengemarsh Road - the signpost disappeared years ago. You drive down a meandering road, across the ranges, dodging the rabbits, towards a distant look-out tower which marks the beach.
A fabulous long shingle bank stretching right towards Camber and left towards the 'point' with the Nuclear Power Stations looming alien in the mist.
Mounting the shingle bank, the same old thrill raced through my body as I reached the crest, the salt spray lashing my face.

The tide was on the ebb, the sand was starting to show. The beach was empty. The wind had been blowing south westerly up to gale force 8 for two to three days. It was due to back westerly this afternoon and drop away to force3. Galloways beach faces south so there would be a good surf running. I loaded up all my gear and started to 'yomp' behind the crest towards Dengemarsh. The feeling of being alone in total desolation is only broken by the giant towers supporting the power cables from Dungeness A and B.

Walking over loose shingle with patches of lichen and moss, with a pile of gear for the night is a totally 'knackering' experience. My breath is rasping. I can't go much further. I'm sweating buckets, a mile over this terrain is a killer. I struggle back to the crest. I've reach the spot five power pylons down from A and B. I sink to my knees and as I start to recover a thought passes through my head...what the hell do I do if I have a good catch, I will worry about that later.

Even though it's only mid afternoon the light is beginning to fade. The bitter cold, making even simple tasks awkward. I get the lamp going and slide down the shingle to the trough where it meets the sand. I scavenge around to find the odd queen cockle and razorfish, anything that could be useful as bait cocktails with my limited lugworm supply.
I had paced the first big gully back to base camp at about 90 yards to allow  for drift and I reckoned I would need to cast four coloured bands on my tapered Fuji line to be right for distance at the top of the tide, including shock leader about 120 yards. That sounds easy but with bait, sliding shingle and a side wind, you try it in the dark!

Now beach fishermen are odd people. You want to see other lamps strung out either side of you...but not too close to ruin your privacy. You need to know you're not the only living person on the planet and that you're not alone in thinking that this is the right tide!
It's spooky, the windy silence of the beach as black sky meets the black sea with the white breakers leaping out at you from the unknown. Other lights start to twinkle from Denge Marsh to within a mile of me...a glittering string of pearls.

I race to set up my matched pair of conoflexes fitted with Daiwa 8000 D coned fixed-spool reels. I must hurry to get ready. I lie on the beach watching the stars waiting for the tide to turn. It's a big spring when it comes, and it will be with a rush.

The note of the surf gradually changes. I scramble to bait up. In those days, before bait shields, I used pre-cut PVA tape to tie down the snood to the mainline. Tides running right to left. I trot 20 yards to the right and cast nice and easy. At night if your bait rips off it's a waste of twenty minutes.
Perfect! I repeat with the second rod but about 10 yards further out. Strange, the two rods never cast the same distance. I settle back intently watching the tips on the tripod, one the mirror of the other.

Not long before the tip of the first rod starts bouncing. A fish has taken the bait on my single hook running ledger rig, and the 6oz Breakaway is still holding. I pump the fish into the surf, wait to feel the weight and slide the plump codling in on a wave. What a nice 2lb 8oz start! That was repeated about 10 minutes later with a 3lb sister.

Then it all went quiet. The tide steadily rose. My elation and feeling of expectation slowly evaporated. Was that it? The cold started to penetrate the outposts of my one piece suit.
A couple of hours pass and the tide was nearing high water. I was lying on the shingle. Eyes fixed on the rod tips...miles away. When the shingle moved behind me, I jumped up and turned round.

A fisherman stood there silhouetted by the pressure lamp. He was staring at my rod tips. He asked how I was doing, I replied so, so. I had got my nerve back by then, I noticed he was dressed in a plaid jacket, woolly hat, jeans and wellies - hardly state of the art fishing clothing. He must have been bloody cold.

Still he seemed enthusiastic. He asked me why I wasn't fishing the 'the hole'. He went on to explain that a 100yds to my left was a famous local mark, a depression on the sea bed that trapped food. This sounded interesting.

The stranger said every year, for many years, he always came to this spot. Maybe it's worth a try. I was getting nowhere in my gullies. I set up both rods at the spot indicated. The stranger stared wistfully at the rods, I stared intently at the tips.

The left-hand tip quivered and pulled right over. I struck and felt a shuddering head-thumping response. It was swinging down tide. I moved down the beach following it. It kicked this way and that. I lost line to the clutch as I tried towing it into the breakers.
I was sweating up a storm, I had to pick the right wave to roll the fish in. I had no gaff. Anyway I don't like them, but would the fine wire spear spade hook hold?

I finally went for it and the glistening fish rolled in with the wave. Dashing into the undertow I grabbed the cod under the gills and dragged it up the beach. The cod and I lay gasping on the wet shingle. I couldn't believe it, a fat 24-pounder. I looked round. No sign of the stranger. No sign of anybody. Just me the fish and the moonlight.

I wanted somebody to share the thrill with...then I remembered the walk back to the car!
I heard later the story of a fisherman in a plaid jacket, who in the bad winter of 66/67 froze to death on the beach at guessed it, 'the hole'. No, it couldn't be could it?

I thought as we can't go fishing that I would feature a fish per week just to remind us of what we are missing. This week the 'magnet' that is Cod.

Fish of the week...Cod
The fish that made Dungeness famous. When I was a youngster I used to get the 'Angling Times'...each week to check the catch the nights drew in...come October...had the cod been reported yet, Deal, next week Dover then Folkestone as the cod in great numbers migrated down from the North sea...and then Dungeness...if you lived in London, that and a few friends down the coast was the limit to my info.
In my opinion 'climate change' has had a big effect on cod numbers...changing food sources, changing weather, a rising winter water temperature all have an effect.

Beach: I started fishing for cod in the late sixties...pressure lamps ruled OK, those cold dark winter nights the heat from those lamps saved life' 'one piece' flotation suits in those days when the sea got very cold, when it rained, guess what, you got real weather forecasts (outside the 'shipping') went fishing...and being winter, you got, what you got! The best time for me was the seventies; my main concern was a regular supply of fresh lugworm. The 'point' and in those days there really was a 'point', was packed tight every winter night. I learnt very quickly that cod were not hard to long as you could present a bait about 60 yards out you could get 'lucky'...strange to say 90% of the fish went to 10% of the 'lucky' anglers...casting developed into a 'cult', but the important bit was to get the bait out there in good order...keep it simple...the more you went the 'luckier' you got!

I had my share of good fish but being a bit innocent, I didn't really fancy joining the 'Britannia' crowd, I just loved the 'crack' the challenge of it all...It was physical...I loved Galloways (still do) many good fish were lost in the took some skill to bring in a twenty pound plus fish through a six foot surf...hooking the fish was one thing but getting it through the 'undertow' and up the beach was something else...I have seen many big fish lost, anglers trying to 'bully' them in...I wouldn't use less than a 40lb snood.

By the mid eighties the beach fishing for cod had collapsed, it was just a shadow of its former self...some say it was the introduction of nylon gill nets in the early part of the decade, others said that cod go in ten year cycles...on that basis (current cycle) we still have at least four years to go.

Boat: In Eighty Seven I bought a weekend place on the 'front' (I had two crashes due to asleep at the wheel) I also brought a 12' wooden dinghy and joined the Varne Boat Club, with the intention if the cod weren't coming to me...I would go to them...I soon learned I would need a bigger boat to fish the 'drop off' just down from the 'point' 20m deep plus tide. I upgraded to a displacement 17' sprat fisher, from Dungeness point...and then to a faster Orkney Strikeliner from Sea Cruisers of Rye (of late lamented memory) by that stage my two boys were old enough to go with me.
Here is a photo of me running out the anchor to 'kedge' off the beach (circa 96) and the boys Anthony (8) Robert (7) with part of a great catch from the Kerton Road mark...I think we had 13 doubles that afternoon.

Sad to say, that nowadays we have fewer cod about...and even fewer boats and fishermen.  
UK records:
Shore: Cod 'Gadus morhua' 44lb 8oz 1966, B.Jones, Tom's Point, Barry, Glamorgan.
Boat: Cod 'Gadus morhua' 56lb 6oz 1992, N.Cook, North Sea, Whitby.
With the changing climate will we see these records broken...I doubt it.

What were we reporting this day a year ago...if we can't go fishing...we can dream...
Darryl out on manoeuvres...(08 April)
I had this report in from Darryl last night...
"Hi Tony, fished low tide by Hythe ranges Saturday morning had 2 nice bass couple of Rays and a few dog fish. Thanks Darryl Nicholas."

Another effort to try and make this time more bearable... 

Dungeness... a Seagull's eye view

Dungeness the home of modern beach casting...but what makes it so special.
I started fishing Dungeness when I was twelve (1960). I cycled up there from my Grandmother's house at Greatstone on a 'borrowed' Madison's holiday camp twin bike. With my brand new 10' solid glass Dover beach rod and my new Penn Delmar reel loaded with 25lb blue Sylcast, all from Marnies in New Romney. For bait I had a mackerel and my trusty penknife. I followed a footpath to where the power station service road is now, then there was no power stations built. First cast my strip of mackerel didn't go very far, as I had a massive overrun on my reel (nobody told me slow it down). So there I was sitting on the beach 'un-picking' the massive tangle, it took ages. When I reeled in...I had caught a massive (well it was to me) eel...I was hooked for life.

Dungeness is unique, this shingle peninsular projects six miles into the channel. The 'point' is deepest spot on the south coast pointing roughly south east, flanked by two bays, east bay (Hythe bay) and west bay (Rye bay).

Long shore drift, this is the current that runs along our coastline (south to north, right to left looking seaward)...this has made Dungeness. It transfers shingle (and food) from the west bay to the east bay; the strength of drift depends on wind and tide.

Imagine a three day force eight storm driving up from the south west, all that shellfish 'drummed' out of the sand at low water in Rye bay, then pushed by the 'drift' along the beach from Jurys Gap up to and around the 'point' at Dungeness. Tons of various shellfish and marine life washed up the beach. To be plundered by everything that swims, flies or trots down the beach.

This giant 'ground baiting' system is what attracted cod (all species) to come within range of the early anglers using hand lines and casting sticks. Due to climate change we don't have as many cod about, but what fish are out there still take advantage of this natural phenomenon.

Dungeness is not what it was when I was a has become 'protected', overgrown and 'scrubbed' up. As a lad you didn't see much vegetation on 'Nanny Goat Island' (before the last war fisher families kept goats for fresh milk). The feral goats and rabbits would see it all off to ground level...except for the wellie piercing prostate thorn. Great rafts of bare shingle, so hot in midsummer you couldn't walk on it in bare feet. So cold on the winter nights, it created extremes of dry, I was told it was Britain's only dessert...unique.
Many times as a youngster I would spend the day, lying (sleeping) on the shingle staring up at the rod tip dreaming of a bite.

Once I got mobile in the early seventies, I would make the three hour trip from west London (south circular, A20) on my Triumph motorcycle to my favourite place, Galloways, Friday night to Sunday those days it wasn't a range...I didn't like the crowds at Dungeness. Pat & George at the Varne Fish & Chip shop, Tailor Road, kept me going with 'saveloy & chips', filling my savers, in those days you could leave your 'kit' on the beach in safety. But tying all the gear back on the bike (plus a few fish) to ride back to London was an art form...magic days.

What were we reporting this day a year ago...if we can't go fishing...we can dream...
Plenty of fresh air for Paul...(05 April)
I had this report in this evening from Paul Banyard...
"Hi Tony had 5 hrs at jury’s gap today from 9:30 on wards very quiet on the catching front only got 1 small plaice had more action moving from shore line to half way up the slip way. But still it’s always good to when you’ve got your line out. 
Thanks Paul"

My fish of the week...( 31 March )
I thought as we can't go fishing that I would feature a fish per week just to remind us of what we are missing. This week 'The Silver Darling' Bass.

Fish of the week...Bass
Caught locally from beach and boat. Bass are a popular predator to catch, noted for its fight and flavour. My best catch was at Lydd ranges storm beach, 'south brooks' just west of Galloways. A beautiful female weighing in at 11lb 8oz caught in September 1978. With fewer cod and management measures. We have seen an explosion of Bass; the numbers are on the up. The best I have weighed in the shop was over 17lb and there was a fish caught a few years ago behind  the 'boats' of over 19lb on a whole squid.

Beach: My favourite venue outside Galloways would be behind the power stations. You can catch bass close to the shore as they hunt just behind the 'breakers'. Bass will take any fish bait or lugworm, they have very bony mouths and in my experience they tend to hit the bait're rod could go 'flying', but if the hook did not penetrate, that was bite and gone. Bass is the one species you can 'spin' for from the storm beach (outside mackerel), using plugs, spoons or even flies on those wonderful days when the water is clear. My favourite method going back to seventies was a rolling running ledger using a 3oz pierced bullet on a 40lb running body with a 20lb snood, a 3/0 wire hook clipped up for casting. My bait of choice would be an 'Ammo' medium frozen sandeel; there is a 'knack' in threading the sandeel on the hook without 'splitting' the eel. Down behind the power stations I could cast a bait with my bass rod about a 100yds towards the 'Boils' (the warm water outfall from the power stations) let it roll with the tide and then 'spin' the bait back to the beach, a great way to catch a bass.

Boat: When I took my young boys out in my old Orkney strike liner, we had some cracking bass fishing mackerel fillets around some inshore wrecks. In the east bay down from Dungeness we have some great inshore marks. The 'coal ship' off Dymchurch has produced some great bass fishing...the ship (barge) has rotted away leaving the cargo of coal as a 'reef'. The 'mulberry harbour' (a caisson that got left behind after 'D' day) this hollow concrete block is alive with bass in the summer. A clever way of fishing a wreck is to use a sliding livebait rig presenting a live mackerel as it swims towards the bottom, can be devastating. Mid channel the most popular way of fishing a wreck is drifting with a live sandeel, or an artificial sandeel pattern like a 'Sidewinder'
Bass has been subject to controls for many years. Currently you are allowed two fish a day over 42 centimetres...if you were allowed to go fishing!

UK records:
Shore: Bass Dicentrarchus Labrax 19lb 12ox 2012 J.S. Locker, Portsmouth Docks, Hampshire.
Boat: Bass Dicentrarchus Labrax 19lb 9oz 2dr 1987 P. McEwan, Herne Bay, Kent.
There have been many reports of fish over 20lb. In this month's Sea Angler there was a report of a 22lb Bass beach caught last February but returned alive because of the then current Bass ban.

 My fish of the week...( 26 March )
I thought as we can't go fishing that I would feature a fish per week just to remind us of what we are missing. This week it's the nation's favourite flatfish Plaice.

Fish of the week...Plaice
Caught locally from beach and boat. Plaice are renowned for putting a bend in your rod, they run to a good size locally (my best in the east bay off Dymchurch was 4lb 4oz).

Beach: My favourite venue locally is Dengemarsh (west bay). Plaice move inshore after spawning in the early spring to 'fatten' up feeding on worm and small shellfish. Being sight hunters as the water clears these aggressive predators will have a go at most things. Anglers cover their beach rigs in all sorts of 'bling' to attract these inquisitive flatfish. These voracious feeders can be found all round our local coastline. I tend to use a size 1 hook on a 'flapper' rig with beads on the snood...colours are down to personal taste, locally, alternate black & green are popular. Bait, local lugworm tipped with bit of shellfish is my favorite.

Boat: Historically we have had some great catches in the east bay, Years ago when I was fishing captain of the Varne Boat Club we found some very good plaice (local commercials had fish up to 5lb) In the east bay off not far from Dymchurch over the beds of small pink bi-valves. The best fishing I found about September / October, bye that stage most people would be off chasing an early cod. But both bays hold Plaice. Jerry Oiller well known local charter skipper (Fairchance) has taken many Plaice on the 'drift', past the CS3 buoy on his way back to Dungeness. Another popular location afloat is the Bullock bank, mid channel about 12 miles south east of Dungeness. On the drift using a 'plaice' spoon 'kicking' up puffs of sand to catch the curious plaice. Hook size on a running 'drag' ledger, I would use a size 2/0 long shank. Bait again local lugworm tipped with a bit of fish or shellfish would be my choice.

UK records:
Plaice, Shore Caught 'Pleuronectes platessa' 8lb 6oz,14drams, 1989,R. Moore, Southbourne Beach, Bournemouth.
Plaice, Boat Caught 'Pleuronectes platessa' 10lb 3oz 8drams, 1974, H. Gardiner, Longa Sound, Scotland.

Lets go fishing...No!...( 26 March )
I have seen on on social media that Dungeness Estate is closed to visitors. The displayed poster was unbranded and had no contact details (phone number or website). So on Tuesday I called EDF just to check if it was correct, and I was told by their 'comms' officer that it was. EDF own the estate  and it is their 'shout' on how they want to play it. The businesses on the estate are closed.

On a wider point should fisherman go fishing in this crisis. I have seen on social media people saying they would go fishing as 'exercise'...but imagine the chaos if we all did that.
We have to remain 'solid' with our community...and be patient...stay home and reduce contact...a bit like the old course 'closed season'...yes it is tough, but we will get through it. 

News just in from the DAA...( 21 March )
Just seen this 'posted' on the Dungeness Angling Association facebook page...

"Dungeness Angling Association news. In order to promote and assist social distancing for our members and our outlets, we are extending indefinately the current membership year which was due to finish at the end of this month. The existing padlock on the EA gate will not be changed so if you purchased a key for 2019/20 it will continue to work. If you do not have a key, you can still loan one for the duration of your visit from the usual outlets. If you have recently joined for 2020 and purchased a new key, we are afraid it will not yet work but your new membership will allow you to loan one from an outlet. Please return the loan keys at the end of your session. ALL COMPETITIONS AND JUNIOR MEETS ARE NOW CANCELLED UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE. On the plus side, sea fishing is the ideal way of getting out for fresh air while maintaining social distance. The bass will turn up very soon, there are plenty of dogfish... Which taste lovely if you Google how to skin them and there are a lot of rays at Dymchurch and Hythe when this easterly wind stops. From all of us at DAA, tight lines and stay safe. No excuse now not to clean your reels and make a few rigs."

We all need a ray of light...( 21 March )
This came in last night from Kenneth England...
"Thornback ray about 4lb returned"

Kenneth...keep your distance...( 21 March )
I had this in from Kenneth England...this is about Camber sands?

Corona-19 update...( 20 March )
I thought I would update you all on the current situation at Seagull Fishing Tackle due to Corona-19 virus...I have had to go into isolation for three months so the shop is closed. My son Anthony (of Peganina fame) said he would help where he could phone 07989778361.
The blogsite and facebook page will continue as please send me your catch reports as usual. Stay safe Tony Hills.

Good spite of...( 19 March )
This report came in last night fro Terry Carpenter of the DAA 'Vets'...
"DAA Vets had their march match tonight 9 fished with a good variety of fish caught
1st john smith
2nd mick lewis
3rd mick reynolds
Well done all that fished
Next match is subject to virus restrictions"
I gather species caught were smoothounds, dogfish and rockling.

Neil getting away from it all... ( 15 March )
I had this report in today from Neil Rodwell...
"Hi Tony. Gave langney point a bash again yesterday. Didn't bother with the rays this time instead I thought I would see what was about in the way of flatties. Got inundated with rockling, pin whiting and pouting for most of the day. Managed a nice dab at the end. That's scratching season for you I guess! Nice day on the shore. Will speak soon. Many thanks. Neil."

Big tides...and big doggies... ( 12 March )
I had this report in yesterday from Kevin Harris...
I opted for a trip to Fisherman’s beach at Hythe because it was a bit too tough for Dungie with the strong wind and big tide on Tuesday.
Hythe was very windy but I still managed a lot of fish including a nice doggie on most casts, all returned (I just find doggies too tough to skin!)
Not the dabs I was after but a great escape from work and other crises!

And then the sun came out... ( 8 March )
The first fishing report of has been quiet with the is a report from Neil Rodwell out on Friday...
"Hi Tony. Took a chance with a break in the weather on Friday and had a few hours down langney point in eastbourne. Had a few pin whiting, rocking and a couple of dabs. One of which was a decent size. I dropped a ray right in the surf which was annoying but saved a blank anyway. Bait was rag worm and bluey. Nice day on the beach with my coat off. Will speak soon. Neil."

At last, a change in bass regs... ( 29 Feb )
Tomorrow (1st March) the bass regulations change...yes you can take two sizeable fish a day...
This from the Kent & Essex IFCA (Inshore Fisheries Conservation Authority) website...
"Recreational bass regulations for ICES areas in the KEIFCA district (IVc and VIId):1 January 2020- 29 February 2020 and 1 – 31 December 2020, only catch-and-release fishing with a rod or a handline for European seabass shall be allowed. During those periods, it shall be prohibited to retain, relocate, tranship or land European seabass(a) 1 March 2020 – 30 November 2020, not more than two specimens of European seabass may be caught and retained per fisherman per day; the minimum size of European seabass retained shall be 42 cm."
Well fished Mick...if you don't go ( 27 Feb )
I had this report in this morning from Mick success favors the brave...
"Hi Tony fished dungie yesterday(26) as a dab match warm up( unfortunately its been cancelled )caught  5 rockling  4 whiting  3 dogfish 1 pout 1 flounder (29 cm) 3 plaice ( 31,34 and 40 cm) and finally 18  dabs  4 sizeable 25cm (2) 26cm(1) 28cm didn’t expect to catch much if you don’t fish you wont know cheers.  Mick Reynolds"

WDC's a washout! ( 27 Feb )
I have just seen this from Simon Newman the organiser for the WDC...
"It is with great reluctance that we have to cancel this year's Tronixpro World Dab Fishing Championships which was due to take place this coming Sunday. We have another gale this Saturday with 40 mph winds predicted on Sunday. Predicted swell for the competition is over 3 meters. West of the point will not be fisheable, east of the point would be challenging at best. Hythe would also be extremely challenging. With the all day storm predicted for Saturday, the forecast for Sunday is more likely to deteriorate than improve. The WDC is a friendly fun competition. Sunday would not be fun and possibly dangerous. To everyone who loves being cold, wet, windswept, loves clearing weed from their line and watching beach shelters blowing out to sea, we apologise. We shall organise a similar fundraising event on a smaller scale involving a different species, for late spring and the 10 th Tronixpro WDC will be scheduled in the first two weeks of February 2021. Until then, tight lines and stay safe."

Nice bass it summer?( 26 Feb )
Well done Neil last a report from Dungeness tonight...
"Hi Tony went behind the boats today with my brother ,we caught 6 doggies all good size 2 dabs a few pin whiting and a lovely bass. All fish returned. Neil"

Here's hoping for a fair wind...( 21 Feb )
Just a reminder that the rescheduled WORLD DAB CHAMPIONSHIP is on the 1st of March. Book in at the Dungeness RNLI station...let's hope the weather is kinder to everybody taking part.
   Every cloud has a silver lining...( 12 Feb )
I had this report tonight from Don...
"Hi Tony,
Went today behind the boats, 2 hours before high tide, wind on my back, walking across the gravel looked good.
I was met at the waters edge with what could have been hundreds and hundreds of dead shellfish washing in with every wave, obviously casualties of the last storm.
High water mark was absolutely covered with dead shellfish, large cockles, clams, razorfish, slipper limpets.
I used this free bait, but every time I brought in, my line was covered with remnants of shellfish, and terminal tackle caked with the same.
After about an hour, no bites, realised that any fish would be gorged with this windfall food, I packed up went home, with free shellfish to freeze down for future, those offshore beds must have taken a real battering, and another storm over this weekend.
Regards Don mcmurdo."
Yes a storm gusting force 12 over 3 days on a spring tide will rip out shellfish from the sand at low water. Washed into shore by the current 'Long Shore Drift'...first tide still in shell...second tide 'de-shelled'...beyond the third tide start to break up...but this is one reason why Dungeness is famous.

Nice to more anglers about...( 09 Feb )
I had this report in from Mike Shine last night...
"Hi Tony
Thanks for the bait today. Dungeness was the busiest I have seen it in a long time and the weather was very kind. We fished west of the boats from high tide down till we ran out of bait and from the first cast to the least we were into fish as were all the other anglers I could see. Mainly big dog fish, a few puppies but we had over 20 good size fish, as well as 10 small whiting and a dozen Dabs. So all in all a great days fishing on a combination of frozen lug, Blueys, Squid and frozen sprats.See you soon. Mike"   
Is it a big dogfish...or is it a...( 09 Feb )
I had this further report in from Neil Rodwell...
"Hi Tony. Following on from my last email. This is the underside of that large dogfish I had. I don't think it's a bull huss but I'm not totally sure as the spots were small. Many thanks. Neil"...spots and blotches can vary...I usually go by the 'nasal flaps' they go down to the mouth or make a 'w' shape as on a bull huss...looking at the photo I'm not sure. We did have a some huss reported a few years would be nice to see them back.
  The dogfish are getting bigger...( 09 Feb )
I had this report in from Neil Rodwell...
"Hi Tony. Fished between the point and the station today. Used frozen lug, squid and bluey. Mainly dogfish today with one unusual one that was huge with dark colouration (not shown). Also had dabs and a rockling that tried to swallow a 4/0 hook and a bait the same size as it. Only 1 pin whiting all day so it looks like they're thinning out a bit. The right distance seemed to be around 30-50 yards out with not much at range or in close. Thanks for the bait today and will speak soon. Regards. Neil."

Just a lovely day on the beach...( 06 Feb )
I had this report in from Kevin Warden this afternoon...
"I fished the point from 11 until 3.30 pm today. No bites until the last couple of casts then a dogfish,2 dabs and 2 pin whiting. Bait was awful but not from Seagull. A lovely day nonetheless."

WDC...It's been blown off...( 05 Feb )
I have just seen this post from Simon Newman of the DAA...
"POSTPONED..... Tronixpro WDC. We are sorry to announce that this Sundays WDC has been postponed due to expected severe and dangerous weather conditions. The event shall now take place on Sunday 1st March, registration 0800 - 1000 and fishing from 1100 until 1600. We are very sorry for any inconvenience this will cause especially to everyone who has made travel arrangements and booked accommodation. This decision has not been taken lightly but with the forcast showing 60 mph onshore winds, there really is no other option. We very much hope to see you on the 1st March."

If you fancy a paddle...( 02 Feb )
I saw this reminder posted by Terry Carpenter of the DAA...
"Dungeness Veterans next fishing is on.
Wed 5th Feb .start fishing at 18.30pm...Meet at Littlestone wall"

The forecast is a bit windy...( 02 Feb )
I saw this posted by Simon Newman who runs the DAA Dab World Championships due to be fished on Sunday...
"Tronixpro WDC UPDATE : We have received a number of calls and messages regarding the inclement long range weather forecast for next Sundays World Dab Fishing Championships. A decision will be made Thursday lunchtime based on the more accurate 3 day forecast. The decision will be based on primarily safety but also comfort. We would appreciate it if you could help by sharing this information to the fishing pages and forums you use. Many thanks, DAA."

Some like it wet and windy...( 27 Jan )
I had this report just in from Steve 'echo' Harvey
of last nights DAA match...the first of the year I believe...
"Well that was hard work and unpleasant in that driving rain and win ...lots of dogs ..not many whiting. A few good sized dabs and a few pout ... Well done Alex whittlesea on the win ...Darren Brookes 2nd and heaviest fish a 31 cm whiting ...Dave Knott was third and I'm sure he went home with ear ache after me going on about the mighty baggies beating the hammers yesterday ....Simon 'guvner' Newman was 4th...yours truly was 5th ...pipping cieron bully boy who was 6th ....10 fished"

A nice mixed bag for Joe...( 27 Jan )
I had this report in from Joe Collins last night...
"Hi Tony.
Fished dengemarsh at low tide on Saturday night till high tide Sunday morning (19th)
A clear still and nippy night, with great shooting stars and lots of bites...
Low tide bought dogfish of all sizes.. all to worm.
As the tide turned flounders and dabs began to show, biggest flattie was 31cm...
Was a strange night, as the tide climed the beach the bites slowed...
For a bit of fun I rigged up a pulley pennal rig with a whole sprat as bait... Only to catch a 24cm flattie.........
The only downer to the night which was disturbing was our eastern European friends....
Every fish they hooked was thrown up the beach to die... Clearly they was lobbing them In the wrong direction... Even doggies deserve a right to survive.. the beach was littered with dead fish! Appalling! Disturbing!

This is the second time I have had this reported...
I have to say my non British customers are pretty good as a whole...but we do have a continuous trickle of customers new to fishing...after my Kent & Essex IFCA meeting on Friday I will produce a A5 leaflet on how to 'handle' fish. I will then put one in every bag of bait see if it helps. 

It's a start Mike...( Jan 26)
I had this report just in from Mike Dew...
"I fished Langney Point for the first time on Saturday, 0730 to 1430. Very quiet with one small undersize Plaice. But at least I christened my new rod. Mike"

There's plenty of fish out there... ( Jan 26)
I had this report in from Neil Rodwell last night...
"Hi Tony. I thought I would try langney point today on the off chance of an early plaice. Conditions looked right but instead I had to settle for small dabs and rockling before the Whiting onslaught near high tide. Better than a blank I guess! Will speak soon. Regards. Neil"

The old saying...wind = fish ( Jan 26)
I had this report in from Johnny Boone yesterday...
"Paid hythe another visit last night fri/sat not as good as last time probably because of calmish sea and tide state but still had a few lots of smallish  whiting two on same hook on one occasion, 2 doggies, and rocking at least i had a few bites" 

A starry, starry night...( Jan 19)
I had this report in this morning from Joe Collins...
"Tony. Fished Dengemarsh at low tide on Saturday night till high tide Sunday morning (19th) A clear still and nippy night, with great shooting stars and lots of bites...
Low tide bought dogfish of all sizes.. all to worm.
As the tide turned flounders and dabs began to show, biggest flattie was 31cm...
Was a strange night, as the tide climbed the beach the bites slowed...
For a bit of fun I rigged up a pulley pennel rig with a whole sprat as bait... Only to catch a 24cm flattie.........
The only downer to the night which was disturbing was our eastern European friends....Every fish they hooked was thrown up the beach to die... Clearly they was lobbing them In the wrong direction... Even doggies deserve a right to survive.. the beach was littered with dead fish! Appalling! Disturbing!
Thanks for the heads up Joe...I will remind my customers about how we treat fish!

Sun bathing at Dengemarsh...( Jan 19)
I had this report in last night from Neil Rodwell...
"Hi Tony. Busy day today down at denge marsh. I had 4 species after only 1.5 hours of fishing. Mainly dabs on the dropping tide with a lull at slack water then the rockling started. The day ended with double shots of whiting. 1 doggie in close in the morning. Nice sunny day on the beach with my coat off for some of it. Cheers for bait and will speak soon. Neil."

Nice to see more dabs being caught ( Jan 19)
I had this report in last night from Andrew Elsey...
"Had couple of dabs out and whiting from fishermen beach"

A good turnout...a bit breezy...( Jan 16)

Here are the results of last Sundays DAA match at Littlestone, The 'Vets' V The Seniors posted by Alex Veel of the DAA...

"Results for Final Championship Match 2019 attached...

x15 members from the seniors & veterans leagues slugged it out on a windswept Littlestone beach today.

Well done Gavin Smith on the win, with Colm Brennan 2nd & Steve Field 3rd.

Whiting, dogfish, dabs, flounder and rockling caught.

The heaviest fish pool was won by Terry Carpenter with a 33cm Whiting."

You either love them or not...( Jan 15)      I had this report in from Johnny Boone on Monday...
"Picture of one of my catch last night,do you think the colours are pronounced"
The lesser spotted dogfish comes in various shades and various degrees of spots...
yours looks a bit more like the  LSD's big brother the 'Bull Huss', but you can't go by spots 
alone you would have to check the shape of the 'nasel flaps'.

Showing Ashley how to do it...( Jan 12)
I had this report in from Terry Robins last night..."Hi tony,
Me and my nephew (ashley) went to fish at hes grandads place in pagham
All in all it wasn't a bad day, we arrived 3 hours before high tide it was overcast and blowing a gale and that's howit stayed for our session so the beach shelter i picked up for him from you came in really handy so thanks for that 👍🏻
Ashley had a new rod with him so he had new rod luck and caught more fish than me! In total we had 3 bass so nothing amazing but it was good to get and also spend some time with him.
Ps.    The flatty rigs did really well for the bass 😄
And all catches went back alive. All the best Terry."

Neil had a nice day...(12 Jan)
I had this report in from Neil Rodwell yesterday...
"Hi Tony. Went pevensey bay today. It was triple shots of whiting from the start. Managed a few dabs in between and one small flounder. It went dead at high tide and stayed that way till about 2 then the pin whiting made an appearance which was my signal to leave. Nice day day on the shore tho and will get back to dungy soon. Many thanks. Neil"

A true inspiration...  (11 Jan)
I saw this report from Ian Golds (in his day a great match angler). Sadly Ian has cancer and he is bravely battling on, it's not in his nature to give up. I saw his post this morning, to me he is a great inspiration...his enthusiasm is unbounded for our sport, it really comes through...see what you think...
"10th of JanuRareRay 2020……yep….the day I actually caught the rarest of fish….for me anyway!
Not been fish bothering since the end of November due to finger filleting, trip to France, illness, Christmas and the poxy weather, so I took the opportunity of a break in the wind and rain so toddled off to Eastney to see what was about. I didn’t really care what I caught…I just wanted to go fishing…
Set up two rods, one with three 2/0’s baited with a variety of fish baits for whatever liked bigger baits and the other with three size 2’s and ragworm. If the whiting were there in numbers I’d pack up the worm rod…..they weren’ I didn’t..
Anyway… came to pass that at 20:15 on this very day, I had what at first appeared to be a dog bite. Left it a while, and, after a few more pull downs and a fair bit of slack, began to drag in what I assumed was a double shot of roughback sharks as it was too heavy for one. OBVIOUSLY I don’t catch it OBVIOUSLY couldn’t be one of those…could it…. Anyway no.2….out of the building swell it only jolly well did come to pass that it was indeed a jolly old pretty patterned undulate ray! YEEFLIPPINHAH!! Anyway no.3…I obviously did a silly little fist pumping fish pumpy dance in the rather bright moonlight and took some pics for posterity as proof that I had actually managed to catch one when using biggish baits….at last. The only other undulate I’d caught was on a size 4 and a small mackerel bait when fishing for whiting…I am now almost a proper rayman!!
Strangely I had some scales in my box which I found a while ago. Bought them a few years back when I used to take people fishing in case they accidentally caught something worth weighing….so I actually had the chance to try them out! I estimated the fish to be 6-7lb, and was quite surprised to see the needle dragged down to exactly 9lb. Were a few stones still stuck to it’s slimy belly, so I’m taking to be about 8 1/2lb….not big by undulate standards but who cares..I actually caught one!!
Returned it to fight another day and carried on feeling rather chuffed.
The fishing was a tad slow, apart from one treble shot on the Big/O’s, with just single whiting, mostly small, or nothing, but I didn’t mind as I had caught a much sought after ray and was having a very enjoyable time in the dancing moonlight in what has been my salty playground for all of my life.
Anyway no.4…there’s another anyway….just before midnight my peace was disturbed when I had a butt lifter! Obviously to many outside of the fishing fraternity that may sound somewhat..pervy…but most of you know what I mean as an unseen frisky sea creature attempted to drag my now horizontal rod from the tripod! After a very frisky fight, out of the swell came a chunky shiny spiney bass. Used my scales again ( twice in the same session! ) which showed it be a tad over 3lb, so two decent fish to start the year….perfick.
Packed up earlier than I had planned as I felt knackered, but enjoyed every single second. I may well have to go ray fishing again soon…..easy peasy innit!!!"😊

Loads of fish for the 'Vets'...  (11 Jan)
I had this report in from Terry Carpenter...the first DAA Veterans match of the year took place last Wednesday in not very pleasant conditions...hence the turn out...
Dungeness won't be the same...  (6 Jan)
I had some sad news over the weekend...Anthony sent me a photo...after many years of leaning over the sixties wooden Diamond shaped trawler mark...just below the power stations so well known to Dungeness beach anglers, has fallen over 'giving up the fight' with the eroding beach...

1st match of 2020 for the 'Vets'...  (5 Jan)
I saw this reminder from Terry Carpenter of the DAA 'Vets' this morning...
Daa vets 1st match 2020 is Wed 8th jan at 19.30pm
Meet at Littlestone 18.45pm"

Great SCSAS match at Hythe...  (5 Jan)
I saw this report posted last night by Paul Jarrett of yesterdays match...
Southern Circuit Sea Angling Society
Result from match 1 at Hythe - 04/01/20
19 members and 3 guests fished catching Whiting, Dogfish, Pouting, Dabs, Dover Sole and Thornback Ray
Well done to Ashley Brown for winning the match
1. Ashley Brown - 17 fish, 14lb 3.5ozs
2. Dave Andrews - 18 fish, 11lb 5.5ozs
3. Lionel Watson - 14 fish, 10lb 12.5ozs
4. Martin Humphries - 20 fish, 10lb 9ozs
5. Stephen Crimmins - 12 fish, 10lb 2ozs
6. Martin Jenkins - 14 fish, 10lb 0ozs
7. Philip Underdown - 10 fish, 10lb 0ozs
8. Jay Hill - 6 fish, 9lb 12ozs
9. Neil Creed - 9 fish, 9lb 6ozs
10. Stephen Foster - 12 fish, 9lb 2ozs
11. Paul Cox - 13 fish, 7lb 4ozs
12. Les Bates - 12 fish, 7lb 11ozs
13. David Hough - 9 fish, 7lb 10.5ozs
14. David Simon Bullock - 9 fish, 7lb 9ozs
15. Steve Richards - 10 fish, 6lb 13ozs
16. Becky Lee - 13 fish, 4lb 14.5ozs
17. Alan Jarrett - 6 fish, 3lb 10ozs
18. Lewis Clarke - 10 fish, 3lb 7.5ozs
19. Jonathan Creed - 5 fish, 2lb 13ozs
20. Keith Neame - 4 fish, 2lb 10ozs
21. Paul Jarrett - 7 fish, 1lb 13ozs
22. Sean Brown - 0 fish
Heaviest fish - 5lb 0oz Thornback Ray, Jay Hill

Lovely starry night, to start the year (4 Jan)
I had this report in this afternoon from Phil Mahoney...
"Fished Imperial Hotel end of Hythe Friday 3rd January from 3.30 p.m till around 9 p.m. plenty of bites Whiting and some good size Dogs . Was a clear evening plenty of stars with no rain thankfully . Very pleasurable evening just never know when to pack up there's always one more fish to be caught.
    First trip of the year was good to get out and catch , enclosed some pics . Phil"

Happy New Year to you all...(31 Dec)
Welcome to the start of 2020...will the fishing be better or worse...with the changing climate only time will tell...but I'm looking forward to the 'roaring twenties'.
  DAA 'Vets' 2019...a great year (31 Dec)
Here are the results of the last DAA 'Vets' match of 2019 and the final league positions...well done John Smith on a great comeback to win the league...

Beautiful Day...great turnout...(30 Dec)
Yesterday we held the 2nd Nick Burton's Memorial match at Galloways. Nick was a popular local angler who was taken before his time...he loved Galloways and yesterday was tremendous weather and turnout, 34 anglers, Nicks friends competed for Nick's memorial trophy. Superbly run and organised by my mate Steve Harvey for the second year. Here are the results posted by Steve last night...
"Results for today's match at galloways ....
1st...Alex Veel 1.46 dogfish
2nd Dorian Partridge..1.42 dogfish
3rd Roy Godden ...1.32 dogfish
4th Trevor Froud ...1.16 dogfish
33 anglers and 1 donation ...means we raised £340 for the RNLI ...Thankyou to all who fished and donated ....hope to do this again next year"

A 'battered' Dengemarsh...(29 Dec)
I had this report in last night from Steve Latham...
"Hi Tony i fished Dengemarsh today the beach looks like its had a good battering all the shingle has gone but still had fish small dab's and whiting it was good to get out fishing not been down since the summer cos of work and things
well i hope to be down soon.  Regards Steven. pps happy new year  to you and your family." Thanks for for that Steve, best wishes to you for a great 2020. 

I do love a 'fishy' mystery...(28 Dec)
I had this report in from Kevin Warden last photos so far...but I'm intrigued...long shot but it could be a couches bream...the sea is still quite warm...
"We fished the Boards from 11am until 4pm today. Plenty of whiting,2
large dabs and a pouting. The guys next to us caught 2 strange fish
that nobody could identify One was silver with very large head and
eyes. They have photos on their phones. I told them to send them to

...and a dreaded rockling...(28 Dec)
I had this report in from Neil Rodwell last night...
"Hi Tony. Was back at langney point today after being gifted a day off between the festivities! Had whiting all day long. Most were pins but had a few sizeable ones in between. When the tide started retreating the onslaught wained enough for the dabs to start coming through with a few nice ones included. Very calm day down there and quite warm considering the time of year. Will speak soon and if I don't see you before, happy new year! All the best. Neil."

It was a beautiful morning...(26 Dec)
I had this report in this morning from Ian Milligan, who fished Christmas day...I think Ian that's a flounder...
"Fished from 8:00am to 2:30pm at the back of the boats. The sea was fairly calm with a bit of colour in it. It was a good day with Dabs, Dogs, Whiting and a Pouting. Only had frozen lug but it worked well with squid, but The big whiting were all caught on strips of Bluey. The seal was in the area but it didn’t seem to put the fish off."

A Merry Christmas to you all...(24 Dec)
Wishing you all a nice day tomorrow, enjoy yourselves! I will be open 'Boxing Day' for a couple of hours in the morning then back in on Friday as Saturday but closed Sunday to fish the 'Nick Burton Memorial Match'.

A nice Xmas present for Craig...(22 Dec)
I had this great report in from Craig last night...well done for going...the fish are there...
"Evening Tony,  braved the wind last night with a friend down by the boats at Hythe. Fished quite well over high water plenty of colour in the water, wasn't harassed too much with the Whiting, managed a few nice size pouting and dogs. Tide dropped off along with the wind so the ray baits went out. Bluey and prawn on pulley droppers. We managed a few out but nothing big. Happy Christmas. Craig Wright "

Deal pier...Friday the 13th...(14 Dec)
I had this report in from Allen Lane lunchtime...
"We decided that we would make a trip to deal and fish the pier. The first time back to deal in 2 years. With a 11.30 high tide we arrived at 9.00 am no other anglers in sight was this a bad sign. No we pleased to say, it started a little slow as the tide was rising just a few small pout and pin Whiting. Hit high tide and the larger Whiting and some very nice dogs turned up. Fishing black lug and squid cocktails doing the job, they didn't seem to be to interested in any fish bait strange. Between the two of us we had 30 whiting 7 of them were keepers and 10 dogs and 6 pout well worth the drive from the city. The lads running the pier now supply you with a bivvy table so you don't mess up the new bench planking return them at the end of your session. There are still areas out there that are snaggy we lost 5 rigs between the pair of us and £6 for two cups of coke from the now restaurant at the end of the pier. You wont get a bacon butty to take away cos they don't do take away, lar de dah.
The london lads. No pics, left the phones in the car."

November DAA Vets match results (5 Dec)
Here are the results from the last Vets match...better late than never...special thanks to Terry Carpenter who keeps the show on the road...

Yes it was cold...but enjoyable... (1 Dec)
I had this report in last night from Neil Rodwell fishing Langley Point...famous as a big fish venue from the seventies...
"Hi Tony. Gave langney point a go today. Managed a handful of whiting also caught pout, school bass and dab as the sun went down. Very cold and a choppy sea but enjoyable to get out. Will speak soon. Neil"

It's just nice to get a report... (30 Nov)
I had this report in from Kevin Warden on Thursday night...
"Fished the end of the boards over high tide today. Plenty of whiting
including 5 keepers which we battered.They fed the whole family this evening."

Nice to see the kids having fun... (18 Nov)
I had this report in last night from Terry Carpenter of the DAA Juniors...
"DAA juniors had their nov meet today on a lovely morning at Littlestone , ten young fishers tried hard to catch and pleased to say they all caught loads of whiting and doggies. Young george won the competition and took home a turkey with another george taking home a large xmas pud...Next meet is dec 15th meet at the pilot car park at 10.15am"

Wayne had a good day at Hythe... (17 Nov)
I had this report in from Del this morning...
"Morning Tony,  we held our annual pub fishing comp at Hythe yesterday,  a very enjoyable day.
Mainly whiting, but good sport.
One 10 Oz plaice, one doggy of good size.
The comp was won by Wayne Evans with a lovely thornback of 5lb 8oz.  Sorry no pic's. Cheers.  Del Phipp."

Just had this update from Jonathan Masters...
Wayne’s Thornback from yesterday.

Plenty of fish for Neil... (17 Nov)
I had this report in from Neil Rodwell last night... 
"Hi Tony. Cheers for the bait. Went behind the station today. Had a total whiting fest from the start with double shots every cast. At high water it all went dead then on the drop it all started up again with the whiting thinning out enough to let a few dabs through. Some of the Whiting were big and fell to everything including 2 whole squid pennel hooked! The live bait rig didn't yield anything big but will try again. Thanks again and will speak soon. Neil."

DAA Vets match next week... (14 Nov)
I saw a reminder from Terry Carpenter...
"DAA Veterans next match is on Wed 20th November
Start fishing at 3.30pm at Littlestone"

Dab World Champs 2020... (6 Nov)
I had this update in from Simon Newman...

Bass catch & release... (2 Nov)
Just a reminder for those going fishing tomorrow after the 'blow' bass is back to catch & release...
"Recreational fisheries, including from shore, in ICES divisions 4b, 4c, 6a, 7a to 7k are limited to catch-and-release only during 01 February to 31 March and 1 November to 31 December 2019. From 1 April to 31 October 2019, not more than one seabass may be retained per fisherman per day." Quote from Sussex IFCA.

A perfect ten for Colin... (29 Oct)
I had this report this morning from Colin Hemsworth...
"Hi Tony,
I fished near the station on Saturday/Sunday, it was a bit gusty but calmed down later on. I set up two rods both with pulley rigs loaded with lug, I was kept busy all day with whiting, doggies and a few pouting, some of the whiting were a good size and just after dawn on Sunday I reeled in a codling just under 2lb and that was my lot for this season.  Thanks for the great lug as usual and see you soon. Colin"

A whiting Christmas... (29 Oct)
I had this report in last night from Mafia Muziq... 
"Fished dungeness last night wow it was so calm and relaxing not a breeze in sight was hoping for a bass or two ended up with 47 whitings felt like Xmas all I had was just white stuff it snowed whitings ha ha it's better than having a blank session thanks they even took whole mackerels. Didn't take any photo we all know what they look like smerk"

Nick's match...second year... (27 Oct)
We are looking forward to the 'Nick Burton Memorial Match' this December to honor Nicks memory...

A lovely 'plump' bass for Andy... (26 Oct)
I had this in Andrew Elsey at the beginning of the week...
"Hi Tony had two bass and some nice whiting yesterday fished near the boats"

DAA 'Vets' match on results... (26 Oct)
Here are the results from last Wednesdays 'Vets' match, also current league placings...

DAA 'Vets' match on Wednesday (20 Oct)
Don't forget the next 'Vets' match is this Wednesday ( 23 October) kick off 6.15pm. tides are short so it could be a 'frozen' lug match...or get your 'pump' out.

Plenty of fish about at Dungeness (20 Oct)
I had this report in from John this afternoon...
"Hi.  Thanks for the bait yesterday.  Worked really well. 27 whiting and this cod between the two of us.  John."

Langney Point...round two (20 Oct)
I had this report in last night from Neil Rodwell having another go at Langney Point...back in the day this was a favorite cod spot...I used to fish it...err forty years ago!...
"Hi Tony. Thought I would try langney point in eastbourne again to see if I could winkle out another cod. Not this time but SAS kept busy throughout the day with whiting again. Also had dab, school bass and pouting including a bug grand daddy pout. Was another fun day on the beach. Will speak soon. Neil."

Just for a change...Neil tried... (16 Oct)
I had this report in from Neil Rodwell yesterday...
"Hi Tony. Got a week off so decided to make the most of the weather window and fished langney point in eastbourne today up through high tide and an couple of hours down. Total whiting fest throughout the day with double shots every cast. Also managed a brace of plaice and a small unicorn! Great day in all. Will speak soon. Many thanks. Neil."

Non stop for Philip... (15 Oct)
I had this report yesterday from Philip Lammin...
"Just to say weather was great after the blow on Friday so decided to fish the morning high on Saturday straight blacks all day resulting in some nice sized whiting and some nice bass biggest just being under 4lb, all in all a good day and non stop action"

Three weeks = 9 codling... (14 Oct)
I had this report in today from Colin Hemsworth...
"Hi Tony,
Thanks for the great lug at the weekend, I put them to use at dengemarsh, weather was a bit wet but at least the wind wasn’t too bad. Tactics were simple, two pulley pennel rigs, 3/0 hooks and straight lug cast out as far as I could manage. I was straight into whiting and dogfish and this continued throughout the day. Sunday morning, target was achieved with a 2lb codling and that was it on the cod front but I’ll be back for his big brother soon! Thanks again for the bait. Colin" 

Just watch your fingers... (12 Oct)
I had this report in from Mafia Muziq on Friday...
"Hi I think I must have been one of the crazy ones I went out last night in that horrible weather was the only one on the beach smh ha ha I was fishing two rods blacks on one and whole mackerel on the other I caught several dinner size whitings was hoping for a bass got a dog fish on the mackerel fillet so I decided to try a whole mackerel for a big bass had a slack line so pulled it in felt heavy got excited thought it was a bass but nope it was a eel my first took me a while to build the Confidence up just to touch the thing ha ha where I'm from it's snapper and jack all day so eels are a new thing to me thanks"...looks like a strap conger to me?

And another one hits the shingle... (10 Oct)
This came in today from Andrew Cook...
"Afternoon Tony, caught off the boards two hours after HW today"

Plenty of bass about... (10 Oct)
I had this report in from Mole a couple of days ago...
"Nice bass caught on the 5th October at Dungeness just right of the boat’s 43cm"

Eight in two weeks... (7 Oct)
I had this exciting report in from Colin Hemsworth this morning...
"Hi Tony,
I fished near the station Saturday morning through to Sunday afternoon, set up two rods loaded with lug on pulley rigs. With the gentle winds casting was fairly easy going and could manage to get some large baits out a bit further. Saturday was very quiet, I had a few whiting in the daylight and dogfish as it got dark..after a kip started fishing again Sunday morning and 2nd cast produced a 4lb codling on straight lug, I had three more up to 2lb over the  next 2 hours then it all went quiet. Nothing for the rest of the day until the last cast, I felt a bit of weight pulling in and as the fish was in the!! and the hook came loose, I swear I saw the outline of a rather plump cod rolling back into the sea but I’m just telling myself it was just a dogfish and trying to make myself feel better! Thanks for the great lug and will be down soon. Colin"

Blankety blank for Neil... (6 Oct)
I had this report in from Neil Rodwell last night...
"Hi Tony. Thanks for the bait today and the tripod. I like the extending legs which works well for the long continental rod. Speaking of which I'm still to christen it as today was another blank. The baits were stripped back to bare hooks the moment they hit the sea bed by the crabs. I know it was easterly winds again but I was hoping the persistent south westerlys over the last week would have kept the fish in but it would appear not to be! Thanks again and will speak soon. Many thanks. Neil"

Yesterday was looking good... (6 Oct)
I had this report in from Martin Frankling last night...
"Caught today half hour after high tide from the boards"

It has been great year for bass... (3 Oct)
I had another report in from Mole...
"Nice bass caught at Dungeness on Saturday the 21 st September 38cm safely"
  I'm told they are very good to eat... (2 Oct)
I had this report in from Mole...
"Nice herring caught at Dungeness on Saturday the 21st September 39.5 cm"
Right family but its a shad...I expect an Allis Shad, beautiful fish, but protected.

Lots more fish for the DAA Vets... (1 Oct)
I had the results in from Terry Carpenter of last Wednesday's DAA Veterans match here is his report and results...
"DAA Vets had their meet last night wed 25th on a rather blowy evening but we missed the rain. Fish caught was whiting & dogfish . Result as follows..."

Look what turned up... (30 Sept)
I saw Steve Savage in the shop yesterday morning, we were just chatting and he showed me a photo on his phone...he took of Bert down the beach on the 1st of September...a very nice bass...and... a codling!...I'm not sure who caught what...but it is a nice photo.

I bet Colin was by himself... (30 Sept)
I had this report in yesterday from Colin Hemsworth...
"Hi Tony,
I fished dengemarsh Friday and Saturday, arrived to very windy, borderline fishable conditions. I set up two rods with pully pennel rigs loaded with lug and pendulum cast as far as I could through the wind. Had to keep my eye on the lines constantly to stop them getting tangled and avoid getting buried. First fish out was a whiting and then next cast a 2.5 lb codling. Totals for the end of the session were 3 bass all around 30-40cm, 6 whiting, 3 dogfish and 4 codling all around the 2-2.5lb range. Looks like the mountain of bait I ordered did the trick, thanks for the lug and will be down soon. Colin"
As the sun went down... (23 Sept)
I had this report just in from Grant...
"Fished left of power station Sat night , whiting galore with the odd dogfish to whole squid nothing to write home about but caught fish , regard ...Grant Pratten"

Tough going for Neil... (22 Sept)
I had this report in from Neil Rodwell last Night...
"Hi Tony. It was a big fat blank for me today behind the station. The crabs were stripping baits the instant they hit the water. Tried everything from casting short to tying the baits with cotton to make them last longer. Didn't have any floating beads which would have helped I guess but never mind. On a positive note the new rod you sold me is a cracker! Casts well and I'm looking forward to trying it out in the winter. Thanks for the bait as usual as well. Will speak soon. Many thanks. Neil"
Beautiful day yesterday...full sun, with neap tides makes it tough fishing in daylight...but next week we have strong south westerly winds for four days with a rising tides sequence...plenty of 'colour' in the water will we see some unicorns?

Hard work for Steve... (21 Sept)
I had this report in from Steve this morning...
"Thanks for the bait and advice yesterday. My son and I battled through the traffic on the M20 it was good to find you were still open. 
We headed off to behind the power-station ( on your advice) with a car full of  gear. Immediately set up two rods ( of a stack we had brought) both using pennel pulley rigs and then proceeded to set up 'camp'. 
Whilst Jon got the camping stove going with bacon, eggs and sausages I checked the rods. Both baits stripped - was it fish or crabs?
Re-baited both and sent then out again -then the fun started.  The sun was going down and the baits were attracting fish as soon as they were in the water. Both rods were on the go all the time. Every cast on both rods was coming back with fish. All whiting of various sizes, but still fish. There was little point setting up further rods as the two were keeping us both busy.
All baits seemed to work as well, a large whiting was taken on squid out of the freezer. Great evening session. 
We had planned to stay till early hours but by 10.30 it was time to head off. Both tired and a facing 1 1/2 hour drive home. We saw the moon rise behind the lighthouse. 
I have fished into the dark before, but this was the first time I had headed down for a full session in the dark - very worth while. 
Dungeness is a great place to fish, bait is easy to come by and I started off with a cheap rod and reel, some weights (not grip leads and no where near heavy enough but hey) and headed in to Seagull Tackle asking for 'worms'.  Not looked back since.
Be back soon. SH"

Another good turnout DAA Vets (17 Sept)
Thanks to Terry Carpenter of the DAA or the results of our last match (4 Sept)
I have at last posted the results of our last DAA Veterans match with the current league positions... 
 DAA vets next match is on wed 25th at Littlestone. Start fishing at 7.45 pm

A lovely bass for Jack... (16 Sept)
I had this report in from Terry Carpenter of the DAA last night...
"Dungeness Juniors had their September meet today .it was lovely and sunny with a light breeze blowing .The juniors fished Littlestone and had a few whiting & a flounder with the biggest fish going to jack who caught a lovely bass well done to all that fished"

A bit of fun in the sun... (15 Sept)
I had this report in last night from Neil Rodwell...
"Hi Tony. I went back to samphire hoe today for some fun on the light gear. Didn't have anything big but was kept entertained all day with ballan and corkwing wrasse, blennies and pout. Used float, beach casting methods and straight down the wall. All of which worked. No fish on the lures this time. Bait was simply big ragworm which done the trick. Will speak soon. Many thanks. Neil"

You first have to go fishing... (06 Sept)
I saw this report from Simon Newman posted on facebook last night...for all those on social media saying there is no point in going fishing because there is no fish out there...think again...
"Dear Diary. Is this the end of my sole searching season? A session tonight at Hastings with mssrs Tim Knight and Vince Brooks. Tim won the biggest sole sweep with the only sole of the night at 29 cm. It was however a whiting fest... At all ranges within seconds of the bait hitting the water. In reality, any sole there didn't have a chance of getting anywhere near the bait. What was most interesting is that Mr Brooks caught 3....yes THREE codling. Two were very small but one would have been legally a keeper at about 2 lb. Hastings... The new cod mecca on the South Coast. Who'd have thought it aye? (all cod were safely and carefully returned to the sea..... To be caught in nets when slightly bigger)."

Sorry for the late posting... (04 Sept)
I had the results in from Alex Veel of the DAA...sorry for the late posting...

How to catch a nice bass... (01 Sept)
I had this report in this morning from Colin Hemsworth...welcome back Colin nice to see you haven't lost your touch... 
"Hi Tony, I haven’t been fishing for few weeks so was I itching to get out to dengemarsh yesterday. Arrived to slightly choppy conditions and a bit of a breeze, a few other anglers around the car park area. Walked to the spot and set up, two rods one with lug on a sliding ledger rig 3/0 hooks and the other a whole mackerel on a 6/0 pulley pennel rig, the target was bass and then once dark maybe try for a sole. Around HT the big bait rod tip starting nodding and pulled in a nice 55 cm bass which had swallowed the whole mackerel. As night fell I had a few whiting and then on the last cast another 55 cm bass on a whole mackerel, packed up after that and headed home. Thanks for the great bait and will be down soon. Colin"

Seagull open Thursday... (27 Aug)
I have decided as the tides are getting better (and so is the fishing)...and we should have some fresh bait! open the shop on Thursday (from 9am till 2pm).

Just fill your boots... (26 Aug)
I saw this posted last night by Alex Veel of the DAA...
"Just back from the match, few Whiting & a single dog carded for those that fished the boards (consolation prize was the Mackerel).
Point, and East off, had better luck with good bags of dogs & Whiting.
Got a few meals & the freezer stocked up 😊 🎣 
Full match results tomorrow." I had a phone call late last night from Anthony out on Peganina as he came back in to Rye harbour he told me the mouth of the river was heaving with mackerel...more than he has ever seen before!

This is a marvelous report... (25 Aug)
I had this report in tonight from Alan...
"Hi Tony 
My first venture down to the beach this year –thought I’d have a go at Galloways for a sole Friday night into Saturday in the settled weather. 
it was a lovely night to be on the beach and once a few fluff chucker left, I seemed to have the place to myself. Although I didn’t catch a sole, it was amazing to see so many stars and I was treated to a superb orange moon rise and later by an awesome red sunrise behind the power station. 
In the evening there had been plenty of mackerel about and it only took seconds to catch a couple to supplement my bait for the night. In the morning I wanted to get half a dozen to take home, so hoped there would still be some about – needn’t have worried.  A large shoal came through making the sea boil as they chased sprats right up onto the beach. The bait ball was so thick that the first couple of casts towards it came back with sprats on each hook – a first for me. As the frenzy came closer there was no need to even cast, just swing the feathers out underarm. Had my quota in no time at all – wish I had brought the fly rod! As I was packing away I witnessed the event again, I took a photo this time, the quality is poor, but you can see how close they were to the beach. 
These days I struggle to fit in trips to the coast, so I really enjoy reading your forecasts and the reports on your website – keep up the good work!! 
Happy days Alan"

What a cracking pair... (25 Aug)
I had this report in from Andy this afternoon...
"43cm & 44cm Sole on consecutive casts, top bait - thanks. Andy"

Fun in the sun...nice bass (24 Aug)
I had this report in from John yesterday...
"Hi.  Caught this bass today at samphire hoe.  I used some mackerel and dropped it over the edge.  Not a long cast.  Really pleased. John."  

DAA match this Sunday...(21 Aug)
I saw this reminder from Alex Veel of the DAA this morning...cracking weather forecast...

"Reminder time....
Our next DAA league match is this coming Sunday(25th).
Sign in is at the gate 3:30pm - 4pm.
Fishing is 5pm - 9pm.
Andrew went fishing...surprize (21 Aug)
I had this report in this morning from Andrew Griffith...
"Hythe Codling last night ‘Kentish Unicorn’ just before HW on black lug. Thanks"
New minimum fish sizes (19 Aug)
The Kent & Essex IFCA have adopted last week new bylaws on fish & shellfish is the link to the site... 

DAA Juniors on the beach today (18 Aug)
I had this report from Terry Carpenter of the Dungeness Angling Association Juniors who had their monthly outing today at Littlestone beach...
"Juniors had their August meet today and they caught eels , whiting, poulting, starry smooth hound, on a lovely breezy morning"

Terry had a 'dangle' himself...nice thornback...should have saved that one for next months 'Veterans' competition...

A good bass day for Neil...(18 August)
I had this report in last night from Neil Rodwell...
"Hi Tony. Had a good day behind the station today. Caught throughout most of the day except for a lull at slack water high tide. Mostly it was school bass throughout the day up to about 40cm. Also had quite a few large dab, a couple of whiting and an eel. Maybe it's a sign of the impending season change what with dab in August who knows. Very enjoyable. Will speak soon. Neil."
This raises some interesting points, the erratic weather, climate change increasing over the last few years has changed the species we catch. All I can say is nobody knows what's round the corner...I will say is the fishing has been brilliant, and all those 'stay at homers' saying there's no fish out there, don't know what they have been missing...sad.

There's plenty lucky (16 August)
I had this report in today from Mick Lewis...
"Hi Tony
15th august. Fished behind the power station @high tide last night. Whiting and half a dozen smallish dabs all taken on worm. thanks for the bait
Mick lewis"
Great sole fishing...and bass (16 August)
I had this report in from Simon Newman this morning...
"Another late night with Tim Knight at Galloways last night. I fished from 9 till 0200 for 4 sole (3 keepers nothing huge), a few bass.... Kept one for tea, dogfish, eels, flounder and a few whiting. I left Tim still fishing with 3 sole and this stonking 7 lb 4 oz shore pb bass which was safely returned after a quick weigh and photo. Well angled Tim, top dangling on a size 4 hook and a heavy surf to contend with."

Seagull open Tomorrow (14 August)

I thought seeing its holiday time I would open the shop tomorrow (Thursday)...better weather forecast and yes I will have Fresh Bait...Cheers Tony.

Nice bag for Richard... (14 August)
I had this report in from Richard Smith in the early hours...
"Thought I would give it a go targeting soles again this evening and glad I did! Arrived at Hythe about 8pm and set up between two other anglers with ample space between them. There was colour in the water but not as good as a few days ago.The tide was coming in and conditions looked good. fished with two rods, both rigged with 2 hook booms and small pieces of fresh lug. Second cast about 40 mins into the session i hooked a decent sole. Kept for a nice meal tomorrow evening.....looking forward to that!
Hooked another about an hour into the session once it had got dark, similar size. That was all for the sole. All other fish consisted of whiting, smoothound pup and an eel. Finished up about 11pm."

Just like Autumn... (14 August)
I had this report in from Terry Barber yesterday...Autumn weather = autumn fish...
"Hi Tony it's Terry here with down on Dungeness beach with my wife tracy barber and you'll never guess what she's just caught a cod can't believe it time was 18.10 and it weighs in 1 and half pound and it was all on dead bait worm speak to you soon terry"

Very nice sole... (09 August)
I had this report in from Simon Newman on Wednesday...
"Nice 45 cm (2lb 2 oz) sole from East Bay last night. Also saw eels, dogfish and only 3 whiting making targeting sole viable!"

Well done young Lady... (09 August)
I had this report in from Terry Barber earlier in the week...
My 13 year old daughter caught this today just now behind the boats it was about 3 or 4 pound is it a smoothhound not sure if it is can u please let me no and that was caught on dead bait Terry...Yes Terry a lovely smoothound...I can't tell if its a 'starry' ( small white stars on the body) we get more of those than 'commons' around here.

My favorite fish...smoothy (08 August)
I had this report in from Ryan at the beginning of the week...
"Good afternoon,
Thought I would send you my fishing report for friday night, first time fishing dungeness and first time fishing solo with my first smoothie the target... Started with a couple of doggies and then the rod started tapping... In it came and made me a happy angler first smoothhound and target fish achieved only a little one but makes no odds to me.. had another but it came off just as I got it shore as well.. will definitely be back again! Ryan Dixon"

Great 'happy snaps' from Tim (07 August)
I had this in from Tim Knight the other day...
Hi Tony, Just thought I’d send over picture of some reasonable fish I had while on holiday in Brittany last week. Mainly black bream, few conger, one sand sole (very similar to our native Dover sole but a different species) and loads of pouting (conger bait!) on one mark. I had three very enjoyable 3 hour sessions topped by a cracking PB black bream of 3lb 7oz.

Some great sole being caught (04 August)
I had this report in this morning from Steve Howkins...
"Good morning Tony, I had these 2 sole on Saturday night from the middle of hythe ranges , biggest one 38cms. Thanks as always for the great bait"

A real sight of summer...(04 August)
I had this report in last night from Neil Rodwell...
"Hi Tony. Apologies for the lack of reports recently as I've been doing a lot of freshwater fishing. I had a few hours this morning at Brighton marina. Managed 5 black bream and 1 pouting. Two were a nice size. Hopefully see you soon as my thoughts will soon turn to autumn and Dungeness. Speak soon. Neil."

Some great fishing for Andrej...(03 August)
I had this report sent in today by Andrej...
"Hi Tony, Hope you are well!
Been fishing by the boats on Thursday with my brother(his first trip in 11 years time lol) High to low tide
Plenty of fish about! Caught 10+ Dog fish , Whiting and a couple of Dover Sole with the biggest of 37cm. It was a great and busy afternoon to be out! Andrej"

Well done Jamie for going...(03 August)
Well done Jamie Pantrey not only did you catch some cracking sole last night, you the first beach report for 12 days...I was beginning to lose faith in beach anglers...
"Hi Tony been a year or so since fishing at Galloways, brilliant last night down there."

DAA Juniors...well done George...(21 July)
I had this report in tonight from Terry Carpenter who runs the Dungeness Angling Association (DAA) Juniors, who had their meet today...
"Daa juniors had their july meet today sun 21st at duneness. It was a bright sunny morning with a nice breeze blowing. Fishing was slow but most caught whitting, with george catching a nice dog fish on his last cast. Well done to the ten who fished."

Tough going for time (21 July)
I had this report just in from Colin Hemsworth...
"Hi Tony, 
Thanks for the lug yesterday, I headed to Dengemarsh with hopes of a bass with the SW winds.. it was a very quiet day with the crabs out in full force, the hooks were coming back bare even after a few minutes. Luckily had a few whiting as it got dark to save a blank! Will be down soon for another go. Colin"

Best reported this far (21 July)
I had this report in from Paul Joy this morning...
"Hi Tony,had this beast last night,10min before I was leaving, just over 11lb. took me for a 50 yard walk,to land it . Taken less than 15ft from the low Mark,on half mackerel,pulley pennel,and 8/0, sakuma,a new pb for me, I'm over the moon,😁"

Well done Ben on putting it back (19 July)
I had this report come in last night from Ben...what great fun to end the day...
"I took my friend fishing for the first time, we had absolutely no bites at all for 6 hours then on the last cast... we hooked this beauty on a whole squid! What was more spectacular is that I had set up an 8ft spinning rod with 10lb line and a small j hook for flatties. Put a squid on for a laugh, and got the shock of my life! It took a good while to land it, and it spat the hook on the pebbles! We let it go, after some photos. Lucky last cast aye!"

Hard going for the DAA 'Vets'...(14 July)
Here are the results from last Wednesdays DAA 'Vets' Match...Well done Steve (Foss) Foster...tough match September after the summer break...

A big summer high tide at Dungy...(7 July)
This report came in this afternoon from Ben Webb...
"Hi Tony,
Caught lots of mackerel behind the power station on Saturday. We kept these for dinner and the rest got thrown back to live another day.
Looking up and down the beach, we could see everyone catching. 
Lovely day for it. Thanks for the rigs and bait as usual. Ben"

The DAA Vets...catching well (4 July)
Here are the lasted DAA 'Vets' match results (sorry for the delay) from the 12th of match July 10th 4.30pm. start...

I'm going to need bigger hooks...(1 July)
I saw this posted on social media the other day...from John Bunting of 'Kent Birding Group'...

"UPDATED to include full sequence of images
Not exactly birds, but we were out birding, and there is a birding related story.
Was down at the hides at Dungeness just to see what might be about and get a lay of the land when I saw a distant splash out near the buoy. My first thought was maybe a cormorant or gull making a hash of a landing, or something else diving in. So I kept the camera pointed on the general vicinity to try and capture it coming back up out of the water. And what a surprise... Well it could be classed as flying... Bet it doesn't count as a tick. 
Thresher Shark.
The moral is,
if you see a splash, don't take it for granted!
Tuesday 25th June 2019 0649GMT"

A lovely summer sole...(28 June)
I had this report in late last night from Kenneth England...
"Off the Scale"...just the picture...nothing else, venue etc...but it is a beautiful fish.

A great June trip for Mike...(24 June)
I had this report in from Mike Shine on Sunday after his trip down on Friday...don't believe the 'keyboard' fishermen, the fishing has been could be in for a surprise...
"Hello Tony
Thanks for the bait at short notice on Friday - as usual this was of top quality. I did not really expect from a spur of the moment trip however had a very successful day. I had the beach much to myself and from the first cast to the last landed over 12 fully grown doggies as well as a number of good size whiting. High tide brought the weed but also the Bass (all returned) so all in all a great day out. See you soon. Mike"

Beautiful day at the 'Hoe'...(24 June)
I had this report in from Neil Rodwell Saturday night...
"Hi Tony. Went back to samphire hoe today as the weather was just right for this venue. Had the usual small wrasse and pout and 1 dogfish. Used a mixture of rag, feathers and lures catching on all. Nice day to be down by the sea. Will speak soon. Many thanks. Neil."

A cracking sole for Kris...(21 June)
I had this report from Kris Hatton a couple of days ago (almost missed it)...
"Had ago at dymchurch on the 14th in the day time did not think I would get much but had PB sole for me and a ray with loads of doggies and whiting.
Then went fishing today same mark only the one ray but really happy!!!"

Sunday is for enjoying yourself...(18 June)
Another photo from Luke Jeffery from last Sundays session..."And this was the pic of the other flatty caught on Sunday 16 June"

Big waves...strong winds = fish...(18 June)
I had this report in yesterday from Luke Jeffery...
"Hi there got some great bait off of you in the morning and though out the day after some pretty strong winds and big waves managed to pull out a lovely dogfish and a small flatly, thank you once again. Many thanks Luke"

Loads of fish for the Juniors...(17 June)
I had this report in from Shirley Codling (AKA Alex Whittlesea) of the DAA Junior meeting at the weekend...
"Hi Tony,
Had a great day with the juniors at Dungeness. Over 20 dogfish, a plaice, a flounder, a rockling, a starry smooth hound and a few whiting was the catch. 
Many thanks Shirl"

A cracking sole for Colin...(16 June)
I had great report in from Colin Hemsworth this morning who had a nice session in the west bay on Saturday...
"Hi Tony,
I fished Dengemarsh yesterday, conditions were good with light SW winds which stirred up the water a bit and gave it a bit of colour. Arrived for HT and set up two rods loaded with lug, first cast produced a dogfish and had loads more throughout the session. Also had a few bass and whiting. Sent out a running ledger rig loaded with lug for a bass and noticed the rod tip nodding away, reeled in and was very happy to find a 45 cm, 2lb sole hooked on a 2/0 top pennel hook. After this I tied some sole rigs with smaller hooks but that was it for the day apart from more dogfish and whiting. Thanks for the lovely lug and will be down soon. Colin"

Well done Gavin...more fish...(15 June)
I saw these results of last weekends DAA match...posted by Alex Veel...

As long as you enjoy yourself... (11 June)
I had this report in today from Johnny Boone...
"Paid dungeness a visit Sunday only six fish caught enjoyed the day none the less two dogfish, two whiting one flounder and a first for me at dungeness a small smoothhound"

Then the bass turned up... (11 June)
I had this report come in yesterday from Jamie Mitchell...
"Fished Dungeness right in front of that big wooden box thingy, started at 1:30 just before high tide and got first 2 hours nothing not even a bite, then the bass started biting was using lug and sandeels combo. Jamie" 

Colin...doing it the hard way (10 June)
I had this report in Sunday from Colin Hemsworth...
"Hi Tony,
I fished near the station yesterday and with the weather bass was the target, I parked up and arrived to an empty beach. The wind was really blowing and after getting the shelter up and weighing down the tripod sent out a pulley rig loaded with lug, I decided against setting up two rods, even one was ambitious for a while. First fish was a schoolie just before ht when it got a bit tougher to hold ground. The action picked up again late afternoon with two more bass and by this time the wind had calmed down a bit. As It got dark I had a flounder which was in very good condition and then the best bass of the day at 44 cm before packing up and heading home. Many thanks for the lug and will see you soon. Colin"

When it goes wrong, really wrong (10 June)
I had this report in from Neil Rodwell Saturday night...
"Hi Tony. Thanks for the bait today. We all have bad days and today's was mine. My only fishing window was Saturday during the day so looked for somewhere out of the wind. Started fishing behind the boats to get out of the strong south westerly even though the wind on my back was difficult to deal with. Started with the rods on the tripod up high to avoid the waves but this caused problems with the seagulls diving on the food items washed up by the sea so had to have the lines down low. Managed to cut the skin off my knuckle with a pair of scissors when I was blown off balance by a sudden gust of wind and then later on broke a rod while casting out. I finally gave up when the lead was being beached by the tide around 2:30. Managed a handful of school bass throughout so at least I saved a blanked! I'll be in soon to buy a new rod as the old one literally splintered beyond repair. Thanks again for the bait and will speak soon. Many thanks. Neil."

Reminder, 'Vets' match next week (8 June)
Here are the results from the last 'Vets' match ( 29th May)...the next round is next Wednesday June 12th start 6.15pm. Well done Cliff Furr in tough conditions.

A change can make a difference... (2 June)
I had this report in tonight from Alex Whittlesea (AKA Shirley Codling)...
"Hi Tony 
Stayed local Friday evening in search of a Bass or two.
No Bass, so switched tactics for a ray and 30 minutes later found one of 7Lbs 2ozs 
All the best, Shirl."

The 'silver' sea (full of bass)... (2 June)
I had this report in from Colin Hemsworth this morning...
"Hi Tony,
I fished dengemarsh yesterday and arrived mid afternoon to lovely conditions. As I walked to the spot passed a few anglers who kindly donated some rag and lug told me they’d had a few bass around 4lb. Set up quickly and got the baits out but which came back bare, I could see lots of small bait fish jumping and wondered if they were stripping the baits but reeled in a crab leg attached to the hook so tried something different and put out a float rig to get the bait off the floor which worked well with the tide going out and flat sea. The first fish was a bass about 30cm which came on the blow lug you gave me and that was it in the daylight. As soon as the sun started to go down the whiting came out and had 6 of various sizes until packing up at 11. A very nice day on the beach and many thanks for the great lug as well. Will be down soon, Colin."

Samphire Hoe with the sun out... (2 June)
I had this report in from Neil Rodwell who was out yesterday...
"Hi Tony. Went back to samphire hoe to look for more pollack today. Only found one on the lure but had 30 odd fish again mainly including ballan and corkwing wrasse, pout and blennies. The action didn't stop all day. Bait was just rag again. Will speak soon. Many thanks. Neil."

Don't forget DAA Vets Wednesday (27 May)
I saw this the other day from Terry Carpenter...
"Dungeness Veterans fishing wed 29th at 7pm at littlestone wall"...Arsenal are playing Chelsea, the final of the 'Europa' cup...kick off 8pm...for me Arsenal won!

Clear water, rising tide...= crabs (26 May)
I had this report in from Colin Hemsworth this morning...
"Hi Tony,
I fished dengemarsh yesterday, all in all a quiet day for me. I arrived at low tide to calm conditions, clear water and light winds, at first the crabs weren’t too bad but as the tide turned the baits were getting stripped and had a few snipped/damaged snoods, I’ll have to start using floating beads until the crabs clear off. The only fish of the day was a bass caught fairly far out on lug, the wind direction switched after midday to a light SW breeze but not enough to give the water a good stir to bring in more bass. Also had a dogfish as night fell and after that packed up. Thanks for the good lug and will be down soon. Colin"

Neil having fun in the sun... (26 May)
I had this report in last night from Neil Rodwell...
"Hi Tony. Had a fun day down samphire hoe today. Armed with just ragworm and a couple of lure rods I lost count of the amount of fish I had including Ballan wrasse, corkwings, goldsinney, pouting, blenny, and Pollack right at the end of about a pound. Was also treated to an aerial display by a spitfire all day to add to the enjoyment. May have got a bit burnt but walked away happy. Will speak soon. Regards. Neil."

Great to see the juniors having fun (19 May)
I had this report in this afternoon from Terry Carpenter of the DAA...
"DAA juniors had there may meet today at Littlestone on rather grey & breezy sunday morning.
Eight young fisherfolk caught dogfish and smoothhounds no whitting turned up
but the juniors enjoyed a nice mornings fishing."

Neil's battling with the crabs... (19 May)
I had this report in last night from Neil Rodwell...spider crabs give me the 'willies'...
"Hi Tony. I had an away day at Brighton today. Used lug, squid and bluey looking for Ray's and bream. Managed two plaice the size of my hand and a dab. The good news is the may rot looks like it is subsiding however the crabs are out in force. I saw a few mackerel coming to feathers as well. Will speak soon. Many thanks. Neil" 

Best bass reported to date... (19 May)
I had a customer pop in this morning (James Ellis) to pick up some bait and he told me last Sunday he had a good day at Dungeness, best fish a bass of 8lb 12oz, he showed me a photo on his phone I asked James to copy it to it is...beautiful fish best I have had reported this far! 

It didn't put the fish off... (13 May)
I had this report in last night from Neil Rodwell...
"Hi Tony. I fished behind the station today just to the right of the boil. Had a small flounder in close to begin with then it went quiet. Had to deal with may rot most of the day but it didn't put the fish off. In the afternoon it came alive with bass up to 2lb coming in along with more flounder up to a pound and an eel. Packed up around 4. All fish came on black lug. Cheers for the bait and will speak soon. Regards. Neil."

Tough going for Neil... (07 May)
I had this report in this morning from Neil Rodwell...
"Hi Tony. Got a double report for you from this weekend. Went Norman's Bay in east sussex on Saturday. Conditions were tough with the sea an orangy yellow colour from all the may rot. Managed to scratch out dogfish and a rockling. Today I went samphire hoe with a bit of lure fishing in mind. Again it was tough with just the one wrasse to show for my efforts. I don't know what it is but I'm really struggling this year so far. Hopefully it picks up later in the year. Its not through lack of trying! Lol. Will speak soon. Regards. Neil."

Disappointing turnout for match... (06 May)
I had this report in last night from Alex Veel of the DAA...
"Hi Tony, Please find attached todays results and updated league table....
Cheers Alex"

Cracking early bass session... (05 May)
I had this report in this evening from Arkam Belhouchet...
"Hi Tony
Plenty of bass showing up yesterday.squid sorted the good ones out( 6 sizable)"

Plenty of fish and May rot... (05 May)
I had this report in this morning from Colin Hemsworth...
"Hi Tony,
I fished Dengemarsh yesterday, arrived a few hours before HT and set up two rods loaded with fresh lug. Conditions were wet and windy at times, but casting was fine with the NE winds, the sea on the other hand was like soup with all the rot in the water which stuck to the line in globules and caused a lot of drag. Fishing was a bit quiet to start but picked up, first catch was a whiting and a bass, followed by dogfish, flounder, plaice, another bass a dab and more whiting. All fish were close in on lug. Thanks for the great lug and will be down soon. Colin" 

DAA match this Sunday... (02 May)
I saw this post from Alex Veel of the DAA...
Reminder time....
Our next DAA league match is this coming Sunday (5th). This is the replacement fixture for the cancelled match on 21st April.
Sign in is at the gate 9:30am - 10am. We will then drive round in convoy to the overspill carpark & fish behind the Powerstation. This will be a pegged match.
Fishing is 11am - 3pm.

Vets results & standings... (26 April)
Last Wednesdays Vets match (round 4) fished at Littlestone wall...the 4th round of the DAA Veterans Series great turnout with 13 fishing. Weather, a bit more breezy than the forecast least the rain held off...well done Mr Wells showing the way...

Spring bass are back...(23 April) 

I had this report in last night from Shaun Brough...
"Hi Tony:
I hope you are well. A couple of catch reports for you and your readers from over the bank holiday weekend. 
We fished up to the midday high tide on Good Friday. Caught a nice bass first cast 1.5lbs (returned) and then nothing for the rest of the session.
Returned on Saturday night and had two bass (the best 2lb) and four whiting. Pic of the biggest bass attached.
Plenty of bass about over the past year and it seems those EU rules are improving stocks. Please can you remind us what the rules are at the moment (it’s one per session and has to be 42 cm I think?).
All fish fell to lug. The tide ran strong and it was hard to hold the bottom (even with 200 grm/7oz grapple leads). Any tips on how to keep the bait out there in strong tides would be greatly received. Best Shaun B"
Yes Shaun, you are right from the first of April till the thirty first of October you are allowed to retain one bass over 42 centimetre per day. 
Holding bottom can be a challenge, try walking 'uptide' a bit before you cast (if you have space), don't over tighten your line, allow a bigger 'belly' of line just above the waves to stop you being dragged in. If you still have a big problem try shortening your cast to reduce tidal pressure on your line...some day's on a big spring tide with heavy surf the sea wins.
Look at your tackle, what line do you use? a lighter thinner main line, say 15lb will reduce tidal pressure, then a twenty foot shock leader will act like a 'chain on a anchor' this will help you hold bottom, I hope this helps.   

Reminder for the DAA 'Vets' (22 April)
This Wednesday 24th April...the 4th round of the DAA Veterans Series. Fishing 1.30pm to 4.30pm meet at 1pm at Littlestone Wall, high tide 15.07, weather forecast, a bit more breezy southerly wind and light cloud cover.

Great weather for the Juniors (22 April)
I had this report in last night from Terry Carpenter of the DAA with his report of the Juniors match...
"The Daa Juniors had their april meet today.
We had 11young fisher folk. fishing behind fairchance on a lovely sunny morning .
All caught fish mainly doggies with a couple of whitting and rockling.
Well done to all that fished"

Good fishing in spite of 'may water' (21 April)

I had this report from Becky Lee Hodges fishing yesterday...
"So at it again today this time at Dengemarsh. Lots of tide and quite a bit of may weed. Still had 7 bass three sizeable and two flounder. Nice tan, a warm day and a few fish."

You just don't know what's next...(21 April)

I had this report in this morning from Alan Mills...

"Fished Pevensey Bay last night, not seen this before, 2 thornies on the same bait"

Beautiful mackerel weather...(20 April)
I had this report in this morning from Neil Rodwell...
"Hi Tony. Thanks for the bait today. I fished denge marsh from 10am to 5:30pm. Fished with 3 rods using lug, sandeels and herring. No bites for most of the day but managed a solitary flounder at 4:30 and that was it. Someone next to me had a string of mackerel so they must be about! The may weed and bright conditions didn't make it easy but saved a blank anyway. Also got the tan going for this year as well! Will speak soon. Many thanks. Neil" 

What a beautiful baby...(20 April)

I had this report in this evening from Robert Broad...I had this report in this evening from Robert Friday on the 'wooden walkway'...
"Was a nice sunny day. Me and Lee had 6 or so whiting a small plaice and the smallest thornback Ive ever seen."

More flatties in the sun...(20 April)

I had this report in from Tony Holland this afternoon...

"Good afternoon Tony,

Well we hit that Southeast beach again,a bit slower today with 6 plaice between us all,the best of the day this cracking 1lb 2oz plaice caught on lug which fell to Brian Huggins."

In front of the power station...(14 April)

I had this report in from today from Simon Drury...

"Late report fished Thursday near station 2 nice bass plus flounders, whiting, ling, plaice"

Plenty of fun in the sun...(13 April)
I had this report in this evening from Tony Holland...
"Hello again
Following on from last weeks catch of plaice on a beach near Eastbourne,we thought we try again in the same plaice(ooh that's corny)
This time 8 plaice up to 1lb 5oz and a few small whiting,a few plaice for my angling friends and a descent flounder as well. All the best Tony"

Open all Easter...(13 April)
Not many anglers about, but it is a bank holiday next week so I will be in taking deliveries on Thursday for the weekend. Opening times, we will be open Friday, Saturday, Sunday and bank holiday Monday. I have had my first delivery of 'new season' sand eels from 'AMMO'...lets hope we see a few anglers on the beach looking for a early bass!!

A nice mixed bag for Mick...(13 April)
I had this report in today from Mick Reynolds...
"Hi tony fished dengemarsh Thursday only 4 anglers, John Brian and myself caught rockling whiting dogfish flounder to 33cms and plaice to 37cms not a bad day, cheers mick"...4 anglers...that's busy! 

DAA match posponed...(12 April)
I had this in from Alex Veel of the DAA this morning...
*** Sunday 21st April match cancelled ***
Please be aware that our next league match scheduled for 21st April has now been cancelled.
This match has now been re-scheduled for Sunday 5th May.
High tide: 12:01pm (7.37m)
Fishing: 11am - 3pm, pegged at Powerstation.

Hope to see as many of you there as possible 
Tony went south on Saturday...(08 April)
I had this report in this morning from Tony Holland...
"Hi Tony
We had a brilliant trip today(sat)near Eastbourne,between the two of us we had 12 plaice from small up to 2lb 3oz,3 doggies and a very summery starry smoothound or two and even a couple of schoolie bass."

Good Turnout Sundays match (08 April)
I had this in last night from Alex Veel of the DAA...yesterdays match result...
"Hi Tony, Todays match results & updated league table attached...Cheers Al"

Darryl out on manoeuvres...(08 April)
I had this report in from Darryl last night...
"Hi Tony, fished low tide by Hythe ranges Saturday morning had 2 nice bass couple of Rays and a few dog fish. Thanks Darryl Nicholas."
The 'Diamond' points the way...(07 April)
I had this report in from Colin Hemsworth this morning...
"Hi Tony,
I fished dengemarsh yesterday and arrived to fairly calm conditions with NE winds. Set up a few hours before HT with two rods both with lug and alternating one rod with bluey wraps in the hopes of a Ray. First fish was a plaice about 30cm, followed by another and a few flounder, in the daylight most of the fish came at distance. As the light was fading I saw a familiar tap on the rod tip and was happy to reel in my first bass of the year, after that I went all in for another and fished two rods with lug close in but that was my lot apart from a rockling. Thanks for the great lug and will be down soon, Colin." 

Clear seas at Galloways...(07 April)
I had this report in from Wayne Beale last night...
"Hi Tony...hope you are well.
An early start for me to Galloways about 7am,hoping to pump a few worms on LW.
The sand bank was cut off by a wide gully about 15yds across, and too deep to wade through. So a detour round to Dunge and pumped 100 good worm in just over an hour. Then bak to galloways. I knew it was going to be a tough day from the start....what with the NE breeze. Took my time setting up....started fishing about 10.30am.
Two rods...2 hook flappers baited and cast over the sand bank.about 60yds...first fish an hour before HW....a nice little Bass...result,
Then all quiet till after HW, when i a had single Whiting.I was expecting maybe a fish or two on the ebb...and wasnt disappointed.....first a Flounder.....this followed by another Flounder half hour later.
3 hours into the ebb...and a nice pull down....resulting in a decent Plaice.....packed up about just after 4pm.
I was happy with the outcome.....considering the NE and clear water conditions.....however it was warm enough to take my shirt off and start on this years tan.
Another chap just up from me went did a couple of others further along.
Plenty of bait left for another session on Monday.
Re-newed my DAA membership ready for the DAA vets league.....i become eligable in May. LOL
Thoroughly enjoyable. Take care  Wayne Beale 

PS...A Mackerel washed up on the beach....are they starting to show???"
Yes Wayne we are getting mackerel on the boats in the won't be long till they hit the beach...

Plenty of fresh air for Paul...(05 April)
I had this report in this evening from Paul Banyard...
"Hi Tony had 5 hrs at jury’s gap today from 9:30 on wards very quiet on the catching front only got 1 small plaice had more action moving from shore line to half way up the slip way. But still it’s always good to when you’ve got your line out. 
Thanks Paul"

Great turnout for the 'Vets'...(28 March)
Here are the results from yesterdays DAA 'Vets' match...great turnout...hard going, but good fun. Well done everybody.

Tough going in the sun...(26 March)
I had Sunday's DAA match report sent in by Alex Veel...
"Hi Tony,
Please find attached a copy of todays results & the updated league table...
Half a dozen Plaice & a couple of Flounders caught.
Cheers Al"

The sun shines on Steve...(25 March)
I saw this posted by Steve Harvey...
"Tough day on the parade ...managed to Weedle on out ...some will say it was a fluke" Steve...pure skill in choosing the right bait when the going is tough! 
The result...
Hythe SAC results after a very tough day.
1st Stephen Echo Harvey 1 fish 100pts
2nd Dorian Partridge 1 fish 38pts
3rd Paul Mortlock 1 fish 12pts 
Heaviest fish. Stephen Harvey Plaice 43cm 100pts.
Cracking three days for Becky...(24 March)
A great three day report from Becky Lee came in yesterday...
"3 x 12 = 41 Well I know the maths is off but the fishing certainly hasn’t been. My target has been Thornback Rays these last three evenings. I have only fished for 12 odd hours in three nights but the fishing has been immense. Wednesday evening Arrived 1.5 hours before low and fished until 2.5 hours after. Baits were Bluey provided as always by Eazybait - Tim Knight. First two casts produced two fish and then it went quite for an hour until low and on the first of the flood 9 fish in the last 2 hours. Only one smaller one of about 4lb, all the rest were over 5lb most between 6-7lb and three around 9lb. Thursday evening Well all I can say here is in 21 casts I had 20 fish and dropped one on the way in. An unbelievable session again all on Bluey. The rays were ravenous and were smashing baits and pulling the rods right over and on a few occasions out of the tripods. Best ray of the night went to David Harrington of 10lb 11oz amongst his 8. Friday evening Well expectations were high again however the ebb tide did not produce the fish as the previous night and the ray bites were a lot more tentative and not as fierce. Managed one Ray of 7lb ish before low and dropped two others. The tide was huge and went off miles and as soon as low hit so did the fish. As the tide began to turn I managed 10 rays and dropped another 3. Some good fish but no monsters most again 6-7lb with a few around the 5lb bracket. Tonight was the only night I took some for the table (6) the rest from the previous sessions went back alive. Overall an amazing 3 sessions with great company and my personal photographer Dave Harrington. 41 Rays in 3 sessions has completely knackered me out. Time for a rest now. Hope you all enjoy the pictures." (So many cracking photos, I chose this of the best!)

DAA reminder, Vets match...(22 March)
Another reminder from the DAA, this time from Terry Carpenter, next Vets match is...
"Next DAA Vets match is on Wed 27th march at 2pm"
If I remember...I will Turn up!

DAA reminder, League match...(22 March)
Looking good for the is a reminder from Alex Veel...
"Our next DAA league match is this coming Sunday (24th).
Sign in is at the gate 9:30am - 10am. We will then drive round in convoy to the overspill carpark & fish behind the Powerstation.
Fishing is 11am - 3pm.
Hopefully this settled weather will gave brought the Plaice back into the bay"

DAA Juniors...brave it out...(12 March)
I had this report in Sunday night from Terry Carpenter...well done Terry tough conditions for the youngsters... 
"Dungeness Juniors had their meet today Sun 10 march on a very windy morning .
9 brave juniors fished Littlestone for not a great reward only rockling caught but every one managed to catch.
Good to see 2 new faces at this meet, thanks to all that fished
Next meet is Sun 21st April (yes Easter Sunday so you can bring your Easter eggs ) meet at pilot pub car park at 10.4am"

Tough conditions...big bags...(10 March)
Just had these results in from Paul Jarrett of last nights Southern Circuit Sea Angling Society match at Dungeness...

"Result from match 3 at Dungeness - 09/03/19
15 members fished, Whiting, Dogfish, Dabs, Rockling and Thornback Rays     weighed in
Well done to Becky Lee Hodges for winning the match
1. Becky Lee Hodges - 20 fish, 27lb 8.5ozs
2. Michael Ferrier - 23 fish, 24lb 8.5ozs
3. Keith Neame - 15 fish, 23lb 13.5ozs
4. Sam Collier - 22 fish, 22lb 7.5ozs
5. Steve Richards - 18 fish, 19lb 10ozs
6. Dave Sales - 15 fish, 15lb 10ozs
7. Les Bates - 14 fish, 14lb 15.5ozs
8. Stephen Foster - 12 fish, 14lb 11ozs
9. Wesley Cheeseman - 12 fish, 13lb 14ozs
10. Paul Jarrett - 14 fish, 13lb 2.5ozs
11. Ashley Brown - 15 fish, 12lb 4.5ozs
12. Philip Underdown - 9 fish, 9lb 3ozs
13. Alan Jarrett - 9 fish, 5lb 8.5ozs
14. Tony Taylor - 4 fish, 2lb 1ozs
15. Jay Hill - 0 fish

Heaviest fish - 8lb 15.5oz Thornback Ray, Becky Lee Hodges"

The new 'flat' cod in rough seas (10 March)
I had this report in this morning from Becky Lee on messenger...breezy...but cracking fishing...
"Well happy with last night fishing Dungeness in first southern circuit match from 7pm to midnight. 5 rays landed there with lots of dogfish and a few decent Whiting too. Fozz has the first ray of 5lb +, then Michael Ferrier landed one of 6-7lb, then an hour later I managed to get one on worm of all baits at 8lb 15 (biggest fish) and next cast one of 5lb +, the. Keith managed one half hour later of about 7-8lb. A very good match with some nice fish rather than just dogfish. Oh a and free bait too. Was a nice evening except for the last hour where it chucked it down. Ended up with 29lb so well chuffed. Loads of ebb tide and even fixed wires were struggling to hold at one point."

A nice away day for Neil... (10 March)
I had this report in last night from Neil Rodwell...
"Hi Tony. I decided on pevensey bay today to take advantage of the mid day tide. Quite windy but not too bad and stayed dry. Had flounder, plaice, whiting and bass. The plaice had somehow deep throated both of the size 1 hooks so getting them out was a challenge. All the fish came on the flood with 1 decent flounder at slack water and the bites dried up on the ebb with baits coming back in tact so called it quits around 3. Looking forward to getting back to dungy. Will speak soon. Regards. Neil."

Summers coming... (08 March)
I had this report in from Simon Drury today... 
"Friday afternoon on the isle of Grain. Caught by Dave he also had two smaller one"

Some like it hot... (08 March)
I had this photo in from Andrew Elsey...from some where nice and hot...
"Hi Tony just thought send u this pic of a puffer fish. In marsa alam Egypt last week" 

DAA Juniors match, Sunday (04 March)
I had this delayed report from Terry Carpenter of the DAA Juniors of the Juniors match on the 23rd Feb...and a reminder that the next Juniors 'get together' is this Sunday 10th March at the 'Pilot' (meet from 10.45)...
"Just back from Juniors fishing.12 young anglers fished behind jerrys boat on a lovely sunny morning. Nathaniel caught his 1st fish a lovely 39cm bass on his 1st try at sea fishing others caught dogfish whiting dabs, well done all that fished"

Mixed bag for Neil...( 03 March)
I had this report in this morning from Neil Rodwell...
"Hi Tony. Cheers for the bait today. I fished the wooden walkway from 10 to 3. Had 2 dabs, a rockling a whiting and a dogfish. The porpoises were close in today within casting distance which may have hampered the fishing a bit but I still managed to find a few. Most fish came to lug tipped with squid. Will speak soon. Many thanks. Neil."

Colin doing the 'hard yards'...( 28 Feb)
I had this report in from Colin Hemsworth Tuesday night...very tough conditions at the weekend, 'flat calm' and 'gin clear' but I would have thought it would have got better after dark...but that's fishing.. 
"Hi Tony,
I fished Dengemarsh on Saturday, it was all lining up- fairly big tides, great fresh lug and lovely weather but unfortunately on the day the fish didn’t really show up. I arrived about 10am and set up hoping for a plaice or even a early bass, tried close in to far out, different rigs, beads, fish baits but nothing was biting. I hoped as night fell it would liven up, I was waiting a good while till I had my first fish, a tiny whiting, followed by a few more and a rockling, never been so happy to see a slug! I packed up around 10pm and headed home, at least it wasn’t a blank though! Thanks for the great lug and will be down soon for another go. Colin"

Thanks for the memory...( 26 Feb)
I had this in from Alex Veel...It brought back a nice memory of that DAA match...I can remember Alex and Gavin 'jumping around' in excitement, they are too young to remember a good beach cod. I think it went 9.5 lb, three were caught in the match but that was the biggest weighed in.
"Hi Tony,
Been looking over old pictures & stumbled across these...thought you might like to see them.
Doesn't feel like 5yrs ago! 
Went over 9lb & won heaviest fish if my memory serves me correctly :)
Speak soon. Cheers Alex" 

Plenty of rays moving in...( 22 Feb)
I had this great report in from Dave Harrington this morning...
"Hi Tony. 
Had a little session with Becky Lee at Dymchurch last night.
We got there just before dark & set up 2 rods each & with no wind & a nice calm sea everything look spot on. I was using a Pulley Rig on 1 rod & an up & over rig on the other rod. Becky was using up & over rigs on both her rods. I had Bluey & Launce with me & Becky had both as well as Herring.
Becky was the first to have a bite on her first cast, but missed it. Then it was quite until just after low when the tide just started to move & I had a nice slack line bite which resulted in a nice plump Ray of between 8-9lb (second photo). Becky then followed that up with a couple of Rays around the 5lb mark & I had the usual Dogfish. After about an hour I had another slack line bite which resulted in another small Ray around the 4-5lb mark. Becky had another Ray around the same weight & after that it went quiet again. 
We ended up with 5 Rays, 5 Dogs & only 1 solitary Whiting. 
A good night with a good friend."

Old bait...its all down to the smell ( 20 Feb)
I had this report in this morning from James Webster...
"Hi Tony. Fished back of the boats from midday Tuesday with really old lug and squid - been in and out of the freezer over a two year period.
Only one small dab until it started getting darker, which coincided with low tide. Then it was fish every cast on three hook flappers with lug tipped squid. Double or triple shots of small dabs on the smaller size 2's and dogfish on the 1/0's. Nothing sizeable worth keeping so all returned except this 5lb thornback.
A very busy and enjoyable evening under a beautifully moonlit, starry sky, with a seal cruising the surf a few feet out for good measure.
Got home and scrubbed my hands with bleach - still smelling in the morning, but happy memories."

Well done Terry...a right pirate( 19 Feb)
Here are the results from last Wednesday's 'Veterans' match moved to 'Pirate Springs' due to sea defence work at Littlestone...with the standings after round two thanks to Terry Carpenter...

Phil...shows them the way...( 19 Feb)
I had this report of Sundays DAA match in from Alex Veel...
"Hi Tony,
Today's results & league table attached...Cheers Alex"

A bit of a flat day for Colin...( 18 Feb)
I had this cracking report in today from Colin Hemsworth...around the point totally packed...Dengemarsh deserted...
"Hi Tony,
I fished Dengemarsh on Saturday and after a bit of a break it was good to be out on the beach. Bait was frozen lug and squid which have been in my freezer for about a year. I arrived to a deserted beach with no one in sight and walked to the spot, really calm conditions with very light Sw winds. It was slow going at first with baits coming back untouched until the first fish in the afternoon, a nice flounder. With the tide on the rise more fish started to bite, I noticed the rod tip twitching and reeled in to feel a bit of weight and even a good tug from the other end on the fairly stiff zippy so I hoped for something sizeable. A good sized plaice appeared out of the surf, after that a few more flounder then as it got dark it was dab after dab and and not a single whiting caught all session! A really enjoyable day on the beach and looking forward to spring, will be down for another go soon. Colin"

Beautiful weather...well done...( 18 Feb)
I had this great report from Natassja yesterday...
"Hi Tony,
I fished with my dad between the lighthouses on Friday until 5pm. We caught 4 dabs and 1 plaice. We returned 3 of the dabs because they were too small. At lunch time we fell asleep and the man next to us had to wake my dad up because the tide was coming in. Before we left I took this photo of the sunset. 
Natassja, aged 10"

DAA latest newsletter...( 17 Feb)
I have had people asking about the latest Dungeness Angling Association news letter, I saw that Alex Veel of the DAA had posted the newsletter on it is...
"Afternoon all,
Please find attached the latest DAA newsletter for Winter '18/'19...."

Great weights for February...( 17 Feb)
I had this report in from Paul Jarratt of yesterdays Southern Sea Angling Society match yesterday at Dungen I had this report in from Paul Jarratt of yesterdays Southern Sea Angling Society match yesterday at Dungeness...

"Result from match 2 at Dungeness - 16/02/19
18 members fished, Whiting, Dogfish, Pouting, Dabs and Rockling weighed in
Well done to Robert Bates for winning the match
1. Robert Bates - 31 fish, 23lb 2ozs
2. Keith Neame - 29 fish, 18lb 5.5ozs
3. Michael Ferrier - 22 fish, 17lb 14ozs
4. Les Bates - 24 fish, 17lb 11.5ozs
5. Neil Creed - 28 fish, 15lb 5ozs
6. Dave Sales - 27 fish, 14lb 8ozs
7. Paul Jarrett - 37 fish, 13lb 12.5ozs
8. Wesley Cheeseman - 36 fish, 13lb 9ozs
9. Ashley Brown - 28 fish, 13lb 1ozs
10. Philip Underdown - 54 fish, 12lb 12ozs
11. Stephen Foster - 15 fish, 10lb 12ozs
12. Steve Richards - 22 fish, 10lb 7ozs
13. Lewis Clarke - 21 fish, 10lb 0.5ozs
14. Tony Taylor - 25 fish, 8lb 4ozs
15. David Simon Bullock - 26 fish, 7lb 12ozs
16. Alan Jarrett - 22 fish, 7lb 5ozs
17. Jay Hill - 14 fish, 3lb 2.5ozs
18. Louis Clarke - 10 fish, 2lb 12.5ozs
Heaviest fish - 1lb 15.5oz Dogfish, Michael Ferrier"

Behind the station with Neil...( 17 Feb)
I had this in from Neil Rodwell last night...
"Hi Tony. Fished from 10 till 4:30 today. Managed 5 dabs. It was quite hard going with all the fish coming as the ebb tide started to deteriorate at low water. All the fish came to frozen lug tipped with mackerel strips at range. They seemed to be taking baits from longer hook snoods instead of the usual flapper rigs. Quite a mild day on the shore with not much wind and some sunshine peeking through the mist. I even spent the afternoon with my jacket off! Thanks for the bait today. See you again soon. Many thanks. Neil"

Hooked for life?...( 16 Feb)
I had this report in from Sam Jarvis this morning...
"Hi mate sorry its late, report from last weekend.
Took Devan beach fishing for the first time and he pulled in a lovely big dab i think, which we took home and he cooked and enjoyed himself. Not Bad for only 9 years old. Think ive got him hooked!"

Flattie fest for Dave...( 15 Feb)
I had this report in from Dave Kingsman tonight...
"Hi Tony,
Lovely weather this week and Flattie fishing at Dungy was calling.
No chance of fresh worms this week so I ventured down the Walkway with frozen blacks, squid, Blueys and spratts. 
Started off fairly slow but started picking up decent sized Dabs as the tide turned.
Great bite then landed 37cm Flounder along with a 28cm Dab double shot.
Steady stream of good size Dabs followed. Only 1 x Whiting as well.
A very enjoyable day."
Today on Greatstone beach...(15 Feb)
I had this photo reported by Terry Carpenter today...
We have had a lot of fresh water last week pouring out of the river Rother last week...look what's washed around the 'point'...sorry Terry its not a cod...its a pike!

Valentines at Dungeness...(15 Feb)
I had this report in from Wayne Beale...
"Hi Tony,
Well, what a difference a few days make in the sea angling world!
Fished the tide up at Dungeness on a beautiful sunny Valentine's day. Fished half way between the two sets of boats...with the new rod i won at the WDC on Sunday....a 15' Daiwa Seahunter Z... Bait was fresh blow Lug, Sprat,and cockles....bites from the off.......double shots of  plump Dab!
Not many Whiting at first, but had a few in the bright conditions, plus a couple of Rockling.
Fished until 8pm...ended with 16 Dab, 20 Whiting and 4 Rockling...a beautiful day and evening...and thoroughly enjoyed it.
Nothing of any size....but size doest matter (does it? LOL)...a great days fishing.
Plaice should start to show soon.....cant wait.
Regards Wayne"

As night follows day...(12 Feb)
I had this report in from Mafia Muziq yesterday...its a funny old fishing world...hard to find a dab in the WDC match (well done Becky-Lee finding six) and later the same day they come on the feed...
"We fished Hythe me and my boy and mate lanzo and his boy it was a beautiful night to be dabbling around bait used sticky week old blacks had about 4 pin whitings all returned it was dabs all night"

Becky Lee...a real dab hand...(12 Feb)

World Dab Championship

I saw this from Simon Newman on Sunday night. Simon posted the results on facebook. What a great turnout for the 'Dungeness World Dab Championship'...I was told 154 anglers took part...a great turnout for these days. Well done usual a great event...

"We are delighted to announce that today's Tronixpro World Dab Fishing Championships has raised an incredible £4000 for the RNLI. 154 anglers including 14 juniors took part in chilly, damp and blustery conditions. Following storm Erik, the sea was very weedy and absolutely full of shell fish leading to difficult fishing conditions. "I'm reeling in with more bait on than I cast out"! Was heard more than once! Junior winner was Aiden Bull with one dab of 200g, senior winner and now 3 time champion is Becky Lee Hodges with 6 dabs for 1.14kg. DAA would like to thank everyone who helped on the day and our sponsors.... way too many people to mention, and especially thank the anglers who braved a cold February day who raised so much money for the RNLI. Ladies and gentlemen, we salute you."

After the storm... (10 Feb)
I had this report in from Neil Rodwell out today...
"Hi Tony. Thanks for the bait today. Didn't have a very good day in all. Found a spot behind the station and managed to fish it for about an hour before admitting defeat due to the conditions. The weed was mainly made up of smashed up shellfish which led me to believe the fish were preoccupied with chasing this rather than anglers baits hence my baits coming back untouched everytime. Also found it difficult holding bottom due to the big swells. Decided to salvage the last of my day at Littlestone wall which was sheltered from the wind and much calmer. Managed to scratch out a dogfish and a whiting before it all went dead at high tide. I guess it was just one of those days (for me at least). Will speak soon. Many thanks. Neil"
Fishing is a funny old game Neil...last week loads of dabs reported...come the day of the 'World Dab Championship'...and you couldn't buy one!

Wind makes fish... (07 Feb)
I was responding last night to Marcin Siemek 'messenger' enquiry about the weather...
"Thx Tony, was on the shingle when I got your reply, next time will ring you.Was fishing 4h from 16:00 to about 20:00 very misty but plenty off fish, had 3rocks, 3 dogs, and mix about 40 dabs/ flounder. "
Shop is closed during the week (open Fri, Sat and Sun) best to email me.

Looking good for the weekend (06 Feb)
I had this report in tonight from Keith Mower...
"Hello Me and a mate fished Dungeness to day behind the boats? We had a selection of dabs, pin whiting, dogfish, rockling, school bass and the biggest flounder I have caught for a long time! The flounder had gouged itself on Sprats/Anchovies! We fished assorted baits, blow lug. herring, squid , mackerel and frozen blacks. There did not seem much interest in fish baits though! I do disagree with your description of Ant, I enjoy fishing on his boat, he knows how to find the fish."
Yes Keith Ant is a very good fisherman...but don't tell him I said it!

Nice to have 9 keepers on Sunday (06 Feb)
I had this report in today from David Hadley...
"Hi Ant,
Also fished Dungie yesterday but off the walkway everyone else out of the wind back of the boats. In two hours caught 16 dabs, (9 keepers) 4 small whiting , a slug and a reasonable dogfish. All caught on a score of frozen lug. It was windy but a 5oz grip held bottom so fishing very pleasant. Sorry no pic!
Regards David
Just for the record David my 'reprobate' son is know as can call me Tony.

Some nice dabs, and dogs...(05 Feb)
I had this report in this evening from Paul Yates...
"Hi Tony,
Fished at back of boats his morning, had a good session with 11 in total comprising of dabs and dogfish. Paul" 

Plenty of fish at Hythe...(04 Feb)
I had this report in from Mark Rodgers...

Next Sunday...the big one...(04 Feb)
I has this reminder in from Simon Newman of the DAA for next Sunday...

A blast from the past...(03 Feb)
I was clearing out some paper work...and I found this written report...I don't know what year it was written but it brought a smile to my face...
"Hi Tony
Thought I'd drop you a line, and tell you about me and my mate Dave's best ever trip to Dungeness. (Knee Deep in Bass) We fished by the boats (the Rebecca) on Friday 10th October, during daytime rising spring tide very breezy S/W. We caught  between us 27 bass most between 37cm and 44cm which we returned. But my mate caught 3 'nines' 9lb.1oz, and 9lb.6oz and 9lb.12oz all on lugworms. He also had a 4lb.8oz, 6lb.8oz. I took a 7lb.6oz beauty plus others I returned. We also had several large dabs, 4 decent flounders, whiting/pouting. 3 eels (returned) and I had a solitary one pound black bream which took sandeel, head and tail removed. A species I'd never caught before. Sorry, no photos , our phones only make phone calls! All the best Kenny Mc Barrow."
What a great days fishing.

What a nice bag of dabs... (01 Feb)
I had this report in today from Simon Drury...
"Wednesday afternoon...right of the 'point'"

Dogfish are off the menu (31 Jan)
I had this report in from Johnny Boone last night...
"Hi fished near the boats again saturday another enjoyable day 27 whiting some knocking 1LB,8 dabs again 3 nearing the 1LB mark and 1 rockling ,no dogfish this time round"

Great day for Steve (29 Jan)
I saw this report yesterday from Steve Field..."Some proper fishing at a deserted Dungie today , didn’t have one blank cast . Loads of double shots of dogs and plenty of over 25cm Dabs so looking bang on for WDC" never know (29 Jan)
Here is the winning fish from the weekends DAA match on the 'road'...well done Becky Lee...and they said you don't catch thornbacks at Dungeness...

DAA match...good turnout (28.01.19)
I had this report in from Alex Veel of the DAA, the results from yesterday......tough conditions...but plenty of fish...

Set a sprat to catch a...( 27 Jan)
I had this report in yesterday from Neil Rodwell...
"Hi Tony. I went for langney point in eastbourne today seing as the M20 was shut and couldn't be bothered with yet more traffic. Started just after the flood tide with the baits coming back in tact then about 2 hours in had a small plaice and it all came to life after that with a mixture of dabs and whiting one of which had a still live sprat in its mouth! Some of the whiting were big along with a couple of the dabs. The bites started to tail off at high water so I packed up around 3. Nice mild day down on the sea front in all with not too much wind. Will speak soon. Regards. Neil"

Don't forget your 'thermals'...( 24 Jan) I saw this on the DAA page, from Alex Veel of the DAA...** Match Reminder ** Morning all, just a reminder our next match is this Sunday (27th). Sign in at the gate 12pm - 12:30pm. Fish 1:30pm - 5:30pm. Rover. Hope to see you all there 🎣😊🎣
Out foxed behind the station...( 21 Jan)
I had this report in from Jeff Turner-Gould this afternoon...
"Hi Tony. Having driven for 2½hrs, 3 of us mad men Fished behind the Station Saturday from just after low and into the night.  A few whiting but surprisingly not that many given recent reports.  Biggest one 38cm and a single flounder at 34cm.  Decided to stay overnight and catch the morning tide hoping for more flatties but the tally for the morning was one small Dab.  The local “Reynard” paid us a visit, about 3am, and legged it with our breakfast sandwiches – someone left the bag half open - but it was kind enough to leave the tinned soup.  Live Bait was great as usual but despite trying mackerel, squid, cuttle and crab and various combos, every catch went to Rag!  No pics unfortunately – didn’t want to take my gloves off.  Cheers Jeff "

DAA Vets...great result...( 19 Jan)
I had this report in from Terry Carpenter of the DAA...
"Daa vets had their 1st match last night (wed 16th) on a windy & wet evening.
11 fished and usual fish caught i.e whiting& dog fish.

Well done all that fished."

All alone on the beach...( 18 Jan)
I had this report in Today from (childloose20) ...
"Hi Tony
4 hr session last night /evening  (Thursday) very very cold but worthwhile large dogfish in very good numbers most whiting good size. Beach deserted. All fish on mackerel and squid only 50 yds out lots of bites two rods was just about manageable with fish most casts fully satisfied with my catch !"

At least Adam had a good time...( 14 Jan)
I had this report in this afternoon from Adam Smith...
"33 Whiting (and a rockling!) on whole lug tipped with squid, a few others on mackerel strips.
7 Dogfish on  bundles of squid tentacles on pulley pennel rigs.
2 of us with 3 rods fishing near the wooden walkway. Flood tide was almost unfishable for us as even our biggest leads (8oz) wouldn't hold bottom and were being dragged along in the current. Nevertheless we stuck it out and still managed to bag a few whiting. 
At high water the current started to ease and on the ebb it became even easier. There were still quite large waves though which made bit indication more difficult to look out for. As the tide turned the whiting really picked up and the first Dogfish came at around 14.30.
Into darkness the fish kept coming and we stopped fishing at 19.30 but the fish were still biting. I was surprised not to have seen any dab as when I used to fish here some years ago, I was inundated with them! But we were very happy with our first trip to the beach this year, hopefully there'll be many more like it!"

First match of the DAA year...( 13 Jan)
I had the results in tonight from Alex Veel...
"Hi Tony, Results from today's match attached...Cheers Alex"

Plenty of fish behind the boats...( 13 Jan)
It has been quiet this week for reports...just a 'trickle' of anglers...more going yesterday, so thanks to Johnny Boone for this report...
"Fished near the boats today enjoyable day plenty of fish in a mixed bag 36 whiting 8 dabs 6 dogfish(one about 2LB),1 rockling. fishersway"

The DAA new 'Veterans' season...( 7 Jan)
Here's another reminder from the DAA...
The New Veterans season kicks off on Wednesday the 16 Jan...The matches are 3 hour sprints, held at Littlestone Wall...easy parking, close to the beach...if your over sixty its great fun here is the full match list for more details contact Veterans Match Secretary: Terry Carpenter - 07866514138

The DAA new season starts...( 7 Jan)
I had this reminder on facebook last night from Alex Veel of the DAA...
"Evening all. Just a reminder that next Sunday (13th), we have our first match of the DAA league 2019.
Sign in is 11:30am - 12pm at the DAA gate. Fishing 1pm - 5..."

"Please also note, that as there are only a couple of months left in the current membership year, the first few matches will be open to non-members as well....a sort of, 'try before you buy' 🙂 See below for info. All welcome.
I've pasted below a copy of this years fixtures & format for anyone who might be looking for it:
Hi Folks. Here are the match dates for the 2019 members league. There are a couple of new features for next year. When you fish your first match, there will be a one off £5 league entry fee on top of the normal match fee. These £5 league entry fees will be accrued throughout the year to form a prize pool paid out to the league winner, 2nd and 3rd. Pay out will be 50%, 30% and 20% respectively.
The top 10 place anglers will be eligible to fish the grand final club championship match which will be pegged at Littlestone on Sunday 15th December 2019, fishing 1030-1430 (HW 1.29pm 7.6m). Also eligible will be the top 10 anglers from the Veterans league so there will be a maximum of 20 anglers participating. This match will be free to enter and the club will fund the prizemoney 1st £100, 2nd £60, 3rd £40. The winner will also be named DAA club Champion and will receive the new Champions trophy which they may retain for 1 year.
Date Fishing times Tide Format
Sunday 13th Jan. 1pm – 5pm HW 3pm 6.3m Rover
Sunday 27th Jan. 130pm – 530pm HW 330pm 6.9m Rover
Sunday 10th Feb: WDC 11am-4pm Rover
Sunday Feb 17th 2pm-6pm LW 4pm Rover
Sunday March 24th 11am-3pm HW 1pm 7.8m Power Station
Sunday April 7th 11am-3pm HW 1pm 7.4m Power Station
Sunday 21st April 11am-3pm HW 1pm 7.9m Power Station
Saturday May 18th 7pm-11pm LW 7pm Rover
Sunday 9th June 2pm-6pm HW 420pm 7m Rover
Sat 20th July 7pm-11pm LW 915pm 1.5m Boards to Power station
Sun 25th August 5pm-9pm HW 652pm 6m Rover
Sun 29th September 10am-2pm HW 1200 8.3m Littlestone
Sunday 6th Oct 4pm-8pm HW 530pm 6.2m Rover
Sunday 20th Oct 1pm-5pm HW 315pm 6.9m Rover
Sun Nov 10th 2pm-6pm LW430pm 1.6m Rover
Sun 24th Nov 2pm-6pm LW 4pm Rover
Sunday 1st December 12 lunchtime -4pm HW 150pm Boats to Boards
Club Final Sun 15th Dec 1030am-230pm hw 1230 7.6m Littlestone Pegged SAMF chart measure and release
Rover boundrys will be confirmed a week before each match. All matches are catch, measure and release."
Calm warm seas = crabs?...( 6 Jan)
I had this report in from Neil Rodwell last night...
"Hi Tony. It was tough going behind the station today. Had a small pin whiting first cast then a dogfish in close as the tide started to drop. After that it was quiet. Had a lot of nuisance crabs to deal with up then packed around 4. The sea was like a sheet of glass and not a puff of wind all day. The northerly wind must gave pushed the fish out i guess. Cheers for the bait. Will speak soon. Neil"
I was chatting to my bait digger and he told me that morning he had spotted a crab 'peeling'...the seas are still warm...strange weather?

Galloways on target...( 3 Jan)
This report came in last night from Wayne Beale...
"Hello again Tony,
Today saw me heading for one of my favourite venues in search of probably my favourite species....the humble Flounder.
Galloways was the venue.....a perfect neap tide, fishing the Ebb down to LW. It couldn't have been more perfect....calm sea, sunshine, a very light NW.
Rigs were my fav size 2 flappers....Bait was 'ancient'  frozen Blacks that had been given my special treatment....blasted in the microwave for 30secs. This bait was proper 'liquorice sticks'....and has been proven time and again for me.
Casting about 60-80yds....i was there for an hour before my first fish.....a small Flounder that was put straight back...getting a wet foot in the process.
30mins later i reeled in another Flounder....this one quite decent at 29-30cm. Note i havent mentioned Whiting ...yet.
Well i fished right down to LW and an hour into the flood....and you guessed it....the Whiting started biting. But hey...a fish is a fish....and what a lovely day to be out.
The beach either way was empty as far as the eye could see.
My second trip in 3 days and not plagued by Whiting.....and again my target species caught. Regards Wayne"
Well hello 2019...( 31 Dec)
Here's wishing you all a tremendous 2019, we all have our dreams of a great catch in 2019, that the fun of just don't know whats out there...keep dreaming.

Great way to finish the year ( 30 Dec)
I had this report in from Wayne Beale this evening...
Hi Tony,
Iv'e not been fishing much these last 6-8 months...however, having got two weeks off work from today....a trip to Dungeness had to be done. A lovely calm. warm day....i pitched up by the boats nearest the point. A score of  'out of date'  frozen blacks and two fillets of Mackerel were the order of the day.....hoping for a Dab or two...and a few Whiting. Two rods...size 2 flapper rigs....casting 20-60 yds. Well i wasn't disappointed.....getting some very good sized Whiting up to 34cm....and doubles of small Dab.
Adding to my tally with every cast.....i also had a couple of Pouting and a few Dogfish.
Packed up at 6pm....filleted 8 nice Whiting for a fish curry!! All other fish were put back (gently)...with no fatalities (apart from the filleted ones. LOL).
A great day to be back at Dungeness.
Happy New Year to you Tony....have a good one . Regards Wayne Beale"

Very wind @ Dungeness ( 28 Dec)
I had this report in from Harry Newbury this morning...
"Hi Tony. 
Thank  you for the bait it was fantastic! I fished with my dad behind the power stations from 2PM yesterday until the early hours of this morning. Incredibly calm conditions plenty of fish and the whiting were the largest I've ever seen. Caught bass, whiting and plenty of dogfish. We used whiting strips and caught dogfish; we also used fresh Lug worm and squid. All fish were of a decent size and were returned safely. Have a Happy New Year.
Thank you once again for the bait Harry Newbury"

Going fishing...always worth it ( 27 Dec)
I had this report in Alex Hansen this morning...
First time at Dungeness yesterday, staying in Camber with family for Christmas. Couldn’t get any bait sorted in time so resorted to metals and feathers at The Boils.
Result -this feisty little bass on a beautiful Boxing Day with the tide half way up."